Jackie boy says we can go all the way, Wenger strikes back?

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Jack Wilshere is targeting the quarter final game against shitty as his come back game, he hopes they will field their strongest side as he believes we can go on and win the Carling Cup.

I wonder how Kolo and Ade the whore will feel trotting out knowing we only field our babies in this one, how will they feel when they get stuffed by them? The last time Ade played in this cup was the time he head butted a team mate for daring to challenge him, let’s hope he does that this time, he’ll get a smack in the mouth if he did it to the Welsh runt Bellamy, now that would be funny!

I would love Arsene to go through our players and tell us which position he sees them in, so Vela and Nasri on the left, Rosicky, Wilshere and Theo on the right, and so on, just so we could wonder amongst ourselves who might play where.

Suffice to say, I can’t wait for this one, it smacks of that time our kids tonked the scousers 6-3, with Aliadiere and the Beast getting on the scoresheet.

Other news is Wenger is tracking Barcelona winger 18 year old Israeli Gai Assuilin. He is one of their finest young talents, and that would be sweet, sweet, justice for them talking to one of our young kids, Karma if you like.

Get in there Arsenal, that’s what you should be doing.

I don’t know who he’ll pick for the Carling Cup game, and I don’t know if Eastmond will have a better game again, but I would like to see him, Wilshere, Vela, Ramsey, Watt and Coquelin feature along with Eduardo, Eboue and Rosicky for experience, maybe even playing Theo up front with Watt.

We sure do have options, but I want to win this one, what do you think Grovers?

Have a great day debating, I’ll be on later.


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  1. leon

    i feel there is far to much focus has been put on toure and ade for next carlingcup game wenger stoped thinking about those 2 long a ago and its just another game,i would not play rvp at all we need think about keeping your best players fresh for the prem and champoins legue if this was carling cup final then it might be worth playing him but unless that happens wenger should stick with young players and its very important see hwo well these young players perform away from home

  2. B.B.K.

    no leon wenger should not stick with these young players we need to win something and this comp is a good chance to do that

  3. gunnergetyou

    Theo cannot play central in our current system mainly because he cannot hold the ball up, and does not have enough composure, his pace is perfectly suited the playing on the right in our current system, cesc, arsh and rvp will find him all day long

  4. ManGoonian


    Maybe my maths is bad, but how could we be 4 points clear exactly? We are 5 points behind and have dropped 8 points all season… The fact you are suggesting we should’ve won every game is daft enough, but do we get an extra point for being cool too? Oh, you must be including the game in hand we havent played yet.

    Your logic is still way dodgy. Been a long day huh?

  5. ManGoonian

    Vela is perfectly suited to our brand of 4-3-3, as is Theo, nasri, Rosicky, Wilshire, Watt, Sunu and so on… It aint a coincidence or a fluke either…

  6. leon

    bbk it depends on prem games and champoins legue and yes it simportant to win something but also i feel its good to have a blend of young players + experienced players and i dont think its worth risking rvp for early stages of carling cup but again it all depends on fixtures and injuries and rvp,song,gallas vern ahve played every week,i feel the young players we have are good enough just need some experienced players

  7. A

    the league cup doesn’t count as winning something for the first team! 3rd and winning nothing is better than 4th and winning the league cup imo

  8. ManGoonian


    I agree there. FFS! We are probably the only country that has 2 domestic cups anyways… Sure it’d be nice for the yutes…

  9. A

    True Mang, and the only country where the main domestic cup is taken very seriously! The FA Cup is the most prestigious domestic cup competition in the world, and even that isn’t a big deal anymore, the league cup is just a joke, but has been made semi-worthwhile as it’s good experience for the kids

  10. gunnergetyou

    the league cup would be a good start for a team that aint won anything for 4-5 years, unless you count the fa youth cup

    if we play a mixture of youth and experience we have a good chance,
    but i dont think we can win anything with silvest, senderous and gilbert in our defence at the same time.

  11. ManGoonian


    Well, they did well in the last game. I think Gilbert might give way to Eboue, actually. And I thought both Silvestre and Senderos did well too.

    But as A says, we are the only league to have 2 domestic cups and its pretty daft to make it out to be a big deal… Its only the media and likkle teams like the spuds that big it up.

  12. B.B.K.

    well prehaps if the first team played in the league cup more offen and went on to win it they might be able to go on and win the league due to knowing what its like to actually win something.As it stands it’s the only real sort of chance of winning something but only if wenger puts a a first team 11

  13. B.B.K.

    you woud rather finish 3rd and win nothing thats the sort of shite that people get excited about hese days and why we have settled for shit for so long

  14. A

    It’s a reflection of how football has changed BBK, finishing one place higher up is more of an achievement than winning the league cup now, but some fans havn’t cottoned on to that.

    ggy sendy and silvestre did well last time, i’m going for


    eboue senderos silvestre traore

    ramsey denilson merida

    theo vela wilshere

    I reckon that team could beat city

  15. ManGoonian

    Oh dear BBK.

    You seriously think winning the poxy carling Cup will lead to any other success? hats hilarious!

    Wenger’s record in the carling cup is pretty effin good anyways. Fergie would only play his kids if he could, but trhey’d get stuffed by the likes of Coventry at home!

  16. B.B.K.

    nah it’s not a especially if we claim to be a big club that keeps on banging on about how much talent we posses but continue to serve up the same bollocks

  17. A

    though if it’s the difference between 11th and 12th then winning the league cup is probably better actually, but the difference between playing in europe and not, or going into the group stages and having the qualify, is much much greater and more significant for the future of the club than winning the league cup or not.

  18. ManGoonian


    Yeah, I know mate. Every article’s 1st paragraph will mention it wont they! Twats the lot of em…

    I think we have a good chance of beating the northern chavs whoever gets a game…

  19. A

    bbk we are a big club, so the league cup doesn’t matter to us, it only matters to little clubs, who have no chance of winning anything else. The league, champs league, and fa cup to a lesser extent are the be all and end all, the league cup would just be an irritating inconvenience if it wasn’t the chance to give the kids playing time. It’s BECAUSE we’re a bit club that it doesn’t matter.

  20. B.B.K.

    a each year we qualify for the champions league we get to the quarters semis play english teams and get knocked out we got to the final for the first time and lose,are we ever going to actually win the thing? we have been empty handed in the league for 5 years now,prehaps if we go on to win the carling cup we just might be able to go on and win some more silverware it won’t hurt will it to actually put out our strongest 11 and try and win the thing

  21. gunnergetyou

    being that theres only premier league teams left in the league cup, it could be harder to win than the fa cup, depending on the draw. how else could you explain a portsmouth vs cardiff final. im sure all the clubs left in the competition will be taking it seriously, including the mancs and the chavs

  22. A

    bbk getting to the quarters of the champs league is a bigger achievement than winning the whole league cup, i care about us competing with the best teams around, not having shiny silverware to put in the trophy cabinet.

  23. ManGoonian

    “continue to serve up the same bollocks…”

    Considering the season is not even half way done and we are scorin goals a plenty, still lookin good in every thing, players have come on big styleee, I really do not understand what you mean?

    Unless you are are kinda willing us t fail so you can beat yourself up some more??? 🙄

  24. B.B.K.

    we wont win the champions league and we wont win the league the only chance to win something for us are in the domestics

  25. A

    yeah it is bbk, we’ve gotten to the champs league final, and semi final, which is WAY bigger than winning the league cup every season….

  26. A

    it’s not achieving what we want to achieve bbk, but it’s more of an achievement than winning the whole league cup. Being in the top 2, or 4 in Europe, rather than being the best out of a mix of reserve and first teams in the football league and premier league

  27. ManGoonian

    Why do you bother? It must be such a pain to have to support Arsenal… All the pain and suffering you have to go thru… I mean, Arsenal has always won stuff hasnt it>>> ERm…

  28. Jaguar

    yeah it is bbk, we’ve gotten to the champs league final, and semi final, which is WAY bigger than winning the league cup every season….

    I would never agree with it.We were not consistent in the CL last season,and hobbled all along the way till the semis before we lost a decent team.I would have been happy with a domestic cup last season.Not that I care about the mickey mouse cup.

  29. ManGoonian


    I go and watch the team, support the players, etc coz they are my team. I enjoy the games, especially the wins!

    If you dont get that same enjoyment (if you go to games, or watch on TV, whatever?) then you seriously should find something else to do with your time…

    Winning trophies is fantastic, but what the fuck d you do if we dont?? Stop supporting them? Become a chav, or a manc? What about supprters of the likes of Charlton, Leeds, Scunthorpe??? They must be all fuckin mugs! Supporting teams that wont win the champions league…

  30. Goonerman

    I accept there is a price to pay if a club moves to a new stadium.

    I happily follow my team who play the best football in the world.

    Winning trophies is the icing on the cake.

    I am patient – I wish more people were.

  31. Jaguar

    what a ridiculous logic!Dont say that those fans wouldnt want them to win any silveware?

    And if someone finks that Arsenal are in the same league as Charlton,Leeds and the likes,they need to get a reality check,before accusing others of being plastic fans.

  32. ManGoonian


    I might have known you show yourself up with your lack of knowledge!!

    You mean Leeds, who were in the semis of the CL and spending money like it was goin out of fashion eh?

    Or maybe Burnley, Derby, Nott Forest, Sheff Wednesday? You know BIG teams who won titles, but where are they now?

    The arrogance to assume that they are not big teams is incredible, considering their history…

  33. ManGoonian


    Oh FFS! Its about being a SUPPORTER! Its about goin to the games, havin a laugh, watching the team perfom, seeing players come thru, getting pissed, goin thru the highs and lows… Basically, its about EVERYTHING!

    The trophies is a small part of it, dont get me wrong, I get gutted when we lose, took me ages to get over the spud 4-4 last season. But it is about the whole thing, the whole experience..

    Those who constantly go on about trophies all the fucking time are missing a trick, IMO…

    Its really difficult to explain mate… We’d need to do it over a few beers! Not on here! 😀

  34. ManGoonian

    B.B.K. Says:
    November 12, 2009 at 20:56

    Your only saying lets be patience because you know we are going to end up with fuck all again

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! 😆

    I feckin love you man! Not in a gay way, but you feckin crack me up!!!

  35. ManGoonian


    Sorry if I have gone a bit! And sorry if my language has been a bit much too… Didnt mean to antagonise or slate anyone…

  36. SharkeySure

    Loving your work ManG !!! 🙂

    “Those who constantly go on about trophies all the fucking time are missing a trick, IMO…”

  37. keith


    Re your 20:57 post I couldn’t put it better myself.

    We all want to win a trophy as a culmination of a season but there have been much longer periods of time where we have been no where near any success in the past.

    I have been regularly going to watch Arsenal play since the Don Howe/Terry Neil era and boy at times were we rubbish.

    I agree there have been loads of lows with some highs and people need a little more patience..

  38. Pat

    Do you guys think that there is genuine interest in Ozil? Why else would his agent refuse to comment on it and he said Ozil needs to concentrate. Would he say that if we haven’t shown an interest?


    bbk chats bollocks he thinks were shite and thinks we are the onlybig club not to have won anything for 4-5 years liverpool barcelona inter ac milan have all had spells where they havent won their lge recently for longer then that
    wenger has made mistakes during that time but as a whole i wouldnt swap the wenger era for nothing

    ihis year the team can do it, yes we need to 1-2 players in jan to help back up the defensive side of our squad, i wouldnt swap our squad for anyones

  40. A

    That sort of thing always happens Pat, it’s the same rhetoric every agent comes out with whether there’s anything in it or not! I’d be shocked if there was any genuine interest, Wenger has already talked about needing to make space for the likes of Ramsey and Merida, Wilshere will end up central too, adding another young player to an already overloaded set wouldn’t make much sense to me, not to mention for a fair bit of money.

  41. Jaguar

    I can only hope that Wenger wouldnt leave the responsibilities of Alex Song to the likes of Diaby,when he is off to the ACN,without bringing in a quality DM.

  42. A

    It’ll be Denilson there Jaguar, not Diaby, which is absolutely adequate imo, we should be fine for those 3-4 matches. I wouldn’t rule out someone like Matuidi coming in, but they wouldn’t play straight away anyways. I reckon if Wenger thought Diaby could play that role then he would’ve played there rather than Ramsey against Wolves

  43. Jaguar

    I am wary of Denilson making an immediate impact. He has played alongside Song the whole of last season.He is more of an interceptor than a tackler. He would do well,if paired alongside an inform Song,but I dont bank on him to do a DM’s job which Song has been doing pretty good this season.Another horrifying aspect would be to see Wenger starting Diaby every single match,citing his height.

  44. A

    Jaguar Song and Denilson only both played when Cesc was out, I reckon he’ll be more than capable in a three man midfield of doing the job, more so than in a 4-4-2 alongside cesc. I would expect to see Diaby play to add some physicality against Villa and Bolton away, but there are only four games so even if it was every single match it isn’t that big a deal, we should be fine.

  45. ThaatArsenalGuy

    people might shoot me down for this but I think Nasri could play the dm role very well. I remember reading some French coach saying he could play there as well as Wenger saying it. I know he had a few dodgy trials there before and he is a brilliant attacking threat but I think he could do a job there for a few games .

  46. A

    ThatArsenalGuy when they were talking about Nasri, they were talking about him playing the Pirlo role, deep lying playmaker, alongside a proper defensive player. He hasn’t had any dodgy trials there either! All common mistakes that seem to have been accepted as if they were true! Nasri has never played as our main DM without a proper DM playing, and really couldn’t imo.

  47. B.B.K.

    ”i wouldn’t swap our squad for anyones”Are you sure about that,lets be real now havin djourou,senderos,eboue,bendtner,denilsong,almoonia,fabianski,mannone and the other goal keeper in you squad you are bound to go through a barren spell and a long one at that

  48. goonermichael

    I didn’t say that Jaguar. I hate ronaldo but I think he’s probably slightly better than fletcher. I don’t really rate diaby much either but 6 months ago most mancs felt about fletcher like you feel about diaby. Fletcher is trying too hard to be roy keane. Spiteful cunt

  49. ManGoonian

    Jaguar Says:
    November 13, 2009 at 00:23

    If you woulnt want to swap Diaby for Fletcher,then I have absolutely no comments.

    Ahh, if only! Hahaha!

    Have you heard the news fucknutz?

    Fat Frank is out for 8 weeks, apparantly..

  50. Stu

    Obertan must be one of their shittest buys in recent years. Having seen him come on as a sub in one of their matches he was pathetic. Just stood in the same place for about 30seconds until the ball fell at his feet and missed a sitter. Other than that he has just been anonymous.

  51. ManGoonian

    By the time we play the chavs, they’re have no friggin team left…

    Ny evil plan is working… Mwoooohaahaahaahaahaa!!!

    Good night and good luck…

  52. Pat

    I’ve never seen Lampard injured and if true, we are very lucky. Him and Cesc always cancel each other out.

    Drogba will probably be fit, but Bosingwa and Lampard injuries seem serious.

  53. iceman

    I think it’s BS.
    It’s probably a cunning move by Ancelotti to save him for the chavs.
    If it’s true then we have no excuse not to tear them a new one on the 29th 🙂

  54. gnarleygeorge9

    You can just feel that manure are teetering on the edge of the slide down the gurgler. Can I be the one to give them & their disgusting fans the big shove that sends them tumbling 😆