The final AGM: Le Grove delivers the inside scoop and a mini exclusive!

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So Geoff thought it might be a nice idea to allow me to attend the AGM as his proxy. I didn’t really know what to expect and I wasn’t sure what to wear. I thought I’d best head up there in a suit, it’s better to look over dressed than under dressed. I re-checked the ticket, realised the thing started at 1130, not 1400 so got to work ironing my shirt. In the process, I jabbed it into my leg and gave myself a 3rd degree burn.

That’s pretty much the only reason I relayed that last bit to you. It hurt like hell. I’m going to have a scar there for the rest of my life now. At least I’ll be able to tell the kids; or countless ladies who ask, that I picked up that burn attending the last ever Arsenal FC AGM.

As I landed in Holloway Road, it struck me how much of a dump that place is outside of a football match. All the grubby little convenience shops that are about as convenient as a wet newspaper, the hoards of students walking past giving off the intense stench of febreeze and the kebab shops open early doors. I wandered over to the Emirates and headed into the Woolwich suite. I don’t know why, but I was surprised that the average age of the attendee’s was well over 60! I was also surprised by the amount of Lady shareholders present.

I took my seat next to a very distinguished looking man. He was respectable in my eyes until a young lady shuffled alongside to take the seat next to me and he quipped,

‘You can sit on my lap any day darling’

That comment made my day. 65+ and still chasing tail!

Arsenal were playing their greatest moments of the last ten years, combined with some flashy images of the new flats at highbury on loop. I was being indoctrinated… I could feel it.

Without much fanfare, the directors rolled onto the stage closely tailed by Arsene Wenger.

Peter Hill-Wood welcomed us and introduced the shareholders to Ivan Gazidis who received a round of applause.

Mr Hill-Wood may sound like a pompous idiot in the Daily Star, but as a master or ceremonies, he is actually rather likeable and a bit of a comedienne! He shared with us the news that Ken Friar was missing his first AGM in 900 years because he had undergone a hip operation and was recovering.

We got straight into the action and questions were levelled at Peter. I didn’t take a dictaphone and I’m pretty bad at taking notes, so I’ll give you a rough idea of what went down.

Q. Arsenal received £80million from Granada, £100million from commercial deals and considered a share issue. Are you considering any other ways of financing the club?

A. Nike were the only organisation to pay up front. The Emirates deal is structured over a lengthy contract. The Granada deal was very helpful for the move. We did seriously consider the share issue, but didn’t think this was the best way to sustain our future. We have had no more thoughts of raising finance.

Q. There has been a distinct lack of investment in players over the last couple of years (groan…), have the board a plan in place if we don’t make the champions league. After all, Man City, Spurs and Villa are all chasing a top 4 position down?

A. Firstly, I don’t really consider Spurs and Villa challengers (Applause). Secondly I’d disagree with the statement on investment. Arshavin and Vermaelen cost Arsenal about £40million.

Q. What are Arsenal going to do about their long-term sponsorship deals that no longer look that attractive?

A. Ivan and his team are scrutinising those deals at the moment. However, it is doubtful we’ll be able to renegotiate them. You can’t just walk away from long term deals. Rest assured though, we will get better agreements in the future.

Q. Arsenal have a net transfer spend of Nil over the last 5 years, when will real investment in players begin?

A. Your facts are wrong. We’ve spend £150million on players over the last 5 years and sold £90million.

Question time was over, all the directors were voted back in, Ivan took to the stand. I was expecting an American accent, but it was an offish posh accent instead. He spoke about his vision for the club. He stressed how much trouble he had signing Arshavin. He spoke of the 8 players he’s tied down to new deals and promised there will be more to come. He also spoke of the murals that were going up around the stadium and the new Highbury Shrine that is being unveiled on November the 4th.

He mentioned the £133million housing debt was down to £47million and that since that announcement further sales have happened. He told a group of us after the AGM that the £47milllion debt will be alleviated very shortly, then all the additional profit can be channelled back into the football club. So much for the preachers of doom on the housing front eh?

Ivan also shared his joy at having a world class executive team behind him. He constantly spoke about the clubs forward thinking and that we had to be outward looking. His vision is that the Premier league becomes the first international league and Arsenal need to be at it’s epicentre.

He finished by telling us that Arsenal were not about financial results, not about real estate, we’re about people and what we can achieve together.

He is proud that Arsenal are a club that have been built, not bought.

He then took some questions.

Q. Why have you only Arsenalised the lower concourse. I pay the highest prices in Europe to watch my team, yet I’m confronted by drab walls?

A. This is very good point. We’re not finished with the stadium by a long shot and we’re in consultation about how to address the rest of the ground, you haven’t been forgotten.

Q. A lady called Barbara stepped up and spoke about how great Arsenal had been with Charity and mentioned some cases where Arsenal had made the lives of some kids brilliant.

It’s nice hearing that our club has a role in the community. Peter Hill-Wood was quick to point out that the board shouldn’t take credit for this, the Arsenal communities office should as they put in a lot of hard work.

Q. What are you doing for overseas fans from a digital perspective? We want more Arsenal!

A. We’re working on a digital strategy, but sadly our hands are tied due to current agreements. We’re working on supplying non-televised away games to international fans.

Ivan sat down, and we handed over to birthday boy Wenger.

A little video of his best bits was shown. Arsene told us his favourite goal was the Thierry masterpiece against Liverpool at Highbury on our way to becoming invincible. His favourite game? Real Madrid in the quarters a few years ago.

Arsene took the mic and told everyone that it had been a tough year, but he was thankful for the support he had received and the loyalty. He told us that he loved Arsenal because there was something special about the club. In his early days he told how managers of lowly teams would talk about doing things the Arsenal way and he felt he could continue that. He loves team games and that’s why he’s not keen on spending out lashings of money.

When you listen to Arsene speak, you are drawn into his ideology, he captivates you and has a canny knack of whipping up excitement.

He spoke about two trends that he can see in football:

1) Big clubs are investing heavily through foreign ownership. Bottomless wallets are spending for success and many are failing. He pointed out that Arsenal, ManU and Madrid are the only teams that have sustained Champions League Qualification over the last 13 years and this was a sign of good management (Madrid, good management… or good spenders! Who cares… Arsene was on a roll!).

2) The EU are looking to regulate the amount of money pumped into clubs. Arsenal are aware of this so have put in place a business model that will allow a handsome flow of money to support the club organically.

There was a lot of talk about belief, values and strength. There was a lot of talk about luring 17 years olds to the club to teach them the value of team sport and to teach them to love the club.

His face lit up when he spoke about his vision of a football fan,

‘ I want people to wake up on a Saturday and be excited about what they are about to witness. I want people to walk away from the ground and be amazed at what they have seen’

This, of course, is not at the expense of winning.

‘I know the importance of winning, believe me’

He went on,

‘I am not saying this to please you, but this year we will do it. I believe in this team and they will deliver’

So there you have it, Wenger believes in this team, but he really believes in them… like totally.

There were some further questions and at this point it all got a little silly. One man told Wenger he looked very young and he was basically amazing, another man asked sheepishly about the goalkeeping situation. How could we compete with 4 keepers who were less than impressive? Wenger retorted by saying that football has never made a goal keepers game easier, there is always something additonal to criticise about a keeper. However, he is comfortable with what he has… but he did do that sheepish look, when he is hiding something.

Another man asked about why we conceded so many goals. Arsene said he’d like it if they didn’t and he was working on it. Then PHW asked the crowd if anyone had any other questions, my hand shot up… he handed the last question to a woman with red hair, she stepped up to the mic and made a statement how she thought it was great how Song and Eboue had dealt with fan criticism, then sat down.

Lady, if you’re reading… that wasn’t a question, that was a statement.

What a time-wasting applause seeker.

I wasn’t deterred though, I was going to have my moment in the sun… so I strolled over to the desk and approached Ivan… I was close to Kroenke, but he was answering most of his questions with a polite ‘Speak to Amanda’. So after waiting for ten minutes, listening to Ivan answer many pointless questions about taxi ranks outside the ground, whether he liked Eastenders… I asked mine,

Pedro: You did a good creating an atmosphere for the Man United game earlier in the season, are there any plans for the club to address the lack of atmosphere in the ground going forward?

Ivan: Pedro, right? Of Le Grove? Great site, I love what you guys do. Well, I can’t take much credit for that game, but we do have consultations going on. We’re reseaching what time fans get into the ground and we’re working out alsorts of bell curves to find out the best way to makes ure the atmosphere is electric upon entrance. I mean first things first, what’s up with the yellow quadrant? I mean who can identify with that? We’re going to look into Arsenalising that so people can connect with the ground.

AST FANBOY: Oh, I don’t know if you know, but Arsenal Action make a lot of noise.

Pedro: Well, not really… Ivan, what about singing sections?

Random tan man: WHAT ABOUT A BAND!

Awkward silence…

Ivan: This is something we’ve been looking at, but many problems come with it. How do you get acceptance among the fans? How do you displace someone who quite likes where they sit?

Pedro: Thanks Ivan, remember to tune into Le Grove tomorrow morning for your daily dose of everything Arsenal.

So, that was my day out and probably the last ever AGM. Next year we’ll be under new ownership and things will be looking very different. It was a thoroughly good day out and I thought it was fantastic that Arsenal allowed off the cuff question to be asked after the last open mic session.

So West Ham away next… one of the most important games in my Essex Calender!

Sorry for the long post, I hope I’ve done it justice! See you in the comments!

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  1. Dennisdamenace

    By special request for all you Muntas out there that missed this first time round…..

    I hate having to crush my grans pills up and put them in her dinner,I feel sneaky but would never forgive myself if I got her pregnant…

  2. Rich from the North Bank

    Where do your figures come from? The Sun perchance?

    End of the day, the figures are ‘undesclosed’ for a reason… because we don’t desclose them.

    Arguing over figures without any sound fact is offering an opinion on a subject you don’t understand.

    All i’m saying is that it is hard to dispute a direct statement from our management or board, without hard physical evidence.

  3. Dennisdamenace

    Hold on to your syrups for this one…….

    I had an intense affair with a Pakistani girl a few weeks ago but it ended when she was beaten and stabbed to death by her father and brothers in an honour type killing, maybe emailing them the pictures of her sucking my cock was a bad idea but it was cheaper than paying for an abortion……

  4. peachesgooner

    Hi Raddy – its about time you came over for another game, Stoke or Hull coming up in December – don’t you fancy one of those to see a few goals 🙂

  5. Rich from the North Bank

    Lighten up? I didn’t come on here for a Theological debate about the after life.

    I do however try and conduct myself with some respect.

    go cry on myspace or something. Pathetic

  6. Dennisdamenace

    A muslim man calls a U.S T.V station and complains “That Star Trek has got black, white, Japanese and even klingons but no muslims”. The boss said “Thats because its set in the future now fuck off”!!!

    Hey Rich, was that classy enough for ya!

  7. Rich from the North Bank

    That’s just Embarrassing. Do you even know what you are saying? Why could the Muslim have not been black, white or Japanese you ignorant moron.

    It’s a religion, not a race………
    I will not debate with an inbred Neanderthal .

    Rich has left the conversation

  8. Dennisdamenace

    I’m fucking crushed Rich is gone, how will I cope, oh I know I’ll just look under this stone to see if he’s there……….nope, must be under a bigger stone…

  9. LAzer

    A long time ago, Britain and France were at war. During one battle, the
    French captured an English major. Taking the major to their headquarters,
    the French general began to question him.

    The French general asked, “Why do you English officers all wear red coats?
    Don’t you know the red material makes you easier targets for us to shoot

    In his bland English way, the major informed the general that the reason
    officers wear red coats is so that if they are shot, the blood won’t show
    and the
    men they are leading won’t panic.

    And that is why from that day to now all French Army officers wear brown

  10. CHIPPY

    ## NewsFlash ##
    2 muslims in a vauxhall Zafira have driven off a cliff in wales,Officers at the scene said its an appaling tragedy,
    As this car is capable of seating 7

    Thats for you DDM

  11. choy

    Morning all..

    Great post pedro!

    lol DDM.. you chasing people away!!

    Rich its just a joke.. come back!

    DDM’s a great fella! .. i think

  12. Dennisdamenace

    Chears Chippy – But, you see I would’ve used Scots, or French, or Welsh, in fact any fucker who’s not English……… Chamon!

  13. Dennisdamenace

    Not true Choy, he just took umbrage with two of my jokes. However, he never had a pop at the dozens of bloggers before me who posted jokes on similar themes. I dunno maybe the condom burst this morning!!

  14. LAzer

    Why are Scotsmen so good at golf?

    They realise that the fewer times they hit the ball the longer it will last.

    for the half-scot in the room..:)

  15. Rohan

    How about this Wacko Jacko classic ?

    What’s blue and sticks out of Michael Jackson’s bed ?
    – Billy’s Jeans 😀

  16. chris

    I don’t normally give up on this blog even when I don’t agree there’s lots of sensible, informed opinions but
    whether or not rich from BNorth London is an oversensitive twat or not you’ve got to ask whether jokes aout getting your girlfriend murdered by her family to avoid the responsibility of being a dada (or maybe I’m missing the point, maybe it’s to avoid having to mary a Muslim you’re happy to shag?) and wishing theree was more muslims in a car going over a cliff is making you guys sound like a right wing, racist clique…..

    Just saying.

    See you when you’re back talking about football.

  17. Dennisdamenace

    I went to get on a bus this morning and the Pakistani driver said to me “I am jampack full…'”

    I said “I couldnt give a Fuck what your name is, I just want to get on the bus…”

  18. sarge

    I reckon Stan is playing Clint Eastwood. The man with no name and saying fuck all.

    One way to improve the atmosphere. Get rid of The Wonder of You. Such a poxy record and not the King at his best. Not an Arsenal song at all but I get the reference. What about ‘Good Old Arsenal’. Proper song and even Miko from Osaka on his one visit to the ground knows it and can sing arong to it.

  19. Rhyle

    If anything needs to go it’s that shocking announcer saying first name, crowd saying surname thing.

    That’s just sad. 🙁

  20. Jaguar

    A minute to go in the Champions league final,and Barca are certain to retain their crown,unless Arsenal pull one back in the final moments of this game.Now,its Clichy to Diaby,who dribbles past Busquets,cuts across the centre backs, lovely bit of skill from the lanky Frenchman,does a fancy step over,dribbles past Valdez and scores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Welcome to a great Friday morning.

  21. chris

    To say you shouldn’t tell racist jokes (especially twisted inside out jokes about Paki girls being good enough to shag but worthless enough to get murdered by their families if they get pregnant) and not expect people to think you’re racists.

  22. Rhyle

    Does anyone remember the screens at Highbury used to flash up things ‘Come on Arsenal’ (amongst others) that never failed to get people singing.

  23. leon

    wenger was fully awear when he pushed for new stadium funds we going to a bit limited and what he has don has gone young players and groomed them,some people think that has been huge mistake i dont realy agree with that has it taken time for young players to mature yes it has and wenger tried get top dm player in the past but right now there are not to many top players out there but wenger has bbrought a few top class players and if yoy take out mn city nad chelsea only manu pay on wages than arsenal.if you look at chlelsea team now who have an average age at 31-32 there i sno young players comming through ,it may have taken a while but this team have experienced players but have alot young players comming through as does manu and alot poeple think that man city are great threat to top 4 because of the form liverpool,but i dont think man city is much of threat at all mainly because both cd and dm are not that good,i dont see barry as that good player in fact i feel song is as good as him and a few season will be better than,kompany i see as that good either,lescott sorry but senderos is a s good as him but big phil is just mental and toure is past his best i just dont them as much of threat because all top 4 teams when it comes to business next of season always do very well

  24. CHIPPY

    DDM thats a classic !!

    Micheal Shields has said hes sick of being suronded by thieves,drug dealers and murderers……………….

    Hes only been home two weeks !

  25. Rohan

    I had a dream a couple of months back that Van Persie scored from 30 yards in a free-kick in the Champs League final. 😀

  26. sarge

    Jag. Like the name just like my motor. I can ignore that. You need to get the crowd riled up. Not that sleep inducing bollox they play each week.

    Dennis – the subtle joke at the end was a bit of empathy mate. No time for PC. Funny is funny. You can’t stop s laughing.

  27. CHIPPY

    Billy was watching Tv, Next day billy goes downstairs and asks “Dad whats Love Juice”

    His father looks horrified and tells Billy all about sex and why a womans vagina gets wet,Billy just sat there with his mouth open in amazemment.

    Dad Asks, ” So what were you watching to ask that question”? Billy Replies,


  28. Rohan

    I can understand why they play The Wonder of You though… I’m not a fan of it but its nigh on impossible to get a song that is loved by all. There will always be some opposition.

  29. Jaguar

    Went down the Lane the other night,
    To tell the yid scum
    We got the new Ronaldinho, they said to me,
    How can that be
    I said to them,
    We got Abou diaby, Abou diaby, Abou diaby, Abou diaby, Abou diaby ………

  30. insidealbania

    Two tampons are walking down the street they pass each other one going east one going west – which one says “Hi” first????????

    Neither they’re both stuck up cunts

  31. sarge

    Rohan I suggested Good Old Arsenal. I assume that is loved and would meet with everyone’s approval…except the away fans and the corporate tossers but who gives a shit.

  32. Nick

    we need our own song or just adopt one with something about it.
    Chavs- blue is the colour been sung by them for ever every fan knows it what i would call traditional song then you have
    liverfool lifted youll never walk alone in true thieving scouse style they sing it at weddings funerals football its like a them tune to their lives so everybody sings at games. we should take either path so all fans know what the fuck there meant to be singing it would make a diffrance to the atmosphere imo

  33. sarge

    Rohan – It makes sense. Every other club does it. The crowd needs to be more partisan it’s too much like a friggin’ theatre audience. I detest the punters around me. Complete lack of passion even when we score. If you can’t get excited about that you might as well fuck off to Switzerland for an injection.

  34. goonermichael

    we could have that sham 69 song of the streets. What have we got? fuck all.

    A couple on here would like that

  35. sarge

    Dennis that works for me mate. I went to Eugene’s benefit last Saturday and Grovesy was doing Karaoke. Get the Ginger one on the pitch to do a number each week. Proper geezer and full on gooner.

  36. Rhyle

    Sarge – where do you sit?

    I’m right by the corner flag to the left of the goal (from behind it) at the north bank end.

    Noise isn’t too bad but like the rest of the ground I find it ebbs and flows.

  37. sarge

    Thinking about it. Someone in the middle each week whipping up the crowd to get ’em singing aint a bad idea. A bit cheesy but worth a go.

  38. Arse&Nose

    40m on vermulum and arshavin is a sneaky way of putting it.

    The 40m sum includes the players wages for the term of the contract.

  39. Nick

    sarge it does need something i dont go alot/hardly but its like everyone’s scared to make a noise if people had someone guiding letting them know when and what to sing for a while at least it would improve the noise/atmosphere.

  40. sarge

    Rhyle – I’m right at the back of the lower behind our dug-out. Not that far from you. Me and my mates get involved and so do a few around us but the rest of ’em …it’s like a seance.

    We can see and hear the Red Action mob. Problem is all the noise comes from pockets and all in the lower. the upper stands look down on everyone like the old West Stand Upper the proper THOF

  41. Rhyle

    I’m actually over the other side of the goal – and you’re spot on, it is pockets of noise and all lower stand.

    Think the club should think about putting strategically placed ‘atmosphere’ creators about the ground, people capable of whipping up a crowd like the warm up man before a comedy gig!

  42. sarge

    Nick – It seems like the club has settled on a certain demographic. Middle class, steady income, likely to pay up every year but no fervent interest. I’ve been going over 30 years and I’ve seen so much change over that time. None so more than the crowd. It’s no longer the working man’s club, the preserve of the true protaginist. The corporate middle classes have taken over and ruined it for us.That’s my political rant for the day. Apologies to those who fit any of the above….nah not really.

  43. Nick

    sounds shit but think it would make a diffrance,also we need some songs chants that everybody knows and can get involved with.
    Down at the den the atmos is good and people are always chanting and singing when millwall score they put let em come on for a blast and it keeps everybody singing and cheering,maybe gazidis should go there for a game for all the bad stuff they do seem to have the atmosphere off to a T.

  44. CHIPPY

    Over and Over and Over Again !!!

    What an Anthem Imagine 60,000 signing that and it getting louder and louder as the game kicks off Quality !!

  45. sarge

    One of things that the club lacks is a true fans forum and I don’t mean AST or any of other self serving outfits. A bit more engagement and consultation wouldn’t go a miss. Most firms engage with their customers.

  46. Nick

    sarge its true what Geoff said yesterday about the ques leaving the ground if hill wood and the other top brass had to stand there it would be sorted sometimes the best ideas come from people on the ground floor coz the gits at the top are out of touch surely any good director/s recognise this??? they know the atmosphere needs work so why not talk to the fans simples really.

  47. Arse&Nose

    I seriously think there is an acoustic problem with the stadium design.

    Every time I go I see a chant started and by the time the chant reaches the other end it dies.

    I went to the new Wembley recently and even vs Belerus with a low crowd turnout the atmosphere was great, you could hear the chanting all the way round.

  48. gazzap

    What the fuck has the Wonder of You got to do with Arsenal FC?
    I mean its a bit of whacky idea, but why not instead go with the Arsenal anthem – Good Ol Arsenal? Just re-mix the original and Bob’s your uncle.

  49. Rohan

    Good point ArseandNose… A lot also has to do with the steward not allowing anyone to stand etc… you cna hardly sit down and sing can ye..

  50. gazzap

    A&N I agree. There are sometimes 4 different chants in the stadium at the same time. But each section cant hear the other sections. Not sure there is anything can be done about it.

  51. Big Raddy

    There ws a season at Highbury when Sky first started to show games that we had singers on the pitch – though they performed their own songs, and it was pants. They also had all girl cheer leaders like in the States.

    All that happened was that the North Bank gave it *Get your Tits out for the Lads etc* 🙂

    IMO we should kill the DJ. Reduce the price of beer, and open the bars early, encouraging fans to get into the ground at least an hour before kick-off. Have standing areas where the singers can congregate. Have the teams get out early for a warm up (at least 15 minutes before the KO). Allow banners and flags into the ground. Improve the transport systems in order to ensure fans stay after the game (or at last stay to the end)

  52. Arse&Nose

    Nick, I have to disagree about Queues, I honestly think that they aren’t that bad for 3pm ko.

    People need to use a bit of nous and learn to use different routes instead of all trying to pile into Arsenal station.

    The only time the queues are really problematic are at weekday evening fixtures when everyone wants to get home quickly because they have work the next day.

  53. Arse&Nose

    Gazzap, there was talk about microphones and speakers being put round the stadium to improve the acoustics.

    Its a shame we get labelled as a quiet crowd when I see people singing and not being heard!!

  54. sarge

    Nick. the problem is the public face of Arsenal is Rowley Birkin. How far from reality can you be? And he uses the Daily Star to showcase his views. What’s that all about!

  55. Big Raddy

    Right Gazzap. When in the Clock End we had different songs going simultaneous to the North Bank. But what is important is the level of noise

  56. gazzap

    Agreed, but you also had things like we’re the clock end Highbury and the North Bank could at least hear you!
    I cannot imagine a similar end to end chant occuring now. you’d be craning to hear anything.

  57. sarge

    Big Raddy I remember that. the problem was no-one could relate to the singers / bannds. It was a PR stunt by Sky and not the club. We need something relevant and connected to the club and fans. A big bellow of ‘Eyes Right, Skin back tight…’ from the Grovester just before kick off would work IMO.

  58. Dennisdamenace

    Reduce the price of the beer, encourage the fans to get in the ground early, have s few cheapish jars, lose your inhibitions and sing and chant and jump up and down like nutters!!

  59. Big Raddy

    The Spuds used to have Chas &Dave… it was appalling, and I don’t think a band would really work.

    A decent song might, but how to choose? I would go for AC/DC but understand that it is not to everyones taste.

    Good Old Arsenal is the best option, but even that is dull :

    Perhaps a reworking of Footballs coming home (3 Lions)

  60. Odub

    Top post Pedro,

    Havent even bothered going on, came straight here for an update on the AGM and wasnt dissapointed! Didnt realise you were actually going, well played!

  61. Dennisdamenace

    Raddy – I can understand that a lot of people are realy self-conscious, and need something to loosen them up, and that can result in subdued crowds….

  62. sarge

    What about a can of Tennants Super on each seat? Guaranteed to get people fired up. It seems to me people just turn up, waste a couple of hours then fuck off, end of. Me, I still love the anticipation and optimism before the game, catching up with mates, the banter in the pub before and the post match lager and analysis.

  63. gazzap

    I think also people have started going as a family group more and more and its had an impact on people wanting to sing due to being self conscious next to people you are normally so reserved with. If you sit with your mum and dad you’re not going to even swear at the ref (which is obligatory in my mind).

    the old days used to be lads with their mates in North Bank and Clock end. those days have well and truly gone.

  64. Dennisdamenace

    For me it’s a whole day event, pre match beers n banter, match, post match beers n banter!!

    I’d stick a slug of Absinthe on everyone’s seat!!!

  65. Odub

    A bit dissapointed with where my seat is, very quiet and i feel like a pillock when I start singing any louder than a church mouse because no one else joins in!!!

  66. sarge

    Gazzap. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head mate. Everyone use to associate with their part of the ground. We’re the North Bank, We’re the Clock End, We’re the East Stand. Used to make my hair stand on end when that got going. There’s no identity as yet with the new ground.

  67. CHIPPY

    ‘Eyes Right, Skin back tight…’ from the Grovester just before kick off would work IMO.

    Totally agree but im afraid the pc world we now live in would mean this would never get an airing at arsenal they would have to tone down and dillute the song totally which would kind of miss its whole point 🙁

  68. KM in WALES

    Just read the jokes u wrote DDM….frankly i think they are low & really offensive esp. Towards muslims.Also interesting to see some of the Grovers applauding u.Maybe u should join ur m8 Nick Griffin.I know i’m gona get bashed by most but had to say what I felt is right.

  69. Dennisdamenace

    By using dennisthepenises, which by the way I see what ur doing there it must’ve taken aaaaall morning for you to think up that one, you’re actually dissing DB10 there you mug, so jog on….

  70. sarge

    Chippy – I agree. That’s how much football has changed. Once apon a time it was a past time now it’s a social and moral barometer

  71. CHIPPY

    Sarge, Yep Bang on the money my friend Football for the working class is dead,
    For the last few years ive actually enjoyed the pub before and after far more than the actual going into the ground which is a sad state of affairs 🙁

  72. Mayank

    Don’t want to sound like a suck up but Pedro, top post! Well done man…
    I hope there are many more such meetings… I’d hate to see Arsenal owned by any single person…

  73. Rhyle

    KM – think DDM’s intent was to shock / amuse, not offend…’armless really but if you aren’t used to him by now you’re never going to get used to him!

  74. Rohan

    dennisdamenace Says:
    October 23, 2009 at 13:45
    Personally KM i find Wales really offensive, but i have to live with it….


  75. sarge

    The ‘4’ cards that were handed out last week. What a lame thing to do. I would have thought 60K people singing ‘We’ve got Cesc Fabregas’ would have been far more effective and appreciated than trying to wave poxy cards in the air like a test match. Who comes up with that shit (and by the way that’s rhetorical question)

  76. KM in WALES

    Rhyle – his jokes are good most of the time but these ones were just not on. But as u say thats life. I just wanted to air my feelings. DDM – Wales ain’t bad mate 🙂 u just need to spend some quality time here. Where are u frm?