Now Arsene you’ve been once bitten, don’t be twice shy.

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What does that mean? Read on my fellow travellers, read on.

Cast your mind back to when we lost Wiltord on a free, we all said who cares? That was of course until he became the top scorer in the French league, shortly after that we lost Edu, some would say a little careless that, but did we learn our lesson? Did we heck, then we lost Campbell, so by now we would have to be the worst management team in world football to let that happen again wouldn’t we?

…Then we lost Flamini, so now we really are dumb. So what should we never do again?

That’s right, you got it, we should never let a player get into the last 12 months of their contracts, because if we do they can go to a club and get the transfer budget paid into their own sky rockets and not the clubs, and frankly, who can blame them.

Now I know we give players that already have 3 year contracts, massive extensions, that does nothing in my book, save giving them a huge pay rise, we should look at players that we like that are nearing the end of their contracts, and extend them, at least that way if we sell them, we can make some money.

So we have Rosicky and Merida up for renewal, act now is my advice because if they can wind their contracts down, they sure as eggs are eggs will do just that.

There is confusion as to how long Merida’s contract is but I think it runs out at the end of next season, plenty of time to sort it out, but if we act now it will stop the speculation and I hear that Athletico Madrid are sniffing around and promising him first team football.

Rosicky on the other hand is starting to make noises, that could be because he wants Arsene to act now, or it could be he is putting himself in the shop window, some may say he owes us, I would suggest he is the missing link this season and is looking like the player we all hoped we’d signed before his injuries.

I would sign him up, he’s 29, at Arsenal that’s the equivalent of being 64 in the real world, I still think it’s young though and he has a good 3 years in him, the question is, will he break down, give him a 2 year contract, it can’t hurt, then we can concentrate on winning the league without the constant speculation, and I think D day for him is the January transfer window.

Other than that things are progressing well, the team is looking awesome and the fringe players are improving, if we can stay injury free, we can go all the way, don’t forget last year we lost Cesc and Gallas at key times, this year we are better equipped and we still have wonderboy Nasri to return.

I’m getting excited again, come on Arsene, get the contract book out and sign those two up.

Have a great day Grovers, only nine more boring days to go.

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    losing tomas would be a bigger blow than flamini

    im sure if we offer him a deal he will sign

    after all we stuck by him while he served his ban. sorry i meant while he was out injured

  2. B.B.K.

    i think it would be about the same in terms of blows if we lost rosicky id much rather have flamini then denilsong in that holding role

  3. keechin12

    Does merida really deserve a new contract? Nasri, ramsey and jack are ahead of him, certainly Arsene think eboue, diaby and song are ahead of him, we have youngsters coming thru the rank like JET, randall and henri.
    i would mind if the club make a couple million profit from the sales of merida.

  4. B.B.K.

    i don’t really feel we can get excited especially the way we defend,at key times there are to many individual mistakes that cost us the games against the two manchester teams spring to mind and against blackburn thou it didn’t cost us we can’t keep saying you score we score that will not win you titles.If we were solid at the back and not conceding then i would say we are in with a chance,untill we rectify this there won’t be any tin pots coming our way.

  5. Arsenal Tom

    morning all!

    good stuff again today, cant see rosicky or merida going though, especially as merida will come straight into the carling cup team and a few PL squads. Rosicky loves it here so i cant see him doing the off… he’s got unfinished business in england

  6. Jerseygooner

    Morning All,

    i read the article yesterday and i must say i did’nt like the undertones of it. What i would of like to have read would have been “Arsenal have paid my wages for the best part of 2 years while i have been out injured. I will be signing a new contract in the very near future” not “i’m sure many other clubs would have me” I really hope this was the press manipulating his words for a bit of controversy.

  7. km

    Wenger will keep Rosicky on board – but he needs to give him a 4 year contract rather than a shitty 1 year contract – because theres no-1 good enough to replace him yet – Walcott/Wilshere are still kiddies

  8. gaya

    has anyone thot Rosicky was responding to questions asked? If i was the owner of a club or business i also would want to make sure he is fully rid of his injuries before we both commit. And am sure i can remember Arsene talking about dicussing contracts in december. So we wait. this is the same Rosicky people wanted us to get rid of but the manager stay faithfull, now the same people are worreid he might leave and we all think Arsene will be stupid to let him go. I just cant understand how we reason

  9. Geoff

    Morning all, that’s the press for you, but we have to believe what we read until we’re told otherwise I guess.

    Merida signed a new contract in March 2008 but I think it was just an extension.

  10. Geoff

    I agree he owes us, but that means nothing anymore, Robin owed us but kept us waiting, it’s the nature of the beast I’m afraid.

    When we wanted Rosicky replaced we were right gaya, the fact he’s good now means nothing, we didn’t have him for two years and he should have been replaced, now he’s fit and playing well we should keep him.

  11. RockStone

    Morning all…

    I disagree B.B.K. I can see where you’re coming from but all of the teams above us aren’t setting the world on fire either.

    Plenty of time for us to deal with our issues…and as long as certain players remain injury free, we’ll have a dimension we were so lacking last season.

  12. Arsenal Tom

    turan is quality, seems a strange bit of business though as we’re pretty well stocked with, rosicky, vela, arsh, theo, eddie, bendtner even nasri and traore can play the wide roles if needed

  13. Big Raddy

    Morning All

    AT. Strange is the word. I too would like to play for the Arsenal earning 50k a week minimum. And I have as much chance as the Turk !

    Merida looks a fine layer and it would be lunacy not to give him another contract.

    Mozart? I agree with Geoff – a 2 year extension would suit both parties.

  14. Xan Nasir

    there is no doubt Rosicky’s contract should be renewed. He is showing good quality and bring great vibe to our attack but he should prove his physical fitness first.

  15. Arsenal Tom

    lol raddy! 2 years is fair for everyone… maybe with a 1 yr option to extend on the end… that’ll take him to 32, if he’s still going he could be our giggs… but better… cos he wouldnt be a half-breed welsh-manc sheep shagger

  16. Geoff

    Also Tom because he has been out for 2 years he’s body will be more like 27.

    Good point about the sheep though.

  17. Good to be a GOONAH!!

    there is the issue of his fitness that we all seem to be ignoring… the media will try to make this about Rosicky wanting to LEAVE us but actually his position is an area where we are very VERY well stocked.

    I would keep him too as he is the finished article who captains a major football country and fits our style of play.

    However. One cannot be certain about his continuing fitness. There is much to consider. Wenger always gets these things spot on.

    You may suggest he got Flamini but my view is that AC Milan now regret giving him a 120k Euro/week contract.

  18. Big Raddy

    Fair point about Flam Good2B. I was thinking the same myself. Flamini is an average member of the worst AC side in 2 decades

  19. Rich from the North Bank

    2 year deal for a guy that has hardly played in… 2 years….

    good post… but that’ll be the Dayhoo : )

  20. ArsenalKenya

    Wenger can do nothing about the international exodus from Arsenal’s training ground except hope for his players’ safe return. In the meantime, the Frenchman can take stock on a season which has already given him plenty of cause for optimism.

    “The timing of this international break is bad but hopefully our players will come back without injuries,” Wenger told earlier this week.

    “I hope as well that we can get some players back [from injury] like Samir Nasri, like Manuel Almunia, like Lukasz Fabianski, during this break.

    “Looking back at the season so far, what has impressed me most is the quality of the attitude and the spirit, the quality of our team play and the fact that even when we had disappointing results, like at Manchester United and Manchester City, the quality was still there.

    “The resolve in the games afterwards was even stronger. So at the moment it looks good and we are very hopeful for the future.”



  21. Mark C

    The thing with Rosicky is, he needs to prove his fitness.

    Can he play 90 mins twice a week, over a period of time.

    I presume Wenger is waiting to see how he does before discussions on his contract.

    The likes of Flamini, Pires and Edu were all offered contracts, but they refused them. So far we have not offered a contract to Rosicky.

    Now if we offer a contract to Rosicky and he rejects it, then I am sick of player power as there is no loyality from a player who we have supported for 20 months overcome an injury.

  22. Ojaimo

    How come no one is talking about Gallas renewing his contract? If he lives it will take atleast 6months for TV to find a suitable partner and we may be back to where we started from?

  23. Aashavin

    We should definately keep Rosicky and even more Merida. He’s the next big thing. Just wait n see. You should have seen in the U-20 world cup, the best Spanish player there.

  24. Geoff

    Mark they were offered contracts but didn’t take them, my point is, we should make them sign, or sell them, winding contracts down means we lose out.

  25. bnsb

    Atletico de Madrid are monitoring Fran Merida’s situation at Arsenal and may make a bid to sign him if he does not accept the Premier League club’s offer of a new deal, according to a report.

    The 19-year-old midfielder has not progressed as quickly as some expected with the Gunners, but manager Arsene Wenger stil believes that he can become a first-team regular.

    Having made only a handful of first-team appearances for Arsenal however, Merida, who has been starring for the U-20 side at the World Cup, may not share the Frenchman’s belief and could be tempted by a return to La Liga.

    With the Spain Under-21 playmaker’s contract due to run out at the end of the season, Atletico are prepared to offer him more guarantees than he has been given at the Emirates, The People stated.

    It is that which could see the former Barca youth team starlet opt to end his stay in north London and head to the Vicente Calderon to continue his progress.

    A five-year deal is on the table and Arsenal rejected several loan offers for Merida last summer as Wenger looked to keep him under is wing.

  26. bnsb

    It just struck me.

    Our conveyor belt produces good quality mid fielders and forwards. Good defenders we have always bought

  27. Jaguar

    Gallas will show Arsene his middle finger and will be off to Italy,if Arsene comes up with his usual crap of 1 year contract.I believe Arsene will offer a two year contract for Rosicky,depending on his fitness.

  28. gazzap

    I know we bought him from Bolton but I think Kyle Bartley will make it as a defender from the youth team. But its quite rare these days to bring centre backs through. I guess he is still 2 to 3 years away from first team appearances as he is only 18. Nortdveit as well might make it and he is 19. He is currently playing every week in the Bundesliga (Nurnberg) in defensive midfield. shows he has real football ability but he is centre back really.

  29. Big Raddy


    You say always. ….. TA, Mr Cole, Keown etc etc OK I am being pedantic,.

    Gambon. Merida is a fine player and has a huge future. Given a straight choice between him and Rosicky, I would take Fran, but hopefully we can keep both.

    I think you are wrong Jaguar. Gallas looks as though he is really enjoying playing with TV, but if you are right, so be it.

  30. Rohan

    Nordveit and Bartley – the future??
    Gallas needs to have his contract extended. If not, I hope Wenger has someone lined up to take his place and not Senderos.

  31. leon

    with risicky injury problems i can understand clubs stans because as good as he is he needs demonstrate his full fitness and i think once he has he will get a new contract,fran merida i am not sure what position he plays i think its left wing or central position,thats problem for him risicky,nasri, there at leats 2 people are in front of him,alot fans think we should dump silvest in the summer i know it at first but when you think about it just how difficult to a defender a 4th or 5th defender which means he is the very last resort defender which means he is not there to compete for place he i sthere for the sole reason to warm bench until 2-3 defenders get injured

  32. Rohan

    I think Gallas will stay if we win something this season. He is one of our more important, better and influential players.

  33. Jaguar

    How many people would want to play for sheer joy overlooking their careers,Big Raddy?He has a good four years left in him,and there wouldnt be any shortage of clubs,who would come up with that offer.I hope Gallas is offered a better contract than his normal crap.If Silvestre can be offered why cant Rosicky be offered the same.Silvestre was not the fittest of players either before he joined us from Manures.

  34. Jaguar

    Silvestre is not the last resort defender,Leon.In such case,how would he figure ahead of Senderos on the bench?We are one injury away in central defence from calamity,with fishface on the bench.

  35. Stu

    My favourite of all the youth centre backs is Luke Ayling. I dont know what it is about him but i just really like something about him and am confident of his success in the first team. Bartley, Nordveit, Miguel all have a decent chance too.

    Apparently Nordveit, playing at Dm now, looks way out of his depth there. Looks very much like a defender in midfield (which obviously is what he is).

  36. Stu

    WHat i would do with the contracts.

    Gallas – 2 years
    Rosicky 2 years with option of adding 1 or 2 more on if needed (but he probably wont)
    Merida – 5 years. That kid is amazing and is probably pissed at the lack of first team opportunities. Give him a fresh contract and start fucking playing him.

  37. leon

    i feel he was last season if remember we had gallas,toure dj,silvestand evon song would be ahead of him,as far senderos i am alittle perplexed about i dont know whtats going on there but we do need better cover cd as in someone who will keep vern/gallas on there toes,i see senderos as 4th defender he no compitition to gallas/ point is this it is extremly difficult to get defender of real quality to just warm the bench.i realy hope gallas and risicky get a new contracts both are top class players

  38. leon


    i never seen this nordviet play i know is on loan,but from what i heard of him see real quality,merida well what can say i real top quality but when is wenger going let him play

  39. ikon

    The thing with Merida is he seems to be a little short of the pgysical demands. The only role he can play is the role Fabregas plays in, away from the contacts. And that is not happening until Fab is here of course.

  40. Mr B

    Wenger wont let merida go. Esp considering that we are winiing alot of games comfortably (against the likes of everton, wigan, fulham, blackburn) he has a good chance of giving wilshire, ramsey, merida play time by bringing them on with 20 to 30 mins to go.

  41. Mr B

    I can see wenger extending Merida’s contract and sending him on a loan spell. That would suit all parties, but if I remember correctly Merida didnt want to go on loan to Spain, so he might actually choose to stay.

  42. gambon

    So Merida is gonna leapfrog Fabregas, Nasri, Denilson, Diaby, Ramsey & Wilshere to play. I think thats unrealistic.

    Good player, but we have enough small, technical midfielders already.

    Best thing would be to let him go.

  43. Emperor Gooner

    remember rosicky made 2 points –

    1. that he could get a new club easily
    2.that even in the games where he was taken off , he could’ve easily played the full 90

    so i think he’s just trying to send a message to arsene that he’s ready to start regularly.i don’t think he’s gonna leave.the guy loves the club and his best pal is here too.

  44. gambon

    Wenger loans out the guys he isnt sure are gonna cut it, so if, at the age of 20, Merida goes on loan that spells the end of his Arsenal career.

  45. gazzap

    I dont think wenger only loans players he is not sure about. I think he loans players that he knows need quite a bit more development before they are going to get a first team place. I think he knows which ones are likely to come back and which ones aren’t though.

  46. gambon


    – Wilshere, Walcott, Ramsey, Fabregas

    – Simpson, Lupoli, Randall, Aliadiere

    See the difference!!!!

  47. Keyser

    Wenger stopped him from going on loan because he knows how good a player he is, Merida’s still pretty versatile and has the talent to play on the wing, a bit like Wilshire can, almost all of the youngsters seem pretty versatile even if it’s not their strongest position.

    I think it bodes well for us that we’re going to finally have some good compeition going on in the ranks, Merida’s got years in him, he’s still 19.

  48. ArsenalKenya




  49. Mr B

    I dont know. Merida did well at the U/20 WC, considering wenger rates Int tornaments u may never know. Also Fab is watchingout for him and told him not to go on loan.

  50. Wiseman

    Wenger on Arsenal:

    “Looking back at the season so far, what has impressed me most is the quality of the attitude and the spirit, the quality of our team play and the fact that even when we had disappointing results, like at Manchester United and Manchester City, the quality was still there”

    He says QUALITY 3 times in one sentence! hahaha, i hardly ever hear him say anything about arsenal without using that word, but this is getting a bit much.

  51. gambon

    Merida didnt go on loan cos of the Nasri injury, he was as good as gone up until then.

    As i say, really like Merida but dont see where he will ever fit in. I’d rather he went and did well elsewhere than became the new Randall playing reserve footy for 3 seasons.

  52. Stu

    Gambon, just because a player goes out on loan doesnt mean Wenger doesnt rate him. Its to get experience of playing.

    He doesnt send out the top ones out tho. As you said Cesc, Wilshere, Walcott etc…even Senderos suprisingly.

    But he sent Cole, Gibbs, Bendtner, JD and a lot of others out who came back.

    It isnt as black and white as “if you go on loan im going to sell you”.

  53. gazzap

    gambon, exactly, those players that didn’t go on loan, didn’t need games elsewhere to develop.
    Other teams would just ruin certain players like Theo and Wilshere. Cesc was playing in the first team and to an extent so is Ramsey so they didn’t require a loan.

    some that did go on loan still needed to develop while others just weren’t going to make it at Arsenal.
    point being I think wenger knows which is which. though I accept he may have been surpised by one or two who went on loan but overall I think he knows which way they’ll go.

  54. Keyser

    We’ve been moaning about not having enough players for years, now we have some compeition we want to ship them off, Merida’s 19, he’s got youth tournaments and compeitions coming out of his ears, they’ll be more than enough games for him to get his chance.

    Wenger knows that, hell, the fans have been moaning about it for years.

    Merida will get his chance and he, just like Traore, is happy to wait anf fight for his place, what fan would want him to go off and try somehwere else when the player himself wants to stay and fight it out.

  55. gambon


    Id have no issue with him staying, like you say it cant hurt, but for him it would be best to move on cos he wont make it here, and 30 minutes spread over 3 games this season definately wont help him.

  56. Chipo

    If we lose Rosicky I will despair.

    We keep him and keep him throughout his 2 years injured, work him up to full fitness and then let him walk away on a free just as he gets back to his best.

    100% agree with the article. Don’t make the same mistake twice Arsene!

  57. Keyser

    gambon – He’s 19, the best thing for him to do would be to try and take on the challenge and fight for his place, which is what Wenger, his family, and his advisors thought was best for him at the moment.

    I don’t get how people can just write players off like saying they won’t make it, you don’t know one way or the other and the only way Merida will find out is by staying at Arsenal and trying to work his way into the team.

  58. Rohan

    Robin van Persie has been stunning this season hasnt he… bit slow to get off the goal tally, but other than that his linkup play and creativity ahs been top notch from the word go.
    He is hugely underrated imo in Europe and AT ARSENAL…
    RvP is one of those players who will score in the big games and has the spirit and love for the club. He will be an Arsenal legend.

  59. B.B.K.

    the issue is the players we have been crying out for are not men there kids who the fuck wants youth after youth coming through thus forsaking trophys

  60. bnsb

    RVP is never under rated. His fitness and hotheadedness have let him down. He has matured though. If he is fit, he could go on to be the second top scorer for us this year behind Verminator 🙂

  61. km

    merida is only 19 guys – relax. He’l join Ramsey, Wilshere on the bench and get 15 mins or so at the end of a match when we’r crusing. The amount of injuries we have it’l keep him happy. AND if he’s THAT good, he’l jump ahead of Ramsey, Diaby, Denilson but personally i dnt think he is ready. Imo he’l be ready in 2yrs time and by then will be doing what Diaby/Denilson are doing at present.

  62. LAzer

    Hows it going fellow bored out of their mind Gooners?

    Think we should keep both Merida and Mozart. Mozart for obvious reasons, Merida because I think he is a fine developing player. He can pick a Cescy pass at times, has grown physically, and might already have better dribbling skills then Captain Fantastic. Problem is I think he will feel ready for first team proper, not just CC but would be a fool to leave imo as his development is no where near complete.

  63. gambon

    If Merida is doing what Denilson & Diaby are doing what will have happened to Denilson & Diaby??

    What about Ramsey, Nasri, Cesc & Wilshere?

  64. Paulinho

    I can’t believe how some are so blase about Merida coming or going. He’s got more football talent and intelligence than Diaby and Denilson combined.

    He lacks a little physically but he has improved in that area and regardless, his game meshes superbly with Cesc so even if he lacks in some areas, his understanding with players like him means that the good will outweigh the bad.

    Sell Denilson and Diaby and bring in Ramsey and Merida if they’re getting restless.

  65. Mr B

    Man Wengers gonna get Numchuks and I think its good deal. If nothing we can sell him for a profit a season later. The smaller teams all wanted him.

  66. gambon


    So were way to young right now, and your answer is to reduce the age of the team further, and rebuild our midfield all over again.

    So thats 4 more years without a trophy.

  67. LAzer

    In midfield we have a glut of players no doubt. For now, Nasri, el Capitan and Rosicky are obvious starts if we can play those three together in mid. Behind them are of course Song, Diaby, Denilson. It is up to Merida, Ramsey and Wilshere to displace the trio in front. Some will say they are already better…lets see who makes it.

    Btw we have a brilliant squad in terms of attacking talent and midfield and of course everyone will agree we lack defensive depth (I don’t rate JD much and Silvestre not worth talking about, Sendy a bit of a liability for me as well) a better DM (although Song is progressing I don’t think he will ever reach treble winning heights) and a world class GK.

  68. tomstoned

    afternoon All..

    im not sure what it is these days Geoff,but well great post again …don let it be a habit mate..;)

    when it comes to your point about contracts i think we have started to look more carefully about them and it seeems like Arsenal are doing just what you suggest in youre post Geoff,still Merida is in talks isnt he…i think so…and Rosicky well my guess is that Wenger would like to see him stay fit at least until January before going into talks with him….and with our history with Rosicky im sure he will sign,just look at what we have done for him..not many other clubs would do that for a player…


  69. Paulinho

    Gambon it’s got nothing to do with being young and more to do with quality. That’s a tired cliche all these pundits fall into everytime they talk about us not winning anything.

    Diaby and Denilson will be average at 30 just as they are now. Conversely, players like Rosicky at 20 could have played for this Arsenal side and played like a pro.

    It’s all do with intelligence and class and it’s no coincidence that in games we throw away, Denilson and Diaby, Eboue(supposedly ‘experienced’) are never far away.

  70. gambon


    Youre so so wrong.

    Name me a team full of 20 year olds that have ever won anything??…Ever???

    Do you really think the England U21 team would beat the senior team??

    Of course not.

  71. Stu

    Clearly Paulunho isnt saying we should play a team of all 20 year olds.Its all about quality and Ramsey&Merida will always be better players thah Denilson&Diaby.

    In this case age doesnt matter because Diaby will always be the same inconsistent lazy player. But a younger player with more quality will always be a beter option.

  72. Paulinho

    Gambon, Fabregas at 17 had more composure and intelligence on the pitch than Eboue has now at almost 27.

    I agree we need some experience but we need the right experience, players like Gallas and RVP, that type.

    Thomas Vermaelen plays more experienced at 23 than Mr. Panicky Kolo Toure does at 28.

    Rid the squad of untalented in-betweeners who are neither exerienced or inexperienced(Denilson) and retards like Diaby and Eboue, and I think our chances of success will be greatly increased.

  73. Stu

    The more games you play the more experience you have. But when you are shit then that experience counts for absolutely nothing. Silvestre being the prime example and Eboue also to a lesser degree.

  74. gazzap

    An Under 21 side can only pick from players aged 19-21 whereas a senior side usually picks from 21-32+, so a much larger pool of players.

    If you could somehow get all the most talented England players of the last 15 years as 21 year olds at the same time, then yes that team would beat the current England senior team.

    thats not to say those players improve by 10 per cent between 21 and 27, because of course they do and that experience can make all the difference when trying to win a trophy.

    But give me a 20 year old Rosicky over a 27 year old Diaby anyday. If you’re shit, you’re shit I’m afraid.

  75. LAzer

    Eboue is a decent squad player to have around I think. As long as he is happy to get the odd game and stick to the bench we should keep him. I don’t think Diaby will make it past next year unless the boss sees major improvement. I think he knows that as does the team. Denilson is an able squad player as well and I think he would, like Eboue, be happy to get the odd game and sit on the bench.

    Ramsey, Jack and Merida will be looking for more and more first team football and are not longterm squad/bench players (at least it seems that way right now with their talent) but all three have a ways to go for me with Ramsey being the closest. I really really hate to say this, because Cesc is such a gem, but if he left we would have a 4-way battle with able replacements in Nasri, Ramsey, Wilshere, Merida.

  76. LAzer

    Gazzap-I think it is very hard to judge all players by a certain age. All players develop at different periods in their respective careers. Drogba was absolute pants till way later in his career so no I don’t think we can simply you’re shit you’re shit.

  77. tomstoned


    as much as i would love to agree with you,Ramsey and Merida better than Denilson and Diaby ????

    how do you come to that conclusion,what proof do you have,,,its abit ridicilous…

    that Ramsey might have shown that he has the talent to become better than Denilson/Diaby…maybe..could well be true…as far as Merida goes ..not sure yet…

    Denilson is better than both and still improving,Diaby have been hindered by so many injuries (its strange how people seem to forget that)but needs to show gradually that he is the player he can be..


  78. Stu

    Yes Tom. I think Ramsey and Merida have more quality that Denilson and Diaby. Diaby is hindered by his brain and inability to think and Denilson by his physical shortcomings.

    If only we could combine both players into one super player. A 6ft3 monster who could read the game and out think the opposition. Wouldnt that be nice.

    Unfortunately it is impossible so i would rather Ramsey than Diaby. And Merida is one of the most talented young fotballer on the planet imo so of course i would rather him than Diaby.

    Denilson is meh…dont like or dislike him. But he is so slow and fairly weak that its unlikely he will be a massive success here…not big like we need imo.

  79. ardentgooner

    also Gallas’ contract is nearing the end… we need to sign him too…Experience plus he’s a good defender and forming a great duo wid Vermaelen… Mind u defenders peak after 28….and Gallas is 29/30….we can still get a lot out of him……..Gallas and Rosicky please…and SOOOON

  80. Stu

    ALmunia should just move house. Its not like he cant afford it. Somewhere outside england would be a good place fpr him to move. 😛

  81. ardentgooner


    but defenders do go on beyond 32…i think instead of keeping fishead or going for puyol…we should keep Gallas and probably bring in a new defender as back up for now..but can step up later ….

  82. gambon


    Henry at 19 = prospect at Monaco
    Henry at 25 = Best striker in World

    Zidane at 20 = Signed for Bordeaux for peanuts
    Zidane at 29 = World record signing

    C Ronaldo at 20 = Diving twat
    C Ronaldo at 23 = Best player on planet

    Flamini at 20 = Sitting on Arsenal Bench
    Flamini at 24 = Signs for Milan on 140k pw

    Are you noticing a pattern?? 98% of players are better when they are 23 than when they were 20, and better at 25 than at 23!

    If its only about talent then find me how mnany times a teenager has won world player of the year??!

  83. choy

    Its about time wenger changed his policies… look at giggs.. he’s 36 and still running the show as an attacking player!

  84. Stu

    Gambon, thats not the argument. The argument is that a talented youth is better than an average “experienced” player. Of course there is a very good chance that a young prospect will turn into a good or great player.

  85. Mayank

    9 Boring days is right.
    Although it is a question that we all ask of the management i think it’s wrong to state that the contracts run out due to negligence… Even manager mode in FIFA has a alert for contracts that are running out, there are too many variables for us to come to a conclusion as to why this happens this often to us. One of the biggest factors in this would be massive egos and a high self-evaluation…

    Oh Geoff, thanks for the long reply about the gov’t benefits thing. Although there are some points that i don’t fully agree with i can see where you’re coming from.

  86. Stu

    Mayank, another reason why it happens could be that we pay kids so much so naturally when they get older they want more and more money. High wages that the club isnt willing to offer so they let their contract run down and go somewhere else that is willing to pay their demanded wages.

  87. gambon


    But is Ramsey a better player than Diaby? No. Im not Diabys biggest fan, infact i think he should go, but Ramsey is far from the answer right now.

    No team full of 18-20 year olds has ever won a thing, and never will.

  88. Mayank

    We don’t pay kids abnormally high wages, Walcott being the highest paid ‘kid’ @ 60k gets this because he’s very marketable and we make a lot of the image rights… The others are paid 30k or thereabouts which is normally the going rate… the reason for our wage bill is probably the size of the squad… I do agree with you on the Pires thing i saw him play against Real he looked sharp even if he was a bit slow…

  89. gambon


    Too right. I saw that Danny Wellbeck is signing a £12k per week deal, and though “if he was at Arsenal he’d be on £30k by now”

    If you pay a kid £30k pw, by the time hes 24 he wants £100k pw. If you pay him £10k pw he will want £60k pw by then.

  90. gambon


    You dont know what theyre paid so why make out you do?

    When we have a £104m wage bill, but are known as not being big payers, then we must be paying them a fair bit.

    Why do you think Ramsey came to us, and Diaby snubbed Chelsea for us, and Merida left home at 15? And Ozyakup? etc etc

  91. tomstoned


    you have a point mate…as in almost evry other sport players get better as they turn 23ish..when youre 16-18 you can be a talent extraordinaire..but very few turns out to become super players…


  92. LAzer

    Giggs’s contribution minutes wise is so minimal but impact wise quite amazing. He was always quality but now there is very efficient and intelligent play to add to that. Perhaps you’re right Stu, Bobby could have been our Giggs…

  93. LAzer

    I don’t think money is the sole factor in those kids coming to us, more then anything else its the reputation of Wenger and Arsenal for making careers for young starlets from the world over.

  94. LAzer

    I am being realistic, of course money is a factor and they are paid well no doubt but I am convinced a lot has to do with the reputation of Arsenal. Players the world over know that if they are standout at a young age they will get a shot earlier at Arsenal to shine and will get to work with Wenger and his program in one of the worlds premier training envoirnments.

    Personally I have not seen as much improvement in even an average player in any youth training program apart from Arsenal and perhaps Barca. The emphasis is on it no doubt and that definitely adds to the attraction.

  95. Mayank

    Think of the Gambon when you’re 16 and are known as the best talent around would you care more about a little more money or a place where they’ll develop your talent to it’s best potential. If at 16 clubs were vying for my signature i’d go to the one which handles youth the best not the one that pays most, as would 99% of other teenagers… At that age you can’t even spend 10k p/w.
    Also as for our wage bill i know you won’t believe a word Wenger said but according to him the others’ seem lower as they don’t include the whole staff nor the image rights etc..

  96. Stu

    We do pay the kids high wages relative to every other club th. We have one of the highest wage bills and supposedly noone is on more than 80k a week. Maybe Cesc, Gallas and some others are on that but not enough players to justify over 100m in wages or whatever it is.

    30k is a hell of a lot of money even for a premiership player. Most players at lower clubs…midtable or below would never get that much a week and we give it to unproven kids with potential.

    I know they are at a big club and will get nice wages but given so much to them so young ruins their opinion on the value of money. The older they get the more money they want and since we dont give really high wages they go else where looking for it. Best and most recent example being Flamini who wasnt allowed 70k a week but Theo is reportedly on 60k?

  97. Stu

    Nick, that may be so but he could still do a job because he had the speed of thought. Diaby could be as fast as usain bolt and get away from noone because he is too thick and usually makes the wrong decisions. I know that if there was a sub to be made i would rather Pires coming off the bench than Diaby…everytime.

  98. Stu

    The kids are motivated by football at first for sure but the money they get and the nice house etc that their Parents get to live in surely plays a big part in the decision made by the player and his family.

  99. Mayank

    Players over 80k(my guesses)
    Man U – Rooney, Rio, Berba
    Pool – Gerrard, Torres &???
    CFC – Don’t care
    Arse – RvP, Cesc, Gallas

  100. Nick

    reggie like this all were great players in their day but allas they are gone so in the end they were

    henry was a miserable injury prone fecker and 16mil was good business

    viera to slow injured all the time and miserable not good enough then so why would we want them years down the line at the end of their careers

    Pires slow injury prone wanted to much money simples yes 🙂