Take out thy sword and smite thine enemies. Book of Revelations 3.1

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So that’s what we need to do and that’s what the score should be, Arsenal need to avenge the defeat of the grown ups and they need to restore the pride of North London.

After the complete collapse of the first team on Sunday, it’s over to the kids to show Wenger how it’s done.

We also need to avenge that dark day when Ade-the-whore stamped on Robin’s face and ripped out the heart of the travelling fans, and if they throw their entire team of over hyped, over paid superstars at us, then we’ll fight them in the shade!

I think he should play Rosicky, Nasri, Walcott and Eduardo as they all need playing time, they don’t all become bad players overnight and they will want to make it up to us.

We should get the chance to see Ramsey, Wilshere, Merida and Eastmond in midfield and hopefully we should see what players with a bit of fight in them looks like.

I expect to see Watt and maybe Sunu make an appearance and Eboue, Senderos, Silvestre and Traore will make up the defence, Fabianski will probably be in goal but I wouldn’t be surprised to see his compatriot who’s name I can’t pronounce, so I’ll say Wolfman to make it easier.

I know we still have a day to go until we play shitty, but I wanted us to get over Sundays debacle quickly, move on swiftly and give us all something to hope about, which is revenge and of course another semi final to play in.

And remember Ade, Revenge, that’s a dish best served cold, prepare to have it rammed down your greedy throat you horrible monster.


Have a better day today Grovers, tomorrow we could well have something to smile about and get part of our season back on track!

P.S. If you get the chance, take a look and see what sort of punishment Wrighty7 took on the chin after the Chav game here!

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  1. B.B.K.

    wengers just saying he will be in the market to try and restore some order,over then that he will probably be hitting babies r us for some new players

  2. Stu

    However good Neuer or Lloris are Wenger wont buy them because they are roughly the same age as Fabianski.

    The best we can hope for is an aged keeper who only has a few years left. That was once that keeper retires Fabianski or Chesney will be ready. Someone like Lehmann would fit the bill. Germany is the place to shop..

  3. Ja-Gunner

    No BBK..Morocco didnt qualify….but we wont get him anyway because Bordeauex needs him..he is worth more to them playing than selling him for less than 10 mil…

    If he doesnt leave Bordeaux…then maybe we can ghet him summer if we still need him

  4. Stu

    This past summer was our one and only chance to get Chamakh. He is cup tied now and as many have already said Bordeaux wont want to sell for nothing and lose a key player. And this summer when he is on a free he will no doubt go to the highest bidder which definately wont be us…Juve probably.

  5. B.B.K.

    milan is a more of a attractive club to join then arsenal,naturally,if you had the chance to sign for arsenal or milan there’s only one winner

  6. Ja-Gunner

    I dont think we necessarily need a striker…

    What we need is a change in formation to allow 2 strikers…this way the opposition Cbs will have to guys to deal with (even if they are small)…if the CBs have 2 guys to deal with..it will make a big difference…

    We should switch to 4-4-2 diamond..or you could call it 4-1-3-2….its the same as the 4-3-3 but just invert the front triangle….so instead of 2 wingers and a CF….you would have one guy in the hole and two CFs.. I think this way we will atleast 2-3 ppl in the box instead of 1…

    We should pair Eduardo with either vela or Theo…
    also we really dont need to play Song and Denilson together…one or the other…


    Then when Bendy comes back he can lead the line again with one of theo vela or eddy in support

  7. Ja-Gunner

    I think the change in formation can get us through the season…..but for summer , yes we should buy a powerful striker to play alongside RVP…

    We cant rely on RVP alone because when he goes down inevitably..this will happen again…

  8. WB

    Ja-Gunner,i agree with you.with all the players we have a formation with second striker suits us,rvp and arshavin both can be very effective second strikers.

  9. B.B.K.

    we do need a striker,what the fuck are theo and vela going to do,eduardo’s fucked he will not be the same player either.

  10. ethangunner

    Ja-Gunner Says:
    December 1, 2009 at 22:52

    I dont think we necessarily need a striker…

    oh so how else do we supply enough goals to win games then ?

    put nik on ?
    ja i think you still have too much faith in mediocrity .

    last season RVP was the best we had , now out for 5 months with no ade EVEN! as back up .
    not much has changed since last season , in fact id say we were on par for a 4th spot at best finish . AS PER USUAL !

    This club needs players ..

    however if we are just a 4th spot team maybe its me who should accept it !

    BUT I CANT !
    and the only way back to greatness is spend .

  11. Pat

    BBK, the injury didn’t affect Eduardo. We saw that when he came back last season. Looked very good. The whole diving saga has affected him.

  12. ethangunner


    agree 1oo% ..

    thou im sure with wenger fast running out of options its what he will have to do , especially this month 8 games in 4 weeks with RVP out and dudu not in form … the season will be over prior to jan 1st !

  13. ethangunner

    well pat ,

    if the injury didnt affect his form , the only other excuse is he ISNT THAT GOOD !
    so either way something must be done to sew up the front line , especially with RVP out for 5 months !

    i said these 2 couldnt and shouldnt be relied upon pre – season ! and now the season is in the toilet !

  14. Ja-Gunner


    Where the fuck are we going to find a quality strikerin January?

    Let me name some big fast powerful aggressive strikers

    1. chamakh( Bordeeaux will not sell in january)
    2. Dzeko(Wolfsburg will not sell in jan)
    3. fabiano(Sevilla will not seel in January0

    So because Wenger did not but in summer…it cannot be rectified now…

    4. carlton cole(doubt struggling West ham will sell their best player while battling relagation plus he is injured

    The only guy avaialble is probably


    Guys I might have found the answer, he will be glad to leave Tottenham..he probably hates them for not playing him..plus Arshy is here as well

    so my nomination is pavlychenko!!!!!!!!!

  15. Ja-Gunner

    Wenger 12 mil will get you pavlychenko….he is itching to leave Tottenpop..

    Plus we will have 2 russians….which will be determined to win something to make up for the World cup misery…

    Maybe arshy will perk up..

    Arsene sign Pavlychenko january…he is already in England..its the perfect solution


  16. ethangunner

    id like to know the difference between blooding players in the carling cup OR the EPL …

    ok you blood jet – randall watts etc in the carling cup , or you blood denilson – diaby – song in the EPL .. Either way for me you see average young players in an arsenal shirt trying to beat superior teams for bragging rights , it now happens every week …

    so for me i cant see what wenger is doing different than any other EPL game . if anything id use every possible game i could and get THE BEST team selection together to build some confidence, continuity & understanding up but NOT changing team selections !

  17. ethangunner

    ja –

    wenger has cash .. he isnt in a sellers market current i admit ..but we are desperate , wenger will probably go for chamakh , i agree with you there .

    but id prefer the other 2 !

    he will have to PAY for his new player(s) this window .
    but wenger likes to buy in january , he did with AA last season and i think he will have to again shortly !

    but he might opt to sit on the fence and hope theo- vela- nik b finds some form …
    i think its a 50 -50 call .wengers urges to NOT spend are strong .. but like geoff says he dont mind taking a big salary off them annually .

    But its obvious wenger over estimates this squad as do others ..

  18. Ja-Gunner

    ethan..what do you think of Pavlychenko?

    Hunter has finally scored for AC so maybe they will want to hold unto him….

    Plus the Hunter has all the attributes except he is slow…..so i say no…

    I say Pavlychenko is the man….Hiddink seems to rate him highly because even though Tottenpop does not play him..he is still the CF for Russia everytime….even when Pogrebnyak is fit……

    Pogregnyak was the one I wanted Arsene to sign but the Germans signed him early

  19. Ja-Gunner

    Heres another advantage of signing the Pavlychenko..he wont be in the World Cup so he will be fresh and ready to go…after the summer….you never know RVP might play the World cup only to get injured again and miss the start of the season

  20. ethangunner

    Pavlychenko.. hmmmm he hasnt done much for the spuds …

    but thats not to say him linking up with AA23 wouldnt be a good move .. sort of like cesc and villa …

    yes i think anyone would fill the gap ja !..
    even jo – saha .. anyone how can at least have a crack at goal ..

    but you know we need someone in with a killer eye for goal (not another hopeful) , as all our strikers are molded with the pass once too many times for the perfect goal style of play , we need someone direct who scores for fun …and can change the way we play for the better up top ,and until we get that experience in the front line (like dogbra for the chev’s ) we will lose those key encounters ..

    its taken 1 year for the midfield to get sorted and the defense to settle , we are 1 front line away from being in contention ….

    oh and 1 goal keeper 🙂

    oh and 1 seasoned DM who doesnt go missing every 2 years 🙂

  21. ethangunner


    ive never questioned RVP’s quality only his fitness , and for that reason it might be better to off load him in the past 3-4 years how much has he played …

    same for rosicky ..

    there’s some very very obvious reasons we dont win shite !

    its such a MIX of problems i cant see them all getting sorted out within 6 months ..

    unless you BUY !

  22. Eaglegunner

    Not sure if i will be kept in moderation before i’m allowed to blog, but here goes.

    I’ve been frequenting this blog for quite a while reading all the posts but not posting any of mine. I have been intrigued by the dialogue on here and i have to admit, over the years i have been extremely pro-Wenger and have had the opportunity to talk to him personally and work with him when involved with the Kanu Heart Foundation back when Kanu was playing for the gunners.

    Even though i found AW to be an extremely insightful and intelligent man….right now i have to say that for the last 2/3 seasons i have begun to doubt him as a Manager especially last season.

    I lost it last season just before the Jan window and cancelled my ATV Online subscription AND red membership as well. I received the obligatory email reminding me that my DD had been stopped and i replied by saying ‘due to the direction that the club seem to have taken into rewarding mediocrity, i have chosen to no longer finance such from my hard earned money!’ suffice to say i didnt get any response to that.

    I also stopped buying any more merchandise(having just bought the new home jersey with Eduardo 9 on the back complete with Barclays premier league badge on the sleeve as well as the shorts & socks for both me and my lady), didnt bother with the Emirates Cup as i usually do and didnt buy any tickets through my usual red membership.

    I have been one of AW’s biggest fans and have resolutely defended him to the hilt in arguements with friends, foe and family all over the place.

    But…. i have to say, enough is enough! I have lost TOTAL confidence in Arsene Wenger as the manager of AFC. He has left me feeling very empty on too many an occasion where i’d expect us to at least put up some kind of resistance/fight/performance?

    I am very annoyed with his post 04/05 attitude. Its like he doesn’t even feel that we fans need to be respected? Tell us the truth or keep quiet! Dont bull shit us! I hate white lies!

    I shall try to calm down and post more insightfully later as that 0-3 thrashing at home still hurts!

  23. Ja-Gunner

    Ethan here is what I say….

    1. Sign fucking Pavlychenko..he is strong and tall

    1. yaya toure
    2. Fabinaski develops/Sign World class goal keeper

    These 3 things can turn us into contenders….

    I believe if we get a commanding goalkeeper then the Gallas + Vermaelen partnership is good enough…

    If we had a keeper that woud come out and claim crosses etc and communicate it would take so much pressure off Gallas and Vermy…

    For me

    1. World class Goalkeeper
    2. Yaya toure (quality CDM who can also play CB)
    3. Pavlychenko(big powerful striker)

    And of course I suggest pavlychenko because thats the only gettable option I see in the winter unless we want to trust that Bendy comes back and delivers…

  24. Jay

    Andrey Arshavin has told Arsene Wenger to splash the cash if Arsenal are serious about competing with the top sides in the Premier League.

    The Gunners were destroyed 3-0 at the Emirates Stadium by Chelsea on Sunday, while they have also suffered league defeats against Sunderland, Manchester United and Manchester City.

    And Arshavin admits the north London giants will have to go on a massive spending spree when the transfer window opens in January if they are to salvage their season.

    He said: “What I feel bitter about is that we lose in all the big matches. That’s disappointing and also lets certain doubts creep into my mind.

    “I think Arsene Wenger needs to buy new players, and expensive ones too. Why? Because all the talented and inexpensive players are already with us at Arsenal.”

    Chelsea are now red-hot title favourites, but they will lose key players like Didier Drogba and Michael Essien when the African Cup starts next month and Arshavin added: “Chelsea are now 11 points ahead of us, although we played one game less.

    “At the moment they look the strongest team, I agree with that. They have attacking players who can make use of opponents’ slightest defensive mistakes.

    “The African Cup is looming and Chelsea stand to suffer from it most of all. So it is not going to be that easy for them.”

  25. Jay

    LIONEL MESSI has been crowned European Footballer of the Year — by the biggest margin EVER!
    The Barcelona star was pipped to the Ballon d’Or by Cristiano Ronaldo last season.

    But after Champions League glory as well as a Spanish league and cup Double, he was the runaway winner this year.

    Messi polled 473 votes — more than twice as many as Real Madrid’s Ronaldo, who had 233.

    Argentina ace Messi said: “There’s lots of emotion – the Ballon d’Or is very important for me.

    “I know I appeared among the favourites because Barcelona had a profitable year.

    “For me it’s a big honour to win – but also to become the first Argentinian in history to receive the trophy.

    “I dedicate it to my family, they were always present when I needed them and sometimes felt even stronger emotions than me.”

    Manchester United and England striker Wayne Rooney and Chelsea forward Didier Drogba were eighth and ninth.

    Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard completed the top 10.

  26. ethangunner

    RE: jay post

    yes we need top class players but who would come AA ?

    Arsene would need to change his stance on player recruitment prior to luring top names to arsenal .

    cant see it happening ..
    we couldnt even get dzeko to join us …

  27. ethangunner

    nik b is more capable of coming up with goals that matter than dudu does .Whilst he is not the long term answer currently i hope he returns quickly .

    as he has been known to swing the odd game
    (V liverpool CC ) so what im saying he is our best option , along with theo who you know can score on the odd occasion . neither are ideal !

    but dudu seems to have the hleb disease of 1 pass too many .. be direct dudu you can be a hero ! get greedy like ade barn door , you can be a hero if you want !

    the stage is set for you …

    we are waiting !@

  28. zeus

    Interesting that some of us want a formation change when Wenger changed the formation to fit our best players in the first place.

    The 4-3-3 formation is fine. It allows us to have many quality players on the pitch at the same time.

    I’m no fan of the 4-4-2 with this. Lets just look at the midfield going forward. Our most dangerous player, Fabregas gets a lot of freedom to do damage in our current formation and as a result he has 8 goals and 11 assists (I think) so far. Is the answer to put him back on a leash and make him play deeper? I don’t think so.

    Then what of the wingers. If the Sunderland game taught us anything (if we already didn’t learn it early on with Hleb and Rosicky playing wide)its that we need quick wingers to play out wide. That means Vela and Walcott only for us. Or we may even see Wenger put Arshavin out there, and how many times have we complained that he is wasted side wide and deep. At least in our current formation he is much closer to the penalty area where he should be.
    Nasri and Rosicky out wide means we become narrow because their natural inclination is to come inside to create.

    And what if AA23 is played central. Who partners him, RVP? Then how will Bendtner get a chance? is Eduardo fast enough to play as a winger?
    There are so many more questions to answer to, but the long story is it certainly limits the amount of quality players on the pitch at the same time. With this lot its the best formation, were just too lightweight to deal with the big boys.

  29. ethangunner


    its alright to play a 3-3-4 when you have quality players like barca on the pitch ..

    but AA23 has been disillusioned lately and his form is off , cesc is good for the odd goal but in the tough games you cant expect the midfield to be the answer for scoring goals , every good team in the world has a seasoned striker !

    i think our midfeild did ok .. even with song and denilson , the REAL problem was.. ‘not finishing our chances’ ..

    or even creating ANY !

    we had enough possession .
    so we should of created ..
    song and denilson should of created more sure , but if we had a striker who loves scoring it could have tipped the momentum our way ..
    Early …

    and im not talking about a striker who has potential .. id rather have one who is about to take off.

    Balotelli is a great idea however !
    he is very very very highly rated ..
    its more the type of youth wenger should be after , thats for sure …

    if he only opted for that sort of quality to begin with ,things would be alot more successful now !

    now we are stuck with senderos and a few goal keepers who’s careers are on hold. song , denilson , diaby big al and all the others who didnt look attractive enough to be sold over the past few years …

    thats the problem with the youth program too many klingons who are average !

    wenger should be more ruthless like he was with the invincibles

  30. Pat

    ethan, Bendtner was out for 4 weeks originally but 2 weeks into it he had to have surgery which rule him our 4 weeks. He’ll be back in about 2

  31. ArsenalKenya


    Arsenal will be seeking new players in the January transfer window because of Robin van Persie’s long-term injury, manager Arsene Wenger said on Tuesday.

    Wenger had said earlier that he was unlikely to spend and was happy with the squad but losing the Dutch striker for four to five months with an ankle injury has changed his thinking.

    “I didn’t feel we were in the need to buy anybody but we will be out on the market that is for sure now,” he told the Arsenal website (www.arsenal.com). “However we will only make a decision if it suits us.”

    Arsenal are fourth overall and 11 points behind Chelsea in the Premier League, although with a game in hand, after losing to the leaders 3-0 at the Emirates Stadium at the weekend.

    The Dutchman, who had scored eight goals in his last 11 matches for Arsenal, was injured in a friendly between Netherlands and Italy last month after landing badly following a tackle.

    The North London club have also lost England under-21 fullback Kieran Gibbs for three months after he broke a bone in his left foot last month, while Danish forward Nicklas Bendtner is recovering from groin surgery.

  32. gnarleygeorge9

    😯 the game starts @ 6.45am tomorrow morning. Now that is civilised. Telecast starts @ 6.00am, for all those living under EDST.

  33. gnarleygeorge9

    If there is any supreme power above listening right now, be it Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Bhudist, Hindu, etc, how about giving The Arsenal a decent go. We the fans would be very appreciative 🙂

  34. gnarleygeorge9


    Well if he is, I must say, Little Nicky 😈 must have good taste, she is Tasmanian.

    But don’t say that too loudly coz Big Raddy might get shirty, he has the hots for her, chamoneeeeeeeeeeee

  35. dennisdamenace

    Kenya – Sorry fella, but much as I truly wanna believe you, I don’t see this latest bout of Arsene Wenger verbal spin, anything more than that, spin!

    IMO he’ll probably buy some make do, second tier striker (like numnuts from Bordeaux) to be a standin for RvP rather than getiing serious quality like Dzeko or Fabiano to stand in AND enhance what we have. And, for mr that will be it, one possible purchase, no replace ‘keeper, no additional CB and certainly no powerhouse CMer……

  36. iceman

    Amen to that.

    I’m sure even the little thundercats that play tonight will not want to give Barndoor satisfaction the second time around…

    Here’s to hoping 🙂

  37. iceman

    Sigh…better than after the emabrrassement that was Sunday…Hoping the young ones get even tonight!!!

    What you saying?

  38. dennisdamenace

    I’ve finally lost faith in AW, particularly after his embarassing rhetoric in his post match interview……. truly delusional!

  39. ArsenalKenya

    @ gnarleygeorge9 ….Amen to your call. If i knew the witchdoctor who had been hired to put a spell on Ronaldo i would hire him to put a spell on all our EPL titke contenders and Champions League..WE SERIOUSLY NEED A TROPHY THIS SEASON…

    When i was a kid i used to hear Fergusson had hired some witchdoctors in Tanzania and Zanzibar to guarantee them success and it truly worked. SAF has gone on to win different trophies since then.

    OH GOD HELP US NOW! Any Nigerian brothers o this blogg please…….HELPOOOH! CHINEKEH!

  40. Franchise

    ArsenalKenya how naïve of you? You have been watching too much Nig home videos it seems. You guys are more capable 😉

  41. Geoff

    Wenger won’t sign what we need, he patch it as he always does, remember when he got Bitchslap? Who advised him on that one???

  42. Jaguar

    Bitchslap was one of the worst signings of Mr.Wenger.It showed how stubborn and idiotic he can be.He signed that bastard, paid all the expenses and let him go for free.

  43. Geoff

    So wages would have been £2mil based on £40k a week and training, living ex’s and medical would have been another £1mil, so that would have gone some way to bringing in an Inler.

    Anyway, new post!

  44. Franchise

    ive almost been sent to the gallows by some on here cos I said in August that I had almost lost 100% faith in Arsene.

    VP injury is no reason to rush into the market to buy if he really had a deep squad to pick from. After all we still have 3 fit strikers

    does he really give a shit about defending? apparently chavs have not conceded in 8 of their last 9 in all competitions and have not conceded at home in thwe league since hull on day 1

    if we gave a shit about defending we woul;d have at least been 5 points better of.

    assuming we drew at OT after taking the lead
    beat west ham
    drew at sunderland

    the guy really doesnt know how to build a winning machine anymore. he needs a kick up the arse