Van Persie has babies injected in his foot.

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Like in a scene from a horror film sicko Robin Van Persie will have a placenta implant in his ankle performed at Frankenstein Castle in Serbia. His agent Brian Karloff, grandson of the legendary actor Boris has confirmed that his starlet is meeting with Dr Frankenstein’s assistant manager, Igor, in a bid to speed his recovery from his run in with ugly Italian centre back Giorgio Chiellini.

Frankly I don’t care if he had two youth players sewn into his foot as long as he’s back in our front line before Christmas, if that were to happen though, my guess is that we wouldn’t be buying another forward in the window, which of course would save project youth.

One thing that a number of you said yesterday is we didn’t need another forward, we needed a centre back and defensive midfielder before we need a forward, I sort of agree with that kind thinking, sort of.

Talk of Eduardo wanting out because of his lack of starts is complete bollocks, he’s had limited starts because he’s been injured, I expect Robin to be replaced by Eduardo, simple as that. Or he may switch Arshavin to the middle with Rosicky or Walcott on one side and Eduardo and Vela on the other.

He may even put Diaby in there, and although some of you are quaking with fear at that thought, I think that may be the answer against Sunderland, a bit of height.

As long as we don’t see Eboue re-appear on the right wing, I’ll be happy to see any new line up. I do have a question though Arsene, when you said having Rosicky and Eduardo back would be like having two new players, did you mean like having two new injured players? Because everytime Rosicky plays, he seems to miss the next four, is he Ledley King in disguise?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Rosicky, but blimey, when do we get to rely on him being in the team, you know, like Vermaelen or Gallas, if one of them were injured, we be in major league trouble.

It’s obvious that Senderos has no future, so why don’t you just sell him and get a replacement, or try him as a defensive midfielder, seeing him in the squad and getting paid makes me sad and pissed off at the same time, why have an expensive dud hanging around, it can’t be good for moral can it? And I don’t think he deserves that sort of treatment, he always did his best for us.

So just a few days to go to find out what the boss will do without the boy wonder, can we maintain our form and beat Sunderland and the chavs, I hope he has a plan, who would you pick?

Have a great day Grovers, four days and counting!

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  1. rico

    Duke – wouldn’t be surprised if after he signs his new contract he sacks Diaz, I think Cesc sorted his new contract not long before he sacked him.

    The good thing is Merida wants to stay and Diaz is being the turd… AW will sort him out πŸ˜‰

  2. Duke

    rico, sounds like the right thing to do…
    The thing is, we are always stacked in some position, then all of the sudden it’s our weakest point. Like happened with DM.

  3. rico

    Spot on Duke, Gilberto, Flamini and Diarra one day, Song, Diaby and Denilson the next…. Thanks goodness Song has done so well…

  4. ManGoonian

    Duke Says:
    November 17, 2009 at 13:18

    MG, did anyone from Liverpool come out and say that they want to sell Torres?
    Erm, I dont get your point fella?

    Unless you think Wenger should copy the actions of that pathetic, desperate crackpot Benitez?

    Benitez is fond of making over the top pronouncements to validate his existence and to draw attention away from the fact hye has managed to spend more than any other manager, yet oversee a massive regression in Liverpool.

    Shit! Houllier got sacked for far less…

  5. ManGoonian


    I find his posts slightly irriatating, boring and kinda weird… But he’s harmnless enough fella.

    But it’s your shout..

    I do think he’s a Manc or a spud mind!

  6. tomstoned

    afternoon All..

    Thanks for the post Geoff…well done still smiling:)…

    And your spot on,Rosicky is a truly great player but he will never have any real impact on our team beside from the odd match..its a difficult situation…what to do.?? from a financial view i would tend to sell him…not because i want too but it opens up a place for Nasri…and i think that in the long run it would be better…

    RvP out until christmas..what a shame..still if we could just keep going and show character and determination..its not all bad,come christmas we will have a full squad..and my Lord..this team with all players intact..will blow all competition til kingdom come,and come january well thats when the real fight for the premier starts..

    Senderos will be sold hopefully in Jnauary its clear for anyone to see that he isnt part of our future..i wish you all the luck Sendy..


  7. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    i am a old active member of a realtime active orkut community of Arsenal FC with 80,000 people all over,

    we face normall the issues like u mentioned,people from different clubs,jealous of us,dropping in and dirtying the community by bitching,and creating a fighting atmosphere between fellow members/bloggers..

    by creating fights,is one strategy to spoil a blog or a community

  8. Geoff

    Manc, he’s treating this blog like he’s the reason people comment, he doesn’t seem to realise we don’t give a rats arse if he’s an AKB, we have many AKB’s on here.

    Then he starts banging on about ip addresses, we know everyone’s ip address, it comes with the comment, nothing sinister.

    Anyway he gets on my tits, he should write his own blog and call it ‘My name is Edmund, if anyone gives a shit’ See how many comments he gets.

  9. zeus

    I remember Angel Di Maria from the U20 WC in Canada and he was fantastic.There were many reports he would join us but then it broke down. I had no idea that it was because of money, thought it was due to him having to go out on loan like Vela and he would want to play at the highest level possible in Europe.

    I was really excited about him too, he and Aguero and maximiliano lopes set the tournie alight.

  10. tomstoned

    Sabeel mate..

    nobody can destroy anything if you dont let them ;)so dont worry…Le Grove is safe..and i have a hunch that ManGoonian survives any *attack*why..well he is a true Gooner..that covers it i think πŸ˜‰


  11. SUGA3

    FSW is rumoured to have said ‘if Torres goes, I go’


    two birds, one stone, methinks – transfer income + FSW fucks off without Pool having to pay any compensation – no brainer?

  12. tomstoned

    oops that was great English…hope Misses arent again no fecker could destroy Le Grove we want let em..and besides..with Pedro and Geoff steering Le Grove..we’re on our way to Arsenal Paradise…even all our marmite players are safe..


  13. ManGoonian


    Hey mate!

    Still advocating we sell half our squad I see! πŸ˜‰

    Rosicky isnt holding Nasri back, IMO. Nasri’s broken leg is/was! I think it’s a good thing to have quality players and Rosicky is such a player…

    However, if by the end of this season, he has been unable to stay free of injury and has n ot made a telling contribution, then he would be the 1st to suggest, he doesnt deserve a new deal…

    Personally, I hope that doesn’t happen…

  14. tomstoned

    Afternoon Mangoonian mate..

    The Rosicky situation is a tricky one..and the fact that his contract is up for renewal.doesnt make it any easier..but if he stays fit ..well we should keep him ..still ha hasnt played more than 50 games in 3.5 years and well that just isnt good sorry to say..and ist a feckin shame he is a great footballer…
    But it would open a spot for a new high profile player..and if not Nasri well then maybe Merida or Ramsey could get a shot…and it would even open op a spot for buying a new experienced player…maybe ?

    When it comes to Sendy well its clear that Wenger doesnt see any future for him in Our squad and the faster he gets going tha faster we will see a new CB coming…knowing Wenger i think he already has a new player in sight..and he just waits to buy until Sendy is off….and be honest Senderos was never gonna make it …was he ?


  15. Mr B

    Man we should buy babel. He will come cheap and he raped us in the champions league. We know how arsene likes players who rape us(Verminator at the amsterdam tournament).

    Which reminds me Verminator was commenting on how he had a shit reason last terms playing at left back and still managed to get a move to arsenal. Maybe that is why he was so delighted with the move the fact that it came at the unlikeliest of times.

    Hope wenger can do the same with Babel.

  16. Nick Eleftheriou

    Eduardo, all the way, up front on his tod. This boy is WORLD CLASS, he just has not had the luck, another players mis-fortune is anothers opportunity. Now’s the time for him to stake a place in the starting eleven. Eduardo is the most natural finisher since Wrighty at the club! As for Senderos as a DM, please no! We have Denislon as cover for Song.

  17. rico


    No naughty boys or girls will stay around here for too long, The LG Police make sure of that πŸ˜‰

    And I once thought Starsky and Hutch were tough πŸ˜‰

  18. goonermichael

    We can’t sell Rosicky unless we give him a new contract first. Bit of a dilemma really. BTW did you mention Sham69 the other day? I saw them at the Rainbow supporting the Class. Jimmy Pursey was almost in tears because the audience were trashing the place.

  19. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    If only Rosicky,Dudu,RVP,walcott remain consistently injury free,we can be unstoppable…because by gods grace the other players are somewhat stable….

    It is all about having a Good affective squad,the means of winning a league

  20. rico

    Mr B,

    Babel is a twit, he said he was a huge fan of Arsenal and we were the only club he wanted to join blah blah blah…. He the signed for the Dippers and took a dive to knock us out of the CL, he is a cheat.

  21. goonermichael

    Does anyone else go on Arseanl Italia blog who can’t speak Italian? Fuck knows why I do I don’t speak any Italian. I look at it trying to guess what they’re saying.

  22. Duke

    MG, I think you misunderstood me there mate, I wasn’t being sarcastic, it was a genuine question, if anyone from Liverpool actually said they want to sell Torres. As you mentioned that Wenger should not say things like that since no one said Cesc will be sold, which led me to that question…

  23. rico

    Duke – something must be happening with Torres though, Rafa has said he will quit if he is sold…

    Go on Pool, sell him… TO US πŸ™‚

  24. tomstoned

    Rico mate..

    Starsky and Hutch πŸ™‚ the way Geoff posts and me being half american i was thinking more like Pedro: billy the kid, and Geoff! well doc holiday covers him …

    Goonermichael Sham69 was always about that wasnt they…. :)back in Hartford we got our kicks from Ramones and sheena is a punk rocker..:)well good music never dies..


  25. rico

    Pedro, best you delete my last or i may join the list πŸ˜‰

    I bet many don’t even remember The Beano, bar Geoff of course πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  26. rico

    Christopher Metzelder is one of the RM players set to be on his way, would be a great addition, we should go get his younger brother too – Jan Malte Metzelder

  27. ManGoonian


    Sorry, buddy… Got the wrong end of the stick there, didn’t I!

    It was a response to a poster saying Wenger should come out and say he will resign if Cesc is sold…

    Apparantly Rafa the Duffer has said he will resign if Torres is sold…

    Whether any of the Lpool board have stated that is another thing…?

  28. ManGoonian


    Checkin out an Italian site for Arsenal news is above and beyond mate! Unless you want to learn a new language… I know the word for “weeks” in Italian now…

  29. sarge

    What’s Italian and Spanish for Fuck off Barca you jealous bunch of robbing cunts? Someone please find out and post it. It’s becoming a new form of chinese torture. Cesc must be bored denying it, we’re tired of reading and the club does fuck all. Get the new double expensive lawyer from Team Ivan on the case and threaten to sue their arse off.

  30. Duke

    MG, point taken, yes I read the story, was just wondering if anyone from Liverpool actually mentioned anything about selling Torres.

    In my humble opinion the statement from Rafa says this in other words: “We are a 1 man team, 2 if we are lucky, and since Stevie lost loads of his value and won’t leave, since he hasn’t when he had a chance, the only person who can generate money is Torres, and without Torres we would be so shite, that I would rather resign than embarrass myself further.”

  31. SharkeySure

    Rico…Starsky and Hiutch,…thats brilliant.

    We know Ped’s blonde so thats Geoff with a curly mini afro then….

  32. tomstoned

    Sarge mate

    los stupidos the inglorious barca’s is run by a second rate pimp…and one can never trust crack addicted whores..they are only looking for a fast fuck and a quick fix…besides the catalan’s are much like afghanistan…not stable..


    NB! maybe we should send some coalition forces….just to be on the safe side πŸ˜‰

  33. Mr B

    Ok maybe u should use Ms. Rico just to be safe.
    Geoff can be quite untamed at times especialy after losses. I guess u can tell from his avatar.

  34. Maqitlarge

    Thank you Geoff. Please don’t let that tit on again. What a tool!

    Wardo, hello mate. You’ve not been on in a while. Baby was due on derby day but didn’t show, much like the Spuds. It came the following Friday. A big baby boy gooner, weighing 9lbs 14oz. Delivered in Harlow and they were brilliant.

    You must be in the home stretch now? House sorted?

  35. Gunnersmith

    @sarge 15:36 comment
    What’s Italian and Spanish for Fuck off Barca you jealous bunch of robbing cunts? Someone please find out and post it


    Spanish -Fuck apagado Barça hatajo celoso de robar coños

    Eyetalian -Fuck Chiuso Barca branco geloso di derubare fiche

    courtesy the good ole Google Translator

    I guess Fuck doesn’t fit into other languages

  36. Duke

    Congrats Maq, all the best to your and your family, may you baby boy grow and prosper and see many glorious Arsenal days in his lifetime.

  37. ManGoonian


    Its almost impossible to take legal action through lawyers and shit, as 9 times out of 10, its the players being asked (loaded) questions by hacks with links to either Catalunia, or madrid.

    Therefore, its just an opinion.

    Ideally, its down to UEFA and FIFA, but given their affinity towards Madrid (Blatter) and their antipathy towards Englaish clubs, particularly Arsenal (Platini) I can’t see anything happening…

  38. SharkeySure

    Congrats Maq…..

    Sounds like a first, if so welcome to the club – from a father of four !!

    Wardo…best of luck with yours. Long time no hear…is yer Mrs still leaving windows and catflaps open…??

  39. ManGoonian


    Denilson, IMO, is ideally suited to playing the DM role…

    And its funny you saying Denilson is no Song…” Considering the abuse suffered by Song!

    Plus, it will be difficult to find a quality DM, but, you never know, we might get a defender in january…?

  40. WB

    he number of Arsenal players currently injured is now up to eleven after Abou Diaby pulled out of the France squad for the second leg of their play-off against the Republic with Ireland.

    It’s not known yet how serious the injury is.
    here is excerpt from some article,so true
    For the record, the other ten Arsenal players currently listed as crocked by the club are: Robin van Persie, Nicklas Bendtner, Theo Walcott, Denilson, Armand Traore, Gael Clichy, Lukasz Fabianski, Carlos Vela, Jack Wilshere and Johan Djourou.

    If you select them in a 3-4-3 formation, you can make a pretty handy team out of that lot.

    i think its almost a premier league team

  41. sarge

    MG – I appreciate that. But a few noises from the club over agitation wouldn’t go amiss. They may not see it as an issue but privately it’s not doing the player any favours.

  42. SharkeySure

    Arsenal’s class (mostly?) prevents them from commenting on tittle tattle.

    Personally I’m happy with that, it shows that we rise above it.

  43. Maqitlarge

    Thanks chaps. I did announce at the time to many good wishes. Just wanted to update Wardo as he’s not far behind. Not trying to milk it, not like my boy who’s always got a tit in his mouth it seems. I’ve told him they’re only on loan!

    Cheers SS. My first baby but got a step daughter too. First experience of a baby tho. His second day on earth and we watched the 4-1 win at Wolves together. First of many I hope.

  44. WB

    here is an excerpt from an article

    The number of Arsenal players currently injured is now up to eleven after Abou Diaby pulled out of the France squad for the second leg of their play-off against the Republic with Ireland.

    It’s not known yet how serious the injury is.

    For the record, the other ten Arsenal players currently listed as crocked by the club are: Robin van Persie, Nicklas Bendtner, Theo Walcott, Denilson, Armand Traore, Gael Clichy, Lukasz Fabianski, Carlos Vela, Jack Wilshere and Johan Djourou.

    If you select them in a 3-4-3 formation, you can make a pretty handy team out of that lot.

  45. wardo

    Congratulations Magit !!!

    Well done to your good lady and yourself !!

    9lbs 14oz…..that is pretty big.

    Hey Sharkey, you well mate??
    Yeah house is all done…..literally everything has been done. My mrs now tries to keep the cat downstairs but he still wonders up into what will be the baby’s room……I am so tempted to just take him to a cat sanctuary. B’tard thing.

  46. SharkeySure


    Bollox to the congrats I sent you earlier, I just realised the size of the baby.

    Hearty congrats and two gallons of Lucozade to Mrs Maq !! πŸ˜‰

    Top effort !

  47. SharkeySure

    Maq…daughters are great with baby brothers…you’re well sorted.

    Best of luck.

    My only advice (to you as well Wardo) is don’t let work get in the way of spending enough time with those nippers.

    Before you know it they’re taking driving tests and being given ASBO’s, so make sure that you enjoy every minute that you can.

  48. wardo

    one funny thing came out of doing my house up. I had loads of rubbish to take down the tip so, got my dad round to stick all the shit in his car…….when we were loading I noticed that my new neighbours had some rubbish so, I knocked and said i would take the bulk of theirs also (she has three kids and is undergoing chemotherepy). In Sorting their rubbish is noticed a framed picture of Arsenal shirts (similar to the size of the ones you see hanging in the back of car windows). Their were 5 shirts listed with Gilberto, Cesc……then her little boys name.

    I said to my dad its a shame they’re throwing it away. He said that they were not throwing it away but donating it to a good cause……I did think that was weird but ignored it and got on with the job.

    By the way, as magit will know, my tip is bang oposite “Spuds lodge” down luxborough lane….we emptied all the rubbish but, my dad saved the pic and said he would hang it ont he spuds gate. I told him not to be stupid cause he’ll get caught…….I normally have bottle but this time advised my dad not to do it.

    I cant believe the cheeky old sod…..he only did it in broad daylight and got away with it……it looked so funny. Shame i did not get a picture of it.

    My Dad’s a top man !! We pissed ourselves when it was finally spoted and ripped down and smashed !!!

  49. rico

    Congrats Maq, don’t let AW know, he will have you little one signed on tomorrow – one for the future πŸ˜‰

    WB – you serious πŸ™ πŸ™

  50. Maqitlarge

    Too right SS. No pay for paternity leave but didn’t care. Nothing will get in the way of time with my kids! Even if I have to sneak them into the Pins and the Emirates under my coat! πŸ™‚

    Daughter is 8 an is so helpful. Right touch!

  51. wardo

    Magit…..yeah same is happening to me !! they said i’ll get the statutory pay of around Β£150 per week !!!

    Honestly – anyone wopuld think I have paid lots of taxes and expected a little bit back considering I’ve never signed on the doll……still, think the funds are rightly reserved for the next rag head to run through the channel tunnel.

  52. Maqitlarge

    Know it well Wardo. So fitting the Spuds training ground is next to a dump. Weren’t they supposed to be going state of the art in Waltham Abbey about 10 years ago?

    Compare to Arse. Find a dump, build best stadium on the country in time and on budget, relocate dump to new site, top of the range and regenerate the area too. Have you been to Tottenham recently? Haha

  53. SharkeySure

    Wardo…..a pint for your dad from me…well sort of.

    You’ll have it to give it to him though, and prob pay for it as well I guess.

    Suddenly I’m thinking – fuck it throw in a slap up meal as well πŸ˜‰

    Cracking story that though…. welcome back !!

  54. goonermichael

    Have you ever thought of coming on when something nice happens and telling us how so very good it all is?
    thoght not.
    You’re still welcome by me though πŸ™‚

  55. rico

    Brian Alexander presents “Silent Stan” on BBC Radio 5 live Sport from 1900 GMT on Tuesday.

    For anyone interested… Its all about our Stan the Man…

  56. wardo

    Magit – yeah its a right shit hole……their stadium was on a TV programme called “in the line of fire” it follows the armed response police unit and some lad was shot right oposite that sh1thole !!

    SS – yeah he cracked me up…….I think if Daniel Levy was standing right there he would have still done that…..i bought him a good few beers then got told off by my mum as he was all over the show when we took him home πŸ™‚

    Rico….it was classic! and one of the only times i have left the house without my mobile….

  57. rico

    Look on the bright side BBK, if that is the case we will be allowed to sign emergency cover…

    Diarra (not lasagne)


  58. rico

    wardo, oh to have been a fly on any wall there πŸ™‚ just typical though, when you need a phone camera… its at home πŸ™

  59. Alex

    So Gibbs is injured, move Gallas or Vermaelen there and put Song in the centre? Then play Ramsey who played a blinder in mid.

  60. Arsenal Tom

    wardo… well done mate, i used to walk past that shithole – the spurs place not the actual dump, on my way back from school every day giving out as much grief to the players and autograph hunters as i could!!