Horse face not at the races for me and we got the sausage but not the sizzle.

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So first things first, I don’t think that Wenger would bring in RVN, it’s not that he was a problem for us in his Manc days, it’s because he’s injury prone, and we have almost 10 players like that already, I wouldn’t be surprised though, if as usual, he bought no one.

There are plenty of players that would come, he won’t pay for them though, Milan would, and they are not in our league, no Italian club is, yet the press still refer to them as a giants.

If it were my money (actually, it is!) and I had to juggle need, want, and balance that against Wenger’s stingyness I would do no more than go out and bring back Paddy and Thierry, they would snap his hand off, for a season or two they would be perfect, they would also help the kids, so they’d be no killing, they are also Arsenal to the core (unlike Anelka) they would be like the ManU signing of Larsson and the crowd would love it. REALLY, LOVE IT!

Imagine Paddy protecting Cesc and Henry alongside Arshavin, I’m salivating as I write, fantasy blogging if you will.

Then the following season they could join the coaching staff, bring back Dennis and we then have a succession, and perhaps my friends that’s precisely why it won’t happen, as Wenger has to be the centre of attention, that’s why he has the mild mannered Pat Rice sitting next to him, that’s not a slight on Pat, I love Pat, but he is very quiet and I’m not sure Paddy would be the same, and the crowd may start singing their names if the team is having a wobble.

Anyway, sausage and sizzle, a sausage will sell itself as it’s a commodity, but with good branding (ads) the sausages will sell much easier (sizzle) and the public will become brand loyal, so the branded sausage will outsell its non branded rival.

Now for our team, read great sausage, in other words the ingredients are all there, nothing wrong with the forward line save it’s a bit small, now if they were given the right service (sizzle) we would take teams apart, like we did against Stoke, where it could have been 10, not 2.

What??? I hear you say, okay, take the chav game, there we were, ripping them new arseholes and when it came to the final ball, we whipped in high ones that went nowhere other than onto their defenders heads or straight to their very ugly, helmeted keeper.

How should we have played then? Well, like the spuds did yesterday, Aaron Lennon whipped in at least 6 crosses that bounced on the floor in front of the dwarf named Defoe, everytime Lennon crossed, I thought they would score, nothing went high, they all came in low and curling, and if the spuds were any good they would have won 6-2, they aren’t, so they didn’t, but I did wonder why with our vertically challenged front line, we don’t adopt the same tactic, either that or buy a player that can do that, Roberto Carlos used to be able to do that for Madrid, Alves can and Cole did it to us twice, neither ball was higher than the waist.

That’s it then, the closest I’ll ever come to giving a spud and a phone receiving chav a compliment, solving Wenger’s problem and saving Arsenal millions in the transfer window.

All that though rests on the stubborness of one man and his silly girl like rules. Arsene, that would be one decision the fans would never give you shit for, bringing back two of Arsenal’s greatest ever legends to save our season would elevate you to even greater greatness, I know the English is bad, but hey, you get the gist!

Call them today Arsene, sound them out, Thierry needs a home before the world cup and Paddy needs to play to get to the world cup, and us, well we need them like never before and we don’t want to kill the kids, do we???

Oh and of course, you save money.

Have a great day Grovers, we clawed ourselves back in the race and we went ahead of Spurs, a perfect weekend!

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  1. SUGA3


    Arshavin was a massive bargain AND he agreed to fund some of it himself, I personally found it embarassing, as if a million or two would make a difference?

    fair enough, he did not have a lot to run on his contract and was cup tied, but still…

    it is not like everyone is paying ‘silly’ money bar Chavs, Shitty & Real…

    I reckon it would be a great thing if Adolf Platini introduced the ‘live within your means’ rule effectively, but there are ways around it, obviously…

  2. choy

    He tries to keep it simple,

    I am not saying he is word class, far from that.

    But he complements what we have. With him, song and fabregas we are a better unit.. well the chelsea game excluded.

  3. David

    I understand your point A, however moot it is.

    Rosicky hasnt recovered from injury yet has he? And when he did what was his impact to the team?

    Reinterate your point all you want and chose to ignore the fact that he hadnt kicked a ball in months and to think that he would magically be World Class after a run in on games to actually win the tittle is delusionalism.

    And Err…Correct me if im wrong but Pedro said Verm and Arsh cost 40 mill

    If Verm cost 10. That would make waiting till January all the more stupid now wouldnt it?

  4. David

    Choy technical ability would suggest he has the ability to get past his man.

    On reflection. It seems Song beats him hands down in that department.

  5. A

    choy i wouldn’t say we were even a bad unit in the chelsea game, it wasn’t as if they walked through the middle of out midfield. Both goals came from out wide, poor defending from sagna/nasri/gallas/vermaelen.

    As happens most times we play chelsea the midfields largely cancelled each other out

  6. A

    huh David, my point was only that Arshavin was a replacement for Rosicky, I’m not sure how anything you’ve said has any relevance to that, so not sure you do understand it!

  7. Pedro

    Sharkey… you’ve quoted me saying he’s been playing badly.

    That’s my point, he’s not hitting the heights, but he’s still producing.

    The stats he’s turned in after 14 games are better than a seasons worth of stats from Helb.

    Too many Arsenal fans kind of begrudge him because he proves that spending money works… when in the hands of Arsene.

    A – Mayank… Not bargains? Really? I think you’d be the only two in football to say that.

    Arshavin would easily fetch £25million+… therefore a mega bargain. Vermaelen wouldn’t leave for anything less than £18mill.

    If you buy something and it becomes worth a lot more than you paid for it almost immediately, you’ve got yourself a good deal.

    If you bought a house for £200k and sold it for £350k a year later without really doing much to it… that would be a bargain. In footballing terms, that’s what we’ve got with those two… how you two can deny that is completely illogical.

    There are market prices, then there’s an Arsene price. I’d say the Arsene price has cost us trophies and silverware over the past few years. The Arsene price isn’t a barometer for true worth… he isn’t the glasses guide to player prices.

  8. SUGA3

    see choy, Mascherano is even smaller, yet can hold his own, which Denilson can’t do…

    Denilson is not a DM, he is much better attacking than defending (and it’s not just goals)…

  9. A

    Dribbling is down to a change of pace, power, speed, not just technical ability, that’s just a part of it.

    technical ability relates to control, passing, touch, some of which does have an impact on dribbling, but a player can have be very good technically without being a dribbler, and a good dribbler without being amazing technically

  10. A

    Pedro it isn’t like a house though….

    A player is valued by the worth he brings to the team in terms of goals, assists, and general performances. How much he improves the team. None of that has changed, regardless of how much you would recoup when you sell the player.

    You can’t judge a player on re-sale value in the short term, because you aren’t planning to sell said player, you don’t buy him to sell at a profit, and just because you could if you wanted to it doesn’t make his worth whilst he’s at the club any greater than if you wouldn’t get a penny for him.

  11. SUGA3


    project ‘Denilson the DM’ is just a non starter as far as I am concerned, this is just another ‘where am I supposed to play all these kids’ kind of problem and we should have a beast there to rotate with Song…

  12. David

    A Says:
    December 7, 2009 at 19:48
    Pedro it isn’t like a house though….

    You can’t judge a player on re-sale value in the short term, because you aren’t planning to sell said player, you don’t buy him to sell at a profit, and just because you could if you wanted to it doesn’t make his worth whilst he’s at the club any greater than if you wouldn’t get a penny for him


    Filipe Melo.

  13. choy

    Masch is 25.

    Compare him with Lucas (22) and Anderson (21) and you will see that is not bad as you make him out to be.

  14. A

    SUGA3 I disagree completely, Denilson has always been a DM, and always will be. Instinctively he’s defensive, he reads the game from a defensive perspective, and does so very well, it’s just his physical limitations which reduce his impact as a lone DM. In the current system employed as a DM reading the game and anticipating situations, and Song using his power to win the ball, it’ll be a good partnership

  15. Pedro

    A, how can you say we don’t buy players with resale value in mind?

    That’s the only reason we sign the type of players we do!

  16. Mayank

    In hindsight they were bargains, but at the time I think they were the correct prices.
    If we buy a player for less than his actual value(not potential value) it’s a bargain. Getting Henry wasn’t a bargain because the reputation came after the purchase. Same with these two (Arsh for all his fame in Russia was 27 and playing in the Russian league).

    As for begrudging Arsh, ha! You’ve got it backwards, some criticise him because if he plays to his potential he can single-handedly win us games. Fab gets criticism for the same reason and he’s one of the finest proponents of project youth.

  17. David

    And I guess my point about Arshavin replacing Rosicky is that Rosicky was never a consistent first teamer in the first place. And wasnt going to be consistent upon his return to the EPL in september/novermber/whenever.

    Arshavin a regular first team striker replacing a crocked attacking midfielder after almost 2 years? We couldnt do that alot sooner?

  18. Pedro

    Mayank, getting the 5th best player in the world for £12mill was a bargain… you’ll struggle to convince me otherwise.

    All credit to Wenger… but it was a bargain. He’d have been a bargain at £20mill.

  19. A

    I disagree Pedro, we don’t buy players hoping for their value to increase, but we just don’t buy players who’s resale value would definitely decrease, because that would create a long term problem.

    I’m not saying re-sale value isn’t relevant to anything at all, but in terms of a player’s worth, it isn’t, because until you sell a player, you’ve offlaid x amount on a player, and he has to be worth that amount to the team, otherwise you’ve made a loss until you sell him, and could be forced to sell him when it would be better not to as a result. When a player is signed, it’s because their value to the team is deemed to be worth the transfer fee, not because their fee will be recouped when they’re sold

  20. SUGA3


    fuck partnerships, in our system we need a monster that can do the job oon his own, otherwise we will lose a lot of counterattacking speed, which could be worth good 10 goals per season or better…

    there is no point in discussing it any further, as I know that you will back up ANY decision made by Le Boss…

  21. David

    A Says:
    December 7, 2009 at 19:53
    huh David?! Would you care to elaborate, or is it just “say random things that have no relevance” day


    Pedro Says:
    December 7, 2009 at 19:52
    A, how can you say we don’t buy players with resale value in mind?

    That’s the only reason we sign the type of players we do!


    You cant judge a player on re-sale Value in the Short-term.

    Utter Rubbish.

    How much do you think Vela would go for?

    Filipe Melo is just a prime example that teams buy players for good Business. Arsene does it all the time.

    Say random things that have no relevance! hahaha!

    Like Almunia is on par with Shay Given? Oh dear.

  22. Pedro

    David, we’re offering him a new contract… I wouldn’t listen to the people telling you Arshavin was bought as his replacement.

    Arshavin was bought to inject some experience and some goals into a team severely struggling…

    If he was bought as a replacement, we wouldn’t be offering Rosicky a few more years…

    Unless we’re keeping Rocky for sentimental reasons?

  23. choy

    SUGA3.. who’s backing him up.

    You know he’s not going to buy, but that doesn’t mean we have to slate our players!

    It’s not denilson’s fault he’s in the team, I’m sure he would play anywhere he’s asked to!

  24. Mayank

    Or you could say, paying 25m for a player who spent all his life playing in a much inferior league and got noticed at the world stage at 27 would be a gamble.

    Wenger has an evaluation of a player which might seem low but is closer to the real value(as in the value a self sustaining club could pay) than what the paper’s suggest.

  25. David

    A Says:
    December 7, 2009 at 19:56
    When a player is signed, it’s because their value to the team is deemed to be worth the transfer fee, not because their fee will be recouped when they’re sold


    What are bidding wars for?

  26. A

    David Rosicky was a regular for the first half of the previous season, and having discovered the cause of his injury problems, he was expected to be available more than before, and when fit would be a regular, that’s why a replacement wasn’t needed then.

  27. Pedro

    A… you’re going round in circles here…

    Arsene signs players with resale value in mind. If he was all about what a player could offer the team, we’d have signed Nic Anelka for £15mill… or Eto’o… or Ribery.

    All would have offered immense value to the teams, two passed because of age… one because £20mill might not have seen a return on resell.

  28. SUGA3

    I don’t slate Denilson as a player, I am just not particularly keen on the idea of him playing as alone DM – he is not Arsenal standard in this position at the moment, yes, it is manager’s (or the board’s) fault for being penny wise pound foolish and for letting three DMs go in one season…

    and don’t tell me that Flamini is a cunt for tricking old fox Wenger…

  29. Mayank

    We won’t be paying him Arsh’s wages in his new contract. He’s a great player to have around just like Hargreaves is.

  30. David

    In a bidding war is it Entirely possible that you can sign a player much higher than the estimated value to the team?

    Especially if its against a bitter rival?

    Precisely Pedro,

    Infact i said that a couple of times how do you replace Rosicky because you expected him to be fit and then he wasnt.

    Was Arsenal suggesting that Rosicky would never be fit?

  31. Mayank

    As for re-sale value, we buy youth so if the kid isn’t good enough we can sell him so as not to incur a loss. Arsh and Verm were bought to go directly into the first team, so resale value isn’t a priority.
    These are the 2 types of players we sign.

  32. A

    Pedro Arshavin was bought as Rosicky’s replacement, in that he would NEVER have been bought had Rosicky been fit.

    He was bought as his replacement, but that now doesn’t have any relevance on their roles in the team, it means that with Rosicky fit we have an extra quality player, who we otherwise wouldn’t have had.

    Just as if a forward is brought in in January it’ll be a replacement for VP, but when VP returns it doesn’t mean that his days at the club are numbered….

    David I still have no idea whatsoever what the relevance is between anything you’re selling and a player’s value when he’s signed….

    Choy I said that he was for most of last season – Almunia was previously consistently average, whereas Given is inconsistently spectacular, has games where his goal is being peppered and he single handedly keeps a team out, and has other games where he single handedly costs his teams goals. I wouldn’t want Given because our goal is never peppered, so he wouldn’t have the opportunity to make match winning performances, and he makes mistakes through lack of concentration.

  33. Mayank

    We bought Arsh because Rosiscky was due back after the season was over and we needed to replace him.

    We’re keeping our no7 because he’s a good player who’s already with the club and the system we play.

  34. A

    Pedro I don’t believe that to be the case at all – If it was resale value that mattered, then we would’ve definitely signed Ribery….

    Wenger values a player depending on his worth to the team, and how much better he would make a team. Otherwise he’d have no problem with signing players under 25-26 for £20-£30 mil, because their resale value would be there….

  35. Pedro

    Mayank, we bought Hleb… then sold him. Why isn’t resale value important?

    We always end up selling our players… right before their value begins to dwindle (not productivity).

  36. choy

    *did what he had to

    played all over the park, played LB till the CL final and was then dropped for cole of all people!

    almost sold to brum! before he decided to fight for his place.

    I don’t blame him, he just lied to the fans.. but the more you think about it, it makes sense.

  37. Pedro

    Sorry A, you’ve lost me.

    Ribery would have given us resale value… but not team value?

    Surely he’d have to offer one to receive the other?

  38. David

    A says,
    When a player is signed, it’s because their value to the team is deemed to be worth the transfer fee, not because their fee will be recouped when they’re sold


    Then why dont we buy players who’s fees wont be recouped when they are sold.

  39. Mayank

    Because the player’s we buy for the first team aren’t bought so as to sell them. Whereas the youth players are. The reason for this is you can judge whether a 25 yo will be good for you or not, the same is not applicable to a 17 yo.
    As for selling players even SAF has said Wenger knows exactly when to let his players go. I’m sure he’s talking in terms of performance and not money. Very little has been seen to prove anything contrary.

  40. A

    Pedro Ribery would have given us team value, as he would now, but it’s hard to find any one player who would give a team £25 mil plus worth, and he wouldn’t have, regardless of how much they could be re-sold for.

    We won’t sign someone for more than their deemed worth to the team, on the basis that their resale value will be there, or increase, that’s basically my point.

    They’re valued on their worth to the team, not their resale value, unless their resale value is going to decrease, in which case in the long run that would cause a self-sustained team problems

  41. Pedro

    A, he wasn’t bought to replace was he!

    Replace indicates that Rosicky wouldn’t get in the team when they are both fit.

    Arshavin can play anywhere in the front three, left or anywhere across the midfield… and favours the centre.

    He was bought because he was a top player and we need to spark a flagging team back to life.

    Nasri and Walcott were injured a lot last season as well… why wasn’t he bought to replace those two?

  42. A

    No Pedro it doesn’t indicate that at all!!

    It indicates that he was bought to fill Rosicky’s place, because we didn’t know if Rosicky would EVER be back, and certainly not in the short term.

    Are you saying then that if Wenger brings in a replacement for VP in January that VP and the new signing aren’t going to be allowed to be in the team, or VP allowed to return, because he’s been brought in as a replacement?!

    Rosicky had been out for a year, and had an injury which had a return date that wasn’t set, and we couldn’t afford to keep waiting, or just leave it in the hope that he would be back, as we did in the summer.

    Not quite the same as Theo and Nasri, both of whom had set times out, much shorter than Rosicky, and were definitely going to return….

  43. Pedro

    A… so he gives you goals, assists, dazzling football… and a resale value… but not worth it to the team?

    You’re making no sense.

  44. Mayank

    Last post, I have to sleep…
    Pedro, Arsh was bought because our 07 season MF regular was injured for a long time. Nasri wasn’t injured a lot at all last season and Walcott wasn’t even a part of the team so as to merit replacement. He was bought to add spark but he wouldn’t have been if R7 had been fit. Hence he was his replacement.
    If we buy Villa to replace RvP this season does not mean RvP will be shown the door, nor does it mean Villa would have been bought regardless.

  45. Pedro

    Right… I’m off for some hotel food.

    A, I don’t think Rosicky’s career was in doubt at the End of January.

    He was in training by April, moaning he wasn’t getting games!

  46. SUGA3

    on another note:

    I drove to London yesterday and listened to Everton v Spuds game on the radio – dunno who these cunts were, but were jizzing in their pants over Spuds and especially Lennon with some anti-Arsenal bias:

    ‘…do you think he will take Walcott’s place? At this rate, surely…’

    ‘…and there can be no better motivation than desire to go above Arsenal in the table…’

    shame I did not listen to the last 20 minutes 😆

  47. Ray in SF

    Mr B Says:
    December 7, 2009 at 18:26

    So ray are u gay or do u
    just like the sunshine in the bay


    Mr B. Thank you for your interest.

    Gay? Don’t know, never explored it.

    I do know I like the sunshine better in Southern California — which is where I’ve moved since logging onto this Blog

    & Chipo, I’m not American, though you’re correct, footballistically, my skills are very limited.

    Fourth-generation Gunner fan — my Dad’s granddad played for The Gunners exactly 100 years ago.

  48. dutchmaster10

    I’ve been shouting PAVLYUCHENKO since the begining of the summer, stupid Harry Twitch Face does not have a clue what a gem of a player he has there, we could make him a world beater, imagine him up top with AA! We’d be scoring goals all over the shop!

  49. Ray in SF

    Sorry work got in the way again…Georg Fischer. I think he only played a handful of times. Before the War-to-end-All-Wars.

  50. Ray in SF

    My Dad’s mother’s family are Fishers. I don’t know when he changed his name, certainly before the war as he fought (and donated an arm) for us.

  51. Jaguar

    Arshavin was bought to replace ROsicky
    Almunia is on par with Given
    Earth is flat

    Yeah,and whats your next statements gentlemen,Mayank and A?

  52. Franchise

    A wenger didnt say he signed arshavin as a replacement for rosicky

    he said he signed arshavin because walcott, cesc and rosicky were injured at that time and that he thought the side needed creativity

  53. A

    well seeing as Wenger bought Arshavin, and he said he bought him to replace Rosicky, I’d say that’s a pretty factual statement.

    Franchise he said very specifically he signed Arshavin because of uncertainties about Rosicky, he said because of that the squad lacked balance because Rosicky was a creative and experienced player, and he needed to replace him!

  54. Ray in SF

    I also am confident that we’ll add someone this window. We have made a significant addition in each of the last several windows and I expect/hope this trend to continue. Just a pity we don’t get a couple and really boost our chances.

  55. Franchise

    Arsène Wenger has finally revealed exactly why he wants to sign Andrei Arshavin.

    The Arsenal manager has remained as tight-lipped as possible during his pursuit of the 27-year-old midfielder from Zenit St Petersburg. That has been difficult as the issue has pretty much dominated every press conference during January.

    However the dénouement is now close. The transfer window slams shut on Monday. Arsenal’s interest in Arshavin is now common knowledge but only on Friday did Wenger discuss why he was going for the Russian.

    “He’s a guy who can go past people in the final third,” said the manager. “He can have the key, individually and collectively.

    “He is an experienced player, 27, a good age and we are a very young side. We will not have Fabregas in the next six to eight weeks, we will not have Walcott in the next five weeks, Rosicky in the next eight weeks.

    “You can see with the replay of the FA Cup we have the desire to do well in every competition and one more body could help us.”

  56. A

    Yeah franchise, im talking about his speaking after we’d signed him, i’ll try and find the quotes in a bit, busy at the moment

  57. Nightman

    Hello all

    Have to comment about 2 things…

    1) How can anyone compare Denilson and Song? SONG IS 100X BETTER than Denilson….holds the ball better…picks the more intelligent pass…doesnt get in Cesc’s way….cmon no contest

    2) Arshavin must play Center Forward or DIRECTLY behind the CF every single game….we need him touching the ball on 90% of our attacks…(as opposed to the 30-40 percent that happens when hes ISOLATED on the right or left and can feel as cold and distant as St. Petersburg itself.

    Might be out of the blue but these are very important issues….

    PS….Chamakh is no better than Bentdner….that means not good enough for Arsenal

  58. luke

    BTW, what the hell are we doing going in for Matuidi. Hes 5 ft 9 inches. We cant afford any more of these! We need some players over 6 ft.

  59. A

    Matuidi is quick and strong luke, height isn’t an issue so much.

    I want the centre back we get to replace Gallas eventually, Subotic would fit that bill, but there’s no way he’s moving in a world cup year unfortunately, cetin is too old for that, and Sakho couldn’t play with Vermaelen as both left footed, so our options are pretty limited centre back wise!

    Turan isn’t good enough for us imo, rather Merida or Wilshere got game time.

    Why on earth would Rosicky leave in January?! That would benefit noone….

  60. Stu

    Ideally noone at all would leave in january because we need s many players as we are allowed because then we can rotate and players wont be overused and burn out.

    However, it seems that Senderos is definately gone. I dont blame him for leaving either…especially as its a world cup year and he needs game time (thats assuming the swiss made the WC)

    SO we need a striker and a defender in january at the least. A new keeper and midfielder (although very necessary in the long term) arent priorities so can wait until the summer.

  61. ethangunner

    Gee A, listen to you .. not so long ago you said our squad was superior to anyone in the EPL and we need NO ONE !

    boy … how (not much)time’s change !

  62. Geoff

    Iceman if they haven’t he ought to sell them on and bring in some real ones!

    Rob, just more speculation I’m afraid.

  63. stonroy

    kay what do you all think of Le Prof bringing in Adriano? He would have a point to prove, he will want to get back in the Brazil sqaud, he has hi head on right and he’s exactly what we need… I=Could be a good idea..