So Ramsey starts and Wenger says he looks like a first team player.

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At last we get to see what many believe to be the stars of tomorrow and I believe should be in the team today. Aaron Ramsey and Carlos Vela I hope start and if he puts Bendtner and Eduardo in the starting line up I will feel my confidence returning for this one.

This would be my team for tonight.


Eastmond Bartley/Silvestre Senderos Gibbs

Merida Ramsey Nasri

Eduardo Bendtner Vela

This would be my starting line up with Sunu, Barazite and Watts in reserve up front and Ayling and Bartley at the back with Randall and Coquelin in midfield.

That would be mixing the youth with the fringe and would stop them going into an early lead and making it tough for us to get back in.

I know Liiverpool may see this as their only chance of silverware but they have a weekend game and Lyon next week in a must win game, so I don’t see him risking all tonight, he will also be aware that the Mancs, chavs, shitty and the spuds are all still in it, so it will only get tougher as it goes on.

Gone are all the minnows of yesteryear, this time all the big boys want to win, because this year all the big boys are dropping points.

We have to go out there and win from the off, no chess games and no waiting until they tire, this we have to win, and there should be enough players on show that can do just that, don’t leave a young side in there early Arsene, remember the spud semi final? You threw the big guns on at the end, but we still got hammered.

We talked a lot yesterday about the three he loves to play in the first team, so god willing, we won’t see them tonight and some of the fringees will have their big chance to show what they have, Merida, Ramsey, Coquelin, Gibbs and Vela are players I think can all step up, so let’s hope they do us proud and stuff the scousers.

Out of interest Wenger said this about Nasri,

‘I would say more in the defensive role, but because he can dribble he can play on the flanks’

Now that fills me with hope, because I have been saying all season he could fill the DM role, the one position I think we are weak in, because I think he can defend, has intelligence, pace and can score, and he can tackle without fouling, more of an Alonso than a lump, and that is what I think has been missing. We’ll see.

Come on Arsenal, let’s show the world that project youth can work, I’m desperate for a cup and this may be our only chance to get one this season.

I’m definitely not going to predict a score tonight, because I did that against WHU and it didn’t work, a win of any kind will be good enough to get us in the draw for the quarters, Arsene, it’s your call, please don’t blow it.

Go on the reds!

I will be there screaming my nuts off , so let’s all give it a good shout tonight, the world is watching and of course, Le Grove expects.

Have a great night Grovers, tonight we show the world that Arsenal are back on the silverware trail!

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  1. gnarleygeorge9


    Sport includes football, tennis, car & bike racing, horse racing, chasing shielas, rugga, hockey,cycling geez the list goes on & they are all religion here šŸ˜† I we win them all. Not bad for a former PC (penal colony) šŸ˜† Wheres Geoff šŸ˜‰

  2. gnarleygeorge9

    Merida will be on the bench, coz eboue will start, you could bet the entire British national debt on it, you know trillions.

  3. Geoff

    Ha, ha! I have to say I was pleased the scousers fielded their subs last night, more sportsmanlike than a room full of Aussie shiela’s eh Gnarley?

  4. gnarleygeorge9

    Yep Geoff, these days chasing the shiela is rigged in their favour. Your Aussie sister would tell you that

  5. gnarleygeorge9


    read through earlier Le Grove posts & comments, the amount of expectation on the Wenger boyz is extreme.

  6. iceman

    You would, I would.
    But we all know who wouldn’t.
    Which is why I put him there.
    What’s the word on Rosicky?
    Is he made of putty?

  7. Micky Did It 89

    And the good the good thing is, they spend every saturday beating the crap out of each other.
    You are all hiding, waiting for your boom, booms arent you!

  8. Tricky

    Looks like whinger’s finally taking it seriously, guess he realises that this is one of the few cups yu could actually win this season, and that it might just appease the fans.


    why are people saying wenger is finally taking it seriously
    nasri only played as he just so happens to be back from injury as was bendtner and eduardo apart from that it was pure second string

  10. Tricky

    Because he had experience ahead of only younger players in key positions, which he hasn’t in the past.
    Previously it has been the domain of the reserves and youth teams or so the media would have us beleive. Not the likes of Fabianski, silvestre, senderos, Nasri, Eduardo and Bender (who are first team squad to most people).

    Hence ‘taking it seriously’, even Lee dixon said so on the radio commentary on 5. Duh!


    oh lee dixon said so

    your right then

    it was no different to when he was playing djorou and silvestre last year