So Ramsey starts and Wenger says he looks like a first team player.

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At last we get to see what many believe to be the stars of tomorrow and I believe should be in the team today. Aaron Ramsey and Carlos Vela I hope start and if he puts Bendtner and Eduardo in the starting line up I will feel my confidence returning for this one.

This would be my team for tonight.


Eastmond Bartley/Silvestre Senderos Gibbs

Merida Ramsey Nasri

Eduardo Bendtner Vela

This would be my starting line up with Sunu, Barazite and Watts in reserve up front and Ayling and Bartley at the back with Randall and Coquelin in midfield.

That would be mixing the youth with the fringe and would stop them going into an early lead and making it tough for us to get back in.

I know Liiverpool may see this as their only chance of silverware but they have a weekend game and Lyon next week in a must win game, so I don’t see him risking all tonight, he will also be aware that the Mancs, chavs, shitty and the spuds are all still in it, so it will only get tougher as it goes on.

Gone are all the minnows of yesteryear, this time all the big boys want to win, because this year all the big boys are dropping points.

We have to go out there and win from the off, no chess games and no waiting until they tire, this we have to win, and there should be enough players on show that can do just that, don’t leave a young side in there early Arsene, remember the spud semi final? You threw the big guns on at the end, but we still got hammered.

We talked a lot yesterday about the three he loves to play in the first team, so god willing, we won’t see them tonight and some of the fringees will have their big chance to show what they have, Merida, Ramsey, Coquelin, Gibbs and Vela are players I think can all step up, so let’s hope they do us proud and stuff the scousers.

Out of interest Wenger said this about Nasri,

‘I would say more in the defensive role, but because he can dribble he can play on the flanks’

Now that fills me with hope, because I have been saying all season he could fill the DM role, the one position I think we are weak in, because I think he can defend, has intelligence, pace and can score, and he can tackle without fouling, more of an Alonso than a lump, and that is what I think has been missing. We’ll see.

Come on Arsenal, let’s show the world that project youth can work, I’m desperate for a cup and this may be our only chance to get one this season.

I’m definitely not going to predict a score tonight, because I did that against WHU and it didn’t work, a win of any kind will be good enough to get us in the draw for the quarters, Arsene, it’s your call, please don’t blow it.

Go on the reds!

I will be there screaming my nuts off , so let’s all give it a good shout tonight, the world is watching and of course, Le Grove expects.

Have a great night Grovers, tonight we show the world that Arsenal are back on the silverware trail!

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  1. Coadsi

    Jon go to – sports, then try and find one. i am currently watching one in spanish but i dear not interrupt it just in case. Hope this helps

  2. Pat

    Eduardo doesn’t have the confidence. He should have killed that with his left like he did against Sheffield United. Inexperienced keeper as well

  3. Keyser

    Gibbs got caught out, Eastmond was covering left back, and they were waiting for someone to come back, I think Silvestre thought he had someone behind him. Just a bit of communication needed there.

  4. Pat

    Fuck me Randall. You don’t shoot when we’re winning 2-1 and we need to waste some time. Very difficult shot that. Who does he think he is?

  5. Stu

    Randall is wrecking my fucking head! Why shoot in that position and his passing inside the box, i know others are doing it but he is passing it next to liverpool players.
    You can almost sense a liverpool goal.

  6. dennisdamenace

    Jesus!! Adams to Ramsey “get a grip you cunt, or you’ll get my fucking boot up your arse if you do that again”

  7. Pat

    Excellent backheel from Randall. Not sure if he meant that though!

    Gibbs should take it easy in terms of attacking this late in the game

  8. zeus

    Nice to fucking see the time wasting paying off for us. FIRST TEAM TAKE NOTICE, NO FUCKING END-TO-END STUFF. Nice to notice wenger telling Coquelin to fall back and not join the attack either.

  9. Pat

    Senderos looked pretty good. Our CBs were left exposed by Gibbs though. Gilbert didn’t attack as much, but Gibbs could have cost us

  10. Gunnersmith(IN KL)

    2-1 descent result unconvincing display lot to learn from but still managed to hold on to lead who’s complaining

  11. incesc

    wow great game, nice antidote to the first team cruising through and throwing it away but on that showing merida and ramsey are clearly better than eboue and diaby

  12. alex

    Well done youngsters!! Back to the wall defending, showing the 1st team how to see out games. Pleased for Fran and Nikki :).

  13. gooby

    silvestre saved us today mates. gibbsy was class, rambo too (aside from his missed pass), eastmond is not bad at all and gibert showed some power.

    we r through cheers

  14. Keyser

    Yeah, Senderos and Silvestre were both good, made some good tackles and both tried to be more pro-active, Eastmond played well, in fact for a team of players that have barely played together, players back from injury, debut makers, we were good.

  15. nishanth

    Really enjoyed watching.Wanted Bendtner to be taken but i am glad that didn’t happen.Some of our midfielders have been training with diaby a bit too much i think.Trying to act too near our penalty box.
    Thought gibb towards the end was exceptional.Made shit loads of interceptions

  16. Pat

    Johnson scored for City, outside the box. Where has he been ever since we were linked with him? Quality player, better than Ireland imo and in most City fans’ opinions as well.

  17. zeus

    In the 2nd we really stepped up the marking in our final 1/3 from the late runs of l’pool. Insua should never have had that much room, and I’m glad it didn’t happen again.

    Nasri was good if not unspectacular, same as last year flickered in and out of the game, but ist his first one back so nothing but up for him.

    Fran and Aaron are nothing short of class players and Gibbs for that matter. I swear in the next couple of months he WILL displace Clichy who for all purposes was a false dawn when he was crowned the next Ashley Cole.

    Lets hope Fabianski moves on from this. The goalie # 1 is his no doubt.

  18. Samir

    Gibbs, Nasri and Eduardo were class towards the end…….
    Liverpool really were crap though. Totally outclassed by our youngsters!

  19. nishanth

    I actually thought silvestre did really well by his standards.Did not fuck around and nice to see a defender who likes clearing the ball far away.
    Eduardo and nasri showed their class through.Nasri hardly missed a pass

  20. Emperor Gooner

    the time wasting was done to perfection..really liked the way watt showed heart in going for all those tackles..that’s what we wanna see!!decent performance!! at times the passing was out of this world and other times inexplicably shocking!!

    nasri is exactly what we need now..i know he wont start but lets hope he comes on as a sub ag spuds!!

    it all might have been nerve wrecking in the end but you gotta say one thing!!there’s only one team on this planet ( not even barca) which can actually make you forget all your worries, play the most eye pleasing game and send you on a roller coaster of emotions and thats our gooner fc!!

  21. choy

    The quarter-final draw is on Saturday from 1200 GMT. The names in the hat: Arsenal, Aston Villa, Blackburn, Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, Portsmouth, and Tottenham.

  22. Gunnersmith(IN KL)

    Line Up against spur everyone





  23. zeus

    Nisanth – must disagree on Nasri hardly missing a pass. Thought at the time that most of his fancy stuff, reverse passes etc, didn’t really come off. First game back though.

    Can some1 explain 2 me what Redknapp is saying

  24. Stu

    I thought we were much better in the first half. Especially Nasri and Merida who for the most part did nothing after the 60th minute…understandable with Nasri.

    After reading back, it seems noone was happy with Randall coming on and he didnt do anything to make people think they were wrong to doubt him. It was the wrong sub to make. Taking out an energetic Eastmond for a passer Randall. SHould have been Coquelin.

    Did anyone notice Arshavins celebration when Bendtner scored? It was hillarious…for some reason looked like a joke celebration.

  25. Paulinho

    I was far too nervous than I should have been for a carling cup match.

    What’s the bet we’re at White Hart Lane next.

  26. Gunnersmith(IN KL)

    wow its fucking morning here and i’ve got about 1 and a half hour rest before i’m up again have a nice chit chat guys catch up tmr Gnight