Arsenal romp to victory!

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Ok, so I ended up watching the match in some Soho bar, dressed as the mad hatter. My report will be strictly note form today, exactly as I saw the match. Apologies for the lack of craft, this is totally blackberry!


Scored more goals than we’ve scored before, but conceded the most in our Premier League history.

Rambo starts the game ahead of Song because Wenger wants to give him a run out. Geoff predicted correctly!

Wolves make the first chance of the game with a looping kevin doyle header. Gibbs cleared off the line.

Ebanks Blake gets a header off from a corner that fizzed past Almunia’s near post.

Wolves were playing a high line which Van the man nearly exploited.

Eduardo had a shout for a penalty turned down. What a joke, it was a nailed on one. Match of the day of course didn’t show that one.

Wolves continued to exploit us aerially. They had a game plan, and it was doing well. Diaby took a few minutes out to allow us to gain composure… I hoped! Song took his place, then I realised it wasn’t a a cunning Diaby plan. This team amendment would hopefully allow Rambo the chance to get forward.

Arsenal picked up a free kick after Eduardo was cynically shoved over. RVP fizzed in the free kick…it missed everyone and went in off Zubar. I jumped up, saw Eduardo waving his finger…assumed it was disallowed, thankfully it was just an admittance that the goal wasn’t his. Arsenal were undeservedly ahead.

Arsenal started to dominate.

Song broke up play in the middle, laid it off to Rambo whose pace allowed him to beat his man, he then  passed to Eduardo who with one touch, chipped Hennesey in stunning fashion, well maybe a tiny deflection.

Sagna won the ball in his own half and gave it to Cesc, who then passed it back to Sagna, who elegantly chipped the ball to Van persie, who stunned the ball to Cesc, who buried it inside Henneseys near post. Fab-ulous stuff. Sagna loves an assist lately, eh?

The second half started slowly. I did wonder to myself why Rambo didn’t start ahead of Diaby? Song was reassuring in the middle, cleaning up like Ashley Cole in a room full of ugly hair dressers. Aaron Ramsey was a touch unpredictable in the first half, but going forward he looked every bit the player we’d hoped for.

Gibbs was booked for a challenge he tried to pull out of…  …harsh in my opinion.

Arshavin scored our fourth after he buried the punch out back into the net from twenty yards out, super, super strike.

Arsenal dominated the rest of the game until the 89th minute when I said to my friend,

‘This is when we concede’

Sure enough, we gave away a needless corner, Vermaelen lost his marker and Wolves nabbed their consolation goal. I had a disagreement with a few of the grovers about late goals. My view is if you concede enough of them, it becomes a mental issue. I think its apparent we have a problem now, it doesn’t bode well for the big games does it? 4 late goals in 5 games, very upsetting from a perfectionist point of view.


Superb play at times after a shaky start, who cares though, we are second, and if today is a draw, we can go top by beating the chavs, so after much soul searching, I asked the postmeister Geoff for his opinion on the ideal result, and we both agreed a draw would suit, a nil, nil one, followed by 4 sendings off for violent conduct.

Have a super Sunday and let’s hope for the perfect result to finish off a great weekend.

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  1. luke

    and ps, I love Ramsey to death, he is one of our most promising players and is doing a fantastic job at the moment but it was clear the CDM is not his natural position against wolves…I would hate to see Nasri wasted as the holding midfielder as he has a so much attacking quality…

  2. gnarleygeorge9


    Manninger 1998 stood in for Seaman for a month, & got player of the month. Some one will step up for Song, because if the boys are in with a real chance, they will be that hyped up, everyone will want to cover for everyone. Well thats what I hope 😎

  3. gnarleygeorge9

    Speaking of 😎 the hot weather is finally here. I love the Premier League, coz the weather is so hot for it.

  4. Pat

    Sunderland away after the break will be very, very tough. They outplayed United at OT, played well against Liverpool, should have beaten Spurs.

    I hope we’re up for that one, although Cana might want to prove a point. Something tells me we’re not leaving the Stadium of Light without injuries

  5. Ja_Gunner

    My team for Sunderland as long there are no injuries..


    Team for Liege


    We should rest some players against Liege so that they will be ready for Chelsea…

  6. luke

    we do need to rest some players, specifically the Frenchies who will have a playoff and Arshavin as well. Dont think we have any other players playing competitive matches over the break.

  7. luke

    What is the deal with our injuries over:

    -Bendtner, Walcott, Wilshire, Vela, Denilson, Diaby, Clichy?

    When are they projected to be fit again?

  8. Ja_Gunner

    Most of those guys should be back by early december….so they will be available for a hectic December….

    Clichy may come back later than the rest…

  9. LAzer

    Something tells me we will drop points at the stadium of light. Bruce is a good manager and most of their chaps won’t be playing twice in the week for stupid internationals. You know I hate to say this but someone is bound to pickup a nick now. Feel like I am being too pessimistic but I think its realistic to expect a slump coming…

  10. Micky Did It 89

    Lazer: just gone through yesterday’s posts. Totally agree with what you said about comments on here during games. I have given up following comments on here during matches. Too negative. Every football ground has them. “Rocastle, youre a fucking wanker. Fuck off Rocastle. Gooooaaaaal. Rocky, Rocky, Rocky Rocky, Rocastle.” As for the, hope Diaby is injured bit!!!!!
    Think yesterdays game shows that Chelsea are not that good. We are better now than when we played Utd, although I suspect they may go big in the transfer window.
    Still, it will be down to “scoring more than them” for the rest of the season. Bodes well.

  11. YON

    The game at the Stadium of Light will be a battle. We will need to go with 3 strikers and force havoc because they are shit at the back. We will need to keep a very close eye on Malbranque and Reid because they are the most dangerous Sunderland players. I’m sure Bruce will start in a 4-5-1 formation with Malbranque and Reid in supporting roles for Bent and a powerful midfield 3 with Cana in the middle and Henderson on one side with someone else on the other. Thankfully… Cattermole and Jones are out.

  12. bnsb


    If all our best team players come back in one piece, it will not be impossible for us to win, May be difficult being away game and the game after International break. Sunderland also play with a degree of pace and leave spaces, they do not park the bus and rely on physical aspect totally.

  13. Micky Did It 89

    Good news on Cattermole. He is the kind of player you want WITH you not AGAINST you (actually a player I thought would have been good for us). Anyhow, I rather liked the idea of having Rosicky around for a while longer without being clattered.

  14. SUGA3

    morning y’all…

    Micky – have to disagree on Chelsea being ‘not that good’: fair enough, Manure played an understrength team there, but still were all over them, bar Rooney’s strike Cech hardly had any serious save to make…

    good news is that their away record is worse than ours and Emirates has been a fortress so far…

  15. Kingman5

    It Was A Good Result Over The Weekend But Why Do We Always Have To Concead A Goal Even Against Wolves Who Were Never A Threat The Whole Match Still Manage To score.This Is Why I’m Afraid If We Meet A Team Like Chelsea Who Never Let In Stupid Goals Like Us,That’s It,We’re Done.Craddock Scored 2 Goals In Their Last Match,Surely Someone Should Have Known That And Picked Him Up.We Should Not Let This Happen Which Allows The Opponents To Put More Pressure On Us Like What Happened In The West Ham Game.