Top 4 Tottenham? A better squad? What a bunch of mugs!

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Sorry for the slightly crass headline. It feels right though. Robbie Keane spouted off about how they didn’t fear us, how man for man they are equal to us and how their bench is stronger.

What a joker…

I met my brother outside Kings Cross McDonald’s after he’d drank 13 bottles of beer, I had a lot of catching up to do but there is no doubt his dutch courage rubbed off on me. By the time we’d arrived at the stadium, I was feeling pretty confident.

The game kicked off to a wave of sound, Arsenal fans were pumped which was unusual because we’re not normally loud and even more unusual because early kick offs are notoriously quiet.

The wall of sound didn’t seem to rub off on the Arsenal players. Arsenal in the first half were pretty woeful. Our passing was shambolic, the decision making was appalling and we struggled to hold our shape and play the football we’ve come to expect as standard.

Diaby was awful, truly terrible… I don’t think I have a good word to say about him from the first half. He was holding onto the ball too long, making unbelievably bad passes and his strength on the ball was like watching a 4 year old shoulder barge a WWF wrestler. When Nasri returns to the team, Diaby can have no complaints. His stint in the first team, has in the main, been a failure.

Song was very shaky. Again, his passing was off key and he was making sloppy errors on and off the ball. I think Geoff is right, he does have a Senderos moment in him almost every game. He did grow with the half, that was encouraging.

Even Cesc was having trouble. His game was all over the place!

It wasn’t all bad… despite not being on our game, we were still carving out chances. The first 40 minutes were a great example of playing badly and still threatening. Something that didn’t happen last season.

Our defending was also very good. Almunia had a few iffy crosses to deal with, but overall, he did pretty well. Vermaelen and Gallas were doing a very good job of disrupting the Crouch affect, deciding if they couldn’t beat him in the air, they’d put him off with physical hustle and make sure they always won the second header.

Cesc nearly broke the dead lock, but his passed shot was kept out with a tidy Gomes save. Robin also went very close but was again rebuffed by the hands of Gomes. Nik B picked up an injury and we were nearly exposed by his inability to run when Spurs flew past him unchallenged. Wenger was losing the plot on the sidelines! Eduardo entered the field of play and if I’m fair, it was the type of decision that was needed regardless off Niks injury.

It didn’t take long for Arsenal to chalk a number on the score board. Sagna, who was distributing the ball like he was trying to ruin his opta stats, whipped a dangerous ball into the box… Robin bundled into the box and slotted it tamely under Gomes. 1-0 up… what a sweet moment.

Just as we were all hugging out, we looked up, Robin dispossessed Keane (I think) from the centre kick, laid it off to Cesc who waltzed past 4 players and banged it past Gomes with Thierry like composure!

‘Did that just happen? Yeaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!’

2-0 up, we were in dream land. The talk at half time was about whether it was too early to start sending reprisal texts to our friends of ‘yid army’ descent?

The second half started and a different Arsenal emerged. Crisp passing football replaced the first half’s lack lustre laboured performance. Things just clicked, Spurs looked buried and we began to pick away at them…

It didn’t take long for us to grab our third. Eduardo laid the ball out wide to Sagna, got crunched in the process… Sagna stopped, looked round, the ref waved play on… Sagna fizzed a ball into the box, Gomes spilled, Robin slotted home. 2 goals for Robin, 2 assists for Sagna and certain victory for the Gooners.

If I’m honest, we could have had 6. Spurs were truly garbage, they had nothing in the locker bar the long ball. Top 4? They’ll be lucky to break into the top 8 this season. It was pretty funny to see Bassong go off towards the end, another injury to a defender.

Arsenal missed a whole host of chances in the second half. Eduardo, through on goal, with only Gomes to beat, managed to slot wide. Who’d have thunk it? Diaby went close with a shot back across goal, Gallas and Arshavin also spurned opportunities. As the game wore on, what was important for me was the clean sheet. Almunia was tested on a number of occasions, notably from a stinging David Bentley freekick, to which he pulled off a spectacular tipped save.

The ref blew up for full time, Arsenal recorded a very important win and continued the title push.

So a few things that need to be mentioned. Arsene Wenger needs to be commended for putting out a half decent team in midweek. Sequences are very important in football, an unneccessary loss against Liverpool cold have seen a different outcome today. Look what happened to Liverpool, 3-1 losers to Bolton. I also thought Arsenal paid more respect to the way Spurs played than usual. We dealt with the aerial threat much better than normal… understanding the way the opposition play is key to nullifying their  strengths, we did that today. I was also impressed with the way we came out in the second half and that we managed to come out of the first half with a lead.

Oh, and a final mention to the fans, who were magnificent!


Almunia: I wasn’t sure whether  reintroducing a keeper low on confidence, to a North London Derby, was a good idea. If he’d dropped a clanger today, Wenger could have found himself with a real dilemma. My worries didn’t come to fruition, he was top draw after a shaky start, making some very tidy saves, especially in the second half. 7.5

Sagna: His passing in the first half was abysmal. Like I said earlier, it was like his was in a competition with Diaby to make the most incomplete passes in a game! That didn’t stop him setting up two Robin Van Persie goals and it didn’t affect his defending which got better with the game. 7

Gallas: Took it in turns with Vermaellen to rough up Crouch and dealt particularly well with Keane. 8

Vermaellen: Took most of the aerial ball challenges and did superbly considering Crouch is officially the new face of Big Green Giant sweet corn. A top effort, a yellow card and a growing affection developing among the gooner faithful. I think I love him… 8.5

Clichy: I tidy game from our tenacious left back. He got forward to great effect today, at one point finding himself alone heading toward goal, but not having the confidence to unleash a Nigel Winterburn rasper! 7

Song: Started the first half like a right lemon. His passing was terrible and he was making alsorts of silly mistakes. The whole midfield was guilty of this, but as the game grew, so did he… by the time the second half began, he had found his game and started to play with a lot more confidence. In the end, he turned in a good performance. 7

Diaby: A very poor showing from our Frenchman of said potential. His passing was erratic, his ball retention was poor and he was messing up all over the pitch. Someone get this man a space on the bench, because he is playing terribly. 4

Cesc: Started in very un-Cesc like fashion, spraying passes around Gilberto on a bad day and failing to get a grip on the game. He did manage to get on the score sheet with a superb powered run through the heard of the Spurs defence, driving home the second. That gave him the confidence to kick on in the second half when he started playing his game. 7

Arshavin: Spent most of the first 40 on his arse, but he was our only real threat. He played much better in the second half, sitting incredibly deep for the type of player he is. He knows how to pick out a pass and his deft flicks leave the opposition baffled at times. 7

Robin: I hope those who stated our Dutchman wasn’t good enough for a central role have put that humble pie in the oven and upped the gas mark. The boy wonder is on fire lately, finishing well and adapting to that central role like most of us knew he would. I think that’s 7 goals so far this year! I can’t fail to be happy about that… what a top player! 8

Nik B: Was having a bit of a shocker if I’m fair… hopefully he’s not out for too long. 5


Eduardo: Had a tidy game out wide, guilty of a couple of very easy missed chances. 6

Eboue: The coach loves sticking this guy on. He came on to little effect, but at least he got a run out. 6

Rambo: 3 minutes isn’t really enough to get a hold of the game. Lost his head a little when Bassong fell down injured next to him during a run… he should have powered on, concentrated and laid off the right pass. He froze a little and we missed out on our 4th. 6

So, is it time to talk about challenging this year? Lets wait until the cold weather lands, then I’ll start talking! This time last year, I think it was snowing… are we finally feeling the benefits of global warming? I hope so! Bring on the November tan!

See you in the comments!

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  1. tonyadamsisgod

    Nice post Pedro!!

    I only got to watch the game on MOTD so its hard to pick up on the points you made. Sounds like Diaby was sucking arse again! He’s had about 50 chances more than he deserves to show he should be in the 1st team and he hasn’t taken any of them!!

    What I did notice from yesterday is that I think we must, must start playing Eduardo as much as we can! His finishing was very un-Eduardo like and that has to come from minimal playing time. We need to get him back to his best before this blip becomes a part of his game!

  2. tonyadamsisgod

    I was wondering were everybody else was…..could have had a hat trick of hat tricks between 9:20am and 9:24am!! 😀

  3. nishanth

    Would have been nice if united and chelsea had dropped points but still a great da capped by liverpool getting thrashed

  4. Patrick7

    Managed a decent stream for a change on and enjoyed seeing us put the Spuds in their place.

    Great game as you mentioned by our CD but did you see the brilliant tackle by Vermaelen that got a yellow? Diabolical. I hope the ref retracts that when he sees it in slow-mo!

  5. sven


    Harry says theres no difference between us, spurs fan ive seen this morning still agrees with Keanes statement. They really do live on a different planet

  6. LAzer


    My thoughts on the game:

    Sealed, signed and delivered, its offical Bently is a cunt of enormous proportions and will remain a shitbag forever. The handball, late challenge on Vermaelen, long distance shots etc. Dunno what it is about ex-players such as the Togo Twat and him, I suppose they just can’t stand being rejected by Arsenal.

    Rvp/Mr. Arsenal is adapting very well to the new CF role. He has always had the deft touches and the left foot finishing, but like Arsene said after the game, he is a mixture of Henry and Bergkamp. He can both finish and bring players in around him, I can see a golden boot in the long run.

    Sagna was brilliant, his pace and crossing set up two goals and he hardly ever had trouble at the back. He even won a header in the box, rare for a full back.

    Arshavin was a constant menace for the opposition as he was always willing to run at them. He is ideal as a foil to our passing team and although their wasn’t much end product he ran his socks of for the cause and showed fear in the defenders eyes.

    Gallas was very efficient and clinical and it is clear he enjoys playing with a rock solid defender that Vermaelen has become. He won some headers, got some interceptions and all in all hardly allowed a single clear chance to the opposition.

    Vermaelen had another blinder. Redknapp before the game said he was available to them as a leftback but they thought otherwise because of already having depth at the position and he never thought of him as a CB. Well Harry, what can I say you missed the fuckin boat mate. When Arsene spends 10+ mill on a player he’s probably got a Truman Show type insight into him. Thomas was absolutely brilliant, he won tackles, out jumped and won headers from the tallest striker we will face and dominated the box. Can’t say enough good things about him.

    Song put in a good performance, he was nervy till the goal glut and perhaps a bit out of position at times but the Spuds decided to park the bus early and went route 1 on us so their really wasn’t much for him to do. He is a legitimate first team player in my book now, he brings strength and solidity to the midfield and has added some flair with good dribbling and decent passing as of late. A huge drastic turn around to the player he was at the start of last term, credit to Arsene and the team for sticking with him. Also, I see the team has confidence in him now, he is no longer one of the kids growing up still as is the case with Diaby.

    Speaking of Diaby his performance was horrid, he lost the ball many times in midfield and offered nothing going forward or backwards. The team didn’t do him many favors as they were ball watching and not making themselves available when he needed help but that tells me they fully expect him to make the wrong decision and do not have confidence to play along with him. For his sake I hope he comes around, he seems a quiet fellow who knows he has a lot to prove and on the brink of not making it for good. If his decision making improves and confidence is higher I can see a Song like improvement come next term. The question is can we allow his growth to hinder our season.

    Eduardo missed two 1 on 1’s and I think needs more playing time to hit a rich vein of goal scoring form. He was far from his clinical goal scoring best but his team work has improved drastically and he involves those around him brilliantly.

    I feel terriable for Bendtner, I think he is really developing in to a very complete player apart from the finishing. Their really aren’t many strikers around the world that can link up play, win headers, dominate physically and pass as well as him. But then again they can put the ball in the net better. I think in time he will develop that more and more though, I would like to see him play through the middle if/when he is back and Rvp needs a rest. Still feel gutted for his injury though, we are skint without him, Walcott and Rosicky now. I wonder how Arsene will address it, maybe Snoop Dogg will get a drastic promotion.

    And finally Cesc Fabregas. For me that is the goal of the season as it stands. Still early days but a rare combination of skill, pace, power, determination, intelligence and finishing. I do not have words enough to justify the performance of our captain and his celebration will last a long long time in my memory. Please never leave us Captain Fantastic, glory will come with us and oh how sweet that will be for you and us both.

    And how can I forget Arsene going all night fever on us with his jacket, we were 3-0 up at the time and yet he looked a very frusted man. Rightly so, their was a phase of the game he/we could just feel the team slowing the intensity down and I liked how THIS time he did not want complacency to set in. Also, it was good to hear praise of the defence from the manager afterwards. Job well done Arsene.

  7. nishanth

    Refreeing was terrible yesterday.That cunt bentley didn’t get booked.Even ekotto should have got booked.Vermaelen was class yesterday

  8. Iceland

    Well hello – what a win.

    Í don´t not agree with your post Pedro – usually you are spot on but I don´t know which game you were watching yesterday – How Song, Sagna, Cesc can have the same rating as Arshavin baffles me. Arshavin was a passenger yesterday and I´m really starting to think that he is bigger than the team.

    I also disagree that we were ,,pretty woeful” in the first half. I actually thought that we were playing quite good without creating to many chnces, but we seemed in control and Tottenham never mustered a chance. Thumbs up to the defence, thought they were amazing yesterday.

    Bendtner was playing well yesterday unitil his injury and me and a friend actually counted one mistake from him, a bad pass. Reason we did that was his awful game against Liverpool – Yesterday, he was having a great game.

    Diaby – I think sometimes plays for the opposition. I cant really understand why he plays in the team – completly useless and showed yesterday that he
    a) doesnt track back
    b) tries to run into people
    c) can head the ball – I mean how many times has he ,,shoulder” the ball this season?

    For me Thomas was MOTM – I heard though that last night Arsenals medical staff where quite worried about him because he was feeling heavy last night. They determined that he was about 70 kilos overweight. Then they had a better look and realized that he still had Peter Crouch in his pocket.

    Ohh, and Fulham beat Liverpool yesterday not Bolton – they were buiried.

  9. nishanth

    I thought arshavin worked hard in that first half.To be fair no one really stood out in that first 43 minutes.Diaby maanaged to be our worst player though

  10. sven

    They did warn us about Arshavin, goes missing for games. However, he does have that magical ability like Rooney and Torres to be anonymous for periods……. then bang he will hit you!

  11. trindle

    Still can’t work out how we finished with the same number of yellow cards.
    Agree with Lazers comments about Cesc. We know he’ll return to Spain one day (hopefully years away) but if he hasn’t had the joy of raising a major trophy in front of us, it will be criminal.

  12. LAzer

    Cesc got the ball my himself at kickoff or a yid gave it to him rather, and Livershit got beat by Fulham not Bolton. Harsh review of some of the players I felt Pedro. Spuds parked the bus early on and that is why our play was congested and broken up but once we broke the deadlock their was really no looking back. They had nothing to offer in attack and we were very solid at the back despite making careless mistakes in giving the ball away at times. That’s a very good sign for me.

  13. Arsenalrule

    liverpool lost to fulham now bolton btw!

    Great game, great result, great atmosphere. Signing ‘and its arsenal, arsenal fc…’ after the 3rd goal was a quality moment, having the whole ground signing will stay in the memory for a long time 🙂

    Thought Bendtner had a good game before the injury. Good passing and intercepting, better than he usually is!
    Gallas and the Verminator were quality as usual, bang in form at thr moment.


  14. LAzer

    Cesc is in the top 5 players in the world with huge room for improvement. Ronaldo, Torres, Kaka and Messi all do not have as high as a ceiling as he does. And out of all of those he is a more complete player and valuable teammate. Maybe just maybe we will be fortunate and his stay at Ashburton Grove is long and glorious like TH14.

  15. sven


    I felt more uncomfortable watching us try and defend against him the other day than i do watching us try and defend Drogba.

    I wouldn’t be against a January move for Cole, it would be like revenge for Anelka joining Chelsea and give his World Cup hopes a major boost. However I can see Liverpool or Spurs going for him.

  16. qku

    Fantastic job yesterday, I wish we put 6 six past them though:)

    On the other hand here is this kid, youngguns claimed we are looking at. This is a game, from the Belgian Jupiler league yesterday. He is 16 years old and is already such a beast. Full international and has better scoring records than anyone I ever heard of. Looks perfect to speardhead our 4-3-3 in a couple of years from now.

  17. Eddie Yak

    I posted many times and said Diaby do not deserve a place in the starting 11, a sub maybe, because this guy often went sleepwalking. He played one good game out of ten and concentration only lasted 30 to 40 minutes. Yesterday’s game was a perfect example of the type of player he is. He was almost a passenger in the entire first half and Arsenal actually had only 10 players on the field. He was totally lost and when he got the ball, actually rarely because he was not involve, he simply passed it backwards. If Arsene Wenger is a shrewd manager he certainly would have saw Diaby’s sleepwalking but he refused to substitute him. Anyway he hasn’t got a better choice but I am say Merida would have done far better. Ramsey is still lacking in confidence in the first team and he only played good in the reserve team.

  18. nishanth

    He has been in superb form.I don’t think we will sign a players like him.Liverpool could do with someone like him though

  19. rico

    Morning Le Grove,

    Nice write Pedro, TV was my MOTH though and I think the same as Iceland about Arshavin – yesterday he couldn’t pass to save his life and kept slipping over. Would love to have seen him come off earlier

    Where on earth does your brother put 13 bottles of beer 😉

  20. paul

    That was the best atmosphere at the Emirates i can remember,even coming up the stairs and over the bridge.We were the twelth man.Spurs support was almost as bad as their team.

  21. gnarleygeorge9

    Very good post Pedro. were those 13 bottles of beer 13oz or 26oz. 13oz is a stubbie/throw down. Anyway back to the footy.

    That occasion should be bottled. Grange Hermitage Great crowd taking the piss outa an over deluded lot of spuds.

    I am really dining out on this, but with respect to The Title, I really think the performance against chelski will be the yard stick. But let me tell you, as I did pre season, it looks like I’m going to be @ Islington Town Hall in May as they parade The Cup.

  22. nishanth

    They talk of missing modric lennon and defoe.If rosicky and had started they wouldn;t have got to touch the ball

  23. brian

    i also beg to differ slightly with ur post, especially on song. he has really improved. not top class but getting there. i agree with lazers valuation. the game was truly a beauty. i can watch the captains goal all day long. his celebration? one of a kind. i think fabulous is trying to tell us that he loves the club and the supporters. WE LOVE U BACK FABREGAS!

    i think diaby is being played to increase his confidence and coz he is tall. we dont have many players his height. he needs to be mentally strong to make it, like eboue, song and bendy coz they all had their moments but they came thru.

    the defence was TIGHT! clichy amazing, thr two cb’s were breathtaking and the whole team was just amazing. almunia seems to have gotten over the loss of his mother-in law. he didnt have a chest infection guys and the boss allowed him to have a rest.

    the boss also threw his jacket coz he couldnt communicate with the players. dont you just love that! there was so much noise and he aint used to that and long may it continue!

    the gave i cant wait for is against man shitty. we need to show them who is boss. hope will wilshere will be in the squad. we should beat them 3-1.

  24. Emperor Gooner

    That was easily diaby’s worst performance ever..this could’ve been easily 5-0 ( even without dudus chances) if only diaby was warming the bench.the guy disturbs the flow of the game EVERYTIME!!

  25. nishanth

    We weren’t exactly awesome yesterday and still 3-0.They should consider themselves lucky yesterday.

    We still have a few problems though.Diaby being the main one

  26. brian

    with rosicky walcott and bendy all getting better and us avoiding injury, no one will ever convince me that we wont have silverware at the end of the season. but i cant understand why nasri isnt played. miss that boy!

  27. Iceland

    Did you guys read the real reason why Almunia has been away? His mother in law was killed in a car accident in Spain and he has been comforting his wife ever since. – My thoughts go out for you and you wife Manuel!

    A chest infection couldn´t take so long.

    But props to Van Persie – isn´t that 7 goals in the last 7 games? He is going to get 25 in the league this year…

  28. LadyGooner

    The highlight of yesterday’s game: DEFENCE!! The back 5 plus Song (2nd half) were OUTSTANDING, bar 1 or 2 dodgy moments from Gallas. Vermaelen, on current form, has to be the best CB in the league! He was AWESUM! The sliding clearence in the 1st half, the MULTIPLE times he outjumped crouch, SIMPLY FANTASTIC! Especially loved the way he marshalled things from the back, like shouting at Song to drop back when Gallas moved up. I hope Sagna and Clichy kick-on from these performances as it was arguably the best shift they’ve put in all season, long may it continue. And of course, I can’t forget Él Captain Cesc Fabregas! A special goal and celebration from a special player! Viva Fabregas!

  29. LAzer

    Didn’t Wenger say Rosicky is day to day before the carling cup game??? I hope him and Nasri start the CL fixture if he is available. I have a feeling we won’t be seeing Walcott and now Bendtner till mid-December minimum. That’s a long lay off for both, we need a fit Rosicky/Eduardo in that time to play on the right up front.

  30. gnarleygeorge9

    IMO Song is doing Ok, but he doesn’t score goals, which may be the thing that ticks his most hardened critic’s box. Sure he isn’t a robot type player that makes no mistakes per game, as per the programing he receives pre game, but he is getting better. I really thing he is starting to fullfil his role as a defensive midfielder. Its Diaby who needs to get his shit together.

    What does Diaby offer this team?

  31. Lou

    Beating Spurs is always a delight and it may seem churlish to moan about Clattenburg’s non-performance in the light of victory but, on another day, that twat could have cost us. He will surely do so later in the season. Bentley should have been off in the first half. A deliberate handball is a mandatory yellow and his ankle-high tackle on Vermaelen should have seen him off. I saw red cards yesterday for less than this tackle alone. Assou Ekotto’s assault on Eduardo prior to the 3rd goal wasn’t even worthy of a talking to by Clattenburg and he had previously kicked the ball away. I thought Clattenburg was appalling yesterday but in a way I am glad that Celeriac Head couldn’t use the 10 men thing as an excuse. His tactics yesterday show why he has never been able to cut it at the highest level. If Crouch’s head was attached to his boot he might be a decent player, but to rely on long balls up to him as your ONLY tactic?

  32. Rob

    Wenge should play vela for the injured nik

    This could be his chance to shine

    But you know what he will do:


  33. Hurley

    Great win, loved it, peace on earth to all, except the spuds. No, no peace for them today, hahahahahahahaahah!!!!!

  34. brian

    gnarleygeorge9- confidence is key. he is being played to prove critics wrong and coz of height. his inclusion in the set pieces works against him but he is being played 90 minutes to up his confidence. if he is kept on the bench, his confidence will dip and that is worse than playing badly. the problem is he is scared of making a mistake. he seems terrified if u watch him closely. he needs to be stubborn and believe in himself. thats what bendy, eboue and song did and now we love them. he needs to remember that we dont hate just frustrated coz we cant afford not to have silverware again at his expense.

  35. SUGA3

    if only Diaby stopped being so lazy it would be great – he would not run towards the passes and left them so much space that if Lennon was playing Clichy would be in serious trouble…

    on the plus side, he made a few useful tackles and was persistent in chasing down a Spud player after an unsuccessful one to make another and steal the ball, he was also unlucky not to have scored, so credit where it’s due…

    Arshavin was not a passenger, he is just lacking fitness on par with the rest of the team: reasonably good as the Russian league may be, it’s not the same, plus as you may recall he returned from holidays for pre season looking a bit tubby 😉

    it made me chuckle when I went to Barnet game when he took his shirt off: we knew exactly what caused this – old habits, holiday feasts true Russia style with plenty of vodka, etc.

    it’s like you would put Adams, Merson of early Wenger days into today’s team 😉

  36. Rich from the North Bank

    Sooooooooo hungover!!!!

    But the best kind of hungover in the world! 3 nil vs. the scum.


  37. wandarah

    song only made a solitary mistake in the first half. true, it was a clanger though. he was otherwise very good first half.

    diaby was good enough second half. awful first. deserves a better rating.

    rvp didnt disposses anyone for cescs goal. the spuds just gave it to him.

    and finally, liverpool lost 3-1 at fulham, not bolton.

  38. Jay20h

    Well I am so happy this mornign its unreal. Redknapp, shut you twat, you are jst talking shit along keane!

    Jay Emmanuel – Thomas Scored a quality goal for blackpool yesterday, so a massive well done to him!

    Happy days really.

  39. raynor73

    A fair report except for the appraisal of Nik B. I thought he started brightly. Was running well, wasn’t getting tackled, passing well (wasn’t giving much away) and looked like he would have had a good game but for the injury. I thought he looked one of our better players in the first 20 minutes when frankly we were woeful…Apart from that, a fair account of yesterday. Diaby, what a shocker. Everyone where I sat couldn’t believe he stayed on. Is AW trying to get the guy confidence? We havce several other better options right now as he’s been awful for just too long npw. He’s had athe chances and blows it every game. The subs bench ought to be his next position, but it wont be…

  40. Frichie

    I cant get over how bad Diaby was, and the worrying thing was he wasnt even trying. Watching at home, the amount of times I saw him standing around when the ball was less than 3 yards from him was ridiculous! And the problem that he causes in a 3 man midfield is, if one player isnt running, Song and Cesc we having to make up for it, obviously it puts more pressure on them and they forced to make mistakes. I would even say Bendtner put more effort in with his injury that Diaby in the 1st half. He did improve somewhat in the 2nd half, but I cant believe he wasnt subbed. An interview with clichy on Arsenalonline mentioned that Wenger gives the players their stats, and I hpoe he sits down with Diaby and has a stern talking to.

    I thought Almunia had a shaky game and nearly fumbled a couple of catches but generally managed to hold on. He was more alert though in goals so hopefully his bench time has given him a wake up call.

    I thought Dudu would have buried his two chances but just goes to show players need game time to get to their best, hope he gets a few starts now that Bendy is out, and hopefully he stays fully fit.

  41. Gunneroo

    Fabregas received the ball when a deflected pass from palacios rolled to him. I was right, I predicted van persie will get a brace.
    GO YOU GUNNERS!!!!!!!!!’

  42. gambon

    For me Diaby has to go now, he’s had his chance to prove he can make it and he’s failed. He just isnt good enough.

    If Wenger could be more ruthless and sign 2 CMs (sell Diaby and drop Song to the bench) and a top goalkeeper we would be favourites for the league.

    As it is we have a shot, but individual mistakes will cost us points at times this year.

    I also think Carlton Cole would be a good option, he would be the ‘big man’ option but unlike Nik B he actually scores goals.

  43. simon mcmahon

    just waking up in pradise, no not my holiday the realisation that once agin the pikey bastrds are shown up for being light years behind us ,TOP FOUR, no fucking chance. i hope they build the new mc donalds stadium because i will roar with laughter watching that shower of shit play to a half empty stadium . hope nasri and rosicky are back soon , we have the potential to get even better ,although more outstanding defensive performances will be needed but like pedro i love thomas vermaalen .

  44. SUGA3

    I do understand frustration caused by Diaby – it is all caused by his attitude, just read the article and he has the cheek to say it is just his style of play…

    well, young man, if your ‘style’ causes us to slow down and allows the oppo to come back and you don’t run towards the pass and get overtaken to it, then it is not stylish, it’s plain lazy…

    fair dos, he’d upped his game in the second half and was chasing down the opponents more, but Spuds looked dejected at that point, so I will only hold my hands up if I see him doing it right from the off against the oppo which is up for it – talent and ability is there, right attitude would do wonders…

    Song does a lot to eradicate the above in his game and that is why we see alot of improvement…

  45. SUGA3

    I love TV too 😉

    I had the right laugh watching him outjumping Crouch 9 times out of 10, and he got in Keane’s way very intelligently allowing Song to make that tackle…

  46. Colonel Mustard

    Diaby is a squad player and needs another season. just watching what he does with the ball compared to Cesc. hard to fathom what the boss is thinking. Once Nasri returns game is up for hi but you think that every week and there is is. Song improving leaps and bounds. Think we can do better then Carlton Cole..

  47. Samir


    UEFA Champions League Home AZ Alkmaar
    Barclays Premier League Away Wolverhampton
    Barclays Premier League Away Sunderland
    UEFA ChampionsLGE Home Standard Liege
    Barclays Premier League Home Chelsea

    Looking at our fixtures in November I would expect all wins tbh.
    If we can win them all we should be top of the Prem and qualified for the CL ready for December…

  48. ritesh

    Hi Pedro, give Diaby a break… Its his first run of games in the team..His ankle was broken when he came to teh club, spent a year recovering, another getting to fitness and is now playing…You need to understand you must give him time. He is going to be a great player even if we have to put up with shit performances for the moment..

    We put up with many shit performances when Cesc started playing too..Same for Song, Same for Gallas..

    The team has got a goal threat which boosts confidence at the right time… But they lack bottle like Chelsea has… Can they develop it as the weeks go by…Not sure.

    If we win this year, it will be more because Wenger got the system and players right, not because of the character.

  49. Truth

    What a Fantastic result that was against our dirty pikey neighbors. The so called pretenders to a top four spot, yeah dream on! Up until the 40th minute, I sat watching with a sick feeling in my stomach, then Bang, all of a sudden relief and I’ve never felt better. I LOVE FOOTBALL, but I LOVE ARSENAL EVEN MORE. That will teach them to run up their mouths, bout who’s got the best squad, I think Song looked better than Palacious, who allowed Fab4 to take the ball off him for the 2nd goal. Defense wise we looked solid, and actually kept a clean sheet for once. Even though we looked comfortable throughout, there’s more to come as there were a few below par performances. Can you imagine how good we could be if everyone played to their potential.

  50. SUGA3

    Colonel Mustard,

    Diaby is getting picked to up his confidence and/or resale value thanks to number of the first team starts…

    by the way, I liked the way our midfielders roughed up Palacios, he posed some threat initially, it’s nice to see kicking back, as Spuds tried to kick the shit out of us with no reaction from Clattenberg…

    he redeemed himself a bit with good advantage played for the third goal – hilarious, but should have booked that cunt who upended Eduardo…

    thought we were poor in the first half, but apparently we had 6 shots on target to Spuds’ none then 😆

  51. SUGA3


    ‘…Robin van Persie, the scorer of two goals and the man of the match, displayed more cunning than Keane when quizzed about the issue of the gap between the clubs, declining to comment.

    His wry grin spoke volumes, however, and betrayed what the Arsenal players think of Tottenham’s latest challenge. It did not need the smile of Van Persie to clarify the matter; Arsenal had done as much on the pitch…’


  52. gambon


    So Duaby can still use his injury 3.5 years ago as an excuse, thats ridiculous.

    He isnt good enough just accept it.

    I broke my leg 12 years ago, am i allowed to use that as an excuse if i dont do my job properly???

  53. Stu

    Ritesh, When you claim we had to put up with Shit performances from Cesc then your whole argument loses credibility. Cesc, even from when he firt broke into the team was a clear talent and everyone knew he was gonna be a great player.

    The same cant be said of Diaby tho. How can you excuse his shitness because he broke his ankle more than 3 years ago. 2 years to recover? Bullshit! He shouldnt have taken more than 5 months or 6 at the very most.

  54. Jaguar

    Will that retard Diaby ever make me not to mention his name in whatever I type?That wanker has learnt nothing.If Senderos had got that much chances as this over rated idiot,he would have been better than Nesta.

  55. Keyser

    Jaguar – Honestly, I don’t think you should join any debate regarding Diaby, you won’t be able to be rational.

    ..and No, but it can’t have helped his progress could it.

  56. Stu

    We are talking specifically about that one ankle injury tho. However severe(sp) it shouldnt have affected his performances for 3 years.

  57. Stu

    And despite being a Senderos fan and not a Diaby one i feel i must point out that overall they have both played about the same number of games for us.

    Senderos more towards the start of his time here and Diaby more towards the end (now).

    Senderos 105+12
    Diaby 82+30

    Not much of a difference really.


    i wonder had we ost 3 nil if BBK would have something to say, as we won the biggest game of our season he is nowhere to be seen


  59. SUGA3

    now that B52 is out (which I think is a shame, as he does give our game something different) I hope to see more of Vela – CL game against AZ (if fit), anyone?

  60. Arse&Nose

    Something has changed at Arsenal.

    I noticed it first at the Carling cup game against Liverpool, we surprisingly held on to the ball in the last 10 minutes and played it into the corners to wind down the clock. Sound like common sense, but I haven’t seen an Arsenal team do that for donkeys years.

    Then yesterday Wenger threw his jacket in frustration whilst we were 3-0 up. Why ? Because he wanted to get his message to Song and Diaby to sit back and defend the lead.

    Both of these incidents are a clear indication that Wenger has finally taken note of our habit of conceding leads and changed the tactics of the team.

    A complete change in attitude won’t happen over night but these signs are promising and show us that the team are finally learning from past mistakes.


    rosicky in for bendtner and nasri in for diaby

    no that is a world class team

    vermaelen and gallas are both top class

  62. Pedro

    Afternoon all, lots of disagreements about lots of different sections of the post… but all in agreement that was a great win and Spurs are shite!

    I’m off down the pub.

    Arse&nose, you’re free to roam… you got spammed for some reason.

  63. Jaguar

    Rosicky in for Bendtner and Nasri in for Diaby
    Sounds sexy,the latter would never happen,as Diaby would always start every single fucking match,thanks to the height of that fucking idiot,which he uses only to score fucking own goals.what a fucking mug.

    Stu,I am talking about the post Liverpool match Senderos.After that match,he wasnt given any chances.But Diabolical despite performing fuck all every single match,gets the nod over better players.What a disgrace.

  64. Stu

    Only complaint i have with the post is that Liverpool lost to Fulham, not Bolton…but whatever.

    Keyser, seriously, im not confused. You are doing your best to make me tho.

  65. Geoff

    Afternoon all, great win, great performance, Diaby was woeful again and Song should not be in this team.

    The fact that Eboue made it on to the pitch suggests something a little more sinister to me.

    When he came on he looked as shocking as the other two.

    Cesc seems to have added pace to his otherwise superb game, Robin has become the player I always believed he would, Arshavin makes things happen, but everytime Song gets the ball, I close my eyes.

    Enough said.



  67. 8 inch knob

    Diaby will make it. He has the most potential out of the lot but he clearly favours attacking more.

    The problem is having Cesc and Diaby playing together. I think Denilson or Nasri would be a better foil for Diaby to strut his stuff.

    ………………….Van Persie………………….

    If ever Cesc decided to leave, I would be saddened but not worried…because we have Diaby.

    Mark my words, he will be one of the finest players and this season may be the one that makes him.

    At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks on here. What happens to Diaby is up to Wenger and I honestly cannot see him selling him just cause of mis-guided views that he is lazy and sub-standard. The facts and stats speak for themselves and so far this season he has done very well. He is an attacking midfielder who can defend well but is being asked to reign in his attacking instints to accomodate and assist the play-making of Cesc. I remember Denilson suffering a similar situation last year and he turned out to be a little gem in the end.

    Anyhow, enough ramblings. Pedro, I too was a bit skeptical of Van Persie being deployed as the front man in a 4-3-3 but it seems to be working out great. In all honesty I think as a front man in a 4-3-3 or Second striker in a 4-4-2 in where he is most effective. He’s not cut out for a role on the wings anymore.

    Just another defender needed (Sakho please) and we would be near perfect.


  68. Damn_Gallas

    Please take out diaby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A midfield of Fabregas, Song and Nasri is perfect!!!!!
    A midfield of Fabregas, Song and Denilson is perfect!!
    A midfield of Fabregas, Denilson and Nasri is perfect!

    We need no Abou Diaby, this guy is useless, always giving the ball away. Holding the ball for way too long, does not know when to release the ball, cannot pick out the runs by his team mates, cannot head the ball properly, cannot defend, cannot attack, slow and worst of all scores own goal.

    Abou diaby is simply a very LOUSY player. I dont understand why wenger keeps sticking to him and why some of you can support him.

    1 good game and 5 average ones and then 3 lousy ones are not characteristics of an arsenal player.

    Please someone need to break diaby’s leg or just send him away. He is not even worthy of a place on the bench.

    Rosicky will not play in midfield as he would be better off on the right of the 3 man attacking unit. Otherwise he can replace fabregas if wenger decides fabregas needs a rest.

    This is a real disgrace why diaby is given so much chance by wenger. I would have played ramsey, wilshere and merida ahead of diaby.

    Seriously, diaby does not offer much to our game. Ask yourself, what did he offer us? He is not really defensive minded. It was song that was always protecting the back 4, not diaby. He does not help much in set pieces, as it was always vermaelen, Rvp, and Gallas that heads the ball away. In fact when under no pressure, diaby scored an own goal using his fucking bald head (against man utd).

    In attack, he is no arshavin, rosicky, fabregas, nasri or Rvp. Yet he tries to be funny by passing it at the wrong time, at the wrong speed and giving the ball away on numerous occasions. He holds the ball way too much, and arsenal depends on quick passing and accurate passing, NOT HOLDING THE BALL!!!

    He tries to dribble but does not have the skills of arshavin, rosicky, nasri and RvP.

    So what good is diaby?? He cant help much in defense, he can help much in attack, he slows our play, he gives the ball away, he scores own goal, he seems to be always in his own world. No sense of urgency from him at all!!!!

    Frankly speaking, to me a player that plays well for a game (MOTM) and then disappear or did badly in the next few games, does not deserve a place at all. I seriously would give the place to someone that deserves it more.

    Diaby, you better watch out. Your time is almost up. You are simply the worst player ever. You are the lousiest player in the whole arsenal first team. Maybe even the reserves or under-18 can win you hands down.

    Abou Diaby, if you are seeing this, please do arsenal fans and arsenal a favour.. please ask for a transfer request. You are simply dragging the whole team down with you. Without you we could have won and scored more. You are a liability to the whole team. Please leave!!!!!!

  69. Keyser

    “The fact that Eboue made it on to the pitch suggests something a little more sinister to me.”

    Heh, could say the same about you Geoff, you only seem to watch Song, have you got a little crush ?!

  70. dennisdamenace


    8 inch knob Says:
    November 1, 2009 at 15:04

    If ever Cesc decided to leave, I would be saddened but not worried…because we have Diaby.

    You have to be fucking kidding me!!

  71. Damn_Gallas

    8 inch knob… are you crazy?? Diaby as one of the finest??

    This is the funniest joke… I give him until he is 36 years old, he will still be an ordinary player, and never a great player. Trust me…

  72. Geoff

    Keyser I can take that from you, yes, I would like to crush him, in between Diaby and Eboue on the bench.

    His shit play started yesterday when he passed the ball out for a corner in the first half, you would have thought Wenger would have told him with Crouch on the pitch avoid corners at all costs. Unless it’s you son!

    I expect Terry missed that one though, perhaps he should’ve opened his eyes.

    Say no more.

  73. dennisdamenace

    I’d also like to know with all the exciting attacking options at AW’s disposal, he continues to give Eboue playing time in advanced positions?

  74. Keyser

    Geoff – Take what ? All you seem to do is watch Song, it’s odd, he made a bad pass, he also made an excellant tackle to stop Tottenhams only goal threat of the half, bet you wish you could gloss over that.

    It’s just very odd, and like you said verging on sinister.

  75. terry

    Funny Geoff I was only having a bit of fun, but what I did see was Song make a great tackle to rob keane in the first half

  76. Geoff

    I said yesterday, the last time he tackled someone in the penalty area the prick gave away a penalty, did he learn nothing from that?

    Yes it was a good tackle, but a risky one, he is supposed to protect the back four from in front, not behind or did you not realise he was a defensive midfielder?

  77. Geoff

    Terry, so was I, unless you have a problem with your own arse!

    Read my previous comment for my thoughts on the only thing he did do.

    Which is of course what all the Song lovers go on about.

  78. dennisdamenace

    It’s so frustrating to see how well at times we play, but always carrying at least one player, just lately Diaby being the main culprit. Just imagine how awesome we would be without such a handicap??

  79. Keyser

    Geoff – Carlton Cole dived, say what you want, Sorry I thought the defensive part of ‘Defensive midfielder’ mean’t he was supposed to defend, and he did an excellant job, in a game we won.

    I don’t get why you HATE Song sOo much, it’s just very very odd.

  80. Geoff

    Dennis, I said we were two short at the start, we still are, if we had an Alonso and not a Song we would be unbeaten now, playing with sub standard players will cost us, they won’t improve.

  81. dennisdamenace

    Geoff agreed about the good RB assessment.

    I’m beginning to get truly concerned on the effect this continual playing of Eboue as an attacking option will have on the likes of Vela, LJW and now Merida…. If this carries on leaving those uber talented players on the bench how long before they see their futures elsewhere?

  82. Keyser

    Fabregas and Arshavin seemed a bit of a handicap against West Ham, for some reason people don’t think they had bad games, in fact they just used that to blame Diaby and Song.

    Van Persie missed a point blank header, not much mention of that either.

  83. dennisdamenace

    Cole had his heel kicked from behind, a stupid stupid stupid attempt at a ‘tackle’, dive or no dive if the prick hadn’t kicked the player the referee wouldn’t have had a decision to make.

  84. Geoff

    I don’t hate him, I just don’t rate him, if he tackled further up the pitch and didn’t foul them, he wouldn’t have needed to tackle in the area.

    As for Cole, don’t be ridiculous, Song tackled from behind, that’s a foul in itself.

    He is just not good enough. It’s more sinister why you like him so much…

  85. Man

    God Bless you all on this beautiful Sunday!

    I think you guys are being harsh on Diaby, Song and Eboue…I don’t think they could have been so bad and yet we dominate all the matches we’ve played in this season

  86. Geoff

    Because those players have huge amounts of talent and can win games, Song has none and wins nothing. Touché Dennis.

  87. Keyser

    Geoff – Because he plays for Arsenal, and whether he’s black, white or from another country, they all get the same consideration.

    It sounds more like hate, when all you do is sit there waiting for him to make a mistake, so you can post it up on here, odd, so very very odd.

    Cole, 6ft 5, a man mountain, dragged his foot so they’d be contact from behind, and went down looking for it, Sickening.

  88. Geoff

    They all get the same consideration but if they are useless, slow and untalented I will comment.

    Especially as Wenger got him a visa on exceptional talent! Fuck look no further than his uncle to see what he’ll turn out like.

    You have now said very odd 4 times now, change the record.