Now Arsene you’ve been once bitten, don’t be twice shy.

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What does that mean? Read on my fellow travellers, read on.

Cast your mind back to when we lost Wiltord on a free, we all said who cares? That was of course until he became the top scorer in the French league, shortly after that we lost Edu, some would say a little careless that, but did we learn our lesson? Did we heck, then we lost Campbell, so by now we would have to be the worst management team in world football to let that happen again wouldn’t we?

…Then we lost Flamini, so now we really are dumb. So what should we never do again?

That’s right, you got it, we should never let a player get into the last 12 months of their contracts, because if we do they can go to a club and get the transfer budget paid into their own sky rockets and not the clubs, and frankly, who can blame them.

Now I know we give players that already have 3 year contracts, massive extensions, that does nothing in my book, save giving them a huge pay rise, we should look at players that we like that are nearing the end of their contracts, and extend them, at least that way if we sell them, we can make some money.

So we have Rosicky and Merida up for renewal, act now is my advice because if they can wind their contracts down, they sure as eggs are eggs will do just that.

There is confusion as to how long Merida’s contract is but I think it runs out at the end of next season, plenty of time to sort it out, but if we act now it will stop the speculation and I hear that Athletico Madrid are sniffing around and promising him first team football.

Rosicky on the other hand is starting to make noises, that could be because he wants Arsene to act now, or it could be he is putting himself in the shop window, some may say he owes us, I would suggest he is the missing link this season and is looking like the player we all hoped we’d signed before his injuries.

I would sign him up, he’s 29, at Arsenal that’s the equivalent of being 64 in the real world, I still think it’s young though and he has a good 3 years in him, the question is, will he break down, give him a 2 year contract, it can’t hurt, then we can concentrate on winning the league without the constant speculation, and I think D day for him is the January transfer window.

Other than that things are progressing well, the team is looking awesome and the fringe players are improving, if we can stay injury free, we can go all the way, don’t forget last year we lost Cesc and Gallas at key times, this year we are better equipped and we still have wonderboy Nasri to return.

I’m getting excited again, come on Arsene, get the contract book out and sign those two up.

Have a great day Grovers, only nine more boring days to go.

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  1. nishanth

    If pires had stayed he would have continued to play well for us.He was never going to get into the french national team either so there was not much of an issue of playing him regularly.If someone like pires was there we would have won the leauge in that 2007-2008 season

  2. gazzap

    If Ronaldo was so shit when he was 19 why were Arsenal and United so desperate to sign him?

    sometimes, you can tell which players are going to be great – they might just need a little bit of coaching and direction, and some experience to complete them.

    But in the straight question of a 19 year old Ramsey or a 23 year old Diaby I would take Rambo every time.

  3. Mayank

    Wages shouldn’t concern us anyway whatever they get is probably evaluated in terms of return on investment. Theo and JS park get 60k why because they’re marketable… There is no way Arsenal is baring a loss on any of these players nor are they paying them above their market evaluation… No kid has ever come out and said Arsenal spoilt me by giving me too much too early…

  4. gazzap

    Mayank, these are the actual wages of top 50 footballers in 2008-09.

    Player Club Weekly
    1 Z Ibrahimović Internazionale 173,077
    2 Ricardo Kaká AC Milan 173,077
    3 Lionel Messi FC Barcelona 161,538
    4 John Terry Chelsea FC 145,577
    5 Frank Lampard Chelsea FC 145,577
    6 Thierry Henry FC Barcelona 144,231
    7 Samuel Eto’o FC Barcelona 144,231
    8 C Ronaldo Manchester U 130,000
    9 Ronaldinho AC Milan 125,000
    10 A Shevchenko AC Milan 125,000
    11 Michael Ballack Chelsea FC 125,000
    12 Steven Gerrard Liverpool FC 125,000
    13 Rio Ferdinand Manchester U 125,000
    14 Raul Gonzalez Real Madrid 123,077
    15 RV Nistelrooy Real Madrid 123,077
    16 Iker Casillas Real Madrid 115,385
    17 F Kanouté Sevilla FC 115,385
    18 Wayne Rooney Manchester U 114,423
    19 Michael Owen Newcastle U 114,423
    20 Fabio Cannavaro Real Madrid 111,538
    21 Robinho Manchester City 109,231
    22 Francesco Totti AS Roma 105,769
    23 Luca Toni Bayern Munich 105,769
    24 Arjen Robben Real Madrid 105,000
    25 Ashley Cole Chelsea FC 104,038
    26 Deco Chelsea FC 104,038
    27 Fernando Torres Liverpool FC 104,038
    28 Carlos Tevez Manchester U 98,846
    29 Adriano Internazionale 96,154
    30 Patrick Vieira Internazionale 96,154
    31 Charles Puyol FC Barcelona 96,154
    32 Andres Iniesta FC Barcelona 96,154
    33 Xavi FC Barcelona 96,154
    34 Sergio Aguero Atletico Madrid 96,154
    35 G Buffon Juventus 96,154
    36 Willy Sagnol Bayern Munich 96,154
    37 David Beckham AC Milan 96,154
    38 D Berbatov Manchester U 93,654
    39 Andrei Arshavin Arsenal FC 93,654
    40 Didier Drogba Chelsea FC 93,654
    41 Nicolas Anelka Chelsea FC 93,654
    42 Paul Scholes Manchester U 93,654
    43 A Del Piero Juventus 92,308
    44 Karim Benzema Olympique Lyon 92,308
    45 Pike Bayern Munich 92,308
    46 Frank Ribery Bayern Munich 92,308
    47 Joe Cole Chelsea FC 88,462
    48 Ryan Giggs Manchester U 88,462
    49 Xabi Alonso Liverpool FC 88,462
    50 Jamie Carragher Liverpool FC 88,462

  5. LAzer

    We have one of the highest wage bills in comparision to who? Let’s compare apples to apples not to lower league/mid table oranges. I would reckon we are third on that list to Chavs and Mancs and then Pool. So what’s wrong with that? I would rather have our squad as it is right now then any of those three teams currently.

    And btw guess which team had the fifth largest wage bill last season? Yeah it was those striped relegated monkeys who were pissing money away on players that had no potential or were deadbeats.

  6. Mayank

    I’m off for a bit…
    Gazzap it’d be interesting if you could get our wage bill broken down like this… Arsh is paid more that Cesc? Didn’t ARshtake a pay cut to join us…
    Also how come so many players are at same wages for e.g. at 93,654…

  7. Rich from the North Bank

    Yo Geoff! Just checking back in, nah i meant the dayhoo we’ll sign him up for 2 years not your posts bad!!!! Sos!!!! haha

    I just think he should be on a pay as you play deal, he’s lucky we’ve been so supportive. Love the guy, but he shouldn’t go ranting to the press about a contract…
    he should be greatful he’s playing football. Period : )

    … hope that clears it up! LOL

  8. CanGunn444

    Really enjoying the positive vibes around the team and especially around Le Grove again…
    I understand the love and the heartache and the wanting to be the greatest team in the world. The wishing beyond hope that Wenger would just sign a player old enough to buy matches… but at the end of the day, we’re all Gooners… our team plays some of the greatest, most beautiful football on the planet, and it could be way worse, we could be Sp*rs

  9. Stu

    Yes that is a shit way of deciding who gets to the Wc but honestly i dont really care. I dont watch Ireland play so i count care less if we make the WC or not.

  10. Stu

    Imagine a WC without Portugal, France and Argentina. Unthinkable….but i wouldnt be too bothered. France are shite, evidently so are france and Maradonna has ruined Argentina for the forseeable future.

  11. CanGunn444

    UEFA does something similar with Champions League and it is stupid… France having to play Portugal or Russia or Germany to qualify would be an incredibly intense and interesting game to watch…

  12. nishanth

    Absolutely no idea why maradona still hasn’t got sacked.Raymond domenech is another case.He has selected diaby in the squad.I am pretty sure that selection was not made on the basis of club form

  13. Rohan

    Russia Germany this weekend should be interesting…. I read somewhere that Arshavin is returning to the scene of his Europa Cup triumph…….
    Denmark Sweden is another one. Bendtner vs. Ibrahimovic… Denmark just need a draw to seal first place. I hope to god Portugal don’t qualify though….

  14. gazzap

    I dont care if France dont qualify. whatever makes our players fresher for the start of next season the better. same goes for any arsenal player.

    But would much rather have seen a straight draw for the play offs. FIFA just want to make sure the big countries with big sponsors,most fans spending money etc are there.

  15. Rohan

    Am i right in saying that we have 2 international captains in our team in Arshavin and Rosicky…
    Having said that, Cesc still has to convince me as a captain.

  16. Stu

    Yes Rohan, i am indeed Irish.

    Im really looking forward to both those matches aswell. I love the football Russia played in the euros and look forward to hopefully seeing some more. And The crunch match between Denmark and rivals Sweden. 1st against 2nd,. Should be an interesting match.

  17. nishanth

    Van persie is more captain material than cesc.If cesc does leave i think van persie will be made the captain

  18. Stu

    I dont like the idea of a striker/forward being captain. He is too far away the defence imo. Centre midfielders and Centre backs are usually captains for a reason. In the thick of the action and such.

  19. Rohan

    I really can’t see Vela getting too much time this year. A pity, imo, he’s as good if not better than Walcott currently.

  20. leon

    i am not sure when diaby contracts runs out i would keep on but as a squad player, i feel we need some quality cd cover but the problem with that i cant realy many players between 23-29 be willing be bench warmer,both keepers cb are 2 positions you dont rotate that often,so whom you bring going have to be willing to warm bench for a while,what happend last season would never happend if tony adams wsa playing silvest,he coaxed silvest quite alot.silvest 4th choice defender.for 3rd choice defender must beable provide some compition to fist choice defenders and senderos is no compition to vern/gallas.

  21. nishanth

    Maybe vermalen then.Anyways i think vermaelen should try taking our free kicks.We havn’t scored one this season and i don’t remember us scoring 1 last season either.

  22. Rohan

    Vermaelen is another option…
    RVP deserves it though. He wears his heart on his sleeve, is more vocal and is a gooner through and through.
    In a team that attacks as much as ours, if our captain was a defender, he wouldnt be in the thick of action. 😀
    ( that is of course unless the defender goes by the name The Verminator )

  23. gazzap

    Mayank, Importantly I should have added those figures are in Euros with a rate of 90p to 1 euro.

    I think the reason why lots of players share the same amount is to do with the fact that the amounts are round numbers when in Euros.
    So actually Arshavin gets 405,000 Euros a month.
    I think the numbers are rounded estimates – not exact what they got in their paycheck.

  24. nishanth

    I agree rohan.Can’t see vela getting many chances unless we have some major injury problems.One thing i hope is that when have a 2 or 3 goal lead wenger will give the likes of ramsey vela and wilshere a chance and not bring in diaby or eboue because they are senior players

  25. CanGunn444

    Vela has a High Speed Calmness about his game that Walcott does not. Walcott has more pace, but his feet are faster than his brain. A bit Forrest Gump-ish. Vela seems to already know what he’s going to do, or at least he seems as though he’s in control and telling his feet what to do, whereas Walcott is just running full out trying to catch up to his.

  26. Rohan

    Can he take free-kicks though ?
    Oh wait, of course he can…

    RVP has been unlucky though with his kicks, around 5 of them hit the post last season and 1 this season which is pretty damn unlucky. I think it is because he is aiming to hit it as hard as possible Riise style…. Maybe if he slowed it down a bit but then his free-kick wouldnt be as special would it. I’m more concerned of our right sided free-kicks though. To put it lightly, Cesc is shit at them and neither is Arshavin all that. I don’t know about Rosicky but I hear Nasri can take them. Ramsey can too.

  27. Rohan

    Didnt Eduardo score a free-kick in pre-season ? He’s another option… Vermaelen I think would blast them rather than taking it more traditionally trying to curl it.
    RVP’s delivery on set-pieces is excellent though. A nightmare for defenders.

  28. gazzap

    I dont like the fact that RVP takes every single free kick. I am not necessarily saying take him off free kick duty but if he has already missed one then let someone else have a go. Eduardo would be a good option, but we have several others.

    RVP needs to hit it softer with more control – he always looks like he is trying to break a world record for the hardest hit shot.

  29. leon

    i think vela will get his chances but he will have be patient,he has just comming nback from being injured and i dought he back at full fitness,it clera to me that wintshire,vela,nasri are have more skill ful than theo and witshire is far ahead of theo.

  30. CanGunn444

    There was an article on high scoring defenders on Sky Sports yesterday. I think they said, as far as traditional Defenders scoring from open play, not counting penalties, Joleon Lescott, two years ago with 8

  31. Stu

    Yeah Leon its pretty clear to everyone. Theo has no skill to begin with so its no suprise that most of our players are better than him with the ball in a tight spot.

    As for the free kick malarky i think we should ttally abandon the direct approach. Instead of just shooting straight for goal we should mix it up and play clever passes that the oppo isnt expecting or something like that. The way Watford used to take them the season before promotion, or that famous goal that Argentina scored …against who i dont know but im sure ye know it.

  32. Stu

    Speaking of defenders goals…our fullbacks are fucking shit at scoring arent they. In their whole arsenal careers Sagna and Clichy have a combined total of 1 (2 if you count the goal we scored against stoke last season away).

  33. CanGunn444

    from Sky Sports, Martin Tyler

    Dear Martin. Thomas Vermaelen now has four Premier League goals. How many does he need to get to become the highest scoring defender in a Premier League season? Cheers, Doug MARTIN SAYS: This is a question that crops up every year Doug, but given Thomas Vermaelen’s start to the season it is certainly relevant. It’s always a bit of a tricky one because down the years, defenders such as Ian Marshall at Oldham, Paul Warhurst at Sheffield Wednesday and Matt Elliott at Leicester have all been deployed as out-and-out attackers in their time. But there is one record that stands alone and that belongs to West Ham’s Julian Dicks, who netted 10 goals from left-back in the 1995/96 season – four of which were penalties. In terms of goals from ‘open play’ or at least set pieces from pure defenders, Joleon Lescott’s eight goals for Everton two seasons ago also stands alone, while Ian Harte of Leeds in 2000/01 (two penalties) has the next best return for a bonafide defender, of seven goals.

  34. Stu

    Ian Harte often took free kicks too and Lescott was often deployed as an emergency forward when looking for a late goal. The difference with Vermaelen is that all his goals have been because of either aggression in the box to win the ball or just pure skill when pushing forward.

    And he doesnt take set pieces either so imo if he gets top scoring defender ever it will be a better achievement than when those other defenders won it.

  35. km

    i like ur comment CANNGUNN – i love watching players with HIGH SPEED CALMNESS – arshavin, messi and henry in his days…..

  36. km

    vermaelen will get at least 10 goals at the rate he’s going…. this guy can score with headers in the box and from outside the box with his shots 🙂

  37. CanGunn444

    thanks km, it’s a special quality that few players have, H.S.C., i think Vela has that, his ridiculous chips last season prove it, he just needs to play…

  38. leon

    i knew he highly rated because if wenger of all poeple going pay out 10 mill for a defender then you know he is the real deal,but must i was very suprised by hwo well he strike the ball,he shoots like a striker

  39. Emperor gooner

    even theo said that he shoots a lot in training too..the guy looks so comfortable when he hits everytime he gets the anywhere near the box , you’ll hear a loud “shoooooooot” from the crowd..cant wait!!

  40. SFOGooner

    Rosicky has not played the full 90 minutes in a game, leave alone two games in a week.

    WENGER will think (rightly in my opinion) that it is financially irresponisble to sign him to a new contract now..

    Maybe wait till january ..

  41. Stu

    LOL as if Cannavaro made a bee sting him so he could do drugs to make him better. In cases like this common sense should prevail.

  42. Stu

    Well it has been Wengers choice that Rosicky hasnt played a full 90. Rosicky said he could do it but for whatever reason Wenger decided against it.

  43. Pedro

    Good evening people!

    I have a solid connection tonight… so what’s on the agenda?

    Rosicky should be given a 2 year deal I reckon… lets not lose him just as the bastard regains fitness!

    We should work it on pay as you play though…

  44. Rohan

    Rosicky played close to 80 minutes. That’s good enough. He himself has said that he is fully fit. I expect contract negotiations to start/end at the turn of the year though.

  45. leon

    i think wenger has already made the mistake in rushing risicky he nut going make mistake again,its fine the way it is better not to rush him.wenger being ver cortious on him and thats the right thing.

  46. Geoff

    Pedro, I will call tomorrow! I am in and now I’m out, art gallery and charity tonight, have a good’un all.

    On the Vermaelen scoring goals question, didn’t Gallas used to get us a bunch too?

    Anyway, night all.

  47. Jaguar

    Rosicky’s case is different.Bitchslap was a gamble,and it didnt work out.But I saw A’s comment that anyways we wouldnt have made it thanks to our embarassment of riches in the midfield.If Arsene knew it,why did he take up a risk after all?

  48. A

    I dunno Jaguar, last season I wouldn’t have minded him featuring, or at least being on the bench a bit.

    Wilshere and Merida were a fair way less developed, Rosicky was injured, we hadn’t signed Arshavin, Nasri was our only playmaker really, and Bischoff could have done that job and helped the team perform better, but Diaby and Eboue played instead which must have been quite frustrating for him.

  49. rtist

    Once again I agree with BBK: this team is awful, no chance of winning anything this year. Although it is October (and there remains several months left of proper football) I will never watch another match involving Arsenal (the team I have watched for nearly 20 years now)until I have read that BBK feels that this team is (finally)worthy.

  50. zeus

    What this about signing Hazard. Where would he possibly fit in with Ramsey Wilshere Merida Walcott Nasri, Rosicky et al. Would be strangeindeed even if Tomas fails to get another contract.

  51. leon

    in recent years wenger has tide down contracts for song,dj,gibbs,troea,randal so he has learned from his mistakes because he made huge error in letting 3 dm plus hleb,i feel wenger will get risicky and gallas sorted as well the squad as a whole is pretty strong,so far my favourate player has been both vern and has been realy good for protects the defence realy well jsut need to improve on reading the game and his positioning but that he can learn at 21 he has alot time to learn,vern looks so strong and has so much athority and that presence about him and as the finishing of striker and also looks deadly on set plays,i know tougher tests lay ahead but this team can handle chelsea at stamford bridge then they can beat any team

  52. ethangunner


    International football for most people in the world bar – UK – Spain – Germany – Italy
    is a welcomed thing ..

    most dont get a chance to see there favorite players in 1 squad .. like the aussies for instance most think there own leagues are shit ,
    and cant wait to see viduka – harry – cahill emerton etc all together ..

    i understand it kills our season (disrupts it)
    but if it wasnt for international football the standard of players around the world would be crap !

  53. luke

    good post. I would love to see Rosicky tied down for another 2 or 3 years but Im sure Wenger is waiting to see if he stays fit…

  54. chris

    i’m sorry i didn’t read this til today but I just wanted to say how like most people have said much difference Rosicky has made especially to Cesc he’s just knitted everything together so much better and he’s got to be one of the first names on the team sheet.

    Whether he gets a new deal or not is really a medical matter – if he’s really fixed no question but if there’s a doubt you have to ask yourself what you’re buying. Not losing transver vaues on guys running their contracts down is a big issue across the sport tho – I don’rt think Arsenal have necessarily been partoiciularly poor.