I’ll never leave Arsenal, all my mates are here, and honest love, it is 6 inches!

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Francesc Fabregas has been talking about his new best friend Tomas Rosicky, since his old best friend Igor Hleb left the Arsenal, Cesc has become closer to Tomas.

The great thing about that is, he sees how loyal Arsenal have been to him during his hellish two years enforced break, and now that Igor has come out and said he should never left us in the first place I think Cesc knows that the grass may not be greener on the other side of the ocean.

He then went on to say how Arsenal was one big happy camp and that is showing in the way the team plays, even big Frank has likened Song to the great Peter Storey, not sure about that, but Frank was one of those saying we must spend in the summer, so either he’s been got at, or he sees some improvement.

He did officially open Highbury Square this week so you make up your own mind, I really loved Peter Storey though, he was right up there with the Billy Bremner’s of his day, if Song becomes half the player Storey was, I would be delighted. Alex, take note son!

So anyhow, the great news is that Barcelona have decided to come back in for Arshavin should they fail in their bid to get Robinho from the northern chavs. Aren’t we lucky, thanks Barca!

Isn’t it funny, IF THEY FAIL in there bid for Robinho, that means they see us as a soft touch, a homer in there search for players, the Brook Street Bureaux of football, the place they always go when they need players, come on UEFA, do something, Arsenal won’t.

It’s our own fault to be honest, everytime a player wants to leave, we let them, it’s time to enforce contracts, perhaps Ivan will do that, if not, stop extending them.

So three days to go and we can start thinking about football and the greatest team the world has ever seen again, boy this has been more boring than the summer break, at least in the summer we speculate and have a little hope each day, I think this has been the worst lay off since records began, don’t you? It seems like two months already.

Still, so far so good, no injuries, let’s hope we can get through tonight and have almost a fit squad to choose from.

Fabianski and Nasri are going back into training so that’s good news, just don’t ever ask Arsene Wenger how long you’ll be out for if you crack your leg, his 6 weeks is akin to the average blokes ‘this is 6 inches’ line to birds!

Sorry Grovers, I didn’t mean you lot! Have a great day, not long now.

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  1. tomstoned

    Timao mate..

    i will however quite hasty mention..catalonia,basque,galicia….and what in time have come from that fight for Nationality…so with that in mind..lets if..still interested take the discussion somewhere else…

    im not that far out and you know it Timao..


  2. tomstoned

    and Stu youre just in nick of time to accept the fact that Song is fast becoming the best midfielder in the world…so far its just a couple of Grovers that doesnt agree….they’ll get there ..no worries ..


  3. Nick

    song is slow cant read a game and in general just not good enough for us….but he is doing better then before so good on him.Still should sign someone else

  4. tomstoned

    i know we live in Arsenal Paradise and things couldnt get much better…

    still i cant keep thinking …in these times of Almunia’s comaback….should we for once spend some money and buy Akinfeev(the new Lev Yashin) then we would have a world class goalie for many years he’s 23 or maybe 24..should fit the bill for Wenger..

    would be interesting..


  5. B.B.K

    haha song becoming better then mascherano the stats are there to prove it in the words of geoff i tend to use my eyes

  6. tomstoned

    Nick ill be serious mate..

    Whats very interestng when it comes to Song is the *fact*that he is improving all the time..and that is one feature that young players who becomes really great have in common..not like the bentleys of the world or valancia(manu)who have one good season ..peaks and dies..

    so i cant stop wondering if Song have what it takes…at least i wouldnt deny him that opportunity to show us…a player who only gets better by the mnute is always special..


  7. tomstoned

    BBK mate..

    ive always said there is only one player i would buy to play the role of Song instead of him…and that was before the season started..Yaya would be a perfect buy..that didnt happen…and quite frankly today i wouldnt buy him anymore…


  8. Nick

    Tom he can get better in reserve or on loan i dont blame him for playing given the chance, its been a long road for him to get to the level he is and just dont see him being able to move up the good stakes much more if he continues to improve i will change my opinion but for now he is the weak link in the side.

  9. timao

    Diaby is a French international isn’t he? I didn’t realise they were that hard up for players. Or, er, maybe he isn’t that bad after all?

  10. Faceman

    mascherano has been shit for club and country for about a year now

    he even begged peru players to take it easy on the argies in that mental game last saturday

    roberto palacios from peru has been taking the piss out of him all week in the peruvian press


  11. tomstoned


    Diaby isnt a bad player…but he needs to be consistant…once he gets that right he’s going to be great…lets hope sooner rather than later…


  12. Stu

    Faceman, not even your joking and rudeness can dampen my mood today. A week without any internet access and absolutely no football has been awful. I didnt even get to see England lose ffs!

  13. Nick

    Faceman never rated him much at any time anyway the standard of dcm is low across the board for some reason wenger should get a cb and make/mould them into the new dcm we need.simples

  14. Mayank

    We haven’t actually got a recent yardstick to measure Song by he plays like a slightly advanced CB… Right now it seems like he is giving us more attacking freedom… He has a different role than that of Vieira or Gilberto so if you compare him to these players he’ll always come up short, but i think he can be his own player and do a more than decent job for us… The boy does seem eager to learn…

  15. Bozin

    Chipo that’s one hell of a reply from a fellow Gooner. He is true in every word! When I read spuds comments, its like reading 8 year old ones, its laughable and pathetic.

  16. tomstoned


    give Song a chance…he’s improving ,much like Cesc grew into Our team…

    and with Nasri back he will have a fight on he’s hands….great…


  17. Stu

    False Tom. Diaby IS a bad player. Proved by his shitness.

    Anyone watch the Russia Germany match? Fucking disgrace that ref not giving a pk to Russia…one if not two.

  18. KM in WALES

    Tom ur not Stoned.I’v been saying this all season that Song is an amazing DM,and the scary thing is that he’l get better.Atm i think he’s joint second with Fletcher and behind Essien in the EPL.Song has more facets to his game than Fletcher and i expect him to be a firm 2nd behind Essien by nxt season.Fletcher is a hard worker and never say die attitude,SONG has something which v.few DM’s possess – skill and a brilliant dribble which gets him away frm his opponent in tight spaces.

  19. Stu

    Cesc was going to be a great player and we could all tell that from his debut. But Song? He has been mostly shit in his arsenal career apart from the last few months of football (and for Cameroon but that does nothing for us).

  20. tomstoned

    BBK mate

    cattermole…get real ..he’s nothing but a very limited player…and doesnt seem to have the talent to get any better…Song is world class…cattermole a good premier player at most…

    playing cattermole in europe would be a disaster..but he survives in the premier becuase he is a fighter…


  21. tomstoned

    and KM…

    thats why i bring up the name of Socrates,he was a fantastic midfielder…and one important thing..he would always seem to have all the time he needed to pass…..much like Song he had the abilty to create space…

    ive said it forever Our Beloved Arsenal is the new Brazil only far better πŸ™‚


  22. tomstoned

    Arshavin is better than Pele and Messi put together…heey we’re feckin better than i knew…oohhh Arsenal Paradise here we come !! πŸ™‚


  23. tomstoned

    abit out of line Nick…:)

    well im off sellng cod…great work..prices down..so chaps; maybe fish’n chips will survive for another day πŸ™‚

    have a great day All Grovers and Gooners alike..


  24. Franchise

    geoff 6 inches is a disgrace from where i come from πŸ˜›

    chics have the right to put a restraining order on guys tools 8)

  25. Geoff

    Restraining order on tools, quality!

    I may have mentioned it before but if not I will explain again. Please read this…

    …Song is slow, can’t read the game, positionally retarded, can’t tackle without fouling, gives away free kicks in dangerous places and is completely talentless.

    It’s hard to see how some of you think he’ll be a legend, but if it wasn’t for all the above, he’d be good enough for Livingstone or Bastia.

  26. ikon

    so long gone since i watched our boys play.

    It quite apparent some of the chemistry lost between Cesc, Rosicky, Hleb and Flamini is back after Rosicky has got back.
    Cesc just loves playing with Rosicky and there is nothing more of a joy watching them both play.

    Dear God please keep this squad injury free for the season and we will be onto great things.

  27. charybdis1966

    Quite a divergence of opinion on Song there, with Geoff and Tom being polar opposites. For me Song has improved from being sub-standard to either adequate or better than average(lately).
    I’ll keep a special eye on him when I next go to a match (Alkmaar on the 4th) just to see where he lies between the two viewpoints. I was going to concentrate on Diaby but I’m pretty much decided that he’s had his last chance saloon option and failed. Still, these are only subjective opinions – NOT FACT.

  28. KM in WALES

    i see Nasri is back.imo he’l be fit & sharp by mid December. Until then expect him to come on as sub for Diaby/Cesc in the 75th min etc or be subbed at 60th min or so as he gradually gets fitter.

  29. y

    i think the whole team is shit. i would gladly sell them all to barca. ANd then buy Chelsea or manu or lpool. Like most arsenal fans i always find their teams not a lacking asmuch as ours. if we just had their players. Well all would be swell :p

  30. ikon

    Although I completely agree with Geoff on how slow Song is, I think he is doing a decent enough job, and it has not cost us until now.

    This season the onus is on the frontmen and attacking mids. The matches where they fail to work up the magic (ex Fulham), then we shall see how Song and the back four (an awesome back four btw) cope.

    There wont be many matches where our mids and forwards wont be on fire in the formation we are playing now.

    Lets at least stay positive when things are looking up.

  31. KM in WALES

    BBK…i dnt think SONG is world class,but if he carries on improving the way he is,he’l up there one day.Imo some of the World class DM’s are Essien,Yaya T,Senna. Theres others who i’v probably forgot but these 3 are up there.

  32. John Muhindo

    Fabregas it`s good you advise arsenal players not to panic like HLeb who is regreting for his decision of leaving the club.Keep arsenal a better place than you actually found it.

  33. Geoff

    KM I agree with who you think is up there, but I don’t think Song will ever be.

    I hope I’m proved wrong, but in the same way I knew Hoyte was never going to make it and the same way I know Gibbs will, unfortunately I can see Song won’t.

    If that makes sense!

  34. KM in WALES

    Imo Flamini in his last season was one of the best DM’s in the EPL and in the world. Him & Cesc were just amazing in the middle of the park!

  35. Pat

    So looks like rafa will have to put up or shut up once LPool get taken over. Arsenal the only club keeping with tradition. I fucking hate those middleeastern bastards who buy out clubs. Whats the point? Platini said that’ll all come to an end in 2010, or was it 2012? Either way…

  36. charybdis1966

    Pat, the fact there are so many arabs involved in premier league boardrooms now lends itself to another conspiracy theory.

  37. Pat

    I fucking hate them. They have no interest in the clubs they take over and once 2012 arrives, i hope clubs that rely on sugardaddys(United, Chelsea, liverpool, city) fail miserably.

  38. Sven

    I really don’t think that Cesc is seriously considering Barcelona. Just like Hleb he would’nt get in their starting 11. Cesc will only head there when they need to replace Iniesta or Xavi.

  39. paul

    Song is a vastly improved player and still learning,i think the only thing that he lacks is pace,maybe he can learn to read the game better to overcome this.

  40. KM in WALES

    GEOFF @ 16.30…i get where ur coming frm.I just think that SONG is hell of an asset. Atm he’s playing as DM and he’s doing a good job of it. I bet Wengers gona get a DM in nxt summer and SONG will then rotate between DM & CB. That’s a rare quality in top flight footy…i dnt know many players who can play DM & CB. REGARDING tonights match,I hope HLEB plays,special player that guy.YES,he shouldnt have fukked off to BARCA like a whore,and i was gutted but he was a brilliant player at Arsenal in his last years.

  41. Mayank

    It’s nice to see Song has got us through the majority of the interlul, see Geoff he’s not completely useless…

  42. KM in WALES

    Sven – what u doing here? Shouldnt u be @ NOTTS County? πŸ˜‰ I agree with ur comment though…CESC should only go to BARCA in 2yrs time.XAVI will be 30 by then.Only reason CESC should/would go is if Iniesta is to start in place of Henry nxt year as the LF which would leave a vacant midfield slot for CESC.

  43. Ja_Gunner

    Why is Hiddink playing Arshavin…when they have no chance of winning the group…..

    Why doesnt he give Pogrebnyak a run out….

    Whats the point?

    I just hope Andrei doesnt get injured.

  44. Dutchman

    What I think about song is that we have a future DM in him. And for now I think he is the best thing what we can have in DM, he is also technical,good tackling,a beast. And not that slow. But you don’t agree with me for sure.

  45. Stu

    Sven is actually due to coach SOuth Korea (i think) in the world cup.

    Where are ye watching the Russia match? All my sport channels have gone.

  46. reggie57

    Well done yesterday BBK you stirred up a real hornets nest with your comments,10 out of 10 for entertainment
    good on yer pal!!!

  47. patthegooner

    Has anybody heard anything as ludicrous and funny as Man Shitty being in for Cesc.

    As if he would join that bunch of mercenary cunts.

    even the low life pond life hacks must have giggled whilst printing such crap.

  48. Faceman

    fucking pathetic hack reporting, as if cesc would go to a shitty norvern monkey club… only shit cunt players who cannot cut the mustard end up there.

  49. patthegooner

    in some ways it is a shame Cesc is a decent humanbeing (unlike most of the Shitty Squad) as it would be funny as fuck if he publically mocked their interest in him.

    The same way any half decent player does to the Spuds!!!!!

  50. patthegooner

    Bit gutted for Eduardo, looks like Croatia are out of the World Cup.

    They have some superb fans as well (Especially the birds) so will be missed in South Africa.

  51. Rupe

    Arshavin plays for Russia because he’s their best player. It’s not Russia’s responsibility to rest players for Arsenal’s sake.

    As for Mannone, surely the jury is still out? His shot-stopping has been excellent but you expect that… the mark of a great keeper is how they control their box, when they decide to come for the ball and when they get it, and to me he still looks a bit shaky on that front.

  52. Rupe

    patthegooner… It would be funny and I wouldn’t rule it out. Cesc does have previous for mocking Mark Hughes, after all.

  53. patthegooner

    Mannone has done pretty well…………but

    I would still bring in Fabianski if he was fit, and I would probably give Almunia a last chance saloon too.

    It will be an interesting choice on Saturday, as Almunia is surely fit now.

  54. patthegooner

    Is that the game in Qatar Chozzer.

    Honestly guys, if anyone is considering going, don’t bother, I have just spent 2 months working in Doha and it is a fucking shit hole and the beer costs a fucking fortune.

  55. alex

    CESC NOT IN THE TEAM FOR SPAIN GAME. Will he play on the weekend??

    Arsh scored and played full game for Russia and Ramsey, Senderos & Rosicky all start πŸ™‚

  56. A

    So Rosicky must be unlikely to start on Saturday then, 3 starts in 7 days would probably be a bit much for him, so I reckon Bendtner starting wide right, Arshavin left, VP centrally. Maybe Theo starting wide right? unlikely though straight into the starting line up

  57. Emperor gooner

    arshavin , rosicky , fab , nasri , rvp , verminator TOGETHER in 1-2 weeks time…..get ready for the most explosive football ever witnessed by mankind.

  58. Stu

    I’d rather have Bendtner left and Arshavin right than the other way around because Bendtner was impressive for Denmark on the left against sweden. Dont know how anyone else played on internationals tho.

    Or even Theo right instead of Bendtner because he aint no winger! Maybe Ramsey and Cesc in midfield ahead of Song too. Its only Birmingham..

  59. A

    Nah you’ve gotta have a DM with the players we play Stu, I wouldn’t mind Ramsey in for Diaby though, but feel it’s unlikely, especially with Ramsey supposedly having back injury problems at the moment. Really is so annoying that Vela is off with Mexico, would be great for him to start.

    Maybe a shock start for Wilshere or Merida?! Both have had a week off and will be fresh, along with VP and Cesc

  60. Stu

    Yeah A, thats why i have Song behind the 2 CM/AM’ers.

    Cesc Ramsey

    Obviously tho as you say Ramsey probably isnt eligable because of injury so someone else will have to do. Anyone but Diaby….

  61. A

    Ah ok Stu, yeah I getcha, sorry I thought you said instead of Song rather than ahead, my bad. Ramsey starting for Wales, but if the Wales manager said he wasn’t sure if he could play because of the injury, I doubt Wenger would start him if not absolutely 100%. Diaby is most likely to play, and he could do well against a team like Birmingham, though Wilshere starting would be awesome

  62. Stu

    Yes Diaby could do well against them…or anyone really. Diaby doesnt have a type of team he likes to play against tho. There is no way of knowing how Diaby will play. Generally he disappoints. Obviously when you expect a player to disappoint then a decent performance or one without mistakes will make everyone think he has played well.

    I dont hate Diaby but i dont like him either. He is very frustrating to watch. Game after game he offers little to the team yet keeps his place. Something i will never understand.

    Is he playing for France?

  63. A

    No Stu, in the squad but not even on the bench. Sagna and Gallas are on the bench, apparently Gallas lost some teeth midweek after a smack in the face so he was said to be doubtful? Sagna I guess was just dropped for a more attacking full back?

  64. Stu

    Damn..i was hoping Diaby would start and add to his amazing total of 2 caps and not be able to play at the weekend. Not good news about Gallas either..hope he is fit for Brum.

  65. A

    You’d guess if he’s on the bench for France then he should be ok to start at the weekend Stu, I’d hope so anyways, otherwise I wouldn’t be against Sendy starting alongside Vermy!

    Hope Eboue starts right back too, and maybe Gibbs left as well, giving us more attacking options. Clichy is starting for France ahead of Abidal, Evra not on the bench

  66. Stu

    Wierd isnt it. Clichy in 07-08, arguably his best ever season, he didnt get a look in for france and now in a very bad season for him he starts. Domanech (sp?) is as odd as fuck.

  67. A

    Keeper should probably have saved ramsey’s fk but still nice hit, and good for him, first goal for wales, he should be a top top player for us. Estonia beating Vermy’s Belgium 2-0, they really are pants aren’t they! I thought Hazard is meant to be the bollocks, how come he doesn’t start for Belgium?!