The defining moment has arrived! You’re on your own.

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So Arsene Wenger has said his team cannot be regarded as kids anymore and it’s time to show what they can do against the likes of the chavs, he said last years mauling was the nightmare week of the season, well has a year made a difference? We’ll soon find out, what will he do if we lose, give up the experiment?

The thing that worries me after that comment, is we sold two top players and bought in an unknown, yes he is world class, our very own Martin Keown again, but considering we were already 2 players short, it was an odd decision, because in my book and DB10’s book, we are still 2 players short.

Ok forget that because I think this team will win, I just hope we do it by playing football and not by matching their kicking lumps out of us, I also hope we do it in style and make them look like the mugs they are, it’s time someone put the bully boys from west London in their places.

Not sure what the team will be, but I’m going to have a guess here.


Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Eboue

Rosicky Song Cesc

Walcott Eduardo Arshavin



Sagna Silvestre Vermaelen Traore

Nasri Song Cesc

Walcott Arshavin Rosicky

Let me say this would be the team that I would pick (the first one), and I put Song in there because I think we need the aggressive type of player in midfield, and as far as he’s concerned, the players he’s up against are the real enemy, Ghana and Ivory coast, he will have an African point to prove and I’m backing him to do it, this is where we will all see how he matches up against Essien, I think he will want to prove something here.

I have a feeling though we’ll see the same midfield as we did midweek and Denilson will be in there. The opportunity for Wenger to play Song, Denilson and Eboue all at the same time may be too overwhelming.

It’s also time for the forward line to prove just how good they are, Walcott was supposed to be the saviour of England, now’s the time to prove it Theo, don’t forget your first ever Arsenal goal came against this shower of shit, we need to get down the wings and open them up, something we didn’t do against Sunderland or Liege, I’m surprised Wenger didn’t tell them that at the time.

Tomorrow they’ll be no hiding place, tomorrow we show how good we are, or far behind we are, tomorrow he’ll either see he has enough to win the league or not enough and has to buy.

The great Dennis Bergkamp has said two new players would do it, that’s all many of us have ever said, still if we beat the Chavs with the team that the boss believes are good enough, then I will start believing, and indeed consume a few helpings of humble pie, and I really hope I have to.

Alex, I’ve picked you ahead of Nasri and Ramsey who are flair players and Denilson, who for me is a defensive midfielder, I hope you show me why I was wrong to doubt you, I hope you kick lumps out of Essien, but save a few for Drogba, don’t forget a bit of African pride here!

Only a day to go Grovers, let’s hope the Villa get a draw against the spuds.

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  1. ManGoonian

    stats are what a striker is rated on though innit?

    And considering we didnt beat these so called lesser teams last season b ut did well vs the big 4, i can see a lot of reasons to want to stuff those lesser teams!

    That for me is where the title is won…

  2. Gunnersmith

    David the point is Rvp will simply never play behind a big man in our new formation the new 4 3 3 isolates the top striker completely upfront you either play on the flank or you play in the midfield simply put.

  3. Stu

    We should just play Arshavin in the middle until Bendtner if fit. VP was the playmaker in the team and Arshavin can easily take over until then.

    He played SS for Zenit and didnt do too bad.

  4. Paul88

    In my opinion if bendtner is to be our main focal point of attack for the rest of the season, we’ll win nothing.

    He may turn into a decent player in a few years but he’s nowhere near there yet.

  5. Hitman

    RVP out for 5 months ish. That takes us up to end April/ May.
    He will not play for Arsenal again this season BUT will prob be fit in time to play for Holland at WC2010.
    Great!! – I can see another injury in South Africa which will put him out for the start of next season.

    1.This really cheeses me off. Why should Arsenal fans pay his wages so Holland get the benefit
    2. Why werent our Medical staff smart enough to say he wont play until next season?
    There was no need for Holland to play him in a meaningless friendly. They knw his injury history and should have warpped him up in cotton wool. Not playes him against the dirtiest defenders in world football.
    3. There is a nasty part of me which hopes he doesnt play in the WC just to teach the Dutch a lesson.

    Am I being too harsh?

  6. David


    My point is RVP has struggled as the point man against top opposition.

    Against Chelsea Ade absorbed the pressure. Nodded the ball down. RVP turned it into the net.

    When we played the same Chavs RVP with his back to goal was ineffective.

    Poorer opposition he would flourish naturally cuz the defenders are shite. But against Class?

    I hear what you say in this new formation.

    What happnd when we played the Mancs? Or Mancity? Even Fulham kept us relatively quiet but had Fulham had any decent finishers we would have been long gone and buried.

  7. Stu

    Not at all Hitman. He is already out for the rest of our season. I hope he is still out when the WC starts. Fuck holland. They injured him, they should have to do without him too.

  8. Confidentgoner


    All teamsdo diamonds. No big deal there. The threat from Chelsea from crosses bothers me without Gallas. With Gallas, I think we can meet the threat. We still need a tall defender and now a good striker, who has steel legs, not plastic.


    The stage might be too big for Traore, otherwise he could provide an outlet for us, with a fsat paced TV covering him. But if you have only Sy;lvestre or Senderous to cover Gallas, bumping foward cannot be encouraging, can it?

  9. David

    Ah there is progress. So its not only David that thinks Bendy isnt the solution.

    Cheers Paul88. Some rational people on here finally.

  10. Paul88


    no doubt they’ll rush to get him fit and bring him back too early for the WC and he’ll then be fucked for pre-season.

  11. Confidentgoner


    All teamsdo diamonds. No big deal there. The threat from Chelsea from crosses bothers me without Gallas. With Gallas, I think we can meet the threat. We still need a tall defender and now a good striker, who has steel legs, not plastic.


    The stage might be too big for Traore, otherwise he could provide an outlet for us, with a fsat paced TV covering him. But if you have only Sy;lvestre or Senderous to replace Gallas, bumping foward cannot be encouraging, can it?

  12. Stu

    If you are worried about lacking height and set pieces then just play Senderos. He would solve a lot of those problems. But since he hasnt played all season he would probably be rusty and play like shite.

  13. Pat

    Arshavin gives away silly free kicks too much as well.

    Bendtner back in 2-3 weeks. Can’t wait. he was looking better than usual before he got injured

    Balague feels that Barca and Arsenal will be this weekends winners and he reckons we’ll win the title…….next season =(

  14. ManGoonian


    My point is we did well vs the top 4, only the scousers did better, the mancs were shite and won the leaguer! That was coz they beat the other 16 on more occassions than we did. If we beat these teams this year and we have been regularly, then we stand a good chance of the title… Now that RvP is out, we may struggle, or maybe players will step up and do us proud…

    I always tend to look on the latter…


    Yep, Im back fella…

  15. Stu

    I meant the english FA compensate a club if a player gets injured playing for them. Like when we were able to get 100k a week when Walcott was injured playing for them.

  16. Pedro

    Stu, the fa would only compensate his salary.not over double!

    Each individual fa takes care of players salaries if they get in injured!

  17. Stu

    Really? Didnt know that.

    I do remember reading that we could claim up to 100k a week that Theo was injured tho. That probably meant that they will pay wages up to 100k.

  18. ManGoonian


    It was the Ditch medics who said the injury wasnt that bad… They are the ones who fucked up mate…

    I dont think you are being too harsh on the Dutch FA saying you hope RvP aint fit to play in the World Cup, but it might be bein g a tad harsh on Robin himself… Although having him rested and fit for next season would do me!

  19. ManGoonian


    I read something about how the Dutch Fa wouldn’t have to pay a penny for the injury to RvP, but that was before the news he’s out for 5 months… I thin k if we dont get any dough off em, thats a right fookin liberty and a arf…

  20. Pedro

    It might be harsh on Robin… this really is the time for him to shine in a major competition. However, remember how fucker Bergkamp was after France 98?

    I couldn’t be dealing with that!

  21. Stu

    I think its also worth remembering that the dutch took Van Persie with them to Euro 2008 despite being injured. He didnt play the first 2 games but he is so important to them they took him anyway.

    He is to Holland what Rooney is to England.

    Those fuckers will take him regardless of his fitness.

  22. PDT

    Hi everyone! Haven’t been able to get on LG for some time, so it’s good to be back.

    What a game. Lose and we go back to being on the back foot for the rest of winter. Win and we are breathing down the chavs’ combined necks!

    And to have to do it without RvP, Clichy, Gibbs and Gallas!

    Here’s my team for tomorrow :


  23. PDT

    There is a possibility that he’ll play Eboue instead of Rosicky if he is feeling really defensive. I hope he doesn’t.

    Denilson and Song together should shut down the midfield.

    Why Senderos? He might be crap, but he’s still way better than Silvestre!

  24. Pat

    Sagna Gallas Verm Traore/Silvestre
    ______Cesc Song Denilson
    Theo/Rosicky/Nasri Eduardo Arshavin

    I think Denilson is very good at covering open space left by our LB, which will probably be Traore. First and foremost, we have to be solid in the middle and I think Denilson can give us that. He was great before the back injury this season.

    Silvestre is better defensively than Traore and I do hope he starts. We can’t have an amateur LB dealing with Anelka. Silvestre is more disciplined and, despite what many of you say, is a very, very solid LB. Better defensively than Clichy imo. Has a good cross on him as well. Threat at set pieces, etc.

    Theo can give them hell IF he runs the channels AND cuts inside to confuse the CBs. He has to be unpredictable and open up space like he did against United last season(2-1 at the Emirates).

    Rosicky and Nasri are both class and I think Wenger will start with one of the 2.

    I’d give Vela a chance of the bench later on, if needed.


    Merida IS available for the CC tie against City

  25. PDT

    P88, all the reports seem to point to Gallas not being available. If he can play, it will be a HUGE boost for the team. (Samir, I hope you are right!)

    Stu, like Geoff says, “the temptation to play Eboue, Song and Denilson together miay be too great”!

  26. Pat

    “In our game the central striking role is very important,” said Wenger, “because we have a lot of offensive players and most of the time the game comes off this player.” Those words take on a different weight now Van Persie, who was injured playing for Holland, and Wenger know they will not be working together for the best part of this season.

    I think he’ll but in January. A CDM or a striker FOR SURE. Both MAYBE.

  27. Pat

    Not counting a dead rubber with Manchester United at the end of last season, it is two years and 18 matches since Arsenal last kept a clean sheet in a meeting with a Big Four rival. The top (in form terms) strike pairing in world football face them at the Emirates stadium today. The scenario does not daunt Thomas Vermaelen but delights him.

    Gallas is a doubt because the area around his eye swelled up and the contact won’t stay in. It’d be ridiculous if he doesn’t play:

    1. He can get goggles
    2. He can cut the area, like they do in boxing, and drain the blood.

  28. PDT

    LOL, P88!

    Denilson isn’t as bad as people make him out to be. He had a bad stretch at the beginning of this season, but he is quite industrious and does what he is supposed to do (win the ball, slow down the opposition in the middle) very well. The problem is that people have always compared him to Flamini who was a completely different kind of player. Anyway, I am glad to see Denilson back.

  29. Ja_Gunner

    Hopefully we see this team


    With Vela coming on later…..Nasri & Rosicky to come off the bench as well

  30. PDT

    Pat, draining the blood is very risky, It works in boxing where there is a multi-million dollar prize on the line and no more fights in the next six months.

    I’d hate to see Gallas side lined for the nxt six months.

  31. Stu

    We are at home so will probably have most of the ball. PLaying Denilson and Song is the likely outcome but preferably we would have one of Rosicky or Nasri in there because they are better than both at keeping the ball udner pressure.

    Who knows, with Silvestre probably going to be at left back and Senderos only having played once all season we might see Song next to Vermaelen.

    It could very well be

    Sagna Song Vermaelen Silvestre
    Cesc Nasri
    Rosicky Eduardo Arshavin.

  32. Ja_Gunner

    PDT…..Wenger has had many opportunities to play ROsicky and Nasri in the middle….but he has not..

    Instead he plays them in either the left or right forward role…

    This is why I say Denilson for the centre because against a team like Chelsea we might need an extra player in there that can intercept….

    I would gladly play Nasri or Rosicky in the centre against teams that park the bus though..

    And Denilson has a good shot on him…he scored a cracker the other day so maybe he can do it again…..since Chelsea might clog the middle..

    Song is developing well….he needs to add long range shooting his skill set..then he will be in the Essien category..

  33. Samir

    Frank Lampard risks being £20,000 out of pocket if Chelsea lose to Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium today.

    The England midfielder fell in with 12-year-old Jake Peach at a recent awards ceremony and Peach, a leukemia survivor, former patient at Great Ormond Street Hospital and, more importantly, an Arsenal fan, was canny enough to suggest a unique wager to Lampard: the Chelsea player will donate a day’s wages to the hospital, Arsenal’s designated charity, if Arsenal win, while Peach has to wear a Chelsea shirt for the day if Lampard is the victor.

    Hard to tell who got the worst end of the deal.

    Read more:

  34. Ja_Gunner

    Stu I did not mean playing both Nasri and Rosicky in the centre…

    I meant pairing Cesc with either one of them…with Song or Denilson behind them…..

    Wenger has not done this even though he has had many opportunities to do so….

    Many fans want to see this….as it would be like a Xavi Iniesta partnership….but instead Wenger plays either Diaby or Denilson there……so its more like a Xavi and Keita partnership….with Yaya/SOng behind and Iniesta/Nasri/Rosicky more forward….

  35. Stu

    I think he has Ja. Cant remember the exact match but i think Rosicky played right wing and Nasri played in midfield. And didnt both play against sunderland or was once a sub?

  36. Pat

    “It is so frustrating to be out for months. I was having a super season with the team. I had never felt as strong and powerful as this year. Apart from, I think, two matches, I either scored or made goals in all the games we played this season.

    “I was getting so strong, that I felt nobody could stop me anymore. That is the greatest feeling you can have as a player.

    “It is such a pity that great run has been stopped for the time being by one kick in a friendly international match. It is a real shame for me, for the team and for the fans of Arsenal.’’

    Van Persie hopes he can still play a major role in Arsenal’s season. The team, he feels, deserve a trophy. “I want to wish them luck against Chelsea this weekend. I hope the boys keep believing in themselves. I am absolutely convinced they will keep improving and keep the good form of the last few months going.’’

    Robin says he feels supported by the positive reactions he has received since damaging his ankle.

    “In Serbia complete strangers came up to me to wish me well. In London, the same thing. In Amsterdam, at the AMC hospital, everyone told me I had been so unlucky. People tell me they want to enjoy watching me play again soon for Arsenal. That has really lifted my spirit in a difficult time.’’


    He’s world fucking class and miles better than Rooney. Why the fuck is it always us? What have we ever done? We don’t spend a lot, we play with style, we’re pretty well disciplined, we keep with our traditions despite various Russians and Arabs buying every club in the PL and this is how we get rewarded?

    fucking lovely

  37. goonermichael

    Why is someone going on about rvp not scoring goals against top teams? ronaldo only scored 3 gaols against the other big 4 teams in the league.

  38. zeus

    We should definitely look into the possibility that we built the Emirates on a fucking gravesite. Honestly it is fucking beyond belief that we top the injury charts year in year out.

  39. Stu

    And a fuck you too AA23.

    Zeus, there is a rumour that a spud fan was involved in the stadiums construction and apparently he buried a spud shirt under the pitch to put a curse on the stadium. Cunting thing seems to have worked.

  40. Pat

    This guy is brilliant!! The Wenger impression isn’t that good, but everything else is amazing. And no, this isn’t the scouser.

  41. Honest Bill

    one or even two years could be considered bad luck?
    But every year? I don’t buy that. There is something more to it. We have a ahit training regime or something like that, because it’s just too often for it to be coincidental.

    Or Glen Hoddle did it via his mystic hag.

  42. Honest Bill

    Yeah but plenty of other teams have small, agile players who play more than ten games in a season. There has to be something we’re doing different

  43. Honest Bill

    And also Arshavin is apparently whining about not wanting to play football because he’s so upset… What the fuck kind of shit is that. Grow a pair of balls for fuck’s sake.

  44. Pat

    Well, RVP rarely ever gets injured when playing for Arsenal. Its always for Holland. Theo gets injured quite a lot with England.

  45. Honest Bill

    AA23 haha, that made me spit the cigarette outta my mouth.

    Pat, yeah but why would they get injured so much? You don’t see the other England players getting injured every time they go on international duty.

  46. reggie57

    Read and weep Terry you poor excuse for a England Captain

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has dismissed Chelsea captain John Terry’s claims they feel “invincible”.

    Wenger, whose team could move to only five points behind the leaders – with a game in hand – if they beat them today, reminded the England captain of the great Arsenal side of 2003-04.

    “There is only one team since I have been in England that has been invincible,” he said. “Nobody else has done that.

    “That Invincibles team was so special.”