We won, and won well, but I see selection problems ahead.

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So first of all, is Randall, the new Song? By that I meant that Randall keeps getting picked by the boss and I can’t see why? Really nice bloke, but I can’t see anything about his game that excites me, Nicky Butt’ish but nowhere near as good.

Onto the game, we won with a very young side and deserved it without a doubt, credit to Liverpool, they came to play and had an equally youthfull side, they even scored a great goal but we scored two.

I thought the whole team did well, yes, including Silvestre, Gilbert I think is the only one that didn’t stand out, well him and Randall, but Merida, Ramsey and Eastmond were stand out, and Eastmond as a defensive midfielder should start for the first team, he was very impresssive.

Nasri had a great game but then he is a first team player, Eduardo did enough and Bendtner could have had a hatrick, Merida showed us what having a shot from anywhere can produce but Ramsey orchestrated the midfield in a very Cesc way, this boy needs to start more games and like Eastmond, is better than what we currently have.

Wenger will certainly have selection problems on Saturday, I feel for him, I mean who will play alongside Diaby, Eboue and Song?

There is little point doing a match report, suffice to say it was a little nervy at the end, but the boys held on well, Senderos actually played like he was 32 and he didn’t make me feel nervous like he used to in the old days.

Fabianski looked assured and to be fair there was very little he could do about the goal, the ground under me did it’s usual empty out early, and last night I went down the Holloway road, an hour after the game had ended on the advice of many Grovers, they all said how easy it was going that way, thanks guys, you’re all liars, I walked all the way to Highbury & Islington Station in a traffic jam, there were more people on the road than Oxford Street on Christmas eve, and it took me 20 minutes to get a cab at Highbury Corner.

So I’ll take that advice again!

Bask in the glory of seeing us hold onto a lead for a while, at least we are in the hat for the next round, Man Shitty at home anyone?

Have a great day all!

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  1. ManGoonian

    Robert Green??????

    Noooooooooo fuckin way! You are joking right? He is shite, seriously ropey! Gawd, Id rather ben Foster, Roy Carroll, FFS!

  2. B.B.K.

    im glad he’s injured if bentley decides to have a pop from distance or even the edge of the box, im sure it would go in knowing him

  3. gazzap

    wenger is weird, in that he wont bring in wilshere, vela and others who clearly are ready for more prem minutes but has no hesitation in bringing in a very young keeper. The one position that really requires experience as the key asset, and he goes and picks a rookie. you couldn’t make it up.

  4. ManGoonian

    Lets face it, we would bitch about any keeper we had, coz we would over analise everything the poor sap did!

    Unless he kept clean sheets in every game, we wouldnt be happy…

  5. ManGoonian

    I was at Fulham away, so Im prepared to give mannone the benefit for a few more games, although that mistake vs WHam was quite amazing!

  6. Emperor Gooner

    dont mean to sound glass half empty types but i’m sure if gilbert is played again , he’ll cost us the cup

  7. B.B.K.

    while we are on the subject of dodgy keepers why ot go for david james he would fit the criteria for wenger and signing keepers

  8. ManGoonian


    Thats more like glass spilled over my brand new £200 trainers fella!

    FFS! Gilbert played very well. Cut the lad some slack jack!

  9. zeus

    I only ask about Green because its said wenger was about to make a move for him. PersonallyI think we should go for Seabstien Frey. Everything points to him being a Wenger signing long ago starting with the fact that he is quality and french.

  10. AndAPrayer

    what’s up with the Eboue hating in the responses, so far this year he’s been playing well, has largely cut out the theatrics (still there a bit I accept) and is always open to the fans – more than other Arsenal players.

    He may not have the passing of Fabregas or the decision making of Van Persie but his direct running is good, he tracks back well and he always works his socks off. Yes he has a history but don’t let that cloud your judgement regarding his performances this year any more than you should regarding Song – he has been playing well.

    Diaby, unfortunately, hasn’t but rather than getting on their backs why not support them as there’s obviously a reason why they’re being picked and I’m not inclined to believe the love child thing.

  11. Pat

    what the fuuuuuuuck why can’t we ever have our players fucking fit. Its getting rather fucking ridiculous and pisses me off!!!

    Fucking awesome. We’d destroy the Spuds with Rosicky, Arshavin, RVP, Cesc playing.

    Rosicky, Theo, Vela, Fabianski are all fucking out.

    Nasri better start. I don’t fucking care if he played 90 minutes. SHit excuse really. If he didn’t pick up a knock, he should play. Why are players such pussies these days? 2 days recovery time is more than enough especially when you’ve been training for over a month already!

  12. timao

    there’s no point in dreaming because there are no decent keepers period. i’ve given it a lot of thought over the last two nanoseconds – but i can’t think of a single keeper anywhere who is any good at all, except shay given – and he’s never played for a decent team so doesn’t count.

  13. leon

    i know alot fans will not agree with this but silvest is not as bad as people make him out to be,i feel he would have done so much better with commanding defender is he was playing with gallas he done alot better i know for sure he been given alot confedence playing aloung side someone like tony adams.this game realy did show anything did not already which players like mark randell and gilbert will be sold on,wenger has alreadt stated that ramsey will play 15-20 games and i think wiltshire around 10 games.ramsey once again proved his worth and is already at very least on the same level as diaby,fran merida just needs to patient he is only 19 but tons of class

  14. Coadsi

    Barcelona are preparing to ‘do a Cesc Fabregas’ by tempting trying to poach 16-year-old striker Benik Afobe from Arsenal.

    The European champions lost 22-year-old Fabregas to the Gunners six years ago and are now faced with an asking price approaching £40million to get the Spain midfielder back.

    But they could get revenge by signing England Under 17 star Afobe after reportedly watching him score two and make two in his country’s 6-2 victory over Kazakhstan recently.

    It is claimed that Barca were so impressed that they are willing to offer him a £5,500-a-week deal and a place in the reserve team coached by Nou Camp legend Luis Enrique.

    Evening all

  15. Stu

    Evening all…what a cracker-fest last night was. Bendtners espeially 😉

    Seems ALmunia is coming back for the NLD, i dont know how to feel. Its either Mannone or Al…not a fan of either. Emergency keeper loan?

  16. David


    Of all the fantastic goals its “bendtners especially”

    What did this bloke do that you fall in love so!

  17. A

    To be fair the Bendtner goal was imo the best of the night, nothing to do with Bendtner scoring it, although it was a nice finish, but just an absolutely superb team move

  18. Stu

    Of that all british team i would have to have Lansbury and Murphy at least in there.

    ? Bartley Ayling Gibbs
    Eastmond Ramsey
    Wilshere Lansbury Watt?

    Could move Eastmond to RB and have Frimpong in midfield but Eastmond seems to prefer (and is better) in CM.

  19. Paulinho

    Ramsay said Liverpool couldn’t live with us?

    Where do our youngsters get these delusional attitudes from?

    Serious question.

  20. A

    Paulinho at times they couldn’t we just pissed all over them when passing quickly, they couldn’t get near us, rewatched it today, we were even better than i thought at the time!

  21. ManGoonian


    As I said earlier, I was pleasantly surprised by Gilbert TBH. 100% committed and tenacious. Didnt do bad at all at all…To be sure.

  22. zeus

    @ Pat
    I think instead of looking at any players (attacking ones) to come in either in January or the summer, we have to look to bring in a World Class Physio. It is unacceptable that season on season we have 4-5 players at a time being out injured.

    Gazidis should leave some of the money that heis using to assemble his corporate staff to bring in such persons. The ones we have now have not shown anything to suggest that they can properly diagnose and treat any muscular injury in a timely fashion.

  23. A

    I’m really not a Gilbert fan, he certainly improved in the second half, but was very poor in the first, he was just lucky he was up against the most clueless footballer in the prem in Babel!

    Still done better than I thought he would, can’t understand why he’s still at the club, expected him to be released and sign for a league 1 or championship side in the summer

  24. Stu

    How many years ago did Gilbert make his debut and he cant have more than 6 or 7 first team appearances. He is 21…i think if he was good enough he would have been more involved in the first team. He will do a Hoyte if he stays. Be in and around the first team before eventually leaving for the championship.

    Do we have any quality right backs in the youths?

  25. Paulinho


    I thought for a period before our first goal we gave them the runaround but after that it was an even game. I actually thought they shaded it if I’m being honest.

    I think its a large part of the reason why we turn into such dopey twats when we have a lead. It’s almost endemic now.

  26. SUGA3

    agreed, as long as the strength in 1st teamers/XI ratio was more or less equal 😉

    it was funny to watch FSW strengthen the team and AW actually weakening it…

  27. ManGoonian

    Well, he did better than most Gooners Id imagine and I think its kinda refreshing we actually have a player or 2 at the club. Normally they are long gone.

    Fact is, players can become much better players round about the time of their early 20s. he may well surprise us.

    Shawcross at Stoke was jettisoned by manU and he is being lauded now.

  28. SUGA3

    and btw, Fat Spanish Waiter took a gamble by letting the injury prone Fat Berbatov onto the same football pitch with Randall 😆

  29. ManGoonian

    Gawd, people moan about how the squad is too thin and too young and sure as shite are doing their best to get rid of players who are a bit older!

    Sheeesh, thank fuck none of yous has any say in footballin matters…

    Apart from Stu, of course, who has Wenger’s ear…

  30. Arindam@KOL

    Random , but a great bit frm Friedel :

    Q : Which PLAYER would you love to play alongside ?

    A : Arsenal … (pauses a bit)…the one with Vieira , Petit, Overmars , Henry , Adams.

    PS : The guy knows his footy !

  31. paul

    Does anyone know of another club that lets so many away supporters mix with the home crowd.Last night there were scouse cunts all around me in club level,i had to keep my hand on my wallet all night.

  32. WB

    i am watching inter vs palermo match,balotelli staring for them.he looks really class,amazing dribbling skills.i think he can fill henry’s void in arsenal.just wish if we could swap him with bendtner

  33. zeus

    If Mourinho can’t get Balotelli’s attitude in check I doubt Wenger can. He sure won’t sit on the bench behind Bendtner and Diaby

  34. Stu

    Balotelli doesnt really pass the ball. He is too selfish for Wenger imo. And who needs him anyway..we have better youth coming through.

  35. Jaguar

    FFS,Diabolical in the line up again.How lucky is that wanker.I would rather watch nine players on the field,than that idiot,trying out his crazy skills on the field.That mug never gets a rest.

  36. Jaguar

    The only time, I would see is a player worse than him will be in a match against the Spuds when there would be eleven worse clowns in the opposition line up.

  37. ManGoonian

    Apparantly you can now buy Arsenal voodoo dolls for all those players so Gooners love to slate.

    Diaby is £19.99p…

    Knock yourself out…

  38. ManGoonian


    This hate you have, it cant be doin you any good fella… best to let it out…

    Stick your head out the window and scream at the moon.

    You will feel 100% better, i guarantee it!

  39. patthegooner


    It will be

    Sagna, Vermaelen, Gallas, Clichy
    Cesc, Song, Diaby
    Eboue, RVP, Arshavin

    And there will be an outbreak of FFS at about 12:00 when the team gets announced.

    Personally I would rather GunnersaurasRex get the forward role instead of Eboue.

  40. patthegooner

    I am happy with the other Pat’s line up,

    I dont want Diaby to start, but lets face it, he is going to so getting used to it, but Eboue up front is taking the biscuit.

  41. ManGoonian

    You will learn to love again… I can sense it. When Abou scores the winner on Saturday, you’ll be larfin like a drain, I tells ya.

  42. ManGoonian

    Seriously guys, I have had serious doubts about Diaby, but i think he is slowly playing better and learning to curb his head down dribblin antics and learning to be more disciplined and defensive.

    He is winning me over. Come and join me, the water’s lovely…

  43. patthegooner

    How come Wenger never mentions him then?

    Wilshere (ankle), Walcott (knee), Denilson (back) and Rosicky (knee) will not be back for the game at the weekend

  44. patthegooner

    Ade is like the Ex-misses that you binned and to get her own back she goes round saying you were shit in bed and that her new uglier boyfriend is the greatest.

    Rejection is eating away at his insides, how very sad.

  45. ManGoonian


    Wenger rang me to tell me Vela was injured. Are you feeling left out???


    Nah, mate. moved up here to go to Uni and stayed.

  46. Jaguar

    Luis Aragones, that fucking racist,is now linked with the managerial post at Bernabeu. How funny its to watch the plight of an ignorant idiot, who thought that he would buy the footballing world with his money,Fiorentina Perez and his bunch of over paid prima donnas can now go to hell.

  47. ManGoonian

    And Ade has already gone off the boil. Funny the hacks have stopped goin on about how City got a bargain yadda fuckin yadda…

  48. ManGoonian

    And sayin shiter like Kolo and him are like brothers… Kolo’s been very silent on that one!

    He is an ego maniac, cannot blame himself for anything that he does and is basically a cunt and I am glad he is gone.

  49. patthegooner

    Lucky you MG

    No, just a huge Vela fan, and want to see him get some more games under his belt. Have seen nothing official yet that Vela is injured, so just wondered why not.

  50. patthegooner

    True about the press.

    They will soon realise that selling that lanky fucker for that much money is the best bit of transfer business all summer.

  51. ManGoonian

    Me too Pattg. I dont know whwere it was, but he is deffo injured mate. He would definitely have started, or played some part last night, thats for sure….

  52. Keyser

    Phew, thought you were going to ramble on about favourites and love children, glad there’s some sane, normal people on this site.

  53. Pedro

    Evening chaps!

    How are we all tonight?

    Good game yesterday… that Eastman looks a bit special!

    I’ve got a joke for you all tomorrow, I invented it in the car today, you’ll like it 😉

  54. ManGoonian


    What? You man like Eboue, Denilson, Diaby, Cesc, RvP, Arshy, Gallas, Clichy, Gallas, Song, bendy, Theo, Nasri…?

    Those favourites/love children?

  55. ManGoonian


    Hey man. Yep, Eastmond looks good in central midfield. I think we have about 250+ players who would rather play in that position!

  56. Keyser

    Yeah, but it varies, it seems like every poster picks his own favourite/love child, then finds instances that apply to that specific player.

    It’s a quite a precise and reasoned approach to fuckwittery.

  57. Lou

    I would just like to wish good riddance to former Hull chairman Paul Duffen. It was Duffen who encouraged the hapless Phil Brown to push the Fabregas spitting claim extra hard in an attempt to divert attention from the trough of bad form that his team had already fallen into. It was Duffen, Brown and that other moron Brian Horton who claimed the high moral ground with their accusations of spitting, bad sportsmanship and their repeated attempts to insult and belittle Arsenal with what turned out to be a pack of lies. It was these 3 who failed to issue an apology to Arsenal, their board or their fans when the FA found that there was no case to answer, essentially accusing them of making the whole thing up. I have nothing at all against Hull FC but hope that Brown and Horton find themselves out on their arses very soon. I guess they’ll end up at Blackburn with that other fantasist Allardyce. They certainly deserve each other.

  58. Pedro

    Mang, not Robin… he used to get alsorts of bother from Wenger when he was younger. Remember when he got sent off against Southampton…

    Cesc though… agreed.

  59. Lou

    MG. Not at all. I have the memory of an elephant where these things are concerned and remember well hearing Duffen’s bleatings on the radio about the whole thing.

  60. ManGoonian


    I havent forgotten either fella. the Tangoed twat, Whoreton and the Duffer are all worthy of a dam good thrashing, the c*nts!

    The fact they (and the media) tried to play on the dirty foreigner thing. ie onloy foreign players resort to such underhand dirty tactics as spitting (that spud twat Sherwood siad at the time, he wouldve rather been chinned than spat at) made their lies even worse in my book.

    The sooner they get whats comin to em the better.

  61. Lou

    Pedro. Yes, I agree. I could not believe that he was bringing the whole thing up again. I watched that game on TV and thought I saw our players shaking hands with him. It’s funny how he keeps referring to people as “like his brother” immediately prior to trying to kick the shit out of them. It was probably a mark of his fraternal love when he stole their kit.

  62. ManGoonian

    I dont think its a case of favourites, its more a case of Wenger seeing something in the players and playing till every one else sees it, no matter how effin long it might take in some people’s cases!

  63. Pedro

    What manager doesn’t have favourites… expecting complete objectiveness all the time… that’d be tough.

    Jacquie Smith is retarded…

  64. Lou

    MG. I am with you. The media just loved Brown through that whole event, despite the fact that he couldn’t remember exactly what had happened or where it had happened from day to day. I honestly believe that an apology should have been forthcoming and that the general furore upset their season even farther. I hope so anyway. Brown has become a kind of pantomime figure of fun hasn’t he? Easy to despise, even before he starts with his weekly tosh. I reckon he learned it all from Allardyce who sees himself as the arch strategist, aging psychological war on his opponents. What a moron!

  65. ManGoonian

    He IS a pantomime character now for sure Lou. He used to just lap up the press conferences the self satisfied smug cunt.

    But seing his 1 today was hilarious! All tetchy and arsey, refusing to answer certain Qs… brilliant.

  66. Lou

    Pedro. I just saw Jacqui Smith on Question Time. What has happened to her? She seems to have gained about a stone around the chin alone and that new hairdo makes her look like Myra Hindley on acid.

  67. Pedro

    Lou, how does someone as dim as her get into power? She’s been battered from pillar to post by Dimbleby and Sergent!