Ar, Ar, Arshavin, Arsenal’s greatest love machine, is a dream!

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Our little Russian reminded us yesterday of what a super, super talent he really is, I cannot come up with enough superlatives to cover his performance in this game.

I have to say the starting line up filled me with horror, Eboue back in midfield again, no, surely we have better options than that, well we do, but Wenger put him there regardless.

A 5 man midfield at home against Stoke was a strange choice and it still puzzles me, but to be honest, when we played, we still looked like we were playing 4-3-3, the fact that we only had one striker dulled the point of the sword a tad, but the football we played was amazing.

I won’t do a match report because that’s Pedro’s job, and he was partying last night so you’re stuck with me, thank god we won eh!

I’ll start with a 9 for the team, so no one can say I gave one more than I gave another.

We got an early penalty from a great little jink through from Arshavin, and when Cesc stepped up I just hoped that when he side footed it, he didn’t side foot it the way Sorenson was going, well he did and the score stayed 0-0, shortly after our diminutive little Russian playmaker scored a fantastic goal, much deserved and very, very accurate.

Then we broke through again and the post saved an own goal, Cesc latched onto the rebound but Eboue cleared it off the line for Stoke. …Yes I know he plays for Arsenal.

Second half saw the end of Rosicky so Vela came on, Arsene, you must not renew Rosicky’s contract, he is a crock and we can’t afford to keep him, do it on a pay as you play basis, but don’t give him a shiny new contract. I love him, but enough is enough.

Sorenson kept them in the game, oh how I wished he played for us, the first three Delap long throws that came in, the hapless Almunia flapped at them, what does Wenger see in him? Someone please tell me, there must be an AKB reading this that has some idea, I won’t hold my breath though.

Tony Pulis substituted Eboue shortly after and the magnificent Ramsey entered the stage, he started those wonderful little one-two’s and the team started to get closer and play better, shortly after he scored from a great little move and another one-two. Arsene you have got to start giving him the time you give to the Marmites, this kid can play anywhere in midfield and looks the part.

And yes, I know Tony Pulis is the Stoke manager!

Some may say the chavs lost so we are back in it, others may say it was only Stoke so don’t get too excited, me, I think all the games are tough and we have our work cut out finishing in the top four.

I will say our midfield look much, much better than it has done for weeks, we looked more like a team that could move the ball swiftly from one end to the other, so draw your own conclusions from that one.

I would be unfair if I didn’t say well done to Sagna, I thought he had a great game, the whole team looked like they had a toe up their arses for this one, and rightly so.

Great performance Arsenal, get your cheque book out boss, we really do need to spend some money, and before you say Dzeko is out of our price range, you may want to ask Wolfsburg, how much first, they may surprise you.

Have a great day Grovers, we won, we closed the gap and we are back in front of Tottenham again!

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  1. Gooby

    gr8 WE, spuds and chelski lost. if only the mancs lost it would have been PERFECT.

    so gooners, we play liverpool next we, and killing there last hopes of top four.(maybee?)

    the mancs are playing villa and the chavs everton. both wankers are home but who knows, they may drop some.

  2. Stu

    Evening all. Great result today. They didnt lose but having missed a last second penalty the spuds will feel like they have lost…hahahah fucking mugs.

    Any arsenal related good news floating around?

  3. Gooby

    it would be kind of weired to see spuds playing the CL next season. finger crossed, they’ll drop as low as possible

  4. leon

    with all due respect i will give risicky a new contract in hurt beat he is just as good as risicky yes he has injury problems but is class player with tons of experience we still need more central midfielders

  5. Stu

    Rosicky is just as good as who Leon?

    I used to think Rosicky was going to be a vital cog in the arsenal machine at the start of the season but after a string of disappointing performances and so many stupid injuries i wouldnt mind him leaving and Wenger bringing in someone more relible in terms of fitness and consistency.

    I would prefer to keep him on a pay as you play and and getting in someone as a starter so rosicky wont be under pressure to always be fit and ready.

  6. Samir

    I think we need real winger’s more than CM’s. We have them coming out of our ears.
    Don’t think we have one proper winger?

    Arsenal are expected to launch a January bid for West Ham striker Carlton Cole.

    The England international striker has been in great form for the Hammers this season, and with Arsene Wenger’s side suffering an injury crisis in the attacking positions, the Frenchman has admitted that he will have to strengthen in the transfer window.

    Rumours surfaced last month that the Gunners would target Carlton Cole, and now the Daily Mirror reports that the 26-year-old striker is the number one target at the Emirates.

    West Ham are desperate to keep hold of their prized asset, although the financial situation at Upton Park means that a bid in the region of £15 million might have to be accepted.

    Gianfranco Zola has seen his side struggle in recent weeks, and it is no coincidence that Cole finds himself on the sidelines with a knee injury. He is expected to return before the end of the month however.

    The powerful frontman has the added appeal of not being cup-tied for the Champions League, a huge bonus for Wenger on the quest for some major silverware in North London. Cole would also provide some much needed physical presence to a frontline full of style.

  7. Charybdis1966

    I know it’s a bit late, but ‘2 nil and you fucked it up, 2 nil and you fucked it up ! ‘ Have it you miserable spuds;-)

  8. Gooby

    stu-it is not because he played bad games that he is shite. fabregas didn’t have good games against chelski and sunderland.

    rosicky will soon reach his top form, it needs time to get back from a long injury. it is the case with every player

  9. Stu

    I know he is quality Gooby. But his long term injury was his knee but he rocovered from that in the summer and at the start of the season Wenger said he was over his injury problems. But he has had a few injuries since then.

    I dont doubt his quality but as of now he is keeping Wenger from buying a top class midfielder because he consideres Rosicky just that.

  10. leon

    samir stu i just feel is a quality experienced player but he has been out of action for so long riminds of freddie lumberg i know i cant the same job he did when he first started he bound to pickup alot though and groin injuries and will be used as squad player now as he can play both central and wide

  11. leon

    stu i see your point but we need at laest 2-3 quality midfielders like risicky because as you said he is quality but cant be relied upon because injury problems but i feel he can still do a job but as squad player

  12. Man

    “But let’s not dream too much that in January we will be able to find a world-class player, because that is what is needed to improve our squad, and who is not cup-tied in Europe and who is free. You need a good Father Christmas for that.”

  13. leon

    man i dont think most likely a striker to and a defender or 2 as senderos will be going and silvest is 5th defender i realy would like to see top class midfielder come in but i just see that happening

  14. BigRaddy

    2-0 & you fucked it up…..

    Leon. We also have to take into account the midfield injuries. We have only just Denilson back, and are missing Diaby. Plus Song was out yesterday. And we have JW, Merida, JW, Ramsey, Lansbury, Randall and Coquelin coming through

    I believe that a new GK is our top priority

  15. leon

    man all i know this team clearly needs and i dont care hwo much it costs if he has spend 20 mill for a top midfielder and another 20 mill for striker he needs to do it he the funds now so no more excuses

  16. A

    wenger said last season that arshavin came in as a replacement for rosicky.

    If he went we wouldn’t get anyone else in, he’s a bonus if fit, but not someone who would be replaced, as arshavin was already his replacement

  17. BigRaddy

    A fit Theo and Tomas will not get a game.

    I think Nasri is ahead of him in the pecking order, and AA is undroppable.

    So, …

    Nasri, Song, Cesc AA

    Theo RvP

  18. leon

    big i think so risiscky is much better footballer tha thoe better passer reads the game alot better has better link up play in fact winshire is further ahead of thoe plus thoe realy winger/striker and risicky is a much more of midfielder

  19. A

    Not sure about that Raddy. A fit Rosicky and I reckon he’d be ahead of all the others apart from Arshavin.

    We don’t play 4-4-2 anymore….

    With everyone fit I’d expect Nasri in the midfield three, and rosicky oppostite arshavin

  20. bob

    Looks like you can add Andre Asharvin to your list of AKB’s as he was quoted this week as saying;”What we can change, only Arsene Wenger knows. He has been at the club for 13 years and knows the problems better than anyone. All the Arsenal players believe in him – and if he leaves they will all leave.”

  21. chris

    I agree with Geoff, although I thought a few weeks ago he was saying get him signed up –

    I think Rosicky has been better than ever most of the time when he’s been fit but what good’s that if he plays so few games and there’s lots of guys already there and/or coming through for that spot Nasri, Theo. Wilshere, erida, Vela maybe, Bendtner/eduardo even if Arshavin is going to play central

  22. raynor73

    late here today. Good post today. Team as a whole played better against an unexciting, but big and quite well organised Stoke side.

    Cesc – unusally poor, lots of mis-placed passes (4 on the spin at one point).

    Eboue- ran well as he often does, but cannot make a telling pass for toffee.

    Denilson – was he playing? So lightweight I’m sure anyone over 6ft could actually blow him off the ball with a big puff. A bit of a poof at tackling.

    Traore – has a good game. Wow 3 great left backs and you could play any of them with confidence. Our most consistent position.

    Young Ramsey – did well with a great finish. Looks like he really wants to attack and we all know he’s got a hell of a shot on him. Not the finished article yet, but will be in not too long from now.

    Gallas and Verma – sound again

    Keeper – worrying again, doing duck impressions

    Arsh – thought he’d get two and was unlucky not too. Our best player and fun to watch when he runs flat out as his legs go really fast , almost cartoon like

  23. BigRaddy

    It’s just an opinion…..

    And I am a huge fan of Rosicky. But to rely upon him is unreasonable. He will always be injury prone (IMO)

    Theo needs games, lots of them…

  24. leon

    risick must one the most unlucky players from thestart he has injuries and niggles and then injured for almost 2 years he comes and thinks he got over all the injurys now he is out another month its real shame because he looks as good as lumberg and he left huge act to follow

  25. raynor73

    BG – yes Sagna was solid.

    Also Nasri. I am a bit of a Nasri fan to be honest. I think if he can step up the defending side of his game he could trun out to be every bit as good a Pires was (even though Nasri is more of a ventral player). He needs to go for goal a little more as we’ve seen he can score and he needs to be more greedy like Arsh is as Nasri is one of the players we have who just runs past defenders like they are not there…I thought he played well yesterday and didn’t give the ball away cheaply.

  26. Franchise

    I remember b4 the season started i made a comment that if i were arsene i would take rosicky van persie and eduardo as 1 person in terms of reliability

    boy was i spot on. well well once again wenger takes a big gamble with his squad. imagine manunited pinning their hopes on 3 owen hargreaves. well its not that extreme in our case but i hope u get my point

  27. A

    Raddy I agree, but we don’t rely on Rosicky, Arshavin was brought in as a replacement for him, so we don’t rely on him in the slightest! Since he was replaced a year ago now it’s a positive when he’s fit rather than a negative when he isn’t.

  28. Samir

    Against Olympiakos I would play near enough a CC team.

    V Liverpool I hope we see;

    ________Almunia(H8 him)________

    All of Walcott,Eduardo and Clichy should be back for this one.
    Diaby will also be back, might see him in there instead of Nasri. In that case it would be Diaby in CM and Nasri moved to right of front three. Walcott to the bench as impact sub….

  29. Franchise

    A, I dont know how u wld think that we arent reliant on Rosicky

    is 4th truly the target??

    in terms of calibre of player, experience and talent, tomas is up there with arshavin. different sort of players though but rosicky has been there done that.

    Even has more european experience than arsh. that is a key player we are seriously gonna miss

  30. Franchise

    Wenger said

    “We pick up more injuries than the other big teams, that is true,” Wenger said. “You cannot say there is not a reason for it but we have not found it yet. It’s the worst season for injuries for us. And they are all in the same area, in the offensive side. Last year it was in the defensive side.”

  31. A

    I agree Franchise. We aren’t reliant on Rosicky, because Arshavin was brought in as a replacement for him.

    I agree, Rosicky is an absolutely superb player, the finished article, and experienced, but because of his injuries last season Wenger decided we couldn’t rely on him, so brought in another superb player, who is also the finished article, and experienced, in arshavin, to take his place.

    Now if Rosicky gets fully fit then we’ve got an extra superb, experienced player, rather than having one less if he’s injured.

    If Rosicky never got fit again, then we wouldn’t sign a replacement, because Arshavin is already his replacement.

  32. Franchise

    A did wenger personally tell you that he wouldnt replace rosicky if he left??? Strong assumption as usual on your part

  33. A

    No Franchise, but he said in terms of the numbers of the squad, and squad balance, that after another injury set back last season to rosicky he felt we couldn’t rely on him anymore, so needed to bring in an experienced and quality player in his position in arshavin.

    To me that means that he signed Arshavin knowing there could be a chance Rosicky would never make it back, so if he doesn’t then we’re just where he expected us to be, and why he signed Arshavin

  34. Franchise

    so what did u think when wenger also said that he might not replace ade if the pre-season form of tomas and eduardo were satisfactory? or that he would be like a new signing??

  35. Samir

    Wilshere IMO cannot play on the wings.
    He has no pace and is very weak.
    He’d be better at CM or just behind the striker!

  36. leon

    wenger just needs players of standerd of risicky in central midfield position now todays market that will cost but i think its well worthit

  37. A

    samir he does have pace, and isn’t that weak at all. IMO currently his best position by some distance is right wing, but as he gets more strength and develops and matures he’ll move centrally

  38. Franchise

    eventually wilshere would be the man for one of the wing positions but not any time soon IMO. especially if the pressure of winning a trophy is not lifted

  39. tomstoned

    evenin All…

    This will be my last post on Le Grove *banned* 🙂 and i would like to Thank You lot for all interesting and great views regarding Our club,and even though im not an AKB,i think Wenger gets it right most of the times and He is the Best manager in the premier…no doubt…

    in my mind to support a club means just that…nomatter if its frustrating at times…all over Europe 99% of the clubs can only dream about being as good as we are…

    go on you Gunners…forever…

    and to those who thinks we’re that bad…well 5 points thats the real difference between us and the top of the premier…not alot…so we’re actually in a great position…

    what the heck lets win it !!

    Best Regards tom

  40. Pedro

    Evening all!

    Tom, you only had a day ban.

    Too knackered to blog… but top reporting Geoff… well played Shitty!


  41. leon

    samir you are so wroung about wintshire he can on the wing or central roles he has huge about pace just needs to develop phsicaly which i feel he will do.but he is already miles and miles ahead of thoe he vision pace he has the passing the only thing is keep him patient he is too young to go on loan but is far to good for the reserves he is the future but what needed is ready made players

  42. Franchise

    wilshere’s emergence might spell the end of theo at arsenal. its gonna be 4 years in January that theo has been with us. its a shame how slow he has developed. its even worse when you add his proneness to injuries to his overall ineffectiveness on the pitch.

  43. leon

    franchise i feel its way to early to make nthose kinds of judgements i feel you have to remember he came to arsenal at 16 he lots of time to improve

  44. ethangunner


    Surely if top 4 is our aspiration even a draw yesterday would have sufficed…

    well if we drew we would be on 26 points and equal with villa on 5th ! So how is that 4th ?

    we won on the weekend because the QUALITY and EXPERIENCE of stoke cant compete with us at home ….

    for those who cannot grasp the concept
    we can beat 80% of the teams in the EPL
    but the chev’s pool manc’s manc’s 2 and even spuds we have trouble against …

    we will retain 4th spot like we have done every other year recently .. by having a slightly better % chance of winning MOST games ,but as predicted this year the spuds and manc’s2 WILL give us a run for their money ..

    and their MONEY recently adds up to more than ours !

  45. Franchise

    leon theo was hyped in the same degree that rooney was. at 21 rooney was already a reliable member of manu team

    theo is still flirting with unreliability

    the injuries have not helped but my concerns regarding him are quite a lot. he is still quite unintelligent for a pro footballer especially one at a club like arsenal.

    IMO he is missing some very fundamental ingredients and as a result he would continue to struggle. i hope im wrong

    but this kid still doesnt know when to run, pass or shoot.

  46. ethangunner


    wilshere’s emergence might spell the end of theo at arsenal.

    i hope not,
    we need all the help we can get ,
    and theo will be one of the best English prospects to come out of the UK in some years.

    its hard for him to advance when your always in the sick bay , but i think out of anyone this season theo is the one who SHOULD of stepped up ..

    but its hard to step up to anything when you dont have time on the pitch !

    he and nik should both be stepping up now ..
    if nik doesnt do it soon he just might end up being only average or above av.!

  47. ethangunner


    id give him 6 months of regular game ,before the jury is out on theo ..

    he needs to be given time on the pitch by wenger and stop playing your mate eboue in lieu 🙂

  48. finestcuts

    Wenger said

    “We pick up more injuries than the other big teams, that is true,” Wenger said. “You cannot say there is not a reason for it but we have not found it yet.”

    Well, it’s not rocket science, just simple physics. Imagine a collision between a Renault Clio and a Ford Mondeo, which one is going to get more of the brunt of the impact. The Clio of course. If you look at the collisions between our players and those of other teams, most of the time the opposition have bigger and heavier players. That’s why there are different weights in boxing, and the same principles apply to football, big man v medium sized man…..the big fella is less likely to suffer a serious injury than the nimbly built one.

  49. Franchise

    ethan too many underachievers at the club of which theo is one of them

    i dont exactly rate bendtner but he holds his own more than theo

    theo is only 20 but he was meant to be a magical player, a super teen talent. he hasnt lived up to any expectations

    the injuries has not helped i agree but the kid is really disappointing

    he has showed flashes of brilliance but we need some consistency. i would rather have a theo that scores 7/10 every game than one that fluctuates between 2/10 and 9/10 every now and then

    diaby is another let down

  50. finestcuts

    Another point, how many opposition players have sustained injuries that have kept them out of the next game after playing against us?

  51. finestcuts

    Wenger needs to drop the “Doh” act….can’t find suitable players in the transfer window, dunno why we keep getting injuries….

  52. ethangunner


    theo is only 20 but he was meant to be a magical player, a super teen talent. he hasnt lived up to any expectations
    TRUE !
    but he looked like he was advancing ok the last time he was a regular , remember the season of ade’s purple patch (2 seasons ago), he scored a few and produced a few good runs down the flanks that year ..

    since he’s been as injury prone as rosicky with shoulder injuries and others ..

    i still think in time theo will be far better than rooney .. however like most English strikers he will be crap by 27-28…

    shearer – owen – and hopefully rooney 🙂

  53. ethangunner


    im not sure you can base ALL our injuries just
    on collisions alone..

    rosicky’s long term everything – theo’s repeating shoulder – RVP out for everything also..

    its no big deal JD is out for most of the year
    but i think old head guard petr Chevski recovered faster from a head injury that jd is ! or rosicky ..
    somethings up in that sickbay if you ask me ..
    plus wenger wont let his player bulk up …

    i think the main thing is experience , knowing when to tackle how hard and so forth ..

    wenger isnt very defensive orientated ,so our squad will push forward as against stand back and defend .. it does equal more collisions granted …

    wenger knows why his injury count is high and thats because we are an attacking young inexperienced team who are all attending at the school of hard knocks because we have no role models for them to learn off the easy way !or dont focus on defense in training ..

    well maybe they can learn from gallas if anyone is still talking to him , or TV …

  54. kevin

    on balance almunia was very good last year and wenger is in no position to make real changes in goal because we’re not in the transfer window yet….

    a lot of people always had issues with almunia, but i think last season he showed to a lot of people that over the course of the season he was really good. that said, as someone who’s always liked him, he IS on very bad form this season. i like him and he was great last year but his form this year stinks frankly. ideally he’d just pick things back up from last season but it’s impossible to tell what’s going to happen. fabianski has proved himself to be sporadic and regularly switches between very good and pretty shite and he’s our number 2, so i don’t know what you can expect of wenger right now. we don’t have any keeper who stands out as being fantastic this season, but almunia showed last season he has it in him and has that experience, so until january there is nothing wenger CAN do but either give faith to a keeper who was good last year and has experience but is bad this year or put faith in a keeper who doesn’t have experience and isn’t consistently good either. right now almunia is absolutely the right choice for those reasons.

  55. finestcuts

    You’re right Ethan, other factors are also responsible, the collision is what triggers it, a player who has previously had certain types of injuries is more susceptible to sustaining them again upon impact.

    I can see Wenger’s point that it was difficult to forsee the situation as bad as it is now, but surely after having a team blighted by injuries problems for many a season, the response would be to have a team ready for a near catastrophic scenario that we now have.
    When Toure left, he said we have plenty of defenders. Djourou was injured pre-season so he kept Senderos. Silvestre is injury prone, so is RVP, Rosicky, Eduardo and Diaby so surely it could have been forseen, especially after the first time Eduardo got injured when he commented that it was fairly normal for a player to get injured again after they’d just been out injured.

  56. Confidentgoner

    The Arsenal problem is fairly simple.

    Wenger knows his bosses expect top 4, so he plans only to achieve their target. The fans want to win titles but the board are not bothered – at least for now. He knows his squad is not good enough and will not admit it publicly, but will continue with them because he has only to come 4th. He needs to understand that there are teams like Mancity, Villa, lurking..

    He is the epitome of the old school worker: impress your bosses and you are on a home run

  57. A

    I wouldn’t say a must gnarley, but it would certainly be nice.

    We certainly havn’t had the easiest fixtures, after saturday we will have played all but chelsea of the top 5 away from home. Guess good to get them all out the way though

  58. luke

    I cant believe they muster the nerve to put an article on that reads “Wenger: Striker Dzeko too expensive for us”. WTF Arsene. What happened to the funds from Ade and Kolo that were never used and the record profits from last year!?

  59. Gooby

    theo is talented. his problem, always make the wrong decision. makes him crap…sry, unless he can learn to chose when to dribble, to shoot or the pass and how, he is never getting anywhere

  60. luke

    manyoo are after him too. He is not one to let go, a real class act and a good age (23). Dzeko and a top CB or DM would be a great Xmas.

  61. Franchise

    GM Dzeko just signed a new deal and Wolfsburg are not under any pressure to let him go easily unlike Zenit and Arshavin’s case

  62. luke

    We have easily 45 million to use.

    Dzeko-18-20m and worth it

    Get us some deals arsene!

  63. Gooby

    i don’t think there is 45 millions, for buying new players. the club must have used a large part of the money re-pay debts. i m not that optimistic about our winter transfer budget.

  64. A

    luke it’s too expensive in terms of he’d cost more than he’s worth. Just because you’d got a fiver in your pocket if someone asked for £2 for a can of coke you wouldn’t just pay it because you’ve got the money.

    The story, as all the stories on the official site, are just sound bites taken from press conferences and interviews.

    dzeko when he leaves wolfburg will go to milan, not to us, and for a big fee. He’d be a big risk anyways, never played in a big league, he could be class, or he could flop, we won’t know until he’s actually tried in a big league. Certainly not worth paying big money for imo.

    I’d reckon regardless of what Bordeaux say, Chamakh is more likely to come in, if not him no idea who else

    Subotic wouldn’t come in january, because he’d arrive as backup to gallas and vermaelen, and he’ll want to be playing regularly before the world cup, maybe in the summer, though we will need to sign someone in january.
    Cetin is too old for me, and also because of his age may not be happy coming in as back up.

    I’d like us to sign Matuidi though.

  65. Paul

    Did anybody try to count how many times Fabregas gave the ball away? It was quite a few more times than Denilson or any other of our midfielders did.

  66. Sam

    How about Diego forlan guys ?

    I know he was a flop at Utd earlier …

    He has been either close to winning or has won the Pichichi almost every year since his move to Spain.

    But he is 30 years old. But he is a super player.

  67. ArsenalKenya

    Carlton Cole is the number one target for Arsenal as manager Arsene Wenger looks to bolster his strike force in next month’s transfer window.

    West Ham striker Cole is seen as the ideal man to add strength and physical presence to a forward line that has been left lightweight by the absence through injury of Robin van Persie and Nicklas Bendtner.

    And while Danish international Bendtner will be back within weeks, Van Persie will be lucky to play any part in Arsenal’s season after a severe ankle injury he suffered while playing for Holland against Italy in an international friendly.

    Wenger has conceded he needs to find another front man in January – and Cole fits the bill.

    He has improved immensely under Gianfranco Zola’s management and has emerged as a strong contender for the England World Cup squad that goes to the finals in South Africa next summer.

    The 26-year-old is out of action at the moment with a knee injury but should be fit in four weeks.

    Zola will not want to sell Cole but cash-strapped West Ham will find an offer of £15million difficult to resist.

    The added attraction for Arsenal is that Cole will be available for the Champions League – and his presence will allow Wenger to ensure that Bendtner is not over-used in the taxing months to come.

    Cole has now developed into one of the most formidable front men in the Premier League.

    His career began at Chelsea but stalled on the launchpad and he had loan spells at the likes of Wolves, Aston Villa and Charlton.

    But since Zola took over at Upton Park, Cole has found consistency and is rated highly by England manager Fabio Capello.

    Wenger, meanwhile, has hailed veteran defender Mikael Silvestre for being a huge influence on the club’s young players.

    “Mikael is a quiet leader,” he said. “He is highly respected in the dressing room.

    “He’s a positive guy who helps the young players. The best help, of course, is if we can keep winning. For me, he doesn’t get enough praise for both his attitude and his quality.

    “But he has a job of marshalling the team. He has an important role to play. He was absolutely fantastic in our match against Manchester City. His commitment to the cause in that game was absolutely fantastic.”

  68. ArsenalKenya


    The manager was also asked about potential reinforcements in January, with his old nemesis Ruud van Nistelrooy among the names suggested. “You have my phone number, perhaps you could text me all the names you come across,” he quipped.

  69. ikon

    It might very well have been Arshavin that picked himself to play uptop. He just showed how difficult it is to mark him. And if the defenders do mark him they make enough empty space for someone like Nasri/Rosicky and Cesc to run in.

  70. ArsenalKenya

    Wenger not chasing Vieira
    Arsene WengerArsenal boss Arsene Wenger has rejected rumours linking him with a move for former midfielder Patrick Vieira.

    The Gunners have been hit by an injury crisis but Wenger insists he is only looking to strengthen up front.

    He said: “Vieira is not a striker. I don’t think we suffered in midfield (on Saturday). (Abou) Diaby can come back. I don’t believe we are especially short there, but we are up front.”

  71. Chipo

    The problem Wenger has in the transfer window is that he needs to sign a player asap. He doesn’t have time for his usual brinkmanship on 31st Jan.

    January is an incredibly tough month for us and we need signings at the beginning of the window.

    5 Bolton (h)
    9 Everton (h)
    16 Bolton (a)
    23 FA Cup Rd 4
    27 Villa (a)
    31 Man Utd (h)

    7 Chelsea (a)
    10 Liverpool (h)
    13 FA Rd 5

    That is pretty scary.

  72. 7masters

    Wenger is goner disappoint all of you guys, What going at Arsenal is that shareholders are taking all the money in their pocket illegally….Stadium debt is easily serviced by Match day profit. That why they don’t want usmanov or dean around cause they would see something crooked is going on with Wenger playing the Scrooge. Where is these money going?

    I think something wicked has been going for a while don’t be surprised if serious fraud squad raided to see Arsenal book. The money from Hleb,Henry and many others simply went down a black hole….even being the club with the biggest payroll doesn’t hide it. We pay youth to much before they even win anything why?

    Arsenal and Wenger are not going to buy these January don’t waste your energy and expect more problems ahead.