Insincere cheat? That’s rich coming from Cascarino, a cheat, and a wife beater. Brian, get a life.

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Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen is taking the Henry incident up with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and calling on him to arrange a replay of the game.

Brian mate, football and the World Cup is not run by you or the French President, it’s run by FIFA, the rules of football say the referees word is final, that’s what makes football, football, there are no appeals, England didn’t get one in 1986, Germany didn’t get one in ’66 and you aren’t getting one now.

I’m not condoning what happened, Thierry cheated, simple, but as UEFA found out with the Eduardo penalty, if you punished football by video, you would be punishing almost every team in world football every week, every one’s at it, where does it stop?

I think gaining yards at throw-ons is cheating, faking injury is cheating, accepting free kicks and corners when you know they aren’t yours, is cheating, time wasting is cheating, each time a team lost you would have to wait a week whilst a panel went through the game to see who cheated before any points were awarded.

Ireland had two years to qualify for the World cup, not 30 minutes of extra time, it’s over, they’re out, it’s time to move on, if FIFA gave them what they wanted, football as we know it would be finished.

I do believe that bringing in replays like they have in rugby would solve it, it wouldn’t take long, it may even make it more exciting and it would eradicate cheating because they would get caught there and then. Until they do though, we have to live with it.

Mr Ahern (Irish Justice minister), it’s not called soccer, that what the Americans call it, and they got that from the Aussies. We call it football. If you feel really bad about cheating, why don’t you go back and retrospectively punish Tony Cascarino, the wife beating cheat that got into your football teams in 1990 and 1994.

This was in Wikipedia, take a look, it may open your eyes a tad.

However, in contrast to Mick McCarthy and many others who wore the Ireland shirt before visiting the Emerald Isle, Cascarino has openly admitted that he had no right to play for Jack Charlton’s men.

‘I didn’t qualify for Ireland. I was a fraud – a fake Irishman’ he admitted in ‘Full Time – The Secret Life Of Tony Cascarino’.

He was also arrested and bailed in December 2008 for beating up his ex Virginie, just like that other woman beater Stan Collymore, boy Talk Shite know how to recruit don’t they.

So what qualifies you to call Thierry Henry a cheat? And what qualifies Brian Cowen? It’s only cheating when someone does it to you eh?

Time to move on, you’ve been tumbled. Yes it wasn’t fair but that’s life. Let’s just hope this swiftly moves on because it’s getting out of hand and for some reason it seems to be Arsenal’s Thierry Henry, not Barcelona’s, and now Liam Brady has had a pop it seems that the love affair with Arsenal is now over, and thats a shame, I was looking forward to him coming back as manager.

But being lectured by a woman beater get me, blokes who hit women are cowards, Collymore and Cascarino are two of the worst examples of humankind out there and one of them is lecturing the great Thierry Henry.

I don’t remember the Maradona handball causing so much revulsion. Then he didn’t play for Arsenal, did he?

Tomorrow we play Sunderland, I’m looking forward to it, it should show us if we have the squad to challenge, all the ingredients are there, we lose key players, we play away up north in the cold and rain against a big team and finally it’s international week.

That’s a perfect storm, don’t you think?

Have a great day Grovers, one more day to go and we can watch the Arsenal again!

P.S. If anyone has spares in club level for stoke, I know a man who wants them! All other spares welcome! Oh and check out this video for a Friday laugh, many thank Pat!

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  1. bobbygee

    In in american slang Shit happens deal with it. You are right. It is what it is. Tough crap move on. Ireland basically stinks big time anyway it comes to futebol. Just like the Americans suck at it too. Now football that’s a different story. Asrenal needs to come out strong and kick some butt

  2. KM in WALES

    Spain are now top of Fifa rankings.Brazil 2nd. These 2 teams are above the rest of the pack at present.i’d love to see these two play against each other…at the emirates? 😉

  3. insidealbania

    YEah DDM, apparently most of the games being investigated took place in the East Europe, which does not surprise me at all. Here it is common knowledge that teams throw the games in the CL qualifying stage for the owner to make money from betting against his own team.

  4. tonyadamsisgod

    DDM – I’m all over that news what with me working in the industry I do! I’ve already asked my lot if they know what games got fixed. They reckon it will be CL qualifiers.

  5. wardo

    Man G

    Honestly mate – i dnt take things seriously hence the “fella” in my comment. (Altho could have added smiley to get the tone of my message across)

    Just thought you may have read the “Dantes” name comment wrong and thought i was having a dig at you chap……

  6. Stu

    Actually football is called “soccer” in ireland because football here is GAA. (GAA being Hurling, football (our kind), camogie, rounders and handball)

    Also, Saying Ireland didnt deserve to qualify anyway because we had 2 years to do it means fuck all because France had 2 years too and didnt do it. Does that mean neither deserved to go to the world cup, or any team that didnt finish top of their group for that matter.

  7. tonyadamsisgod

    inside – I was just about to say that you must no full well that its going on in Albania! You cant have an account with us without having a big warning on it that says they are Albanian so be careful.

  8. insidealbania

    is that true TAIG? You would never guess being here, you can place bets in every sports cafe here, and most regular cafes. They are connected to some ‘lottomania’ if that means anything to you.
    Betting is massive here.

  9. tonyadamsisgod

    inside – yeah, I mean its not like we tell them there money is welcome here but we do pay them special attention due to the reputation they have with English bookmakers. We used to have a couple of ‘very well informed’ Albanian punters.

  10. izham

    guys the henrygate is getting too boring..all footballers cheats end of especially English players..

    guyz the best game i ever played was CONTRA on NES..hell yeah that was f**ing awesome

  11. wardo

    Man G…..wrong.

    We are the same blogger !!

    Good cop bad cop routine… know the deal 😀

    Mr B, think I came in at the tail end of Edmond’s blogs as it seems he was pissing people off over the last few days…….he’s just a wind up. I have to laugh at a few things tho cause he takes the bait so quickly. Esp when I took the Micky Thomas 89 out of his name.

  12. KM in WALES

    Mr B….lol @ tranny – hilarious! WARDO – yes,i found MIMI’s joke at 10.20 v.offensive.i dnt like the Jewish/Israeli occupation of Palestine but at least i dnt crack jokes abt it. I guess MIMI didnt have the balls to reply to me.And i didnt want to cause controversy on here…

  13. wardo

    has anyone on here (sure the answer is yes) got a blackberry ???

    what the F do you have to do to win the poker game.

    There are only 2 of us on the table now. I have 11.1k She has 6k and is betting $5 -10 then folding.

    At this rate its gonna take a year or so to win !!!

  14. goonermichael

    Has edward woodward died? Shame. that reminds me why did he have so many d’s in his name?

    Cos he’d be calle ewar woowar if he didn’t

  15. SharkeySure

    KM. I sympathise a lot with the plight of the Palestinians, but I just can’t see any offence in that joke.

    Its a light hearted ‘take’ on a delicate situation, which doesn’t seem to be derogatory about Palestininans in any way.

  16. wardo

    TAIG – had a load of shit to go thru (mrs is throwing all my old sh1t away)

    Came across my N64 with golden eye the other day……so wanted to plug it all in but, it would have caused “loads” to mess apparently.

    top top game that one along with Wave Race N64

  17. wardo

    KM – i’m with sharkey 100% on that one.

    I feel for the Palastines I really do. Lots of sh1t that happens is unfair and would not occur anywhere else. Only that there is a strong Jewish presence in the White House that its allowed to go on.

    But the joke was harmless……to be v.offended is taking it a bit too far

  18. izham

    TAIG hell yeah, it’s better in fact the best..too bad i was very young when i played it, so never completed stage 3 (waterfall) although i had 30 lives..i know i sucks haha..MOONWALKER comes in 2nd though

  19. tonyadamsisgod

    Wardo – Sounds like you need to keep that 64 locked away for a rainy day! A rainy day when the Mrs is nowhere to be seen!! I think women have it programmed in their heads to hate all consoles!! I think its jealousy that they very rarely deliver the same level of excitement that a guy can get from capping a mate with one shot using the Golden Gun!!!! 😀

  20. tonyadamsisgod

    Best video game ever is, without doubt, Double Dragon! Fuck my mate used to get annoyed with me beating the shit out of him at the end!! Contenders are Golden Axe and Space Harrier!! All on the mega drive which I never owned!!

  21. wardo

    haha TAIG.

    She said she “didn;t see the point the other day”

    I said I really dont see mor ethan one point to a womens existence………that got me a straight red.

    Best game of all time was on the nes !!! Mario Kart.

    we use to smoke a doobie then try and get the fastest lap on ghost track. 15.7 was the best I think……we used to spend hours on that thing it was good times……….which have long gone

  22. izham

    fuck me..i just googled all the games on NES and came across some of my favourites..GALAGA, BATTLE CITY, EXCITE BIKE, MAPPY AND YIE AR KUNG FU

    How i miss those games..simple 2D games without much complications

  23. nishanth

    Arsenal can confirm that young goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny has joined League One side Brentford Football Club on loan for one month

  24. goonermichael

    Video games

    (caps cos you keep ignoring it)

    zak and wiki
    half life
    umbrfella chronicles.

    All those war ones wont let you be the germans or japs

  25. insidealbania

    Sharkey – watched it last night and thought it was pretty good. Dont want to mess with that crazy girl. Never sure what she was gonna do, also thought it was a good take on a somewhat taboo subject. So good shout, now I am gonna watch the Korean films you mentioned and see how they do. I like Koreans thriller/horror, the one I would recommend is ‘A tale of two sisters’ although you may have seen the newly released American version ‘My sisters keeper’

  26. Mike

    GM i’ll pay your shout some attention.

    I bought my missus mario galaxy for the wii and it was hilarious. I’ve never heard someone swear that much in my life and i’ve been to many different football venue and have played darts in some really rough pubs.

    if i’d put a swear jar in that room we’d have bought our new house a year earlier!

  27. Geoff

    You see Wardo, Edmund comes on, talks about himself all the time and has 3 of you debating him, he has to go, by the way, Manc and Mr B were having a laugh with you, but you see what I mean, he caused all that.

  28. SharkeySure

    INside…I got to a point on that filem and thought….ooh fuck I ainlt suire I wanna watch this.

    But then I stuck with it and thoughtit was fucking brilliant. That girl is also in ‘Juno’…similar character but in an entirely different (almost soppy) context. Not recommneded although I did enjoy it.

    Make ‘OldBoy’ your next one !!!

    I’ll look out for tale of Two Sisters…but will ster clear of the US hash up thanks!!!

    Have a lot atthe blurb for ‘Downfall’, its about Hitler’s bitter end in his bunker. Gripping stuff…although I can’t imagine everyone will enjoy it

  29. Mike

    It’s been a very strange interlull on le grove. it started with everyone, except A, defending ronaldo and fat frank and it finishes with guys, including myself, thinking roy keane is a legend.

    very strange indeed

    le grove – the alternate reality

  30. wardo

    Geoff, he didnt do too much wrong today

    I took the p155 out of his name and he bit pretty quickly . Maybe I’m missing some of the stuff he said previously.

    As for Man G, i sent a message and forgot to stick a 😀 on it so the tone was read wrong.

    You know I have done that in the past.

  31. zee

    afternoon all. will someone please place a couple of placentas in dante’s mouth and saw his arms off. he’ll find that long-term, time is a healer.

  32. wardo


    I beg to differ. He’d get slated so much. I’d predict record comments….

    actually thinking of it, what would the blog be about ?? yeah maybe you’re right.

  33. gunnersthestunners

    Arsène Wenger says he is not a fan of the novel treatment Robin Van Persie is undergoing in Serbia but is happy for the striker to receive it.

    The Dutchman suffered ankle ligament damage in an international friendly against Italy on Saturday and has been given a course of treatment that involves placenta fluid being dripped onto his injured ankle.

    After the initial scare that Van Persie could be out for the remainder of the season, Wenger was relieved to hear it would only be a six-week layoff and despite his scepticism he has no objections to the treatment.

    “I am not a fan,” said the Arsenal manager, “but also I am not a doctor.

    “I have seen a few bizarre treatments. I could tell you a few stories about the treatments; I have enough to write a book on them.

    “But I respect the individual freedom of everybody to be treated how they want to be treated.

    “Since I have been in sport, when I have any guy who is injured, their first reflex is to go to their own country to be treated.

    “Robin is exactly the same – most of the time he is treated first in Holland, because that is where he feels the most comfortable.

    “They had told me he could be out for the rest of the season. But it did not need surgery; the positive news we had is that he will be out for four to six weeks. We count six because we are a bit pessimistic.”

  34. gunnersthestunners

    Arsène Wenger has urged the French Football Federation to offer Ireland a replay of their World Cup play-off and ensure “justice in sport”.

    The Irish have been seething since Thierry Henry’s now infamous handball in the build-up to France’s equaliser in Paris on Wednesday night.

    That goal – scored by William Gallas – eliminated Ireland from the World Cup but the FAI’s appeal for a replay has since been rejected by Fifa.

    Henry admitted on Friday that a replay would be “the fairest solution” and his old boss agreed when the question was posed at Wenger’s pre-match press conference.

    “I feel so, yes,” said the Frenchman.

    “I don’t know [if it is likely], it’s not my problem, I can only give you my feeling. We want to beat Ireland properly and that didn’t happen. It’s as simple as that. At the end of the day you can talk and talk and talk, or you make a decision to replay or not replay.

    “I like justice in sport, and I believe football has a big responsibility today to see how we want international life to go on, and to be an example for people who watch the game.

    “That is part of the values football wants to defend.

    “We have a situation now, and I believe there are only two options: one, that France offers to replay, which I support personally. The second option is that Fifa make a decision on that issue. Can we make sure that doesn’t happen again?”

    Wenger famously offered Sheffield United an FA Cup replay in February 1999 after Kanu collected a throw-in intended to restart play after an injury and set up Marc Overmars for the winning goal.

    Ironically Wenger’s opposite number that day was Steve Bruce – the man in charge of Arsenal’s next opponents, Sunderland. But the Frenchman thinks it’s wrong to compare that FA Cup controversy with this week’s incident.

    “That [controversial goal in 1999] wasn’t because of a referee’s mistake,” said Wenger.

    “It was because of misconduct on the fair-play side from our side. In fact, the problem we had was to get the game replayed as there was no basic mistake rule-wise, on the side of the law.”

  35. Stu

    I thought so to MG.

    I wondered because is someone is suspended for a certain round of a competition and that round is to be replayed would the suspension still stand. So i was curious as to whether the same players would have to be used.

  36. wardo

    dont think it matters if there is a replay even if it is the fairest solution.

    Think Irelands chance has passed and think the French would win convincingly……anyone seen Henry’s statement on the matter ??

    Quite honest imo

  37. insidealbania

    Sharkey I’ve seen Juno and thought it was alright, nothing more. Visitor Q, OldBoy, and Audition have been downloaded and now I just need the time to go through them. Will report back.

    Mangoon thank you for going on about the film, sorry that I complemented the wrong person for the recommendation. I am hope you accept this apology… Shit! I am beginning to sound like Dante!

  38. gunnersthestunners

    Arsène Wenger believes the strain of international breaks will ease next year thanks to a change in the football calendar.

    The Arsenal manager warned last month that November could take its toll on his squad thanks to another round of international fixtures and the onset of fatigue. And Wenger’s prophecy was fulfilled when Robin Van Persie and Kieran Gibbs were injured while representing their countries in the past week.

    For Wenger that was further evidence that the structure of the football season needs to be reviewed. But he has noticed one change for the better – the decision to play qualifiers earlier in an international break to give players more recovery time.

    “I believe the whole structure of the season is not right,” said Wenger.

    “But in the next round of the European Championship qualifiers, there is now a freedom for teams to play on Friday and Tuesday [instead of Saturday and Wednesday].

    “As soon as one team starts to play on Friday, then everybody will.”

  39. Pat

    So, against Sunderland:

    Eboue Senderos Verm Silvestre
    Cesc Song Ramsey
    Rosicky Eduardo Nasri

    Thats my guess if Gallas, Sagna, and Arshavin are rested

  40. Mayank

    Speaking of Hard Candy was anyone else root for the guy?
    I mean apart from the fact he was a paedophile he seemed harmless and the girl was fucking scary.

  41. ManGoonian


    I wouldnt rest too many players, unless they have niggles or injuries, personally. Especially changing the defence too much.

    The players can be rested for the Liege game, I think.

  42. Samir

    Al-right people taking this into account:
    “Denilson is back, Walcott and Wilshere are all available for selection,” said the Arsenal manager.

    “Walcott will be in the squad for Sunderland”.

    Wenger also hinted that he may rest William Gallas and Bacary Sagna after France’s match against Ireland went to extra-time on Wednesday.

    Andrey Arshavin may also be left out of the starting XI after playing in a Play-Off match against Slovenia for Russia.

    What are your predicted teams?

  43. Mayank

    Haha! That has to be one of the most disturbing moments of my movie watching life! Makes the Saw series look like Mortal Kombat!

  44. Big Raddy


    Eboue TV Swiss FishFace

    Denilson Cesc Song Nasri

    Dudu TR

    Bench: Theo AA WG Fabianski Traore Ramsey

    But I have never picked the right team on LG!!

  45. goonermichael

    has the asian film festival on film 4 finished? My wife was watching Kamikaze girls which looked interesting. (especially when you perv over anything oriental like me)

  46. leon

    pat i can garantee there no way wenger put gallas or vern on the bench,its pretty clera that senderos has very little long term future and unless its a carling cup gamewenger wont use him unless someone is injured,however i feel silvest will be better option that troae as defensively silvest is a better and has more experience,troae lots pace and power but not very good defensively

  47. ManGoonian

    I am just concerned about resting gallas AND Sagna… Personally I’d go with;

    Eboue – Gallas – Vermilli – Silvestre
    Nasri – Denilson – Cesc
    Theo – Eduardo – Rosicky

  48. Big Raddy

    You guys like violence don’t you. !!

    What with your movie recommendations and the Games. Seems killing things is the way forward these days.

    The days of peace and love are truly over……. 🙂

  49. SharkeySure

    ManG.. Steal your thunder…?? What sort of thieving cheating guy do you take me for..??

    Do you think I’m Thierrys’ twin..?? 😉

  50. Big Raddy

    Same old GM. Feels like putting on an old favourite cashmere jumper (if you know what I mean).

    How is being with a Japanese girl…. you lucky lucky boy

  51. Rohan

    Anyone on here watches Flashforward ? I had high hopes for it but it’s way too slow and seems like a cheap Lost rip-off. Disappointed really.

    Fringe on the other hand is top, top class.

  52. Mayank

    lol Sharkey, hardly man, I’m 21!
    I’m just saying that the protagonist and the antagonist were not well defined. Call me old fashioned but i like my villains to be wicked for more than the first five minutes of the film. I don’t want to spoil the movie for others s won’t delve too deep into the topic.

  53. ManGoonian


    Its not all black and white dude… Having that blurred distinction between the so called goody and baddy is cool in my book.

    Thats why I loved The Wire. Even the nasty big bosses and the low lifes had well defined characters and flaws as well as the cops…

  54. Big Raddy

    I need to have a bitch……

    A pint of beer costs 8 of her majesty’s finest in this country. A G & T is around 12 quid.

    The cost of getting squiffy is outrageous….. thankfully I can’t hold my booze like I used to !

  55. Mayank

    I’m not a hippie (born too late) but i do think the whole message was missed by everyone because of the sex and drugs… and the in-articulateness of the hippies.

  56. goonermichael

    I was talking to a swede today Raddy. He says he likes the Danish and says the finns are the worst for drinking and being rowdy

  57. goonermichael

    I studied Japanese so I could get to know some. I was well motivated. I was with an English girl at the time.

  58. Mayank

    Rohan, the moive Hard Candy.
    Mang, that’s true but in that case there shouldn’t be such a clear side taken by the director. It has to be one or the other. I mean the guy was never in control and that doesn’t fit his sinisterness.

  59. Big Raddy

    Mayank. The sex and drugs was the point.

    & I am insulted that you would question a hippy’s linguistic ability. The ability to conquer the fairer sex whist under the influence of mind altering substances requires a both a healthy vocabulary and clear diction 🙂

  60. goonermichael

    Raddy beer is cheaper in Japan. I paid £8 a pint but that was in a “british” style pub showing the Blackburn match

  61. Big Raddy

    GM I had a friend who studied hairdressing at the Regent College (not far from your salon, I guess).

    We used to go to the dances together and had a superb pulling record as we were usually the only straight guys there.

    Happy days., and an obvious pointer as to why you chose your profession

  62. Mayank

    GM, I’m neither left or right so i’m not totally against capitalists. I do think it’s a flawed philosophy but the real problem is that the people will ruin even the most pure of systems to give themselves an edge.
    The whole concept of communism was that all men are equal look at how that ended up.

  63. ManGoonian

    Angola are the hosts and are joined in Group A by Mali, Algeria and Malawi.

    Eboue’s Ivory Coast are in Group B with Ghana, Togo and Burkina Faso while Group C is made up of Egypt, Nigeria, Benin and Mozambique.

    Song’s Cameroon team-mates will compete in Group D against Tunisia, Zambia and Gabon.

    The tournament starts on January 10 next year.
    Well Eboue’s group looks a tough one…. Song’s should be easy enough to get out of…

  64. Mayank

    Big R; do you mean that in a Huxley ‘A brave new world’ sense? As for the diction thing yeah that would be true if the girls weren’t high as hell too!

  65. Big Raddy

    Of course I am GM. I am older than God (hope that isn’t blasphemy or racism or bigotry or offensive)

    I used to go to the college balls. Brilliant.

  66. Mayank

    I think it’s more a matter of everything being a vicious cycle. You’ll be less averse to screwing over someone else if you’ve been screwed over yourself. And the chain continues.

  67. Big Raddy

    Your right Mayank. & I am thankful…..

    Greed has everything to do with it. Check out Karl Marx. He had the right stuff before he went to Hollywood and joined up with Harpo and Groucho