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There are many things I find crap about international week.

1) The fact the comments section seems to turn into a warzone almost immediately. Bloggers take time out to really hammer home their dislikes, their  beliefs and it all becomes a bit personal a bit too quickly.

2) The fact that I reckon only about 10% of football fans actually support international football these days. Lets be honest, watching England is for Championship supporters… it gives your every day civilian in the UK the chance to go down the pub, get a little rowdy and maybe have a fight with a few of the local strawberry pickers.

3) You notice that David Beckham has changed his hair cut to look like yours, I don’t think I need to elaborate on how horrific that is for someone older than 14.

4) You find yourself actually clicking the links to the Daily Mirror website and reading articles that state David N’gog’s dive should have been against Arsenal for moral equilibrium to be restored in the world, or other fascinating snippets, like the woman driving the car Cudicini crashed into was an Arsenal fan, like  a man smashing his pelvis to pieces is supposed to have somesort of humourous edge to it. Real piss poor journalism manages to get hits. The Daily Mirror, bar Steve Stammers, really is the toilet of the news arena.

5) Barcelona tell Arsenal they’d like to marry their wife, but it would be too disrespectful to talk about it in public. Apparently he is pretty ‘cule’. I’m not really sure what that means, but it seems to me it could be the word ‘cool’ phonetically spelt in scouse. I can’t be bothered to google it, so it’ll have to sit on the pile of other unsolved mysteries I’ve got stacking up (why don’t McDonald’s serve mayonnaise? Has a mobile phone ever exploded someone’s pacemaker in a hospital? When was the last time a Nintendo game boy fell a plane?).

I hope today’s post has spread a little joy into your life… I’m off to baracade my back door. The river that is flowing through my garden is looking slightly menacing!

See you in the comments!

P.S. If you have any spares, send them my way. I’ve got loads of takers!


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  1. Pat

    How fucking great would it be if it was just major bruising for RVP? I remember we thought Hleb would be out for ages after that cunt Carew tackled him. he went off on a stretcher and Wenger expected the worst. He ended up missing the midweek game and was back playing after a week

  2. Pat

    Ramsey scored one and created the other two goals for Wales in the friendly win.

    “Aaron is going to be a great, great player and he will be one of the best in Europe when he is in his prime,” he said.

    “Like his Arsenal team-mate Cesc Fabregas did, he is developing well at such a young age.

    “And I played for Wolves against him last week and he was probably Arsenal’s best player as he has such a mature head for such a young player.”

    Ramsey was awarded the man-of-the-match honour despite playing less than an hour as fellow promising teenager Joe Allen had the difficult task of replacing him in the 57th minute.

    “I’ve known him for years and from day one you knew this player was destined for great things,” said the Swansea midfielder.

    “And now he is coming of age for club and country.”

  3. A

    Metal if Bendter made more than 7 or 8 starts i’d be very surprised. Theo was good as a super sub, his pace tore tiring teams apart, but he wasn’t great when he started games. I would’ve played Eboue too because he offered a tiny bit less going forward but was more defensively. Theo was a great super sub too, great player to have on the bench. Our squad then was really shocking compared to now wasn’t it!

  4. Metal Gear

    A the defensive argument is a myth most the goals we conceded came from the right I actuaclly said it at the time unfortunatly I was on another Forum as I was’nt aware of Le Grove at the time

  5. Kreshnik

    I’ve seen the future, RVP out for less then 2 weeks.

    Seriously, really depressing, at the worst fucking time.

    aaah ye, been reading here for a while but never wrote anything before, so hello
    Great blog.

    I’m really hoping for some good news tomorrow.

  6. A

    Metal gotta disagree there, I remember at the time arguing the opposite, because very few of our goals came from the right! That was Sagna’s first season, in which he was an absolute revelation and got all the credit, but Eboue deserved alot more credit for how good Sagna was that season imo.

  7. Pat

    “And when I was left on the bench at West Ham against Arsenal, Thierry Henry bumped into me afterwards and said ‘Hey, what are you doing here? Come and play with us. It’s incredible you can’t get a game in this team’.”


  8. Metal Gear

    A no way build up goals most of them started from the right I made it my personal duty 2 watch Eboue and see if this Eboue defence was justifiable and indeed this was not the case.

  9. Pat

    MG, we were very, very solid on the right in 07/08 and the united game at the Emirates demonstrated this perfectly. When Eboue and Sagna were on the field, United didn’t create a single chance from that side. The Theo came on for Eboue. You remember the rest…evra run, saha backheel, evra cross, CR goal.

    All our problems in the season came down the left. Aliadiere penalty when we lost to Boro. Clichy fuck up against Brum. Berba goal from tight angle. All of that in that 5-6 winless streak we had

  10. Pat

    Losing players to international duty is one thing, however when it is meaningless friendlies like Holland’s match last night it is such a bitter pill to swallow, especially when it is arguably one of your better players. Arsene Wenger needed Van Persie’s injury like a hole in head, especially as we carry on our title assault.

    It was always going to happen and fate has dealt its hand. In a week that was full of Robin van Persie and how he is finally found his best form and consistency in his game, having remained injury free after years of battling against them at Arsenal sees himself get crocked in the next game he is played.

    The injury looked a bad one and if it is ankle ligaments, then you are talking a few months oppose to weeks and it will prove a massive body blow to our hopes to the season as Van Persie, along with Cesc, Arshavin and Vermaelen are the mainstay in this team. The Dutchman can be replaced by Eduardo, or perhaps move Arshavin more centrally, but they have big boots to fill given the impressive performances that Van Persie has been putting in.

    It is the second blow in a week for Wenger with Bendtner’s injury worse than first feared and which has seen the Dane having to go under the surgeon’s knife. They say bad luck comes in threes, let’s hope for the sake of our title challenge that we get through the rest of this next week unscathed.

  11. Metal Gear

    Pat we’ll have 2 agree 2 diasagree yes it’s true Eboue in certain games was awesome particularley against Man U and yeah I do remember Theo coming on and Evra doing what he did true very true. But overall we drew 2 many and this had a lot 2 do with Eboue being on the pitch it was like playing with ten men I give u an example of what I’m tryna say last season we went thorugh a period when we drew many games conceded no goals and could not score either this is becuz our midfeild was like this….

    RM Eboue DM Song CM Denilson/Diaby LW Diaby/Denilson

    Now u could argue it was good that we did not concede goals but then you have 2 balance that out as 2 why we could not create enough chances 4 our forwards 2 score that’s the point I’m making look at that midfield

  12. zeus

    I second that AA23. As pedro said its never your out of form striker that gets these months long injuries its always the ones thats red hot.

    Lets just hope for the best. Massive chance this for Vela. Lets just hope Wenger isn’t a dick and decide to just move Diaby further forward because of his ‘beleif he is WC.’ Like for like changes this time Le profesor.

  13. David

    We are just going to have to change the formation or play Cesc as a Forward the way Spain did today.

    I think its brilliant that Cesc can do what RVP does for us.

    Id play Rambo/Nasri/Rosicky where Cesc is now and move Cesc up to where RVP is.

    ————Back 5



  14. David

    The way Cesc is putting them in he might as well be a forward.

    Imo we have many more midfielders than Central Strikers…and I like what i saw from Cesc today against Argentina.

    Will be interesting to see what Arsene does.

    Also Cesc can drop deep like RVP does and make a brilliant pass or link up with someone.


  15. gnarleygeorge9

    This is some player ranking sponsored by some poxy oil company. Where is Cesc 😉

    RANKPLAYERPOSITIONNationalityClub1(1)Thierry HenryFORWARDFranceBarcelona9782(2)Lionel MessiFORWARDArgentinaBarcelona9643(3)Cristiano RonaldoMIDFIELDERPortugalReal Madrid9144(4)Gerard PiqueDEFENDERSpainBarcelona9095(5)Fernando TorresFORWARDSpainLiverpool9036(6)Samuel Eto’oFORWARDCameroonInternazionale8867(7)Rafael MárquezDEFENDERMexicoBarcelona8848(8)Luca ToniFORWARDItalyBayern München8779(9)Carles PuyolDEFENDERSpainBarcelona87610(10)Claudio PizarroFORWARDPeruWerder Bremen86611(11)Daniel AlvesDEFENDERBrazilBarcelona86012(12)Nemanja VidicDEFENDERSerbiaManchester United85713(13)David VillaFORWARDSpainValencia85614(14)Frank LampardMIDFIELDEREnglandChelsea85215(15)Miroslav KloseFORWARDGermanyBayern München84615(15)Edin DzekoFORWARDBosnia and HerzegovinaVfL Wolfsburg84617(17)Steven GerrardMIDFIELDEREnglandLiverpool82317(17)Emmanuel AdebayorFORWARDTogoManchester City82319(19)Christian AbbiatiGOALKEEPERItalyMilan82220(20)Roberto SoldadoFORWARDSpainGetafe809

  16. gnarleygeorge9

    It looks a bit scrambled

    (1)Thierry HenryFORWARDFranceBarcelona9782
    (2)Lionel MessiFORWARDArgentinaBarcelona9643
    (3)Cristiano RonaldoMIDFIELDERPortugalReal Madrid9144(4)Gerard PiqueDEFENDERSpainBarcelona9095
    (5)Fernando TorresFORWARDSpainLiverpool9036
    (6)Samuel Eto’oFORWARDCameroonInternazionale8867
    (7)Rafael MárquezDEFENDERMexicoBarcelona8848
    (8)Luca ToniFORWARDItalyBayern München8779
    (9)Carles PuyolDEFENDERSpainBarcelona87610
    (10)Claudio PizarroFORWARDPeruWerder Bremen86611
    (11)Daniel AlvesDEFENDERBrazilBarcelona86012
    (12)Nemanja VidicDEFENDERSerbiaManchester United85713(13)David VillaFORWARDSpainValencia85614
    (14)Frank LampardMIDFIELDEREnglandChelsea85215
    (15)Miroslav KloseFORWARDGermanyBayern München84615(15)Edin DzekoFORWARDBosnia and HerzegovinaVfL Wolfsburg84617
    (17)Steven GerrardMIDFIELDEREnglandLiverpool82317
    (17)Emmanuel AdebayorFORWARDTogoManchester City82319(19)Christian AbbiatiGOALKEEPERItalyMilan82220
    (20)Roberto SoldadoFORWARDSpainGetafe809

    Still no Cesc 😉

  17. zeus

    FAB4 didn’t play as a forward. He came in for Xavi. His style of play is different to Xavi in that he goes forward more instead of staying deep.

    When you have a deeplaying playmaker like Xabi Alonso in your team and Iniesta he doesn’t have to be the main playmaker. If you recall last season we played FAB$ as a second striker a role in which he was distinctly average.

    I would never advocate changing Fab4 role in the team. He plays with freedom in front of the defensive 2 and he does just fine, he is after all our top scorer. Leavehim where he is.

  18. Ja_Gunner

    Hey David..I say just get Eddy in there…

    Cesc can continue making his late runs and score goals…

    Also Vela can get some games in now…..

    Its not so bad..I only worry that the team has gotten smaller… set pieces might become a problem again…

  19. AA23

    I could give two fucks about international football. I wouldnt give a fucking shit if England won the world cup unless an Arsenal player scored.

  20. Ja_Gunner

    There is absolutely no point to friendlies..


    WHy even bother when internationals are played so few and far between..why make plans based on those few and far between games?

  21. zeus

    Thank god that that was the last of these friendlies for the rest of 2009. And heres to Arsenal continued many different goal-scorers sharing responsibility. And heres to Wenger not going all cunty and playing Diaby and Eboue further forward. Rosicky and Nasri will get their goals over the coming weeks but we still need natural finisher i.e. Vela and Eduardo.

  22. SUGA3

    why is that certain useless players never get injured and the good ones do?

    I am fucking gutted, as one cannot realistically expect Dudu to stay fit and play full 90 minutes week in week out…

  23. SUGA3

    Kuyt said Italians were going more for their ankles that for the ball – fucking hate them…

    cunts, they were trying to injure players, as they know that they will be meeting us in the CL and they know they have no chance in hell with everyone fit…

  24. Ja_Gunner

    Fucking dirty Italians…..

    I hate them….I was really upset when they won the last world cup……I hope the fuckers drop out first round in south africa….

    Fuck them….

  25. zeus

    Lets wait a couple days and see what position we are in. What wories me a bit now is Arshavin is going to give his all to qualify for SA 2010 and we know his fitness problems have had a stop start effect on him this season already. We need his spark at Sunderland we must keep pace with Chelsea and get breathing space with United.

  26. SUGA3

    assuming him being out for 3 months, we will miss him in games v Chavs, Pool, Villa and United…

    David. Fucking. Villa.

    Money. No. Object.

  27. Ja_Gunner

    Hey Zeus ..can you imagine the undeserving Manure team winning the trophy again because their rivals suffer these injury crises…

    That would be fucking sad..because Manure lack quality and dont deserve to win anything…

    Depending on how RVP’s injury progresses..we might need to get Chamakh in to play the central striker role..because we know that we wont buy someone like Villa…

    But Wenger probably wont buy because he will be thinking that next season he will have too many strikers….

    I hope Bendy comes back better than ever…

  28. colonel mustard

    F***rak just heard about robin….writing hate mail to dutch FA…..ffs…Wegner will be beyond mental over this

  29. Pat

    Also, what makes RVP so effective is that he drops deep and plays like a CAM a lot. Usually, a CB is set out to man mark him. However, if the CB forgets his other duties and only sticks to “gluing himself” to RVP, that leaves the center of defense exposed. Actually, I think that happened against WOlves for our 2nd goal.

  30. afc

    have some faith people
    nasri and rosicky have hardly played any games.
    if one of them plays as part of the front three, they can provide the link up play while eduardo/vela can bang the goals in. although rvp was central,the front three were interchanging quite a lot.

  31. Pat

    vs. Sunderland

    Sagna Gallas Verm Gibbs
    Cesc Song Nasri
    Eboue Eduardo Arshavin

    Personally, I wouldn’t want to risk Rosicky so I put Eboue there. Rosicky is very efficient and he has to be fit for Chelsea.

    Or Wenger could go with Diaby in place of nasri and Nasri in place of Eboue which is the most likely scenario.

    Theo, Denilson might get some minutes as well, no?

  32. Pat

    Also, who else in our squad could have scored those crucial goals against Blackburn and Birmingham. We do our best when we score early and the way he takes his first touch to set himself up is excellent

    We didn’t only lose a great striker today. We lost a player that leaves his all on the pitch, a player who has become captain material against the odds. A leader at Arsenal football club. We lost someone who loves the club, who plays with such a passion. We need a cocky bastard to give the opposition a kick once in awhile.

    The quicker he gets back, the better our chances of success.

  33. afc

    vs sunderland

    sagna gallas vermi gibbs
    cesc song nasri
    rosicky eduardo arshavin

    we should put out our strongest 11 as the game after the international break is when we are not at our best. if we loose it,the loss will break our momentum and the chelsea game will become thougher

  34. Gunnersmith

    (quote)Ja_Gunner Says:
    November 15, 2009 at 02:52

    Hey Zeus ..can you imagine the undeserving Manure team winning the trophy again because their rivals suffer these injury crises…

    That would be fucking sad..because Manure lack quality and dont deserve to win anything…

    Depending on how RVP’s injury progresses..we might need to get Chamakh in to play the central striker role..because we know that we wont buy someone like Villa…

    But Wenger probably wont buy because he will be thinking that next season he will have too many strikers….

    I hope Bendy comes back better than ever…

    Couldnt agree more JA

  35. Gunnersmith

    this is why RVP will never be great he has the potential no doubt but niggling injuries like this will never let him have a successful career

    I could Remember a few week back when Wenger was talking about Rvp scoring 25 goals a season i thought to myself could he last a season? and yes he couldn’t and will be out of the season. i wouldn’t be devastated though i just hope Eddy and the rest step up their games and give us another option going forward

  36. Pat

    Gunner, thats a bit over the top. He hasn’t been injured for a long time and we labeled him a crock when he was out with a metatarsal injury and a serious knee injury. I wouldn’t call him an injury prone player. All that was exaggerated at the time.