I’ll never leave Arsenal, all my mates are here, and honest love, it is 6 inches!

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Francesc Fabregas has been talking about his new best friend Tomas Rosicky, since his old best friend Igor Hleb left the Arsenal, Cesc has become closer to Tomas.

The great thing about that is, he sees how loyal Arsenal have been to him during his hellish two years enforced break, and now that Igor has come out and said he should never left us in the first place I think Cesc knows that the grass may not be greener on the other side of the ocean.

He then went on to say how Arsenal was one big happy camp and that is showing in the way the team plays, even big Frank has likened Song to the great Peter Storey, not sure about that, but Frank was one of those saying we must spend in the summer, so either he’s been got at, or he sees some improvement.

He did officially open Highbury Square this week so you make up your own mind, I really loved Peter Storey though, he was right up there with the Billy Bremner’s of his day, if Song becomes half the player Storey was, I would be delighted. Alex, take note son!

So anyhow, the great news is that Barcelona have decided to come back in for Arshavin should they fail in their bid to get Robinho from the northern chavs. Aren’t we lucky, thanks Barca!

Isn’t it funny, IF THEY FAIL in there bid for Robinho, that means they see us as a soft touch, a homer in there search for players, the Brook Street Bureaux of football, the place they always go when they need players, come on UEFA, do something, Arsenal won’t.

It’s our own fault to be honest, everytime a player wants to leave, we let them, it’s time to enforce contracts, perhaps Ivan will do that, if not, stop extending them.

So three days to go and we can start thinking about football and the greatest team the world has ever seen again, boy this has been more boring than the summer break, at least in the summer we speculate and have a little hope each day, I think this has been the worst lay off since records began, don’t you? It seems like two months already.

Still, so far so good, no injuries, let’s hope we can get through tonight and have almost a fit squad to choose from.

Fabianski and Nasri are going back into training so that’s good news, just don’t ever ask Arsene Wenger how long you’ll be out for if you crack your leg, his 6 weeks is akin to the average blokes ‘this is 6 inches’ line to birds!

Sorry Grovers, I didn’t mean you lot! Have a great day, not long now.

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  1. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    One of our main problems for NOT challenging for any silverware is not having a first choice squad on a very long run,which means injuries

    Fingers crossed,touchwood…

    No more injuries Please…we have suffered enough…

  2. Bozin

    A good post mate, and I am almost sure (one can never be with AW) that we will not let go AA23 or Cesc that easily. The timing of the sales of our players seemed perfect so far (as SAF pointed out in the summer). What I’m saying is I don’t think Wenger will let go his best players easily, I hope we pull of a Bayern move and say to our players “we will not sell you!”.
    But I hope we win a title in the first place, I think we will!

  3. John A

    It’s so effing boring !

    Ban all internationals until the end of the season.

    What a joke, only 2 months into a new season and this is the second mind numbingly boring international break.

    Someone needs to sort this sh1t out.


  4. John A

    Chipo, it is, unless you’re Greek. Then it’s more like 9 😉

    As they say, if you go Greek, you won’t sit for a week. 🙂

  5. Arsenal Tom

    good stuff again fella’s!!

    so rosicky is fab’s new best friend huh? i reckon that means this season will be his last!!

    hleb, flam & sendy…. all good mates, all shipped out!! i reckon arsene wants to be cesc’s best mate and clears out any competition!!!

  6. frichie79

    OMG, Gallas smashed 2 teeth in the france game….but its prob a good thing, he will look proper ‘ard next to the Verminator!

  7. Mark C

    Wow – Barca must be mad.

    They think Robinho is better than Arshavin !!!


    Arshavin is probably the best player in the prem.

    If Barca want him, Wenger should say

    OK give me Messi and Busquets plus some cash and we have a deal !!!

  8. Bozin

    Has Almunia recovered from that infection?

    I am really interested to see who will be our GK at the weekend. I hope its Don Vito.

  9. Evan

    I think the reason why players are being sold is to make money.. to repay for the building of emirates.. I believe thats’ one of the strategies they thought to implement until we’re financially given the green light!

  10. Mark C


    Do you really believe Almunia has had a chest infection for over a month now?

    He was dropped.

    He lost his father in the Summer, and I think he needed some time to clear his head.

  11. Bozin

    True Mark, it was a bit all of a sudden. I feel sorry for Almunia, but he hasn’t been in the game in recent weeks. Mannone has played great so far, and I am all in to give him a chance.

  12. Gunnar the Swede

    U can’t compare Cesc to Hleb. While Hleb isn’t good enough to play first team football for Barca, Fab Fab IS!! So the input on the colour of the grass seems like a bad example to determine the captain’s whereabouts’ in his football future… Don’t get me wrong though, I’ll give my right arm for the captain 2 stay!!!!!!!!

  13. slimshady

    LMAO – AW wants to be Cesc’s best mate, and thereby ships out any competition. HAHAHA fuking brilliant analysis right there :-D!

  14. Arsenal Tom


    wiseman… i reckon we’ll see that team in about 3 weeks mate, along with song and and RVP.

    nasri reckons he’ll be ready to go for the west ham game so maybe the game after that 4 will all be fit to start

  15. Mark C

    I would love to see Wilshire Eduardo and Arshavin as our front 3 with Song Rosicky and Fabregas behind them.

    we would create so many chances, and Eduardo is the man to finish them off.

    Eduardo seems the perfect foil for Arshavin, and Wilshire is in the same mould

  16. Keyser

    We defenietly have a chance at some silverware this season.

    Only amateurs and retards would think otherwise, I wonder if there’s any about..

  17. gazzap

    I read that Ramsey has a bad back so may miss the Wales game. Gallas has 2 browen teeth but should be OK for Birmingham.
    This Interlull has been worse than normal becuase of the lack of games on TV. No Under 21 last night for example. Even the England game was on the internet.

  18. gazzap

    my best team when Nasri comes back would be the normal back 5 (sigh, Almunia is back).
    then Song, Nasri and Cesc in midfield, then Arshavin (left), Rosicky (right) and RVP/Eduardo (centre).
    There are some truly great players in that 11.
    clichy, Sagna and Almunia all need to step it up a notch.

  19. charybdis1966

    Morning all, we should be appreciative of Geoff’s efforts to get through yet another tedious interlull. Did you realise we have another interlull in November also?
    I like your combative tone re. the Robinho/Arsh/Barca issue. If only the Arse’s management team showed the same fighting spirit we wouldn’t get pushed around in the transfer market like we do.

  20. Arsenal Tom

    gazzap… exact same team here mate!

    RVP is really growing into that CF role so id leave him and have eddie as rosickys cover to give him a break every now and then.

    if they can stay solid at the back no team in the country will live with the forward 4/5

  21. Keyser

    I think Clichy and Sagna are fine, we just need them to get the sort of cover they were getting 2 seasons ago, hopefully with us playing 3 in midfield rather than 4 it won’t be even more difficult.

    If Rosicky can show the sort of energy he has in the past we’re going to have a very good midfield 3.

  22. Geoff


    I think we should use our forwards every chance we get, 2 on for 60mins then swap, to be honest I would do the same with the midfield, don’t just change when we need it, or when someone’s injured or between the 67th and 74th minute ARSENE or the opposition know what’s coming.

  23. Keyser

    To be fair I don’t think we’ve had the options we have now for a while, whether through injury, youth or inexperience.

    I think the subs have been more determined by what we have to replace players with rather than time constraints. You’re just more likely to trust in the first choice players you have than throw on an inexperienced or young player.

  24. slimshady

    3 cheers for Geoff then!! or maybe the RvP clap-clap lol.

    Cesc really should change then to talking about him and Diaby are best mates, and how Ebowie takes them out for burgers :D.

    I do like Eboue off the last few matches though! I think he should play CF instead of Robin, we’d get a billion penalties!

  25. Arsenal Tom

    exactly… if we kee players like RVP, arsh rosicky and cesc fresh by taking em off when the jobs done then they’ll be able to play more games and be more effective when they do play

  26. Wonderboy

    If you remember i was the first to say that whatever happens in the next couple of months, good or bad was said by me first…FIRST…MEEEEEEE!I said it would HAPPEN!

  27. slimshady

    lol Wonderboy.


    Maybe its time to add a CAPS-LOCK speller to the teams technical bench, he’d surely get the team riled up at the break!

  28. wenger's boss

    great post geoff as always.
    i think playing arshavin,rvp,rosicky,nasri and fabregas at the same time seems so harsh for other teams,i guess we will score 6 goals in 3-4 times more this season

  29. observation

    Guys sorry for the diversion,this is just an observation.According to the caption on this blog that reads “A BLOG WHERE YOU HAVE AN OPINION ,NOT GET ONE”.I have wanted to say this for a long time,for example,a guy named “ceederbigdave” LEFT A COMMENT YESTERDAY that I think did not go down well with you,Geoff.You told him to read preferably elsewhere and later you put him into moderation,although you can say it is your blog,but why not allow him to say what he thought was right or wrong,at least he was not cursing or swearing at anybody.We all have different views and nobody is 100% right..

  30. Geoff

    Observation, anyone can come on and have an opinion, when they come on and either slag us off, or tell us to support someone else, they are looking for trouble and I don’t allow that.

    Proof of our slogan is I let you on!

    Welcome, you are free to blog, but observe the rules.

  31. Mimi

    (Though I have to admit – BBK’s point of view is always interesting). And here i was thinking you were him in disguise, kidding..
    why are you calling everything Arsenal shit.you might be in the wrong place.

  32. Geoff

    Mimi, I would say 110% but there’s no such thing, so I’ll have to settle for 100.

    It’s impossible for me to be too self important, I’m in Advertising. And I write ads.

  33. Damn_Gallas

    I am waiting for us to be as successful as barcelona and then we keep taking their players…

    F**K barca, they are damn dumb isnt it?? Taking sylvinho, petit, overmars, henry, hleb and now they want arshavin and fabregas as well as eboue??

    Why do they keep wanting our players? Damn, UEFA had better do something about this tapping up players and unsettling players. I seriously hope madrid or city becomes crazy enough and prise messi away from barcelona. Damn barcelona, you were once a team I loved to watch, but your recent actions has brought nothing but shame to your club.

  34. charybdis1966

    Damn Gallas – Platini/UEFA will do nothing about Barca’s tapping up as they are not an English club. They bleat about financial propriety and yet they say nothing about Franco’s teams (Real Madrid) spending.
    It’s only an issue if an English club transgresses any of their directives. Much as I hate the Chavs they were robbed by the ref against Barca – however as a Goon I found that hilarious, but I digress.

    Finally, Geoff IS always right, 100% so.

  35. finestcuts

    Barca will always want our players, that’ll never change, as long as we play football the way it should be played like they do, and as long as we have young players with plenty of mileage ahead of them, I just can’t keep demand dropping. They’re like a drunk bloke who has spotted a bird he fancies so much he will beg and plead with her to get his way. Someone better call security…

  36. slimshady

    by the way Mimi it was just a running joke – read up thro Wonderboy’s comments.

    Observation – big difference between an opinion and just plain slagging.

  37. Confidentgoner

    Geoff, thanks for treating us to another good post. We know we have an awsome attacking arsenal when everyone is fit but not so strong defensively. Wish Gibbs and Eboue will get their chance in the full back positions. I’d like to see vela and wilshire get some game time as well.

  38. Confidentgoner

    Or give Song a rest and try Sendy in the Dm position. He did ok in that position in pre season. Of course Don Vito Corleone stays in goal or the deal is off!

  39. Nick

    Senderos at dm is scary stuff but think we will see him given a run out this weekend with gallas taking a bang in the moosh,wenger may take this game to put him in the team and rest gallas and see what his plan b could look like.

  40. gazzap

    Maybe try Rosicky in central midfield. he excelled there for the Czechs. so Song , Ros and Cesc for midfield.
    Nik, RVP and Arsh up top. I think Eddie is injured. he missed croatia anyway.

    Is theo fit? I know he was taken off for England Under 21.

    I bet a million pounds Diaby starts!

  41. Arsenal Tom

    TV has to stay at the back, he’s the best thing to happen to our back-line since we brought sagna!

    he’s working well with gallas and gallas’ form has never been better next to him, id leave them 2 well alone!!

  42. Nick

    atom thats what i think the back is the best its been but i can see why people would want to see tv at dcm he has what we need in there as well.

  43. benkim

    Still, so far so good, no injuries, let’s hope we can get through tonight and have almost a fit squad to choose from.
    ……………..Please tell me you knocked wood after this.

  44. Geoff

    No Nick, if you go back 2 years you’ll find Pedro only does match reports, he did cover me when I got smashed up and he has covered me when I’ve been unable to get to my Mac, so he does do a great job…

    …however, Pedro doesn’t have my journalistic talent, he writes to please, me, I write to inform, to right the wrongs, to defend the weak and speak for the people that have no voice.

    I think I covered everything there!

  45. gazzap

    By West Ham, which is next saturday, we should have everyone back except for Denilson and Djourou. Thats good news. Even Fabianski will be back and I think the additional pressure on the goalkeeping spot is a good thing.

  46. ArsenalKenya

    Cesc on Rosicky………………

    You can see straight away the vision he has, the touch, the class that he plays with. It’s great to have him in the team; he’s like a new signing.

    and so is Senderos, Nasri,

  47. slimshady

    To think that I thought Geoff wrote as anger management therapy. 😀

    The Verminator can’t play crab passes, so in theory he’d be a poor DM. They’ll look a proper CB duo though together with a missing-tooth Gallas, I can’t wait!

    Gallas’ goal for The French was again just typical
    of him lol. Inexplicable.

  48. Confidentgoner

    He was ok in pre season. If he keeps it simple, he would be equally effective. He needs to pass quickly to the creative players and just stay in front of the defenders. I will be surprised if Wenger is not considering that cos of ANC.

  49. gambon

    “to defend the weak and speak for thepeople who have no voice”

    Could make a film about Geoff, the modern superhero!

    Just got my new laptop to get streaming with this weekend, thanks to whoever recommended Acer last week!!

  50. Mimi

    I write to inform, to right the wrongs, to defend the weak and speak for the people that have no voice.

  51. Arse&Nose

    I got free tickets to the England match tonight, but don’t know who to cheer.

    Belerus have that cunt Hleb and the england team are full of cunts.

  52. Jaguar

    Haha.as if.Not that I love him above Diaby.But cant digest Mr.Wenger’s logic of persisting with that headless chicken with fuckall performances in all the matches,he has played.Considering his luck,he would win a Euromillion now,if he gets himself a ticket.

  53. Nick

    Geoff so your posts aint just about football after all 😉

    did you see the post earlier with story doing what looks like some sort of praying mantis move taking out two players that’s what we need now…but maybe a with a bit more discretion

  54. tomstoned

    afternoon All…

    Thx for the post Geoff…

    what strikes me as incredible is the fact that many have missed out on how great Song is turning out to be….he’s only gettin better and better…fast becoming a world class midfielder…far better than mascherano already….the stats are there to prove it…

    and can someone please give those whores….inglorious barca’s some cheap crakc..and a quick fuck they seem desperate….or at least get someone like Franco back to kick their ass…those catalan feckers….

    three more days..not that bad we’re livin in Arsenal Paradise..

    Merida off..well son, if you cant take the heat,youre not what we’re lookin for…then youre nopthin more than the hlebs,or the money grabbin sucker flamini’s….players who’s nothin to cry over…so Fran …sign on or shut up and leave..


  55. Mayank

    LOL loved the title of the post…
    It’s kinda strange that in all of Fab’s time here he’s made such few mates…

  56. tomstoned

    and Geoff..

    i know this blog isnt about politics mate..i just have to clear a few facts and by that maybe get to explain the actions of those inglorous barca’s

    from the catalan’s there have popped up alot of terrorists..people who kill women and children innocent people..they still do for fecks sake..and are no better than the fanatic islamist’s we often speak about…disgraceful..

    knowing that; its quite easy to understand that the whores have ..no Pride..No Honor..and most of all No Respect whatsoever…No Franco had the right idea..or ?


  57. tomstoned

    Jaguar mate..

    not bad…:)only proves to me that youre alive and kickin..we just differ in opinions and thats not bad..we could still have a pint mate…we could discuss chelski.. 😉


  58. Arse&Nose

    hleb to score a hat trick then!

    one deflected shot off john terrys face,
    one off ashley coles bollocks
    and one off rio ferdinands fat lazy arse.

  59. Mimi

    “what strikes me as incredible is the fact that many have missed out on how great Song is turning out to be….he’s only gettin better and better…fast becoming a world class midfielder…far better than mascherano already….the stats are there to prove it”

    Tom, i couldnt have said it any better if i’d tried…

  60. freduardo

    i hope we can hang on to merida. i rate the lad and am impressed whenever i see him. however i believe he is at a stage where he needs to be playing 1st team football occasionally in order to develop.
    if we qualify early from the champs league group i’d love to see him get some champs league playing time in..
    I hope he gets his chance this year and proves himself worthy of more first team action, satisfying his need for football etc

  61. Mayank

    Fab hearts Verm apparently… I have to say it’s fun to see him play, i think Song in MF gives verm a licence to join the attack unmarked…

  62. timao

    – what areyou talking about Tomstoned??? Catalan terrorists? that’s pretty leftfield to throw into a football blog, but having done so it requires some justification i think. i have never heard of any catalan terrorist action… please bring me up to date.

  63. tomstoned

    ok Geoff..

    lets not waste any time then…i know you like mascherano…go look at his stats..if was just talking with a friend of mine yesterday he’s a l’pool fan so one could argue the level of he’s iq..still he pointed out that pool wouldnt miss m that much and showed me some stats…incredible…we all think pool wins more games fielding m..not tru actually..

    and Geoff one true great argument ..do you remember Socrates(Brazil)great player..Song reminds me about him.,., only Song will of course be better..


  64. ArsenalKenya


    Samir Nasri is due to return to action very soon. I like Nasri, he is a tidy player. I have known him while he was in Marseille. He is a very talented player. He did not show half his potential in his first season but nevertheless it was a pretty good season if you ask me. He played as a winger (right or left) but I believe he is a much better central midfielder. That’s where the boss will try him, I believe.

    Gabi Heinze has told some French television about the likely move of Messi to Arsenal. According to the Marseille center back, Messi is very excited about playing in the premier league and was asking questions to both Heinze and Teves about life in England, Arsene Wenger… They all agree the English League is the most competitive and exciting league in the world. Meanwhile, Ivan Gazidis and Juan Laporta are believed to be in advanced contact over the Messi transfer. The Arsenal CEO is ready to add more funds to the 70millions pounds reported earlier with Arsenal considered the third richest club in world football, the ex-american tycoon believes in order to surpass Man U and Real Madrid, Arsenal needs to invest heavily on one or two stars. The idea of a front three of Messi, Arshavin and Van Persie is too good for even Arsène who was a bit reluctant in the beginning.
    More news are piling up on the Messiah. He is apparently not happy at Barcelona after losing his two best friends in Ronaldhino and Eto’o. In Argentina, he is blasted by the critics while he agrees with Maradona of the need of change. For the record Messi has a buyout clause of around 200 million pounds but Arsenal officials are lining a very healthy bid with interesting options that may tempt the calan giants. Pep Guardiola is believed to support the deal as he feels young Pedro is ready to take over with Iniesta coming back to form and other youngsters coming through meanwhile Barcelona are lining up a bid to bring Robinho who could replace Messi on the short term.

  65. tomstoned

    Timao mate..

    knowing that it would be a long and hefty discussion,and that its really not suited for Le Grove..ill withdraw that statement…and of course apologise..(but only because im not gettin into that kind of discussion here)

    i am however more than ready to discuss this situation further in another blog/mail…


  66. Chipo

    As i’m sure a lot of you do, i engage in a lot of email banter with some of my Arsenal and Spud mates.

    I felt compelled to post this response by a gooner to a spud.

    ”The Carling Cup is probably the one trophy which you have a chance of winning….”

    We could argue this point all day but your just wrong. Chels and Utd fans especially the latter see us as a major threat this year. These fans through winning important trophies and watching their teams in BIG games vs BIG teams have a far far greater understanding of what it takes to be a successful side than someone such as yourself who has been medaling around in mediocrity for the whole of your football life. Stupid spuds should keep their opinions to themselves as history has proved you wrong in every instance.

    ”See that’s the point, you boys haven’t challenged for a major trophy in a couple of years, yet think you have a right to be considered way above Spurs, give it another season without a trophy……”

    Our right to be considered above you is there for many reasons and there for all to see.

    1) a)we have a much much better manager than you, there isn’t one category where your good but severely limited crook of a manger comes within screaming distance of Mr Wenger. FACT

    b) we are safe in the knowledge that when a bigger club comes in for Redknapp of which there are many he will bleed your club dry leaving not even a skeleton for the next manager to work with. He will also be happy to profit form the mess he has left by signing ex players very cheaply….. god he has class.

    c)We have 50m to spend in January

    2) We have an incredible young squad who has been gaining experience for 3-4 years. It took Ronaldo and Torres years to develop to their current levels. These players all have roughly 100-150 career games now, through these experiences and the development of their talent they are now ready to hold their own against more experienced opposition before they were inconsistent only natural for players so young. FACT

    3) We have more very good – world class players in every position than you. We have depth in certain positions that’s unrivaled by any teams in the league / Europe.

    a) full backs

    b) attacking midfield


    Tottenham cant say this about any part of their squad. FACT

    4) You have potentially 2 players that would make it into our starting 11. King (if he was fit) and Palacious. that’s it. Modric great though he is wouldn’t make our bench and Defoe is a quicker but more erratic Eduardo. FACT

    5) We have come very very close to winning MAJOR trophies in that time span and this is by far the best squad of players we have had in that time. Precisely what major trophies have you come close to winning in that time? If Wenger who is regarded in the top 2 mangers in the world by everyone, thinks that this team has more potential than his ”invincibles” (just in case you have forgotten they were the greatest ever prem team a mere 5 years ago) you MUST stand up and at least listen to what he has to say.

    Do you think Utd slated the competition when they won it ?

    Do you think Chelsea treated as a second tier competition when they got beat by us ??

    Here you are talking about a situation that you have no idea about. You want the chels fans to have really cared about losing to you but in reality it was forgotten about very very quickly, just like our defeat in the semi was to you. It must hurt really bad to know that the scenes of your greatest and most glorious triumphs are mere footnotes in the overall pain we get when we are knocked out of a MAJOR competition by one of our MAJOR rivals. Being given a bloody nose by your ugly, poor, feeble and ultimately irrelevant neighbor is nothing when you’ve got to take on the cream of the prem and Europe next week.

    Utd fans will tell you they went 3 years without winning a trophy from 2003-4 onwards when in fact they won the carling cup in that time. That’s how important your pathetic cup is. Its comes somewhere between winning the Charity shield and beating your MAJOR rivals in a league game. You win it but should forget about it very very soon.

    That’s the problem with the stupid spuds you just cant forget about your minor victories you need to start looking at the bigger picture and the bigger picture tells us that your club is

    a)in desperate need of a new stadium

    b)has a manger who is incredibly wasteful in the transfer market (see point (a) … not good at all for your development.)

    c) hasn’t won or got close to winning a major trophy since 1991.

    Now you tell me who has the arrogant fans, the fact that your even mentioned in the same breath as us makes me feel sick.

    Also would just like to point out that we can get to the Final of your incredible competition with our u19s

  67. kurdishgooner

    nasri being back is very welcome news. He targets the game at West Ham. By the time we play the scum, he’ll return to his best…