Country before club, when you’re being paid £80 grand a week, sorry those days have long gone.

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Robin Van Persie has now put a nail in the coffin of our chances of silverware this season, do the good people of the Netherlands pay? Not unless they support the Arsenal they don’t, no I’ll tell you who pays, we do, the Arsenal fans.

It’s total bollocks, yet again another worthless friendly, yet again fragile Robin goes down whilst representing his country and yet again Arsene Wenger can blame injuries for wrecking our season.

Arsene, we get injuries every year, last season the big ones were Theo, Rosicky, Eduardo, Cesc and Gallas, this season the big ones are Rosicky, Theo, Bendtner, Denilson, Djourou and Robin, the pattern here is we will always get injuries, so if you sell a world class striker, replace him, because as sure as eggs are eggs, we’ll need one soon enough.

When players got paid £2k a week and England paid them the same, there was some method behind the madness of players turning out for their country, MONEY, when players are getting £80k a week from their club the priorities have changed, it’s not equal anymore and the fixtures should change in order to reflect that.

Why not carry on the EPL during the Internationals and do it with the players that don’t travel with their countries, it would be the same for everyone, I don’t remember this many England games years ago, I really don’t. I also remember when George Graham was manager we played Saudi Arabia and had 6 Arsenal players on the pitch, I was dead proud, now I’d be horrified.

When you speak to fans, most of them don’t give a rats arse about England games, except for the World Cup and the Euros. I remember always going to England home games, I remember watching Overmars and Bergkamp scoring to make it England 2 Holland 2 and more or less knocking us out of the world cup in 1994, I can even remember going to Frankfurt to watch England play Paraguay in the last world cup, but now, I’m totally uninterested, for me it’s Arsenal, watching England is like watching the odd rugby game or the 20/20 cricket.

It’s time the teams that paid these players wages hit back and said no, we pay the player extortionate wages, if you want them to play for you, you can use them in the holiday period. We’re independent enough now not to need UEFA.

The BBC just said that Robin could be out for 6 weeks, well if that’s the case, that’s good news, but we all know the boss and injuries, so expect 2-3 months, either way we need to buy.

Arsenal against all the odds have a real chance to win the Premiership this year, injuries are part and parcel of the game, so we need to ready our fringe players, get shot of those we have no intention of keeping and buy a few that can genuinely help us over the line.

We can’t do anything until January, but at least we can start the process. Come on Arsene, do the right thing, we have been patient. It won’t cost much.

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  1. goonermichael

    I cant find b’s rant but I can honestly say that Oslo is the most boring shithole I’ve ever been to. And as far as football goes everyone I met supports tha mancs or bindippers

  2. Pat

    MG, I’m not talking about palmer’s opinion articles. I like him for his articles that tell us whats going on at ARsenal. He’s usually the first one with information about shares, transfers such as nasri and Arshavin, etc.

  3. Stu

    It should always be club before country…ALWAYS! Simply because if you dont perform well for your club then chances are you wont play for your country (unless you are a big name player like Shevchenko or someone like that).

  4. gunnergetyou

    i think arshavin is able to play central for russia, because they play a 4-4-2 so he can play in his favourite position as a second striker in the Bergkamp role. In our current formation he will alway start on the left or right. Maybe we can try a 4-4-2 with arshavin and eduardo upfront. We could experiment in the CL games.

  5. ManGoonian

    You watching the game Pedro too?


    There’s normally another fella who deals in facts about Arsenal, whereas Palmer usually regales us with meetings with his “chums” at the green grocers and bets he almost got on and rumours he has heard that are a million miles away from the truth.

    But the worst thing is his continuous digs at Arsenal… Relentless and less and less disguised, like todays one about Eduardo not being up to the job…

    He, is a cunt, my friend… erm, IMO!

  6. ManGoonian


    Sorry man, Thats not how I see it. he has licence to roam in our set uop and he has already said it suits his style. Reverting to a 4-4-2 would negate all the good work the team have done so far, IMO.

  7. Stu

    Arshavin plays more in the middle for Russia because they actually play 4-4-2 whereas we only play 4-3-3 now. Him in the middle for us would have to be as the CF. It could work but he would probably get kicked around the place by the prem defenders.

    I think we should just leave him on the wing and just put in Eduardo. After all, if we moved Arsh off the wing then who would play there?

    Arshavin Eduardo Rosicky/Walcott (until injured players come back).

  8. gunnergetyou

    i was just suggesting that we try to accommodate eduardo in Rvp’s abscence. I would only experiment the the CL game though. Hopefully eddie can manage playing upfront on his own.

  9. leon

    this post is non starter for me players will always have to play for there country and there is will be risk of players getting injured,as far rvp is concerned if this team is realy a title winning team they will be bale to handle it and i have no dought that edwado can fill that vode anyway

  10. Northbanker

    Gutted as I am over RVP, it also crerates a period of interest. We have heard all season that we’re dependent on him, now we have a chance to prove we’re not. Eduardo should be a world class striker but he needs ra run of games – maybe this will also give him an opportunity to get properly match fit in the process. He is a more ruthless striker than RVP and at beginning of season I hoped that Ed would lead the line with RVP in a Bergkamp-like support role.

  11. Emperor Gooner

    how close am i to realising my dream of seeing cesc , arsh , nasri , rvp n rosicky together…well rvp wont b der but dudu will do too ( haha try readin those last words real fast)

    now diaby n bedntner out too…so this has to be the game where i see em together UNLESS …………Eboue is played upfront….i swear i’ll throw my set outta da window if i’m denied watchin my dream team because of eboue

  12. Northbanker


    hope you’re not believing that tabloid dribble; point anyway is that he cant go anywhere until Jan window and by that time he’ll have had a sustained run in the team. So we’ll know if he can step up to the plate and if he can then Liverpool will need £20m at least!

  13. Northbanker

    personally hoping that Ramsey gets the nod ahead of Diaby

    that Song- Fab- Rambo thing looked good v Wolves and should offer much more overall

  14. rico

    Diaby is out for France guys and Arson has said he is out for three weeks following the Wolves game..

    We now have ten players out injured I think 🙁

  15. David

    Hey peeps

    I was thinking we should play Cesc in the RVP position.

    I believe he played there for spain against Argentina with Villa on the left in the 4-3-3.

    The way Cesc is putting them in and bagging assists id put him in there and play either Rambo/Merdia/Rosicky in the Cesc role in midfield.

  16. ardentgooner

    With RVP out, all our forwards are short. None of them above 6ft…. Arsh,Vela,Eddie,Theo are all short….. So i’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of Diaby just for the reason of his height…I know its stupid…but thats what Wenger will do.. but with Diaby also out for the weekend game….Average height of our starting 11 against Sunderland would be interesting…. 🙂

  17. ardentgooner


    so its only our goal keeper and the cb pairing who are 6 ft… haha…. Well we can still score from set pieces 😉

  18. Pat

    RVP didn’t exactly turn the world alite against Everton. We can cope. We’ll miss him against the top teams, but Chelsea are weakened. That leaves Liverpool.

  19. gnarleygeorge9

    Have I just logged onto Cooking Asia 😉

    For those still talking footy, international friendlies should be banned 👿

  20. dennisdamenace

    I’d rather have my colon scraped with a blunt blade than watch the England football team while it’s full of cunts like that fucking chav throwback Terry and all the other celebrities masquerading as international class footballers……. cunts to a man!

  21. zeus

    @ David

    Didn’t I address that point yesterday. Fab4 as a CF=shit. Last season showed us that. And for the record Cesc replaced Xavi not Villa.

    Fab4 is doesn’t need to move further forward to score goals. He is our top goal scorer, he is doing just fine. Leave him be.

  22. gnarleygeorge9

    Fair enough, I do a really nice Thai red/green/curry 😛 The hotter the better. The best Asian food is here, best produce, ask any Asian expat. As they say in Japan, Flesh(Fresh) is Best

  23. dennisdamenace

    Talk about playing to your strengths! Fab4 is one of Europe’s best Central Midfielders……

    Here’s a novel idea, play a CF up front and play a midfielder in midfield!

  24. gnarleygeorge9

    Bloody hell, I can’t keep up, its gone from Asian food to Asian cars as quick as Arsenal get an injury in a poxy international friendly.

  25. gooby

    RvP is trying some unorthodox medecine in serbia.
    using placenta for healing ligaments, never heard of it. i hope it is not dangerous, he could get an infection or something

  26. dennisdamenace

    gnarley you old mungler, i’m just happy the RvP’s not out for the season fella…..

    Belgium’s so last year fella, i’m back in the UK now, so ner 😉

  27. dennisdamenace

    Franchise, how’s the rehab fella? Got your mum and better half still running around after you?

    You gonna be ok for the Chavski game?

  28. gnarleygeorge9

    The stories that English “boat” people tell us about old Blighty, it sounds like Britain is so last millenium.

    I’m feeling great, its sunny its going to be hot, & I’m making money. & The Arsenal are 2nd with a game in hand.

    N.B Come join us for the World Cup 2018, You’ll never want to leave 😆

  29. dennisdamenace

    The UK is rapidly going down the shitter courtesy of our inbred government, but hey ho so long as Arsenal still play their games in London i will stay…

  30. rico

    dennis and george – you are so bad, how about Freelander, I have one of those too….. 😛 😉

    See you tomorrow you old tinkers.. 😉

  31. Pat

    Lazovic was supposed to be out 2 months, but came back after 3 weeks using the placenta treatment.

    There is no evidence that it helps, and the lady does this on her property. I don’t think its done at a hospital.

    This story is a weird one.

  32. ethangunner

    It’s total bollocks, yet again another worthless friendly, yet again fragile Robin goes down whilst representing his country and yet again Arsene Wenger can blame injuries for wrecking our season.
    i said it .. no one believed me ..
    the EPL 38 game season is a long road
    and people are quick to dismiss RVP’s injury track record , stating He’s back ..

    yes , yes RVP comes back after a long lay off
    takes his time to get some form , then has a great month or so then … CYCLE REPEAT . injured….

    the midfield is definitely back to SOLID like 2 years prior but i think we will suffer from striker mediocrity in the tight games when it counts …

    ade being gone helps heaps on and off the pitch
    we are still top 4 material however and for a while i doubted we even stood a chance , but things are better 10 fold on last season so cant complain !

  33. AA23

    Ethan, throw enough shit at a wall and some of it will stick. Its hardly Robins fault he was on the wrong end of a brutal challenge.

  34. zeus

    @ ethangunner
    Your going to give yourself an ulcer m8. RELAX. We have scored a whopping 55 goals this season. Of those RVP has only been involved in about 14 of them. Scored 7 and assisted 7(I think).

    His link up play is fantastic and no doubt his injury is a massive blow, but to assert that a 2 month lay-off is somehow going to throw our season off the rails w/out seeing how we fair against Sunderland and Chelsea at least is well OTT.

  35. Pat

    haha Ethan, you’re clueless. RVP is not fragile or injury prone. He’s only been injured twice for us really. Metetarsal and Knee injury. Rooney’s been injured more than him!

    He hasn’t gotten injured for over a year.

  36. ethangunner

    what ever makes you all sleep at night , but the truth is since TH14 has left until late last season and this season RVP has been ineffective due to injury .. he is just coming good now like he did during TH14’s final season with us , thats a long time in between drinks and hardly something you should bank on going into this season after laying off our SUPPOSED (RATED BY SOME OF YOU ) TOP STRIKER ADE !
    another striker should of been 1st priority .

    yes vela or dudu could come good … theyll have too !

    or all you AKB’s out there will need to think of some excuses come next may .. because the injury card for most intelligent fans now doesnt wash …

    we had the money , no excuses ..
    so dont whine about the loss of RVP …

  37. Pat

    Yea, cause Ade is doing wonders at City…

    RVP wasn’t injured last year Ethan, so I’m still not sure where you’re making up these stories from

  38. zeus

    We have scored 55 goals this season. THATS 55 GOALS. RVP scored 7. There is no one main goalscorer in this team. Its very much a team effort. He is class of course but if we die because of this, then we need more than a striker we might as well do away with the lot and get a new squad.
    At least wait till after the next 2 games b4 you go off the handle and push the panic button.

  39. ethangunner

    it was only this pre season we said sure give RVP a pay rise but he must earn it …

    yes he has , but the point im making is even most fans didnt 100% believe he was worthy of a wage rise until proven (fitness longevity ) .. the second he proved it , he gets laid off long term again ..

    you call it bad luck , i call it predictable . .

  40. zeus

    Etah, what are you trying to say,I’m missing your main point. Is it RVP should never have got a pay rise or is it our season over cuz RVP is injured which according to you we should have seen coming.

  41. Pat

    No its not Ethan. Use facts to back it up. Fact, he’s only been injured twice for us before this.

    Long time out for the metetarsal and long time out with the knee. He’s had some niggles after coming back from those injuries, but nothing thats different from any other player in the same circumstances.

    He’s been injury free for over a year, so I wouldn’t call it predictable.

    You predicted a whole bunch of shit. Of course you’re bound to get some of it right! However, you were wrong about Vermalen, Song, and our overall style and early success.

  42. AA23

    Ethan you didnt predict the crunching tackle he got done by.
    If he was injured for no apparent reason then fair enough but we all saw what laid him up this time.

  43. ethangunner


    i agree , AA cesc all have done well our CD’s ..
    but hardly is it there role … its nice to see it i agree .. but when we are grinding out results against the chev’s or manc’s that’s when our striker frailties are exposed .. im talking in reference to playing the big games that make you cup winners ..

    yes we break down easy teams again now because there is no ade to squander a lions share in chances , but the harder teams we still need a TH14 who can turn a game by himself ..

    sorry but bar RVP i can see any natural striker other than dudu (if he ever played) controlling a match ..

  44. Maksud

    So Lampard, Ballack, Drogba, A.Cole, Bosingwa and Terry are all out as of now for Chelsea. Bosingwa will for sure be out by the game but what about the rest i wonder who’ll be playing against us.

  45. Pedro

    Ethan, saying outside RvP and Dudu, we don’t have a striker who can control a game is a bit empty… how many of the other top 4 have more than two top top strikers?