So Ramsey starts and Wenger says he looks like a first team player.

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At last we get to see what many believe to be the stars of tomorrow and I believe should be in the team today. Aaron Ramsey and Carlos Vela I hope start and if he puts Bendtner and Eduardo in the starting line up I will feel my confidence returning for this one.

This would be my team for tonight.


Eastmond Bartley/Silvestre Senderos Gibbs

Merida Ramsey Nasri

Eduardo Bendtner Vela

This would be my starting line up with Sunu, Barazite and Watts in reserve up front and Ayling and Bartley at the back with Randall and Coquelin in midfield.

That would be mixing the youth with the fringe and would stop them going into an early lead and making it tough for us to get back in.

I know Liiverpool may see this as their only chance of silverware but they have a weekend game and Lyon next week in a must win game, so I don’t see him risking all tonight, he will also be aware that the Mancs, chavs, shitty and the spuds are all still in it, so it will only get tougher as it goes on.

Gone are all the minnows of yesteryear, this time all the big boys want to win, because this year all the big boys are dropping points.

We have to go out there and win from the off, no chess games and no waiting until they tire, this we have to win, and there should be enough players on show that can do just that, don’t leave a young side in there early Arsene, remember the spud semi final? You threw the big guns on at the end, but we still got hammered.

We talked a lot yesterday about the three he loves to play in the first team, so god willing, we won’t see them tonight and some of the fringees will have their big chance to show what they have, Merida, Ramsey, Coquelin, Gibbs and Vela are players I think can all step up, so let’s hope they do us proud and stuff the scousers.

Out of interest Wenger said this about Nasri,

‘I would say more in the defensive role, but because he can dribble he can play on the flanks’

Now that fills me with hope, because I have been saying all season he could fill the DM role, the one position I think we are weak in, because I think he can defend, has intelligence, pace and can score, and he can tackle without fouling, more of an Alonso than a lump, and that is what I think has been missing. We’ll see.

Come on Arsenal, let’s show the world that project youth can work, I’m desperate for a cup and this may be our only chance to get one this season.

I’m definitely not going to predict a score tonight, because I did that against WHU and it didn’t work, a win of any kind will be good enough to get us in the draw for the quarters, Arsene, it’s your call, please don’t blow it.

Go on the reds!

I will be there screaming my nuts off , so let’s all give it a good shout tonight, the world is watching and of course, Le Grove expects.

Have a great night Grovers, tonight we show the world that Arsenal are back on the silverware trail!

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  1. Evo in Oz

    it has to be said that for Nasri to get through that whole 94 mins was a big effort, great result for our fitness trainers and coaches!

  2. zeus

    oh geese. who’s left? I’d much rather avoid Chelsea and Man city, teams that don’t use or have youngsters but squads filled with 25-30 y.o from top to bottom.

  3. nishanth

    I thought ramsey was trying to do the fancy stuff though.Most of the fancy stuff nasri tried he did it properly.Doubt he will start against spurs

  4. Paulinho

    That was Merida’s first game for a while, no surprise he tired. He does tend to fall apart a bit as the game goes on though, seems to get mentally fatigued.

    I thought Silvestre was man of the match, the rest were okay. Wasn’t a great performance imo.

  5. wenger's boss

    ramsey was better in first half but eventually faded away.though one can easily see he is class.merida,ramsey,nasri,eduardo,gibbs were really outstanding,really missed vela and wilshere.eastmond did sufficiently good.i found that having senderos as a backup cb is actually not that bad.
    anyways future is bright.

  6. Samir

    I hope this happens at the draw:

    Arsenal V Portsmouth

    Aston Villa V Blackburn

    Spurs V Man City

    **United V Cheslea**

  7. Paul88


    Redknapp and merson think liverpool should have had a penalty. They showed it, discussed it, asked benitez (who wasn’t too fussed), discussed it again and then gave up.

  8. nishanth

    Sloppy passing at times.We will get punished against better teams.Liverpool were crap.They don’t buy anyone in january and they are out of top 4

  9. Paul88

    Where was our penalty on sunday then. The guy had his arm sticking right out, shoulder height it hit him and no one mentioned it.

  10. zeus

    Typical of the twats. Even the commentator said that there was nothing that Senderos could do to get out the way. At any rate decisions that ‘could/(not)’ be given usually goes the way off the home team.

  11. Pat

    Sendero’s handball wasn’t a pen. Ball to hand should never be a pen unless the arm is sticking far out. That’d be very harsh

  12. Keyser

    Aquilani went for an overhead 3 yards away from Senderos, what do you do, if he had stood face on, he would’ve chested it anyway.

    That was a John Terry/ Jamie Carragher special, perfectly legal.

  13. Gunnersmith(IN KL)

    Pen or not WFC!!! Hleb was slaughtered right in front of the ref two years ago no one complained

    gooner786 serdang πŸ™‚

    and you?

  14. patthegooner

    Really enjoyed watching that.

    Thought we deserved the win but I was a bit nervy once Benayoun and Aqualibre came on.

    I want to pick a few players out.

    Firstly Ramsey and Merida. I know the opposition line up was not full PL quality, but I saw more in them tonight than I have in either Denilson and Diaby in a long time, and you can add Eboue as a RM in that as well. FFS Wenger take a chance there and play one of those two when needed, they both ooze class. It is time to play them

    Senderos. Thought he had a really solid performance tonight. No nervy play of old, he had confidence, dealt with everything that came his way and for me, I hope he stays and challenges for a 1st team spot. I can’t stand Silvestre but he also had a solid game.

    Eastmond did well in the middle.

    Gilbert had a good game, I don’t think he will make it at Arsenal, but I do think that he will make it in the PL. He could easily play week in week out for a club like Villa or Everton.

    Finally Fabianski. I dont blame him for that goal at all. We could have had Given, Buffon, Casillas, Van Der Sar, Akinfeev etc etc and I bet none of them would have saved that. Put your hands up and say what a great goal. Fabianski had an Aura around him tonight, I felt comfortable with him in the goal, He commanded his area, caught instead of punched and as far as I am concerned, he should be now classed as Arsenal’s no 1. If he fucks up between now and Jan then we need a keeper. if not maybe we already have one….

    All in all, another good performance by the Arsenal Kids. Lets hope for a kind draw.

  15. zeus

    Agreed wenger’s boss,
    Wilshere and Vela will make their returns. As well I seriously hope that Coquelen starts ahead of whoever. Don’t mean to be OTT but there are times he looks our best option in DM and thats including the first team players.

  16. SUGA3

    fuck that, we’ve won and I am happy πŸ™‚

    I am not complaining, we’ve got a break and the balance is restored after poor decision on Sunday, good point…

  17. Evo in Oz

    i was happy with the team as a whole, minus Gilbert in the first half! Obviously Wenger worked on him at half time and gave new directions that he listened too!

    I hope Bendtner and Eduardo play in the next game too! Need to keep experience in the CC team so we can at least have a chance to win it!

  18. zeus

    Guess this means Bendtner returns to the fold this weekend. Great goal but God i hope his cumbersome first touch is sorted out by then. If he had his feet under control Ramsey would’ve score and made it 2-0 early on.

  19. patthegooner

    Nasri did do well

    Worryingly though, Wenger said he probably would not be ready for the weekend, so alas we will see another line up with Eboue not at RB and Diaby starting.

  20. Stu

    Nasri shouldnt have played the full match because that made sure he wouldnt be available to start against the spuds. If he had come off after 60minutes then he would have been ok to start on saturday imo. Masterstroke by Wenger?

  21. patthegooner

    no Zeus, Nasri played the whole game, but in the post match interview, Wenger hinted that he will not be involved against the spuds (Certainly not starting)

    Personally I would play Ramsey or Merida ahead of Eboue in Midfield and I would play a dead horse in front of Diaby

  22. patthegooner

    This is it David, I would hate to lose the quality of Merida through not playing him due to sentiment of playing Denilson and Diaby.

    I would fuck both of those players off tomorrow if it meant Merida signing his contract.

    I can’t blame him though, the lad needs game time, and if we won’t play him, then what can the lad do?

  23. zeus

    Well last week Rosicky was rated 50/50. SURELY he has gained that other 50 that makes him available. And if he isn’t ready, Wenger seriously has to consider playing ramsey, as in seriously.

    @ David, are u talking fantasy football?

  24. patthegooner

    Man Ure
    Man Shitty

    Please, any of those bottom three and a home draw.

  25. Keyser

    After 2 months out with a broken leg, Nasri’s obviously going to feel it, whether he plays 60 or 90 minutes, why would you risk him.

  26. patthegooner

    Lets hope so David, we will be losing a serious amount of value in talent if he leaves on a free.

    does his contract really expire at the end of the season. That makes no sense to me, he must only have signed a pro contract at 17 and I can’t believe we made it so short. if so then some cunt should be sacked.

    I am dreading both Eboue and Diaby starting at the weekend. I honestly fear we could lose it if they start.

  27. patthegooner


    I would rather have played him for 60 tonight and for 60 on Saturday.

    I would like to rest him…..but

    It is more the worry that he wont drop either of Eboue or Diaby for Merida or Ramsey.

  28. patthegooner

    Fair one Keyser,

    But whilst I am happy with the way it is going

    Diaby could continue to put in shit anonymous performance in every week between now and Christmas and Merida would not get a fair crack.

  29. zeus

    @ david, Just got your point.
    No worries on Merida, he will sign. If taht means that Denilson plays less ( though they play different positions) so be it. Lets be honest, who else is in for Denilson?

  30. patthegooner

    Jon Kabira

    Well said,

    Dead Wood does kill youth.

    World Class 1st team players, give the youth someone to look up to and someone to learn from. It also makes them earn their place rather than be given it on a silver platter or have it blocked by sentiment.

  31. wenger's boss

    imagine arsenal team in five years
    ( )-bartley-norveidt-gibbs
    wilshere-( )-vela

    just need to fill these ( ) for long term

  32. patthegooner

    Yeah we have David, but I am still not convinced his current contract ends next summer. Surely that cant be right.

  33. Keyser

    Merida and Ramsey both started to get tired towards the end that ball by Ramsey in the last few minutes is the type of thing would get him crucified if we were punished.

    I think they’ll take a look at how Nasri gets on physically, if he’d looked tired he’d probably have come off, but last season we rushed players back and they just ended up injured again.

  34. patthegooner

    Ramsey did look tired, but I wonder how much of that is down to lack of match fitness.

    Either way, I would rather Ramsey start a game and make a contribution for 60/70 mins and let Diaby come on for the last 20/30 and be anonymous than the other way around.

  35. tomstoned

    evenin All..

    great game great result…i thought all players handed in a good shift…still three players stood out in my opinion..Nasri…Silvestre(who havent played a game in ages well done) and Eduardo looked dangerous as ever…Ramsey,Merida did well to but dropped in and out of the game to much for my liking..overall we do have fantastic youngsters..mix in Vela and Wilshere…damned…

    there is no doubt absolutely no doubt that we have more talent than anyone else in the world…los inglorious barca’s give it a rest they are not even in the same league when it comes to bringing up a steady flow of talent..


  36. patthegooner

    Havent heard, hopefully he is fit.

    Spuds are missing a few but still have the bogey players in Bentley and Crouch

  37. patthegooner


    Would not have singled those players out,

    Especially Eduardo who I thought was really quiet.

    silvestre did ok but thought Senderos was better.

    Nasri played well, but thought Ramsey was better.

    Very Very bright future ahead, I agree, I dont think there is a team anywhere in World Football with as much talent coming through as us.

  38. patthegooner

    Right I am off, great result and performance all round tonight. Liverpool had the more experienced line up but our youth and backup’s outclassed them.

    Catch you tomorrow and roll on Saturday Lunchtime. Dont let us down with the line up Arsene, lets be positive and take them to the fucking cleaners.

  39. zeus

    Eduardo didn’t have a great game IMO. He was mostly anonymous save for a few nice moves like the turn that set him free to test the keeper. The service was hardly great though.

  40. tomstoned

    Patthegooner mate..

    i picked those players but i could easily have picked three others and thats great..right..Silvestre kept calm and did very well considering he never plays these days…that made him one of the players i picked…Nasri..well i do think he stood out..Eduardo .i have never seen him that active…and he was playin on top alone…which he doesnt usually do..still he managed to look deadly…and had some great touch..had he scored a goal..he would have been outstanding…

    Ramsey did very well …more so than Merida..who even him showed class… πŸ™‚

    i think Wenger gave Nasri a good work out ,knowing that Rosicky is back for the spud my eyes very good coaching πŸ™‚


  41. David

    β€œWhen you have the combination of experience and youth it is possible to win against sides like Liverpool.”


  42. Rob

    Despite the goal Bendtner was still shit

    Any of our other strikers would
    have had 2/3 given the chances he had

    How can he be rusty??? He was only out 4 two weeks and samir wasn’t after being out for 10 weeks!!!

    Vela to be the hero next round

  43. Rob

    Great performance

    It would be sort of like good vs evil in the footballing world if we got man city

    The perfect footballing model in every way displaying their amazing youth


    the greedy, rich b*stards ruining football with their money

    Arsenal 3- (Insert any CC team here) 1

  44. Lou

    I watched the game tonight and enjoyed it although the studio panel of Merson and Redknapp must be one of the dumbest Sky can muster. Their pre-match nonsense seemed to consist of glass-half-empty Paul worrying that if Arsenal lost it would be catastrophic for the team. The general opinion seemed to be that if we won the Carling Cup but slipped out of the top 4, that would somehow be a successful season and that any cup win would elevate the team to a higher plane. I therefore assume that Portsmouth’s FA Cup win of a couple of seasons ago makes them a more successful team than Arsenal. Merson really is a dullard these days and answers every inanity asked of him with the annoying phrase “Very much so”. And I cannot let the penalty that never was pass by without commenting that it is all I heard after the game from Sky and even the BBC highlighted it in their later coverage. It seems odd that Upson’s much more overt handling of the ball on Sunday has received barely a mention. Or perhaps it’s not so odd.

  45. ethangunner

    we always had a chance last night , at home .
    playing a team that wants the C.C less than wenger does ..

    i think raffa’s and wenger’s objectives match each other on the TO WIN LIST .. this one was low priority ..

    if we snag a top 4 team other than last nights victums you would be at least playing against 7 – 8 1st team players ..

    if wenger wants to win something , your going to need to put on quality ! and stick with it !

  46. Pat

    ethen, I doubt United would. Only Chelsea, City, and Spurs could beat our CC team. If we take our chances, then its a whole other story.
    This weekend!

  47. A

    cheers for posting that video pat, great viewing. I sometimes forget just how amazing Henry was with us, what a player he was at his peak, not many in world football who have come close to him in the past few years, only Messi for me.

    Can’t wait for Saturday, really hope we give them a smashing, with


    Sagna Gallas Vermy Clichy

    Cesc Song Diaby

    Bendtner VP Arshavin

  48. Jonathan

    Didn’t look like a lob to me. It looked more of a shot that dipped down and certainly doesn’t look to me that he should be faulted for that goal; his positioning was fine from what I saw.

  49. SUGA3

    tell you what, Fabianski should have stood a step closer to goal, but it was not tragic – I was actually impressed with Lukasz but maybe this is just an illusion doctors call ‘Mannone effect’ πŸ˜†

  50. A

    lol BBK you make me laugh sometimes, there isn’t a keeper in the world who would have saved that.

    Disagree SUGA3, I don’t think he was any further off his line than he should have been in that situation, any closer to the goal and it gives the player a much bigger target to aim at, it was just a wonder strike, that can happen sometimes.

    imo he’s pretty comfortably our best keeper now with Almunia seemingly buggered and Mannone really not very good, I hope he starts on sat and keeps the number one spot from then on! Almunia and Mannone as 2 and 3, let Szczesny go on loan in January until the end of the season then he can return in the summer and understudy Fabianski before fighting him for the number one spot, Almunia can go and Mannone be contented with number 3!

  51. Pat

    Lobbed shot hahhahahaa. First off, learn the terminology.

    Against SPuds:

    Sagna/Eboue Gallas Verm Clichy
    Cesc Song Nasri/Diaby
    Rosicky RVP Arshavin

  52. A

    Pat Nasri was awesome today but exhausted by the end, there’s absolutely no chance of him starting on Sat, though I can’t wait until he is fit to start! I’d be surprised if Eboue started at right back because krajcar could be quite a threat, would be good going forward though.

    Really hope Rosicky is fit, if he isn’t though I’m happy with Bendtner starting wide right, assume that’s why he was brought off before the end today, give him a rest in case he starts on Saturday.

    At first look I thought Fab should’ve done better, but then seeing the replay, how high it went and dipped just under the crossbar there really isn’t a keeper in the world who would’ve gotten anywhere near it

  53. A

    When Nasri is fully fit, a team of


    Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Clichy




    Really should be so scarily good going forward, and put in Eboue for Sagna against the weaker teams, and some teams could be in for a hell of a beating!

  54. ethangunner

    yes pat
    maybe now since the manc’s are back on top(last week)
    they will focus on this cup like the rest .

    i think only the chev’s MUST win , everything on the board ,as per owner requests ..

    But it would be good if our board showed the same drive to be winners !
    5 years is too long , i think instead of being pig headed and playing youth he should get ruthless and give the fans a CUP FFS !

  55. A

    ethan i’d be upset if i thought that enough of my fellow gooners were silly enough to want us to play the first team in the league cup, when winning it with the first team would mean absolutely nothing, and it would mean risking first team players getting injured and being unable to play in a competition that actually mattered.

    I really don’t get the magpie-ness of some fans, people who obviously don’t actually understand football so all they care about is shiny cups. The whole point of a cup is that it’s an award that signifies an achievement, it’s the achievement that matters, the cup is just something that represents an achievement. Winning the league cup with our first team wouldn’t be any achievement whatsoever, even if you get a shiny cup to put in the trophy cabinet at the end of it

  56. Pat

    A, he has until Saturday to recover. Nasri has been training since international week, he should be fit enough imo.

    Eboue had a great game last season at WHL until he got sent off. Krancjar is slow and Eboue is a good RB. They’re pretty even atm.

  57. SUGA3

    A, this is not about being a goddamn magpie, it is about the jolly good feeling of the open top bus parade πŸ˜‰

  58. B.B.K.

    yet again it as poor positioning from fabianski,and there would be plenty of keepers who would of stopped that.a that is complete bollocks the carling cup would not be an achievement,it’s really all we can hope for that and the fa cup the league and c.league are beyond this team….

  59. A

    Pat it was his first 90 minutes since he broke his leg, it’ll take him time to recover etc. Looking back at comments on here someone said in a post match interview Wenger said that he might be in the squad, depending on his recovery from today, but certainly won’t be starting.
    Yeah I’d be happy with Eboue starting, he isn’t that bad defensively, but Sagna is very good defensively. It’ll be interesting on Saturday, but It’d be a very attacking line up if Eboue started right back, would be good though!

    SUGA3 the day that we have an open top bus parade after winning the League Cup is a very sad day indeed! It would only come after a good few years floundering in the bottom half of the table, and certainly won’t be happening anytime soon!

    lol BBK

  60. A

    Oh yeah I forgot it was weds not tuesday! Pretty crap actually, weds night to saturday early kick off, gives little recovery time, I hope Rosicky is fit, or Bendtner or Eduardo recover quickly to play, otherwise it actually could be Eboue wide right again as there’ll be no alternative!

  61. Pat

    A, I think Eboue’s best game out wide was against the Spurs last season. He even scored, but it was wrongly ruled out.

  62. A

    Which one Pat?? imo Eboue’s best game as a winger was against Celtic this season when he was absolutely brilliant. Last year I swear he didn’t start in the 4-4, only brought on towards the end? And at the lane he got sent off!

  63. A

    I wonder what’ll happen with Merida now, no more youth international tournaments left, so he’ll be around the whole time, and looking better and better every game he plays, could well force his way into the reckoning. We’ve got so many talented kids now that I could see our FA Cup team consisting of alot of them.

    Was I the only one who wasn’t too impressed with Ramsey and Gibbs tonight?? Both exhibited questionable attitudes to me, lack of focus, giving the ball away in dangerous areas a few times, and not bothering to chase back at others. Both did some very good things too, especially ramsey, but there were negatives there that we a bit annoying.

  64. Pat

    Ramsey had a few negatives and Gibbs had some Clichy moments of madness, but his double tackle was brilliant. Only problem I had with Gibbs is that he failed to track back a few times and put Senderos+Silvestre under pressure. Our LBs are too offensive and teams often exploit us down that side. Besides tht though, he had a great game.

  65. A

    Yeah I agree with that Pat. I don’t have a problem with Gibbs going forward though, but when he loses the ball he needs to bust a gut to get back, not just act like as he’s ahead of play it’s got nothing to do with him, he did that a few times against Birmingham too.

    Speaking of Senderos, until the hand ball he had a very good game imo, gotta be ahead of Silvestre surely?!

  66. Pat

    I think so A. And going back to Eboue, I was talking about the game at WHL. He was having a very good game unil he got sent off, I’m sure of it. He got 2 silly yellows I think

  67. Keyser

    I don’t think their attitudes were that bad, Gibbs can’t race 50 yards up field, then sprint back, you’d be knackered by half-time if you done that every time.

    It’s up to the team to cover at times and it’s where Eastmond eas exceptional, if Gibbs was caught out he simply covered the left back spot, until either enough time lapsed that one of the midfield came back to help out or (this is where I thought both Senderos and Silvestre had good games) the central defenders were able to pre-empt the throughball and cut if off.

    I’d also say Silvestre played better than Senderos marginally, the partnership wasn’t all that, but both scrambled well and recovered several dangerous situations.

  68. Keyser

    I think Djourou and Song had a good understanding last year, Djourou’s pace and physicality would have been good, Liverpool relied quite a lot on lumping balls up field to N’gog or Babel, even Voronin and letting them either head into space or hold the ball up on the floor.

    Eastmond will obviously get bigger and if he shows the same tanacity with added size we should be able to combat that.

  69. ethangunner

    a cup is a cup , winning is a habit .
    start small and achieve ..

    aim high and you might not hit the target ..
    we havent for 5 years now ..

    these boys need to know what its like to win then you will see them develop !

    and people who know nothing about football simply spurt out wenger’s defensive stance on the lesser cups and there importance ..

    winning everything is important, as that’s the sort of drive you need to be a top flight club .

    the manc’s can be forgiven for not wanting to compete for the C.C , even raffa prefers Europe
    only us and the chev’s who really should be doing better and even the chev’s have not been on our sort of drought !

    so yes its important to get back on the map and play the 1st team for these final legs to give the fans some reward for the past 5 years of down time !

    its the right thing for the club to do !for the fans !

    and more importantly its achievable and a step in the right direction ..

    it will give the players a boost !
    and develop a winning mentality !

    i know sports and very seldom does a team come from no where to win the top prizes !
    aim at achievable targets and re-learn to steer the ship !

  70. AA23

    Top post from Ethan again.
    Sorry, I meant to say “Crap” instead of “Top”, my extremely expensive laptop has quite small keys, and the gold plating makes them slippery.

  71. nishanth

    Inspite of not playing really well we won fairly easily.Few dodgy moments here and there.That was pretty much it.Selection for spurs game will be interesting.Think diaby will start to counter spurs’ palacios because of the so called ‘strength’ he adds to the side.Hope nasri and rosicky are fit enough to start.We could end up seeing that team we all have been dreaming of

    Rosicky Arshavin
    Cesc Nasri

  72. ethangunner

    hey AA23 at least i have an opinion , instead of just filling the page with dross slagging dudes off !

    twat …

    opp’s, i meant cya πŸ™‚
    god amm gold !

  73. patthegooner

    BBK Brilliant, Only you could have picked that out as a negative.

    Lobbed my arse. I agree with A, there was nothing wrong with his positioning, he got beat by a world class finish. No Keeper in World Football would have saved that, not one of them. Just give Insua credit for the goal. You just have to clap when they go in against you, it was a brilliant goal.

    Fabianski should now be our No.1, he played with confidence, and it gave me confidence. Let him play until Jan, and if he makes a load of howlers, then fine lets look for a World Class Keeper to bring in, but if he doesn’t, then maybe he is our World Class Keeper.

  74. rico

    Morning all

    What a great game of football, a fantastic result. Gibbs, Ramsey and Merida shone for me, I am still smiling..

  75. patthegooner

    Morning Rico, same here, really enjoyed watching that.

    3 great goals, and some superb performances.

    Agree with your list and thought Senderos did well too.

  76. rico

    pat – I thought Fab was much better at dealing with the crosses. I think he hesitated on one, but that was about it. He is yet to be outstanding, but he is young. Can’t blame him for the goal, that fizzed and dipped πŸ˜‰

    Is it me or has Senderos got even slower than when we last saw him…. Heaven forbid Gallas or TV get injured πŸ™

  77. rico

    pat – he is very strong in the air and with his tackling but his speed lets him down – had he have been up again Torres or Anelka etc, he would have struggled big time imho – but that is me being picky, and don’t want to take anything away from what that team achieved last night

  78. rico

    ALBERTO AQUILANI was left raging last night, after being denied a dream Liverpool debut.
    Aquilani, making his first-team bow almost three MONTHS after his Β£20million move from Roma, went loopy at referee Alan Wiley when he was denied an injury-time penalty

    What about the arm over the chest of Watt, dragging him backwards?? Get used to the PL Aquilant!!

  79. Mimi

    Rico Senderos wasn’t too bad.
    Stand outs for me were Eastmond, Gilbert(2nd half) Merida (that goal was superb) Gibbs, Bendtner despite fucking up that first chance at goal..i think he was trying to pass the ball instead of taking it. Gibbs,Silvestre did a decent job…Ramsey second half had too many mispalced passes and he wasnt tracking back enough.All in all it was a great show from our boys.Last 15 mins of the game were abit tense.

  80. gnarleygeorge9

    Afternoon all,

    A most enjoyable display of cut & thrust by both teams, but a win to The Arsenal makes it so much sweeter. Even though neither were “full strength”, I’ll take a win over Liverpool any day/night πŸ™‚

  81. gnarleygeorge9

    Yes, & no, @ the end of the day, its all just revenue raising.

    We have won the last 3 World Cups, & last 2 Champions Trophys. Those comps actually mean something.

    So always remember, when the real deal is up for grabs, you’ll find the Boys from Oz.

  82. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    yes george..
    u will find our boys at that LEVEL too..thats why we have won one worldcup, champions trophy and 20-20 WC too..

    here the sport is religion more than trophies

    back here the players play under so much pressure and expectation by a 1 billion,which is not present anywhere else..and performing under 1 billion people expectation day in day ANOTHER LEVEL πŸ˜€