Insincere cheat? That’s rich coming from Cascarino, a cheat, and a wife beater. Brian, get a life.

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Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen is taking the Henry incident up with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and calling on him to arrange a replay of the game.

Brian mate, football and the World Cup is not run by you or the French President, it’s run by FIFA, the rules of football say the referees word is final, that’s what makes football, football, there are no appeals, England didn’t get one in 1986, Germany didn’t get one in ’66 and you aren’t getting one now.

I’m not condoning what happened, Thierry cheated, simple, but as UEFA found out with the Eduardo penalty, if you punished football by video, you would be punishing almost every team in world football every week, every one’s at it, where does it stop?

I think gaining yards at throw-ons is cheating, faking injury is cheating, accepting free kicks and corners when you know they aren’t yours, is cheating, time wasting is cheating, each time a team lost you would have to wait a week whilst a panel went through the game to see who cheated before any points were awarded.

Ireland had two years to qualify for the World cup, not 30 minutes of extra time, it’s over, they’re out, it’s time to move on, if FIFA gave them what they wanted, football as we know it would be finished.

I do believe that bringing in replays like they have in rugby would solve it, it wouldn’t take long, it may even make it more exciting and it would eradicate cheating because they would get caught there and then. Until they do though, we have to live with it.

Mr Ahern (Irish Justice minister), it’s not called soccer, that what the Americans call it, and they got that from the Aussies. We call it football. If you feel really bad about cheating, why don’t you go back and retrospectively punish Tony Cascarino, the wife beating cheat that got into your football teams in 1990 and 1994.

This was in Wikipedia, take a look, it may open your eyes a tad.

However, in contrast to Mick McCarthy and many others who wore the Ireland shirt before visiting the Emerald Isle, Cascarino has openly admitted that he had no right to play for Jack Charlton’s men.

‘I didn’t qualify for Ireland. I was a fraud – a fake Irishman’ he admitted in ‘Full Time – The Secret Life Of Tony Cascarino’.

He was also arrested and bailed in December 2008 for beating up his ex Virginie, just like that other woman beater Stan Collymore, boy Talk Shite know how to recruit don’t they.

So what qualifies you to call Thierry Henry a cheat? And what qualifies Brian Cowen? It’s only cheating when someone does it to you eh?

Time to move on, you’ve been tumbled. Yes it wasn’t fair but that’s life. Let’s just hope this swiftly moves on because it’s getting out of hand and for some reason it seems to be Arsenal’s Thierry Henry, not Barcelona’s, and now Liam Brady has had a pop it seems that the love affair with Arsenal is now over, and thats a shame, I was looking forward to him coming back as manager.

But being lectured by a woman beater get me, blokes who hit women are cowards, Collymore and Cascarino are two of the worst examples of humankind out there and one of them is lecturing the great Thierry Henry.

I don’t remember the Maradona handball causing so much revulsion. Then he didn’t play for Arsenal, did he?

Tomorrow we play Sunderland, I’m looking forward to it, it should show us if we have the squad to challenge, all the ingredients are there, we lose key players, we play away up north in the cold and rain against a big team and finally it’s international week.

That’s a perfect storm, don’t you think?

Have a great day Grovers, one more day to go and we can watch the Arsenal again!

P.S. If anyone has spares in club level for stoke, I know a man who wants them! All other spares welcome! Oh and check out this video for a Friday laugh, many thank Pat!

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  1. Charlie

    Henry is my hero and will always be – he did handle the ball but admitted to it. Blame the referee for not spotting it. Good luck arsenal against Sunderland!

  2. freduardo

    also regarding ireland having 2 years to qualify, i think really finishing second in the group was quite good in a group with italy, for a country like ireland. Although topping the group was possible, a playoff place was respectable, and it really did come down to that game in Paris. I agree though that politicians should stay well away. none of their business. and a replay would be impossible imo.

  3. goonermichael

    The headline in The Sun screams ‘Brady Blasts ‘Shameful’ Henry’.

    You probably don’t need Mediawatch to point out that Liam Brady fails to mention Henry by name at any juncture in The Sun’s article. In fact, the only time Brady mentioned Henry at all by name on Tuesday was when he spoke to BBC Radio Five Live and said: “I wouldn’t blame Thierry Henry for what went on.”

    Something’s certainly shameful.

  4. wardo

    freduardo…..i agree with you mate.

    2nd place was an achievement when you had Italy in the group.

    I also think politicians should keep out of it.

    But I do think that the game should be replayed when it is something as bad as this…..Arsenal replayed a game vs Sheffied utd when Overmars scored.

    Also, i do not believe an offside, accidental handball etc would warrant a future game to be replayed.

    Altho, I think if there was to be a replay, Ireland would get beaten 2/3 – 0.

    That night was Irelands chance and I feel gutted for their fans (not Robbie Keane cause he’s not world class – simples as that i’m afraid)

  5. goonermichael

    Hyperbole Of The Day Part Un
    “People talk about Maradona’s Hand of God goal but I’d say that [Henry’s goal] was the biggest injustice I’ve ever seen in sport,” said Niall Quinn.

    “Maybe I feel it more because I’m Irish…”

    Ah, do you think?


    roy keane chatting sense
    what goes around comes around

    Keane told the press: “I’ve been amazed at the commotion that’s been going for the last few days,”

    “I think we’re on about Henry’s handball – of course he handled it – but I’d focus on why they [Ireland’s defenders] didn’t clear it.”

    “I’d be more annoyed with my defenders and my goalkeeper than Thierry Henry.”

    “How can you let a ball bounce in the six yard box? How can you let Thierry Henry get goalside of you?

    “And as the ball bounced in the six yard box I’d be saying ‘where the hell’s my goalkeeper?’“

    Keane also emphatically dismissed any notion of the integrity of the game being damaged, claiming instead the FIA should have a look at their own previous indiscretions.

    When asked if football had been damaged by an undoubtedly tawdry affair, Keane responded: “No, not one bit.”

    “You look over the course of the campaign, Ireland had their chances in the two games. They never took it in the first game, they never performed.”

    “I heard a few interviews after the games where the manager was speaking about none of the players got booked. Maybe that was the problem. Maybe they should have got booked in the first game because we stood off France.”

    “In the second half we had opportunities to score and we didn’t take it.”

    “But the usual FAI reaction – ‘We’ve been robbed!’, ‘the honesty of the game!’”

    “There was one of the group games, I’m sure it was against Georgia, where Ireland got a penalty and it was one of the worst decisions I’ve ever seen which changed the whole course of the game.”

    “I think Robbie [Keane] scored the penalty and Ireland went on to win it.”

    “I don’t remember the FAI saying after the game we should have had a replay.”

    “John Delaney? He’s on about the honesty and integrity of the game. I wouldn’t take any notice of that man.”

    “People forget the last time Ireland were at the World Cup in 2002. People seem to forget what was going on at that World Cup, and that man’s on about honesty.”

    “I was one of the players. He didn’t even have the courtesy to ring me.”

    “He got interviewed and all he said was ‘I don’t know where he is, he’s on the island somewhere I think.’”

    “I’ve been involved with Ireland since I was 15 years of age, and that man didn’t even have the decency to make a phone call.”

    “I think the Irish supporters probably deserve better, I think their manager and most of their players deserve better but I’m not sure the FAI deserve better.”

    “What goes around comes around.”

  7. wardo

    I like Quinny but, Englands was in the quarter final with a team capable of winning the tournament.

    Irelands was in a play off cause they were not good enough to win their group outright vs 3rd or 4th favourite of the competition.

    Quninny – bit of a biaised view imo !

  8. Mimi

    FFS Henry’s was only in a play-off and he didnt score, Gallas did,while Maradona’s was in a quarter final and if it serves my memory right he scored.

  9. freduardo

    yeah France were shocking. dont know how that muppet Domenech is still in charge. it was funny on wed night, the camera kept panning to unused sub karim benzema

  10. freduardo

    re henry not scoring: irrelevant, kanu didnt score vs sheff utd either, it was overmars i think. but Kanu’s fault etc.

  11. freduardo

    and whilst it was ‘only’ a playoff, it did make the difference between possibly going through via a penalty shootout, and going out, of the world cup.

  12. Edmond Dantes

    You guys might have been wondering where have I been all this time. Well, I’ve been in some intense therapy. I’ve made some progress with my shrink.

  13. tonyadamsisgod

    DDM – Im a PS3 man through and through! You can do so much more with a PS3 than an Xbox!! But on a game only basis I wouldn’t bet against most claiming that the Xbox is best.

  14. Mike

    That’s the first time i’ve ever agreed with roy keane!

    That penalty video is a shambles. robbie keane handles it and then doyle 2 foots the guy and ireland get a pen!

    1-0 down after 71mins they were getting nothing from that game until the decision.

  15. wardo

    Mark Gooner…….same as the Scots when they moaned like little girls after the Eduardo incident !!! They dont fucking mind when it goes their way.

  16. Edmond Dantes

    I feel that my therapist has made quite a break-through with me. So there will not be too much AKB talk anymore. Lets all hope I dont relapse.

  17. Geoff

    Edmond you really don’t know when to shut up do you? If you mention therapy, or anyfuckingthing to with the word AKB, you’re in the bin, last chance.

  18. Edmond Dantes

    Mon Dieu! I’ve only been back at the Grove for minutes and already the knives are out. I promise not to offend anybody. I hope.

  19. wardo

    Edmund – you crack me up !!

    The AKB stuff is not the issue from what I’ve read of your comments.

    I am pro wenger and argue my point on this blog all the time (except last month as v busy). I disagree with geoff but have never received a yellow or red for that.

    I think its the bullshit you write that creases palms !! Most people on here are honest on their background in the sense they do not give too much away cause its the internet but, they dont claim to be Barak Obama’s personal assistant either.

    Keep going tho cause its good for a laugh

  20. tonyadamsisgod

    Nick – yeah man! I stream stuff from my PC, put my photo’s on their, get on the tinternet and best of all……I leave in on ‘remote play’, take my PSP out with me and I can control my PS3 and anything that is on on it from my PSP!!

  21. dennisdamenace

    Patrick swayze died, makin it 1-0 to the actors, then michael jackson and stephen gateley put the popstars 2-1 ahead. And now edward woodward has died, that’s the equalizer!!!!

  22. Edmond Dantes


    I would love to continue acting naturally. But its already got me into so much trouble. So from now on, Im going to be a boy scout.

  23. tonyadamsisgod

    DDM – Ha ha, fucking golden!! I used to love the Equalizer!! What a show!! It was even my name when I used to go to Lazer Quest! Fun fucking times!

  24. wardo

    Just be yourself Edmund.

    If people dont like you then that is the way it is.

    Being someone else will not make them like you either.

    You may have to face it that most people will think you’re a dipstick till you grow a pair 😀

  25. Rohan

    XBox 360 For the win, DDM.. don’t let anyone else tell you anything else. 😀
    As for AC, a game that promised a lot, byt fails to deliver in the end. Much like Arsenal over the last 5 years, some pretty stuff but the gameplay is pretty repetitive

  26. wardo

    hey DDM – i’m good mate.

    Yourself ??

    You gotta get COD modern warefare esp, if your mates have PS3’s. All my mates were on the online game last night killing each other….it is such a laugh cause you all have bluetooth headsets and can communicate (basically slate each) during the game.

  27. tonyadamsisgod

    As my friend Starsky once said, “Be proud of who and what you are, be yourself, that’s what’s really cool”


  28. Nick

    Taig Fuck it i just like blowing shit up anyway, ive had all the stations and number three is great.
    like you say its not just a games console now,
    So luddites like me waste the main features 😉

  29. tonyadamsisgod

    Wardo – the best is when you are online with your mates playing COD or Fifa, you dick em and then there’s just silence as they terminated the connection! That’s when you know you’ve fucked em!!


  30. wardo

    DDM….i got that joke ther other day and thought it was well funny.

    Problem is I was left feeling old when I texted alot of my footie mates (they are all around 24yrs old) and had never seen the Equaliser so didn’t ge the joke !!!

    I’m only 31… joke tho 😀

  31. Mimi

    Dante, i told u to shut up about therapy and what not then Geoff came on and told you the same, if that isn’t warning you what is?

  32. insidealbania

    I have to say the PS3 is a big step up, I can only imagine that in 10 years the PS4/5 will be a complete home entertainment center

  33. Nick

    Taig classic stuff “owe no” 😆

    ive been playing mario on the ds my boy got one for his birthday and he aint had a look in 😆 i wish they made mario for the station thats a great game

  34. tonyadamsisgod

    Wardo “Problem is I was left feeling old when I texted alot of my footie mates (they are all around 24yrs old) and had never seen the Equaliser so didn’t ge the joke !!!”

    That’s exactly why I haven’t forwarded it to my mates!! I’m 28, they’re about 27, 26 but I know they wont have a clue about it!

  35. Mayank

    ex-Irish player, Kenny Cunningham;

    “No chance. I don’t even think it’s a question of if Thierry Henry admitted that he deliberately handled the ball or not. It doesn’t really matter. You can call it cheating or whatever. If that’s cheating, I’ve been guilty of cheating about a thousand times during my career.

    “Every time I block off a forward’s run deliberately, every time I pull an opponent’s jersey deliberately in and around the penalty box; that could be construed as cheating. It’s part of the game, it’s understood by the players and it’s accepted.’’

  36. tonyadamsisgod

    Nick – ha ha….’you coward’….

    Think I’ll be puchasing a Wii before long to enjoy some of those classics!! Mario Kart is a must!

  37. wardo

    TAIG……I’m not that good at games. My mates generally beat me.

    But every now and then I come up with a long range head shot or 4 in a row and give it to them big time.

    Especially my fat friend who has a bad temper problem. I always tell him he got shot cause he’s too fat in the game to run……think he want to punch me after last nights match 😀 I called him a fat plick every time i shot him.. haha

  38. Jon Kabira

    The Single Player story in Modern Warfare 2 is a bit OTT though.I like the level Gulag, lots of gameplay variety (and rescuing Capt Price!!).The free running sequence also felt good although the multiplayer is disappointing
    with the absent of dedicated server.I always got high ping resulting in lag!

  39. wardo

    TAIG…..your 28 yo !! Makes a big difference from 31 (32 in jan) my friend.

    You have your PS3 set up with you PC so that you can access all on your PSP !!!!!

    I’ve had my PS3 about 1 year and only just discovered you stream off the internet !!! …..and got caught watching something i shouldn;t by my pregnant fiance…….looking forward to not only ANOTHER DRY weekend but, a very frosty one also.

    I cant help but feel i would have got away with it had i had a PSP !!!

  40. Jon Kabira

    I play on PC btw. Lag is like a slight of delay so in games like COD is not good because when you shoot the enemy it won’t hit them or worse you teleport making it hard to aim etc

  41. KM in WALES

    Roy Keane talking sense.he’s right…but ofcourse his interview wnt be on any backpage…media want sensational news :/

  42. gunnersthestunners

    Arsène Wenger claimed “France is embarrassed” over their progress to the World Cup, as the Premier League’s leading managers forcefully criticised the failure to introduce video technology to the game.

    The Republic of Ireland’s hopes of a place at next year’s tournament in South Africa were dashed this morning, when Fifa confirmed there would be no replay of the match which was settled by a goal scored after the France striker Thierry Henry handled the ball.

    Video of the incident clearly show the ball contacting Henry’s hand twice before he passed it to William Gallas to score the decisive goal. Now both Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson have attacked the absence of video refereeing, indicating that this will not be the last time such controversy arises until a change is made.

    Wenger sympathised with Ireland’s cause today and said the outcome was unacceptable in football, telling Arsenal TV: “First of all it’s very sad for Ireland who played a great game and go home bitter and frustrated. You can understand that. Every single manager and fan in the game has experienced that in football.

    “The second issue, the more important one, is what can football do to make sure it doesn’t happen? Being at the game I saw the referee give a goal knowing that something was wrong and that makes me really sad. We cannot accept that in our sport and we have to do something about it just for the sense of justice. It is quite embarrassing to see. France is embarrassed. There was quite a healthy reaction in that we didn’t play well but won the game with a goal that wasn’t a goal.

    “I have campaigned for a long time that in my mind the referee should keep control of the game but when he wants help in the game he should have that resource available. You can say we cannot sort out all the cases but we have to sort out as many as we can. You cannot accept for the justice and all the consequences to come out of a situation like this that football accepts that a billion people see it, one guy does not see it, and the one guy prevails. It cannot work.”

    Ferguson echoed his Arsenal counterpart’s comments, the Manchester United manager saying: “It will never be solved unless the people who run the game change their minds. It is not a matter of going round every player and coach in the world and asking their opinion because you would probably get the same one. We all think, as I do myself, that technology can play a part. It can help referees. But the stance is that they prefer human decision making. Until that changes, there is nothing you can do about it.

    “My thoughts were for Trapattoni. He has prepared a team magnificently. It was a fantastic performance by them. He could not have asked for better. Then it was taken away from him. It happens. It has denied a couple of our players [John O’Shea and Darron Gibson] that great experience of playing in a World Cup finals. You can’t get a better experience than that. But two weeks ago, Didier Drogba pulled down Wes Brown [in the build-up to the goal in Manchester United’s 1-0 defeat at Chelsea]. There is not the same hullabaloo, which is quite right because this was a major incident.

    “Ireland can’t recover. But does the other incident cost Manchester United the league? It could very well. That is how important decision making can be.”

  43. wardo

    Edmund – i know you say you are a little to honest and at first I thought it was all bullsh1t but, I’m starting to believe your story.

    I mean, if you were going to lie about anything, the first thing you’d lie about is your fcuking name !! I mean Edmund…..

    ….or could it all be a double bluff ??? you know like, you had to come up with a posh name so, Edmund came racing to the forefront of the brains imagination.

    hahah 😆

  44. brian


    lemme dance abit. i know more are to follow like abou

  45. tonyadamsisgod

    Wardo – ha ha, just you just need to do a one off physical link from your PS3 & PSP together via a USB cable so that they can identify each other. After that you can choose to connect via your own secure network or via the internet. Simples.

  46. Edmond Dantes

    When Abou got injured, one of my mates reckoned it was for the best. It felt a bit weird, (him saying that) because never would I want an Arsenal player getting injured. Even Diaby.

  47. Edmond Dantes

    Bring on Chelsea next Sunday and after that Arsenal will be at the top of the table.
    On that note, I may be at Ashburton Grove for that top-of-the-table clash. If Im lucky enough to get my hands on some tickets that is. Its from a friend of a friend who knows somebody…

  48. Edmond Dantes


    You call me Edmund, which is probably pronounced like Ed-mund. Not very posh. Anyway, on the other hand, Edmond is pronounced as Ed-mon.
    So I dare say, “Edmond” is not a bad name at all.

  49. gambon

    Roy Keane is my new hero….;

    “John Delaney? He’s on about honesty and integrity. I wouldn’t take any notice of that man.

    “People forget the last time I was at the World Cup in 2002. People seem to forget what was going on at that World Cup. I was one of the players, he didn’t have the courtesy to ring me. He got interviewed and all he said was ‘I don’t know where he is’.

    “I’d been with Ireland since I was 15 years of age and that man didn’t even have the decency to ring me. He could have phoned me, tried the hotel room.

  50. Jaguar

    FFS,Wenger says Diaby could play against Chelsea.Why the heck didnt he play for France against Ireland and get crashed out of the world cup.

  51. gunnersthestunners

    Arsène Wenger says he is “delighted” with his most recent addition to Emirates Stadium.

    Citroën, the Club’s official car supplier, has recently installed bespoke leather seats to the dugouts at Arsenal’s home.

    The new sports-car style seats feature the Club crest and Citroën’s new logo and were installed before the 3-1 win over Birmingham in October.

    The seats fit into the overall design of the stadium and are as stylish as the attacking brand of football the Arsenal team regularly display at Emirates Stadium.

    Since their installation the Gunners have won all three home games and Wenger is pleased with the comfortable new seats, which were carefully produced by Loughborough based Auto-Kit international.

    “We are delighted with the new Citroën dugout seats,” he said. “They are a real improvement and very much in keeping with the overall stadium design”

    Since 2008, Arsenal staff, management, coaches and players have been enjoying a fleet of award-winning Citroëns, including the stylish new C5, smart C4 Picasso and practical Berlingo Multispace.

    Citroën’s spacious LCVs have also proved equally helpful, transporting training equipment to matches all around the country.

  52. Edmond Dantes


    I will have to tell you about the “Dantes effect” sometime. Ladies swoon in ecstacy at the mere mention of my name.

  53. ManGoonian

    Arsenal (from): Almunia, Sagna, Vermaelen, Gallas, Silvestre, Rosicky, Song, Fabregas, Nasri, Arshavin, Eduardo, Fabianski, Vela, Traore, Eboue, Denilson, Ramsey, Senderos, Wilshere, Walcott.

  54. Edmond Dantes

    Guys. Im outta here. Till next week.

    (Ps. You may have noticed that I’ve been a bit subdued today, but thats been quite intentional on my part. Im trying not to offend anyone. Hence, I must now restrict myself to boring comments mostly.)

  55. ManGoonian

    FFS Edmond!

    You doint get it. Its all your waffle about YOURSELF having to sybdue yourself, as if you are some kinda renegade!

    Your posts are BORING! Constantly goin on about yourself.. Usually whenh one goes on about oneself, you try to make the stories, interesting anf funny, however, with you?

    Fuck me!

  56. wardo

    Edmond….laters ! have a good w/e.

    Would have responded with banter but was busy in work.

    Did laugh at the name comments tho……all the best.

  57. Rohan

    Moving on, slightly off topic, but does anyone on here play World of Warcraft.
    I used to be a fecking addict a few years back, then stopped, but have got hooked on again… ( sigh )

  58. ManGoonian

    I am not allowed violent computer games Rohan….

    The shrinks at the secure unit where I am temporarily staying say it makes me angry… They said they wouldnt like me when I am angry….

  59. wardo

    Mangoon and Mr B,

    Cant you see that Edmond is a wind up ??

    Dont let ppl p155 you off on a blog. Not worth it fella’s……

    I’d suggest banter back or ignore him if you’re getting p’d off. Its all a laugh and most importatnly, its Friday.

    Need DDM to crack a few more jokes i think 😀

  60. wardo

    Man G @ 14:21

    How am i making you , nick and mr B feel bad.

    Edmond’s name comments were directed to me. If i choose to not bite and take the bait that my choice.

    Dont get on my back fella

  61. Mr B


    we are just having a laugh too. not like we take ED seriously. Thats what we ment to show him that we dont take him seriously.