Van Persie has babies injected in his foot.

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Like in a scene from a horror film sicko Robin Van Persie will have a placenta implant in his ankle performed at Frankenstein Castle in Serbia. His agent Brian Karloff, grandson of the legendary actor Boris has confirmed that his starlet is meeting with Dr Frankenstein’s assistant manager, Igor, in a bid to speed his recovery from his run in with ugly Italian centre back Giorgio Chiellini.

Frankly I don’t care if he had two youth players sewn into his foot as long as he’s back in our front line before Christmas, if that were to happen though, my guess is that we wouldn’t be buying another forward in the window, which of course would save project youth.

One thing that a number of you said yesterday is we didn’t need another forward, we needed a centre back and defensive midfielder before we need a forward, I sort of agree with that kind thinking, sort of.

Talk of Eduardo wanting out because of his lack of starts is complete bollocks, he’s had limited starts because he’s been injured, I expect Robin to be replaced by Eduardo, simple as that. Or he may switch Arshavin to the middle with Rosicky or Walcott on one side and Eduardo and Vela on the other.

He may even put Diaby in there, and although some of you are quaking with fear at that thought, I think that may be the answer against Sunderland, a bit of height.

As long as we don’t see Eboue re-appear on the right wing, I’ll be happy to see any new line up. I do have a question though Arsene, when you said having Rosicky and Eduardo back would be like having two new players, did you mean like having two new injured players? Because everytime Rosicky plays, he seems to miss the next four, is he Ledley King in disguise?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Rosicky, but blimey, when do we get to rely on him being in the team, you know, like Vermaelen or Gallas, if one of them were injured, we be in major league trouble.

It’s obvious that Senderos has no future, so why don’t you just sell him and get a replacement, or try him as a defensive midfielder, seeing him in the squad and getting paid makes me sad and pissed off at the same time, why have an expensive dud hanging around, it can’t be good for moral can it? And I don’t think he deserves that sort of treatment, he always did his best for us.

So just a few days to go to find out what the boss will do without the boy wonder, can we maintain our form and beat Sunderland and the chavs, I hope he has a plan, who would you pick?

Have a great day Grovers, four days and counting!

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  1. rico

    Alex – No, we cant break up TV and Gallas – I say play either Traore or Tweetie there… OR, stick Coquelin there, remember how good the Flamster was when he was thrown into the mix…..

  2. SharkeySure

    BBK – I did think long and hard about inviting myself round to yours for Xmas…but Wardo’s old man just edges it in ‘the fun to be with’ stakes…it was close though 😉

    I guess you’ll have half of LG’s bloggers beating down your door anyway. Raddy’s flying in from Denmark, ManG’ll be on an InterCity from the Wetlands, fuck I reckon even our Aussie brethren will bring forward their Arsenal parade trip if you’re in charge of the festivities.

    Written wholly in jest BBK. Peace 😉

    Nite all

  3. SharkeySure

    Off home now GM, finshed for the day. Believe it or not I’ve been at work all day….some job ‘eh !!

    Back tomorrow I’m sure

  4. rico

    😛 Sharkey..

    Right guys and gals, I have to do what a girl has to do and go cook dinner..

    Great day, thanks all

    See you tomorrow – enjoy the rest of the day, whatever time it is where you are 🙂

  5. MoW

    i was devastated when i first heard about RVP.

    then i chilled.

    now i am looking forward to six weeks of eduardo in the team. long enough for him to get his sharpness together and score a nice tidy haul of goals. it’s a good time for him too. a few months ago would have been too early.

    we are a strong attacking unit. that’s an under statement. swapping just one of the players out of the front five shouldn’t make that much difference if the others are all still fit.

    vela for cover.

    no need to panic.

    in The Times tony cascarino said our title hopes are now over. what a load of bollocks.

    this is just another test for our supposedly wafter thin squad. to win silverware we have to meet this test. dudu will do it.

    or is it just me who is calm?

  6. Big Raddy

    Let’s look on the bright side.

    At last we get another opportunity to see Fish face in the EPL, and in his MU position.

    I think he will be brilliant at The Stadium of Shite.

    Though Gibbsy had better be back for the Chavs…

  7. choy

    Arsenal midfielder Fran Merida is close to extend his stay with the North London club. After the player revealed he is committed to Arsenal, his agent also provided good news for Arsenal supporters, saying how the priority of the player is to negotiate with the Gunners.

    Merida’s agent, Joseba Diaz, said:

    I do not know what Atletico are waiting for in bidding for a player who has half of Europe after him. It’s true that as a child he was sick about Atletico but everything has changed a bit. Now his heart and head are with Arsenal.

    There are much falsehoods in the world of football because the players do not decide what team they play for.

    The priority now is to negotiate with Arsenal and in the future we’ll see. The desire is to keep him at Arsenal and succeed.

  8. ManGoonian

    Come on people…

    Lets not forget it was down to our positive vibes we sent out to Robin that meant his injury was 4-6 weeks instead of 3 months!

    Lets do it for the safe return of our players from these wretched Internationals…

    Ommmmmmmmm…. Ommmmmmmm… Ommmmmmm….

  9. Pat

    Verm isn’t a particularly good LB. Silvestre is our best choice there atm, with the current injuries. He’s better than Verm and Traore at LB and I feel comfortable with him there.

  10. David

    Not quite sure where you’re getting that from Vermaelen scored from the left back position just this past weekend.

    He’s a great defender.

  11. Pat


    There won’t be immediate news about Gibbs cause its probably a stretch of pull of some muscle. Nothing big, but in our situation it is. 10 injuries.

    Nikki B, RVP, Djourou, Theo, Denilson, Gibbs, Clichy, Fabianski, and a few others

  12. Pat

    David, not at LB he’s not. Trust me. We need him at CB. Silvestre is better at LB.

    Verm always looks poor for Belgium when he plays there and I do think he played CB this past weekend.

  13. goonermichael

    Arsenal The big injury news of the weekend was Robin van Persie suffering ankle ligament damage against Italy. The Sun reported that he could be out for the season but Arsenal have predicted six weeks, although their recovery time estimates have been woefully inaccurate in the past (Rosicky!). The only good news was Kieran Gibbs successful appearance behind the front two for England U21s.

    how shit is this website?

  14. Stu

    Sagna prpbably can play left back because he is so good. Vermaelen played left back for Ajax most of last season and by his own admission was shit there, saying he was amazed Arsenals scouts watched him play lb and still wanted him.

    And whats this about Gibbs? Is he injured or something?

  15. Pat

    Sunderland bossed Tottenham without Cattermole and Cana, 2 of their most important players to control a game.

    Cana will be back against us

  16. Stu

    Sunderland should have beaten the spuds. If not for Shit Bent missing the pk they would have too. And we have sunderland away so it will be tough but we should still win.

  17. SharkeySure

    Yeah MG but I’m not stopping….

    I hardly blog from home….cos the meters not running and I really do need paying to talk shite with you guys!!

    Anyway, enough of the negativity…..

    Ommmmmmmmm…. Ommmmmmmm… Ommmmmmm….

  18. gazzap

    I would ALWAYS play a left footer at left back. those clearances under pressure and long balls up the line need a left footer. thats why silvestre should get the job (if traore is not fit)

  19. Pat

    Sagna Gallas Verm Silvestre
    Cesc Song Nasri
    Rosicky Diaby Arshavin

    I’d be happy with that actually cause Diaby was good beofre he got injured against Wolves. He can hold the ball up and is a good link up player if he doesn’t hold onto the ball!

    Silvestre throws himself at everything and actually clears the ball. No nonsene defender and we can’t make stupid mistakes against a team that will attempt to get the better of us with their work rate.

  20. Pat

    Emperor, he was in contention for France, so I highly doubt he’s out for 3 weeks. Its probably days. I think Arsenal are too cautious with their injured players when compared to other clubs.

    Cashley will be back against us probably. Drogba and Ballack as well. Biggest doubt is Lampard imo.

  21. Pat

    Arsenal full-back Kieran Gibbs has been sent for a precautionary X-ray after injuring his ankle during England Under-21s’ draw against Lithuania.
    The 20-year-old damaged his right ankle in a tackle and was forced off after 21 minutes of the friendly in Vilnius.
    Gibbs will fly home with England on Tuesday night and is to be assessed by Arsenal’s medical staff on Wednesday.

  22. ManGoonian

    A Football Association spokesman told BBC Sport it did not look as though Gibbs had seriously damaged his ankle.
    Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. Ommmmmmmmmm….

  23. Pat

    Maybe Gibbs knows our situation and as soon as he felt something, anything, he decided to come off.

    Maybe the world cup is on his mind and he wants to play for club while CLichy is out

  24. Pat

    Well, Denilson was, arguably, our best performer when he got injured and many believed we were playing well cause of him, including myself. He got injured and no change. Hopefully the same happens now with RVP out. Eduardo is capable of some amazing finishes. Overhead kicks, scoring with his ankle. He has the ability to score more than RVP, thats for sure.

  25. ManGoonian


    I also felt Denilson was good for the team, especially in the new formation… Him, Cesc and Song worked brilliantly, IMO… But we carried on doin well, without him and that will continue while we wait for the likes of RvP, Clichy, Theo, etc to return…

  26. SUGA3

    yep, MG, solid with Song nursing him in a 4 man midfield…

    and the ‘most passes completed’ statistic is driving me up the wall: receive-the-ball-pass-it-back-crab-football-bullshit…

  27. SUGA3

    Song is taller & stronger – may count for something in the DM position…

    Denilson played WITH Song this season – seriously, I would love to be proven wrong 🙂

  28. Pat

    Yes he did SUGA, until he got injured. It was Cesc-Song Denilson. Song the holding player, Denilson and Cesc box to box with Cesc being more offensive.

  29. SUGA3

    my point exactly, Pat – Denilson is not physically suited to handle the DM role on his own: really, I would rather have Big Phil there…

    bigger, stronger, better in the air and better passer IMO…

  30. km

    I look forward to Christmas every year, it’s the only time I get a real treat. This year I have got hold of some Rohypnol.

    The Turkey won’t be the only bird getting a good stuffing.

  31. Pat

    SUGA, we only play with 1 CDM. Song. Denilson wasn’t a DM in this system. Although he is capable if we play more tactically which we will have to do if we don’t get a replacement for Song.

    I think Denilson would be class in Serie A. No one in his position can read the game better in the PL. He’s a bit like Alonso.

  32. ManGoonian


    You are obsessed with this idea you have to be a brick shit house to play the DM role… It simply aint the case dude!

    You WILL be proven wrong, don’t worry about that…

    But I take absolutely no pleasure from telling you this… 😉

  33. SUGA3

    reading the game is fine, as long as you don’t have to deal with a forward who will just knock you off the ball – whilst he may get there half a second later, but still ND15 won’t get to release the ball quickly enough…

  34. km

    really sick…DDm this is for u 🙂

    My teenage daughter has just told me she is pregnant, even though she took precautions.

    I took precautions too. I swapped her birth control pills with Rohypno

  35. ManGoonian

    With the 3 man midfield we have, it gives the side more solidity anyways… Denilson can read the game, intercept and break up play. he will do fine when Song does one to Africa…

  36. km

    What’s the difference between Rohypnol and Steroids?

    Steroids help you snatch wins.

    Rohypnol helps you win snatch

    Boom Boom!

  37. Pat

    Lightweight or not, if you get your body between the forward and the ball, you’re fine cause 9/10 its a foul if he wins the ball

  38. km

    I was out fishing yesterday when, out of the blue, my girlfriend texted me telling me she was breaking up with me.

    I was left reeling.

  39. SUGA3

    well, it worked, didn’t it?

    and the teams around got stronger – I always considered Denilson more of a Cesc type player than a DM – true, scored the first Prem goal for us this season (and banged in a few good ones earlier), but it was thanks to being relieved of the pressure of defending, it’s just not his game IMO…

  40. norwegian bergkamp

    Sagna should play LB on saturday if Gibbs misses out. Bacary is rock solid defensively and will do a great job if he gets the opportunity. I have seen him play LB before (I actually wanted him to play LB in the CL semi and Gibbs did fuck up early on…). He might struggle to make an impact offensively though, but so would Silvestre.
    Traore is not good enough defensively. He reminds of a headless chicken at times. Should be a winger.
    Eboue will have no problem at RB. He`s great in that position and we would also avoid playing him in the front three where he is not suited IMO.
    I would never break up the brilliant partnership between Gallas and the Verminator.

    This is how it shold be:

    Eboue- Gallas- Vermaelen- Sagna

  41. Big Raddy

    I would def play Silvestre. It allows us to play a 3 man defence and allows Sagna to get forward. If we play AA and Vela up forward of Silvestre we are well covered.

    This is only for Sunderland. Anelka would eat Fishface and we will need pace v the Chavs

  42. Pat

    Silvestre won’t leave us exposed at the back and he has a quality cross on him. Threat at set pieces as well. I definately see him playing and I’m happy with that. He’s a good LB.

  43. norwegian bergkamp

    Pat: Eboue has already played some games at RB this season which has worked out fine. I would`nt say he has messed up anything. My suggestion would allow the best available players to play without having to cover for a passenger like Silvestre…

  44. Big Raddy

    The only other reasonable alternative is to play Senderos at CB and TV at RB., but I prefer the Silvestre solution, and after his display against Kuyt in the Dippers game, I have no worries.

    But let’s hope Gibbs is OK.

  45. Big Raddy

    Så er vi !!

    Men lets write English – it is very rude of us…..

    I am still pissed off about RvP. He is so unlucky to get hurt when he is playing the best football of his life.

    But this must give Theo or Vela a chance to shine

  46. ManGoonian


    Denilson’s natural position is as a holding midfielder. We play 3 in midfield, all the CMs have defensive responsibilities, Song more than the other 2 obviously.

    In a 4-4-2, there is a need for a more robust destroyer, if you like, but in a 3, there is less of a need as we have the extra body… hats as long as all the players stick to the system as well as bombin forward…

    look, this is yet anothewr example where we see things different… 🙂



    team for sat

    traore gallas vermaelan sagna

    nasri cesc song

    rosicky eduardo arshavin

    or is rosicky is missing AGAIN i will play nasri up there with ramsey replacing tomas

  48. Pat

    Who would pick Traore ahead of Silvestre? Its stupid and I’m thankful you’re not our manager. Traore is shit defensively

  49. Pat

    Yaya Toure-14 mil. he won’t choose City. United will have Hargreaves back.

    Sakho-Natural replacement for Gallas imo. Fast, strong. Can attack the ball like verm and play a sweeping role like Gallas.

    Neuer- no explanation necessary

  50. Samir

    My team for Saturday:


    Maybe give Arshavin a rest. Have him on the bench ready for if we need him.


    richardson is quick and could roast silvestre, traore aint shit defensivly, he is the most natural replacemrnt to eith gibbs or clichy