Insincere cheat? That’s rich coming from Cascarino, a cheat, and a wife beater. Brian, get a life.

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Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen is taking the Henry incident up with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and calling on him to arrange a replay of the game.

Brian mate, football and the World Cup is not run by you or the French President, it’s run by FIFA, the rules of football say the referees word is final, that’s what makes football, football, there are no appeals, England didn’t get one in 1986, Germany didn’t get one in ’66 and you aren’t getting one now.

I’m not condoning what happened, Thierry cheated, simple, but as UEFA found out with the Eduardo penalty, if you punished football by video, you would be punishing almost every team in world football every week, every one’s at it, where does it stop?

I think gaining yards at throw-ons is cheating, faking injury is cheating, accepting free kicks and corners when you know they aren’t yours, is cheating, time wasting is cheating, each time a team lost you would have to wait a week whilst a panel went through the game to see who cheated before any points were awarded.

Ireland had two years to qualify for the World cup, not 30 minutes of extra time, it’s over, they’re out, it’s time to move on, if FIFA gave them what they wanted, football as we know it would be finished.

I do believe that bringing in replays like they have in rugby would solve it, it wouldn’t take long, it may even make it more exciting and it would eradicate cheating because they would get caught there and then. Until they do though, we have to live with it.

Mr Ahern (Irish Justice minister), it’s not called soccer, that what the Americans call it, and they got that from the Aussies. We call it football. If you feel really bad about cheating, why don’t you go back and retrospectively punish Tony Cascarino, the wife beating cheat that got into your football teams in 1990 and 1994.

This was in Wikipedia, take a look, it may open your eyes a tad.

However, in contrast to Mick McCarthy and many others who wore the Ireland shirt before visiting the Emerald Isle, Cascarino has openly admitted that he had no right to play for Jack Charlton’s men.

‘I didn’t qualify for Ireland. I was a fraud – a fake Irishman’ he admitted in ‘Full Time – The Secret Life Of Tony Cascarino’.

He was also arrested and bailed in December 2008 for beating up his ex Virginie, just like that other woman beater Stan Collymore, boy Talk Shite know how to recruit don’t they.

So what qualifies you to call Thierry Henry a cheat? And what qualifies Brian Cowen? It’s only cheating when someone does it to you eh?

Time to move on, you’ve been tumbled. Yes it wasn’t fair but that’s life. Let’s just hope this swiftly moves on because it’s getting out of hand and for some reason it seems to be Arsenal’s Thierry Henry, not Barcelona’s, and now Liam Brady has had a pop it seems that the love affair with Arsenal is now over, and thats a shame, I was looking forward to him coming back as manager.

But being lectured by a woman beater get me, blokes who hit women are cowards, Collymore and Cascarino are two of the worst examples of humankind out there and one of them is lecturing the great Thierry Henry.

I don’t remember the Maradona handball causing so much revulsion. Then he didn’t play for Arsenal, did he?

Tomorrow we play Sunderland, I’m looking forward to it, it should show us if we have the squad to challenge, all the ingredients are there, we lose key players, we play away up north in the cold and rain against a big team and finally it’s international week.

That’s a perfect storm, don’t you think?

Have a great day Grovers, one more day to go and we can watch the Arsenal again!

P.S. If anyone has spares in club level for stoke, I know a man who wants them! All other spares welcome! Oh and check out this video for a Friday laugh, many thank Pat!

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  1. tonyadamsisgod

    Theres only ever been one Pedro.

    Fair post Geoff!! I think We’ll see the 4th & 5th referees used at the WC like in the Europa Cup.

    Oh and for the really good news…..Denilson is BACK!!

  2. Ooby

    Replay is the last thing we need. What if they agreed and, say, Gallas got a bad injury. Can you imagine the legal ramifications.

  3. tonyadamsisgod

    Gunnersmith – I’m at work and my PC is literally about 15 years old!! And I would imagine that our internet connection is fucking terrible!! Honestly, I’ve nearly quit over the conditions I have to work in!! Luck I guess.

  4. rico

    Morning all

    Denilson, Fabianski, Traore and Vela are all off the sick list as confirmed by AW – I hope Vela gets a chance now, as well as Eduardo..

  5. Jerseygooner

    Get in there taig,

    Morning All,

    I see Theo is being lined up for CF on Tuesday. I reckon he would be great there. and lovely to see that Eddy has committed.

  6. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    i am at work ,with a slow PC, with lots of office work in parallel
    My connection sucks….its very unstable.

    I agree with Tony there, It is all about LUCK

    Dont worry gunnersmith, YOUR time will come to consistently be at Top….

  7. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Good post Geoff,

    and i absolutely agree with u on that last para….

    ” all the ingredients are there, we lose key players, we play away up north in the cold and rain against a big team and finally it’s international week.”

    With SO MANY conditions against US,it Definitely is a huge challenge for us to overcome and win,inshallah

    Common Arsenal

  8. Gunnersmith

    Phil Brown getting humiliated
    someone posted this earlier i found it really amusing


  9. AngeAusArsenal

    All the sports news down here is about the handball.
    All they need to do is bring in replays, you cant blame TH14 for acting instinctively and doing what he’s trained to do.

  10. tonyadamsisgod

    “germcbear14 Says:
    November 20, 2009 at 09:26

    i just don’t understand how this bollox gets so many hits and comments, are my fellow arsenal fans that fucking retarded ????”

    A very well structured argument germcbear14. Well done.

  11. Pedro

    He wears 3 quarter lengths according to his profile picture… that tells me enough to know his preferences on taste don’t matter.

  12. Gunnersmith

    what would life had been if henry had not handball, nothing to blog about boring boring blogging henry’s handball is really a blessing at least we have something to cure the interlull sickness cos it’s really killing me

  13. germcbear14

    Guys, I’m sorry… but people have been ripping it out of me lately because I’m a little bit tubby and I wear 3/4 lengths to school.

    Look, I’m sorry for acting a twat, I’ll leave you in peace.

  14. signori

    great post…is this hullabaloo all because Henry is a former ARSENAL player? i hate to imagine how it would have been if he was still playing for us…

  15. Gunnersmith

    A man was in his front yard mowing grass, when his attractive blonde female neighbor, Judy, came out of her house and went straight to the mailbox. She opened it, then slammed it shut and stormed back into the house.

    A little later she came out of her house again, went to the mail box, and again opened it and slammed it shut again. Angrily, back into the house she went.

    As the man was getting ready to edge the lawn, she came out again, marched to the mail box, opened it and then slammed it closed harder than ever.

    Puzzled by her actions the man asked her, “Is something wrong?”

    To which she replied, “There certainly is! My stupid computer keeps saying, YOU’VE GOT MAIL

  16. germcbear14

    Oh, and by the way… Le Grove is amazing and in retrospect, Thierry made the correct decision.

    Lets be honest, Ireland were going to bomb in the World Cup anyway… it’d be like giving Eric the Eel a place in the Olympic swimming team… a bit of a waste!

  17. Barndoor Bendtner

    Good post. It certainly gets on my tits (man boobs) with the so called experts with their sanctimonious rants. Get over it. It was just a handball that he got away with…its not like he took his fists to a woman is it TC??
    As for Germcbear14…. if we didnt defend our heroes TH14 would have been lynched in the market square in Dublin by now.

  18. Big Dave

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz boring about Henry, we need to remind twats like Brazil that henry don’t play for us anymore, stop mentioning us he plays for barca you cock

    Blame the powers that be who should bring in video t to stop all this crap, it wont slow the game down it takes second’s

  19. Ooby

    I think the English invented the term soccer as a nickname to distinguish it from Rugby Football. Doesnt it have something to do with the word “Association”? However Rugby Football was shortened in use to Rugby so football became the common term for our game again.. Any nations who still have the conflict of names still refer to Football as Soccer. The inference of course being that football/soccer is not their primary sport. So we invented term soccer – it’s soccer am isnt it.. Is it a big deal, not really imo. Not a fan of Gailic Football but Hurling is fucking mental, brilliant game.


    the reaction to thierry has been a disgrace, from politicians, media and that cunt myles palmer

    i was down the pub the other night……..

  21. brian

    i completely agree with ur post. how many players would not have done that to give their teams a place in the world cup? it was a handball. he also accepted. doesnt make it right but its already done. remember him talking about being denied an FA cup coz of the same?

  22. Gunnersmith

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  23. RayGooner

    Just a quick look at what Arsenal has done (with Wenger) during each month period combined:

    Total Results during the month of August:
    62 42 10 10 131-49
    85 52 23 10 167-72
    78 45 21 12 159-76
    87 43 17 27 146-109
    90 46 28 16 150-92
    83 51 24 8 162-65
    74 36 21 17 116-74
    77 49 16 12 130-50
    79 48 20 11 156-64
    48 27 9 12 88-50

    And finally, our stats against Sunderland (all time)
    135 games played
    51 games won
    36 games drawn
    48 games lost

    (It’s surprisingly close isn’t it….)

  24. tonyadamsisgod

    I’m so disappointed with Henry.

    As the years have gone by his performances have been getting worse and what happened last night is the final straw.

    I’m getting a Dyson tomorrow.


  25. Gunnersmith


  26. Mike

    eboue seems to be adding to friday joke day

    “We have a lot of youngsters, so a player like me has to be ready at all times to use his experience and set an example.”

    the headline to the article gave me chills too.

    Emmanuel Eboue ready to fill in the gaps as injury crisis rocks Arsenal

    just stick to RB please.

  27. Jerseygooner

    A boy gets home from school at 7pm
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    “Wash your hands son” Says the Dad “Those are fuckin’ donuts!”

  28. SUGA3

    morning y’all 🙂

    top post, agreed 100%

    Pedro, Geoff – I am yellow carding myself in advance:


    fuck off, pencil dick, site gets so many hits, ‘cuz it’s da shiznit 😉

  29. Mimi

    Casarino is a cheater? Didnt he get Virgini pregnant while he was still married to his 2nd wife? If that isnt cheating then i dont know what is.

  30. Nick

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    The little old man climbs up onto the stage, takes hold of the
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  31. Mike

    ray great work – to compare your stats

    month pld pts pts/game
    Aug: 62 136 2.19
    Jan: 83 177 2.13
    March: 77 163 2.12
    Sep: 85 179 2.11
    April: 79 164 2.08
    Oct: 78 156 2.00
    May: 48 90 1.88
    Dec: 90 166 1.84
    Feb: 74 129 1.74
    Nov: 87 146 1.68

    i realise some of the games would be cup games but it makes the comparison simpler to award the points as if it was league.

    surprised january is so good. warped by easy early FA cup ties?

  32. j

    Chippy wasn’t having a pop at titi…, he said that he didnt blame him. The tabloids have simply twisted it.
    What he said.

    ‘I wouldn’t blame Thierry Henry for what went on. I would maybe look at what happened three months before and the fact that these seedings for the play-offs were made to favour the bigger teams. I would ask why that went on’.

  33. RayGooner

    Yes Mike, January does have some easy F.A Cup ties in there, but my worries is that we’re not doing well in November and December, hopefully we will make those stats better this season, right?….

  34. Mike

    yeah i think we’ll sort it out this season. it amazes me that a simple tweak in the formation has suddenly given us so much more options and depth.

    we had more players last season but seemed short if one or two guys were missing

  35. Mimi

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  36. RayGooner

    The Scots need to stop picking on Arsenal (and ex-Arsenal) playrs and start up their game instead!

    Maybe the Scots were the better team in the 2nd leg but France were by far the batter team in the 1st leg, so justice was done!

    Henry is still “The Master”, no matter what!

  37. mayank

    A rematch wont do any harm. An exception can be made and if it has not been done in the future doesnt mean that it cant be done now. There is always a first time mate.
    BTW Sabeel, r u indian. Nice to c a fellow gooner who is an indian. Visit our portal sometime..

  38. Tee Jay

    Well as far as i am concerned this such things happen in football,its like you are fighting somebody real fight and you now complain that it bite!what did you expect to play with you or what,biten is part of fighting,and in footbal you can anythings and get away with it if the ref or lines man does not see you,in football of today so many things happen expecialy in EPL we saw so many things you called cheat but the player got away with it,even ref saw many of those cheat but they ignore it in other not to cause chaos,please football lover advise FAI to wait for next has happen it will not repeat next time.

  39. TheGroverFormelyKnownAsTH14untilSomeoneStoleMyUsername

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    ‘Yes I am… How did you know?

    He winked and whispered, ‘ Hickory dickory dock…’

  40. Pedro

    Mayank, there is something very wrong with replaying a game because a few noses were put out of joint.

    Where would it stop?

    A game being replayed because a goal was offside?

    It would be a farce…

    Edmond, you can blog again… one sign of you kicking off and you’ll get a lifetime ban.

  41. Davi

    I think this is the best article I’ve read on the subject.
    Yes, henry cheated, and eduardo cheated, but so did all the others. I think if we want to turn this into a real conversation we cant be making excuses for the players affiliated to arsenal, but simply making the points on the hypocrisy.
    One thing that really disgusts me though is the way I heard that radio station twice yesterday in my car, 2 different programs for about 20 minutes each, and 2 different hosts wanted to portion some of the blame for what henry did on arsene wenger. They are shameless in their attacks on arsenal.
    Henry wasnt an angel at arsenal, but he never outright cheated like that from what I can remember. Arsene on the other hand actually got a match replayed because of the way we won a particular match. The man is pure class. Hes the only manager of a big team that I know of to actually openly talk about one of his own players diving (eboue, CL final) and yet they are willing to claim that wenger didnt direct him well enough as a young man, and that’s why he’s willing to cheat now! It’s disgusting.
    Henry changed a bit imo when his marriage broke down. You could see a difference in his attitude in his last season or so with us, and I think he has now taken that spanish mentality of “if I dive and the ref gives the pen, then its the ref’s fault and not mine” – (explained to me by Guillem Balague :))

  42. Arsenal Tom


    nice name, very very catchy mate! wont be long before someone’s had that one as well!! 😉

  43. gambon


    Cant believe you pulled out the “Jazz Chord” joke. Was hoping i wouldnt have to hear that again!

    Flying to Dublin in the morning for a lash up…

    Sooooo tempted to wear my Henry 03/04 shirt!

  44. TheGroverFormelyKnownAsTH14untilSomeoneStoleMyUsername

    Thanks ATom
    The absolute best Little Johnnie joke
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    “That’s great”, said Little Johnnie,”coz he’d be fuckd if he needed glasses”.

  45. RayGooner

    Everybody cheats, one time or another, why Henry didn’t cheat at all when he was at the top of his game was simply cause he didn’t need to do it, the opponents couldn’t catch him anyway.
    Now he’s a bit older and slower (not by much though) and even he has to cheat sometimes, but no one really plans for that, it just happens sometimes, for everyone at one point, that’s a fact!
    And there are many ways to cheat in football, not just by diving…(just look at Sir Alex Ferguson)

  46. TheGroverFormelyKnownAsTH14untilSomeoneStoleMyUsername


    An old man, Mr. Wallace, was living in a nursing home.

    One day he appeared to be very sad and depressed.

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  47. Arsenal Tom

    i cheated last saturday in my leage game when tackled a bloke and it should have been a corner but we got a goal kick and i didnt own up!!

    im going to hell

  48. Pedro

    GS, he e-mailed in and said he’d be good… Jesus is well and truly part of my life these days… it says something in the bible about letting bloggers back on who’ve repented.

    TAIG, I hope you’ve written to your local FA offering a replay!

  49. RayGooner

    Only way to stop any cheating whatsoever would be to have no rules at all, that way you couldn’t cheat them…
    In some strange way i don’t think that would make the game any better…would it?

  50. Mike

    vermaelen may give drogba a kicking but i don’t fancy his back up of arshavin, theo and nasri vs ballack, terry and mikel if it gets over physical 😉

  51. Arsenal Tom

    our players would be too quick to get caught! run in quick kick in the bollocks then out again before they know who did it! i bet RVP can be a vicious bastard when he wants to be as well

  52. Big Raddy


    I am not a political animal but….

    why didn’t they give the job to Gordon Brown. He could bankrupt the EU as well and thus bring parity to the UK.

  53. RayGooner

    We have now played 19 games this season and our top goalscorer is Fábregas with 9 goals…

    The highest goalscoring record after the first 19 games is from the 1996/1997 season and it is a bit higher…

    Ian Wright scored 18 goals in the first 19 games that season! Amazing!

  54. KM in WALES

    Plz enough of the Henry handball. Lets talk abt Arsenal matters. Was looking at Youtube clips of Diaby & Nani last nite…its amazing how good even avg players can look thanks to slick editing 🙂

  55. Rian O Ceallaigh

    Am…We got “soccer” from the americans???

    We call it soccer because our NATIONAL game is foootball or Gaelic as we call it

  56. RayGooner

    Looking back on my “Month by month” stats it’s quite impressive to see we have only lost 8 games during the month of January stretched over a run of 13 seasons(!)

  57. Arsenal Tom

    i cant wait for the chav game now they’ve got a few injuries to even it up a bit! not to mention im on a 4 day bender at butlins!

  58. ArsenalKenya

    Human placenta therapist Mariana Kovacevic could be put out of business – despite helping to cure a host of Premier League stars.

    Mirror Sport can reveal Serbia’s Minister of Health, Tomica Milosavljevic, has ordered a full investigation into her clinic and whether she has got a medical licence.

    Kovacevic’s offices in a Belgrade shopping centre have been visited by Arsenal striker Robin van Persie and Liverpool’s England full-back Glen Johnson this week.

    She boasts her bizarre methods of injecting human placenta fluid into the injury speeds up recovery. The claim has sparked interest from all around the world.

    But Serbia’s health department now want to nvestigate what qualifications she has and working conditions at the clinic.

    Two health department workers were sent to the office yesterday – and left without being able to gain entry. They are now trying to trace Kovacevic.

    Locks were put on the office and it appears the clinic has been shut down until the investigation is complete. The department says there is a widespread problem of unlicensed therapists.

    Arsenal striker Van Persie has claimed Kovacevic’s methods have already helped him, while Johnson and Liverpool team-mate Fabio Aurelio are both expected to play this weekend.

    It is believed human placentas are shipped in from Russia and fluid is then injected and rubbed into the injuries.

  59. KM in WALES

    Mimi @ 10.20 – are u a Jew?? Agree with the comment that Chelsea are a very strong team in terms of physical strength and yes if it came down to a battle of strength rather than skill we could be in trouble,but it’l be interesting to see how cope with that if it happens.

  60. Arsenal Tom

    i think having vermaelen and gallas at the back has toughened our whole team up, song can hold his own physically and fabregas has been around long enough and isnt scared of anyone rosicky and arsh are the same… too old in the tooth to be worried about a battle.

    essien, JT and mikel are the only ones who will wanna get “physical” maybe ballack to if he’s fit

  61. RockyPires

    Hopefully Jack Wilshere, a player we were linked to Pjanic is doing very well at Lyon, he is a bit like Pires but would not demand a massive transfer fee, would have being an ideal Rosicky replacement.

  62. Arsenal Tom

    lol rocky

    i think jacks, got everything about him to be the next anyone really! cutting in from the right on his left foot he’ll be banging them in from anywhere in a few years

  63. KM in WALES

    Hope we dnt lose any more players against S’Land and i’v got a feeling that Wenger is going to play Diaby against Chelsea to match upto them in physical strength…..

  64. gunnersthestunners

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has confirmed that he gave his blessing for Robin van Persie to travel to Serbia to receive treatment on his injured ankle but revealed that he has reservations about the unusual use of placenta fluid to treat the ligament damage. The Dutch international spent two days receiving special massage therapy from Mariana Kovacevic in her Belgrade clinic after hearing of her methods from compatriot Orlando Engelaar.

    Speaking to Arsenal’s official website, Wenger revealed his take on the situation:

    “It is true, although I must say I’m a little bit sceptical about it.

    “You want to give all your players the maximum potential to recover as quickly as possible. He went there for two days which doesn’t stop him healing.

    “If it works it is fantastic, if it doesn’t work it doesn’t do any harm.”

    Reports this morning claim that Kovacevic’s clinic has since been found padlocked by Serbian health officials keen on checking the credentials of the forty-something housewife.

  65. gunnersthestunners

    Arsene Wenger has called for changes in the regulations after France’s World Cup play-off win over the Republic of Ireland this week.

    The Arsenal boss has admitted he was horrified at the manner of his fellow countrymen’s victory in midweek as they claimed a place at next summer’s World Cup finals in South Africa thanks to William Gallas’ extra-time goal – which was set-up by a blatant handball from former Gunners captain Thierry Henry.

    Wenger claimed France can take no pride in the way the manner of their qualification and has called for FIFA to introduce new regulations and technology to ensure there is not a repeat of a similar incident in the future.

    He said: “All the stadium has seen the handball, but the referee hasn’t. This isn’t the French way and football should learn from this.

    “We qualified by the back door like Portugal. Our qualification resembled that of Portugal. A bad start, a lack of confidence and we got through with a very uncomfortable feeling.

    “The goal we scored was hard to swallow if you were in the opposite camp. We would have preferred to qualify in a different manner.”

    Speaking about Henry, Wenger added: “I have spoken to him after the game and he knows it was not correct but it is up to the referee also to stop the play.

    “In the end we qualified because of a referee’s mistake, the strength of a wrist and also the clumsiness of the Irish in front of their goal.”


    I don’t see the big deal with calling a Pakistani a paki,,,, Its just the same as calling an Australian an Aussie, a Scotsman a Scot or a Frenchman a Cunt!!!!!!

  67. Mimi

    “In the end we qualified because of a referee’s mistake, the strength of a wrist and also the clumsiness of the Irish in front of their goal.” This sums it up

    The BLAME should be shared!!


    At the end of the day we should of burried them during the 90 mins, we were all over them, we’ve only our selves to blame. But I do agree with you Mimi we were sloppy in front of goal

  69. tonyadamsisgod

    Mate, get the 1st one, play that and then get the 2nd one! Fuck me, I wish I could have an Assassin’s Creed marathon like that!! Crazy good!!

  70. wardo

    DDM – not played that but am hooked on Call of Duty – modern warefare 2

    it is awesome…..both in game and online modes

  71. rob green

    Great graphics on assassin’s creed but it’s a boring game.

    Modern warfare 2 is the best game out there!! It’s brilliant!!

  72. TheGroverFormelyKnownAsTH14untilSomeoneStoleMyUsername

    How many countries do you think Le grove is read in?
    Sotuh Africa for sure

  73. freduardo

    just a note re dermot ahern, football is often referred to in ireland as soccer, as gaelic football is probably the bigger sport. it’s not an american thing.

  74. KenyaGunner

    Morroco are last in their group (WC and Africa Nations Cup) qualifiers…

    This means that Numbchuks wont be heading to the AfCON in Jan…and the draw is later this afternoon.

    Wenger can buy him in on the cheap in Jan and if RVP and every one else is fit in Jan we can loan him back to Boardeaux…

    just an observation..