If Lump-hard is fit from a thigh strain how come Billy’s not?

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This is the bit I can never figure, a week ago fat Frank had a thigh strain, he was out of the England squad and out of the Arsenal game, then Robin gets injured and decides to go in for horse placenta treatment, then Fat boy does likewise and now he’s back for the Arsenal game, Gallas gets a black eye and he’s doubtful.

If that’s true then it’s unbelievable, how can he be doubtful for a black eye??? Well I hope it’s not true because he will be up for this game and his partnership with Vermaelen is looking awesome, to play this without our forward line is slightly dodgy, to play it without our defence is suicidal.

What is it about Arsenal and injured players? It’s like every game something happens, new boot technology can’t have made all our footballers weeds, they are far fitter than they used to be, why are they always out?

Why does it only ever seem to be Arsenal players?

Anyway we have home advantage, we have the crowd, we have a 100% record this season, and we need to win this to stay in the race, 11 points down in December I think will be a bridge to far, we need to win, win well, and send a message out to the Premiership that they aren’t as good as Sky Sports are telling everyone, and to be honest the Mancs were the better team.

Considering we were better than the Mancs at their gaff, we ought to beat the chavs, I don’t think giving Drogba a dig in the ribs would be the worst idea, and I’d love to see him having a fit again, that was truly pathetic. When I did my ribs, I just got up and poured myself a lager, what a wimp he is.

Well Anelka returns to the Grove this weekend and I for one so wish we had signed him, we could have had him for half of what we sold the whore for, I still think he’s one of the top 5 in the world, ho-hum.

News today is that Dubai is on the brink of titsupness, they want to delay their £35 billion debt on their world development that many EPL footballers invested in, twats, anyone could see that would never fly, still the question I have is will that affect us? The money they paid was up front, so we’re okay there, what chance though we can slide out of it and rebrand ourselves the Coors Light stadium and finally pay off the stadium debt?

Something to think about, have a great day Grovers, today I’m playing golf!

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  1. wardo

    Pedro….that Dutch TV presenter lost the plot !!!!!!

    how funny is that 😆

    No one in the audience laughs…….If I was there I’d be pissing myself laughing !!

  2. tonyadamsisgod

    wardo – That was a classic case of laughing just because you know you shouldn’t be!! How many times did you get a bollocking at school for that!! But the dumb arse teachers simply never understood that there was nothing they could say or do to stop it!!

  3. Maciek

    What’s so funny? Sorry guys, I’m not a Mother Teresa type of person but it’s unfair. People are talking about his problems and he is making them harm.

  4. Pedro

    Maciek, if I was in the audience, I’d have been pissing myself!

    Right, I’m off people… have a flipping great night ok!

    Beer beer beer…!

  5. tonyadamsisgod

    Maciek – You can tell he means no harm. Its simply a case of getting the giggles. He’s laughing because he knows he shouldn’t be.

  6. tonyadamsisgod

    goonermichael – the simple ones are the best!

    Did you hear about the Russian prostitute? Onya Bakyabitch.

    Or the one about the Ukranian man with 3 testicles? Oodya Nikabolokov.


  7. Stu

    That dutch guy is laughing because of the guests stupid voice (no offence to grovers with awful voices). He only laughs when that guy speaks. I would have done the same.

  8. Gunnersmith

    Ha ha ha Eboue


  9. Samir

    He sound good;

    Argentina Under 17 international Damián Martínez has spoken for the first time since becoming an Arsenal player in the summer. However, Martínez will remain with parent club Independiente, who co-own the ‘keeper, until he is 18.

    Arsenal have paid around $1 million dollars for 70% ownership of Damián while Independiente will hold the remaining 30%. They have given up all rights over the player yet will command 30% of any potential sell on fee. The Gunners will pay a further $1 million should the promising goalkeeper achieve certain targets set within his contract.

    After impressing during a national team fixture against Chile, Steve Rowley recommended that the club take a closer look at ‘Dibu’s’ blossoming talent. Goalkeeping coach Miguel Angel Santoro accompanied Damián and his family to London for a trial and the coaching staff were instantly impressed. South American executive Richard Law thrashed out a deal after prolonged talks – the club were determined to make sure the prospect was London bound.

    Speaking to Argentine publication Rojo News, the confident stopper is open-minded about the switch while admitting that it is an ‘important’ move.

    “This is going to serve as experience whatever happens, good or bad. Everything will be important for my future so I am not nervous or anything.”

    When quizzed on how his English is coming along, the River-Plate born youngster confirmed he has not learnt anything yet, but with time on his side, he’s optimistic it will come along nicely.

    “With the English language, I’m quite bad, but everything can be sorted. I imagine I have lots of time to do it, so I’ll be able to learn English.”

    At 190cm, Martínez is a towering prospect. Quick, agile and a dominant and decisive ‘keeper, all the coaching staff at Arsenal are very confident that their latest South American acquisition will be a real star for the future.

    Article By – J.Sanderson

  10. ethangunner


    He sound good
    yes they all do at 17-18 , but the truth is even until he is 25 he will probably NOT be good enough at the top level …

    more like 30 ‘ish for most top goal keepers .
    after years of experience …

    i dont know what this fascination is with wenger to buy 17 year old CD’s and goal keepers ..

    all we are doing is training up vito and the polish duo to eventually sell off , only to have them come back in the form of a rival team years later after we purchased them too early and at best broke even on them due to shelling out years of wages ..

    Martínez sounds good , OK but i thought fabianski was our new number 1 of the future? ,
    you wouldn’t think so reading into your final paragraph samir …

    “all the coaching staff at Arsenal are very confident that their latest South American acquisition will be a real star for the future.”

    meaning they were not confident prior ??????
    your far better off buying ‘given’ for 2 mil or
    any other mid table reliable goalie , im all for development but this is more like high stakes gambling than a sure bet …

  11. SUGA3

    fuck’em, Stu…

    if someone is trying to belittle your opponents, means either complacency or fear 😉

    but hey, it’s now or never – if we lose, we’re fucked as far as league is concerned…

  12. Gunnersmith

    This is soo funny [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyTpzgAW5NA&hl=en_US&fs=1&color1=0x5d1719&color2=0xcd311b] can’t stop laughing

  13. Samir

    My prediction for Sunday is 3-1 to us.
    We score early on. 1-0
    Cheslea push up for the equaliser and we score again. 2-0

    Drogshit then does his usual thing. 2-1

    We keep our nerves and finish them off 3-1 :)….

  14. reggie57

    My prediction for sunday JT the shoplifters/drug dealers son will get sent off for deliberate handball in the box, and fab4 will slot it in for a narrow win….

  15. Maciek

    If we lose, we are out of the title race. Wenger will start saying the same crap all over again.I have got many bad feelings about it.I hate chelsea.But Wenger never learns.

  16. reggie57

    Did any one read steve howards story in the current bun about us?very thought provoking its obvious to me he must read Le Grove!!

  17. reggie57

    Steve Howards article

    Just a dozen league games completed and Arsenal already face a match that could well define their season.

    Defeat by Chelsea at the Emirates on Sunday and the Gunners will trail the leaders by 11 points.

    For the sixth consecutive campaign, that should be it as far as the title is concerned. And we are not even into December.

    Their qualification for the Champions League knockout stage – from probably the easiest group of the lot, remember – cannot mask the fact it’s the same old Arsenal.

    A joy to watch, of course. But still flaky, inconsistent, a huge liability away from home and an unsolved problem in goal.

    And Arsene Wenger knows it.

    The manager’s uncharacteristic descent in midweek into the sort of industrial language he only normally uses in private was a hangover from his side’s defeat at Sunderland last weekend.

    As Wenger said after Arsenal’s first loss in 14 games: “This is a massive setback because we need consistency to win the title.

    “Today we were not capable of that. It raises question-marks.”

    The same old question-marks that have haunted him since Arsenal’s last championship triumph in the unbeaten season of 2003-2004.

    The same old questions that surround a five-year record of just seven defeats at home but TWENTY-SIX away. Against just 14 for Chelsea and 18 for Manchester United.

    It was also interesting to note Wenger’s lament: “If we had played Sunderland at home, we would have won.”

    It was an admission that more or less confirmed the continuing doubts many of us have about this Arsenal team when they have to scrap for a result.

    If their supporters thought some sort of corner had been turned, they have been disappointed.

    Their away record is exactly the same as it was at this stage last season – P7, W3, D1, L3. While Arsenal have filled their boots at home against generally poor opposition, they have taken just seven points from their last six games on the road.

    And they have lost all three against teams in the top half.

    Now they await the visit of a Chelsea side who have won seven and drawn one of their last eight matches, rattling in 25 goals and conceding just two.

    The old rule of thumb in London was Spurs could never beat Chelsea while Chelsea could never get the better of Arsenal.

    That’s all changed since Roman Abramovich’s arrival with the Gunners winning just one of the last 14 meetings – including a grisly 4-1 loss at the Emirates last time out.

    Those of us who backed Carlo Ancelotti’s team for the title at the start of the season are looking pretty smug at the moment (even smugger than usual).

    Now Chelsea take on an Arsenal side without Robin van Persie, no left-back to speak of and the likelihood of William Gallas having to be patched up for a fixture that, but for its importance, he would have sat out.

    Without Van Persie, the Arsenal attack is worryingly lightweight.

    With Gallas struggling with a badly bruised eye (complicated by his use of contact lenses), the Arsenal defence looks as vulnerable against Didier Drogba and Nicolas Anelka as it proved to be against Manchester United in the 3-1 Champions League semi-final rout last season.

    But that’s the price you pay for failing to purchase a decent keeper and persisting with inadequate cover at centre-back like Mikael Silvestre and Johan Djourou.

    Then there’s Drogba’s speciality in unhinging Arsenal central defenders – though a one-eyed Gallas couldn’t be as bad as Philippe Senderos used to be.

    Yes, Arsenal have a 100 per cent record at the Emirates and, on their day, can beat anyone.

    But not, I suspect, with the team they will be putting out on Sunday. Even a draw will be a result.

    Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/sunsport_columnists/2748051/Its-the-same-old-story-for-Arsenal.html#comment-rig#ixzz0Y67layQM

  18. Samir

    With players like Gallas,Vermy,Sagna,Rosicky,Arshavin,Fabregas,Waclott,Nasri….. etc etc in the team on Sunday I will be seriously pissed if we lose or even draw! Especially seeing we are at home.

  19. leon

    reggie i dont realy agree wit that at all i think you are passing that on sunderland game which it was very clair most if not all players looked very faticked after just comming back from internationals chelsea on the other hand had much easier fixyureplaying at home.i feel with attacking players like aa,risicky,edwardo and fab will cause chelsea huge amount problems with there ability to inter-link plus the pace we have chelsea have a much more experienced and powerful central midfield but lack width and terry is very vulreble with pace and both teams are slightly weak at set plays,another thing is that people look at vern size and assums drogba would to powerful for him but from what i have seen of vern i dont think drogba would find it as easy as he did with toure vern is clearly much more agressive and more commanding.but i feel the real key to our victory lies with song and delinson

  20. reggie57

    Leon it isnt me saying that it is a article which steve howard wrote, but the guy is suggesting what a lot of grovers are thinking but not saying?

  21. ethangunner


    that’s because your delusional !

    we have won 1 out of 14 games in the past 6 years against them since roman has arrived ..

    so please tell me oh might prophet how can you tell with such certainty we will win !

    we SHOULD be box seat to win with home ground advantage .

    but we lack the strikers you all thought we had so many of .. and now you will see what i mean !

  22. ethangunner


    a draw … – at best …

    But my point AA23 is its too hard to predict !
    you never know what arsenal will be there on the day .. you never know what team wenger will select ..

    also i think we are already too far behind ,
    same away record as last season , so you want to hope we can get 3 points , if only to hang in there and about’s the 4th spot region …

    consistency and clinical finishing has haunted us since TH14 left .(and others obviously)

    i still hold firm on needing 2 or 3 more quality street players before we can seriously challenge , we have won 1 game in 14 against them in 6 years !

    those statistics are hard to ignore ..
    i think WE will be up for it in the 1st half .
    its the 2nd half i worry about .the mounting pressure ,
    when we get that HOLD ON attitude !
    and things start fucking up left , right and center !

    this game will test big AL !

  23. Honest Bill

    There’s not a huge gap between us and Chelski. If we can win this one, we are only 5 points behind them, with a game in hand, which potentially leaves us two points behind them.

    We can only hope that they struggle during the ACN and that Man Utd continue to play poorly, then it will be ours for the taking.

    If the lads are man enough that is

  24. David

    There are no more excuses left.

    We are no longer a young team. Its either we are good enough as Wenger tells us. Or we are not. Simple as.

    No sense deluding ourselves if we cant get a result on Sunday.

    Now is the time. Not Next Year not tommorow. No more talk of potential bollocks. Show us what the deal is Arsene.

    C’Mon Arsenal. Makes us proud!

  25. AA23

    The ACN isnt going to make a great deal of difference to Chelsea. They dont have any particularly hard games during it anyway.
    I wouldnt rely on them imploding just because of that.

  26. ethangunner

    david ..

    im not even sure sunday should even be the measuring stick . with our inability to win away
    i think we will truly turn the corner when we can covert away points to the top 4 ..

    I think we SHOULD win at home , im hoping so ..
    but with injuries and RVP out im not sure how well things will go i can see it imploding just as easy as a victory …

    a draw would be my guess because i really dont feel confident without a couple of clinical finishers in the team , because with the chev’s you only get 1 or 2 chances a game , so you must take them ..

    and make em count , and we are worlds worst at doing that .. i hope AA or TV have blinders we need some individual inspiration on this one !
    a collective team effort will not be enough . we need 2 or 3 of our best players to have blinders ..

  27. ethangunner


    dead right …
    i hope i dont see eboue unless sagna is out .
    i hope i dont see diaby in … unless its a sub for height after a 4 – 0 lead ..

    and song 2morra-night if he preforms i will stop riding him also .. but i think he will be exposed as these chev boys possess experience in the middle and he will fail to match up 2 them ..

    one things for sure its a game NOT TO MISS !

  28. SUGA3

    interesting to see Wenger doing a bit of ‘bad cop’ approach…

    he must read LG 😉

    hopefully, he will get them fired up, not shackled by the very shock of it!

  29. Micky Did It 89

    Morning anyone.
    Kinda agree with Ethan’s earlier comment. Titles are not won/lost during games between “Big 4”.
    Like most of us, I usually wake up with a gut feeling about the weekends game, but today, I havent a clue.
    Part of me says that without RVP, we are just a wee bit gay. Theo, Eddie, Ros, Nas are lightweight and fragile. Look at the power of Henry, DB, PV4 etc. Then look at yer Roonneys, Drogbas etc. I have said on here for a while we need a leader in the Adams, Keane, Gerrard mould.
    BUT THEN. Maybe we will expose Chavs as slow, old and cumbersome and we will skip and dance merry circles around them. I really dont know. I do think that by now AW should decide who plays where, and stick with it. Start building understandings.
    Here is to a Sunderland backlash, and we teach them a footballing lesson.

  30. Big Raddy

    Agree with every word Micky89. And with Ethan, we just do not know which Arsenal will turn up.

    The Chavs will be a stretch for Song, because they have such strength and power. Cesc can outthink and outskill them, but Song will be battling players with the same talents he has. I believe in the lad but hope to see him in tandem with Denilson to give some defensive back up.

    I fear the inclusion of Diaby.