Pedro take me off the sick list, it’s halloween and I’m back!

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So I got a broken wrist in 7 places, 11 broken ribs and a collapsed lung on July 29th, one hour after the Athletico Madrid match, where Arshavin scored two cracking late goals, I drove my buggy back to my villa and fell out in my excitement. One flail chest injury later and my golf career looked in trouble.

I tell you all this as it happened a few weeks after the Nasri break and yesterday I walked onto the first tee at South Essex Golf Club for a 9 hole match, 2 pars and 2 birdies later I was back, yes back in the land I love, back hitting 300+ yard drives and doing what I love almost as much as Arsenal, playing golf.

So when I see Rosicky on the injury list again, I think what the… They told me I would never play golf again and that because of my ribs, I would not be able to make a full shoulder turn for  a year, because it would take that long for them to close up, and although they haven’t healed up, I can still play golf.

I love Tomas and I love all the Arsenal players, including those I don’t rate, but I think a bit of grit might go a long way boys, if I can do it, you can, so get off your arses and start kicking a ball.

And they get the best medical attention, I got a filthy little shithole I wouldn’t wish on Ade (I would really, I lied about that)

Today we play the spuds at our gaff, today we put Harry to the sword, today we put paid to the over achieving, overpaid pretenders, today we get to laugh out loud at our small town, scruffy, dimwitted neighbours, today we play the team from West Virginia to the tune of Deliverance, their team anthem.

Today we get to see just how good this Arsenal team is, and how far we can go, today we play Tottenpompeyham, today we play a hybrid team bought mostly from a bankrupt team on the south coast by an almost bankrupt team in Hertfordshire. …New stadium my arse!

I think the noise will be special today, and I think the crowd will be in their seats early doors, I’m not sure who’s injured but I hope Nasri starts alongside Cesc, all I need to know is Arshavin is there, I expect something special from him today.

I know I have issues with a few of our team, but today I know they’ll be awesome, today I know they’ll stand up and be counted, if Eboue plays, well I know he’ll just stand up, if Diaby plays, I expect him to slam at least two home, and if Song plays, I expect to see the invisible wall!

Good luck men, show us today why so much is expected, for so many, by so few, Arsenal expect that every man will do his duty!

Ok, poetic license but that’s allowed, I’m in advertising.

I’m posting early today, as it’s an early kick off, that way all the people going get to feel 10 feet tall, like I do today!

Have a great day Grovers, today is halloween and by the stroke of midnight, bent Harry turns into a pumpkin!

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  1. Ja_Gunner

    Team for Wolves……






    I would rest Gallas because he will have a 2 legged playoff in international week….and he wont get any rest there..

    Song also has been playing many games this season he may need a rest….Against somewhat poor opposition lets see what Diaby can do as a DM, I know its risky but its better to take a chance against those kind of teams…

  2. Ja_Gunner

    I hope that Vela comes back soon so that he get a chance since Bendy and Walcott are out..

    I also hope Merida and Ramsey get more minutes…

    And I hope Rosicky comes back atleast after the international break.

  3. Ja_Gunner

    I fear that Song will play against Sunderland and pick up a yellow …that means he would miss the Chelsea game.

    I wonder if we can play someone else as DM against fulham….or switch to 4-4-2 for that game with Diaby and Fabregas

    Or hope that Song goes 70 mins with out a card and then replace him with Coquelin/Eastmond?

  4. Stu

    Song needs to sit out a game, not because of needing a rest, because he is 1 booking away from a suspension and chelsea are coming up.

  5. Lou

    Once again MOTD have relegated Arsenal to also-rans by showing their game late in the program. None of the numerous fouls Spurs made were shown and even the awful assault by Assou Ekotto prior to the 3rd goal wasn’t mentioned. Why didn’t Clattenburg go back and issue a yellow card? Bentley’s terrible tackle on Vermaelen’s ankle just never happened according to MOTD. But the most crass was Triffic’s interview . In reality they should have lost at Portsmouth but got out of jail because Dindane missed a couple from 3 yards, they lost at home to Stoke last week and today their pathetic long ball game was shown up. 3 points from 3 games then. But Redknapp reckons none of the goals Arsenal scored were any good. I thought the first was a quick thinking stab at the ball, after excellent anticipation from Robin to beat a lumbering King. Not a good goal according to Triffic, the second was a run from the half way line to beat 3 defenders and slam it past the goalkeeper. Rubbish according to Celeriac Head and the third was an awful mistake from King (again) and the hapless Gomez who is a triffic goalkeeper according to Twitchy. Levy must be getting ready to provide millions to old Brown Bag for January transfers so he can syphon off a few quid. Triffic aint it?

  6. Stu

    We have 2 away prem games between now and Chelsea so we cant exactly just rest Song to avoid getting that 5th booking. Wenger needs to play him against Wolves and hope he gets a booking (or advise him to get one). Sunderland away shouldnt be impossible without Song. As long as the team defends as a unit, like it did today, then Songs absense wont be too noticable.

    If either Rosicky or Nasri are back for that match then they can replace Song. Instead of having a defensive mind in the middle we could just replace it with a possession king. Rosicky being the best we have at holding onto the ball but Nasri is more than capable of doing so and also putting in a decent defensive performance.

    SO in short, Sunderland should be the game Song gets suspended for.

  7. Bozin

    One time in the CL, Barca’s R.Marquez needed a yellow so he could sit out the away fixture cos they had one the home one comfortably. So what he does is goes to take a free kick and actually just stands there. So the ref gives him yellow for stalling. Clever way to get a booking the “easy” way lol.

    Oh and KING Fab is amazing…Arsenal is.

    And I know we’ll trash the city scum in Carling Cup!

  8. Stu

    Bozin, i think i remember that but he was found out and punished for delibritally getting himself booked. Uefa saw it as cheating and they didnt like it. I think Deco got himself booked deliberately too and was also punished…same game i think.

  9. zeus

    Leave a leg trailing I say. Can you imagine the anti-Arsenal press if they find that we did that. If the Eduardo fiasco went on for so long we would be in for a 3 month bashing.

  10. Just Stick It In!

    Yup love that run-slide-punch the air combo!

    Got me worried that spuds gonna get their way in the first 10 when bentley escaped two yellow offences.

    All the sweeter with the max 3 points!!!

  11. zeus

    This is the funniest thing I have seen today. This comes from A sp*rs fan as you can imagine.

    Lennon will be a much, much better player than AA in the future. At the moment they are equal in my opinion. To say Lennon only has pace is absurd. Lennon has more trickery than any player in the PL, and uses a combination of both trickery and pace to beat the best of defenders. One v one, I don’t think there is a better player in the PL. Arshavin is more of a striker, and a threat on goal, which Lennon is improving on, but inferior in this regard. Hence, why we need Defoe, a true goal scorer, to complete our team.

    These people ARE NOT WELL. That statement to too fucked up for words, its as if stupidity is contagious.

  12. Stu

    LOL Zeus, the first line gives a clue of how idiotic that whole “comment” is. Not a word or truth in that whole thing.

    Lennon has absolutely no trickery…just really quick feet. He always does the same thing too. Just pushed it past the defender and uses his pace to put in a cross.

  13. tomstoned

    Goodnite All…

    Just another day in paradise…and BBK,David and All other snipers….go figure…or dont…have a beer..and I will brush your hair for you.


  14. SUGA3


    I heard of that during the pre season, I just thought it was his mother, not his mother in law – credit to him for getting himself back together, very good yesterday, even the first one that he spilt was dealt with in confident manner – clear no.1 qualitywise IMO…

    cracking game, Spuds gave it a good go in the first 40 minutes or so, but then it was just a spark of brilliance and how funny is the fact that TV had to cut the replay stuff in the middle of showing the bench celebrating after we scored to show Fabregas putting another one past Gomes 😆

    Spuds are obviously pointing out that they were missing Modric, Lennon and Defoe, but we were missing (respectively) Rosicky, Walcott and Vela…

  15. SUGA3

    by the way, I must say Diaby did not have a bad game as a whole – yes he had patches when he was his old frustrating self but he was trying to win some balls, still a bit lazy, but he is actually improving (yes, I said it, but I am yet to be fully convinced)…

    Diaby and Song looked shaky in the first half, successful tackle on Keane in the box must have done Song’s confidence a lot of good and played well since…

    and how good is Vermaelen? not only outjumping Crouch 9 times out of 10 – lanky fucker must have thought before the game he’ll have a field day, eh?

  16. nishanth

    SUGA3-I will have to disagree.I thought diaby was terrible again.He was hardly involved and when he did get involved it was of no use.Slightly better second half but then we were leading and it was a lot easier.He has just gone backward.I don’t think he was this bad back in 2007-2008 season.Even when he played left wing at times he did okay.He has got enough more oppurtunties and he hasn’t taken it.We should just sell him and get a new DM

  17. Pat

    We won fairly easily yesterday while playing well below our standard(that was set this season).

    Alkmaar at home on Wednesday. Wolverhampton away next week should be 3 pts. Then the fooking international break. Sunderland away on the 21st will be a battle which we will win if we’re not complacent.

    Then Chelsea at home a week later, with a home game against Standard Liege in midweek before the Chelsea game.

  18. YON

    Its obvious that our season will be decided by how we deal with injuries. Impact players like Bendtner and Walcott are missing and the defensive guile of Denilson is missing not to mention the injury/lack of fitness to Nasri + Rosicky. If we can keep everyone fit there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that we can ruin anybody. EVEN BARCA. Barca is much slower than last year (drew to Ossasuna spell?). The only team I think will challenge us in Europe this season is Chelsea and the same applies to the League. SO, keeping players fit is vital. Once Nasri, Denilson, Walcott and Rosicky are all fit, Wenger will need to rotate the likes of Cesc, Song and RVP to keep the players fresh. Then of course there is Verm and Gallas and I think giving the likes of Silvestre and Senderos the European games (against Alkmaar, Leige and Olympiacos) might not hurt. I think the loss of Bendtner for a month is a major blow. I like his hard work and the danger he poses.

  19. LAzer

    My thoughts on the game:

    Sealed, signed and delivered, its offical Bently is a cunt of enormous proportions and will remain a shitbag forever. The handball, late challenge on Vermaelen, long distance shots etc. Dunno what it is about ex-players such as the Togo Twat and him, I suppose they just can’t stand being rejected by Arsenal.

    Rvp/Mr. Arsenal is adapting very well to the new CF role. He has always had the deft touches and the left foot finishing, but like Arsene said after the game, he is a mixture of Henry and Bergkamp. He can both finish and bring players in around him, I can see a golden boot in the long run.

    Sagna was brilliant, his pace and crossing set up two goals and he hardly ever had trouble at the back. He even won a header in the box, rare for a full back.

    Arshavin was a constant menace for the opposition as he was always willing to run at them. He is ideal as a foil to our passing team and although their wasn’t much end product he ran his socks of for the cause and showed fear in the defenders eyes.

    Gallas was very efficient and clinical and it is clear he enjoys playing with a rock solid defender that Vermaelen has become. He won some headers, got some interceptions and all in all hardly allowed a single clear chance to the opposition.

    Vermaelen had another blinder. Redknapp before the game said he was available to them as a leftback but they thought otherwise because of already having depth at the position and he never thought of him as a CB. Well Harry, what can I say you missed the fuckin boat mate. When Arsene spends 10+ mill on a player he’s probably got a Truman Show type insight into him. Thomas was absolutely brilliant, he won tackles, out jumped and won headers from the tallest striker we will face and dominated the box. Can’t say enough good things about him.

    Song put in a good performance, he was nervy till the goal glut and perhaps a bit out of position at times but the Spuds decided to park the bus early and went route 1 on us so their really wasn’t much for him to do. He is a legitimate first team player in my book now, he brings strength and solidity to the midfield and has added some flair with good dribbling and decent passing as of late. A huge drastic turn around to the player he was at the start of last term, credit to Arsene and the team for sticking with him. Also, I see the team has confidence in him now, he is no longer one of the kids growing up still as is the case with Diaby.

    Speaking of Diaby his performance was horrid, he lost the ball many times in midfield and offered nothing going forward or backwards. The team didn’t do him many favors as they were ball watching and not making themselves available when he needed help but that tells me they fully expect him to make the wrong decision and do not have confidence to play along with him. For his sake I hope he comes around, he seems a quiet fellow who knows he has a lot to prove and on the brink of not making it for good. If his decision making improves and confidence is higher I can see a Song like improvement come next term. The question is can we allow his growth to hinder our season.

    Eduardo missed two 1 on 1’s and I think needs more playing time to hit a rich vein of goal scoring form. He was far from his clinical goal scoring best but his team work has improved drastically and he involves those around him brilliantly.

    I feel terriable for Bendtner, I think he is really developing in to a very complete player apart from the finishing. Their really aren’t many strikers around the world that can link up play, win headers, dominate physically and pass as well as him. But then again they can put the ball in the net better. I think in time he will develop that more and more though, I would like to see him play through the middle if/when he is back and Rvp needs a rest. Still feel gutted for his injury though, we are skint without him, Walcott and Rosicky now. I wonder how Arsene will address it, maybe Snoop Dogg will get a drastic promotion.

    And finally Cesc Fabregas. For me that is the goal of the season as it stands. Still early days but a rare combination of skill, pace, power, determination, intelligence and finishing. I do not have words enough to justify the performance of our captain and his celebration will last a long long time in my memory. Please never leave us Captain Fantastic, glory will come with us and oh how sweet that will be for you and us both.

  20. LAzer

    Thanks Jag. And how can I forget Arsene going all night fever on us with his jacket, we were 3-0 up at the time and yet he looked a very frusted man. Rightly so, their was a phase of the game he/we could just feel the team slowing the intensity down and I liked how THIS time he did not want complacency to set in. Also, it was good to hear praise of the defence from the manager afterwards. Job well done Arsene.