Take out thy sword and smite thine enemies. Book of Revelations 3.1

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So that’s what we need to do and that’s what the score should be, Arsenal need to avenge the defeat of the grown ups and they need to restore the pride of North London.

After the complete collapse of the first team on Sunday, it’s over to the kids to show Wenger how it’s done.

We also need to avenge that dark day when Ade-the-whore stamped on Robin’s face and ripped out the heart of the travelling fans, and if they throw their entire team of over hyped, over paid superstars at us, then we’ll fight them in the shade!

I think he should play Rosicky, Nasri, Walcott and Eduardo as they all need playing time, they don’t all become bad players overnight and they will want to make it up to us.

We should get the chance to see Ramsey, Wilshere, Merida and Eastmond in midfield and hopefully we should see what players with a bit of fight in them looks like.

I expect to see Watt and maybe Sunu make an appearance and Eboue, Senderos, Silvestre and Traore will make up the defence, Fabianski will probably be in goal but I wouldn’t be surprised to see his compatriot who’s name I can’t pronounce, so I’ll say Wolfman to make it easier.

I know we still have a day to go until we play shitty, but I wanted us to get over Sundays debacle quickly, move on swiftly and give us all something to hope about, which is revenge and of course another semi final to play in.

And remember Ade, Revenge, that’s a dish best served cold, prepare to have it rammed down your greedy throat you horrible monster.


Have a better day today Grovers, tomorrow we could well have something to smile about and get part of our season back on track!

P.S. If you get the chance, take a look and see what sort of punishment Wrighty7 took on the chin after the Chav game here!

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  1. Gunner win 1

    If you bought a Ferrari and paid 1 million for it and when you went to pick it up, they gave you a Renault and said it is the same as the Ferrari, would you take it…?
    Then why do we as Arsenal supporters keep accepting mediocre performances from out team.
    I think it’s high time we start asking for our Ferraris that we are paying for…!!!

  2. gunnersthestunners

    The Premier League’s big guns have all been reportedly monitoring the form of one of Europe’s brightest young starlets Romelu Lukaku. The 16-year-old striker has broken into Belgian giants Anderlecht’s first team despite his tender years. His form and goal scoring record have made him one of the most sought after youngsters in world football with Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham, Man City, AC Milan and Real Madrid all having been linked to the Belgian. However, it’s the Gunners who are stepping up their interest for a January move following Robin Van Persie’s long-term injury.

    Lukaku made his senior debut in Anderlecht’s championship play-off with Standard Liege back in May. He came on as a substitute just 11 days after signing his first professional contract. The fact that the youngster was thrown into a title-deciding match perfectly illustrates how highly regarded he is as a player at his club. However, it is this season that the teenager has really come of age with 8 goals in just thirteen league appearances (7 starts).

    The impact the youngster has had in his homeland is similar to that of Wayne Rooney’s impact as a 16-year-old at Everton. Like Rooney, Lukaku is physically strong for his age but is also far taller than the England striker. At 6 ft 3 and a half, the Anderlecht man has shown both the power and athleticism to make a major impact for his club despite his relative inexperience.

    The Anderlecht striker has been labelled the ‘new Didier Drogba’ by the Belgian press and is not only extremely quick but also very strong in the air. It’s hardly surprising that Lukaku has made such an excellent transition into senior football as his record at youth level is simply exceptional. Prior to joining Anderlecht, Lukaku played for both Lierse and FC Brussels youth teams. He scored an incredible 130 goals in just 68 youth games for Lierse and 121 in 88 youth matches for Anderlecht.

  3. B.B.K.

    the job should be allocated to senderos it’s the very least he can do for us,after all he offers fuck all else…

  4. Ja_Gunner

    We cant afford for Manure or Chelsea to get Lukaku….hopefully his father sticks to his word and does not let him leave until he is atleast 18..

    Thats like 2 years or so….If Bendy does not come good we should get him no matter what the cost

  5. Rich from the North Bank

    Sorry…. maybe i’m still down from Sunday’s thrashing, but City are going to tear us apart… they’ll play their best team, at home…

    Arsenal can’t take 3 defeats in a row. We’re not strong enough – physically or mentally!
    Play a strong team. Win the match. Come back to london…

    If we get whooped that’s it for us this year.
    god damn i wish we’d just go for ONE fucking trophy this year!!!!!

  6. goonermichael

    I knew you were right about the chavs. We probably stand more chance against shitty with a younger team. Maybe they’ll put up a bit of a fight

  7. Arse&Nose

    Eastmond was outstanding vs liverpool, we need to play him tomorrow. He may not have the skill of Merida or wilshire but he has balls and gets stuck-in.

  8. Arse&Nose

    I remember seeing a story on sky sports news a few days ago about a bust up on the pitch between two spanish/italian players.

    The first guy slides in and makes a rough challenge on the second guy, so the second guy rightfully pissed off, gets up and starts yelling at the first guy getting right in his face. The first guy stands there and takes it for a few seconds then just gobs into the second guys open mouth, the second guy shuts up and holds his mouth in shock.

    I shouldn’t laugh but it was funny, and it made me wish we had tough bastard cunts like that playing for us.

  9. zee

    morning fellas. i hope the kids have the confidence to have a fucking shot tomorrow. pissed down all day on sunday and still no fucker had a shot at cech. it was like watching an u12 side against an u19 side – i don’t think rosicky starting would have made a lot of difference against chelsea. They’re too big, too strong and too experienced for us – wrighty’s right in the sun today, the truth hurts. It does fuckin hurt. Especially when you KNOW the chavs will spend big next month cos they know they wont be able to in the summer. We’ll buy some fucking unknown like matuidi. Wenger – time to buy an ESTABLISHED FINISHED FUCKING ARTICLE.

  10. wardo

    all – still too gutted bout Sunday !!!

    Although this was a match that could go either way and we had most the play in the first half, we did not have a top top top finisher in the team !

    I honestly think Edu’s lost a tiny biit of confidence since he has been laid off quite a bit in recent weeks…..

    I did expect more in the second half tho …..

    I spent £120 on sunday……..did not get value for money.


    wardo tiny bit of confidence

    he looks shit and someone that shouldnt be no where near our team, hes goal return is bollocks and is fragile and far too lightweight

  12. Jimmythegun

    I hear what you are saying Zee, but buying established players is not enough.

    Wenger need to change his mind set or there will be no progression. We bought the established player/superstar in Arshavin, and even before he joined, Wenger was telling anyone that would listen that he would take 6 months to adapt. Nothing much unusual about that except the frequency with which he kept saying it. Luckily for Arsene, the pressure was off by March/April and AA had a big impact.

    Fast forward a few months and AA is blowing hot and cold now that he is expected to deliver in every game. Instead of telling him to pull his socks up, Wenger runs to the media telling them that he is depressed!! AA now has an excuse for his inconsistent performances and no motivation to improve.

    He constantly made excuses for other ‘stars’ including Campbell, Henry and Gilberto – he creates an atmosphere where no one takes responsibility for poor performances/attitude, and it is simply something that no other manager would even contemplate.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the upside of having Wenger as manager, but this is definitely the downside. Everything is far too relaxed and the whole set-up is centred around the players happiness rather than the clubs success.

  13. zee

    jim – i take your point. Arshavin’s had a pretty forgettable season so far. I think we need more height (not diaby) and physicality to properly compete in the premier league. The tactics against Chelsea were all wrong, we had zero presence in their penalty area and kept swinging it in there, hoping for a lucky break. I honestly don’t think we’re that far short. We haven’t adequately replaced Vieira. He may have been in decline when we sold him but he was a genuine leader and a massive presence for us.

  14. tonyadamsisgod

    Zee – Not only was it Vieira but also only offering Gilberto one year and losing Flamini that fucked us!! And lets not forget dolphin head too!!

  15. SP

    IMO Arsenal will not win another trophy while Arsne is in charge unless he changes his crazy way of thinking that kids can win trophies. Why he thinks that this current team is capable of winning anything is beyond me. It is so bloody obvious that to win things you need a team of men and not boys. Some of the current crop is technically good, but lack strength and height which is needed in today’s game, you only have to look at the chavski team to see that we are a million miles away. I don’t see Arsne changes his ways because he is such a stubborn man who appears to have a belief that is not shared by the majority of fans?. What I find incredible is that the best team that he built was full of leaders and real men, but he seems to believe that is no longer required to deliver silverware.

  16. zee

    TAIG – agreed. one of the earlier posts said it was a reality check on sunday, that’s exactly what it was. Does Wenger think we really can get back in the title race? I’d love to think we can, but deep down I think we know we’re still too inconsistent. It’s not acceptable for Arsenal fans to be thinking of top four as a target, especially on Dec 1. The whole idea of top four is not ambitious enough for our club. Our expectations are higher, we want to win, not just take part.

  17. Geoff

    Afternoon all, zee, when will you not twig that Wenger has no ambition, if he did, he would buy some talent.

    All he cares about is his pay packet and his power, why else would he sell more players than he buys, why did he not buy a Vermaelen years ago, we could see 3 years ago Senderos wasn’t good enough, why couldn’t he.

    Anyone who lets £40 milllion of talent leave without replacing them has an ulterior motive, in his case, it’s lining his own pocket at the expense of ours.

  18. SharkeySure

    Afternoon All.

    Good shout Jimmy.

    I’m a massive AKB, and I’ve said many a time that Arsene is too soft on players. He’s too fatherly and needs to tear astrip of of some people who aren’t performing.

    Lets get some more half time changes, but hopefully not at 2-0 down. Getting hooked at half time really sends a message.

    If he comes out after and says ‘Xyz had a slight problem with his abc’, then fine cos I don’t want our dirty linen washed in public.

    Arsene really needs to toughen up on his young proteges.

  19. SharkeySure

    Hey Wardo….

    I hear ya about still being gutted !!

    Anyone (exluding Geoff !!) know why Song was subbed on Sunday. It seemed a strange one…

    I had people mailing me from the ground asking if he was injured.

    We’re playing a big strong team, and we sub off our biggest strongest player…

    Watching Denilson 2nd half was not good. He’s a decent player some days…but he’s just too small.

  20. zee

    geoff – he’s improved us with vermaelen for toure but not getting anyone in for ade was unacceptable. I’d agree his transfer dealings are not ambitious but, without wanting to blow hot air up his arse, with the the ground, the teams he’s put together, invincible season etc – that doesnt happen if you’ve got a manager with no ambition does it?

  21. Geoff

    Denilson, he was shit too, but then he always is, for Wenger to have both his favourites playing at the same time tells me he is losing it.

  22. Geoff

    And when he was successful, he was successful because he bought lots of good players in, now he doesn’t and we aren’t, two and two?

  23. Duke

    Geoff, as much as I would love it to be true, but I doubt it, after he just gave him a contract extension and said that is what we do with out best players, give them extensions.

  24. SharkeySure

    Geoff – Well I know Pedro thought he was poor..I don’t.

    Pedro seems to be ‘reacting’ to all the praise that Songs been getting, and trying to balance it all out.

    Song did Ok for me, and I really don’t think we lost it in midfield on Sun.

    Up front we had nothing from either of Eddy, Arsh or Nas.

    And at the back both Tommy and Willie were poor for both goals.

    Worst of all ….its that fucking dope Almunia. I played CB and FB for many years and I know there’s nothing worse than playing in front of a quiet keeper.

    Its even worse if he’s shit as well.

    And it spreads forwards from there. For GK’s in top teams, a massive part of the job is concentration and communication. Almunia is good at neither.

    He stands on his line seeing Denilson marking John Terry….and seems happy enough. Shocking

  25. Jimmythegun

    You’re on top form today Geoff! 😉

    Obviously your not shy in your criticism of Song and Denny, but what do you think about Walcott the imposter?

    It has been said before but the boy just isn’t a footballer. He has been here nearly 4 years (I know, i know, the injuries…)but we paid £12 million quid for him and he seems to be getting worse. His decision making is excrutiatingly bad and his legs seem to work at ten times the speed of his brain.

    Will he ever come good?

  26. zee

    yeah, I was just saying we havent replaced vieira – won nothing since. and it’ll be depressing seeing the fuckin chavs get even stronger next month while we matuidi or a chamakh. wd love us to get Dzeko but he seems to be in love with ac milan. I’d be interested to know your opinion geoff on this – what wd be your reaction if we sign vieira next month?

  27. Duke

    Sharkey, you know I think we should have someone better than Song, and that I rate him as good cover for a DM, like Flamini used to be for Gilberto. And maybe when he is older he would come good.
    But even I was shocked that he was taken off and not Denilson…

  28. Duke

    Jimmy, I think we paid 8 mil for Theo, as Southampton were in trouble and gave us a cut down price if we paid it all at once about 2 years after we bought him. But I get your point, next Henry? He is shocking, does nothing for us.
    With all the kids we buy, very very very few reach the full potential we expect when we sign them. Only Cesc. Diaby, Denilson, Vela, Bendy, etc. etc. etc. should be much better by now. And don’t give me shit that they are only 21-23.
    Cesc is 22 and Messi is 21 and just won the Golden Ball. That is what we expect from those kids when we sign them, but shockingly their progress is sooooo slow.

  29. goonermichael

    Walcott is shocking. He has about as many (if not fewer) good moments as song. He’s English and he’s won formula 1 so that’s ok. I’d sell him back to southampton.

  30. SharkeySure

    Well said Duke, even Song’s worst detractors were shocked he was taken off.

    I guess even Geoff was surprised…even annoyed…??

    Song off – Denilson stays on !!!

    Thats up there with having Arshavin as sub in the FAC semi as one of Arsene’s worst ever decisions

  31. I AM GOONER (maqitlarge)

    choy Says:

    December 1, 2009 at 12:13
    Arsenal Are Not Gunning For The League Cup – Arsene Wenger


    No so brilliant if you’re a gooner travelling up there tomorrow, taking time off work, paying thruogh the nose for tickets that City fans are buying for a fiver, for what. To know that your manager isn’t even committed to the trophy.

    Why fucking enter? More importantly, does he have any fucking respect for the fans?

    Still pissed off and losing the faith. Someone said this is going to be a long journey if Wenger believes his own tripe. Well, the last few years have already been a long journey already. How far is he going to fucking push us?

  32. SharkeySure

    Theo didn’t really start playing football til he was about 10 or 11.

    On his bad days it really seems to show.

    My son plays at U9 level, and you see how much he and other kids have developed and learned since they started out as an U7.

    Watching Theo leave the ball behind is getting as boring as AdeNuffs offsides.

  33. tonyadamsisgod

    Jimmythegun – Can I chip in on Walcott??

    I think Wenger is fast ruining a guy that could be phenomenal if given the proper chances. You say his decision making is bad. I say that because Wenger is trying to turn him into a Winger. Why didn’t he pull the trigger when he got into the Chelsea area? because 4 years of Wenger playing him as a wide right has forced him to look for another pass. He has spent 99% of his game time bombing down the flank and then stopping to look for a pass, usually to a forward.

    Theo should be played on the heels of the last defender! Can you imagine terry trying to play a high line and leaving that much room in behind if he knew he could get dragged into a sprint with him? The kid has shown some moments of magnificence too. His 2 goals against Germany for the U21’s, his run against Liverpool, his goal against Villarreal and even sme of his play at Southampton.

    He needs to be allowed to get back to trying to become a striker. Over 4 years how many games has he played up front? 5 maybe? And all of this for a guy that Wenger says he sees as a striker!

    I’ll tell you what Wenger really sees…….a reason not spend £15m on right winger!!

  34. wardo

    Magit….what pub did you go in on Sunday ??

    I went in the aud triangle, then to the metro, then tollington, and then finally drank 3 fosters exports under the railway bridge.

    Well fired up (p155ed) and off I went.

    Was so disapointed but, i cant remember much of the game anyway……

    Cant really see why Arsene says that people in England think that when things go wrong you have to buy. The whole of Europe think that plus, the only time we have won anythign under AW is when he bought good players.

  35. zee

    yep spot on taig – wenger says he sees him as a central striker long term but just keeps sticking him out there. again v frustrating…

  36. SharkeySure

    I don’t think all youngsters are signed as Messi or Fabregas type..

    I think a lot of it is just making sure you don’t miss out on a Messi or Fab. You get hope to churn out afew Sidwells and Bentley’s along the way who generate enough cash for you to restart the whole process again.

    When siging a 10 yr old Messi, you need another 10 players to make up the team. They won’t be as good as Messi, but should be decent enough to play with him without dragging him down to a lower level.

    For Fab it was the likes of Antony Stokes, and Aliadiere that were the supporting cast. Both (like so many others!!) were sold for a decent fee.

  37. Duke

    taig, mate, as always nothing to add. Perfect. It’s not Theo’s fault, it’s Wenger’s.
    Also same could be said for Vela. Why is the boy the main striker for a country going to the World Cup, but has to play a totally different role for Arsenal. Round holes, square pegs. That is Arsenal’s main problem. We don’t have a winger, we have Central Midfielder and Strikers playing there. We have Central Midfielders playing as striker in a 4-3-3. We have a Centre Half playing as a Holding Midfielder.
    This all because once in his life time he converted a winger and made him the best striker…now we are suffering for this.
    He only buys players who can play all over the pitch anywhere, but they are not 100% efficient when they are not playing the best position. Only the back 5 and Cesc play their real positions, everyone else has been made to adapt to a new one.

  38. tonyadamsisgod

    This is the sort of thing that makes me think Arsene is actually losing the plot for real!!

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has declared that Theo Walcott has all the traits necessary to become a prolific striker for the Gunners.

    The Frenchman believes that the youngster can turn into something special, but maintained that the former Southampton star still needs to improve his game in order to shine in a central role.

    Wenger told the club’s official website: “There is a chance [for Walcott to become a great striker]. I believe he has all the assets to be a fantastic central player.

    “I’m very conscious of that because of the quality and the timing of his runs.

    “The only thing I would say with Theo is that every time I have rushed him back he has got injured again.

    “This time I have decided to take the time to get him completely 100 per cent fit to come back.”

    The former Monaco boss suggested a few areas that the 20-year-old – who has featured most often on the wing for both club and country – would need to concentrate on to up his game.

    “What he needs to work on to play in this kind of position is [having his] back to goal,” Wenger added.

    “At the moment, his strengths are more central to the counterattacking role than the distribution role. That’s what he has to add to his game.”

    Here’s a fucking idea Arsene!! Play him up front you fucking idiot!! How can he learn to play with his back to goal if you keep on putting him out on the wing!!??

  39. Duke

    Sorry about the shitty grammar, a bit hard to read that, the boss was making me do stuff. But I hope you all get the point.

  40. tonyadamsisgod

    Duke – Its all about saving money mate!! Why spend a few million on some real talent when you can put your 6ft 4″ striker out wide, hey!! 😡

  41. I AM GOONER (maqitlarge)

    Hey Wardo,

    No pre game pub action. Was driving back from Oxford and was still on M25 at 3pm. Baby related lateness, you just can plan anything. Got off at J26 at 3:25 only to find the road up to Old Orleans closed. Everything was againt me but had to be calm with baby in the back. Somehow got back home and left at 3:35. Got to Blackhorse raod at 4:15. Out the other end and relived my midle distance running days and only missed 5 minutes in the end. Mental effort!

    And then….

    Well fucked off.

    Sunk one in The George, round the corner from Holloway Rd tube, then went home. At the time I was still venting at the ref but now I’m angry with players, team, Wenger and club as a whole.

    How many times do we need to be taught this lesson by Chelsea and other big teams in big games.

    Definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result. Point that anywhere you want and you’ll find something to do with Arsenal.

  42. SharkeySure

    Bosses and work ‘eh Duke…nightmare !!! 😉

    I’m in a different office as of yesterday, and now sat with my Boss for the foreseeable. Grrrrrr

  43. Geoff

    I agree Almunia is useless but Song had the chance to outshine Essien and he blew it, It makes me sick that we just gave him a six year contract as I think Denilson is better, and I don’t rate him either.

    Theo is played out of position, another strange decision, like playing Song in goal.

    Hmmmm maybe that’s why he got such a long contract.

    Theo will come good, trust me.

  44. Duke

    taig, I know mate, that’s the problem…

    Sharkey, yeah mate, I sit about 10 meters away from the boss, and there is a lot of typing, but not so many emails going out, I always come up with some shit like I am updating the files 😀

  45. SharkeySure

    Not many (if any?!) players will outshine Essien, but I think Song did Ok in there.

    Seriously Geoff if think Denilsono is better than Song then there realy is no point talking to me !!

    I’m trying to say that respectfully, but its difficult.

    To say that you rate Denilson who’s playd no more than 500min this season, as better than someone who has played nearly every game, and drawn plaudits and praise from all and sundry (incl some well respected ex-Arsenal pros’s such as McLintock) is really taking the piss.

    So if thats really your view, then its a swift ‘goodnight’ from me on that topic. 😉

  46. Mimi

    Sharkey I also don’t have any faith left in that keeper. These past few weeks i have come to expect the very worst from him and i can tell you i haven’t been disappointed.

  47. Geoff

    Sharkey as usual you didn’t read my comment.

    I said I think Denilson is better than Song and I don’t rate him.

    Denilson that is, so that shows how much I rate Song.

    If Wenger thought he was having a good game he wouldn’t have taken him off.

  48. SharkeySure

    Geoff – Theo has some magic moments. But they’re deffo too few and far between to convince me…so far.

    Asd with all Arse players that I have ‘concerns’ about I hope he serves me my doubts as a main course, with a big slice of humble for dessert.

  49. I AM GOONER (maqitlarge)

    Wardo, re: you’re last comment.

    I think the project is a nice idea but its never going to work. Moreover, I resent it taking place at my expense.
    I’d be far happier if he acknowledged that we need signings and do something about it.
    We’re getting used to average, getting beat by the big teams in a big way and hoping for the future.
    We’re losing the next generation of fans.

  50. Pedro

    Sharkey, this time last year, people had the same views about Denilson as you have about Song.

    Did you not see his stats?

    I think Wenger rates Denilson ahead of Song in that role… Song will end up as a centre back I reckon.

  51. wardo

    hey magit…..that’s prob quickest way to the gooners. Drive to blackhorse then tube it from there.

    You did well to miss only 5 mins.

    Shame it was a shit game…..I am pro wnger but, we need to spend some cash. Or just come out and say it !! we are just trying to stay in the top 4.

    What is their (the board) actual goal i wonder ????????

    I am sick of hearing wenger say we can win the EPL. Yes it is mathmatically possible. But, we as Arsenal fans do not want to wait for a miracle to happen. We want to mix youth with experience and challange for real.

  52. SharkeySure

    It was clear as day Geoff….you don’t rate either of them, but somehow you rate Song as the weakest of the two.

    I find that incredible.

    Night Geoff 😉

  53. Geoff

    He’d be shit at that too he can’t jump.

    As for Theo, he scored a fucking hatrick for England away in Croatia, not many can do that.

  54. Geoff

    Liam Brady just said that Blatter was disrespectful and embarrassing to laugh at the Irish request.

    How embarrassing was Irelands request?

  55. SharkeySure

    Pedro – If the stats weren’t on here then I didn;t see them. I don’t go looking for stuff like that.

    Song sennt a pass to Nasri..perfectly controllable. Nasri misjudged his control and turn and it went out for a throw.

    I watched that and thought I heard people screaming ‘another pass to imaginary friend’, another mark on the incomplete passes count.

    I think thats the only way some people can be downgrading Song lately…simply by being so blinkered and then looking so hard.

    Were you hoping he Song would be subbed at half time…?? Were you surprised he was…?? Do you think that was the right move..??

    Make it quick though Ped. My new desk is in a shit location for blogging !!!

  56. tonyadamsisgod

    Ireland’s request wasn’t done just because they want into the WC but because Blatter was a cunt to them and they want a professional explanation/apology for what happened to them. One of the first thin Brady said was that they don’t expect FIFA to allow them in.

  57. Pedro

    Sharkey, that wasn’t a perfectly weighted pass!

    You’ve also got to get over the fact you’re not in the minority any more…

    Most people think he is amazing, the best thing to happen to Arsenal since it’s inception…

    The same thing happened with Eboue last year, how many times have you personally told me that he doesn’t tend to cheat anymore? Loads… is it true? No…

    His passing was poor the other night and his overall play was sloppy.

    With him on the pitch, combined with Denilson, it didn’t work.

    I was fine with him going off, I think Denilson has a much better range of passing and is more dynamic than Song. If Denilson had pace and power, he’d be a great player.

  58. Pedro

    Sharkey, the stats were so good, I wrote a post about them.

    At one point, some posters were saying he was the most accomplished holding player in the Premiership… hyperbole of course… but your crusade to win the PR battle with Song is the following a similar line…

  59. tonyadamsisgod

    Geoff – The problem the FAI have is that Blatter told them it would be discussed in a private meeting. He’s then gone out and announced the request to a press conference in South Africa. We all know Blatter is a cunt.

    Who just heard that fella Khan is fighting get told off for swearing on live TV? He looked well embarrassed……didn’t know that bollocks was a swear word!! Brilliant!!

  60. Pedro

    Geoff, I could say that about your Walcott statement.

    The best you can do to defend him is talk about a hatrick he bagged an age ago.

    He has under performed to such an extent that he’s lost his place to Lennon… and he’s been rewarded with a £60k a week contract.

  61. Geoff

    Tony asking if they can sneak in is toady and so unfair on the other hopefuls, Blatter is a cunt though, I agree. I just wish Brady would shut his gob though, Henry would never come back if he keeps on.

  62. tonyadamsisgod

    Fuck – Only just remembered that the WC draw is on Friday!! Looking forward to seeing what games are gonna be on while I’m in Vegas!! 😀

  63. Pedro

    Taig, he under performed all last year… and he looks in equally effective form so far this term.

    Plus, he’s been crocked, yet we still give him a £60k a week deal.

    What did he do to deserve that?

  64. Geoff

    Pedro, Denilson, Song in the same sentence as Theo, please, look at the clip Tony put on, those two could only dream, Theo will be England and Arsenal’s saviour.

  65. tonyadamsisgod

    Mimi – Walcott has shown flashes of brilliance. Song has shown that he can just about contain a Wolves midfield.

  66. tonyadamsisgod

    Pedro – One conversation at a time. “he looks in equally effective form so far this term.” So would you after a total playing time of about 120 minutes or something stupid.

  67. insidealbania

    Anyone here think we will make any notable signing (I’m not talking about kids) in Jan, especially now that RVP is out for the season??

  68. Geoff

    Mimi, Walcott is already good and has amazing talent, Song has neither, that’s not double standards, it’s fact!

  69. SharkeySure

    Pedro – “Eboue last year, how many times have you personally told me that he doesn’t tend to cheat anymore? Loads… is it true? No…”

    You been drinking Pedro??

    You ain’t heard that from me..unless its a post you’ve kindly edited on my behalf 😉

    Its not a PR crusade re Song, but should I really jus siot here and not bother to disagree with stuf I don’t like.

    He’s a regular topic, and I’m his biggest fan.

    Were ou referring to Den’s stats..?/ I thought you were talking about Songs from Sun. No worries I’ve just kicked myself for my stupidity.

    Ps re me being ‘in the majority’..I know thats true, cos you’ve now adopted the opposite position, and started to downgrade him !!

  70. tonyadamsisgod

    SP – Seems to be a re-occurring theme at Arsenal doesn’t it……Walcott, RvP, Rosicky, Eduardo…….

  71. Mimi

    Flashes of brilliance. so has song albeit to poor opposition. Atleast Song didnt go against his coach and played in two compettions during the summer!

  72. SP

    tonyadamsisgod – yep sure is, but even if everyone stayed fit for the majority of the season; do you honestly believe the current squad would be good enough to win the epl? I really don’t think so, because they demonstrate so often how weak they are when they come up against teams who like to ruff it up

  73. Geoff

    Alex Song wouldn’t go against his coach because he’s a suck up, that’s why he just got a 6 year contract.

    6 years for a shit player, good going that.

  74. tonyadamsisgod

    Mimi – Go against his coach? If Wenger really didn’t want him to go I’m sure he would have stopped him. I agree its a joke that he played for the U21’s but thats down to Capello and Pearce.

  75. tonyadamsisgod

    SP – No way mate, no way. We just haven’t got enough muscle in the team. I don’t care what anyone says, you cant win on skill alone.

  76. tonyadamsisgod

    Mimi – If Wenger cant command the respect of his players then thats his fault. But I would bet any money that if Arsene sat Theo down and firmly said “Theo, I will be really unimpressed if you play for both England sides” there is no way that he would have done so. I couldn’t see any of Fergie’s kids doing it.

  77. wardo

    Pedro…..i have heard people say that song has had a good game but have never heard anyone say he is amazing and the best thing to happen to Arsenal since its inception….

    Song is ok / good. Not amazing. I’m not sure why he was taken off in place of denilson tho.

  78. insidealbania

    fuck me these are bad times for us fans. The club is not in crisis even if we loose to shitty tomorrow coz we will end up in the top 4, but for us fans these are just miserable times knowing we will get nothing out of this season. And if AW doesnt change his stance, then expect the same next season.

  79. SP

    AW is a great manger, we all know that and I don’t expect arsenal to win the league every season, but i do expect the manager to provide a team for all the fans to get excited about and have a belief that we could win the title instead of this crap team he serves up to us week in week out. OK, they are good to watch when they are in form, but does anyone have any confidence that they will keep a clean sheet! I don’t and it never used to be like that.

  80. WB

    guys i wish balotelli rumors are true,bcz i think he can save our season.he is good at set pieces,good long shot,great dribbling skills,i really think he has the potential to be our next henry.

  81. Jimmythegun

    Song may not be everyones dream DM, but he is ten time more deserving of wearing the shirt than Walcott.

    Whatever you think of him, Song contributes. Too often we are forced to play with 8/9 men due to a complete lack of contribution from certain players.

    No wonder Cesc is too knackered to rally the troops! 😉

  82. insidealbania

    SP – if he goes to Barca he will warm the bench me thinks. All these players should know that we are the club that gave them their chance to shine, if they dont want to stay and wholeheartedly play for the club then they can piss off. I’d rather have mediocre players with their heart than the current crop of batty boys who only care about tatoos and hair gel.
    No one is bigger than the club and we must not let anyone hold us to ransom.

  83. Gunnersmith

    Sell Song
    Sell Nasri
    Sell Denilson
    Sell Walcott
    Sell Ramsey


    I’m taking a break from football for a while 🙂

  84. insidealbania

    Sharkey – its been 2 days since the HOME defeat to the chavs, and not a single player has come out to say ‘sorry we fucked up, it was embarrassing to get thrashed at home so convincingly’. Nothing mate.

    Headlines from arse.com :

    Walcott – Europe can take a back seat for now

    Arshavin – I was shocked by World Cup exit


  85. rayman

    See AW has said that Eastmond and Wilshire will play tomorrow. Odd one I would have thought Coquelin would get a game. So whats the team going to be for what is now a huge game for City but maybe not so unimportant game for us either, we need to get back to winning ways asap.

    Team? maybe something like….
    gilbert senderos silvestre eboue
    ramsey eastmond merida
    wilshire vela theo

    Looks a bit lightweight, can’t see a team like that beating a probably full strength city at eastlands.

  86. SharkeySure

    Thats another good point Inside.

    But to be fair it wouldn’t matter to me what they said, cos when it comes to football talks cheap.

    Gallas fuiucking hugginb DidHeDive at the final whistle…whilst FUCKING SMILING !!!

    Honestly, whats to say after that.

    For all the money those Blue Scum players get each week…they play like they’ve not eaten for fucking days, or that their kid has been kidnapped and they need the win bonus to pay the ransom.

    I think it was Pedro who said they looked fitter….even though they were older and (mostly) heavier. That just ain’t right

  87. Duke

    Players mentality is this:
    I will play good in Champions League, for my Country, a few big games, showcase my talent, do something amazing against a small club. So if we don’t win shit, a better club will come in for me.
    How can you play with your heart, when you change club so easily now a days.
    Funny thing is ManUre, Chelski and Liverpool all have players that are the backbone of their team and you know they won’t leave the club. I for one can’t think of a single player like that at Arsenal.
    It’s all about the heart and love for the club. If you don’t give a shit about the club you put in performances like our whole team did vs Chelski bar Cesc. You could see his love, you could see he was trying his balls off, but as I play in his position, I know that if you have no cover, and the Strikers miss-control the ball the whole game, they will make you look shit…

  88. Arse&Nose

    Eastmond and Le coq are quite similar from what I have seen, both are tenacious, mobile and full of energy.

    Both have a real chance of stepping up to the first team because we have been missing this type of player since Flamini left.

  89. choy


    Well the manager will ship you off when you’re 30 so the players think they should leave before that, I don’t blame them.

    If the club does not take care of the players, why should they bother?