Insincere cheat? That’s rich coming from Cascarino, a cheat, and a wife beater. Brian, get a life.

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Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen is taking the Henry incident up with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and calling on him to arrange a replay of the game.

Brian mate, football and the World Cup is not run by you or the French President, it’s run by FIFA, the rules of football say the referees word is final, that’s what makes football, football, there are no appeals, England didn’t get one in 1986, Germany didn’t get one in ’66 and you aren’t getting one now.

I’m not condoning what happened, Thierry cheated, simple, but as UEFA found out with the Eduardo penalty, if you punished football by video, you would be punishing almost every team in world football every week, every one’s at it, where does it stop?

I think gaining yards at throw-ons is cheating, faking injury is cheating, accepting free kicks and corners when you know they aren’t yours, is cheating, time wasting is cheating, each time a team lost you would have to wait a week whilst a panel went through the game to see who cheated before any points were awarded.

Ireland had two years to qualify for the World cup, not 30 minutes of extra time, it’s over, they’re out, it’s time to move on, if FIFA gave them what they wanted, football as we know it would be finished.

I do believe that bringing in replays like they have in rugby would solve it, it wouldn’t take long, it may even make it more exciting and it would eradicate cheating because they would get caught there and then. Until they do though, we have to live with it.

Mr Ahern (Irish Justice minister), it’s not called soccer, that what the Americans call it, and they got that from the Aussies. We call it football. If you feel really bad about cheating, why don’t you go back and retrospectively punish Tony Cascarino, the wife beating cheat that got into your football teams in 1990 and 1994.

This was in Wikipedia, take a look, it may open your eyes a tad.

However, in contrast to Mick McCarthy and many others who wore the Ireland shirt before visiting the Emerald Isle, Cascarino has openly admitted that he had no right to play for Jack Charlton’s men.

‘I didn’t qualify for Ireland. I was a fraud – a fake Irishman’ he admitted in ‘Full Time – The Secret Life Of Tony Cascarino’.

He was also arrested and bailed in December 2008 for beating up his ex Virginie, just like that other woman beater Stan Collymore, boy Talk Shite know how to recruit don’t they.

So what qualifies you to call Thierry Henry a cheat? And what qualifies Brian Cowen? It’s only cheating when someone does it to you eh?

Time to move on, you’ve been tumbled. Yes it wasn’t fair but that’s life. Let’s just hope this swiftly moves on because it’s getting out of hand and for some reason it seems to be Arsenal’s Thierry Henry, not Barcelona’s, and now Liam Brady has had a pop it seems that the love affair with Arsenal is now over, and thats a shame, I was looking forward to him coming back as manager.

But being lectured by a woman beater get me, blokes who hit women are cowards, Collymore and Cascarino are two of the worst examples of humankind out there and one of them is lecturing the great Thierry Henry.

I don’t remember the Maradona handball causing so much revulsion. Then he didn’t play for Arsenal, did he?

Tomorrow we play Sunderland, I’m looking forward to it, it should show us if we have the squad to challenge, all the ingredients are there, we lose key players, we play away up north in the cold and rain against a big team and finally it’s international week.

That’s a perfect storm, don’t you think?

Have a great day Grovers, one more day to go and we can watch the Arsenal again!

P.S. If anyone has spares in club level for stoke, I know a man who wants them! All other spares welcome! Oh and check out this video for a Friday laugh, many thank Pat!

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  1. ManGoonian


    Erm, not sure i agree with that. This screwing over people, just leads to people becoming more hard faced and not give a fuck about anyone…

    No one gives a shit about anyone as it is, most of the time…

  2. Big Raddy


    To be serious (which is difficult for me, being a born piss taker). It hasn’t always been like this.

    I firmly believe that at base people are good. They have the common interest at heart. Hence we are able to live in communities that are run by the moral codes established thousands of years ago. (12 Commandments etc)

    It is only in recent years that we have seen a breakdown of this, and I blame Margaret Thatcher who started the Me Generation.

    Enough of this. I prefer the smutty stuff….

  3. goonermichael

    Big Raddy
    I would actually say the opposite

    Attilla the Hun, Hitler, Alex Ferguson the list is endless. the good have always been a minority (me and you)

  4. Pat

    I didn’t notice we have some players back.

    Eboue Gallas Verm Silvestre
    Cesc Denilson Nasri
    Theo Eduardo Rosicky

    Arshavin on the bench or in place of Theo. Song cannot be risked cause he’s a yellow card away from suspension…and he’s needed for CHelsea.

    Nasri is good defensively and offensively so he can help out Denilson, who isn’t as good as Song, and Fabregas offensively

  5. zeus

    Great news that we have so many players back today.

    For my team it would be




    Sendy cuz Wenger siad Gallas maybe tired, notbecause I rate him at all.

  6. Big Raddy

    Zeus. That is a very attacking team, and I would be surprised to see AW play such an open game away to dangerous opponents

  7. zeus

    @ Big Raddy

    I know its very attacking, but with Diaby out that only leaves Denilson to partner Song an act as a double anchor in front the back four. After 9 weeks out would Wenger really play Denilson from the start.

    And BTW I think the best Duo to protect Cesc from too much defensive work is Denilson and Song.

  8. choy

    Evening all…Nasri and Rosicky are sure starters, the are fresh,

    also in goalscoring form is eboue, 😆

    Eddie should start as well and I will we will see silvestre making his league debut this season.

    Denilson could partner Fab in midfield, not sure if song will start.

  9. goonermichael

    I called you a hippy earlier Geoaff! I meant the Arsenal players/ manager haters.
    I like BBK he cheers me up funny enough and he’s consistant with a sense of humour.

  10. A

    Mang I’m fine with Traore, don’t see much difference between him and Gibbs tbh! Stronger and quicker but not as intelligent, overall more or less evens itself out for me. Wenger said he was the understudy to Gibbs and he’s been training since the Thursday before the Wolves game along with Vela so I’d be very surprised if he didn’t start

  11. A

    oh ok stu, didn’t know that. Yeah sendy if that’s the case, though Gallas has always played tired in the past! I was thinking he could be rested midweek, along with Cesc

  12. Stu

    Traore is shite a defending. Gibbs may not be great either but he is much better at nipping in to win the ball and doesnt get beaten 1v1 a lot (that i remember). Traore ball watches too much.

    Who plays right midfield for sunderland? Malbranque?

  13. Pat

    Silvestre shits all over Traore when it comes to defending and I don’t see Traore getting anywhere near Silvetre’s level at LB

  14. A

    I’d say that’s an exageration Stu, Gibbs is better one on one, and at reading the game, but Traore is exceptional at getting back when he’s beaten, got a very good recovery on him.

    Yeah Malbranque Stu, he does damage drifting inside though rather than getting down the outside, I’d be happy with Traore up against him!

  15. Rohan

    Traore isnt all that bad.. his pace makes up for a lot of his shortcomings.. isnt he the quickest player at the club after Walcott?

  16. Stu

    Traore may be really fast but i wouldnt be happy with him having to recover all the time. He would eventually get tired and switching off once could cost us a goal.

  17. A

    Stu Kolo built one hell of a defensive career based on recovery pace, many have! I’m happy with him at left back, feel he’s no weaker defensively overall than Gibbs.

    Listening to the press conference I don’t see Gallas being rested, I didn’t interpret him saying he and Sagna played 120 minutes as them needing to be rested

  18. A

    szczesny gone on loan – didn’t realise, should be good for him, hopefully extend it in january for the rest of the season

  19. A

    why Rohan? i don’t think Mannone will ever make it, so happy for him to stay in the reserves and be there as third choice. Got really high hopes for Szczesny so the earlier he’s playing games regularly and developing the better!

  20. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Hey Mayank..

    Sorry missed your message earlier…Very busy with office work…
    which site ru talking abt,the one which highlights with ur name ???

    Its 12.30am here..catch u all guys soon..

    Very important day tomorrow

  21. gunnergetyou

    my team would be


    Ashavin and Walcott as impact subs if required

  22. Emperor Gooner

    well gallas , sagna n arsh are being rested so i think this is gonna be our strtin team –

    eboue senderos vermaelen silvestre

    cesc denilson nasri

    rosicky eduardo vela

  23. A

    We’ve got no idea who’s being rested Emperor! Wenger said that Traore was understudy for Gibbs, so it’d be very weird if Wenger played Silvestre over him.

    I like that front three, hope it happens.

  24. Emperor Gooner

    A , wengers emphasized about galls n sagna playin 120 min , so i dont think they’re gonna start..arshavin might though

  25. Emperor Gooner

    i seriosuly can’t wait for this game..for once diaby isnt there to disturb that beautifyl build up and no matter whom we play ( barring eboue upfront or wing) , is capablle of playing the arsenal way..i’m tellin ya tomorows gonna be a treat

  26. A

    I wouldn’t say he emphasised, he was just asked whether there were any more injuries from the players who he hadn’t seen yet when he spoke to the press the day before, and he just said gallas and sagna are obviously tired after playing 120 minutes, and arshavin is disappointed. Didn’t sound to me like he was saying they’re gonna necessarily be rested, I’d be surprised if they are as they can get a rest midweek and it’s an important game, Eboue played on weds too, so not as if he’s totally fresh. With the forwards though Vela and Rosicky are totally fresh, so I reckon Arshavin could have a rest.

  27. gunnergetyou

    if Traore is our 3rd choice left back, and cant get a game in these circumstances then there is no point in having him at the club.

    I would like to see ramsey start ahead of denilson, as our box-box midfielder. He gives us more going forward and is also quite tenacious.

  28. A

    Nah Reggie, we’ll get more than 4 – those are just the definite scorers, Vela and Eduardo could get a brace each rather than just the one, Cesc, Nasri, or Theo could score too, or Arshavin off the bench! Vermaelen hasn’t scored a goal for a while, he’s due one, Gallas likewise!

  29. reggie57

    I just feel as soon as Eduardo gets a proper goal we will see him return to his most clinical best !
    Here’s hoping!!

  30. Pat

    I think Gallas will play. He’s a CB and could just limit how much he goes forward. Sagna was a standout player for France along with Evra and Lloris. Those 3 got the highest rankings in that game

  31. Big Raddy

    He will be . Right now an interview with Stewart Robson and Martin Hayes. Then a one to one with Neil Banfield.

    Followed by a fans call-in with Tom Watt

    Unbounded Joy

  32. Big Raddy

    Important game for Eduardo tomorrow. He has to take responsibility and lead from the front.

    He has always been the no 2 striker, but not the main man. Time for him to step up.

  33. ManGoonian

    What the fuck was that penalty???

    Cheatin fecking Oirish twats! Where was the media outcry??? The 1000s of super slo mo’s on SSN and the constant stream of fake cockney georgians saying Robbie Keane is a cheating c*nt?

  34. Samir

    Yes indeed where were they?
    Ireland went on to win that game 2-1. Where was the Georgian FA demanding a replay?
    That Ireland’s karma hitting them in the face against France.
    Good riddance they are out!
    Well Done Henry! Bravo.

  35. zeus

    Bobby Mcmahon continues to be a class act. Someone I regularly tune in to read along with Tim Vickery of the bbc the best two bloggers alive IMHO.

    At the start of the season when everyone panned us, Bobby went out on a limb and predicted Arsenal finishing the seasopn as Champions. I like most thought he was having a laugh, but his reasoning throughout seemed to make sense now even though I didn’t believe in it at the time.

  36. ManGoonian

    I have seen 2 different comments from ex Irish pros, proper ones too!¬ Cunningham and Keane, not to mention all the managers and they have all spoke rationally about it and called it how they saw it; Instinct, all players wouldve done it, etc…

    The ONLY cunts going on and on about henry are; Agenda driven hacks, fake paddy ex players and twatty blogs… Oh and the burnley keeper! Now I am gonna give that cunt some stick when we go to Burnley soon… Can’t wait!

  37. ManGoonian


    I am normally really positive before the season starts… Last season, however, I did not see us doing anything…And we all know what happened.

    This summer, I wanted the 2 extra signings that most seemed to agree we needed, but, I still had a lot of confidence in the squad and felt we would challenge… Hopefully we can…

    I thing Andy gray is the ONLY other pundit who rated us and our chances….

  38. Samir

    That Burnley keeper- Brian Jensen slated Henry as a cheat….
    Didn’t anyone see him cheat against Wigan?
    He faked an injury after conceding a nightmare goal…. I call that CHEATING!!!

  39. A

    andy gray?! i don’t remember him rating us – the bloke is a complete tool! I don’t remember a single pundit rating us in fact??

  40. A

    really mang?! craziness, swear he’s never gotten anything right when it comes to footballing matters before, i’m a tad less optimistic if that’s the case!

  41. goonermichael

    I never liked Roy Keane but I’ve just watched his interview. Fucking brilliant. Don’t think he’ll be Ireland manager for a while.

  42. reggie57

    No one rated us at the start of the season,and still every one is writing us off? 2 horse race chavs & mancs the media keep saying and long may it continue becos when we snatch from them the feeling is gonna be orgasmic!!

  43. gnarleygeorge9


    Where does it say we invented the word soccer? You lot invented that word.

    Paradoxally, the origin of the word soccer comes from…you guessed, England. But in order to fully understand what I’m talking about, keep reading ahead.

    The term “soccer” appeared shortly after, being an abbreviation from “Football Association” (from assoc.) and although not as heavily used as soccer, it was a short, light form to describe the phenomenon.

    Reportedly, the man who stands at the origin of the word soccer is Charles Wreford Brown, an Oxford student who always preferred shortened versions of words, such as brekkers for breakfast, or rugger for rugby.

  44. ManGoonian

    How come all the hacks and pundits are only now goin on about our injuries to key players? I have seen quotes from these luminaries about this being the 1st test of our squad etc?

    We have had major injuries to key players all season, i fact, if anything the injuries are just about looking manageable instead of critical!

    How lazy are these effin twats?

  45. Lou

    I thought Roy Keane was hilarious today and I do agree with a lot of what he was saying. Personally i have been amazed at some of the comments I have heard about that incident and have been more than surprised at some of my friend’s views. It seems to me that the British are susceptible to a condition similar to mass hysteria rather like the wave of emotion that swept the country when Princess Diana died. Yes that was enormously sad and the handball was certainly unfair but, as Roy Keane says, cheating is embedded in football and Robbie Keane and his Irish team-mates do it as much as anybody else. To replay the game would be crazy but I understand that people are calling for it as a kind of clear-the-air solution. There will be much cheating this weekend in all games but I guarantee none will be replayed because of it. As Roy Keane says, “It happens, get on with it”.

  46. ManGoonian


    TV aint called Opium for the masses for nothing is it!

    re sooooo easily lead and their opinions swayed by a procession of talkin heads on a TV screen, it is scary! They get their opinions from these dullards soooo fast it never ceases to amaze.

    The WMDs, Princess Diana, henry, hating foreigners, voting on X factor… You name it, these gullible consumer pods will lap up anything the big flat screen i the corner of the room tells em…. Scu

  47. jlp

    Fuck that A
    Canadians call it soccer (not me though) as well or have you just lumped us in the Weirdo bin…
    5-0 to the Arsenal

  48. AA23

    If we lose tomorrow we are going to have an armageddon style slating in the “free” press.
    we’d better fucking win.

  49. gnarleygeorge9


    That was an extract from me googling “who invented the word soccer” In all honesty I though the posh lot called rugby Rah Rah 🙂

    Geoff always has a pot shot @ us Ozzies, & I can’t for the life of me understand why 😆

  50. jlp

    so the secrets out then…. tired of living that lie anyway
    I think Sunderland away is tuff game to get right after the break but feel we have enough to beat them soundly

  51. jlp

    must be all those ohms you been tossing around lately…
    might be bringin you closer to clarity and truth
    mind you …you were a little shabby towards Ed a little earlier
    i hope you didn’t fuck that up;)

  52. YON


    Bench: Gallas, Arshavin, Walcott, Denilson, Mannone, Traore, Eboue

  53. Micky Did It 89

    Gooooood Mooooorning Goooooners.
    We are back in the saddle today.
    Screw internationals, hand balls, placenta treatments, edmond, politics, anything and everything not Arsenal. 3-1 to the good guys.

    (Roy Keanes interview was VERY classy).

  54. Micky Did It 89

    I dont give a rats arse who plays or where. Dont need no DM. We are against a weak Sunderland team, so lets just rip them to shreds. It will make no difference whether we play Nas up left or centre M, or Ros left or right, or AA central or Eddie, or Song or Den or neither, either or both. As far as I’m concerned you can stick Verm up front. Oh and why not play without a goalie. Now that would be very classy.
    We are going to win and thats it.
    Attack, attack, attack.

  55. AA23

    Love the optimism Mickey but they aint a weak team, only chelsea haave done them at home so far this season.
    We can do it but this is a long way from an easy game.

  56. Micky Did It 89

    Morning AA23. I’m just one of those people who wake up each day thinking everything is possible. Then, with each passing coffee, I settle down to reality. You see already I would settle for 1-0 and think we def. need a DM. Boring being real!

  57. YON

    LADIES… we have Walcott, Rosicky, Nasri and Arshavin ALL available for the first time this season. Lets get ready to Rumble!

  58. gnarleygeorge9


    This is the biggest game of the season so far, a must 3 points. Sunderland are going to be tough to topple.

  59. Micky Did It 89

    Kinda agree gnarley. We do need to settle back into our rhythm and winning ways straight away after Int’l week. Must avoid a bad Nov. Although we should not underestimate Sunderland, they are without key players, so we SHOULD win at a canter.

  60. Micky Did It 89

    Gnarley: you are a Charlie fan, yes? Is there video footage anywhere of his ‘V’-sign gesture towards Derby fans. Legend!

  61. Micky Did It 89

    nishanth: we only know one way, and that is to have a go. Attack, attack. The danger is always that this team can have sloppy arrogant days when passes go astray, the movement is not there and a lack of tackling back. Dont want to be pessimistic here after my earlier great start, but while people on here constantly talk about needing this and that kind of player, if we lack anything, it is a strong leader who would never let that complacency creep in. You know, Tony Adams/Roy Keane leader type.