When is a young player not young anymore, and what do we do with the young players?

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Ok let me start by saying I have a question to ask about our long term plan which is to grow players, by bringing them in from all over the world which saves a lot of money on buying players, or at least that’s the plan.

Lets take our current team, yesterday I said a number of them are not young any more. I have no doubt I may have left a number of young stars out, but that’s because we have so many I can’t remember them all and I write posts from memory, not from Google.

Left side of midfield is a good place to start. I’m placing players where I think they should be, so please don’t say things like ‘he doesn’t play on the left, twit’

Currently our first team pick is Rosicky. He has a young star behind him in Nasri, behind him is Diaby and behind him is Carlos Vela, well I think anyway.

In the middle we have 22 year old Cesc Fabregas, behind him is Ramsey and behind him is Merida. Then we have Song and behind him is Denilson and behind him is Coquelin.

On the right we have Theo and behind him we have Wilshere and behind him we have Barazite.

At the back we have Clichy and behind him is Gibbs and behind him is Traore.

In the middle we have Vermaelen and Gallas and behind them we have Senderos, Silvestre and Djourou.

On the right we have Sagna, behind him we have Eboue and behind him Hoyte.

Now that doesn’t include the mass of young players we have in the Carling Cup team and there we have players like Bartley, Eastmond, Randall, Ayling, Gilbert, Sunu, and Watt.

And that doesn’t include the loanees like Simpson, Lansbury, Nordveit and Thomas (yes I know Hoyte is at Brighton for a month).

Now many of these super talented kids are around the 18 year old mark and they can’t all play, many that these kids will have to replace, are young themselves, players such as Cesc, Ramsey, Song, Walcott and Denilson, so how long are these kids going to wait?

Remember the likes of Bentley, Upson, Muamba, Sidwell and Diarra that Arsene let go because they didn’t get a look in and said they wanted first team football?

What about our forwards, this season we let Ade go to bring on Bendtner and Ade was only 25, yes I know there were problems with him, but do you see where I’m going with this.

We persevered with Rosicky through 2 years of injury, so what, do we let him go now because he’s past the witching hour? I think we have all been patient with bringing on the kids, but they can’t all play, and they won’t wait 8 years to get a shout, if Jack Wilshere waited for Theo to reach an age where he would sell him on, he’d be 7 years older, will Jack wait another 7 years?

We can’t say that Merida and Ramsey will replace Cesc if he goes next year because that’s saying we banked on Cesc until he was 23, and he won’t even peak until he’s 29, so I would like to know if the idea is to have a constant average age of 25, if we do we can get ready to say goodbye to the likes of Cesc, Nasri, Theo, Nikki B, Robin, Rosicky, Clichy, Gallas and Eduardo, if not then we can say goodbye to players like Merida, Wilshere, Ramsey and Watt.

I haven’t even touched on the keeper situation! So I won’t.

My point is we can’t keep them all, as they won’t all wait, but at the same time we can’t keep selling the young ones that have got to 25, because they are too old.

Conundrum eh?

What do you think? I always said we need 2 top players in every position to cope with injuries and internationals, but with all this I haven’t even metioned the Luke Freeman’s of this world.

How many young starlets have the mancs, the chavs or the scousers got?

Have a great muse today Grovers, 4 days left until we can have a meaningful discussion again!

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  1. Wiseman

    Geoff, Lehmann was a liability, whilst Gilberto wanted to leave, Henry wanted to leave, Reyes wanted to leave, Hleb wanted to leave… Arsenal is a football club, not a prison.

    You can say we should have shackled them with contracts, but we can’t force them to sign contracts, and who wants those kinda players anyways.

  2. Mayank

    Well i’m off… BBK i just think he has it in him to be a top goal scorer…
    Geoff i know you started by saying i don’t hate anyone but that seems like a Wenger hate speech…

  3. tomstoned

    Nick mate..

    almost…:) nope just doin some papers…work…

    besides fish is healthy…but u knew that right ..??


  4. Mimi

    Gazapp, flamini the thankless twat..he can break his leg for all i care!!!i am sort of happy he hasnt surpassed how good he was at arsenal, if anythig he is becoming less of an appeal, long may he remain in their(milan’s) bench!!!

  5. SharkeySure

    Gbenga have you got any decent highlights of the Togo Cam game.

    The only ones I have seen look like the game was played out at sea in a heavy fog.

  6. B.B.K

    the only reason henry left was because he knew we were going down the youth road and that was bound to end up with no trophys,his decision turned out to be correct

  7. Geoff

    Ok then Wiseman, they all had it coming then and none of them were worth it.

    I won’t even mention they made up half the invincibles team, I’ll leave it there.

  8. A

    Lehmann was shocking that last season, we got rid of him because of that, not for Almunia’s sake!

    Brazil don’t have an u21 team, Denilson was captain of their u20 team, but doesn’t play in their u23 team. We got rid of Gilberto because he wanted to leave as we couldn’t guarantee him a first team place.

    Reyes was awesome, but he had big personal problems and his career went to shit because of them.

    Hleb and Flamini we had no control over….

    Henry was crocked when we offloaded him, his inclusion in the team in that last season had the same reaction with me as seeing Ade in the line up last season!

  9. B.B.K

    yet agin a player wanted to win medals and trophys not the plaudits for entertaing football and delivering fuck all

  10. leon

    goeff,i although mistakes were made with flamani,if a player wants to leave its useless tryinf force them to see out there contract you only want to keep players who are happy at the club

  11. Geoff

    Time for me to go, no fucker is as knowledgeable as A. I wouldn’t doubt anything said with such authority ha, ha!

  12. tomstoned

    Nick if youre English you should know about that…fish’n chips…

    try something we call *rakfish* Nick that will blow youre mind..rotten fish..still a favourite back here mate..:)


  13. tomstoned

    Geoff have a good one.,..

    and heey buy a cd Neill Diamond..one great song..sing song blue everybody has one…or somethin like that…

    tom 🙂

  14. A

    lol yeah geoff, obviously discussing anything with any rational or factual basis to back it up is far too much for you! Much more convenient to just make completely ridiculous statements as if they’re factual, when they’re totally untrue! Have a good day then

  15. arsenesabemejor

    to the song haters he is going to haunt you for many years to come, he is becoming the backbone of the side and wenger will continue to pick him.

  16. Wiseman

    See Geoff, A agrees with me on this one.

    I’m not saying that they weren’t worth it, but you often speak of players leaving Arsenal as if it is always in their control. We could offer hem ridiculous wage contracts to entice them, but then we would be on this blog debating about Arsenal are silly to pay mediocre players massive amounts of money.

    Players have as much power in leaving a club as clubs have in selling them, and when our best players leave it always because they want to leave and not because we let them go.

  17. SharkeySure

    Nick 14.14 Exactement mon ami…

    Barca were complaining that we’d sold them a crock, who no longer dribbled abnd beat people, but was still good for tap ins and the odd cool finish here and there. Ie deffo not the player they thought they had bought.

  18. Keyser

    Geoff’s just promoting debate, come on leave him alone, it’s been sloow on here for a while, we need people like him.

  19. tomstoned

    was just looking aroud since there is so much critisism of our youth Project…

    look at l*pool…

    these players have come trough their youth department..

    insua,,,el zhar,,ngog,,spearing,,darby and thats since -04…what a great turnout..no wonder they are on the way to hit rock bottom…

    and then if you look at Our youngsters coming trough…Our future is magical…


  20. tomstoned

    Keyser mate..

    no need to worry about A..he can take it,besides many times ha has really good post’s…even though once in a while he can be persistant 😉

    so A stay on these roads mate..


  21. Arsenal the Great


    I think the team can be rejuvenated as follows:

    1. Get rid of Almunia and make Vito the No.1 with Fab and Szczesny supporting.

    2. Off load Eboue and promote Gilbert and Hoyte to support Sagna. Eboue doesn’t offer much and has no further improvements to make.

    3. Sell Sylvestre and Senderos and promote Bartley and Nordvelt to sub for TV, Gallas and Djourou.

    4. Sell Traore and let Gibbs sub for Clichy. Traore can never develop as a defender because he’s defensively not improving and has no skills to succeed as LM or LW.

    5. Sell Denilson and promote Coquelin, Merida and Lanbury as midfield back ups because Denilson is average and will never be great.

    Players to sell

    1. Almunia
    2. Eboue
    3. Senderos
    4. Sylvestre
    5. Traore
    6. Denilson

    Players to come up

    1. Mannone
    2. Gilbert
    3. Hoyte
    4. Gibbs
    5. Bartley
    6. Nordvelt
    7. Merida
    8. Lansbury
    9. Watt

    It balances off. You get rid of 6 players with no chance of further development and replace them with potential 9 great players from within.

    This permits us to raise money, cut wages and unify and bond the team the more as we bring in youth players into the first team

  22. Geoff

    See what happens Keyser, when the know-it-all AKB’s get on, the debating stops, as has been proved in the last hour.

    I’ve been in a meeting and am going out for a bit, I will be back, but I’m glad you clocked it.

    Well done for that, catch you in an hour!

  23. finestcuts

    We’ve won six games on the spin. We all have ideas and suggestions about how the team could be improved but lets keep it real. We’ve won six games, we’re doing well, grumble when there’s good cause for it, but not at the moment.

  24. Rohan

    Hello everyone…
    Had taken a bit of a sabbatical the last few weeks as the lack of football in the past few days coupled with the incessant negative debates on this blog in the past few weeks put me off a bit.
    Moving on, great post Geoff. I see your point but I don’t agree….. if one of the youth players goes on to become a ballon D’Or winner, it would be worth having all the other youths leaving us. No one really expected all of them to become future stars. But a majority of them will make it big in the premier league or otherwise and we as the fans and the club should be proud of that.

  25. Nick

    sharkey just coz i dont like some/most of your posts dont make me an enemy i wish you know harm…

    There does seem to be a lot of people moaning that we are negative on here, i must disagree and say its balanced most except other opinions only the self opinionated cause arguments 😉 imo.
    Read a few blogs and only come on this one coz i like it if i didn’t i wouldn’t read it so why some bother to come on only to pop it is beyond me.
    Geoff/Pedro dont have to do it and do not draw a salary on the back of it so lay off em people or start your own blog or to quote so many greats fuck off somewhere else 🙂

  26. Rohan

    Meh.. I guess. Been pretty busy. I’m loving the team this year though. Think we have a pretty good shot at the league though this year… 😀

  27. SharkeySure

    Fair enough Nick, I wrote that ‘gag’ in jest, it was only later that I read that Mimi and me were also on your ‘ignore’ list, which is fine cos I’ve only had the one falling out with you, and for me its completely in the past.ver.

    I’m gonna be careful what I say here, cos I do like to make a point, but not the same one again and again.

    On LG it seems that there is a clear ‘them’ ie AKB’s and us (GKB’s?). If your a ‘pal of the blog’ ie non AKB you can do as you please including name calling , which you did to Mayank earlier. If you’re not then different rules apply.

    Good point you make about the sterling work done to keep the blog going, and I fully agree with you on that.

  28. SharkeySure

    We’re well placed at the moment Rohan thats for

    Two losses but no shit performances, and an absolute revekation in the verminator, and Fab back to his best.

    His showing vs B’burn was as good as it gets.

  29. David


    A Says:
    October 13, 2009 at 14:17
    lol yeah geoff, obviously discussing anything with any rational or factual basis to back it up is far too much for you! Much more convenient to just make completely ridiculous statements as if they’re factual, when they’re totally untrue! Have a good day the


    Hahahahaha A

    You are certainly one to talk!

  30. nishanth

    Glad that cesc and RVP got a break.Hope gallas,arshavin,vermaelen won’t be risked in the pointless matches left

  31. nishanth

    Yeah RVP has improved a bit in that CF role.I don’t think he can play that role against top defenders but against the rest he will be fine

  32. Rohan

    RVP’s role in our system isnt that of a pure CF who jsut chests it down and tries to get shots on goal. RVP is so much more in terms of his movement creativity and him opening up defences by bringing the midfielders into the game. Him and fabregas are the fulcrum around which our attacking play revolves and are imo are our 2 most important players. I don’t think there is anyone in world football who can do what RVP does…

  33. gazzap

    there were a few earlier who were slating Flamini. But there is talk of him coming back to Arsenal.
    I for one would take him back with open arms. He’d have at least learnt what a good thing he was onto at Arsenal and he wont go thinking about the greener grass elsewhere again.

    would anyone here not want him back?

  34. SharkeySure

    I only know David’s opinions on Bendtner cos I’m not here a lot, so I’m not well placed to comment on his (other)posts, so I won’t.

    But…I do have a lot of time for A’s opinions. He really does his research, and argues his cases very well, and doesn’t seem to respond to antagonistic comment. He really seems to get a lot of them, which personally I find a bit out of order.

  35. Nick

    sharkey again mayank pops me about silly things,a bit condescending and tried to have a pop in a underhand way.
    Be bold, i admire anyone who stands up for what they believe in might not agree with them but dont pop me cause i will like you make my point back and Muppet is hardly the pinnacle of insults/name calling.
    Anyone i have popped on here has either started with me or just being underhand about the blog in general.
    This blog is what gets me through the day, some take it far to seriously

  36. A

    Cheers for the support Sharkey and Rohan! Can get a bit heated on here at times, seems to have gotten like that the last couple of days….

    gazzap I wouldn’t really want Flamini back, and I think it would be pretty unlikely. I didn’t think he was going to be good enough to play that role in the long run, as he’s very limited on the ball, and doesn’t read the game particularly well, nor is he that physically powerful. He was superb in that one quality season for us, but his role would be different now, and his pure energy isn’t what we need imo.

    Obviously though if he was available on the cheap, or on loan then I’d take him as he’d give us good cover, but still don’t think he’d be a long term solution to the DM position, I’d actually prefer Song in the current set up, although I have big doubts as to whether Song is a long term solution there.

  37. David

    Rohan its quite simply cuz youve got your head up A’s Arse 😎

    I mean seriously you’;ve even bought into the A’s argument about the RVP being the creator in the CF role. Which is pure absolute bollocks.

  38. SharkeySure

    “some take it far too seriously”

    Nick, you really don’t see the irony in that..??

    Anyway lets leave it there….or you can have the last shout on it if you like.


  39. patthegooner

    Unfortunately I can’t see Flamini coming back, and Matuidi and Vieira are now out of the picture now as well. I hope Wenger has someone in mind though.

    I would hate for us to fill the Song hole with a Diaby shaped peg.

  40. Rohan

    Fair enough, I’m not even going to bother retorting to that comment, David. I have my opinion and you have yours. I don’t want to enter another debate which ends up in a slagfest. Let’s agree to disagree….

  41. patthegooner

    I honestly think that by having the likes of Rosicky, Senderos and Flamini around (All his mates) that Cesc would stay a lot longer.

  42. nishanth

    Lol david.I agree with the fact that he is not ready yet for first 11.But he will come good and is a good option to have on the bench

  43. nishanth

    I agree PTG.Rosicky and cesc have started 2 games together and we were fucking brilliant in both those games as far as attacking was concerned.

  44. David

    We will start to destroy teams now that Nasri is back. I do fear for Walcott.

    Are you sure you have your opinion Rohan. Everything seems regurgitated from A.

    A has some very strange opinions but he will be the first to tell you he was wrong. Unfortunately you arent there for those conversations.

  45. A

    Pat I really don’t think a new signing will come in to play DM whilst Song is away. If a new signing came in then it would take a little bit of time to adapt, and learn the system, the role etc, so would be unlikely to just come and walk straight into the first team, and as it’s a maximum of 4 league games it wouldn’t make much sense if just for the African Nations.

    I’d imagine it’ll be Denilson who plays in those games, or if he’s not fit you’ve hit the nail on the head with Diaby!

  46. Rohan

    Nasri is a player I rate highly. Do you think he will start ahead of Rosicky or will they both start in our best 11.

  47. patthegooner

    That is why Vieira made sense to me A, he is someone that could have slotted straight in.

    It is not just for the ANC cover though, it is for the rest of the season. It is the one key area we are weak in, and we are only an injury to Song away from having a weak link in our midfield, and I think for that reason, Arsene will strengthen that area if he can find the right player.

  48. Nick

    sharkeyfartosureofhimself ive read it four times now and know dont see it must be your superior intellect that detected it…on second thoughts i will go with my instinct you are a banker.

  49. nishanth

    Why fear for walcott david?The one who will miss out will be vela i think even though he is more talented than walcott.We could go with

    Arshavin Theo
    Cesc Nasri

    We will have to rotate a lot

  50. A

    Rohan I reckon when everyone is absolutely 100% fit, and match fit etc it would be something like

    back 5

    Cesc Song Nasri

    Rosicky VP Arshavin

    though Nasri and Rosicky might swap in that midfield role as well, with Theo, Eduardo, Bendtner, and Vela offering more of a goal threat than Rosicky as a forward

  51. Sven

    Good post, raises some very good points that i was also making at the beggining of the season about our squad size. You can see why Wenger was reluctant to bring in another attacker, unless it was a bargain.

    Good to see quite a few Gooner fringe players have improved their reputaions after the weekends internationals.

    Bendtner was magical on the left of the Denmark attack against Sweden. Was tormenting the RB, his close control is improving!

    Senderos was immense for Switzerland, two great headed goals, Gallas scored as well, so looks like the Vermaelen effect is taking over.

    Gibbs and Wilshere were awesome for the U21’s, Jack is just like Rosicky, it will be good to have him back to train with.

    Apparently Song was also great for Cameroon, but i didn’t catch that game, but then we already knew that he is the rock in the middle for us this season.

  52. gazzap

    A, yeah I would take Flam back on loan as cover for definite. When Song goes, even if Den is fit by then, I dont see that as being enough. den isn’t your physical hardman type player that I think flam and song are much closer to being. Den is a good link player between the very defensive midfielder and the more attacking creative players.

  53. Rohan

    hmmmm.. we do have a lot of options up front. I imagine Bendtner/Walcott will start if either of Rosicky/Nasri are on the bench. If Arshavin is rested I hope to see Vela but I fear we will see Diaby….

  54. SharkeySure


    I grew up by the Oval cricket ground 8years, then another 20 or so in Camberwell/Peckham, now in Honor Oak.

    Went to William Penn Schol in N. Dulwich, played football for Lewisham Borough, christened four children and got married at a church in Dulwich, took my driving test at Hither Green test centre, my son plays in the SELKENT League and his home ground is in Catford.

    Oh and best of all, I used to go to Zoom Zoom in Sidcup, and then Flicks in Dartford…

    Well you did ask !!!!

  55. David


    i fear for walcott cuz Rosicky will take his place in the Starting XI and he would be used as a back up sub going backwards in his career as a result.

  56. nishanth

    We will definitely need most of our key players to be fit during the january and Feb period.We have some really tough matches at that time

  57. A

    yeah true pat, if we signed someone for the rest of the season then it could happen.

    David Vermaelen had all of pre season, Arshavin signed on Feb 2nd and played his first game on Feb 21st.

    I agree though, if someone was top top quality then he could potentially come straight in, but I can’t think of anyone who would fit that description?

  58. patthegooner

    Still better than the cover we have got at the moment though David (No Cover) and he does excel in other areas, Positional Sense, Tackling, Leadership are all excellent, not to mention what benefits the likes of Coquelin would get from learning from him in training.

    Vieira would have been an excellent short term cover solution until Wenger gets his real target for that position.

  59. SharkeySure


    Somehow people on here can make you really angry, and then you feel you need to have a ‘pop’ at them.

    For me its then ‘ironic’ that you think others take it all too seriously.

    Nite all….

  60. nishanth

    Yeah but wenger will use rosicky carefully.I wouldn’t want to see diaby anywhere near the team when all these players are fit.I would be fucking pissed if wenger rests rosicky and plays diaby instead of vela.Diaby at LM is just woeful.

  61. patthegooner

    Well you can never 2nd guess who Arsene is looking at can you A.

    How many Gooners will raving about Vermaelen before he joined, or Sagna.

    Fingers Crossed, as I am starting to feel quite optimistic about our chances this season. I still don’t think we will win it, but I think we may be up there until the end.

  62. David

    Diaby is shocking atimes I agree but I understand why Wenger plays him right behind Arshavin becuz when those 2 begin to understand each other and link up well they are both prolific infront of goal,

    THe challenge would be for them to keep their concentration and play hard for the whole 90 minutes. I am yet to see Diaby do this.

  63. Nick

    sharky never mentioned anger mate, don’t put your feelings on me.(transference) you have a big chip on your shoulder but if i was forced to live in the slums you have then i most likly would as well.

  64. SharkeySure

    Nick …my sons 9 next month !!

    I’m not really a pub person, but I’ve started playng footie on a Fri nite down at Millwall’s Lion Centre, then a few beers in the Chandos at Brockley after

  65. A

    yeah very true pat, but that’s why I meant I’d be surprised if someone came in specifically for Song being away, because anyone who came in was likely to come out of the blue unexpectedly, so not a high profile experienced player who’d walk straight into the first team. Never know though, would make sense actually to add depth for the rest of the season.

    nisanth I’d be absolutely shocked if Diaby played left forward rather than Vela! Just wish Mexico would stop with all their internationals, or Vela would just fall out with the manager or something, it’s ridiculous how often he’s unavailable for us – this weekend for example, Birmingham would be a great game for him to start in!

  66. nishanth

    Diaby hasn’t played behind arshavin so far.Cesc has played the further of the two.Diaby’s passing is a big liability.He takes ages to release the ball.As long as he doesn’t sort that out he will continue to struggle

  67. David

    He barely blows a scoring chance infront of goal now does he? I mean if there is one thing you say about Diaby is the he takes his chances.

    Wish i could say the same for a few people. Well maybe just one person.

  68. freduardo

    i know this aint a big deal, but i was very disappointed in the yellow cards picked up by Fabregas and RVP in the olympiacos game. 2 completely unnecessary yellow cards for stupid tackles from two of our most experienced and most important players. the fabregas one at the very end of the game was like a fella tryin to get a yellow. suspensions to key players are pain in the neck, especially when they are as cheap as these cards. hope Arsene had a go at them both for being so impetuous

  69. Nick

    My bad thought the way you were saying it like it was many moons ago so dont know any 9 year olds 🙂

    No you have not,and no im not from plumstead why you ask that???

    brockley rise actually sharkey right little dive might “pop” in one night and share a beer that would be nice to put a face to the image i have.I reckon i could pick you out in a line up now 🙂

  70. David


    Emotions run deep especially when that bastard Greek Kunta keeper was saving everything we threw at him. Must have been very frustrating for VP.

  71. freduardo

    the fabregas one was worse but RVPs was still foolish. i was hoping he had matured a bit, and believe he has, but was disappointed in that card. But like i say, just a small complaint, i think we look good this year. cant wait to see nasri coming back and am chuffed to see rosicky and eduardo getting games again.

  72. freduardo

    i would have rathered fab to dilly-dally than take that foolish booking at the end when the game was (pretty much won). would hate to think we will lose him in a later game because of it.

  73. Steve C

    @ Chozzer

    Great Rosicky video, that boy is sheer class, not running about like a madman, but everytime he gets the ball he makes a good pass.

    Loved the way he won the ball back for the 2nd goal!

    @ Geoff

    Good point about the youngsters. The thing that annoyed me was the way we developed a quality partnership with 2 yound CMFs Fabregas and Flamini, developing together froma young age, and then let Flamini leave on a free rather than let them be our CMF pair for the next 10 years!!

  74. leon

    i feel certan players reach there prime late for example a player like diaby wont reach his prime until he is 28-29 but a player like cesc will reach his most likely around 24-25.i feel players like rambo,wiltshire,merida,couiquin its just about developing phsicaly and are most likely reach there prime by 24-25,evon a player like rooney is looking his prime and he is only 23,i think its an indivual thing players reach there prime at different times

  75. Wiseman

    This is Rosicky’s performance for Czech on the weekend, he is such a great player!!!


  76. SFOGooner

    I think Wenger’s idea is to cash in on two older players every year to make room for youngsters and pay off some of the debt ..

    No wonder people like Clichy cannot focus .. because they know the day they will be sold is not far off .. Traore/Gibbs to fill in next year ..

  77. Emperor gooner

    i think some people support diaby just because most of the others are having a go at him.the guy above saying diaby takes his chances is talking bollocks.did he take it against united ???against rovers ??when he clearly should have…how many chances does he get anyway ?? it’s just the briliant link up play of other players which makes him look decent.otherwise he’s next to invisible…..our team is absloultely fantastic without him , at the moment , and we’re favourites i have no doubt about that..the most excited fan currently in the premiership is the one in red n white..now just pray wenger gets the starting 11 spot on in every game..cant wait to see rosicky , nasri , fab , arsh , rvp and verminator together

  78. Emperor gooner

    great vid wiseman…imo rosicky is simply great..the guy is so technically gifted , it’s almost unbelievable..whatever he does has panache coupled with infallibilty in it…if only we wouldn’t have lost him at such a crucial stage in 07-08….but he’s back and trust me , this guy’s name will be on everyone’s lips this season…there are two arsenals – one with rosicky and another without him , it’s simple as that

  79. gazzap

    I just think Diaby has had an atrocious season. He has been woeful in every department. OK Portsmouth home game he scored a couple of goals but thats simply papering over the cracks. The question has to be why does wenger keep playing him?

    I think wenger wants to sell Diaby and by playing him he is increasing his value. I think wenger does things like that. rather than playing his strongest team he thinks about the business side of the club.

    Gazidis is right to put pressure on wenger. wenger needs to approach every match like its life or death. If he did that, Diaby would not play.

    Its hard to see diaby playing every week with such massive talent sitting on the bench.

  80. reggie57

    Who in there right mind gazzap would buy diaby? plays 1 good game in ten,consistent is a word that diaby does not comprehend!!!

  81. gazzap

    well he plays for France as well. (in the squad) his value must be pretty high. no idea how, but it must be. I reckon we can expect to get over £5m for him. Or is that wishful thinking?

  82. Ja_Gunner

    Well maybe Wenger should sell Diaby at the end of next season for example and use that money to buy Sissoko from Tolouse…..he played for France the other day against Faroe Islands….

    he came off the bench…..he made the squad over Diaby…he seemed like a tidy player….powerful and strong…he could be the long term DM repalcement……or would that be blocking Coquelin?

    I dont think so..because in a couple seasons Song may move to centre back…so we could have Sissoko and Coqulein for the DM spot…..with Denilson being the all rounder..

    But then again isnt a Song+Vermaelen partnership too short?

  83. Ja_Gunner

    We have so many midfeilders that we will have to offload some soon…

    So in the next 2 seasons or so..we can offload

    Diaby to INter/AC…
    He may do well in Italy with his pace and power against slower players

    Sell Denilson to a Spanish team Villreal etc…..
    He will do better in Spain as he will be bullied less

    Rosicky will be older

    Cesc will return o Barca at some point..

    Buy Sissoko from Tolouse….

    So our primary attacking mids would be

    1. Nasri
    2. Ramsey
    3. Merida

    Our DMs would be

    1. Sissoko
    2. Coquelin

    Our utility man would be

    1. Song(CB or DM)

    Our forwards would be


    The latter 3 would be older but could still be used if they are still here.

  84. leon

    i dont wenger will sell diaby he is the kind of manager who wants to see players see out there contracts,it depends on how much first team chances diaby wants i feel once nasri is back fit he will get the knot over diaby,as for rambo he just needs to be patient he will play alot more games next season as will wintshire and i think if diaby does not perform on a more consistant basis then his day will be numberd as its clear to me both rambo and nasri will put in more consistant performances

  85. A

    Ja I can’t see Sissoko happening, Toulouse were asking for £25 mil in the summer, and someone like City or Spuds would pay silly money like that! Coquelin in 2 years will be starting regularly anyways, unless Ramsey is in there as a DM, or Song has developed into the next Vieira!

    Wilshere will most likely be more of a midfielder than a forward, can’t wait to see him come into the team. I wonder about his attitude, acted like a real idiot in the u21s the other day, Randall’s influence in the reserves rubbing off on him perhaps!

  86. Jaguar

    The idea of selling Diaby is brilliant.We will have to pay atleast £10m to the club which would be ready to buy Diaby.

    Jokes apart,Diaby could do well in a slower league like Bundesliga or the Dutch league.He would be totally exposed as always even in the Serie A La Liga

  87. ethangunner

    linking us with Jovetic for 25 million 2us is pure lunacy , man U or real will snatch him up long before he turned his head for us ….

    this is the sort of media circus i do not partake in , nor the rumors i DONT believe in ..
    and lets face it wenger would NEVER pay 25 million for anyone .

    i actually think man U will bite however ..
    they could fill the ronaldo void with that sort of purchase and they must have the funds …

  88. Mimi

    Diaby has been through the worst of it,he can only get better from now on!!

    people dont lynch me, i was just joking.


    your boring now mate
    and if u think we have no chance of the title then u dont know shit

    your predictions are all bollocks

  90. ethangunner

    Sure i think we are not on the side of the tracks anymore !

    we are no longer DE-RAILED !
    its been the most positive signs from an arsenal side since 2003 !

    its been a long time coming !
    but only amateurs and retards would think we have a chance of pulling off silverware this season ..

    the team hasnt gelled for long enough ,
    not compared to the understanding of other teams .

    so the EPL is OUT !
    Europe (as history dictates) has ALWAYS been out

    and the other cups wenger dont take serious and will not commit 1st team players to for fear of injury ..

    i might start believing the HYPE when we start ACTUALLY beating bigger teams than blackburn! , and dont keep going down to the manc’s or MAN SHITTY !!

    until then keep it real ,
    living in the land of the fairies like ‘A’ etc ,
    is fine , if you like queers 🙂

    oh i mean if you like dreaming ..

  91. ethangunner

    keyser ,

    mathematically Burnley have a chance too!
    of course stranger things have happened but i can tell you if your a betting man your money wouldnt be on the Arsenal !

    a 10’er on an outside bet would be the best advise i could give you ….
    anything more is madness ..