Top 4 Tottenham? A better squad? What a bunch of mugs!

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Sorry for the slightly crass headline. It feels right though. Robbie Keane spouted off about how they didn’t fear us, how man for man they are equal to us and how their bench is stronger.

What a joker…

I met my brother outside Kings Cross McDonald’s after he’d drank 13 bottles of beer, I had a lot of catching up to do but there is no doubt his dutch courage rubbed off on me. By the time we’d arrived at the stadium, I was feeling pretty confident.

The game kicked off to a wave of sound, Arsenal fans were pumped which was unusual because we’re not normally loud and even more unusual because early kick offs are notoriously quiet.

The wall of sound didn’t seem to rub off on the Arsenal players. Arsenal in the first half were pretty woeful. Our passing was shambolic, the decision making was appalling and we struggled to hold our shape and play the football we’ve come to expect as standard.

Diaby was awful, truly terrible… I don’t think I have a good word to say about him from the first half. He was holding onto the ball too long, making unbelievably bad passes and his strength on the ball was like watching a 4 year old shoulder barge a WWF wrestler. When Nasri returns to the team, Diaby can have no complaints. His stint in the first team, has in the main, been a failure.

Song was very shaky. Again, his passing was off key and he was making sloppy errors on and off the ball. I think Geoff is right, he does have a Senderos moment in him almost every game. He did grow with the half, that was encouraging.

Even Cesc was having trouble. His game was all over the place!

It wasn’t all bad… despite not being on our game, we were still carving out chances. The first 40 minutes were a great example of playing badly and still threatening. Something that didn’t happen last season.

Our defending was also very good. Almunia had a few iffy crosses to deal with, but overall, he did pretty well. Vermaelen and Gallas were doing a very good job of disrupting the Crouch affect, deciding if they couldn’t beat him in the air, they’d put him off with physical hustle and make sure they always won the second header.

Cesc nearly broke the dead lock, but his passed shot was kept out with a tidy Gomes save. Robin also went very close but was again rebuffed by the hands of Gomes. Nik B picked up an injury and we were nearly exposed by his inability to run when Spurs flew past him unchallenged. Wenger was losing the plot on the sidelines! Eduardo entered the field of play and if I’m fair, it was the type of decision that was needed regardless off Niks injury.

It didn’t take long for Arsenal to chalk a number on the score board. Sagna, who was distributing the ball like he was trying to ruin his opta stats, whipped a dangerous ball into the box… Robin bundled into the box and slotted it tamely under Gomes. 1-0 up… what a sweet moment.

Just as we were all hugging out, we looked up, Robin dispossessed Keane (I think) from the centre kick, laid it off to Cesc who waltzed past 4 players and banged it past Gomes with Thierry like composure!

‘Did that just happen? Yeaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!’

2-0 up, we were in dream land. The talk at half time was about whether it was too early to start sending reprisal texts to our friends of ‘yid army’ descent?

The second half started and a different Arsenal emerged. Crisp passing football replaced the first half’s lack lustre laboured performance. Things just clicked, Spurs looked buried and we began to pick away at them…

It didn’t take long for us to grab our third. Eduardo laid the ball out wide to Sagna, got crunched in the process… Sagna stopped, looked round, the ref waved play on… Sagna fizzed a ball into the box, Gomes spilled, Robin slotted home. 2 goals for Robin, 2 assists for Sagna and certain victory for the Gooners.

If I’m honest, we could have had 6. Spurs were truly garbage, they had nothing in the locker bar the long ball. Top 4? They’ll be lucky to break into the top 8 this season. It was pretty funny to see Bassong go off towards the end, another injury to a defender.

Arsenal missed a whole host of chances in the second half. Eduardo, through on goal, with only Gomes to beat, managed to slot wide. Who’d have thunk it? Diaby went close with a shot back across goal, Gallas and Arshavin also spurned opportunities. As the game wore on, what was important for me was the clean sheet. Almunia was tested on a number of occasions, notably from a stinging David Bentley freekick, to which he pulled off a spectacular tipped save.

The ref blew up for full time, Arsenal recorded a very important win and continued the title push.

So a few things that need to be mentioned. Arsene Wenger needs to be commended for putting out a half decent team in midweek. Sequences are very important in football, an unneccessary loss against Liverpool cold have seen a different outcome today. Look what happened to Liverpool, 3-1 losers to Bolton. I also thought Arsenal paid more respect to the way Spurs played than usual. We dealt with the aerial threat much better than normal… understanding the way the opposition play is key to nullifying theirย  strengths, we did that today. I was also impressed with the way we came out in the second half and that we managed to come out of the first half with a lead.

Oh, and a final mention to the fans, who were magnificent!


Almunia: I wasn’t sure whetherย  reintroducing a keeper low on confidence, to a North London Derby, was a good idea. If he’d dropped a clanger today, Wenger could have found himself with a real dilemma. My worries didn’t come to fruition, he was top draw after a shaky start, making some very tidy saves, especially in the second half. 7.5

Sagna: His passing in the first half was abysmal. Like I said earlier, it was like his was in a competition with Diaby to make the most incomplete passes in a game! That didn’t stop him setting up two Robin Van Persie goals and it didn’t affect his defending which got better with the game. 7

Gallas: Took it in turns with Vermaellen to rough up Crouch and dealt particularly well with Keane. 8

Vermaellen: Took most of the aerial ball challenges and did superbly considering Crouch is officially the new face of Big Green Giant sweet corn. A top effort, a yellow card and a growing affection developing among the gooner faithful. I think I love him… 8.5

Clichy: I tidy game from our tenacious left back. He got forward to great effect today, at one point finding himself alone heading toward goal, but not having the confidence to unleash a Nigel Winterburn rasper! 7

Song: Started the first half like a right lemon. His passing was terrible and he was making alsorts of silly mistakes. The whole midfield was guilty of this, but as the game grew, so did he… by the time the second half began, he had found his game and started to play with a lot more confidence. In the end, he turned in a good performance. 7

Diaby: A very poor showing from our Frenchman of said potential. His passing was erratic, his ball retention was poor and he was messing up all over the pitch. Someone get this man a space on the bench, because he is playing terribly. 4

Cesc: Started in very un-Cesc like fashion, spraying passes around Gilberto on a bad day and failing to get a grip on the game. He did manage to get on the score sheet with a superb powered run through the heard of the Spurs defence, driving home the second. That gave him the confidence to kick on in the second half when he started playing his game. 7

Arshavin: Spent most of the first 40 on his arse, but he was our only real threat. He played much better in the second half, sitting incredibly deep for the type of player he is. He knows how to pick out a pass and his deft flicks leave the opposition baffled at times. 7

Robin: I hope those who stated our Dutchman wasn’t good enough for a central role have put that humble pie in the oven and upped the gas mark. The boy wonder is on fire lately, finishing well and adapting to that central role like most of us knew he would. I think that’s 7 goals so far this year! I can’t fail to be happy about that… what a top player! 8

Nik B: Was having a bit of a shocker if I’m fair… hopefully he’s not out for too long. 5


Eduardo: Had a tidy game out wide, guilty of a couple of very easy missed chances. 6

Eboue: The coach loves sticking this guy on. He came on to little effect, but at least he got a run out. 6

Rambo: 3 minutes isn’t really enough to get a hold of the game. Lost his head a little when Bassong fell down injured next to him during a run… he should have powered on, concentrated and laid off the right pass. He froze a little and we missed out on our 4th. 6

So, is it time to talk about challenging this year? Lets wait until the cold weather lands, then I’ll start talking! This time last year, I think it was snowing… are we finally feeling the benefits of global warming? I hope so! Bring on the November tan!

See you in the comments!

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  1. A

    reggie i very much doubt it, I reckon given has cost more goals than almunia this season, and certainly last, though he’s also saved many more that would’ve been unsavable for most keepers

  2. Stu

    Almunia has made far more goal costing mistakes than Given this season. Im basing that purely on Almunia tho because i dont remember any of the goals scored against City.

  3. Big Raddy

    Givens is clearly a better keeper than Almunia.

    Taking opposition keepers performances against The Arse, I would have definitely signed Friedel as a stop-gap. Or Jaaskelinen

    None of our keepers will save us points. Almunia’s shots to goals ratio is dreadful.

    Ask El Tel

  4. SUGA3

    Almunia looked solid enough yesterday, I liked the way he chased and caught the ball he spilled early in the game and was catching most of the balls – neither Fabianski nor Mannone can do that, can they?

    still, on the paper Given is a better keeper and I just can’t believe we missed out on him for this kind of money…

    Given is quality and cannot be judged by his mistakes he made playing for Newcastle – what can you do if you play behind shit back 4? IMO Given delayed Magpies relegation by a season or so ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Stu

    The Cameronasi header is debatable because he was unmarked, but it was Givens near post. Gilardinos goal wasnt Givens fault because it was put back across goal and away from him. It was just a good finish from Gilardino.

  6. A

    I would reggie, just, but i don’t think either would make any difference compared to the other in terms of goals conceded, but i’d rather consistent averageness than very inconsistent spectacularness!

    Fabianski Jaguar! In reality there aren’t any keepers who would be available and wouldn’t be a big risk, Akinfeev is the much hyped one but coming from Russia you can’t have any idea how he’d do in the prem

  7. Stu

    Akinfeev would be amazing for us A. He is a great in the making. We should snap him up before United do and have us regretting it.

    Reggie, nothing all day for me. Im clean as a whistle.

  8. Stu

    Almunia used to be the safe option. Wont make any top class saves but wont cost you any stupid goals. Since he started making mistakes he has become a huge liability imo.

  9. SUGA3


    Fabianski looked OK vs. Liverhoof, but I still reckon he is another Dudek in the making – good shot stopper + terrible decision making + genetic lack of ball catching ability = liability

    fuck me, it was so typical of Dudek, he would never ever catch the ball in some older PES games ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Almunia is the best of the lot, Fabianski is a good backup but nothing more – frankly, I would keep Almunia as no.1 and nurture Szczesny until he is 25 or so, then give him no.1 jersey with Fabianski still a no.2…

  10. Big Raddy

    We need proven EPL quality.

    How manyInternational keepers have come into the EPL and done well.

    I would look at Joe Hart or take an ageing keeper to cover whilst Fabianski gets experience

  11. A

    Stu he might be but far from a guarantee, he could well flop, he’s another who’s made mistakes, won’t know how good he is until he plays in a proper league.

    lol Jaguar, nuff said, cos if one keeper has come and made it from a poor league, it means that every keeper in those leagues will automatically make it?!

  12. SUGA3

    and oh, Boruc may be available shortly, he may be worth a shout, he is a Lehmann like figure, very vocal and a fighter – much better than Fabianski imo…

  13. A

    Raddy Joe Hart is shocking imo!

    Reggie Given’s had plenty of blinders against us, those are the games he’s awesome in, where he’s under the kosh and goal being peppered, making wonder save after wonder save. Playing in the same game in our goal he wouldn’t be anything like as good.

    In the prem the only gettable keeper i’d be happy with is rob green, consider him very underrated, though he makes mistakes too, as all in our league do. I just want Fabianski fit and playing regularly, I expect him to become better than any of the others in the prem, he’s very talented, just a bit hot headed and inexperienced.

  14. A

    raddy imo we shouldn’t try and sign one, fabianski should play as soon as he’s 100%, and any money should be spent on a sub dm, and another centre back, before we think about a keeper, unless there’s someone amazing available.

  15. Stu

    Reggie, i swear. I am alcohol free.

    I dont want either of Hart or Boruc. FYI we also bought Almunia from a shit team. He was 2nd choice at Celta Vigo..a team who were relegated to the 2nd division the summer we bought Almunia. How shit must that mave made Al at the time.

  16. SUGA3

    as I suggested above, Boruc is one of the ‘gettables’, then again there will be no need to nuy one if Al maintains good composure – looked reasonably well yesterday whenever he had anything to do…

    I would sell or loan out Mannone and promote Szczesny to no.3 though – the latter has more raw talent than the 3 other combined…

  17. Stu

    This one is different Reggie. His idol is Lehmann and if you watched him play you would see Lehmann mkII.

    He is a crazy fucker who pulls off some amazing saves…still very young tho. Played for Germany in the summers u21 tournament. He was rumoured to be joining Bayern but it never happened.

  18. Stu

    There is no telling how Chesney would do if he was to play in the first team. I havent seen much of him but e doesnt look the biggest and we all know forwards in the prem love to chellenge the GK.

    Talent wise tho he is obviously one of the best but his 1 game against WBA isnt even nearly enough to go on because they arent a physical team by any means.

  19. A

    Stu Szczesny is a giant! Or you mean width wise??

    Neuer is the man Utd are supposedly closing in on after realising how shite Foster is according to the papers last couple of days, not that that means anything!

  20. SUGA3

    Stu, Szczesny is 6 foot 5, that is quite a frame – yes, he is still lacking a bit of upper bodu strength, that is why I’d say we should keep Al as no.1 until Szczesny is 25 or so – when he fully develops he will be as good as VdS, mark my words ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I just dunno if there is any point in buying another young GK, I would be tempted to buy a stop gap one only if Al proves to be inconsistent…

  21. A

    SUGA3 I hope you mean a VDS in his prime, rather than the frail old man utd have between the sticks currently!

    Fabianski is better than Almunia imo, he can be keeper until/unless szczesny becomes the bollocks!

  22. SUGA3

    yep, I certainly did mean that A – Szczesny is class in the making, very confident and communicates well with his back 4 – real shame he broke his arms, he’d be a no.3 by now otherwise…

    VdS just turned 39, so he may be excused for an odd mistake, as he won them a few games IMO…

    MU ‘killed’ Kuszczak and that is a shame, as he was great for WBA a few years back, SAF must be kicking himself for giving Foster (who is shit) game time ahead of Tomek…

  23. SUGA3


    Szczesny will become one of the greatest keepers given the chance – he just needs games, games, games…

    and I am talking games against the real opposition, not kickabouts @ Shenley…

  24. reggie57

    So much for my knowledge on world football i said not many quality GKs about? i cant see further than the arsenal!!

  25. Carlos

    does anyone see a future for Armand Traore? with clichy still at a young age can’t see him getting a sniff for years……

    …..i really rate the lad.

  26. SUGA3

    yep, Traore should be given a shot on the left side of the midfield against weaker opposition, he looked all right on the left for Pompey…

  27. Stu

    Honestly i dont see much of a future here for Traore. I dont think he is better than Clichy or Gibbs at left back and isnt particularly good with the ball.

    His only future with us is as a sub at best imo. He is really fast and has a great cross tho.

  28. A

    Carlos I rate him too, reckon he’ll step up to be back up for Gibbs when he takes over from Clichy, who’ll probably get sold.

    SUGA3 I’d have him in the squad to do what Eboue does on the right, come on late in the game and add defensive cover for the full back, but not starting there. He’s basically a left sided Eboue, quick, powerful and direct, but no real end product and poor ball retention

  29. Carlos

    it’s left back after left back at arsenal. why can’t we do the same in the centre back department! I think with the next 4 years Gibbs will become 1st choice for arsenal and england with Armand Traore competing closely…..

    hate to say but i can see clichy hopping on the madrid bandwagon in the not so distant future. he’s been at the club since 2003 and could pull in a health transfer fee…. ยฃ19million?

  30. SUGA3

    I don’t think Clichy will be sold (or so I hope) – breaking up the Band of Brothers proved to have dire consequences in the past and selling him any earlier than at 28 would be plain stupid, as he is one of good spirits in the squad…

    at 28 he can go as a true legend and with TH14 like blessing…

  31. Carlos

    Clichy hasn’t stood out in the last 2 years for me. i hope his game picks up, otherwise Gibbs or Traore certainly deserve a chance.

  32. Jaguar

    We have either embarassment of riches as in Lb(Clichy,Traore,Gibbs),mid(Fab,Arshavin,Nasri,Rosicky) or dire lack of players as in CDM.When are we ever gonna have a balanced sqaud?

  33. Stu

    The problem with Clichy and players like him is that once his pace goes he will be a pretty nothing player.
    He doesnt really have good positioning or any other defensive qualities. Its his interceptions (because of his pace) that make him good.

  34. Stu

    Yes Jaguar. Walcott is in the same boat. The only difference with Theo is that if he can get a goalscoring nack(sp) then his loss of pace wont be as damaging. Not sure tho…he doesnt seem great at scoring so far.

  35. Jaguar

    Barca,would probably come up with a bid of around ยฃ20m,for Clichy,which will be accepted.Clichy would suit the Barca system better than the lazy duck Abidal.

  36. reggie57

    Walcott is a good finisher providing he plays in his natural position which is either up front or just behind a target man!!

  37. Jaguar

    Mr.Wenger is at fault regarding this.Eboue,Song(to an extent),Denilson, Diaby(FFS),have all been victim’s of his weird square pegs in roun hole policy.

  38. Stu

    As of right now Walcott is a rightsided forward. Neither winger nor midfielder.

    Can you honestly forsee Wenger playing Theo in the central attacking role?

  39. Stu

    Eboue i would agree with Jaguar and maybe Diaby but not the other 2. Denilson is a centre/defensive midfielder, as is Song. But Diaby was played at left midfield by Wenger to develope his left foot. Honestly i doubt Diaby kicked the ball with his left foot the whole time he was played at LM. Hardly Wengers fault Diaby refused to improve that aspect of his game.

  40. Jaguar

    If an 18 year old playing upfront could score against a full strength Chelsea side in the CC finals, he wouldnt fare bad than Wenger’s love child Diabolical,even if he plays as a goalkeeper

  41. reggie57

    If AW played him in the same way the scousers played michael owen a few years back then you would all see what theo is made of!!

  42. Jaguar

    If a player refuses to improve,what is the manager supposed to do?tell him to eff off.So who is at fault there,Stu?

  43. reggie57

    The way we are all relying on RvP and eddie to get thru the season without injury; theo might have a chance to play that role as eggs are eggs i cant see robin lasting a whole season without breaking down,eddie included as well!!

  44. Jaguar

    FFS,I cant wait anymore to see that fucking retard Diabolical improve.We have given him more than enough chances to improve,and he hasnt.I would stick up for those players.who despite their limited skills,show an attitude to get better(eg.Eboue,Song,Denilson,Bendtner),not for fucking retards like Diabolical who are hell bent on showing off their fucking retarded skills than helping the team,which would eventually undo us.

  45. Jaguar

    I have never abused a gooner in a similar fashion before.Cole is a cunt,Adebayor,he is even worse.Shitvestre,I would rather blame Mr.Wenger on recruiting that waste of space on a fucking two year deal,when Pires wasnt offered the same.

    I feel Diaby is even worse.

  46. reggie57

    jaguar agree 100% about the great robert pires should have given that guy anything he asked for,since he left i never realised what a great player he was for us, more of a legend than dare i say t.henry!!!

  47. vinnyjones

    i usually agree with most things here at le grove, but your criticism of song is not warranted. the lad completed 94% of his passes and shielded the back 4 well whist holding his own defensively in midfield. probably his best game this term.

  48. Pedro

    Evening all!

    Vinny, even the most ardent Song fan wouldn’t say that was his best game this term…

    Arsenal didn’t play anywhere near their best football against spurs and spurs had nothing in the locker!

    He played well in the second half, but the whole team was pretty poor up until the first goal.

  49. Lou

    Another couple of bad results and I am hoping that Triffic will start to unravel. His complaints that he heard someone swearing behind his dug-out is amazing in its naivety. He calls the bloke in question a mug. Consider the abuse that is aimed at Wenger every time we go to Spurs and the deafening silence coming from Twitchy where that particular chant is concerned. Add this to his cuckoo-land interview here he claims that Spurs are as good as Arsenal and that every goal was rubbish and his slating of the Arsenal fans impatience with some poor passing and the word mug sits more happily on his head. He’s just a) trying to deflect attention from a truly woeful performance by him and his team and b) angling for a large cash input in January from Levy so he can cream off his customary 10%. After all, it’s not cheap to live in Sandbanks, his son needs some more skin-tight, shiny trousers and the ongoing legal fees to stave off interest from the Inland Revenue and the Police must also be expensive.

  50. Pedro

    Goonerbeall, if you can’t handle your booze without getting violent… I feel for you. Most of us can though… sad little man.

    If you thought Diaby had a great game, I reckon you’re on something… probably slightly stronger than booze.

  51. Jaguar

    If you thought Diaby had a great game, I reckon youโ€™re on somethingโ€ฆ probably slightly stronger than booze.

    Any day.

  52. A

    Not sure I agree with that Pedro, up to the first goal we’d played well, not our spectacular best, but had created chances, totally dominated, and they hadn’t had a look in. I thought Song had played pretty well too, and dominated Huddlestone, Palacios, and Jenas.

  53. Pedro

    I’ve just been reading around the blogs, there was an article that claimed Diaby haters missed what he was actually doing… and he really had a good game.

    Dear oh dear, trying the win the ‘I am the best fan’ competition is still alive. I remember reading some claiming Denilson was the best defensive midfielder in the Prem last year… that article felt similar.

    I like Diaby, but there was no defending his performance yesterday, he was terrible and he’ll be dropped at the first opportunity when others become fit.

    Reading articles about his hidden game is laughable…

  54. A

    Also disagree about Diaby Pedro, second half he was alot better, but first half he was the worst player on the pitch imo, and wouldn’t have been surprised to see Nasri come on for him at half time if he’d been fit. Did seem devoid of confidence, I fear for how the crowd are affecting him getting on his back, it’s starting to feel like another Bendtner/Eboue situation from last season

  55. Pedro

    I thought he was very erratic for the first 40 minutes A.

    I thought the whole team was really, a lot of bad passing going on and not much cohesion.

    Spurs were terrible and I don’t think Song was really taking control of the midfield, they were all mucking in… it was a unit display, which was definitely encouraging.

    The second half was superb though… loved it… Spurs had zero character…

  56. Pedro

    A, the crowd weren’t getting on his back… there were groans, but they weren’t getting on his back.

    He improved in the second half, but lets be honest… that wasn’t going to be hard was it?

    The whole team improved.

    The point is, he played no where near the level we know he is capable of…

  57. A

    I dunno about that Pedro, there was the terrible corner he gave away, but that apart he did little wrong, and constantly won the ball back off the Spuds midfield and broke up their play.

    Anyone else watching MLS?? Standard is so so so bad!

  58. A

    Yeah Pedro but groans are the same sort of thing, not booing, but they will effect the player. I thought it was noticable too, fear for how it’ll affect him because he’s so dumb! There was one situation where the crowd groaned because he stood off someone, and two seconds later he went steaming into someone doing the complete opposite, but giving away a foul

  59. A

    I was gonna day Pedro – I thought he was poor…. Bit of a worry, though I think he’ll come through it. He started off better than he has been recently I thought, he was more involved anyways, seemed to go looking for the ball and really wanted it more, had more touches, worked harder off the ball too, but it just wasn’t quite clicking for him.

    The corner was when he tried to knock it back to Almunia with the outside of his right foot, but managed to really lace it, from around the centre circle too so a fair way up the pitch!

  60. Pedro

    A, it’s a tough world out there and if he’s not performing, it’s very hard for the crowd to button up… especially when people perceive him to be lazy.

    I think fans see these players earning horrendous amounts of cash and not doing the business and they want to let them know the level is not acceptable.

    I can understand that…

    It didn’t do Eboue any harm, he seems to get more love than anyone these days!

  61. AndAPrayer


    Sorry I’m late to the party, didn’t get to see the game yesterday and wanted to watch it before commenting.

    firstly, Geoff – I don’t see how on the performance yesterday you can lambast Song and Eboue; Song made one ridiculous error in the first half but then played a blinder – the error came about from trying to be clever with an outside of the foot pass and I don’t think he’ll do it again. Eboue came on and played probably the pass of the match to Ramsey – it was fantastic and I genuinely didn’t see him put a foot wrong the whole time he was on.

    As for the rest of the game, obviously great result but for me the biggest thing was the centre backs. Teams have come and played with 10 men back as Tottenscum did and then hope to launch it to a big man up front. Previously, it has worked on occasion and you often felt that Toure and Gallas just weren’t suited to dealing with those balls. In comes TV and suddenly we’re challenging and winning the first ball and we have someone there instantly for any knock downs. As someone brought up on the Adams and Bould era it was a joy to behold, the fact we then play silky smooth Wenger-ball as well just makes it all the better.

    Finally, you’ve got to love how much the result meant to Cesc and RVP. They know that spurs are the old enemy and they have that ingrained loathing that all arsenal fans have, brilliant to see that in Cesc’s celebration.

  62. Pedro

    I thought Arshavin was ok yesterday… like you said, he worked hard.

    He sat very deep at times which was interesting. He was more about involving others yesterday than playing for himself.

  63. A

    Eboue does now because he came through it, though if he makes the odd mistake the crowd can still start it up again. I’d disagree totally though that it didn’t do him any harm, Bendtner too, both of them were completely useless at home for a good few months, but much better away, where they were under much less pressure as their every fuck up wasn’t groaned or shouted at.

  64. Pedro

    A, we’re not unique… that’s the nature of the game now.

    I still don’t think Bendtner has been delivering enough and I don’t think Eboue outside of right back is very good…

  65. A

    Yeah I agree about that Pedro, he did ok actually poor is a bit harsh, but he was a long way from his best. I’m looking forward to the midweek game, hope the media ask about vela and rosicky at the press conference, or they’re back!

    Really frustrating Bendtner getting injured, up to then he looked very very sharp, our best attacking player imo, real pity for him

  66. A

    Not last few games Pedro, he’s been injured! In yesterday’s game, up to his injury he was our best attacking player imo, picked up the ball alot and kept driving infield making space for others, and distributing it very well, looked very sharp, total contrast to how rusty he was in the league cup

  67. Pedro

    I didn’t think he looked too great yesterday…!

    Still, I’m a massive fan! It is a shame he is out… I still reckon he’ll get 15 this year!

    Right, off to bed, have a good one!

  68. Ja_Gunner

    I think I like the fact the game in hand is even further back……the players should play as if they only have 37 games to play….

    You never know that game in hand may become very handy.

    Can you imagine a scenario where winning that game gives us the title?

    Well I doubt it will be put off that far but still its an exciting thought.

  69. nishanth

    Robin van Persie wants to be part of Arsenal’s revenge mission against Manchester City in the Carling Cup. ‘Nice,’ he grinned, when the Gunners drew City away in the quarter-finals.

    ‘I want to play in that one. We fancy winning it and I’d love to play. If the boss decides to let me play, I’m happy.’

  70. YON

    Bendtner will be missed. He adds a whole new dimension to our attack. Height, a bit of directness and technique. I hope Walcott recovers before the Chelsea game so we can have some options off the bench.

  71. rico

    Morning all

    Yon, I think Nik’s injury may just open the door for Vela – personally I won’t miss him too much..

  72. rico

    Tip top thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reports this morning that Rio could be on his way from Manure…

    Also, Upson is available for ยฃ15M in January….

    So me reckons Upson will go to Manure…