Take out thy sword and smite thine enemies. Book of Revelations 3.1

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So that’s what we need to do and that’s what the score should be, Arsenal need to avenge the defeat of the grown ups and they need to restore the pride of North London.

After the complete collapse of the first team on Sunday, it’s over to the kids to show Wenger how it’s done.

We also need to avenge that dark day when Ade-the-whore stamped on Robin’s face and ripped out the heart of the travelling fans, and if they throw their entire team of over hyped, over paid superstars at us, then we’ll fight them in the shade!

I think he should play Rosicky, Nasri, Walcott and Eduardo as they all need playing time, they don’t all become bad players overnight and they will want to make it up to us.

We should get the chance to see Ramsey, Wilshere, Merida and Eastmond in midfield and hopefully we should see what players with a bit of fight in them looks like.

I expect to see Watt and maybe Sunu make an appearance and Eboue, Senderos, Silvestre and Traore will make up the defence, Fabianski will probably be in goal but I wouldn’t be surprised to see his compatriot who’s name I can’t pronounce, so I’ll say Wolfman to make it easier.

I know we still have a day to go until we play shitty, but I wanted us to get over Sundays debacle quickly, move on swiftly and give us all something to hope about, which is revenge and of course another semi final to play in.

And remember Ade, Revenge, that’s a dish best served cold, prepare to have it rammed down your greedy throat you horrible monster.


Have a better day today Grovers, tomorrow we could well have something to smile about and get part of our season back on track!

P.S. If you get the chance, take a look and see what sort of punishment Wrighty7 took on the chin after the Chav game here!

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  1. SharkeySure

    Well I’ve moved desks Wardo and had to start working a bit for my money this week – so don’t blame me 😉

  2. Gooby

    A french football expert, among the best in the country said arsenal will we the CL, this guy is often right about football issues(daniel riolo)

  3. Harry

    If Arsenal want to win again, they need to change the manager. If they had any sense the board should take the first flight to Milan and beg Mourinho to come promising him all the money Wenger wont spend.

  4. AA23

    Man city fans reckon they are going to give our away fans a “good old Manchester Hiding” for being racists about Adebayor.
    Mind yourselves up there lads, if a manc gets cut your Armani suits could get covered in gravy.

  5. leon

    i feel this team has combo of problems and the important one is that they tacticly inept what i mean by that is when they 2-0 up there first thought is go for 3rd not protect the lead and evon worse they dont realy botherd about clean sheets just as long as the score than there opisition that kind of mentality breat complainsonsy in defence lapse marking and all round bad defending as a team.another problem is edwardo is box to box finisher a preditor,it is clear the team needs a brentna type player who score though arial attacks.but in boat arsenal attack is turned crap the fact is players like aa risicky fab to step up and that includes defending as a team.another problem that has been there from the start is that we dont top class keeper this team is quite weak on corners mostly down to the our keeper is not top class just 2nd keeper.

  6. Maciek

    Two weeks ago we were title contetnders and now we are so s**t? Come one guys, we do need 5 new players ( a WORLD CLASS GK, 2 quality, big strong cd’s, a world class cdm and a world class striker) but that just desn’t mean we do need to change our entire squad.

  7. choy

    Maciek we are 11 points behind!

    Which means chavs need to lose 3 games minimum, while we need to not lose at all and one we have to go to the bridge and win!

  8. Geoff

    The woman who’s baby got eaten says she’ll miss her beautiful baby boy, what the fuck was she doing leaving in a house where they breed illegal fucking dogs?

  9. leon

    maciek i dont think there is anything wroung with vern or gallas its an attitude thing if look at manu and chelsea its there first instict is to keep a clean sheet and defend as a team which it comes natural to them to mark well and all there midfielders track back this teams first instict is to go a goal i have said this several times this does care about cleen sheets as long they out score the opisition yes we need dm player but if looked chelsea it was just essian who protecting the defence is was lambard joe cole it was the midfielders it was not just one player protecting the defence and the rest just dont bother,you can the very best top top dm but if you dont defend as a team it counts for nothing both gallas and vern are very good but they need to change there attitude.

  10. Pat

    choy, Chavs need to lose 2 and draw 1 whilst we win our game in hand and continue winning.

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger plans to make a rare foray into the January transfer market to find cover for the injured Robin van Persie.
    Van Persie was ruled out for as long as five months last week after injuring his ankle while playing for the Netherlands.
    “I didn’t feel we were in the need to buy anybody but we will be out on the market, that is for sure,” Wenger said Tuesday. “But will only make a decision if it suits us.”

  11. WB

    i m expecting atleast two signings or u may say two saviors to save our season.if wenger dont buy them he should leave at the end of season

  12. Samir

    I’ll be expecting a CF,DM and a CB in January.

    A GK and Big strong CM in the Summer.

    But knowing Wenger we will get………..NO ONE!!!

    Seriously though if he buys no one he seriously has to go, no messing now!

  13. reggie57

    Never seen so many people pissed off about Wenger before,starting to think this could be the beginning of the end for him if no signings,trophys, etc,(which looks highly unlikely at this moment)i feel he should do the honorable thing and resign…………..

  14. Geoff

    No way Reggie, the board have already said he has a job for life, they don’t give a monkeys about winning trophies, I expect they have to be reminded that we are the team in red and white.

  15. leon

    i dont think an indivual dm player is the problem song does a good job,its not they cant defend is the fact they dont thinks its as important as scoring ans as long as they have that mentality they will continue to have problems

  16. Pat

    there is no way in hell United are getting Villa. They have an age policy and will not pay over 30 mil for someone his age

  17. Samir

    Not turn up to games, protests etc. But I’m sure it would never come to that.
    Wenger would step down like a man before that began I believe!

  18. Dutchman

    Samir, he says that he is looking for striker for sure. And that he thought that he can do things with these strikers but he says that he was fault, and will buy a striker!

  19. luke

    Pazzini, Chamakh, Gignac, Balotelli.

    Pazzini is short. Chamakh is african (did Morocco qualify?), Balotelli is 19, Gignac is not that good…

  20. Confidentgoner

    We need to learn from Chelsea and Man U about defending. See how Manu have kept Tots out through good defending.

  21. David

    I’ll be happy When i see a conference called and that picture on the website with a Jersey and a new Arsenal Shirt number.

  22. Samir

    It’s not very clever the way Wenger has told the world we are looking for a striker.
    Prices will surly double now……. 🙁

    Chamakh is good but not ready for us atm.

    I want Dzeko.
    15M would do it……

  23. Samir

    Buy Dzeko.
    Move Fabianski to number 1.
    Buy a hard man DM.

    Problems solved until the summer where we buy another hard man CM and a Big CB!!

  24. Samir

    La Gazzetta dello Sport understands Mario Balotelli is ready to leave Inter and join Arsenal after being left in the stands on Sunday.

    The 19-year-old striker has been repeatedly criticised by Jose Mourinho and no longer appears to have a future under his management.

    Inter President Massimo Moratti would like to see him stay, as Balotelli is one of the few players from the club’s academy to break into the first team.

    Having lost Robin van Persie for five months, Arsenal are apparently prepared to launch a bid in January worth around £20m for the Italy Under-21 international who would also earn nearly £3m a year at the Emirates.

    Balotelli still has four years to run on his current deal, but he is by now convinced that Arsene Wenger is the only man who can get the best out of him.

    La Gazzetta believes that while Inter have grown fed up with his attitude, it’s Balotelli who is actively pursuing the move, trying to force the club into a sale.

    It’s hard to blame Balotelli for wanting a move when he is routinely booed by opposing fans in most grounds across Italy.

    La Gazzetta believes the situation has reached such an impasse that, while the transfer is reportedly scheduled for January, it’s either Mourinho or Balotelli who will leave Inter in the summer.

  25. David

    I think if we buy a CF and a proper left Winger.

    We will win it all.

    I’d play Arshavin behind the CF. And put Mozart/Theo on the right

  26. zeus

    @ Samir
    I concur on Dzeko, he is very classy for a big 22 year old. 15m won’t do it though, they demanded 25m from Milan in the summer and Milan couldn’t make it and it broke down.

  27. Samir

    Have you heard what the Italian papers are saying????
    Apparenlty we have bid €30million for Inter striker Mario Balotelli, but Jose Mourinho wants Cesc Fabregas as part of the deal.
    This is obviously a load of crap 😀

  28. Samir

    He may be cup tied but he is the best CF that we could buy with a little haggling IMO.
    All the other not Champion’s league tied CF’s are either shit or too young!

  29. Confidentgoner

    that’s what massive defense and a guy who can find the net does for you. Problem with Tots is that they still defend like us.

  30. Pat

    choy thats bullshit good defense. If it was good, SPurs wouldn’t open them up as many times as they have. Awful touchs/finishing from Defoe and Keane

  31. Dutchman

    I can’t understand why wenger didn’t buy last summer. He had the money but he said that this was the year and that this was the year where we were all waiting for. But he fucked us. Why wenger, he must buy now in january.

  32. Samir

    This is what Wenger said before the summer transfer period;

    “There is money available to buy,” he said. “We spoke about that today.

    “Where do I buy or who, that is difficult to speak about because if you come out with that you pay double price. We are rich, but we are not rich enough to do that. However, we will buy.”

  33. Samir

    Wenger said this today;

    ‘I didn’t feel we were in the need to buy anybody but we will be out on the market, that is for sure,’ Wenger said.

  34. WB

    wenger said he will be in market,and any deal suits him he will buy only then,so expect a bid of 10m for Villa and another 5m for Lloris.

  35. zeus

    I have never called for Wenger’s head, but if we win nothing this year then we certainly have to ask him to go. 6 years is a hell of a long time to go w/out winning a trophy. Over the last 5 years we haven’t even maintained a title challenge in the league.

    We need to spend some dough and if 40m or so is gonna break the Arsenal bank then the emirates can fuck right off.

  36. Samir

    Papers say we are after on of;

    1) Balotelli
    2) Pazzini
    3) Chamakh
    4) Luca Toni
    5) Van Nistelrooy

    Dzeko recently said however;
    Wolfsburg striker Edin Dzeko insists he will not leave the Bundesliga outfit before the end of the season.

    Release clause

    Dzeko’s contract reportedly includes a €20million (£18m) release clause, although it seems he will not be moving on come the New Year.

    While Dzeko will not be short of buyers when the transfer window reopens, he insists he will remain at the Volkswagen Arena this season.

    “A transfer in the winter is not an issue at all,” he told Sport Bild magazine.

  37. Pat

    Choy, I don’t think thats correct. United defense has looked very average for a team that focuses on defending much more than us Only Evra runs up.

    They’ve been lucky this season. Cahill should have gotten Bolton a pt at OT. Against us, against City.

    Don’t be fooled, Vidic has had a very average season thus far.

  38. choy

    Man Utd have conceded just 13, the second best record.. chavs the least at 8.

    We have conceded 18 in the league with one game in hand.

    For a team that comes into their own in the second half in the season UTD are doing pretty good.

  39. David

    Naa Pat.

    I think you’re not being honest enough with yourself and this team.

    United are a class apart.

    They havent lost a step in their defensive options from the team that went 2 years straight to the CL finals. And has won the PL for 3 years.

  40. Pat

    choy, the assumption was that they’ll be better 2nd half of the season.

    David, haven’t lost a step? Thats not what United fans say. The number of goals they have conceded now, they conceded in March of last season!!

  41. David

    Well theyve had injuries to Vidic and Ferdinand havent they?

    And Van der Saar has been away for some time no?

    Only player we lost was Toure and we’ve trippled our goal deficit.

  42. Test

    In 5 years of Arsene Wenger getting paid £5m a season we have had one title tilt where a lack of leadership on and off the pitch meant we imploded when we were asked the real question, that being how much do you want it.

    its not Arsene Wengers fault, its not the players fault and its not the boards fault we find ourselves here. When 10 minutes into the citeh game you here the cry of “theres only one Arsene Wenger” then you will realize whose fault it is.

    When Arsene was put under pressure in the AGM he reacted by flirting with Real Madrid, I wish he would have fucked off. Every swinging dick fan shit their pants and became a little maggot cock, some even went on a march – what cunts.

    When we win fuck all again this year, as everyone who has half a brain and isnt blinded by the crap that comes out of Wengers mouth knew we would in the summer, you can blame the cunts that will say the following over the next couple of months:

    “arsene will sign players in january” no doubt it will be too little too late.

    “the windows closed and we got to get behind the team for fourth place” yawn

    “our best chance of silverwear is in europe, our football suits it more” until we play a decent team

    “Arsene has got just this summer to sort out the team” classic

    “Who else could maintain our position as a top club on the same budget” dont get me started

    There is only one way that Arsenes tenure at the club will end and that is when we inevitably do not make fourth spot. Chelsea and United will always finish above us, its now only a question of when Pool and Citeh manage to do it in the same season.

    Thats the top and bottom of it.

  43. choy

    thats an assumption based on the “fact” that they have always been for the last couple of years!

    they just sold their best player, and are missing their first choice CB.

    I thought they would struggle too, but they aren’t!

  44. luke

    Dzeko would be fantastic but isnt he in love with Milan? Lets hope not as he would nk doubt be better than numbchucks.



    and for physcial games (like chelski), a front three of, Dzeko,RVP, and Nikki B.

  45. Ray in SF

    At the risk of injecting something less than depressing into the debate, even with two consecutive losses in the league, we are on track to have a decent season.

    Compared to the equivalent 13 fixtures last season, we have scored 17 more goals, conceded 2 more goals and gathered 7 more points.

    If these trends continue, we are on track to score 118 goals, concede 48 and gather 93 points.

    Not too shabby.

    If these trends don’t continue, and we do no worse in the remaining 25 fixtures than last year, we are on track to score 85 goals, concede 39 and gather 79 points.

    Much shabbier, but not too shabby.

    Of course, better tactics, better team-selection, better defending, better finishing, improved team and individual confidence & fitness, better injury record, better refereeing & some shrewd acquisitions in the January window wouldn’t hurt.

  46. Pat

    VDS is shit now David. Kuszczak is much better.

    Rio has been their worst performer this season in the back 5, so to lose him is a blessing. Wes Brown is miles better.

    They’ve only lost Vidic really

  47. zeus

    That would be some team luke. You lot has spoke at infinitum about Sakho as well, if any of your assessment is close of the mark get him in, split Gallas and Vermaelen, end off. Their partnership is not bad by any means, but we have been shipping a record amount of goals especially from set pieces.

  48. Pat

    The fact that we have only allowed 41 shots this season means the CB partnership is in fact good.

    18 of those 41 have gone in. Obviously Almunia is the problem

  49. Franchise

    head to head top 4 league since 2004

    chelsea P:33 W16: D:9 L:8 F:41 A:26 GD:15 Pts:57

    manutd P:33 W:15 D:7 L:11 F:39 A:32 GD:7 Pts:52

    arsenal P:32 W:8 D:11 L:13 F:37 A:49 GD:-12 Pts:35

    liverpool P:32 W:9 D:7 L:16 F:32 A:42 GD:-10 Pts:34

  50. WB

    szczesny is rocking league one,he made 2,3 excellent saves in match today and kept a clean sheet,i think a loan offer from lower prem club or some championship club will surely come this january.he can be ready for us by next season

  51. reggie57

    zeus the reason we are shipping record goals isnt down to gallas/tv its down to the beach-boy who spreads panic thru-out the team as soon as a ball comes into the penalty box…..

  52. Samir


    I hope we see this line up next season.
    With 2 defensively minded players beside Cesc hopefully we would not concede so many goals, also allowing Cesc to stay up and create more!!
    Lloris is absolutely amazing and would defiantly lower the amount conceded.

    Gallas would start most games with Sakho taking over when he’s feeling a bit tired.

    Lloris- 12M
    Veloso- 7M
    Sakho- 10M

    Ade sold for 30M
    Toure 15M
    -Vermy (11M)
    =34M in the bank.
    After our CL and PL money we can easily afford it.

  53. zeus

    Oh God, Veloso again. Thjis guy is like Huntelaar, everyone wants him but no one buys him unless there is some massive injury and panic buying ala real madrid with RVN. He is okay nothing more.

  54. Samir

    Whenever I have seen Veloso play he has impressed.
    Good power,pace and shots.
    He supposedly oftenly argues with Manager+players though :S

  55. WB

    well samir,i think nasri can play that veloso role quite easily.i would take matuidi as song’s cover and i dont think we can get lloris for 12m,atleast 20m i guess

  56. WB

    and ofcoure lyon is itself a big spender,there is no way we can get him for less than 20,and thats why i cant see him coming to arsenal.
    adler and neuer can also do it for us,or maybe frey!

  57. perry groves lovechild

    top 5 finish,5th round of the fa cup,5 year deals(on improved terms capped at 80k a week)for the whole squad,5 years without silverware,5 players injured all season,5 transfere targets lined up in january,5 transfere targets we miss out on in january,wenger another 5 million in salary to his bank account!

  58. luke

    the squad is good. It is just missing a few players. CF, CDM, CM, CB, GK. Okay, maybe more than a few. We need some more height bad though. If there are any fullbacks that are over 6 ft, we should pounce on them. Clichy wasnt doing great before his injury, Sagna isnt looking as good as he was his first year.

  59. zeus

    How about getting in Sol Campbell on loan. It always surprised me that Wenger has never used the loan option. I know he left under questionable conditions and given his age he couldn’t be expected to play in the majority of our games but certainly as an option off the bench he is better than our lot.

    Plus if Wenger uncharacteristically buys someone in January, he will buy an attacker, probably a striker which is not so uncharacteristic of him. With our luck as soon as the window closes we hear Gallas or TV5 is out till season’s end. Then its nightmare Silvestre.

  60. Pat

    Samir, that adds up to 47 million.

    Veloso knows how to throw his body around, is a good passer and can take set pieces.

    A frontline of Arshavin-Dzeko-RVP gets me really excited

  61. Pat

    We won’t get Dzeko. He’s hell bent on joining Milan.

    Chamakh or Gignac. I wouldn’t mind RVN either.

    Lloris or neuer

    Sakho, Cetin or Subotic

    A CDM to cover for song

  62. luke

    Bordeaux dont want to sell chamakh because they qualified and they need him. We wuldnt offer enough anyway, and even if we did, he probably isnt worth that much. Gignac is pretty average.