If Lump-hard is fit from a thigh strain how come Billy’s not?

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This is the bit I can never figure, a week ago fat Frank had a thigh strain, he was out of the England squad and out of the Arsenal game, then Robin gets injured and decides to go in for horse placenta treatment, then Fat boy does likewise and now he’s back for the Arsenal game, Gallas gets a black eye and he’s doubtful.

If that’s true then it’s unbelievable, how can he be doubtful for a black eye??? Well I hope it’s not true because he will be up for this game and his partnership with Vermaelen is looking awesome, to play this without our forward line is slightly dodgy, to play it without our defence is suicidal.

What is it about Arsenal and injured players? It’s like every game something happens, new boot technology can’t have made all our footballers weeds, they are far fitter than they used to be, why are they always out?

Why does it only ever seem to be Arsenal players?

Anyway we have home advantage, we have the crowd, we have a 100% record this season, and we need to win this to stay in the race, 11 points down in December I think will be a bridge to far, we need to win, win well, and send a message out to the Premiership that they aren’t as good as Sky Sports are telling everyone, and to be honest the Mancs were the better team.

Considering we were better than the Mancs at their gaff, we ought to beat the chavs, I don’t think giving Drogba a dig in the ribs would be the worst idea, and I’d love to see him having a fit again, that was truly pathetic. When I did my ribs, I just got up and poured myself a lager, what a wimp he is.

Well Anelka returns to the Grove this weekend and I for one so wish we had signed him, we could have had him for half of what we sold the whore for, I still think he’s one of the top 5 in the world, ho-hum.

News today is that Dubai is on the brink of titsupness, they want to delay their £35 billion debt on their world development that many EPL footballers invested in, twats, anyone could see that would never fly, still the question I have is will that affect us? The money they paid was up front, so we’re okay there, what chance though we can slide out of it and rebrand ourselves the Coors Light stadium and finally pay off the stadium debt?

Something to think about, have a great day Grovers, today I’m playing golf!

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  1. Jerseygooner

    Morning All/Sabeel!

    What a day of football to look forward to on Sunday!
    Plus its the Jersey Arsenal Supporters Club Christmas dinner so i get to go out on the piss all day, watch 3 games of football, and then a game of poker at the end of it all! Add a couple of ladies and you’ve got the perfect day 🙂

    Good post as well Geoff

  2. tonyadamsisgod

    Sabeel – Know your limits! I had to ‘self-exclude’ from the top spotting……be careful, it will take over your life!! In fact I think it already has!! 😀

    Geoff – I think Gallas will play. The swelling will go down by Sunday and he wont wanna be seen to be ducking this game!! He’ll be right up for it! Did Frank actually have that Placenta treatment or was that a rumor started on here??

    As for the whole Dubai/stadium thing, if there is any chance we can duck out of a deal, keep the money and then make more we need to be 100% ruthless and do it! Hopefully Stan’s keen business since in the world of development and property will make sure we exert as much pressure as we can!!

  3. finestcuts

    They should have taken him off earlier, it’s risky playing him with bruised tissue when he’s expected to go for headers.

  4. cdjones

    “Coors Light Stadium”?!? Blechh. I only drink Coors when they’re stolen from my brother. Why not Amstel or Stella or you guys’ favorite Peroni (which they just got in my local cold beer and wine, and I must say is quite good, but awfully overpriced)

  5. tonyadamsisgod

    Anyone for the Asahi Stadium?? Actually sounds pretty good I think!! Mind you, I don’t fancy the headache you would get after every match day even if it is worth it!! 😀

  6. wardo

    morning all.

    Firstly, part of the reason we have injuries is cause we’re too honest.

    I said a week ago that Fat Frank would play against us. Reason for this is his “injury” was no where near as bad as chelski said it was. The rumour about him going all placenta was from The Sun.

    We should claim a few injuries around international breaks (especially the friendly games – RVP was injured in a friendly) then have our players fully fit after.

  7. KenyaGunner

    Cant get his contacts in?…

    Why cant he be bloody given those ‘fit-in’ specs that Edgar Davids wears?….

    Is our medical team really serious?….

  8. tonyadamsisgod

    wardo – I completely agree mate!! How many times do we have to watch Gerrard come up with a mystery injury before an international game only to hear that twat Benitez tell us he should be fir for Liverpool’s game though! Meanwhile Theo is getting fucked regularly!!

  9. Chipo

    I think in about 10years it’s going to come out that Chelsea have been steadily replacing players’ bones with Russian bionic machinery.

    Either that or we just have the worst medical & physio department in the league…

  10. Chipo

    And by the way, all that is wrong with Gallas is a black eye – if it is swollen like a boxer then they should’ve got a BOXING medical specialist in and do what they always do. Cut the wound open, drain the fluid and tape it up.


  11. wardo

    TAIG….and Lpool, Mancs and chavs have been doing it for years now !! years !! 🙁

    What is all this bout our stadium sponsors?? Emirates sponsor us and I dont think they are in trouble.

  12. JohnA

    According to TalkShite this morning, Lumplard went over for the placenta treatment but walked out after about an hour and came straight home, as he wasn’t impressed.

  13. tonyadamsisgod

    Sabeel – Not a clue mate! 😀

    Chipo – its far more comical than that mate! Its simply down to the fact he can get his contact lense in! WTF! Stretch it open! At least it wont fall out!

  14. finestcuts

    Kenya, he is having trouble seeing with his swollen eye, also it is uncomfortable, if he gets another knock it will aggravate the injury and he could be out for even longerI don’t think he should play and that we should give this game to Silvestre, because inevitable if we concede everyone will start blaming him even if it wasn’t his fault.
    Silvestre – Verm is a good mix, although when his contract expires I hope Wenger does what he should have before he got Silvestre, and that is to buy a centre back. Anyone that’s good, Subotic in the Bundesliga for example. We have the capacity to get such players.

  15. wardo

    JohnA…..yeah think you are right although, he wasn’t disapointed with the treatment !!

    I think he was intending on eating the horse that donated the placenta the fat b’tard

  16. tonyadamsisgod

    A&N – Like Sabeel said, SIlvestre goes to shit when he’s up against the likes of Drogba and as for Senderos v Drogba…..well lets just say we are all more than aware of how that will pan out. Again.

  17. Jimmythegun

    Hope you don’t mind me interupting the ‘online date’ currently taking place between Sabeel and TAIG…:-)

    One-eyed Willy or no one-eyed Willy – COME ON YOU ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!

  18. London

    I am surprised that no one has suggested that the answer to the Lumpy conundrum is that he wasn’t really injured: he was just having a rest and needed an excuse not to play in a meaningless friendly.

  19. charybdis1966

    Morning all,
    TAiG – I hope we can get out of the Emirates deal – our unbeaten run finished soon after they announced our link up with them, to me they were a bad omen.
    I don’t like having to have “Emirates” on my chest when I put on our colours – bring back JVC I say !
    JerseyG – have you got a three-way lined up for Sunday then? You lucky devil.

  20. KenyaGunner

    Finest..it appears the issue is that he cant fit his contacts because the eye is swollen..

    Wenger said … “He wears contact lenses and at the moment he would not get them in. We hope on Sunday it will be better. He is not comfortable but I am optimistic because we still have three days…”

    Those Edgar Davids glasses are made in order to spread the impact of any ‘hit’ away from the eye-area I think.

  21. wardo

    London – I said that in my blog earlier……its something that Lpool, Mancs and chavs have been doing for years around international breaks.

  22. Big Raddy

    Morning All.

    Sorry to piss on your parade A&N, but Banksie had the full compliment of eyes when he won the WC !

    But of course WG will be fit.

    We have had the Club/Country debate many times on LG. I am firmly of the opinion that Club rule, and clearly so does Fat Frank

  23. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    If the issue is Only NOT putting Contact lens,because of which he cannot see,then it is no big deal,

    one can place the contact lens by a doctor through his swollen eye,so that he can see.

    as long as he can see,we should have any issue….like wenger said,he expects him to be “OK” for the game

  24. London


    It makes sense that Capello is hot on these things for important games but for meaningless friendlies? I am not so sure.

  25. Chipo

    I’m sorry but Gallas and contacts is NOT the issue. Wenger remarked that the eye was so swollen that he couldn’t EVEN put a contact lens in.

    He will play anyway, no worries there IMO

  26. Jimmythegun

    TAIG – It was a tip of the cap to The Goonies mate, rather than a reference to the maile genitalia!!

    No need to panic Chipo, i won’t be within 200 miles of the stadium on Sunday! I’m even contemplating not watching it on TV just to give the lads an extra boost!

  27. wardo

    Katie Price is releasing a cover of Aqua’s Barbie girl now she has left the jungle.

    I’m a Barbie Girl
    In a Barbie world
    Tits are plastic. My son’s a spastic.
    He can’t brush his hair and dribbles everywhere.
    Its fantastic. Silly spastic
    Come on Harvey lets go party.

  28. Chipo

    What, so a middle-eastern airline is horrible, but a Japanese home entertainment manufacturer is absolutely fine? Lol 🙂

  29. Pedro

    It’s about discipline London…

    Can you see a man like Capello letting a player fake injury because it’s a friendly?

  30. Chipo

    “If Gallas were ruled out, and Wenger remains optimistic that the swelling will subside, the manager’s defensive resources would be stretched. He is already without the left-backs Gaël Clichy and Kieran Gibbs, with back and foot injuries respectively, and the centre‑half Johan Djourou is a long-term casualty with a knee problem.

    Wenger has the option of moving Alex Song from midfield into central defence, or he could play Mikaël Silvestre – who might be preferred at left-back – or Philippe Senderos alongside Vermaelen.

    Chelsea and, in particular, the striker Didier Drogba, would lick their lips at the thought of Senderos coming in from the cold to start. Drogba has made great sport of terrorising Senderos in previous encounters. And while Arsenal battle a raft of injuries, Chelsea have been boosted by the return of Frank Lampard to full training. The England midfielder, who had damaged a thigh and went to Serbia for specialist massage therapy, is confident of being fully fit. Carlo Ancelotti, the Chelsea manager, has only the full-back José Bosingwa on his injury list.”

    God I hate Chelsea.

  31. bnsb


    Dennis Bergkamp believes Arsenal are extremely close to competing for the Premier League and the Champions League, and warned Chelsea and Manchester United, that Arsene Wenger’s side are one or two players away from winning both competitions. The former Holland international also claimed the Frenchman’s side is not yet near its peak and there are a number of younger players capable of getting in to the first team.


  32. Pedro

    Jersey, I think it’s a bit strange that players from most clubs never sustain injuries as long as ours do.

    Then again, Chelsea have a far superior fitness setup…

  33. KenyaGunner

    Gallas better be fit to play on Sunday…
    we need Silvetre on the LB position….Armand did absolutely sh*t last time he was given a run out.

  34. charybdis1966

    Yes Chipo – given the choice I’d go for the Japs every day of the week. Plus wearing the JVC may instil some of the spirit of the famous back 4 into our defenders.

  35. Gunnersmith

    Kenya G. i woulldn’t call traore sunderland performance absolutely shit he was ok for most part of the game but i’ll still prefer silvestre against Chelsea

  36. Chipo

    Traoré actually played quite well against Sunderland Kenya.

    We need Silvestre at LB for the added aerial ability given that Chelsea don’t attack with much pace down the right.

  37. Jerseygooner

    Assuming Gallas is out…


    Sagna TV Song Silvestre
    Theo Denilson Cesc Rosicky
    Eduardo Arsh

    This would still worry the Chavs ..Surely?

  38. KenyaGunner

    Traore IMHO was caught out of position so many times…
    he seems to relish being played as a left winger more than a LB

  39. I AM GOONER (maqitlarge)

    “close to competing”?

    We should always be competing. Always!
    We should be close to winning, if not winning itself

    Morning all!

  40. Chipo

    I would argue that Ballack and Deco out is actually bad for us given that neither of them have been playing well at all this season!

  41. Duke

    Morning Gooners 😀

    Friday, I am feeling wonderful, anything can happen in this game no matter who plays, somehow I am stupidly confident 😀

    Enjoy a joke:

    Start typing “i like” into google and check out what the auto complete comes up with…

  42. Brighty

    “Vermaelen and Gallas’ partnership is looking awesome”!!!!????
    I can barely recall more than 2 games this season where we havent conceded

  43. leon

    its funny everybody thinks chelsea will bully arsenal and will be drogba will be far to much for use,but as i remember we have best record against top 4 and i see this team as same as last season i dont see how lambard essien and ballack bullying ang and delinson last season we played 442 and just did not work playing 433 and delinon and song play deeper,it willbe close game,now drogba would trouble any defender,but also feel risicky fab aa edwardo with pace passing and movement will cause chelsea huge amount problems.

    i would play

    sagna gallas vern silvest
    delinon song
    risicky edwardo aa

  44. Pedro

    I was set upon last night by three guys down an alley. I managed to knock one out.

    Not the best time for a wank but what the hell.

  45. Duke

    I am sorry if this offends anyone, as I know there are a lot of politically correct and easily offended people, but what the hell?

    Statistically… 1 in 10 Pakistanis are in Pakistan.

  46. Duke

    I rewrote Gossip Girl in order to make it more enjoyable:

    Gossip Girl – Season 1 – Episode 1

    Gossip Girl: Did you hear……


    The End

  47. Duke

    Arse&Nose, it’s a joke mate…as I said don’t get offended…

    I don’t trust dolphins…

    …they’re always fucking smiling for no particular reason.

  48. Duke

    Pedro, sticking to your theme…

    What have number 10 Downing Street and Lady Gaga’s pants got in common?

    There shouldn’t be a cock inside, but there is.

  49. Duke

    taig, time to take the lead:

    I noticed that wikipedia.org is trying to raise 7.5 million dollars.

    I’d help, but I’m British, and I use pounds.

  50. Confidentgoner

    Chelsea wins games by using the wings to cross for Drogba or Anelka to finish. They are very solid in midfield play and they will try to mark out Cesc to prevent ball distribution. They will not go to attack us, they will start cautiously and look for counterct opportunities. How should we play? Who are we missing?

    RVP and Bentner would jave been superb for this game. THeo should not start as Ashley has his number. Bring Theo in at 75mins to run ragged tired legs.




    Rosicky ——-Vela (Dudu)—–Arshravin

  51. leon

    this team will never be a physical team but with passing and movement and pace i feel we will win this game,set plays will be a problem i feel this will be close game but everyone is bigging up chelsea but this same team that has only won the fab in the past 3 years so this team is not unbeatable

  52. Duke

    taig, that made me laugh, but fine, I shall please you with this one then:

    What’s the difference between a Girls Aloud video and a porn video? The porn video has better music.

  53. tonyadamsisgod

    Confident – I hear ya. Only thing I disagree on is Theo. He’s pretty resilient to pressure and I think he could step into such a big game with ease and I have faith in him beating Cole. Having said that, if I did play him it would be up top on the front line somewhere. And 15 minutes doesn’t give him much time to impact the game.

  54. Duke

    And for a 2 goal cushion as I have a meeting in 20:

    A girl from work asked if I’d drive her home yesterday because it was raining heavily.
    I agreed, we got talking, mainly about everyday things, what we liked doing, then about work for a bit. We got to her house before long.
    She thanked me, went to get out of the car, stopped, looked hard at me and whispered, “How did you know where I lived?”

  55. tonyadamsisgod

    Duke – I’ll give you that one just about. 3-2. But I have a feeling Pedro is currently scouring the net looking for an equalizer!!

  56. tonyadamsisgod

    Duke – I feel that joke should have a better premise leading to the punch line. It fell a little flat if I’m honest. 3-2.

  57. Duke

    Note to self, when hiring a prostitute whilst on holiday in Amsterdam, never again ask her to “sit on my face” in a ‘shilly dutch akshent’

  58. tonyadamsisgod

    Just got this text:-

    Mate, you’re not going to believe this, I’ve just won a competition on Radio 1 for a holiday to Greece!
    Got £2000 spending money and I can take 5 mates.
    I know it’s short notice but if you’re free from 1st to 15th December, can you put my bin out?


  59. Duke

    Taig, if this one doesn’t not only get me a point, but makes you actually laugh sitting at work, I will quit and go to my meeting.


    Breaking news:

    In light of Paul Scharner’s handball on Sunday, Wigan Athletic have graciously offered to replay the fixture.