So Ramsey starts and Wenger says he looks like a first team player.

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At last we get to see what many believe to be the stars of tomorrow and I believe should be in the team today. Aaron Ramsey and Carlos Vela I hope start and if he puts Bendtner and Eduardo in the starting line up I will feel my confidence returning for this one.

This would be my team for tonight.


Eastmond Bartley/Silvestre Senderos Gibbs

Merida Ramsey Nasri

Eduardo Bendtner Vela

This would be my starting line up with Sunu, Barazite and Watts in reserve up front and Ayling and Bartley at the back with Randall and Coquelin in midfield.

That would be mixing the youth with the fringe and would stop them going into an early lead and making it tough for us to get back in.

I know Liiverpool may see this as their only chance of silverware but they have a weekend game and Lyon next week in a must win game, so I don’t see him risking all tonight, he will also be aware that the Mancs, chavs, shitty and the spuds are all still in it, so it will only get tougher as it goes on.

Gone are all the minnows of yesteryear, this time all the big boys want to win, because this year all the big boys are dropping points.

We have to go out there and win from the off, no chess games and no waiting until they tire, this we have to win, and there should be enough players on show that can do just that, don’t leave a young side in there early Arsene, remember the spud semi final? You threw the big guns on at the end, but we still got hammered.

We talked a lot yesterday about the three he loves to play in the first team, so god willing, we won’t see them tonight and some of the fringees will have their big chance to show what they have, Merida, Ramsey, Coquelin, Gibbs and Vela are players I think can all step up, so let’s hope they do us proud and stuff the scousers.

Out of interest Wenger said this about Nasri,

‘I would say more in the defensive role, but because he can dribble he can play on the flanks’

Now that fills me with hope, because I have been saying all season he could fill the DM role, the one position I think we are weak in, because I think he can defend, has intelligence, pace and can score, and he can tackle without fouling, more of an Alonso than a lump, and that is what I think has been missing. We’ll see.

Come on Arsenal, let’s show the world that project youth can work, I’m desperate for a cup and this may be our only chance to get one this season.

I’m definitely not going to predict a score tonight, because I did that against WHU and it didn’t work, a win of any kind will be good enough to get us in the draw for the quarters, Arsene, it’s your call, please don’t blow it.

Go on the reds!

I will be there screaming my nuts off , so let’s all give it a good shout tonight, the world is watching and of course, Le Grove expects.

Have a great night Grovers, tonight we show the world that Arsenal are back on the silverware trail!

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  1. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Great Post Geoff..

    everything spot on and u have hit the nail on the head..

    the team u have put is awesome for the carling cup game,i hope wenger copies your team.

    I do hope fabianski builds up lot of confidence from this game,that is..if he has to do a lot..and win us the game.

    I do hope and pray that our goalkeeping situation gets resolved by Fab2ianski

  2. gambon

    Whos Edmond?

    Also Barazite is injured.

    I think we’ll see

    Gilbert Senderos Silvestre Gibbs
    Nasri Coquelin Ramsey
    Bendtner Vela Merida

  3. nishanth

    Gambon i think he will play that team.Not really sure eduardo will start.Hope gilbert doesn’t feature at RB though

  4. ethangunner

    This would be my team for tonight.


    Edmond Bartley/Silvestre Senderos Gibbs

    Merida Ramsey Nasri

    Eduardo Bendtner Vela
    if jack isnt in it , im not sure who he has to fuck to get a game !

  5. arsenalised

    Song is a gud DM let nasri create he chances 4 us this season.diaby to the bench nasri in.2day mix it up a little.

  6. SUGA3

    great post, Geoff, I think it’s what anyone reasonable with no AKB tinted glasses constantly on thinks…

    I reckon the if Fabianski does well, then it’s curtains for Almunia – I would rather have Al between the sticks against Spuds and he should use this game to shake off the rust, kind of make it or break it stuff…


  7. gambon

    Nasri will never play as the main DM, he will be alongside Song, behind Cesc. Like what liverpool did with Marsch & Alonso, Nasri will be the Alonso.

  8. SUGA3

    or so AW says…

    watched Vela interview yesterday – fucking love his attitude, says all the right things and has this cheeky sparkle in the eyes, a bit of reasonable arrogance…

  9. gazzap

    when he says Nasri in defensive midfield I really hope he is referring to the Diaby or Denilson (or Alonso) role and not he Song or Coquelin role. That is more a link type player between the out and out defensive player and the attacking midfielder.
    I think Nasri can definitely play that role but not the song role.

    I hope the midfield is Nasri Coquelin and Ramsey tonight with Rambo playing the more attacking role.

    The strikers to be Eduardo Vela and Bendtner.

    But wenger could put Nasri in attack on the right and play Eduardo and Vela. Then use Merida in midfield with Coquelin and Ramsey. ie No Bendtner.

  10. Tricky

    I wonder if some of the more’seasoned pros’ will start to filter into the CC? Once and for all putting to end the ‘kids’ myth, as it is clear once you progress it is a mixture of youth and experience that is required in the latter stages.

    After all, it is one of your better chances of silverware (I would suggest alongside the FA cup) and no-one cares what cup it is if you end up doing a domestic cup-double, prob even you lot would prefer the CC to nothing at all and simply finishing betwee 2nd and 4th in the league. (Even if it would allow the soundbite machine from goon HQ to suggest that finally the youth project is working).

    BTW, lennon out for the NLD, so looks like Bentley is in. Looks like King (knee) and Crouch (groin) are also doubts. (But then if Abbey Clancy was my misses I’d probably have a groin strain to be fair to Crouchie)

    But, clearly you have tonights game to focus on before saturday. So nothing personal but I hope you lose. Although meeting you in the semis and beating you 6-2 on aggregate again would also do nicely. πŸ™‚

  11. rob green

    nasri as a defensive midfielder!! Are you having a laugh?

    I know we are desperate for a DM but come on!!

    Nasri the next makelele…….

  12. gambon

    -2nd and no carling cup.

    -2nd and no FA Cup

    -2th andf both domestic cups

    -4th and champs league (still a bit stupid trying to claim youre the best in europe and 4th best in your own league)

  13. Gunneroo

    I think coquelin should start. Just on yesterdays post. We shouldn’t complement arshavin. He was told about the rivalry between us and the spuds when he arrived in London, yet he still said that he initially wanted to pay for them. Bad move Andre.

  14. gazzap

    I think in the past I might have taken 2nd and no cups but that way you are just a loser. At least the CC is silverware. A winning day out at Wembley has to be worth something.

  15. gazzap

    I guess in reality it depends. A solid 2nd place where we are going for the title until the last day displays that the club is strong. A dodgy 4th place with spurs and City snapping at our heels might not bode so well for next season. But if there were only 2 points seperating 2nd and 4th and than a big gap back to 5th, then a CC win would be more welcome!

  16. Keith

    Ethangunner Jack picked up an ankle injury it was reported on Skysports news yesterday hence he is not in the above teams.

  17. rayman

    I am with gambon on the team with a slight change…

    Gilbert Senderos Silvestre Gibbs
    Ramsey Coquelin Merida
    Nasri Bendtner Vela

    Swap Merida into midfield, he is fully fit and must be full of confidence after the u20s, nasri played well for us out wide right and left so move him up to the right side of the front 3, vela left, nik battering them down the middle. Thats a decent team, really hope Merida gets a start in midfield and does well.

    I expect Liverpool to play quite a few reserves / fringe players, no reason for them to see this as the only trophy they can win so why risk important first teamers.

  18. tomstoned

    Mornin All..

    Thx for the post Geoff…another great day in Arsenal Paradise…hoping our youngsters will shine tonite ….


  19. Nick

    Geoff i concur about nasri think him and cesc with maybe ramsey in the 433 could do a good defensive job i saw him play there a few times and looked comfortable which is half the battle imo

  20. Geoff

    Morning Tom, you’re welcome!

    Gazzap, just look at the teams that have won it, their fans look like they won the treble, a cup is a cup, the same teams are in both cups, it’s the same achievement.

  21. Doublegooner

    Arse & Nose.

    9 of us decided to forget our normal seats & all sit together next to the scouse section for some fun !


  22. tomstoned

    for me a big question tonight will be Merida…if Wenger use him from the start ..i reckon that his contract talks are going well…if he is on the bench..then im not that sure about his future,…personally i hope he starts and have a great game….other than that it will be very interesting in seeing how Ramsey do..has he improved..and Vela …?..and Ramsey..and Le Coq…wow its going to be one hell of a night ..


  23. tomstoned

    Nick ..

    Lalas youre in a hollywood mood this mornin mate… πŸ™‚ yeah what the heck ..bring him on..we’ll be eatin hamburgers and drinkin bud light before you know it…and lets have a half time show with Paula Abdul…then we’re spot on…Arsenal the team of the brave.. ..


  24. tomstoned

    and while youre at it…bring in Schwarzenegger to sort out our defence…Rambo would do the attacking coaching…and let Obama do the talking…Emirates would be the new Disneyland..


  25. gnarleygeorge9

    The good old pre match post. One of lifes pleasures.
    evo, Aussie Az looks a bit like you. & what a fine shape you both cut. on ya boyz.

    Game live Fox 1 @ 6.00am EDST down here, though I’m sure I saw that it starts 7.45PM pommy time. Maybe 5.45am here.

  26. tomstoned

    last thing about La Rosicky was that he would be out for a couple of days..and that was before the hammers game


  27. km

    RAYMAN – i agree with ur team mate…and imo is the best available. Eduardo, Watt, Sunu & Eastmond are options which can be used later on.

  28. U.Y-1

    Nasri as DM?Don’t think so. 1)he’s lightweight. 2)he’s really not a defensive player{against Anelka last season}.At Marseille,he played just behind the striker or on either side on the wings.

  29. km

    Bentley always seems to have a good game against us πŸ™‚ lil bastard!!!

    TOMSTONED….we need Kneown to come back as defensive coach but while Wenger is there thats not gonna happen… πŸ™

    So Wenger’s saying that Ramsey is ready and is a threat to Fabregas and other midfielders….hmmmm
    so why the fukk don’t he play Ramsey instead of Diaby in some games??

  30. Geoff

    U.Y and Km, Coquelin’s not huge, Diarra and Makelele were small. It’s about tenacity and being able to tackle without giving away a foul.

    Last season Nasri would chase someone back to our corner flag to win the ball, then start an attack with it and get on the end too.

    This season he’s bulked up as well, I think he’d be perfect.

  31. Arse&Nose

    double gooner, I think the scousers have taken over that section!

    When I went on-line to book my seats, I thought it would be a good laugh to book seats in the green quadrant to share banter with the scousers..but a lot of that section was sold out! Which leads me to believe that scousers have infiltrated the home fan sections of the stadium. They are notorious for getting their way into home sections of rival clubs.

  32. Geoff

    Sabeel, it”s people that think he is some kind of big lump that shields the defence.

    Not a slow sod who can’t run or tackle.

  33. Marlon

    That would be my idea starting 11 as well, it would likely beat Liverpools 1st team, let alone their reserves.

    Unfortunately Barazite is out for the rest of the year, due to recent shoulder surgery, he is another class player who should start featuring in our 1st team

  34. km

    lol Geoffrey u old son of a gun πŸ˜‰

    Imo we shouldnt convert Nasri into a DM because his natural instinct is to attack…he’s a playmaker, a no.10, he can dribble as well, can beat a man.

    However i feel that since his move to Arsenal, he has rarely been played in his best position – AM. The position which is being occupied by Fabregas. Nasri should be played instead of Diaby alongside Song and Cesc….that’l be a hell of a midfield.

    Yes, he is tenacious and can keep the ball very well but why harm his natural game…i know Wenger has said that Nasri can be more defensive bla bla bla but in this formation the midfield trio are Fabregas who plays as AM, Nasri/Denilson as CM and Song as the DM, the CM has to help out and often cover for Clichy when he bombs forward. Diaby just cant play CM v.well or at all, he should be played as the AM in dead rubber or easy games to give Fabregas a rest etc.

  35. patthegooner

    So we were after Aquilani but were put off due to his injuries

    Makes a bit of a mockery of Wengers talk about not buying a Midfielder as it would kill Song, Denilson and Diaby.

    Shows that he does want one afterall.

  36. km

    I feel that Song has played well and at times brilliantly for us. However he hasnt been helped by us playing Diaby who wouldnt be playing if Nasri/Den were fit. the latter 2 know when to release the ball quickly, keep possession, make intelligent use of the ball, drop back and cover, Diaby is avg/awful at that…he needs to be in the danger area, where he can beat a man and get into the box, or get fouled on the edge of the box and earn us a free kick etc.

    I would prefer Flamini as DM over Song. Song would be a gr8 backup DM.

  37. Jaguar

    Wenger might have been shown the middle finger,after he tabled a mammoth bid of Β£150,000 for Aquillani.If he trusts his players,why the heck does he go for players on the last day of transfer window.What a hypocrisy!

  38. Odub

    Morning all,

    Top post Geoff.

    Going for a 2 goal win for the yoof today, and us to go all the way in the CC this year.
    Glad to see some esteemed grovers agreeing that the CC is a cup worth winning, I get fed up hearing people tell me it’s not a trophy we should be pursuing with any vigour, if we get all the way to Wembley to play a final on a sunny February afternoon…

    I am so there!! πŸ™‚

    Come on you reds…

  39. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    i think wenger does want a midfielder..we saw prob in pursuit of melo..

    but i think wenger is looking for cheaper ones…thats why we missed out on melo.

    maybe in jan..we may get wish true by PV4

  40. km

    If only we had bought Alonso. He would be gr8 as the CM in our 3 man midfield. Aquilani is an Alonso clone – pass master.

  41. km

    not sure on Viera – is he even starting for Inter? I havent seen him play so dont know how well he’s playing. For all i know he could be shite now. We need a younger DM – a beast! If we get Viera then i think its because Coquelin will be drafted into the 1st team squad nxt season….will be keeping a close eye on Coq during tonights match.

  42. km

    Jaguar…mad that isnt it….for once Barca are after one of our kids – is that the 1st time its happened?
    I for one don’t rate Bojan – can anyone change my mind?

  43. km

    Sad about Barazite’s injury – out for a year. When i saw him play last time he was unbelievable… but for some reason he didnt get drafted into the senior squad. I hope he comes back asap….i’d love to see him nxt season making sub. appearances – he has that X Factor.

  44. km

    Wenger is an extremist – he thinks too much abt economics. some needs to tell Wenger:

    ‘ Speculate to accumulate’ πŸ˜‰

  45. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    jaguar…thats what is the most baffling thing.. for only for an extra few million..

    but i think here wengers pride has taken over the truth that he MUST pay and extra few million for title winning midfielder

  46. London

    We arrive at a very interesting juncture tonight: Can Ramsey tackle and defend sufficiently to shield the defence? I haven’t seen a single example in which he has shown the skills necessary to play such a crucial role and certainly not against Premiership opposition for 90 minutes. Ramsey to me is a playmaker and Song is a defender, the roles are so different that it is a bit like comparing Van Persie with Almunia.

  47. Jaguar

    Would be interesting to know Mr.Wenger’s reaction about the Afobe case,considering the way he has poached youngsters from all over the globe.

  48. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    hope to catch u guys from home..tata..and hope le-grove loads from my slow connection…on lucky days it does load.

    all the best for pool game

    common u reds..

    as geoff said..

    inshallah lets play like a title winning team

  49. Jaguar

    We can sell Diaby for 15 million pounds to some French club(I mean by paying 15 million to them).As in Bendtner’s case,I wouldnt want him to go,because he is a square peg in a round hole,as is an Eboue in midfield.

  50. Nick