We won, and won well, but I see selection problems ahead.

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So first of all, is Randall, the new Song? By that I meant that Randall keeps getting picked by the boss and I can’t see why? Really nice bloke, but I can’t see anything about his game that excites me, Nicky Butt’ish but nowhere near as good.

Onto the game, we won with a very young side and deserved it without a doubt, credit to Liverpool, they came to play and had an equally youthfull side, they even scored a great goal but we scored two.

I thought the whole team did well, yes, including Silvestre, Gilbert I think is the only one that didn’t stand out, well him and Randall, but Merida, Ramsey and Eastmond were stand out, and Eastmond as a defensive midfielder should start for the first team, he was very impresssive.

Nasri had a great game but then he is a first team player, Eduardo did enough and Bendtner could have had a hatrick, Merida showed us what having a shot from anywhere can produce but Ramsey orchestrated the midfield in a very Cesc way, this boy needs to start more games and like Eastmond, is better than what we currently have.

Wenger will certainly have selection problems on Saturday, I feel for him, I mean who will play alongside Diaby, Eboue and Song?

There is little point doing a match report, suffice to say it was a little nervy at the end, but the boys held on well, Senderos actually played like he was 32 and he didn’t make me feel nervous like he used to in the old days.

Fabianski looked assured and to be fair there was very little he could do about the goal, the ground under me did it’s usual empty out early, and last night I went down the Holloway road, an hour after the game had ended on the advice of many Grovers, they all said how easy it was going that way, thanks guys, you’re all liars, I walked all the way to Highbury & Islington Station in a traffic jam, there were more people on the road than Oxford Street on Christmas eve, and it took me 20 minutes to get a cab at Highbury Corner.

So I’ll take that advice again!

Bask in the glory of seeing us hold onto a lead for a while, at least we are in the hat for the next round, Man Shitty at home anyone?

Have a great day all!

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  1. North Bank Lew

    Top ten.

    Ramsey and Merida for the first team – watch out Diaby and Eboue, the next generation are coming !

  2. tonyadamsisgod

    Sabeel – It’s basically mine whenever I want it! πŸ˜€

    Surely Ramsey has done enough to displace Song, Diaby or Eboue from that first team! OK, so Song may have the advantage of being able to claim he is a DM (I’m still not so sure) but surely Eboue or Diaby should make way for Ramsey. Even on the wings he would be miles better than those and the passing that he and Cesc could orchestrate would be amazing!!

  3. North Bank Lew

    You’re probably right Geoff, but we can but hope; especially with AW giving the odd hint that Aaron and Fran are ready to step up in his eyes.

  4. tonyadamsisgod

    Geoff – In all honesty, why do you think Wenger plays Eboue and Diaby ahead of others no matter what the circumstances???? I really cant work it out! I need to win that competition where the winner has an hour to chat to Wenger! You can guarantee that ‘team selection’ will be banned from that conversation!

  5. Chipo

    The beautiful thing about tonight was that it showed that Diaby and Eboue are doomed in the first team.

    Neither of them get into the first team in a full squad. Nasri looks class – i always forget how good players are when they get injured!

    Cesc Song Nasri

    Rosicky RvP Arshavin

    Looks like our strongest top 6. Against Spurs i’m presuming he will go with:

    Cesc Song Diaby

    Bendtner RvP Arshavin

    Nasri and Eduardo to come off the bench and seal the 4-1 win!!

  6. ianuss


    Like the blog and read it everyday and often enjoy it, but to suggest that Eastmond should start for the 1st team is ludicrous.

  7. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    u r right

    But only issue is..we havent heard anything about rosicky..wether he is fit or not..

    so when rosicky is fit..we wont see either diaby or eboue in midfield..then as u put it out..our first choice midfield will be tearing other teams out inshallah……

  8. tonyadamsisgod

    Chipo – Like Geoff said, there is no reason to believe that Wenger will suddenly stop the habit of a lifetime and give a deserving kid the chance ahead of his 2 pet favorites!

  9. Geoff

    Tony I think he has his favourites and won’t budge, he was like that with Cygan.

    Sabeel, not only was Pedro supposed to write the post he was supposed to post mine, he did neither so I posted myself. That was why it was late, it was written at 8am!

  10. finestcuts

    Isn’t Merida a superstar. I fear you are spot on about Eboue…….after all he is the pass master.

    Have you seen this morning’s hilarious comments by Robbie Keane?

    Keane said:

    “”If you look at the two squads, you look at us and think, ‘We’re definitely on a par,'”


    Great game last night, thoroughly enjoyed it, we deservedly won and Liverpool put a good shift in as well which makes it all the sweeter.

  11. Gunneroo

    I can’t believe you didn’t think Gilbert did well. Sure he made one or two mistakes, but he made up for it in his speed and tackling. I’d like to see him pit a few crosses in but apart from that, he had a good game. The rest of the team played great, and if the goals we concede are of that quality, then it wouldn’t bother me one bit.

  12. Doublegooner

    Ramsey has a mix of Cesc & Gerrard. Merida MUST be kept, far more impressive than Denilson.

    Then theres Coquelin who is going to be the business with Wilshire ready to take over & of Ccourse Eastmond took everyone by suprise, now in midfield. He’s bulked up nicely.

    They are ALL better than the mix Song, Diaby Eboue & Denilson

    All very exciting, but my only concern is where is the experience in midfield to guide them.

  13. Arsenal Tom

    good stuff again geoff, thought the game was quality last night, good footy from both sides and a nice high tempo which obviously suits us.

    i reckon he played eastmond so that when song goes to africa he’ll need to know what he’s got to cover him, thought the by did very well

  14. Diaminedave

    Gotta agree with you ianuss. Eastmond had a good game but is definitely not ready for the first team.
    all the best Dave

  15. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    My sympathies with u..

    Since u wrote it at 8 a.m. i think it summaries the match very well.

    Eastmond could be a great player for arsenal,if wenger wants him to be,i.e. i mean if wenger plays him more regularly..

    let diaby,eboue fight in reserves for a role in midfield

  16. Geoff

    This guy just told me it was no wonder other sites pour scorn on me, because I said Eastmond should be in the first team.

    Here’s his name and number in case anyone wants to tell him.

  17. Gunner win 1

    Diaby out…please Wenger!!!
    I was really impressed by Gibbs in the dying minutes of the game when he went over to the corner flag and held the ball up…!!! We leading, time is nearly up so hold onto what we have. Gilbert is strong and is not afraid to stick a boot in, Eastmond broke up play in the right areas, not close to our own goal ala Diaby. Ramsay….pure class, workrate is amazing, positioning outstanding. I love being a GOONER.

  18. Galviniho

    Also don’t forget Wilshere and Ramsey.

    I think Gibbs is top draw at left back. We need these players to be part of the team and Eboue and Diaby do not really warrant their place in the team. Technically Merida, Ramsey, Wilshere and Lansbury and better. They won’t make stupid mistakes.

    It would be refreshing to see these guys play more and would mean the fans have players to attach to as “Arsenal” players being from the youth team.

    3-0 to Arsenal on Saturday and I am saying that now.

  19. tonyadamsisgod

    Geoff – Ha ha, pass me the blower!

    I’ll tell you what has irritated me. Wenger has again said that Gibbs should be in the World Cup squad. Well how the fuck is that going to happen when you don’t give him the starts he deserves even when Clichy is playing at his awful defensively naive best!!

  20. didee

    hi all,

    for me we were brilliant going forward but defensively…it was nervy. big phil still doesnt cut it for me and nikki b gave us a diaby show last night – gr8 talent but poor delivery (on d passes that is)

  21. Geoff

    Tone he’s such a fucking dimwit, he leaves his name and number, prick, I should go on his website and leave abuse.

  22. Gunner win 1

    So often we see players like Diaby making tackles that he is clearly never going to win and puts the entire team under pressure because the tackle was made in our last quarter. I don’t mind a player breaking up play but do it in a neutral area of the pitch.

  23. t-buzz

    Morning y’all.
    loved the game last night and was quite impressed with that Gilbert fella and Eastmond.

    They now have a tougher test in the next round cos we’ll get drawn against either the Chavs, Scum,Shiteh and the Damned (Spurds). Wenger will never take this Cup as srerious as the Prem league cos the money you get at the end is just chiken feed to him but I hope these kids win it for the Arsenal anyway!!

  24. tonyadamsisgod

    I think Wenger will put a lot more effort into the CC this year! If its the only thing we win this year he’ll still come and say “I told you this team would win silverware” and project youth will be deemed a success in his eyes!!

  25. Geoff

    Gunner win 1 if I was going to do that I would be bombing his shit website with hate mail, I just put his number on to send a message. I fucking hate cowards that leave shitty messages then run away, it says a lot about their character.

  26. arsenalised

    Ramsey for first team? Only drugs would make someone do that.where the fuck would he play?? He cant put cesc out and he aint no winger.i knew this would happen on here.he aint ready to play in the first team yet.

  27. Geoff

    Tony they will only win if he continues to combine youth with experience, we would have been different without Nasri, Ramsey, Silvestre, Eduardo and to a point Bendtner.

  28. AndAPrayer

    Much thought I hate getting on players’ backs your criticism of Diaby I understand, Eboue has his moments although they are becoming rarer and the man is a legend, but Song has been in fine fettle thus far this season and it would seem a bit harsh to ask for his replacement.

    That said, it would be good to see Eastmond getting a few more games and Ramsey isn’t so much knocking on the door as getting in the JCB and demoliting the porch with performances like that – I can only think Wenger is worried about a lack of height if he puts him in for Diaby.

  29. Gunner win 1

    I think that we need a balance of scoring beautiful build up goals and a Merida type of goal. If we get that mentality, shoot when the opposition least expect it we will score more goals.

  30. Geoff

    arsenalised, he’s a lot better than Diaby, Eboue, Denilson or Song. I’d take him over them in any position anyday.

  31. nishanth

    We should atleast play a strong back 4 in CC.Inspite of gilbert doing okay in the second half i hope to see eboue or sagna there in the next round.The attacking ones are simply awesome.Hopefully we will have wilshere and vela fit next time

  32. gambon

    Eastmond is a good player, far from ready for the first team though, he’s not even the best 18 year old DM we have.

    Nasri really is a class player, but he needs more confidence. If he had Ronaldo’s arrogance he could be the best player in the league, but he wants to be too much of a team player.

    Id like to see him make the difference more.

  33. Geoff

    Arsenalised I don’t rate Song, he’s slow, can’t tackle without fouling and has no positional sense, Eastmond had all those and some last night.

  34. Odub


    I doubt Eastmond’s ambition is to become the next Song.. Anyone aiming that low doesnt belong in our squad.

  35. Chipo

    A Tom – spot on with Gilbert.

    1st half he looked like our weakest player: very nervous on the ball, constant hospital passes (that lob to Fabianski was CRAZY !!) and basically not fit to wear the shirt.

    2nd half he did a lot better, but i get the feeling he is only playing because Wenger is using it as a shop window to flog him. I doubt he will play again. One game on Sky Sports is enough for Huddersfield to come calling!

    Was amazed to see Eastmond in the team at the beginning ahead of Coquelin and Randall, but remembered reading an interview with Banfield (reserve coach) saying how well he was doing in his new DM position. I thought he was MOTM by a street. Incredible, nerveless performance. I’m with you Geoff, that performance was first team quality in my opinion. Controlled in posession, nothing too fancy, solid touch and tough in the tackle. He’s much more of an ‘all-action’ player – need those guys in the team sometimes.

    Eduardo and Nikki B looked very good up front. I hope Wenger is choosing between those two for Saturday in the top right position. It would be scandalous to play eboue over them.

    Merida and Ramsey also look like they can step up with ease.

    Gibbs’ positioning was pretty worrying sometimes. They were getting far too many crosses in from his side.

    Hope Fabianski plays against Spurs.

  36. Martin Holleran

    geoff mate, thats harsh, i pay for every call made to that number and I work for myself so it gets kind of costly.
    i read your site every day and i like the balance it affords when set against the other sites, as believe it or not, i sit between both camps if you like, but statements like eastmond should play on saturday just make me cringe slightly, don’t forget he was only up against spearing last night.
    i was very impressed by how well he did but song currently, in my opinion, is our best bet.
    in spite of the financial cost ive most likely just incurred i still like what you guys do here.

    oh, ive just read a further response to my comment; thought this site was all about opinions and notabout abuse? dont think you’ll find anything abusive in what i said….

  37. Sven

    It would be like a midget Petit/Viera partnership

    With my Wenger critical glasses on. Anyone else think that Ramsey was holding onto the ball for way to long yesterday, especially in the second half?

  38. U.Y-1

    Good game last 9t.What worries me is that the team still doesn’t know how to play when we have a lead to protect and the game is ending.I mean,last 9t,we were still needlessly commiting 2 of d 3 midfielders to attacking.Surely,with the pace & dribbling ability of our players,3 strikers are enough 4 defenders who’d be commited 2 going forward.The manager should address this,especially in d 1st team.

  39. RockyPires

    say in few years could Cesc take on the Xavi role and see us play

    Was very pleased with Ramsey,Gibbs and Merida has they had the biggest points to prove and they showed they had the bottle to perform when under pressure.
    Gibbs will really push Clichy and would love to see him start against the Spuds as I feel Spuds will target Clichy and try and leave Crouch on Clichys backpost.

    Merida and Ramsey are very gifted and can fill in so perfectly. Nasri in the advanced role is a very good outlet ala Rosicky so if we have either of them fit then I think they should start in the front trio on the right side.

    Diaby has got to perform big time the weekend as both Ramsey and Merida are superior technical players to him and are breathing down his neck.

    I worried about Meridas defensive game but was pleasantly suprised, he’s tough and no messing about.

    Eastmond and Le Coq are two good options in reserve. Randall I dont know where he fits in and would have though he would have had a loan spell ditto with Barazite. Excited about Lansbury also as he is Gerrard mode and will be back next season.

  40. tonyadamsisgod

    arsenalised – Is Diaby a Winger? No. Is Eboue a Winger? No. Is Ramsey a Winger? No. So lets just pick the best player……..RAMSEY!!

  41. Odub

    Fabianski 6
    Senderos 6.5
    Silvestre 6.5
    Gibbs 6
    Gilbert 5.5
    Eastmond 8
    Merida 8
    Ramsey 7.5
    Nasri 7.5
    Bendtner 6.5
    Eduardo 6.5

  42. Gunner win 1

    I was watching highlights of 96/97 season, Tony Adams brought down Shearer just as he bearing down on goal, needless to say it was a red card, but what struck me was the fact that he did what he had to prevent that goal…can we please have some more of that sort of dedication, focus and desire.

  43. Chipo

    @ Gambom “he’s not even the best 18yr old DM we have”

    Why would Wenger play the 2nd or 3rd best player and keep the other two on the bench? I’m presuming you’re talking about Coquelin and Frimpong?

    If he gets in that team, it means he is better (or at least his form is better) than the other two.

    And judging by the performance, he was.

  44. gazzap

    really impressed with the boys attitude last night. Rambo put in a hell of a shift and looked completely knackered by 80 minutes. but he dug in and kept going.

    Gilbert made mistakes but again he plugged away and settled later in the game.

    Merida looks class. Gibbs is already better than Clichy. Watch out Gael. Fabianski’s handling and control over his area were perfect – he had no chance with that dipping volley. He should definiely keep his place on saturday.

    Was that Silvestre’s best game for Arsenal? must have been. Even Ponderdross looked very good.

    Coquelin came on wih 10 minutes to go and settled the midfield down like he was a 28 year old pro! very impressive. Nik B stood out as well.

  45. Sven

    I think Song is our number 1 DM, i’ve got no problem with what he has done for us this season.

    My problem lies with Diaby’s second half performances and Eboue as a right winger. Common denominator for the Alkmaar/West Ham chokes = Eboue Right Wing!

  46. Wiseman

    I watched this game with my liverpool supporting friend, and we coined the phrase “Absolute Bendtner” (like the vodka) for every time in the first half he made a poor decision, or lost the ball (which was a lot). I found that very funny at the time, but i was drunk.

    At half-time i bet him that Bendtner would score Arsenal’s next goal, because that’s what he does best, he infuriated me for most of the game, and then he goes and scores a goal to complicate my feelings towards him.

    We also realized that Voronin is exactly like Bendtner, except he never scores so we agreed that he is just plain shit.

    Well done to the kids!!

    ABSOLUTE BENDTNER!!! haha, still funny to me

  47. Henry14

    Just wanted to drop my 2 pence worth in on the comments about Eastmond. He had a great game last night, he looks like he could become a great player – but i would give him game time now. Not in 2 years – now.

    First team comments? Well maybe he isn’t ready for the first team every week – but i would say he’s got to be worth a punt instead of Diaby. He has to be.

    Diaby offers nothing of value to our side.

    He’s a better player then Diaby will ever be!

  48. Geoff

    Rocky Randall is an enigma to me! Wenger said yesterday that Merida was too good to loan out, what is that saying about those we’ve loaned out then, Lansbury being one of them?

  49. Henry14

    In fairness – the comments on Eboue, Bendtner etc….etc… i don’t think they are great players but you have to question Arsene – he play’s them so far out of there positions – they are bound to look shit.

    He literally baffles me with his team selection sometimes.

    Eboue – good right back. Right winger? Not a chance.

    Bendtner – good center forward for some games. Right winger?


  50. Odub


    Where in my post did you see the word ‘hate’?

    Calm down fella!

    Song is the best DM at the club, he will do for now but we need someone better end of.

  51. gazzap

    Fabianski 7
    Senderos 6
    Silvestre 7
    Gibbs 8
    Gilbert 6
    Eastmond 6.5
    Ramsey 8
    Merida 7.5
    Nasri 7
    Nik B 7.5
    Eduardo 6

    Randall 4
    Watt 6
    Coqulin 7

  52. Chipo


    TOTALLY disagree on Gibbs. Thought he was incredibly dodgy at the back. Going forward fine, but has a long way til he gets to Clichy#s defensive level.

  53. Geoff

    You see Martin, being pleasant get’s you on, slagging us off doesn’t, you are welcome as long as it stays that way, I’ll delete your number.

  54. RockyPires

    Same as I think Song is no 1 DM, then Denilson and maybe even play Cesc there if Nasri and Ramsey are available.

    For me CEsc and Song are starters,Diaby will lose his place to Ramsey/Nasri. Eboue should only alternate with SAgna and Eastmond whilst he played superbly had one of those amazing debuts and I would like to see him used furhter in the CC cup prior to saying he is first team material.

    No doubt though Gibbs,Ramsey,Merida,Nik and Nasri should be prefered to Eboue in any position other than RB.

  55. jimbo

    Eastmond and Merida were very good last night, but that doesn’t mean they should automatically now be playing for the 1st team on saturday ahaead of song or diaby. If you remember firstly that last night they were playing against a youthful liverpool CM of plessis and spearing and secondly, these very players who you want dropped, diaby and song, were equally impressive when they played in the CC the past few years.

  56. Sven

    Henry14- Bit harsh on Bendtner, he has been out injured for a while, just shaking off the rust. I watched his performances for Denmark the last few Int. games, absolutely terrorised full backs in both games, i feel that RW/LW probably is his role.

  57. gnarleygeorge9

    Were The Arsenal CB’s Fishface & Johan in that nightmare 4-4 which felt like a loss with Spuds last time @ home. Or if there are any spuds reading, that sensational, wonderful 4-4 draw which for them felt like a win. If so, we have certainly strengthened since.

  58. Gunner win 1

    Bendtner is a good finisher, just needs to learn some composure in front of goal. When he finds himself in a goal scoring position he becomes like a dear in headlights.

  59. Ballie

    For me, last night was the battle of two woeful defences. If we were playing against a team who had a half decent finisher, we would of been in real trouble, and that could spell a disaster to our season should the verminator and/or gallas get injured. Gilbert looked like a drunk eboue, and seemed intimidated to properly impose himself on the game. Gibbs seemed rusty, and senderos and silvestre looked like two fourty year old Sunday league footballers.

    On a brighter note nasri looked sharp, and eastmond did well to break up the play. It was a sterling display of attacking football, and I think we were too narrow at times. Fortunately though liverpools defence was as bad as our own, and we took the initiative and capitalised on that.

    Not the best performance from the young guns but, they got the job done. Let’s hope that we have more of a killer instinct Saturday, and play the biggest derby in the premiership (bar none) the way it’s meant to be played. Let’s show everyone the tin pot club the yids really are!

  60. AndAPrayer

    I’m currently rewatching the game as I type and much though Eastmond played well he’s got a way to go yet. He had a worrying tendancy to turn into trouble and lose the ball – he got it back nearly everytime but may not be so lucky week in, week out.

    As for a midfield pairing of Nasri and Cesc, as an idea it’s fantastic but I can’t help thinking that in real-life it would be a little too lightweight. Moving on to Merida, does anyone else think he looks remarkably solid for a 19yr old? I mean physically, he already looks to have broadened out and with another few years of growth he could become a real power house as well as being pretty smart on the ball.

  61. frichie79

    To manage expectations of the young guys, YES they have amazing quality, and you can see the technical side developing through our academy! But please realise that CC is a special day in the calendar. The guys know they have to show what they can do and they play their hearts out…you cant expect AW to put them in a team, there is no guarantee that they could do it week in week out against premiership opposition. The only 2 players I would like to see getting 1st team games are Ramsey and Merida (YES HE HAS TO STAY SO GIVE HIM A FEW GAMES ARSENE).

  62. Martin Holleran

    cheers fella, was anxiously checking my bank balance!

    what i should have said is i really enjoy reading your blog every morning, its pretty much first thing i do, been doing it forever it seems, i need my fix!

    apologies if i came across all negative, wasn’t my intention. for the record, i agree with your verdict on song, however improved he is, we need someone better in there. Of course I’d love that person to be a homegrown talent like eastmond, its just a bit early to say if he’s good enough.

    however, it drives me absolutely inasane that someone like diaby gets games ahead of ramsey, makes no sense and dont get me started on why on earth eboue continuously gets picked ahead of ramsey/wilshere/vela in that advanced position. right back fine, anywhwere else no!

    anyway, phew, pleased to have avoided financial meltdown here!


  63. gazzap

    chipo, fair enough, from where I was sitting I did not see Gibbs making defensive mistakes. I suppose first half he was the other side of the pitch from where I was so may have made mistakes that I missed.

  64. Odub

    On merit, my starting 11 would’nt be far off from

    Eboue Verm WG Clichy
    Ramsey Song Nasri
    AA23 RVP Rosicky

    Bench Almunia,Senderos,Sagna,NB52,Dudu,Walcott,Denilson

    I’ll give that a go on PES2010 tonight! πŸ˜†

  65. Rob

    Any of our other strikers wouldve had 2-3 goals last night, but Bendy is exempt from criticism because he is the love-child of le grove

    Its like praising a banker who loses pensions of 2 out of 3 people but arguing that he is better than all the other bankers for saving that other one.

    I rate him reasonably highly, he is good enough to make it at a premier league club, but he is not in the same league as Vela, Wilshire, Ramsey and some of the other players that were on display last night

    How can he be rusty after a 2 week lay-off, when Nasri wasnt after 10 weels???

    Vela to be the hero next round πŸ™‚

    Im not saying i hate him, i just dont think he has what it takes to make it at arsenal

  66. U.Y-1

    Against smaller teams when we’re playinp at home(epl & cl games),wouldn’t it do younger players-Coquelin,Eastmond,Watt,Merida-a whole lot of good to be picked in the starting line-up?Other big clubs do so.It sure beats putting them 2gether in d cc & not seeing them 4 d remainder of d season

  67. AndAPrayer

    I’d disagree on that Geoff – Song did that a fair bit when he came into the team but had largely removed those issues at the start of this season. He’s a had a couple of “odd” moments in the last couple of games – not picking up runners etc – but Eastmond must have done the turning into players thing about 7 times in the match. I do think it looks like the ‘pool players were told to hassle him though so this might explain it.

    That’s not decrying Eastmond as, like Song, I think he’ll improve and he has potential to develop into the better player but at the moment he isn’t ready (not that anyone was really claiming he was).

    Personally, I like Song and think he’s been putting in consistent good performances this season – please don’t hate me.

    On another side note, did anyone else think that Spearing looked poor and is destined to play for a Championship team?

  68. Rob

    The player i dislike the most in he squad was

    Great last night

    Silvestre popped up whenever they looked like scoring with a last ditch challenge or clearance

    Still, he is shit…..

    next round line-up:




  69. Nick

    morning all,
    How good was all last night,eastmond shows we do have defensive midfielders at the club few.
    Don’t think he is ready for the 1st team but song definitely should watch a few of his games he could learn a lot ;).
    My man of the match was gibbs played a blinder in defense his tackles were spot on and looked well comfortable and going forward linked up better then clichy…think a good offer for clichy could see him leave and gibbs promoted why do we have so many left backs with quality but cant make a dcm???

  70. Rob

    I thought Gibbs was very good too

    Great touch, awareness and tackle

    Desire to make up for mistakes too.

    He does need to learn track back better tho, there were times when the defense was split open because he was stranded too far up the pitch

    Ramsey Nasri and Merida ran the show, joint men of the match

  71. Jaguar

    Wenger will certainly have selection problems on Saturday, I feel for him, I mean who will play alongside Diaby, Eboue and Song?

    Best of the lot.You have hit the nail on the head.

  72. Dom

    I agree with you Sven. Eboue has been technically poor over the last couple of games and I think he has been one of the weaker elements of the squad.

    And Song has been such a strong defensive player for us this season. Every time he gets the ball, he’s able to hold off 2 or 3 players. He stabilizes the midfield nicely. He’s got excellent feet. When we are under an offensive attack, he’s often the one to come in an make the hard tackle. He’s been great.

    Diaby seems to be selected because he’s big and has physically presence. But like you – I find his contributions to be limited.

    Perhaps though, it must be said, that Wenger is the Manager – not I, and it’s all to easy to be a spectator and question the team he has built. There’s no way I could ever dream of creating what he has. So all my faith goes to Wenger – he really does know what he’s doing, even if I dont.

  73. Geoff

    AndAPrayer how can I hate you for such honesty!

    I don’t rate Song, I so want to, but I get that same feeling inside when we used to announce Helder, Cygan and Stepanovs.

    I watch every game with Song lovers like Pedro on Sunday, then he gives away a penalty, against AK it was a free kick and they almost scored.

    Eastmond just looked industrious though, he had pace and strength, much improved from last season.

  74. Rob


    For me, Randall is the sort of marmite player

    I dont think he will make it at the club (similarly 2 Nik)

    But he could have an EPL future

  75. John O

    “It won’t happen, Diaby, Eboue, Song and Denilson are as safe as blind pew and his job”

    With respect to your opinion, I am going with AW, he is the one with the proven record of developing young players to their long term potential. There are lots of examples of false dawns with young players not realizing their potential

    When Ramsey and others are ready, I believe they will get their chance and sentiment or so called loyalty to ‘preferred players’ will not come into it, see recent interview with Petit bemoaning that AW let him go when he thought he had more in the tank

  76. Arsenal Tom

    Randall is finished at arsenal, he’s been left behind by ramsey, merida, wilshire etc.

    lansbury scored a brace for watford but must be further off the first team which is why he was loaned out but he’s very highly rated i think

  77. nishanth

    Randall always tried too hard.Should try to keep things simple.Gave the ball away stupidly twice yesterday.Coquelin should be ahead of him

  78. gazzap

    people I was sat next to last night knew nothing about Arsenal. they had never heard of any of our younger players. These people prevent proper fans getting into see the team play.

  79. Geoff

    JohnO, welcome, you are now free to blog, going with Wenger over me is fine, however I think I’m right on this one.

  80. Geoff

    So why keep Randall then?

    Gazzap, it was pretty full last night but got empty before the end again, and most were on the lower level.

  81. AndAPrayer

    Helder just wasn’t good enough, Stepanovs was nothing but a liability and Cygan was brilliant for 89 minutes but with a guaranteed rubbish minute every game. Certainly a few seasons back Song would have looked at home in that group but he really has improved.

    He doesn’t get bullied off the ball, he links up well with other players and he breaks up opposition play well – sometimes that involves committing a foul but I’m honestly finding it refreshing that we have a player that does that after often being just too nice as a team. Try going to a match and thinking of Song as a brand new player “Sang” who we bought for Β£7m, enough that he should be ok but not too much so that there’s a mass of expectation on him, and give him a chance. Without his history I think Song would be more of a hit than he is.

    Oh, on the subject of our defence last night, I thought that each player played well as an individual but as a unit it was pretty shocking.

  82. Nick

    with the players on show out there last night bendtner ramsey nasri gibbs and fab1 should be in the 1st team. over eboue diaby song clichy and vito.
    Vito done well when needed but needs more time to make mistakes in the reserves,he played out of his skin at fulham and won us the game had a bit of a mare at the hammers and cost us the win and now everyone says his shit πŸ™„ the life of a goalie is hard so think he needs to do some more learning..maybe on loan.
    clichy is good but imo gibbs is in better form and the rest well if i need to tell you, you wouldn’t listen anyway πŸ™‚

  83. Emperor Gooner

    don’t forget this was without wilshere , vela , lansbury , each of whom are simply out of this world and good enough for the first team and definitely better than the diabys and eboues of this world.Jus hope wenger somehow realises this. the only weakness in this team is the selection.i hope we get it spot on in every game.

    and yah ..lets all pray that rosicky starts ag spuds..when he plays , we’re on a different level altogether.

  84. Geoff

    Sang for Β£7mil, where did he come from? and how come we got round the transfer window.

    Who cares anyway, I can’t wait to see him, let’s hope he drop Song then!

  85. Arsenal Tom

    gazzap, at the west brom game the bloke sat behind me asked his mate 100% seriously….

    “is the league cup the same as the fa cup?”