Hazard, Moses, Dzeko, Sakho on my Christmas list but what about Reyes?

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Okay settle down, wipe up the cornflakes, this is my wish list and I will go through them, but what about José Antonio Reyes? Word has it Everton are about to make a loan move, yes I know he was a homesick pikey, yes I know he only had eyes fro Real Madrid, but like Flamini he made a king size cock up.

I remember watching him on his debut at Highbury, he had something, I would love him back in the team, he could resurrect his career, and don’t forget he was a member of the invincibles, he was a great winger, you don’t lose that, I would have him and Flamini back in a heartbeat.

Onto my more realistic list, first up Eden Hazard, we could have had him last summer for 3 shillings and sixpence, his price has now gone up, but you know what, it will continue to go up, make a move now, yeah, yeah I know he’s only 18, and I hate project youth, but if we could have signed Ronaldo, Kaka or Messi at 18 we’d be laughing now wouldn’t we!

Moses, Ok I’m not really sure where he plays, on the wing? attacking midfield? up front? either way he’s on the radar and at £5mil, we could do worse, so I’d have a punt. Dzeko would be cup tied but like Numchucks, he’s the type of player that would fit right in, so again, worth the money and finally, Sakho, a big imposing lump, but a lump with not only skill, but a footballing brain and pace, which is a big plus for a centre back, again, we could get him at a good price, after the world cup, his value will go up, if of course he plays.

Don’t forget we have at least £40mil we got from our new benefactor Sheik Mark Hughes, before he was so cruelly tin-tacked, and reports are we have already made £45mil from this years Champions league (true including beverage and broadcasting rights) but £40 should do some of that comfortably.

So I have mentioned midfield, the front men and a centre back but not a keeper, why not? well we won’t be dumping Almunia anytime soon, the boss made that clear when he trotted out as captain against Hull, he won’t replace Song either and we now have Diaby who has thrown his hat into the defensive midfield ring.

I think he coulld do it, I really do, he’s certainly big enough, if he could learn to defend, he could be the answer, and don’t forget until Flamini had his wonder season, Diaby was going in there, had he not be injured, he most certainly would have been our DM.

I’m in a positive mood today, I’m thinking if Santa brings us the above signings, it would add to the squad, it would give us cover and we may have 2 starlets for the future that could change our game plan a bit, give us some width and trickery without changing the way we play, there would be no ego’s to contend with and it may just kick us on, and with the business end coming up, it could be at the right time. Don’t forget we have to look over our shoulder this season more than ever before.

I would also blood Jay Emmanuel Thomas, see if he has what it takes to play at the highest level. I would use the transfer window to clear out some dead wood. It’s a shame really because I saw big Phil sitting next to Cesc at the Hull game, I thought, top man, not even in the squad and there he is, watching the team, if only he could play.

One last thought there, what about him as the defensive midfielder? Just an out loud thought, if he made his usual once a game howler, Vermaelen would be there to pick up the pieces, he is solid, he is big and he can head the ball, hmmmm.

That’s it for today and as we are getting closer to Christmas, my posts will become cheerier and more festive, I will give an amnesty to all the people that have been nasty to me over the years and let them on, goodwill to all mankind and all that.

Arsene if you’re reading, and I know you are, climb aboard and let us know what you think to my suggestions, you always liked Reyes, in fact you once broke the bank for him, and I know you like Senderos, and I like his grit.

Have a great day Grovers, today I’m out for another lunch, the last one of the week, and like the BBC we will be broadcasting on Christmas day as we always do, so take your PC’s and Macs somewhere where you can blog in secret, I know we will!.

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  1. gambon

    Vucinics best season is 22 in 31, Van Persies is 20 in 42.

    Last season;

    Vucinic – 17 in 38
    RVP – 20 in 42

    I would have money on him to score more at Arsenal than at Roma.

  2. MnM

    Saha is nowhere near Berbatov, and i would put a sneeky bit in for Dimitar if we had enough money, he would be 100& perfect for us.

  3. Samir

    Well TBH I would be happy with any striker that scores the goals we need!
    Whoever Wenger buys I’ll back him. He usually always signs great players.
    Some slated Vermy. Look how he turned out 😀

  4. A

    Absolutely reggie. Jones has never scored many goals though wherever he’s been, the most he’s scored at the top level is 10 goals.

  5. SUGA3


    Berba is a fucking lazy cunt and Owen is way past it – desperate signing to make up the numbers IMO…

    some benchmarks 😆

  6. A

    gambon I like the look of vucinic, but anyone coming from serie a is always a big risk, massive difference between the leagues.

    MnM berba is a luxury player, great talent, but no work rate, and only does it when he’s relaxed. In the big games or when the going’s tough he’s a complete waste of space. Massive talent but will never be effective for a top team when it really matters imo.

  7. MnM

    We need a similar player to van Persie. maybe Saha is quite good at holding the ball up, but we need a pro. Vucinic, Cole and Chamakh surely would fit the bill more?

  8. SUGA3

    Jones has different purpose – creating space for a smaller player (at the moment it’s Bent) by keeping oppo’s defence on their toes…

  9. A

    MnM anyone we sign is likely to play understudy to Bendtner, i wouldn’t say we need a pro, we just need another decent option there for 6 months.

  10. MnM

    Berba would be perfect for us, I have no doubt, very similar to van Persie, but a bit less of a striker, more of a Bergkamp. Would link very well with Arshavin.

    Italy is not far away from the EPL, we have some cr@p teams.

  11. SUGA3


    if we just need someone for 6 months we should get Adriano on loan – it’s not like it can’t be done, and loans can be sorted outside of the transfer window, right?

    Ivan should be in Brazil, trying to get him by hook or by crook for the last few weeks…

  12. A

    MnM nothing to do with the quality of teams, though Serie A has gone downhill, it’s that the styles of the league are as opposite as you can get. The Premiership is incredibly high paced, Seria A incredibly slow and tactical. It’s why so many players come from Italy and just don’t do it in the prem, despite being awesome over there. Always a big risk anyone coming from Italy.

  13. maurya

    I am ok as long as Arsene buy first team striker. I never doubt his judgment when it comes to signing a first team player.

  14. A

    Yeah I agree SUGA, if Adriano wanted to come, and he was fit, then I wouldn’t mind it at all, though he’d be a risk obviously. Saha is a proven goalscorer in the prem, but a risk in terms of injuries. I’d be happy with either of them to be honest.

    No loans can’t be sorted outside of the transfer window though.

  15. SUGA3


    Serie A not far away from Prem? now that’s funny – I can’t think about 2 ‘top’ leagues more different from one another…

    Serie A is slow as fuck and not as physical – recent outcomes of Italian teams meeting English ones in CL say it all…

  16. MnM

    SUGA3 – mate, did you not read Wenger’s comments? he wants a long term player, not an over the hill party boy who was never good enough in the first place.

  17. A

    MnM Wenger hasn’t said he wants a long term player necessarily, he said IF someone is cup tied, then he’d still sign him if he was a long term player. If it was a short term player then he wouldn’t sign him if he was cup tied….

    The type of football is very significant when talking about serie a players as potential signings, as it’s a big big risk. I still can’t believe Shevchenko was as poor over here as he was, and Crespo and Veron.

  18. ethangunner

    berbatov ?

    a fucking spud /manc reject …

    no chance ..

    and even if we could the price tag would be MORE than SAF paid for him ..

    NO WOW value AT ALL ! , and he has been pretty disappointing in a big team .id rather wenger got 2 semi – unknowns like sagna or TV style …

    he isnt even in the top 10 scorers …


  19. MnM

    Lavezzi is a good striker if you watch matches rather than look at Wikipedia. It depends on what Arsenal want. he won’t be signing a poacher that’s for sure.

    WB – If Wenger swapped Bendtner for Cole I would give up on football. I personally think we should sign Carlton, but Bendtner is so much better.

  20. MnM

    Have you watched some Premier League games recently, other than Arsenal of course?

    We have some of the worst football players ever playing every week in the league.

  21. MnM

    gambon – No, he really isn’t. Bendtner is one of the best strikers in the league. If he was at another club we would all want to sign him.

  22. A

    ethan how would Berba go for more than Fergie paid for him?! He’d be just over half that price as he’s been pants for them, but I doubt he’d be sold, and I wouldn’t want him! Diouf has got his work permit for him, Manucho mark II I reckon!

    I agree with the rest, Sagna/Vermy type signings not heard of or rumoured but turn out well and I’d be delighted!

  23. SUGA3

    Adriano never good enough?

    over the hill?

    he is 27 and provides better goal return than any of the players you recommended…

    19 in 30 is impressive no matter where you play…

  24. A

    “We have some of the worst football players ever playing every week in the league.”

    Come on now MnM that’s just gibberish!!

    Obviously no way we’d swap Bendtner for Cole, Bendtner isn’t going anywhere, and will be very important when he returns! Whoever we sign will be competing with Bendtner for the place, not first choice.

  25. SUGA3


    yes I have, and if a Prem team was to play a comparable team from Serie A, then I know who my money is on, simple as…

  26. ethangunner


    because if a direct rival wanted to buy a striker off you . and you had only purchased him 18 months or less ago , SAF will want what he paid for barba AND MORE !

    even if he let him go at all .

    look at ade sold to Man shitty ..

    we got our 25 ish million we wanted to for that bum … and thats after most knew he was crap ..

    no way SAF will say oh here arsenal we paid 28 million for him 18 months ago , yet we will let you have him for $2.50

  27. WB

    MnM-i didn’t mean it exactly.
    but i think for a side challenging for title we need players are ready and has the potential to win matches on their own.cole is much better than bendtner atm.

  28. SUGA3

    won’t be signing a poacher? we could certainly do with one and a big one would be ideal…

    Adriano ticks all the right boxes: big, strong, experienced, not cup tied, well motivated in the WC year…

    what else do you want?

  29. ethangunner


    are you sure your not A also 🙂 ?

    bends is one of the best strikers in the league how do you figure that out ?

    are you the president of the NIK B FAN CLUB ?

    or just blind 🙂 ?

  30. ethangunner

    true suga3 ,.

    adriano would be positive …
    thats why wenger wont sign him 🙂

  31. A

    I’d say that Bendtner is one of the top strikers in the league, not many I’d take over him after the obvious ones.

    Torres, Rooney, Drogba, Anelka, VP, Arshavin. After that I wouldn’t swap him for anyone.

  32. David

    yea…thats quite dilusional

    Id take Bobby Zamora, Kenwen Jones, Heck…id take Dofoe over Bendtner…

    Quite hilarious…to mention Bendtner and “top striker” in the same sentence….Hasnt done squat shite.

    Only an Arsenal fan would say that. lol.

  33. David

    A Says:
    December 23, 2009 at 23:20

    Obviously no way we’d swap Bendtner for Cole, Bendtner isn’t going anywhere, and will be very important when he returns! Whoever we sign will be competing with Bendtner for the place, not first choice


    Boy am I glad you dont run Arsenal FC!

  34. SUGA3

    A, by the way – no loans outside of transfer window?

    without having to look too far, what about Szczesny to Brentford one?

  35. David

    8 goals and 3 assists….including 4 goals in 5 games…if only we had strikers like that that were “fucking shite”

    If bendtner pisses…it would probably be on himself….penis too small…or balls too big…whichever one. 😀

  36. A

    David I’d say more non Arsenal fans would say it than Arsenal fans! His performances for Denmark, and how well regarded he is in mainland Europe is far more than what the Arsenal fans generally think of him.

    SUGA3 yeah clubs in the football league can have short term loans outside of the transfer window, though there’s a seperate loan window closure but it only closes for a short period in comparison, from early December until January 1st, and then from a week after the window closes, to March or April I think.

    Premiership teams can’t make any loan signings outside of the transfer window, it works the same way whether for a permanent transfer or a loan.

  37. SUGA3


    to be fair, B52 has something about him (football wise) and will be much better than Zamora in the long run, but to say that he is better than BZ at the moment is a bit far fetched to say the least 😉

  38. A

    Zamora has had a good little period, but isn’t in Bendy’s league as an all round player. On form at the moment and as such the flavour of the month, but he isn’t and never has or will be a top player. Done very well for himself though, remember seeing him playing for Brighton and he was good but not THAT good, never thought he’d make a decent premiership career

  39. David

    Bendtner isnt a top striker.

    Hasnt proven anything except for the fact that he’s too young and if we dare sign a striker that is actually shit enough to be competing for a place with Bendtner then Wenger should go.

  40. David

    Yea Suga

    I dont see this “something about him” footballing wise…he can make a 50 yard pass…wonderful…but he’s paid to put the ball in the back of the net…which is a big laugh if you think about it.

  41. A

    David your anti-Bendtnerness is worrying at times….

    He’s obviously proven something, he significantly contributed to Denmark qualifying for the World Cup, which is no mean feat….

    There isn’t a player who’s been rumoured who wouldn’t be competing for a place with Bendtner

  42. David

    Arent you the same fella that was arguing with me that Dzeko isnt a top player because his International record means squad shite?

    Who exactly did Denmark play to qualify? An old Sweedish team?

  43. A

    Yeah David, international records don’t mean that anyone is proven as a top player. But you can’t say he’s done nothing when he’s done that. Just as I’d never say that Dzeko has done nothing in his career despite winning the league, because it’s a second rate league.

    They beat Portugal, that was the main team in that group, Sweden after that.

  44. A

    Have you combined two phrases there?? Isn’t it “jack shit” or “squat”?? I may be wrong there!

    I’m not going to get in an argument with you about Bendtner, because your hatred of him makes you incredibly irrational when discussing anything to do with him! We’ll just see how he does for the rest of the season, I expect him to do very well, and be an important player for us.

  45. Pat

    Zamora has had a good little spell for the past month and a half. He was shit last season and, for the most part, has been shit this season excluding his good month.

  46. gambon

    I think any player that, at the age of 21 has scored 40 in his first 150 games is no doubt gonna be a very good player, his record would compare with all but the greatest out there for his age.

    However he clearly needs to improve his finishing if he wants to be our main striker cos a team like us need a world class striker, not a good one.

  47. AA23

    Anyone who thinks Bendtner is shit doesnt understand football, or at least doesnt understand what he does.
    I’m with A on this one, I wouldnt swap Bendtner for almost any other striker.
    He hasn’t fulfilled his potential yet but when he does, and he most certainly will, I want it to be with us.
    If he leaves we will kick ourselves when he does the business somewhere else.

  48. A

    I agree gambon, though I wouldn’t say he’s going to be our main striker anytime soon, but then again I don’t consider the central person our main striker as such necessarily….

    Pat when have you seen Diouf play, why did you say he looks good?

  49. zeus

    A couple of things now. How anyone can say Dzeko is not good enough for and then in the same breath say that Niklas ‘fecking’ Bendtner can ‘THRIVE’ at CF is laughable to say the least.

    I know that youtube is not the best judge of any player, but since most of us don’t see Dzeko as much as we would like, I would ask that one youtube 1 Dzeko video; after which watch 1 Bendtner video and see who would fit into an Arsenal team better. Niklas is nothing but consistently inconsitent and at times is so cumbersome. If Wolfburg would sell him to us at a goodish price Wenger shouldn’t even think twice.

    And Carlton ‘fecking’ Cole, really? If he is so good, why isn’t he a regular in Capello’s team. Saying he has been used sparingly at the international level is the understatement of the year.

    We need someone who is gonna walk into the first team and be that person for years to come. Rvp is injury prone, whether he is unlucky with injuries or not is irrelevant he is what he is; Bendtner I have all the confidence in the world he will someday be a slightly above average striker while Eduardo and Vela who knows.

  50. zeus

    And saying that Bendtner was the reason that Denmark qualified for the WC is disingenuous. He scored 3 goals (A couple good ones against Portugal)during the entire qualifying campaign and assisted once.

    Its hardly comparable to Maradona winning a WC single handedly with mostly decent players around him.
    Denmark has quite a solid team indeed with players from the top three leagues in Europe. So lets not heap praise on Bendtner because he happens to be our player and we may not know many other Danish players in their NT.

  51. Tony

    If they bring Reyes back then they can have my season ticket back as well. The very last thing we need is a ‘striker’ who isn’t a striker. Please tell me why we need Reyes when Vela is in exactly the same position and is as one footed (left) as Reyes was? To re-sign Reyes would be one of the worst decisions in Wengers 13 years at the club.
    We need an out and out striker, preferably a fairly big guy, we need a decent defensive midfielder and most of all we need a keeper who isn’t a damned clown!!

  52. gnarleygeorge9

    Blimey, Le Gaffer WTF

    Arsenal may not have won a trophy since the 2005 FA Cup but Arsene Wenger feels the past four years have been his most rewarding with the Premier League club.

    Wenger enjoyed great early success in England and has won three Premier League titles and four FA Cups since his arrival at the club in 1996. But recent years have seen the Gunners fail to replicate such success.

    However, Wenger has had to juggle the financial restrictions imposed by moving to Emirates Stadium in 2006 with the demands of remaining one of Europe’s elite sides and he is proud to have kept Arsenal competitive and in the Champions League in recent seasons.

    “I think moving into a new stadium and keeping the team at the top in the last four years is, for me, best period at my club,” Wenger told the club’s official website.

    “Unfortunately it is as well the period when we have not won trophies. But people forget that we have been reasonably consistent. It has been the most difficult period but as well for me the period where I worked the best.

    “To move into a new stadium and yet still make some money in every single year without the team dropping the level, then maintaining a successful period in the Champions League, and doing reasonably well in the League has been quite difficult.”

    Ok, mon ami, we’ve had the 4 year entre, now I want the main course.

  53. LAzer

    Mark C Says:

    December 23, 2009 at 09:43
    If Sahko was that great he would be a 1st choice starting player for France – but he is not.

    Boumsong plays instead, and ask any Newcastle fan how good he was….

    Mark…Domenech is a stickler on the whole seniority thing and pretty much an all around mug as a coach so we can’t base the class of a player on his judgement.

  54. LAzer

    whoever started the Vucinic shout out, fair play. Have always liked him, seen quite a bit of him too. He’s a seasoned pro now imo not a project youth sort, is famaliar with pass and move as Roma has similar tactics and is a hard worker I feel. Problem is he will be way over priced as most are from Serie A and at times drifts in and out of games. All in all I would like him at Arsenal though.

  55. baafuor

    I agree with u on Sendros being moved to the DM position in place of Song.That will bring more cover to the defence and protect Cesc and co.I really hope Wenger is reading.