The final AGM: Le Grove delivers the inside scoop and a mini exclusive!

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So Geoff thought it might be a nice idea to allow me to attend the AGM as his proxy. I didn’t really know what to expect and I wasn’t sure what to wear. I thought I’d best head up there in a suit, it’s better to look over dressed than under dressed. I re-checked the ticket, realised the thing started at 1130, not 1400 so got to work ironing my shirt. In the process, I jabbed it into my leg and gave myself a 3rd degree burn.

That’s pretty much the only reason I relayed that last bit to you. It hurt like hell. I’m going to have a scar there for the rest of my life now. At least I’ll be able to tell the kids; or countless ladies who ask, that I picked up that burn attending the last ever Arsenal FC AGM.

As I landed in Holloway Road, it struck me how much of a dump that place is outside of a football match. All the grubby little convenience shops that are about as convenient as a wet newspaper, the hoards of students walking past giving off the intense stench of febreeze and the kebab shops open early doors. I wandered over to the Emirates and headed into the Woolwich suite. I don’t know why, but I was surprised that the average age of the attendee’s was well over 60! I was also surprised by the amount of Lady shareholders present.

I took my seat next to a very distinguished looking man. He was respectable in my eyes until a young lady shuffled alongside to take the seat next to me and he quipped,

‘You can sit on my lap any day darling’

That comment made my day. 65+ and still chasing tail!

Arsenal were playing their greatest moments of the last ten years, combined with some flashy images of the new flats at highbury on loop. I was being indoctrinated… I could feel it.

Without much fanfare, the directors rolled onto the stage closely tailed by Arsene Wenger.

Peter Hill-Wood welcomed us and introduced the shareholders to Ivan Gazidis who received a round of applause.

Mr Hill-Wood may sound like a pompous idiot in the Daily Star, but as a master or ceremonies, he is actually rather likeable and a bit of a comedienne! He shared with us the news that Ken Friar was missing his first AGM in 900 years because he had undergone a hip operation and was recovering.

We got straight into the action and questions were levelled at Peter. I didn’t take a dictaphone and I’m pretty bad at taking notes, so I’ll give you a rough idea of what went down.

Q. Arsenal received £80million from Granada, £100million from commercial deals and considered a share issue. Are you considering any other ways of financing the club?

A. Nike were the only organisation to pay up front. The Emirates deal is structured over a lengthy contract. The Granada deal was very helpful for the move. We did seriously consider the share issue, but didn’t think this was the best way to sustain our future. We have had no more thoughts of raising finance.

Q. There has been a distinct lack of investment in players over the last couple of years (groan…), have the board a plan in place if we don’t make the champions league. After all, Man City, Spurs and Villa are all chasing a top 4 position down?

A. Firstly, I don’t really consider Spurs and Villa challengers (Applause). Secondly I’d disagree with the statement on investment. Arshavin and Vermaelen cost Arsenal about £40million.

Q. What are Arsenal going to do about their long-term sponsorship deals that no longer look that attractive?

A. Ivan and his team are scrutinising those deals at the moment. However, it is doubtful we’ll be able to renegotiate them. You can’t just walk away from long term deals. Rest assured though, we will get better agreements in the future.

Q. Arsenal have a net transfer spend of Nil over the last 5 years, when will real investment in players begin?

A. Your facts are wrong. We’ve spend £150million on players over the last 5 years and sold £90million.

Question time was over, all the directors were voted back in, Ivan took to the stand. I was expecting an American accent, but it was an offish posh accent instead. He spoke about his vision for the club. He stressed how much trouble he had signing Arshavin. He spoke of the 8 players he’s tied down to new deals and promised there will be more to come. He also spoke of the murals that were going up around the stadium and the new Highbury Shrine that is being unveiled on November the 4th.

He mentioned the £133million housing debt was down to £47million and that since that announcement further sales have happened. He told a group of us after the AGM that the £47milllion debt will be alleviated very shortly, then all the additional profit can be channelled back into the football club. So much for the preachers of doom on the housing front eh?

Ivan also shared his joy at having a world class executive team behind him. He constantly spoke about the clubs forward thinking and that we had to be outward looking. His vision is that the Premier league becomes the first international league and Arsenal need to be at it’s epicentre.

He finished by telling us that Arsenal were not about financial results, not about real estate, we’re about people and what we can achieve together.

He is proud that Arsenal are a club that have been built, not bought.

He then took some questions.

Q. Why have you only Arsenalised the lower concourse. I pay the highest prices in Europe to watch my team, yet I’m confronted by drab walls?

A. This is very good point. We’re not finished with the stadium by a long shot and we’re in consultation about how to address the rest of the ground, you haven’t been forgotten.

Q. A lady called Barbara stepped up and spoke about how great Arsenal had been with Charity and mentioned some cases where Arsenal had made the lives of some kids brilliant.

It’s nice hearing that our club has a role in the community. Peter Hill-Wood was quick to point out that the board shouldn’t take credit for this, the Arsenal communities office should as they put in a lot of hard work.

Q. What are you doing for overseas fans from a digital perspective? We want more Arsenal!

A. We’re working on a digital strategy, but sadly our hands are tied due to current agreements. We’re working on supplying non-televised away games to international fans.

Ivan sat down, and we handed over to birthday boy Wenger.

A little video of his best bits was shown. Arsene told us his favourite goal was the Thierry masterpiece against Liverpool at Highbury on our way to becoming invincible. His favourite game? Real Madrid in the quarters a few years ago.

Arsene took the mic and told everyone that it had been a tough year, but he was thankful for the support he had received and the loyalty. He told us that he loved Arsenal because there was something special about the club. In his early days he told how managers of lowly teams would talk about doing things the Arsenal way and he felt he could continue that. He loves team games and that’s why he’s not keen on spending out lashings of money.

When you listen to Arsene speak, you are drawn into his ideology, he captivates you and has a canny knack of whipping up excitement.

He spoke about two trends that he can see in football:

1) Big clubs are investing heavily through foreign ownership. Bottomless wallets are spending for success and many are failing. He pointed out that Arsenal, ManU and Madrid are the only teams that have sustained Champions League Qualification over the last 13 years and this was a sign of good management (Madrid, good management… or good spenders! Who cares… Arsene was on a roll!).

2) The EU are looking to regulate the amount of money pumped into clubs. Arsenal are aware of this so have put in place a business model that will allow a handsome flow of money to support the club organically.

There was a lot of talk about belief, values and strength. There was a lot of talk about luring 17 years olds to the club to teach them the value of team sport and to teach them to love the club.

His face lit up when he spoke about his vision of a football fan,

‘ I want people to wake up on a Saturday and be excited about what they are about to witness. I want people to walk away from the ground and be amazed at what they have seen’

This, of course, is not at the expense of winning.

‘I know the importance of winning, believe me’

He went on,

‘I am not saying this to please you, but this year we will do it. I believe in this team and they will deliver’

So there you have it, Wenger believes in this team, but he really believes in them… like totally.

There were some further questions and at this point it all got a little silly. One man told Wenger he looked very young and he was basically amazing, another man asked sheepishly about the goalkeeping situation. How could we compete with 4 keepers who were less than impressive? Wenger retorted by saying that football has never made a goal keepers game easier, there is always something additonal to criticise about a keeper. However, he is comfortable with what he has… but he did do that sheepish look, when he is hiding something.

Another man asked about why we conceded so many goals. Arsene said he’d like it if they didn’t and he was working on it. Then PHW asked the crowd if anyone had any other questions, my hand shot up… he handed the last question to a woman with red hair, she stepped up to the mic and made a statement how she thought it was great how Song and Eboue had dealt with fan criticism, then sat down.

Lady, if you’re reading… that wasn’t a question, that was a statement.

What a time-wasting applause seeker.

I wasn’t deterred though, I was going to have my moment in the sun… so I strolled over to the desk and approached Ivan… I was close to Kroenke, but he was answering most of his questions with a polite ‘Speak to Amanda’. So after waiting for ten minutes, listening to Ivan answer many pointless questions about taxi ranks outside the ground, whether he liked Eastenders… I asked mine,

Pedro: You did a good creating an atmosphere for the Man United game earlier in the season, are there any plans for the club to address the lack of atmosphere in the ground going forward?

Ivan: Pedro, right? Of Le Grove? Great site, I love what you guys do. Well, I can’t take much credit for that game, but we do have consultations going on. We’re reseaching what time fans get into the ground and we’re working out alsorts of bell curves to find out the best way to makes ure the atmosphere is electric upon entrance. I mean first things first, what’s up with the yellow quadrant? I mean who can identify with that? We’re going to look into Arsenalising that so people can connect with the ground.

AST FANBOY: Oh, I don’t know if you know, but Arsenal Action make a lot of noise.

Pedro: Well, not really… Ivan, what about singing sections?

Random tan man: WHAT ABOUT A BAND!

Awkward silence…

Ivan: This is something we’ve been looking at, but many problems come with it. How do you get acceptance among the fans? How do you displace someone who quite likes where they sit?

Pedro: Thanks Ivan, remember to tune into Le Grove tomorrow morning for your daily dose of everything Arsenal.

So, that was my day out and probably the last ever AGM. Next year we’ll be under new ownership and things will be looking very different. It was a thoroughly good day out and I thought it was fantastic that Arsenal allowed off the cuff question to be asked after the last open mic session.

So West Ham away next… one of the most important games in my Essex Calender!

Sorry for the long post, I hope I’ve done it justice! See you in the comments!

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  1. KM in WALES

    are we really after Balotelli? I’v seen him play but he hasnt really got my attention….is he the real deal?I like RvP but he doesnt have the killer touch or the clinical finish of Arshavin or a Torres. I just feel we could do better….

  2. Gunner8

    Sarge if you are still around, too right re: the atmosphere but the Arsenal PC brigade have made it a real stale atmosphere… …I only really enjoy away games any more as you are with a bunch of real fans!

    I go alone a lot and just end up meeting like minded gooners for the day on the piss with endless singing Love it!

    but at leGrove I am considerred a pariah by most and have been warned by the club about my conduct numerous times… …just for support!

  3. Nick

    best bit about wales is the welsh mainly stay there.
    Unless on holiday in spain,then once you here a bird with the accent you know its easier then jordon happy days 🙂

  4. arsenesabemejor

    A man goes into an adult entertainment shop and asks
    the assistant for an inflatable doll.

    “Would you like male or female?”

    “Female, please.”

    “Would you like Black or White?”

    “White, please.”

    “Would you like Christian or Muslim?”

    This question confused the man, so he asked,
    “What has the religion got to do with it? It’s an
    inflatable doll!”

    “Well,” explained the assistant, “The Muslim one blows
    itself up!”

  5. Nick

    this is strange,a fella just walked past waring a track suite with bridged sports on the back of it :|. what the feck is that all about,is this some new brand ive never herd of 🙂

  6. sarge

    Selfishly, I hope Stan makes the 30% mark. That 10K will go nicely towards the wedding and new house. Not my share but the missus’. She wouldn’t sell it otherwise.

    How comes you pay to get into Wales but the bastards don’t give a refund on the way out?

  7. insidealbania

    Nick, I have not met many welsh chicks, but the ones I have met have been as you described. Makes me wonder why the guys there go for the sheep.

  8. sarge

    Fella sees an advert of ‘life like’ blow up doll and sends away for it.

    The postie (not on strike) gets a bit curious about the package, has a quick look, takes it home and delivers it a couple of days later.

    A couple of weeks later the company write to the fella and ask if the doll was satsifactory and life like.

    The bloke wrote back ‘Life like! I caught a fucking dose off of it’

  9. Nick

    listen to this, mate of mine just phoned and said his mrs has been for a smear and its come back she has a dose. He needs to get checked, his sure its not him and the mrs told him the doc said she could have caught it from a sauna wtf has anyone herd anything like that before….wtf told me pal what i think but his not having it muppet

  10. insidealbania

    A young man moves to a village in Wales and gets talking to an old man from the village. He asks the old man what his name is; the old man gets very irate at this point and says: “See that line of houses over there? I built them all, but do they call me Jones the house builder? Do they hell! See those railway lines over there? I laid them all, but do they call me Jones the engineer? Do they hell! See those bridges over that river? I built them all, but do they call me Jones the bridge builder? Do they hell! But, a long long time ago, I fucked *one* sheep…”

  11. sarge

    Mate of mine got diagnosed with a dose. He said to the doctor ‘ I must have got it from a toilet seat’. The doctor said ‘ You must have been licking it cos its in your gums’.

  12. zorr0

    Never a good event!

    A year ago I was having a problem and the doc sent me to the clap clinic. I had not been anywhere I should not, yet I had to go home and tell the missus what the doc said.

    I went and all the tests came back fine and the problem vanished, but I still think she was a bit suspicious!

    She was 100% fine by the way, before anyone asks! lol

  13. KM in WALES

    likely line-up for front3 ….. Arshavin RvP Eboue ….. Subs Eddy Vela Bendy/JW ….. This is the sort of game where u give the fringe players gametime (ramsey, Merida,JW,Vela)

  14. KM in WALES

    Choy – I wonder what team L’pool will put out…These nxt 2 weeks are crucial for them… Tough fixtures,Gerrard & Torres out,8th in the league. However i want them to beat ManU so we can gain on them.

  15. nishanth

    Would have liked to have rosicky back.Really hope he is available for the spurs game.Think Bendtner will come back straight into the team tomorrow

  16. KM in WALES

    Like Nasri,Rosicky can play in the midfield 3 and in the front3,which shows their versatility. Why do we get so many injuries??

  17. Rohan

    Rosicky gives our attack a lot more purpose and drive imo. He makes great industrious runs with the ball that is absolutely pivotal to our play… imo, he is the missing link in our midfield as we found out last season.

  18. nishanth

    Also rosicky distributes it very quickly.He can spot a pass with ease.Hence when rosicky plays arshavin and cesc are really involved

  19. KM in WALES

    Nick….I’d rather L’pool beat the Mancs because the latter are gathering momentum and thats not good for us esp. As they are above us in the league. Hope Eduardo, Bendtner & Rosicky are ready for the Spurs game – gona be a heated affair.

  20. gazzap

    You just pray that Rosicky really is just a week and not months again.

    I think a draw on Sunday might be a good result for us. that or a Liverpool win. We dont want too many teams challenging for the fourth place so the more we can knock liverpool down the table the better. but also we want to have a crack at winning the league so we need Man U to drop points particularly in the so called grand slam matches.
    2 or 3 more defeats in a row for Pool and Benitez will be sacked.

  21. gazzap

    Eduardo should start on Sunday, on the left maybe and Arsh on the right? Nik could make the bench. might be a good plan B. Keep Eboue at right back not as a striker. No doubt diabolical will start again.

  22. KM in WALES

    I think if Rosicky plays in the midfield Xavi role he can dictate play. Nasri can be rotated with Rosicky/Cesc. Arsh & walcott the flankers.

  23. tomstoned

    Afternoon All

    First things first..Pedro…ill take a bow and thank you for a great Post and Work..very well done…

    hammers tomorrow will be a deciding game..i reckon we will trash them and show all Our intentions this season…

    i myself have had the pleasure of sitting close to Wenger and listen to his visions once..and well he is hypnotic…he has that thing called Karma…in bundles…


  24. gazzap

    choy, I did not know that. so sacking Benitez might be completely out of the question. Missing CL qualification is worth more than £20m though. Not that a new manager would necessarily turn it around anyway.
    If Liverpool have agreed a contract where he gets that much money when he is sacked then Liverpool are a bunch of mugs.

  25. Nick

    tom that thing called karma in bundles???? thought karma just looked after you didn’t know you ozzed it…how is your planet today 🙂

  26. tomstoned

    KM mate

    an interesting thought…could almost be described as mouthwatering :)..and its almost incredible how many possibilities we have …


  27. tomstoned

    Nick mate..

    my English lets me down quite often im afraid even though im married to a Doncaster Diva :)lest just agree that there is something called Karma mate..

    im great and its cold..had a little snow yesterday so for the rest of the year its Our Beloved Arsenal….the.New….Brazil..hehe and le Grove who are responsible for keeping me warm….and yes not to forget the once a week scheduled appointment with misses…every saturday evening ..after a grand shopping tour…;)

    and you Nick all well ?


  28. KM in WALES

    TomStoned…where & how did u meet Wenger? I like Walcott & Arshavin as the wingers as they are more direct and dangerous than Rosicky,who imo is brilliant in midfield build-up play.

  29. Nick

    Utu Niyama – physical inorganic order, e.g. seasonal phenomena of winds and rains. The unerring order of seasons, characteristic seasonal changes and events, causes of winds and rains, nature of heat, etc., all belong to this group.
    Bija Niyama – order of germs and seeds (physical organic order), e.g. rice produced from rice-seed, sugary taste from sugar-cane or honey, peculiar characteristics of certain fruits, etc. The scientific theory of cells and genes and the physical similarity of twins may be ascribed to this order.
    Karma Niyama – order of act and result, e.g., desirable and undesirable acts produce corresponding good and bad results. As surely as water seeks its own level so does Karma, given opportunity, produce its inevitable result, not in the form of a reward or punishment but as an innate sequence. This sequence of deed and effect is as natural and necessary as the way of the sun and the moon.
    Dhamma Niyama – order of the norm, e.g., the natural phenomena occurring at the advent of a Bodhisattva in his last birth. Gravitation and other similar laws of nature. The natural reason for being good and so forth, may be included in this group.
    Citta Niyama – order or mind or psychic law, e.g., processes of consciousness, arising and perishing of consciousness, constituents of consciousness, power of mind, etc., including telepathy, telaesthesia, retro-cognition, premonition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, thought-reading and such other psychic phenomena which are inexplicable to modern science.

  30. Emir

    I can’t believe Arsenal have spend £150 million on players over the last 5 years and sold £90 million. Could anybody quote me the correct numbers of the players trading over the last 5 years? Thanks in advance.

  31. London

    Managers never get the full amount when they are sacked; there is always a negotiated settlement.
    I say sack the tub of lard.

  32. London

    The club include players wages when they talk about the amount that has been spent on new signings; or, at least they do when it suits them.

  33. Pedro

    Afternoon Grovers!

    I see joke Friday has ruffled a few feathers… keep the jokes offensive but not in a race or religious way!

  34. Nick

    As Karma may be good or bad, so may Vipaka, – the fruit – is good or bad. As Karma is mental so Vipaka is mental (of the mind). It is experienced as happiness, bliss, unhappiness or misery, according to the nature of the Karma seed. Anisamsa are the concomitant advantages – material things such as prosperity, health and longevity. When Vipaka’s concomitant material things are disadvantageous, they are known as Adinaya, full of wretchedness, and appear as poverty, ugliness, disease, short life-span and so forth.

    As we sow, we reap somewhere and sometime, in his life or in a future birth. What we reap today is what we have sown either in the present or in the past.

  35. Pedro

    Oh guys, just incase you weren’t aware… WordPress have made Le Grove iphone and blackberry friendly.

    The comments load in seconds instead of hours… so now there is no excuse not to blog through meetings, weddings and love making sessions.


  36. tomstoned

    KM ..

    it wasnt as exciting as it and Misses had been on holiday in France…go figure 🙂 Misses choice and we where flying back via Heathrow…we got on the plane and where seated next to Mr.Wenger and one other person…sitting there ..i just couldnt avoid presenting myself…and for no other reason than being polite ..i think !! Wenger and me..a simple fan..talked about football….one of my greatest moments ever Km..

    Nick ill never discuss Karma with you again..damned 🙂


  37. tomstoned

    and Pedro mate..

    you just killed off my 15 minutes of heaven every saturday night..thinking how can i smuggle my ipod into bed…during…well… 🙂


  38. tomstoned


    thats a question that really answer itself dont you full strength..we are a much better team than chelski…we would beat them 9 of ten times..easy


  39. KM in WALES

    wow TOM…ur one lucky guy. I dnt know what i would do.I’d be like a 5yr old jumping up and down with excitement 🙂 PEDRO – the mobile site is brilliant,i’m loving it 🙂 and yes i guess i indirectly put a stop to some awful humour.

  40. Nick

    chavs mancs bin dippers are the weakest now then they have been at any point in the last 5 years.
    If song keeps going well or someone good is brought in 😉 and injuries keep to a minimum we can win the league and maybe the cl as well

  41. Pedro

    Maurya, no one asked about that! I think Arsenal are like a little bubble, I can’t imagine they pay too much attention to the media.

  42. kurdishgooner

    Those Carlos Puyol rumours were just that. Puyol and Barcelona have come to an agreement and it’s expected the barca captain will sign a contract extension that will last till 2013…..

  43. Pedro

    haha, they invented philosophy and taziki… they’re not thick!

    You’ll be pleased to know I have no jokes to share today!

  44. Rohan

    true that Nick… I’d even go as far as saying that if we face RM or barca we’d go through…. The English teams imo will be most dangerous.

  45. tomstoned

    Rohan agreed…

    CL league is a trickery thing to win….still i think we’re in with a great shot at it this year…premier..well tomorrows game will give us some answers..are we rock solid against *weaker*teams…if we continue to prove that we are…that would at least to me prove that we’re on the right track..

    and well im not worried..we will walk all over them..


  46. tomstoned

    an interesting thought…

    We always seem to be judging teams on how well they do when they are at their best…but what really brings the trophies is how well a team manage when they are playin bad…strange..


  47. Stu

    We have a far better chance at the prem than anything else because the big games in the prem arent decisive with regards who wins the league.

    CL we wouldnt win because we seem to crumble in the big games.

    Evening all.

  48. KM in WALES

    I get the feeling that Barca aren’t gona win the champions league this year. Why u may ask?….a lot of sides have worked them out. They are missing Eto’s directness…Ibra is a gr8 player but its like Arsenal having 3 Arshavins in the front3…theres no balance. Bojan is not all that imo. Is Messi on top form?hmmm i just feel that they can be had this year.

  49. Stu

    I am doing fine Nick. Seems its happened again. The week suddenly got to friday and took me by suprise. I could have sworn it was thursday. Need to get sorted. And you?

  50. tomstoned


    los stupidos the inglorious barca’s will not win anything this year…that im sure off…seems like the french clubs are gettin better…and to be honest the CL looks more open than ever before…to me Our Beloved Arsenal are the Best team in Europe this year..and it will take a big big upset if we’re not winning the CL league this year…we’re miles ahead of any other team..


  51. Gunners The Stunners

    If we’re on top or second by the 1st week of February, we have a great chance of winning the league by a big margin as we’d have played our games against ManU, Chelsea & Pools. From the 2nd week of February onwards we have all winable games and during that time other big teams will lose points as they will have to play each other. Happy times… 😀

  52. Gunner8

    ~Sunday I would go for a


    and on Tuesday


    Mix it up and keep both teams strong

  53. Nick

    g8 wouldn’t risk rosicky and thats a demanding role for nasri as his just coming back dont think either line up will be seen but with wenger who knows 🙂

  54. Gunner8

    Gunners the Stunners… …November, November the dreaded November where our where we play two away games up north and the chavs at home… …not a great month for our club

  55. Stu

    Song cant play because he is gonna get booked against West Ham so he serves his suspension against Liverpool in the CC (a game which he would have sat out anyway).

  56. Nick

    sagna gallas tv clichy
    cesc diaby
    bendtner rvp arshavin

    big al
    eboue fish face senedrs gibbs
    nasri ramsey
    eddie nikki b vela

  57. Gunner8

    Nick of course it won’t be used, it’s just my fantasy line up… …fine stick Diaby in as DM and Nasri instead of Rozza.

    So long as RVP is taken off Free Kick duties for 1 game I mean cha’MON it’s been over 2 years since he has scored one but the bar has been pummeled 16 times!

    that is an honest Nick Griffenesque stat btw

  58. Gunner8

    Nick I think he will play Eboue RB against the hammers, he seems to like himn in at RB against weaker teams this season and IMO he has been a far better RB than Sagna.

    I would personally drop Clichy, as much as I like the guy his mind seems to be in Madrid atm

  59. Rohan

    Ramsey will surely start in the Carling Cup. Wilshere will too and Merida might…
    I fancy Bendtner and Nasri to play too. I am not too sure of Randall though…

  60. Nick

    G8 think his more worried we will sell him then him wanting to leave imo clichy gibbs traore and the Brazilian in spain thats with out the ones we dont know about his expandable and 20mil is a good price…

  61. Stu

    Ramsey should take the free kicks when he is on.

    G8, i thought about Merida but with him there the midfield might be a little lightweight. Its a tough call..Wenger has his work cut out.

    I have noticed we have so many lefties its impossible to play them all and still have a balanced side.
    Watt, Wilshere, Eduardo, Vela, Merida..and they are all quite small aswell so thats another problem.

  62. Rohan

    I’d much rather Coquelin.. imo, he is the real deal..
    Him, Nasri, Wilshere and Ramsey will form the core of the team in 5 years imo. ( Bendtner and Vela up front )

  63. KM in WALES

    Tom ur not Stoned- I too believe we can win it all but we need 2/3 more players. Lethal striker,DM,GK. Song can alternate as DM/CB so therefore we dnt need another CB imo.