For fu*ks sake the world cup is in June, you cannot be serious!

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That little outburst was not from me, but from our Gallic manager when asked if Theo would be going to South Africa, good going boss, that’s the spirit!

Onto January signings he went on to say ‘Why would Bordeaux sell Numbchucks for a million euros?’

More to the point, why would we only offer a million? If he was worth a bid in the summer, Arsene must rate him, if he is free to go in the summer, and he’s that good, then every other big team will be in for him and they will all offer him more that we would or indeed could.

So why on earth would we not go in and offer them £5m, they’d bite our hands off and we’d get a good squad player for very little, good business if you ask me, plus we get a much needed top class player that’s fit.

In other news Song has extended his contract until 2015, so any thoughts you may have had about a new DM have now gone, he is the one that Wenger wants. I wish my boss would give me a 6 year contract, he won’t though because he’s a tight bastard, If only Wenger ran my company!

Cesc has said ‘why not’ to finishing his career at the Arsenal, good for you Cesc, that’s the way to deal with the Barca crap, that should shut them up for a few weeks, yeah right!

Andre Arshavin says Wenger should spend big in the January window and if it upsets a few youngsters, then that’s fair, if we want to win the league, we need some world class players, Andre, I can’t disagree with that my friend. Ha, ha, I bet he gets dropped for saying that!

Onto tonight, the European game where we can qualify for the next stage, the game where I expect to see a few experiments in team selection for the chav game this weekend, tonight’s selection will be interesting.

Yes I know he wants to give Vela a run, and that I applaud, but we have a lot of young forwards that get injured a lot, what we need is a few options up front that don’t get injured so often. We’ve had Bendtner, Theo, Robin, Vela, Eduardo and even Arshavin injured this season, so I don’t think we would have selection issues, do you?

All we need is a point tonight, all three and we go forward as winners of the group, I think that also helps with our ranking points, so all to play for, I just hope we don’t treat this as an exhibition game, I hope we can better the spuds score and send out a message, so I’m going to break with tradition and predict a 10-1 result, I’ll give them one because it wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t concede.

I have a feeling he may give Eastmond an airing tonight, either that or we’ll see Denilson back and he’ll rest Song so he’ll be fit for the chavs on Sunday.

Talking of the spuds, I always thought we should have had a look at Defoe when he was at West Ham, bit of a gamble, but he is a gooner, but not to have had a sniff when he was leaving Portsmouth was a little careless, he does know where the goal is doesn’t he?

We also need to show we can score goals with a short forward line and given the shit the players got from Saturday’s debacle, I expect them to come out the blocks on fire.

Here’s my team for tonight.


Eboue, Senderos, Vermaelen, Gibbs

Rosicky Denilson/Eastmond, Cesc

Walcott, Arshavin, Vela

With Eduardo, Nasri and Ramsey making up the bench.

Two great things came out of yesterday, one was Cesc told Barca very politely to fuck off, and Wenger told the World cup hopefuls to remember who pays them, good advice and further proof if you needed it that Wenger does indeed read Le Grove.

Have a great day Grovers, tonight we show the world that we really are true contenders.

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  1. Gunnersmith

    Ooby debating Song with Geoff is an endless debate there is no convincing him

    I’m proud to be a song lover if its the right thing
    i’m a Cesc lover, Vermy lover Arshy lover Rvp lover and why not, a Song lover

    Happy days 🙂

  2. gnarleygeorge9

    Heres one for Talkshite. The rest of the world know England is coming, coz they opened their collective big mouths & gave it away. Keep it coming Talkshite, you are certainly doing the other 31 countries a big service 😆 No surprise attack coming now you over opinionated dills.

  3. Ooby

    Gunnersmith I think I’m a bit like that with Walcott to be honest. I think sometimes you can have a player who you just cant see much in and it blinkers you a bit regardless if they have a decent game or not

  4. mike

    i’d doubt he’s broken his ankle. he walked off.

    i’d go for bruising. like the last time

    talkshite are probably using their arsenal voodoo doll to make it happen tho.

  5. DutchMaster10

    Song was MOTM no question. He is going to be an absolute MONSTER player for us. He still makes the odd mistake but he is SO young still! I thought we were good in first half, very average in second. We need to learn how to kill teams off!!!

  6. Big Raddy

    If Gibbs is out I would pick Fishface ahead of Traore for the LB slot against the Chavs. We need power and experience v Dogba and Anelka. Though Traore’s pace could be very helpful.

    Let us hope for Gibbs speedy recovery

  7. zeus

    How fucking cursed are we. Gutted for Gibbs. First we survive a scare and now we hear he is our for a good long stretch. Sylvestre for Sunday then, we can’t afford to fuck about with Traore after the raw display he put in on Saturday.
    I truly believe we are cursed though. Wenger never has a headache about who to play because as soon as 1 player is back from injury, another players takes his place on the injured list. An injury to fishface and we are truly

  8. Maksud

    Arsenal were plunged back into a defensive injury crisis ahead of the showdown with Chelsea as both Kieran Gibbs, with a fractured metatarsal, and William Gallas hobbled out of Tuesday’s 2-0 Champions League win over Standard Liege at Emirates Stadium.

    Centre-back Gallas went off at the break with a combination of an ankle problem and a lump above his eye following a clash of heads with Andrey Arshavin, which also left the Russian needing staples to close a bloody gash.

    Gibbs, meanwhile, limped out during the closing stages following a hefty challenge from Eliaquim Mangala, and Arsenal confirmed he had suffered a fracture to the first metatarsal on his left foot, and would undergo surgery on Wednesday which is set to rule him out for at least two months.

    “Gallas has an ankle problem and a swollen eye. I think he will recover from the eye, and from the ankle we hope so (in time for Chelsea),” said manager Arsene Wenger, speaking immediately after the match.

    “Gibbs is much more serious.

    “We have to X-ray him and I think he has gone to hospital to check because he has a big hole in his leg.

    “He doesn’t look too good, and that is unfortunate.”

  9. WB

    Kieran Gibbs has fractured the first metatarsal in his left foot and will be out for around three months.

    The England Under-21 international suffered the injury during the latter stages of Arsenal’s 2-0 victory over Standard Liege in the Champions League on Tuesday night. He is scheduled to undergo surgery on Wednesday morning.

  10. ManGoonian

    I just saw it WB. No way is it a 3 month injury though. 6 weeks max… Still fuckin unbelievable!

    I seriously cannot get over the amount of injuries we get… Its beyond bad luck, we are fucking cursed.

    I blame BBK…

  11. Maksud

    Even though injuries are not an excuse for defeats and the same goes for every team, but we are on top of the injury chart of physioroom every fucking week. WTF! Drogba against a back four missing Gallas(maybe) and a third choice LB? Really want to see how TV will do against him though.

  12. ManGoonian

    Gallas will be fine mate. I was surprised he started tonight TBH. Was expecting a few more to be rested as Liege couldve been sorted by our Carling Cup team.

    If I had to choose between losing gallas or Gibbs for 6-10 weeks, then I imagine it would be Gibbs…

  13. ManGoonian

    I think, barring any other injuries, the team will be;

    Sagna – Gallas – Vermilli – Silvestre
    Nasri – Song – Denilson
    Rosicky – Eduardo – Arshavin

  14. A

    Drogba is injured and Gallas is fine! Traore is on par with Gibbs imo so it’s pretty irrelevant, but if Traore got injured we’d be fucked!!

    It’s ridiculous the fouls that teams get away with against us, they just go out to hurt us, and get away with it more often than not. From about 55 minutes on they were just going in studs first non stop, it was disgusting

  15. A

    No Cesc Mang?! Traore will play over Silvestre every time too


    Sagna Gallas Vermy Traore

    Cesc Song Denilson

    Rosicky/Nasri Eduardo/Vela Arshavin

    Reckon it’s 50/50 between Ros and Nas, and Edu and Vela to start, rest are pretty much guaranteed

  16. Maksud

    Well we’ll be playing a full strength Chelsea team minus Lampard and Bosingwa. And even though every game is labeled “must win” this one truly is. At least it’s at home!

  17. A

    minus lampard, bosingwa, and drogba maksud. If we don’t win then i’d question our title credentials, but i expect us to win

  18. A

    Nah Mang, I reckon Denilson will almost certainly start, he gives us something more defensively, and gives the midfield more balance, so it’s between Nasri and Rosicky as the wide man opposite Arshavin, and Eduardo and Vela for the central role. It’s a tough one, not sure who I’d pick for either, very strong arguments for both!

  19. ManGoonian


    I just think Denilson is a bit too rusty for this game. If he couldve had one more game before, then yeah. Nasri can do the defensive stuff and he has amazing technical ability too. Then that allows Rosicky and Arshy to flank Eduardo.

    I dont think vela will start either.

  20. A

    oh ok maksud, maybe he will be back, though he certainly won’t be 100% I’d imagine. Hopefully with his not being up to full fitness even if he does start Vermy will deal with him, and we’ll dominate possession and score so many that he won’t get a sniff anyways!

  21. ManGoonian

    Well, considering the crao we have had to take from oppositoon players doing our lot, I think Vermilli and gallas should make sure they leave a few stray elbows in Drogba’s ribs early on…Yeah, that oughta work!

    Nite y’all!

  22. A

    Mang if it was a bit sooner then I’d agree, but I reckon we looked very sharp tonight, and although Nasri CAN do defensive work, it’s very noticable when we’ve got someone instinctively defensive like Denilson in, rather than someone who has to try and be defensively disciplined but is naturally offensive!

    Today Denilson actually played deeper than Song, and I reckon it was a practice for Sunday. Denilson sitting deeper and reading the game enabled Song to go and try and win the ball further forward, without leaving us exposed, and it worked really well, especially in the first half.

  23. Maksud


    Surely everyone is thinking it, we’ve already seen Gallas and Toure go up against him and all the other CBs in the leaague but not TV yet. Glad this one is live here in Cali.

  24. DutchMaster10


    I think you are right, Wenger will select Denilson to sit back and protect again, allowing song to disposses higher up the pitch. Let’s hope it works!

    I personally would start with this line up:


    Sagna Willie TV Traore

    Denilson Song

    Nasri Thomas

    I would rather Traore than fish head. I think AA played his way onto the bench tonight, Wenger chose not to sub him because his confidence is already VERY low, I think Wenger was preying he would score so allowed him to stay on. Theo is simply not match fit so should not start. And finally I have chosen Eddie up top because I think he is always in the right place at the right time; he just needs a goal and he will be on his way again, and with Nasri and Rosicky either side and Fab supporting he will get plenty of good service.

  25. nishanth

    Our injury problems are just mounting.Its fucking ridiculous. When One player comes bakc from an injury another 2 get injured

  26. Pat

    Silvestre should start against Chelsea. He’s looked good this season at CB. Well, he’s a much better LB. Defensively better than Gibbs,imo, but doesn’t have the pace to recover.

    Denilson and Song to start in midfield hopefully. We played our best football at the start of the season with them. Imo, we’re much more solid defensively with both of them.

    Sagna Gallas Verm Silvestre
    Cesc Song Denilson
    Nasri/Rosicky Vela/Eduardo Arshavin

  27. Kreshnik

    Really, really upset with Gibbs injury. I really liked him tonight.
    I thought he would especially do great vs the chavs.
    Song was good, did everything asked of him in midfield and some more (some nice moving forward)
    I don’t like talking about weak players because to me it’s more how their properties (strengths and weaknesses) are applied to the role in the system than just bashing a player, but I do know that he goes missing in action much more comparing to Song, thus the reason one of the posts
    Overall with a game played like this Chelsea would be really hard. Focken Chiellini

  28. zeus

    @ DutchMaster10

    You could not have chosen a worse frontline in my opinion. Eduardo is not pacy and is static, Rosicky nice passing but again no pace, Nasri more or less the same. Thats what gave us problems against Sunderland, no pace or width. Both nasri and Rosicky have a natural inclination to come inside. Neither offer width. Don’t be surprised to see Eboue in this starting line up, I’ll tell you that(not that I’m advocating that).

  29. Geoff

    He may do mimi, just because I don’t rate him though it doesn’t make me a monster, it’s just my opinion, Ethan spent 2 years not rating Ade, then when Ade bad mouthed us, everyone disliked him.

    He has no pace and when he loses out he just steps in the way of the player and gives away a foul, I think everyone has low standards, compare him with Alonso or Vieira and there is no contest, that’s what we should have in there, not someone who is merely better than he was a year ago.

    And to compare him with Essien is delusional.

    He may improve, I hope he does because he’s just been given a huge contract.

    No point in getting hung up on it though, I don’t. You are the one’s that do that.

  30. Gunnersmith

    Geoff you’ve failed to notice that the lad is still 22 you should give him a chance just as you gave Diaby, Walcott,Bendtner

  31. A

    Geoff he doesn’t play the same position as Alonso or Vieira! Compare him to Mascherano, Flamini, Makalele, Gilberto and he fairs very well imo, he’s fast becoming one of the best DMs in the country in my eyes, really stepped up a level the past few games, and I expect him to dominate Essien amongst others at the weekend! Have to wait and see though.

    zeus i agree about rosicky and nasri both coming inside, they’re both naturally attacking midfield playmakers which is why we have no balance if they’re the two wide men, it’ll be one of them, and a more direct forward player, so arshavin will start. Although there’s not a chance in hell of Eboue starting a game at home when we’ve got so many options!

  32. Geoff

    I have given him 4 years already, the other 3 you mention have undeniable talent, though Diaby is a mystery.

    Look I have said a million times I hope he does improve, I really do, I just don’t think he’s there yet.

    As for Eboue, he had an ‘I love God’ shirt on, he then goes out and cheats, does he think God would condone cheating? What goes on in his head???

  33. Geoff

    Okay A, let’s see what he does on Sunday then, if he dominates midfield against a good team, I will re-think my opinion, if he doesn’t though, will you?

  34. ArsenalKenya

    Song is not there yet with the likes of Essien buit has the potential to reach there. I like the way he runs even though slow but is very stable and sheilds himself like a Turkey ready for battle.

    We should be proud of our players no matter WHAT HAPPENS! BUT if they play shit we should not spare them but whack them with our frustrations till they step up.

  35. mimi

    I GIVE UP. It’s no good arguing with you Geoff, you always win, not because you are right but coz its difficult to change your mind once you are set on something. Hopefully Song does well on Sunday, that may improve his standings where you are concerned if nothing else.

  36. Geoff

    bnsb, don’t worry, I watched the game with Pedro last night, he’s a fully paid up member of the Song club.

    mimi, I’m always right, he’s an Arsenal player so I’ll always be behind him, I just think we could have done better and won some trophies by now if we hadn’t kept waiting for players to get good, the chavs don’t, the mancs don’t and even Barca only blood kids sparingly, and only then if they are world class.

  37. SharkeySure

    Did Pedro dig you in the ribs and say listen to that whne the crowd we’re singing ‘We’ve only got one Song’..??

  38. Geoff

    No Sharkey, but he was selling him hard!

    Look when I design an ad campaign for a client, if it’s shit, he doesn’t say well never mind, at least you tried, you can only get better, here’s 20 grand for your trouble.

    And you are improving, maybe next year your ads will sell me some product, I can wait, I believe in you.

    I wished!

  39. dennisdamenace

    I’m with Geoff on this, the lad (Song) has improved vastly. However, and it’s a big however, he has been consistantly so shite for so long that putting his boots on the correct feet would constitute a vast improvement in the fella!

    He has played adequately, sometimes excellently, but more often than not against average opposition.

    Let’s take last nights game as a point in case. That lot were, and make no mistake, at best a mid table Championship team, and yet they could’ve still had three or four goals against us. Two woodworks and a nailed on penalty. Now am I wrong, but isn’t Song’s job meant to be to stop the opposition from playing????

    If a team like that has the freedom to expose our back line that freely, then he had better step his game up on Sunday….

  40. dennisdamenace

    Say what you like, right now Song is adequate, nothing more nothing less, replace him with Essien and we win the league….

  41. SharkeySure

    DDM and Geoff – Song has been good ALL season and half of last season as well.

    If you guys wanna constantly go all the way back to the Fulham away game or whenever then I’m really happy for ya both.

    To say you’re both behind him is laughable. If you were, you’d have been impressed a long time ago.

    Instead of all this ‘he was so bad’, he’s now average, etc etc.

    Anyway, I’ll yellow myself and keep quiet for a bit now.

  42. SharkeySure

    Thats the point DDM….there’s only one Essien, and he doesn’t play for us.

    Do you think that when we had PV4 doing his thing, all the other clubs called their CM’s average just cos they weren’t PV4..??

  43. dennisdamenace

    I get impressed by players like Essien, Vieira, Petit etc etc and he’s no where near that level yet, but the way some of you bang on about him you’d think he’s better than Vieira NOW! FFS I’ve said he’s doing alright, but I refuse to go overboard on a midfield version of Senderos!

  44. Geoff

    Okay so what your saying is I have to be impressed, that’s like saying the Emperor has nice clothes.

    I’m sorry, but I was born with my own mind.

  45. Geoff

    Chipo if I have to keep telling the same people the same thing I’ll go mad.

    They just keep going on, I’ve said my bit. They won’t allow me to not rate him.

  46. dennisdamenace

    At a club like Arsenal, with our history and resources, Song should be Essien’s apprentice, or a player of equivalent standing & ability, he should not be the main man at the moment in such a key position, because that is one of the reasons we have remained trophyless for the past few seasons….

  47. SharkeySure

    The problem people have Geoff is that by not rating him you are not seeing what you should be seeing.

    The people taking umbrage with your stance are wondering why you are acting as if all the good things that we can all see, just did not happen.

    In terms of Emperors new clothes, it seems to me (and a fair few others) that you’re the one who can’t see that he’s naked.

    Those really are my final words on it all.

  48. namibian gooner

    all teams will have chances in any game they play. all teams have chances to score against chelsea with essien playing, so it’s very unfair to say it’s song’s fault liege had chances to score. very team get chances to score in every game they play. simple as that.

  49. Geoff

    You can’t stop yourself sharkey, you’ve said that more times than he fouled the other team yesterday, and you keep coming back for more.

    Why don’t Ramsey, Wilshere and Vela get the chances that Song, Denilson and Diaby have had.

  50. dennisdamenace

    Wenger bigs up the “I will only buy better than what we have” statement, closely followed by the “buying experienced players players will kill the young players”!!!!

    How fucking clever is that, so you’re not after anyone who will improve the team are you, Melo or Alonso would’ve been a massive improvement….