I have that warm fuzzy feeling back! And the new Ade song!

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Well last night the second team beat the chavs 2 zip, a comfortable win that saw injury prone Joe Cole return to the side that last season beat our kids, we stuffed them and did it in style. If our kids are firing on all fours, it bodes well for the first team, because it means that we have players that can step up at last. Oh and we got to laugh out loud at Joe Cole, wanker.

The performance against fat Sam’s in bred hackers was a joy to watch, last season we struggled against the shit teams, this season is different, we do seem to be growing as a team, at last. Yes I still have my reservations about one or two people, but the forward playing players are simply unstoppable when they go towards the oppositions goal.

Even when we went down I wasn’t concerned, when Stoke went 1 up last term I though ‘blast, we’ll struggle now’ – not this time, with players like RVP, Rosicky, Arshavin, Cesc, Nikki B, Theo, Ramsey and even Diaby, we look so good.

And we still have Samir Nasri to return, boy I hope he plays Nasri and Cesc together, we’ll be unbeatable. Vermaelen has added that Keown ‘never say die’ spirit to the team, so full credit to Arsenals longest serving manager for seeing something that no one else in football saw.

And don’t say including me, because I liked him from the off, Tony Adams was the one who said he wasn’t tall enough.

Even Mannone is looking like he has been in the team for years, I wonder what he’ll do when the Spanish waiter returns, mmm, Arsene, it’s time to do a Lehmann.

I’m not even thinking about who he can bring in, in the window, but a big centre back like Sakho wouldn’t go amiss.

If the Paddy comes home rumours are true I would be delighted, he can add some bite and be a father figure to the DM’s we have coming through, though I wouldn’t mind playing a Ramsey, Merida or a Nasri in there and discarding the DM idea.

After watching our last 3 games I am beginning to beleive Arsene, so I hope I was wrong by giving you shit for not buying, I still think we need a couple of players because if something happens to Gallas or Vermaelen I think we will struggle, maybe it’s time to see what Song can do at the back, Liverpool would be a good opportunity to experiment, either that or see what Kyle Bartley can do, or even Ayling.

The whole footballing world has said we play the best football, even Souness, the sour faced Jocko said he would buy a season ticket to watch Arsenal, he forgot to add, that’s if he didn’t get into every EPL game for nothing, but never mind, at least he said it.

Liverpool have gone backwards, ManU and the chavs are treading water and the spuds will finish 12th, Everton are not good enough and last night you saw Adebayor back to his very best, ha, ha! Offside Ade! How long before the northern chavs hate him as well?

Ade-the-whore, Ade-the-whore, give him the ball and he get offside some more!

So that only leaves Villa and they are a pale shadow of last season.

So this season who knows, maybe Arsene does after all! I would be delighted to say I was wrong, but we still have a long way to go and November is on it’s way, anyway at last we can all feel a bit more positive and hope we get better and better, I think we will.

Have a great day Grovers, today I have lunch with 2 chavs, so I can crow a bit.

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  1. A

    Not really Tom – he’ll be gone for 3 or 4 premiership games, you can’t really sign someone just for 3 or 4 games, not to mention if someone like Matuidi or equivalent from elsewhere in Europe was to come in it would take them a while to adapt, so they wouldn’t come straight into the team, or if they did it would be a massive risk. Even Vieira if we signed him would need to learn a new role, and a new system, so wouldn’t be at 100% immediately upon his arrival.

    I agree Face, though his comments about first team football and the world cup make me think he wouldn’t be happy with that.

  2. Faceman

    really thought matuidi would be signed in the summer, was plenty of good rumours about it happening.

    what’s his face, commoli, is the apparent stumbling block, he is the sporting director at st ettiene now.

  3. zorr0

    Keyser, Duke, don’t stress it, I am not an overly sensitive soul!

    I would like to see Paddy back, I think he could play in the FA cup, League cup semis, but if you look at the fixtures whilst Song is away:
    Everton, Manure, Liverpool at home and Chelsea, villa and Bolton away, then I am not sure how he will do.

    But can he be worse in that role than Denilson or Nasri or even Diaby. A new player like Matuidi or Defours would need time to acclimatise, so maybe Paddy can do a job, particularly if he gets fit, has not been burnt out by a long season and only has to sit and destroy, rather than his previous role with us.

  4. A

    Yeah I really thought it would happen Face, though Commoli is still a good friend of Wenger, so would most likely give us an advantage rather than disadvantage if we wanted him.

    I’m starting to think it’s unlikely now though. Song is really growing into that role, Denilson is decent enough, and Coquelin will surely be in and around the first team squad by the end of the season or start of next season. Ramsey could end up in that role too at times, he was very impressive as a DM for Wales against Germany.

    Though actually looking at those options again they’re far from totally convincing, maybe we could still go for him in the summer!

  5. A

    Zorro the African Nations ends on the 31st Jan, he’ll be back for Liverpool and Chelsea (though I’d have been happy if the Chelsea game DID fall during the tournament!) and if they don’t make the final he could be back for Utd too….

  6. zorr0

    A, I wish the ACN went on until Feb 6th, be better for us to lose Song & Ebway, but they miss maybe 1-4 players from their side.

  7. A

    Saturday, 9 January 2010
    Barclays Premier League
    Arsenal v Everton, 15:00

    Saturday, 16 January 2010
    Barclays Premier League
    Bolton v Arsenal, 15:00

    Wednesday, 27 January 2010
    Barclays Premier League
    Aston Villa v Arsenal, 19:45

    Saturday, 30 January 2010
    Barclays Premier League
    Arsenal v Man Utd, 15:00

    If Cameroon get to the end of the competition, those are the games Song could miss, along with the league cup semi final, and fa cup 4th round.

  8. A

    Yeah very true Zorro! I’d happily take not having Song and Eboue available for them to lose Essien, Drogba, Mikel, Kalou!

  9. zorr0

    Fingers crossed for Anyone v IC and Nigeria v Ghana semis and a Ghana v IC final! Keep Toure, Yobo and the Yak busy too!

  10. A

    Four league games really isn’t a big deal, we can cope in them without Song, and if Cameroon didn’t get past the group stages then he’d only miss Everton and home, and Bolton away!

  11. A

    zorr0 i’m wanting a Nigeria Ivory Coast final with Nigeria winning, and Ghana to get to the semis. If a team gets to the semis their players will still be there for the full duration because of the 3rd place playoff!

  12. A

    There is after all still a chance that Cameroon won’t qualify (though quite slim!)

    Cameroon are top on 7 points
    Gabon 6
    Togo 5
    Morocco 3

    They’ve all played 4 so have 2 games left,


    those are on Saturday, we want Chamakh to lead Morocco to victory against Gabon, and Ade to destroy Etoo in the battle of the giant egos, then


    If Gabon and Morocco win, then it’ll end up

    Morocco 9
    Gabon 9
    Togo 8
    Cameroon 7


  13. LAzer

    Good to see the recent run of form boys! The style and free flowing attack is coming into its fearsome best at the moment, lets touch wood and keep the form going. Worst bloody time for the internationals now, hate to be a debbie downer but watch it break our momentum and rythmn. We need our aura of invincibility back where even the big boys our fearing a cricket score and an embarassment everytime they play us instead of the “kids” label.

  14. Duke

    Wiseman, it’s hard to get away tickets with no membership, but I am sure Le Exchange will have something for Pompey…just a gut feeling.

  15. LAzer

    haven’t been able to catch the champs league replay yet, and missed the reserves game last night, can’t wait to get some Arsenal time and watch the 180 mins of replay football on ATVO this week. Will get me through internationals week..

  16. KM in WALES

    Anyone read Lee Dixons article on BBC SPORT?i like what he said.He also thinks we need to fine tune our defence and get in an older head in the DM dept.

  17. goonermichael

    Paddy will step in while song is away.
    I was reading the early comments and re verminater v vidic. Vidic will never knock one in from outside the box.

  18. goonermichael

    How are you?
    Aren`t you feeling even a little bit optimistic?

    The mancs have won the title with o`shit playing and fletcher.

  19. Jaguar

    Song is alright for me, though I am totally pissed off with that headless chicken Diaby,and would be totally gutted if he starts ahead of a fit Nasri.I am reserving my abuses for then.And a bonanza of ten grands for any one, who has seen Verminator spotted with a grin on his face.

  20. LAzer

    Yeah but in the big big games we will have problems with Song I feel. And not just Song but some of the others as well with Bendtner being far from clinical, Diaby losing his mind at times, Denilson not being physically imposing, GKs like Manuel dropping points, Song chasing the game positionally and our defence one nightmare away from Mr. Disaster waiting to happen Fishface.

    The thing is though I think our best shot is in the league cause the team might not be ready to do damage in the crunch games but if we keep hitting the rest of the league for 5 or 6 we have a shot at the league no doubt.

    Also it helps having Cesc, Rosicky, Arshavin, RVP, Eduardo, Walcott fit in one lineup. Actually it makes me cream sometimes…sorry for the tmi.

  21. KM in WALES

    I dnt think we need to replace SONG because i think he’s second only to Essien as DM in the EPL.He has something which the others don’t have – skill/dribbling ability, which he uses to get away frm the opponent once he gets the ball.Not many DM’s have that ability.What I propose is bringing another wiser DM to share the workload or to play him against the big boys in the 70th min or so when we are defending our lead

  22. Jaguar

    I dont think Song is superior to Mascherano in terms of defensive abilities.Barry is much more flexible.But Mascherano would be like a dead duck in our system,though I feel we missed a trick in Barry’s case.

  23. LAzer

    2nd only to Essien?? Come on KM, take of those rose tints. True we are on a good run and I sense the optimism as well but COME ON, 2nd only to Essien, not a chance.

  24. goonermichael

    Up until the middle of last year fletcher was worse than song. I think song will get better. You don`t need world class players in every position.
    I don`t think we`ll win the league but it`s really funny how the press and pundits have gone from “Arsenal will lose thier CL place to city” to “they won`t win the league”

  25. KM in WALES

    oops yes 4got fletcher πŸ™‚ just shows how under-rated he is. Mascherano’s performances have suffered/dropped this year without Alonso supporting him.Its a bit like Cesc last year playing with inexperienced players around him.

  26. LAzer

    Why would Masch be a dead duck in our system?? He would be great along side Cesc and Nasri or Cesc and Ramsey or Merida or Rosicky etc..We need someone who can read the game well, is a defensive beast at tackling and has a good enough pace and reading of the game combo so is not chasing but breaking up play.

    Plus Barca play the same system and wanted him if Yaya left so I think they would disagree as well that he would be a dead duck.

  27. Keyser

    Heh, I was joking, though there was a Fletcher love in on here a while back.

    We try far too hard to find scapegoats, Song isn’t a world beater, he’s barely 22, he’s got years in him as has Denilson, they aren’t going to win matches on there own, neither is Fletcher or Mascherano, Essien is somewhat different, but put United or Liverpool without several key players like we’ve had and they will struggle.

  28. Stu

    There are no real orthodox defensive midfielders in the premiership anymore. Most of them are either very energetic or powerful.

    Mascherano for all the praise he got last season is basically just a man marker. He doesnt have good positioning but covers a lot of ground to make up for it and is probably at his best when just having to mark i player.

  29. Keyser

    Barry isn’t a DM and somehow I don’t think we would’ve matched his wages.

    Mascherano might do well in a midfield 3 with us, but he still seems a bit too thick, you could see in the Sunderland game why we didn’t bother splashing out on Cana or Cattermole, they won the ball, but each time they even attempted to pass forward they gave it straight back to the opposition.

  30. Jaguar

    I was not talking about sheer defensive midfielders,Stu.Barry comes up with his defensive work,and is brilliant in intereception and tackles,which makes him some one similar to Denilson than Song in our system.

    Operating with Mascherano as a lone CM wont work in our system.If he contributes to our attack,we would be caught out in defence.And if he is only meant to defend,in front of the top four,when have you last seen a DM doing that for us,Lazer?

    And we dont play Barca’system TBH,because we dont have the resources to do it.Rosicky,Arshavin,Nasri all are central players forced to play a wide role,and more often than not,they do tend to play more central.Barca has Iniesta(who can play anywhere in the park,TH14 and Messi to play upfront.So they can operate in a strict 4-3-3 formation,and they have two hard tackling midfielders in Toure and Keita,who wouldnt have to venture forward for goals.Hence Mascherano,might work at Barca,but I’m not sure about him making a mark at Arsenal.

  31. Jaguar

    I was talking on the basis of current form,Duke.Its not a generalisation about their respective history and abilities.

  32. LAzer

    Toure and Keita don’t play together at Barca, Xavi, Iniesta Yaya do. Xavi is Cesc, Yaya is Song, and really Nasri or Rosicky are meant to be Iniesta. We interchange a lot more and rotate as the game goes on much more then Barca but really its a similar basic system. Masch in the Song role would be an improvement over Song for me no doubt.

  33. Pat

    “They are calling me Gigi [Buffon, the Italian No 1],” he added. β€œIt’s a very big compliment for me. Even in training now, when I make a save – I’m not Vito anymore!”

    Fletcher is very fucking average. He’s completely useless when he’s on a yellow card. Problem is, the cunt refs never fucking book him. Its ridiculous.

  34. Jaguar

    So who would be the Henry and Messi on the top left and right,for us,Lazer.Barca are far too superior in terms of resources,and they can easily implement 4-3-3 without tinkering with their player positions like us.

  35. KM in WALES

    If i could buy any DM in the world my list would be Essien/Yaya/Flamini*/Hargreaves. *my personal choice so no abuse plz πŸ™‚

  36. LAzer

    And the bit about the teammates is awesome!! Shows the dressing room is supportive of the youngsters and what having a good GK does for team morale. They are prbly happy to be getting a break from Manuel and his dog for the moment.

    β€œWhen I got back into the dressing room [after the Fulham game], all the players chanted my name. I was very happy. The best thing is when your team-mates are pleased and proud of you. One of the most important things for a goalkeeper is for the team to have confidence in you. If you do the right thing it’s important for them as well because they are nice and relaxed, they know I am there. I can sort out some problems for them and they can do the same for me….”

  37. LAzer

    Arshavin on the left, Walcott on the right. Not up to Henry Messi quality of course but pretty darn good for a duo for left and right up front, can’t think of many teams that boast our attacking lineup possibilities in a 3 man front up top. Rosicky can play left or right up as well and pretty damn good at it.



  38. Ray in SF

    Can’t remember where I saw it, but in a recent assessment of Liverpool the writer said, “Xavi Alonzo’s performance gets better with every game he misses.”

  39. LAzer

    So what does Wenger do with a 29 yr old Rosicky who could potentially leave on a free next summer?? I think if he stays injury free this season we should give him an extension, every time he has come on or played this season he has added a lot. True if he left Wilshere would probably see more games next term but if he stays healthy his partnership with RVP, Arshavin, Cesc could be frightenlingly good.

  40. Arsenal Tom

    song and mascherano equal? come on masch is world class… barca were ready to pay 30m for him and is the captain of argentina! song is becoming above average

  41. Faceman

    yeah right πŸ˜†

    that is a mickey mouse website rumour because vieira was in the stands for the cavski game, little do they know he was flying out to join th14 at the emirates and then go for dinner with dein snr, dein, jnr, and wenger.

  42. KM in WALES

    I met a m8 of mine who’s a l’pool fan back in august and he was adamant that Alonso was holding them back and they’d be glad when he left. Me and other guys (Arsenal & ManU fans)were shocked and tried telling him that Alonso made L’pool tick and allowed Gerrard to play further fwd but he wouldnt have it.Oh well i wonder what hes thinking now…. πŸ™‚ LAZER – as a attacking force i think we are just a bit below Barca, however i’d love a face-off between these 2 sides ala 2006.

  43. LAzer

    Yeah and besides for now at least the blue bastards have a transfer ban in place. Am sure they will “settle” up with Michele and his cronies and get some kind of a slap on the wrist, a reduction in the ban or at least an exception for January window.

  44. Arsenal Tom

    lol zorro! my mistake!

    the difference between us and barca right now….

    we got song they got yaya

    apart from that

    there aint much in it

  45. Stu

    Rosicky wont leave on a free because he knows himself that he owes it to the club and the fans for waiting nearly 2 seasons for him to get over his injury…and being paid the whole time. He is better than to just leave once he is fit…this isnt Bischoff after all.

    Im hoping Wenger offers him a healthy contract. None of this 1 year bullshit. Gallas arrived at 28 or whatever and got a 4 year contract. Rosicky just turned 29 so im expecting at least a 3 year offer.

  46. Stu

    Another difference between us and Barca is they have a stronger squad imo….and maybe that they kll teams off early so they dont have to push for a win in the second half. Other than that (and injuries) not much difference.

  47. Arsenal Tom

    nasri and cesc could give xavi and iniesta a real run for their money but song against yaya is a first round KO to mr Toure.

    neither goalkeeper is amazing

  48. I AM GOONER (maqitlarge)

    Tom, the other difference is that Barca are defending Spanish and European Champions.

    We’ve won a few games, not a few championships.

  49. Mr B

    I bet campbell would a mean DM. Any one remember when sol tackeled a guy and the ball ended up 60 yards away, Henry controled it and scored a screemer.

  50. I AM GOONER (maqitlarge)

    Sorry Tom, thats sounded a bit smug. Didn’t mean it to.

    Hopefully you can see what I was trying to intimate tho.

  51. Emperor Gooner

    Vermaelen’s body language says a lot about the man..he’s the type of guy you won’t find smiling becuase he is so focussed and confident of his ability..you only have to look at the build up to the first goal to get an idea about his determination.the way he tackled and got up so quickly was out of this world..on the other hand look at diaby.he makes adebayor look like the hardest working player on this planet..i just cant remember him running back and tackle to win the ball which is the least he can do because he cant play the arsenal way to save his life…..our defence might not be the best but when the likes of diaby lose possession in situations where they clearly shoudnt , it puts an immediate pressure on the back four and results in mistakes…i’d be absolutely gutted if diaby starts when nasri is fit…don’t care about the height factor cuz the only time i remember him winning a header was against united…..let the fab led fab 5 play together and see how we create havoc in every defence…thats the best attack you’ll find in the whole of europe.period

  52. zorr0

    Come on IAG, we’ve won 13 titles, more than anyone other than the mancs and the bindippers!

    I do realise what you mean though!

    By the way, Sol can FO!

  53. Arsenal Tom

    maqitlarge… yeah i see your point, but i meant in terms of the 2 teams if we were to play now.

    if we matched their work rate and song had a blinder it’d be a very very close one

  54. Mr B

    Well its true Barca have a lot over us when u consider that one of our legends went and became a fringe player there and one of our first teamers hardly got a game, but hopefully that wont matter when we face up, if only our boys can grow some balls.

  55. Stu

    I think if we were to play Barca then Denilson would start ahead of Song. Simply because Barca dont play physical football and Denilson is much better than Song at reading the game and intercepting passes.

  56. Stu

    MrB, which 2 players are you talking about? I ask because Henry starts the majority of their games so surely you cant be talking about him as fringe player.

  57. I AM GOONER (maqitlarge)

    Zorro, I’m refering to recent years, history you can associated with our current group of players.

    And the sooner we get off 13 the better, its proving unlucky (although rather that than Sp*rs or Chavs haul!)

    I’ve no doubt we can give anyone a game including Barca, when we’re on our game. What has been of doubt recently is doing what it takes to win the title. Winning when playing badly, nicking games we shouldn’t, turning losses into draws (Man U last weekend is a great example), all that gritty stuff.

    For that we still need one or two more players who care less about the pretty stuff and more about throwing their bollox in the way.

    Verm is def a step in the right way but we need another as back up and another at DM

  58. I AM GOONER (maqitlarge)

    yeah, Sol bailed. We owe him nothing.

    But sensibly, if he’s allowed to sign for someone, we do need quality cover at CB.

    It makes as much sense as Vieira!

  59. A

    Yeah, we do need quality cover at CB, not someone who’s more past it than Silvestre! I’d genuinely rather our geriatric Frenchman than Sol!

  60. I AM GOONER (maqitlarge)

    Tom, Barca’s work rate is incredible. If we had that we’d have 2 things.

    1 – title win!
    2 – Diaby nowhere near the team.

  61. Stu

    Campbell can stay the fuck away. He left us, he said he was going to move overseas and ended up at pompey. So he ended his time here and lied to Wenger. We shouldnt even let him train with us…let alone sign him.

    But Wenger even let Beckham train with us so impossible is nothing.

  62. Pat

    I don’t give a fuck about england, but why wasn’t Bent called up? He’s better than Defoe, Crouch, and Heskey.

    57 goals in 108 games in the PL, and he has 7 so far this season

  63. I AM GOONER (maqitlarge)

    Stu, we could argue Beckham had a positive effect on us. Thats the year we went close to winning the league.

    Pure speculation mind!

    Anyway, thought Sol wanted to be an actor.

  64. leon


    i think you will find had barc be in prem they would have the same amount of success,i feel we are stronger because this knows to handle phsyacl side and our young players are more mature than them,i dought teams in la lega have nontend with teams like stoke,fulham,chelsea teams who going get intoface and defend extremly and very organised.they do play very free flowing good ball but i feel the player we have have alot more grit and steel about them

  65. Mr B

    tu what I ment was he was not the most important plyer in the team. In terms on importance where does he come in 7…8. Hes not the go to guy.

  66. A

    Yeah Mr B but he went to Barca as a shadow of his former self, if he’d gone there in his prime he would most certainly have been the main man, or at least on par with the other top player.

    He wouldn’t have been close to the most important player in our team if he’d stayed imo

  67. Mr B

    A man, He was still bossing the kids when he left and he had an injury hit season, What do you mean by a shadow of his former self? Has his technique worsened? lost a lotta pace?

  68. Stu

    Granted Henry isnt their main man who they look to for a moment of magic but he is anything but a fringe player. Last season he scored 25/30 or however many goals. He isnt a fringe player in any sense..

  69. A

    Yeah Mr B, but Deco was one of Barca’s best players, and couldn’t get a game at Chelsea, and Shevchenko was one of the best at Milan, but couldn’t get a game at Chelsea, so Chelsea are the best?!

    Different players just don’t adapt well to different systems

  70. Mr B

    Ronni was thrown out, When Hleb left he was one of our best players.

    Stop acting like thar. Im not supporting Barca. Im saying we have to improve.

    Can anyone do a position by position comparison of the two teams.

  71. Stu

    Players perform differently for different teams and in different leagues.

    If arsenal were a la liga team we would be challenging for the title most years because everyone is attack based and we have one of the best attacks around.

    Barca might even struggle in the premiership because so many teams are all about stopping the oppo first and winning second.

  72. Pat

    Vermaelan and Gallas > Pique and Puyol
    Abidal > CLichy
    Sagna > Alves
    Yaya > Song
    Arshavin > Henry(at this point in time)
    Iniesta > Rosicky
    Ibra = RVP(at least in my opinion) Ibra scores more, but RVP is better overall
    Messi > anyone we put on RW


    Is it true Veira going to the chavs?

    Wenger said he was comming to the game but got hold up.
    but why was he at the Chav game???

  74. Stu

    Deco was sold for so little because him and Ronaldinho were seen as partyboys by Pep and he didnt want anything but pure professionalism at Barca. They were important players for Barca but their attitude got them kicked out…not their ability.

  75. A

    Shevchenko was the best forward in Europe at Milan imo, or close to, close behind but not in the same league as the Brazilian Ronaldo

  76. Stu

    Sheva and Ballack both only went to chavski because Abramovic wanted them. Mourinho didnt want them at all apparently.

    Pat, Puyol is going out of favour at Barca. Chygrynskiy will be their first choice by next season for sure. And Pique was amazing last season. Maybe a mix and match. Vermaelen and Pique?

  77. Stu

    Redordead, Vieira probably went to the chav match because he flew over to watch a match and just decided to go to that because it was a “big match”. Boring as fuck tho.

  78. Maciek

    Well, guys. I know it’s stupid but I’ve watched 2002/03 season review and who was more crap for You? Luzhny or Zinedine Cygan?

  79. LAzer

    I think Wenger is going to feel the squad is complete if our good form continues unless a bargain falls into his lap. I don’t know if we need anything up front IF Eduardo and Rosicky can stay fit. Chamakh would give us great depth though but I’d rather we added some mettle in the middle or at the back.

  80. LAzer

    It’ll be great having Nasri back too remember. He is going to get a reserve outing later this month according to reports so should be available near the end of the month for us. Nasri, Song, Cesc with Arshavin, Rvp, Rosicky/Walcott is an amazing front 6.

    With teams parking the bus more and more as the season gets tight maybe in mid we could go Cesc, Nasri, Rosicky for a very attack minded midfield.

  81. Stu

    I would be hapy with a defensive utility player in January. Or a DM who can fill in across the back 4 like Flamini could.

    Basically just able defensive cover.

  82. MoW

    many of our prem fixtures before xmas look easy. but they won’t be. away game at west ham is the next test.

    some big battles with spurs, pool and chelsea on the radar, but in a sense, at this stage of the season the pressure games are the easy ones, not these big games. we have to max out as many points as we can vs stoke and wolves etc.

    i’m certain we’ll scrape together a fair total vs the top sides over the season, regardless. the games are so big, so close, and we’ve so much talent that we’ll get something out of some of them. it’s picking up 3 pts vs the shit team, week after week, like a machine, AND the big cup games later in the year that will determine how good we really are.

  83. LAzer

    Chamakh seems a good link up big man with heading ability who can run his socks off to me. Problem is we are probably better of developing Pinky further then adding a 25yr old who seems to talk way too much in the media for my liking already. Might disrupt the dressing room as well as making the front 6 positions very congested.

    Problem is we all know if we get the injury bug hard again every single one of us will be clamoring on about how Wenger should’ve, could’ve, would’ve when it comes to signings and replacing shitforbrainsbayor when he had the chance.

  84. Maciek

    Yes Hig, mate. And it’s a shame. I watched 2002/2003 season review today and I noticed- Cygan was our 3rd cd and Luzhny our 2nd lb. “Thanks” to them, we have lost our championship. That’s shows You how badly quality signings are needed if You are going fo0r the title.

  85. A

    Maciek Cygan was our 3rd choice cd when we went through the season unbeaten, and clichy was our second choice lb in the 02/03 season….

  86. A

    oh yeah, gio van b was in the squad in 02/03, now there’s a player who really failed with us, did well at Barca though