Hey Ronnie, stay away, you’re not welcome at our Arsenal. And a tonking tonight!

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So in this politically correct world in which we live, where people get banned from Arsenal for singing the wrong song or standing up, I hope the hell that Arsenal extend that attitude to train robbers, especially one that was involved in the death of an innocent man whilst stealing his money.

Ronnie Biggs who never once said he was sorry, conned his way out of prison by faking dying and now feels well enough to want to go to an Arsenal match, Arsenal you banned me once and I didn’t rob a train, you banned Bin Laden, so I hope you ban him.

Ronnie, if you do get in, you’d better not sit near me, I think you are nothing more than a dirt bag who spent his life not working, paying no tax and fathering a kid just to get out of being extradited back to serve your sentence, and now you get 24 hour care on the NHS estimated to cost the tax payer £40k a year and £96 a week pension backdated to when you got released, all that and you didn’t pay a single penny in, you low life bum.

And that’s 50% more than I would get if I lost my job and I have worked my whole life paying in to the system.

Arsenal if you let him in, I’ll be giving my season tickets back and I’ll tell the world why.

I know we tend to sanctify scumbags and villains in this country, I hope like hell this bloke doesn’t get afforded the same privilege.

You are not a cheeky chappie, you sure as hell aren’t Robin Hood and you’re not welcome at our football club, Arsenal, say something!

Gael Clichy’s injury will open the door for Keiron Gibbs, so Gael, get well soon, and Keiron, seize the moment and show us tonight what you can do for England instead of the twit that plays for Chelsea.

I expect nothing more than a resounding victory, win this game boys, and do it convincingly so we can go into the weekend with our tails up.

I promised you Grovers that I wouldn’t predict a score so I won’t, but remember what we did to Blackburn? Expect a similar score.

According to the press we are after Servet Cetin, he is a tough tackling centre back from Turkey, I wouldn’t read too much into that story, solid bloke though.

Anyway Grovers, enjoy this evening, because I can’t see us having many games as easy as this one, expect some kids, but expect a tonking, we are in Europe and we mean to qualify…Tonight!

Enough on hi.

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  1. zeus

    IN all honesty barca are not playing at the level they played last year. Henry is a year older Iniesta and Xavi aren’t really setting the place alight, though they are class players and Ibra while scoring takes a directness out of their game that Etoo offered.

    Fab4 in current form is outshing BOTH Xavi and Iniesta and if a sale were to happen its at the very least 50m easy.

  2. Ja_Gunner

    I hope Song continues to improve himself as a DM..but I want him to develop a long range shot for those times when teams really defend well..

    He can come and smash some in from rebounds/loose balls right at the top of the box…

  3. Keyser

    Stu – It’s not like worrying about the rebound before the penalties taken.

    It’s more like looking at your chances and waiting for the player to make his move instead of just choosing one way or the other.

    Eboue should’ve moved to close down Lens, he was waiting in turn to see if Ramsey was quick enough to close on the other player, it’s split second stuff and and the Alkmaar player got lucky.

  4. Stu

    Ja, Song probably wont be that advanced in open play to score those kind of goals. Arriving man goals (like the ones Lampard does and Gerrard used to score) are usually scored by CMs. Right now out CM is Diaby..he has a few of them already so obviously its working well this season.

  5. Ja_Gunner

    Wait a sec guys….if you win the Europa league..do you qualify for the Champions league?

    Cuz if thats the case…then that might be Liverpoo’s only route back into the CL because Man City is gunning for the 4th spot…..I can see Tottenham and Man City pushing Liverpoo for the 4th spot

    Villa seem like they are fading away already.

  6. Stu

    Yeah maybe not Keyser, bad comparison on my behalf but the goal was still unacceptable. Thee was no decisiveness from us in defence.

    Ramsey should have either slid for the ball or actually clipped Lens.
    Eboue should have either stuck with the man behind him or slid in to block the ball..in the end he did neither.
    And Almunia should just saved the shot..

  7. Stu

    Not sure about that Ja. Shakhtar won it last season but arent in the CL this time round. Maybe they lost the qualification match or just went straight into the europa league again.

  8. Ja_Gunner

    Stu I hear you about the CMs scoring late arrival goals…

    But most of Diaby’s goals have been counter attacks where he bursts through and provides an outlet for a pass…He has more pace than Cesc so he can do that…

    But what I am talking about is when teams park the bus and then there are loose balls that fall right outside the box….SOng and other DMS are always there to restart attacks but ..I am saying if he develops a long range shot….he can mix it up and take some shots instead of just collecting and redistributing…

    That is part of the reason Manure get so many defelections….because they take shots in areas that we would never take them

  9. zeus

    We dont have to worry Fab4 is no fool. I firmly believe we will win something, but do you guys really think Cesc is gonna leave a club that:
    1. Plays as pretty football that we do
    2. He captains
    3. Fans hold in the highest of esteems
    to go to Barca where is is just a place holder for when Xavi and Iniesta needs a rest.

  10. Pat

    We can concede late goals all we want if we’re up b at least 3. A consequence of attacking football is conceding goals. Look at Barca last season. Liverpool, United, and Chelsea all had better defensive records than them.

    Btw, pompey has a better defensive record than Liverpool!!!

  11. Keyser

    Just looked at that, I think it’s their left back.. Also explains why Arshavin kept trying to hack him whenever he got near.

  12. A

    I was worried it was one of our players Keyser. Didn’t see it at the time and looking at replays now can’t tell, wondering if anyone at the game got a good look

  13. bk

    what we have now is a good good team,if we keep it together and add 1 or 2 it will be great team….what are the chances of that? the cesc shadow wont go away

  14. Keyser

    A. there’s only Nasri and Gibbs around him, and he’s shouting at someone behind them. Arshavin kept hacking at the left back aswell for some reason, he done it several times and just gave away free kicks.

  15. Ja_Gunner

    These are the teams I would feel comfortable against in the second round of the CL

    Real Madrid
    AC Milan

    I think we can dispose with anyone of those comfortably….Real with Cronaldo could be a test though.

  16. Pat

    Juve and Wolfsburg can cause problems Ja. Wolfsburg strikers are really good. Dzeko, Grafite, and Oba Martins on the bench

  17. Jaguar

    Arshavin,what a player!
    Fab:nomore to say

    Diaby:Lesser the said the better.That idiot,gave away possession one too many times,and had his arse saved by Gibbs and Vermaelen.How that retard played ninety minutes is even more enigmatic than the Bermuda Triangle.Even a tap in goal,wouldnt evict him of his crappy play.

  18. zeus

    Diaby had a good game. I’m no fan of his but the way some constantly criticize him you would think Arshavin or Fab4 NEVER made a mistake. (and I know even when they play badly there is still quality in them to chnge the game)Give credit where its do. Today he put in a good shift.

  19. Jaguar

    I have had my views on this before.Players like Fab and Arshavin have left a legacy,which wouldnt be tarnished by a few uninspired performances.They can change the course of a match according to their will.Retards like Diaby,despite playing fuckall in all the chances he has got, doesnt deserve to play for a team like Arsenal.

  20. Bostonian

    once again…

    did someone figure out that at whom was Cesc having a go after first goal…

    might not be nasri coz they both celebrated the third goal..

  21. Ja_Gunner

    Pat Woflsburg is a good offensive team but they are not good defensively….We would deal with them easily because they actually play football…

    Juve is way off the pace in Italy…Its a one horse race so far with Inter leading..

    I know Juve would be tricky but I feel we would beat them..

    The teams that might really give us problems are

    Bordeaux(Unknown quantity)

    Barca(not playing well now but if they find form they will be hard to play against)

    Manure(just because we seem to always screw up against them)

    Chelsea(Obviuos reasons)


  22. Jaguar

    once again…

    did someone figure out that at whom was Cesc having a go after first goal…


    Diabolical obviously.

  23. Jon Kabira

    Jaguar how about you play Football Manager or Master League in PES.That way you can bench Diaby for all you want or better yet just sell him for good!

  24. A

    You sure Keyser? I thought he was shouting in the opposite direction, towards VP/Gallas and their defenders sort of direction.

    Jaguar Diaby had a good game today, you’ve got every right to not rate him and such like, but if someone has a good game and your hatred for them is so strong that it blinds you to that fact then you’ve lost all credibility and objectivity.

    I don’t particularly rate Diaby at all, and expect him to come out of the side when Nasri and Rosicky are fully fit, but he does have something to offer.

    Today he scored one, set up one with a nice tackle, and generally played pretty well, as did the whole side.

  25. goonermichael

    Manuel Almunia 7

    Emmanuel Eboue 7

    William Gallas 7

    Thomas Vermaelen 7

    Kieran Gibbs 7

    Alex Song 7

    Abou Diaby 8 – STAR MAN

    Cesc Fabregas 7

    Samir Nasri 7

    Robin van Persie 7

    Andrey Arshavin 7


    The sun disagrees with you Jaguar

  26. goonermichael

    I’m off to bed. Funniest thing tonight was singing “is there a fire drill?” to all the People leaving 10 minutes early

  27. Keyser

    A. – Yeah he cuts in from the right, the right back went out to meet him and after he takes the shot he’s the closest opposition player to him I think, Nasri pushes him away, Gibbs walks him off to kick off again.
    It looked like he was shouting Fuck You, who would he say that to, and Arshavin seemed overly agressive towards their right back after that.

  28. Stu

    Their number 5 or 6 was the player Fabregas was up against when he scored his first but Jaliens (who i think was their actual rightback, no.2) was in the leftback slot at the time for whatever reason.

    It will be interesting to find out why he was so angry..heres hoping the journalists do their job and ask him…im not gonna expect them to pick up on it tho.

  29. raynor73

    Cmon…Diaby scored, but apart from that he was the only person giving the ball away so cheaply. Maybe my eyes are fucked? He was shit….5/10

    I like the way when capn Cesc scores, he makes a big deal out of it…I love him, but I is worried…

    Verma…I love you. You win every header going. youn make Big Willys job a bit too easy.

    Song was pretty good for a while. Shit pass on him. Loses concentration when we are winning.

    Eboue was crap tonight. Usually good at RB

    Arsh – lazy MF, but can be as he’s so fucking good. His brain is 1.645664 seconds in front of Diaby. I timed it on my I Phone.

    Nasri. Oh yeah! .What a fucking bargain. In 2 years he’ll be our best player by a country mile. Sublime

  30. AA23

    Bollocks had caps lock on and I cant be arsed to type that again. Sorry

  31. raynor73

    Yeah he scored! But you can play shit and score. Until he scored he was feckin awful…

    AW only persists to try and get his confidence up..he must read le Grove, where he gets a lot of stick!

    I like him as a person. I am dubious about him as a player. He aint no Viera!!!!

  32. raynor73

    You and me have a similar feeling for Diaby. Sometimes I love him, like when he scored tonight. Mostly he makes me fucking angry and I shout thing like
    ‘ for fucks sake Diaby, who the fuck do you play for you spastic. Wake up you Cu**’

  33. raynor73

    Im from Sarf Landan.

    I said that in accent. Its South London really.

    All my family like Chelsea. I hate my family.

    How come you like the Arse?

  34. Ja_Gunner

    Yeah I am here…..

    We just have to beat Wolves on Saturday and that will heap the pressure on Manure and Chelsea…

    The best result for us is a draw….however if someone were to win then I would prefer a Chelsea win.

    The reason for this is …I know Sir Alex will buy in january…because surely he sees that he needs some more quality… So I want them to drop as much points as possible before January.

    Chelsea however have a transfer ban ….plus the African cup of nations will rob them of

    Drogba(their best player)
    Essien(their best box-box mid)
    kalou (their best back up striker)
    Obi Mikel(decent backup DM)

    So I feel they will probably drop some points in that period….and we can overtake them.

  35. Jaguar

    I cant stand Diaby.He’s been given too many chances.I would stick up for players like Bendtner,Eboue who despite their antics, try something on the pitch. Diaby is the laziest,cocky(which stems from stupidity) player in the current team. Ramsey and Merida are way ahead of him,and he doesnt deserve to start ahead of them.However,Wenger would start him every single match,only because of his francophonic connections.

  36. raynor73

    Jag- I agree. They are French. AW is atubborn, but I think he will persist. Diaby can be totally amazing in bursts of 5 seconds at a time. He is the most frustraing player ever. Aston Villa goal anyone? Mostly gives the ball to his invisible friend who plays for thr opposistion?

  37. Jaguar

    Football is played for ninety minutes.Even Cygan used to make one or two crucial interceptions in a game.Did it make him look any better?

  38. raynor73

    I met a girl once from Newcastle. Spoke like Cheryl cunt face (one of the fittest birds ever).

    You lucky bastard

  39. Jaguar

    My bad,got it mistaken with that of KT5,FFS,how the heck,did I forget the squad number of Mr.Arsenal
    There is only one Tony Adams.

  40. raynor73

    Jag- last year we have quite a few games we need to forget…Stoke was just one.

    We are defo stronger this year and Carn Fantastic is looking good. We are in the race for sure. And I think Manure will fuck up. Chavski are the team to beat

  41. Jaguar

    Chavski, would drop points when Essien and Drogba are off during the ANC.Manure are missing the diver girl, and Pool are already fucked up.

  42. raynor73

    Agree…we might lose Song. Ohh. We got Ramsey. I like him. Drogba is alomst what Torres is for the bindippers (liverpool)

  43. Jaguar

    The worst thing would be to see Diaby or even Nasri taking over Song’s place. If we dont bring in a DM during the Jan transfer window,we would certainly be doomed.

  44. raynor73

    Jag- I think Nasri will be our cesc in 2-3 years. We do need a DM. But Song aint that great yet. Yes he’s getting better. But he’s still got a way to go. He’s final pass is shite. He’s concentration lapses.

  45. A

    Jaguar it’s only 4 games, if we bring in a DM it won’t be to play when Song’s away, the competition starts right at the beginning of January, so if we brought anyone in they’d take a couple of weeks to settle, training with the team, making sub appearances, so they’d only play something like the last two games Songs away.

    I’m happy enough with Denilson in there and Diaby playing more disciplined if needs be anyways

  46. Pat

    Apparently Cesc was taken off with a tight hamstring. No quotes to prove it, but it was part of a match report article

  47. Stu

    No worries Pat, Rosicky should be available this weekend or Nasri if he is fit enough after playing 90minutes tonight. Cesc can afford to sit this one out if needed.

  48. chris

    Very late again but:

    Another we’ll score more than you type game –
    which is ok most of the time because this team has got so many goals in it.
    And anyway last year’s team won loads of games playing much worse without Cesc and before Arshavin got there.

    Lots of nice stuff going forward – despite the assists I still think Arshavin’s nowhere near his A game – when Wenger’s bigging players up it’s normally because he thinks they need extra confidence/ reassurance

    The full backs defended poorly – Gibbs was outmuscled a few times especially on the goal and there was a point in the second half where they were crossing from the left for fun.

    The goal as a monumental dsaster but anyone blaming Eboue needs a rethink – he was effectively one against three – it’s easy to say he should have dived in but then it’s a dummy and cut inside or ir’s a pen and a straight red when you’re 4 up – in the situation it’s good defending to restricty them to a near post shot from the edge of hte box. i like Al much better than Mannone (and I still want Szczesny to get the ManCity game, which he may if Fabianski is still out) but he’s poaching the pass on the striker’s eyes (or something) – wait for the shot/pass then react/adjust the best you can ffs.

  49. Ja_Gunner

    This journalist Ian Herbert is fucking useless…

    This is what he said about the Lyon Liverpool match…this whole paragragh has wrong information.

    Then the horrible reality revealed itself. When a £24m Brazilian striker, Lissandro, is up against your fourth choice central defender (Sotiris Kyrgiakos) and a half fit one (Daniel Agger) the percentages are always weighed against you, even if your name is Benitez and you are sitting in a European dugout. Lissandro beat Kyrgiakos to the ball which bounced agonizingly off the Lyons captain Cris into the net. Bastos was offside when he made his header but no matter now

  50. Ja_Gunner

    1. Lisandro Lopez is Argentinian
    2. Reina got a hand unto Lisandro’s shot but it still went in
    …Cris did not touch the ball at all.

    3. Bastos was not offside when headed the ball on for Lopez

    That journalist is clueless

    Stu look at the goal at 101greatgoals.com

    I tried to paste the link but it did not work

  51. Ja_Gunner

    1. Lisandro Lopez is Argentinian
    2. Reina got a hand unto Lisandro’s shot but it still went in
    …Cris did not touch the ball at all.

    3. Bastos was not offside when headed the ball on for Lopez

    That journalist is clueless

    Stu look at the goal at 101 greatgoals .com

  52. gnarleygeorge9


    I get your drift, but be sure of this, anyone associated with Liverpoo Football Club are in absolute agony @ present/having nightmares as I write. This is good, this is very good. They deserve all the shit that is happening to them.

    When the bias scouser journos wake up soon, all the shit that is happening to this over rated club will still be causing them agony. Hip Hip Hooray, its Liverpoo shitty day 😆

  53. Stu

    Ja, what a fucking idiot. Those kind of mistakes happen too often to be one off mistakes. The journos are just idiots who probably dont even watch the games but just re-hash summaries in their own words to sound smart.

    gg9, my best mate is a livershit fan and he is in agony. He still supports the team but is disgusted right now because of their form. I would never slag him over it tho because he gets pretty frustrated and might snap.

    Anywho..im off to sleep. Night ja & gg9.

  54. gnarleygeorge9

    Really enjoyed the game. AA23 is absolute blue chip. 3 assists, anyone who still finds fault in his game needs to take their pills. Even Diaby was quite serviceable. He needs to overcome his 👿 & follow this up with consecutive improvement. Its all in his head IMO.

    Oh! & Cesc was blue chip, 24 carrat.

    Imagine AA23, Cesc, Nascar & Mozart all fit at the same time for a long period of time. Better get myself a new passport organised 😛

  55. ethangunner


    he is top class , even when he looks sluggish he still comes up with something !
    last night he worked hard and didnt get the credit he deserved .

    but you can see wenger with the line up of cesc RVP AA23 cameo from rosicky he is focused on Europe again ..

    having said that we were still blessed with big al – diaby-eboue and song ..

    its hard to tell if wenger is serious nowadays or NOT ! 🙂

    yes good game all up ..
    and that gibbs will be a player and a half !

  56. ethangunner

    i feel compelled to write big gay Al , just like the south park movie !

    im with lazer from yesterday saying something needs to be done to get a goal keeper who can win us a game ..

    its been a while since we had a exceptional goal keeper m.o.m moment ..

    surely that would tell wenger something !
    ( He’s crap … )
    theres plenty available in these mid table EPL teams just shell out 2 -3 mil and move big (gay ) al back to no.2

  57. nishanth

    Most of the goals we have conceded so far this season is due to the keeper’s fault.Should get that sorted out in january.How about Jussi Jääskeläinen?How much would he cost

  58. mimi

    I love Arsenal! 4-1 is a good result but it was disappointing the way Aluminia just stood there, clean sheet would have been great.