I have that warm fuzzy feeling back! And the new Ade song!

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Well last night the second team beat the chavs 2 zip, a comfortable win that saw injury prone Joe Cole return to the side that last season beat our kids, we stuffed them and did it in style. If our kids are firing on all fours, it bodes well for the first team, because it means that we have players that can step up at last. Oh and we got to laugh out loud at Joe Cole, wanker.

The performance against fat Sam’s in bred hackers was a joy to watch, last season we struggled against the shit teams, this season is different, we do seem to be growing as a team, at last. Yes I still have my reservations about one or two people, but the forward playing players are simply unstoppable when they go towards the oppositions goal.

Even when we went down I wasn’t concerned, when Stoke went 1 up last term I though ‘blast, we’ll struggle now’ – not this time, with players like RVP, Rosicky, Arshavin, Cesc, Nikki B, Theo, Ramsey and even Diaby, we look so good.

And we still have Samir Nasri to return, boy I hope he plays Nasri and Cesc together, we’ll be unbeatable. Vermaelen has added that Keown ‘never say die’ spirit to the team, so full credit to Arsenals longest serving manager for seeing something that no one else in football saw.

And don’t say including me, because I liked him from the off, Tony Adams was the one who said he wasn’t tall enough.

Even Mannone is looking like he has been in the team for years, I wonder what he’ll do when the Spanish waiter returns, mmm, Arsene, it’s time to do a Lehmann.

I’m not even thinking about who he can bring in, in the window, but a big centre back like Sakho wouldn’t go amiss.

If the Paddy comes home rumours are true I would be delighted, he can add some bite and be a father figure to the DM’s we have coming through, though I wouldn’t mind playing a Ramsey, Merida or a Nasri in there and discarding the DM idea.

After watching our last 3 games I am beginning to beleive Arsene, so I hope I was wrong by giving you shit for not buying, I still think we need a couple of players because if something happens to Gallas or Vermaelen I think we will struggle, maybe it’s time to see what Song can do at the back, Liverpool would be a good opportunity to experiment, either that or see what Kyle Bartley can do, or even Ayling.

The whole footballing world has said we play the best football, even Souness, the sour faced Jocko said he would buy a season ticket to watch Arsenal, he forgot to add, that’s if he didn’t get into every EPL game for nothing, but never mind, at least he said it.

Liverpool have gone backwards, ManU and the chavs are treading water and the spuds will finish 12th, Everton are not good enough and last night you saw Adebayor back to his very best, ha, ha! Offside Ade! How long before the northern chavs hate him as well?

Ade-the-whore, Ade-the-whore, give him the ball and he get offside some more!

So that only leaves Villa and they are a pale shadow of last season.

So this season who knows, maybe Arsene does after all! I would be delighted to say I was wrong, but we still have a long way to go and November is on it’s way, anyway at last we can all feel a bit more positive and hope we get better and better, I think we will.

Have a great day Grovers, today I have lunch with 2 chavs, so I can crow a bit.

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  1. tonyadamsisgod

    Sabeel – I’m lodging an official complaint! I clicked the ‘Leave a Reply’ link about 3 times only to be told I was looking for something that didn’t exist……I can only presume it meant Sabeel in 1st place! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Arsenal Tom

    morning all… good stuff fella’s!

    apparently paddy was at the bridge on sunday? why was he there instead of watching our boys?

  3. charybdis1966

    Morning all, I like your defiant, vigorous posts Geoff. As I often say/think you are the yin to Pedroโ€™s more thoughtful yan.
    The Chavs do look pretty average and just wait for the CAN effect to kick in โ€“ we all pray for Ivory Coast to go through to the finals. Once you get past the serial diving/play-acting Drog the Dog thereโ€™s only Le Sulk who can score for them.
    The Olds Toilet mob arenโ€™t looking too clever as ole 65% proof nose is showing himself up with another one of his silly rants. Anyway I donโ€™t see why he wants the ref to keep up with the play โ€“ Fergie sees every decision better than the ref on the pitch and Fergie sits 50 yards away in the stands so whatโ€™s the point in the ref being up with play?
    As for the bindippers โ€“ the loss of Alonso has hit them hard as they seem to have a player in Lucas who is even worse than Diaby. It seems to me that Rafa might be losing the dressing room also.

  4. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    i agree with u,
    i faced the same situation

    the post came,and tried to comment 4-5 times on clicking that “Leave a comment” pop-box…but no page found message came

    then later automatically it got corrected…
    and i happened to be first

  5. gambon


    No, Vidic is much more proven.

    Also, Sakho is far from a big centre back, he is slight and not overly tall.

  6. Geoff

    Gambon you’re kidding, he’s a monster, 6’3″ and got man of the match at the Emirates cup against Rangers, he picked up everything, I know, I watched, that was the day of my accident and it was his fault!

  7. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    I 10,000% agree with u geoff

    inshallah,Nasri and Fabregas together will make us unbeatable.

    cant wait for nasri to be back next to fabregas

    Sagna – Gallas – Verminator – clichy
    Fabregas – song – Nasri
    Rosicky – RVP/eduardo – Arshavin

    Amazing First team mashallah

  8. arsenalised

    Guys guys guys its the verminator we talkin about,our verminator.
    Well i personally think he is the best in the WORLD.

  9. KM in WALES

    What a grim day – fukking hell! The weather is awful…. Very happy that City didnt win, Geoff has the league table on the sideroll been updated?

  10. Geoff

    I would have a midfield of Rosicky Cesc and Nasri with Theo, Robin and Arshavin up top, with Nikki B and Eduardo coming on when needed.

  11. arsenalised

    I Mostly watch our games in my area local pub and i met this manc fan on sunday there watchin our game and when TV5 riffled in the equilizer this dude said and i quote “its a shame how you arsenal fans are comparing vermaelen with vidic coz you know he is better” i flatly disagreed offcourse.

  12. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Walcott needs to prove that he has got good delivery…
    its his first game,so maybe we should give him a chance to prove his worth to be regularly a first teamer.

    but i will choose experience of rosicky always over walcott on right,with song in team,so that Nasri(new Pires) can be more free to go forward

  13. charybdis1966

    BTW, the title of the post reminds me of the gag โ€œWhatโ€™s long and smells of piss? The pensions queue outside the post office.โ€

  14. Arsenal Tom

    I think nasri will play against most of the teams who come to park the bus and denilson will play the games where we need to be a bit more stable in the middle, nasri is always an option as part of the forward 3 if needed to

  15. arsenalised

    Arsenal Tom: yeah,its early but not too early to recognize world class talent anyways i just love his game its jus what we needed.

  16. ian

    agree with you on patrick vieira

    is wenger about to make another masterstroke in transfer and team management by singing PV4 in january?

    1st, it will not hamper song’s development now. he can grow to be our established DM until jan. then when he’s off for ACN, paddy (or denilson) wud fits right in and with world cup coming, he wud give his all to gain back his french squad place.

    then when song returns, we’ll have 2 players fighting for 1 DM place (or we use them sparingly as the games come thick & fast)

    actually i wasnt sad to see paddy leave but we cannot deny that the trophies had dried up & we failed to finish outside top 2 since PV4 left, we MUST HAVE a dominant DM, full stop.

    pls make this happen arsene! arsene knows….

  17. tomstoned

    Mornin All..

    Great Post Geoff….why do i get the ..Le Champ feeling when i read youre post’s these day’s, isnt it just me who am living in Arsenal Paradise ๐Ÿ˜‰

    so from cold north Geoff…we have one hell of a team mate…

    and it was a rock solid performance by the reserves yesterday adnd a win against chelski is always more than welcome…sort of makes the day..


  18. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    I really like the adebayor song

    the criticism and bans definitely has had an affect on adebayor psychee…and it was visible in yesterdays game

    adebayor wanted to prove how good he is this season,and after our game with shitty,and his goal against us,and emotionaly outcry of his celebration..he now sub-conciously feels,that he has already shown how good he is….Hence now that motivation which was present in start of this season for him,is not present anymore..

    hence we will see adebayor back to his bullshit best like last season.

  19. Arsenal Tom

    Arsenalised i agree mate he’s just what we needed, in spirirt and attitude as much as ability wise, but to say he’s world class after 12 games is a bit much… after the season or maybe 6 months if he continues at the same level.

  20. gambon

    Sakho is nowhere near 6.3, a good prospect but no monster, and U21 players are the last thing we currently need.

    I think Rosicky, Cesc, Nasri would be a disaster, there would be so many gaps infron of our back four. I would go the opposite way, get rid of Denilson & Diaby and bring in 2 big, physical central midfielders to play behind Cesc, one a DM and one in the Alonso ‘All round MF’ role. Try and get the balance back we had with Petit & Vieira.

  21. KM in WALES

    I think Walcott found his position on sunday – striker. He can come on as sub for RvP and latch/run onto balls over the top – he should’v buried that chance he scuffed.If he did he’d be in the England squad.Bendtner annoyed me when he came on,he missed 2 chances which he should have buried. Imagine he missed that in a must win game?However he scored an amazing goal to make up for it ๐Ÿ™‚ Our future strikerforce-Vela,Bendy-theo?

  22. Duke

    Morning all, the euphoria has gone away today, was on top of the world yesterday, now back to the real world. Great post, I know think we are 1 person away from winning everything, that person is De Rossi. We don’t need another kid CB for cover, JD and Sandy should be enough, shame JD got injured, if we stay lucky, we should be all right until he returns, Sandy can cover if it’s not for a very long period, then I would start to worry, but don’t think Sakho is so much better.


  23. Geoff

    According to PSG Sakho Mamadou is 6′ 11/2 that’s pretty tally for me and 3 inches bigger than Vermaelen, and he’s the bollocks.

  24. Arsenal Tom

    KM i reckon so… he wont be the same player i think he’ll sit much deeper and use his reading of the game to break it up, anyone who’s expecting his old days box-to box running might be disappointed, he’ll be more of a gilberto i reckon

  25. KM in WALES

    Thank God Bendy is only a sub now.He is generation next, not good enough for a starting place yet.Also he doesnt excite me as much as Vela/Walcott.

  26. tomstoned

    agree Gambon…

    still one would think that having Vieira in the squad could only make it better one way or the other,and i think Our younsters would improve from having Vieira looking over theire shoulders…i know i would run somewhat faster if that *Man* was on my tracks …:)


  27. Gbenga

    I hope Adebayor learnt something from the reception Henry got at the Emirate on Sunday and the way Dunne refused to celebrate his goal against Man City yesterday..Sorry i had to digress from the main point……Moreover, Pedro and Geoff, you just earned my real respect by being able to admit the mistake in judging Wenger and his team too early…..Please lets keep on supporting all the guys as almost no team in UK has a full complement of talent like Arsenal..The press just kept praising the other teams..

  28. tomstoned

    and KM just maybe we could see more of Bendtner up front in the middle where he belongs..win win situation ..


  29. KM in WALES

    Tbh i havent seen much of Viera but if he can give us a few gr8 performances for 6months ,then i’d be ok with it.

  30. Chipo

    Obviously haven’t quite grasped the concept of syllables in that Ade song. Really really poor effort!

    Apart from that it was a cracking post! ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. KM in WALES

    I think Arshavin would make a cracking coach/manager – not sure abt Henry….just my gut feeling. GEOFF – SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THIS PAGE….its going haywire.

  32. KM in WALES

    I thought Dunne done us a favour y’day.Awesome play boy!well Dunne ๐Ÿ™‚ we should hav bought him as our 3rd choice CB. however i thought the match was really poor. No end product,no flow,although Barry,Bellamy & Dunne played well.

  33. tomstoned


    i was also wathcing the villa game yesterday and i must say it was no team that showed any real quality….typical English game…city wasnt any better…a kick and run game..where the tempo they played in was far to fast for the quality of the teams…
    i think both villa and city will crumble…city havent really clicked and are relying far to much on individuals…an example lescott who’s struggling..villa just havent the quality anymore..they miss barry,,,who was the main man..


  34. B.B.K.

    still don’t think we will win anything mainly because of the way we defend if we were solid at the back and not conceding stupid goals then id say we are in with chance,the goal keeper situation and the defensive mid are key areas if we want to do well, almoonia,song and fabianski will not see us through to a title we need much much better from them places.

  35. gnarleygeorge9

    Things are getting back to normal. The Gunners are playing supreme footy, & Australia are the cricket kings again ๐Ÿ˜†


    You are all loved up with that post. I really never rated Liverwurst or spuds, & manure are only up coz of father time Giggs. Man City are just a band of gypsies, & Chelski is just the Did-he-do-a-dog-poo & Anelka show. I could be @ Islington Town Hall in May, where is evo ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. tomstoned

    still the main problem for villa isnt their players its O’neill..he is not a poor manager ..but the way he tries to lead the players from the sidelines..works in some matches..but it would be much better if the players would do it themselves…and with that in mind..its clear to see that villa will never be better than O’neill..and that simply isnt good enough….

    city..i think they are in for a lot of problems..it can seem all rosy just now..but like robinho..players will start to doubt themselves and the likes of bellamy is just an accident waiting to happen…

    l’pool..well what can i say…rafa is off within a couple of months..

    manu is just poor…

    it will be a battle of London this year…..


  37. Chipo


    Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Clichy

    Fabregas Song Nasri

    Rosicky Van Persie Arshavin

    Subs: Almunia, Eboue, Djourou, Denilson, Walcott, Eduardo, Bendtner.

    Reserves: Mannone, Silvestre, Gibbs, Ramsey, Wilshere, Vela.

    And people say we don’t have a strong squad! That line-up makes me moist!

  38. gambon

    I think City are the real deal, they need to add a few class players to win it, but theyll be there or there abouts.

    As for ‘manu is just poor’ – well theyre ahead of us, and i seem to remember people saying the same these last few years, if you beat UTD you’ll more than likely be champions.

  39. KM in WALES

    TOM – agree both will crumble like the evil Soviet empire…..(was that too dramatic?) ๐Ÿ™‚ Barry looks good.i slated him last year but now i admit he would have made a difference to us. Yeh we should defo be in the top3 this year.L’pool are missing Alonso bigtime and whats happened to their defence? Ancelotti is marshalling his troops well,but i’v got a feeling that ManU make a signing in Jan.

  40. gambon


    I dont know and dont care, we need to focus on making sure we are vastly better than both.

    UTD will always be there or there abouts, they’ll probably spend ยฃ60m in the summer, but City may blow another ยฃ100m which could take them to the title.

  41. Geoff

    Gnarley, I thought we won the Ashes, your mob won the equivalent of the Carling Cup. Plus half our team were missing. No Flintoff, no Peterson, no Prior, no Broad….

  42. tomstoned

    agree KM and well ..the part about manu being just poor isnt that far off…look at scholes…nobody would suggest anything else than that fella is finished..ferdinand looks older…vidic..?? fletcher..he isnt the man to carry utd…

    i think more than on signing is needed…and im aware of them being slow starters…but they was far to long relying on ronaldo…that cant be fixed in a flash…real is facing the same prob now…ronaldo out they loose…

    im feckin glad we never bought that misfit..

    Arsenal Tom..Barry proved to me by almost instantly becoming *the*player for city…and how much villa miss him ..that he is the real deal…i must say he has me convinced..


  43. Arsenal Tom

    TAIG lol, exactly mate! painfull though… international level holding midfielder and the league best most consistent keeper for under 20m….

  44. tomstoned

    We are excited Wonderboy…

    we’re in Arsenal Paradise..and its only gettting better..fasten youre seatbelts..and be ready for the ride of youre life,…the World is about to be left in a state of shock as we…flush the whores from barca down the drain..to never be found again..Arsenal Rules the world…

    im such a pesemistic person..??


  45. leon

    i for one dought wenger bring viera back i just dont think viera is any were near the player he was i dought he can hadle the pace of the prem,i do have huge reservations about him comming back i mean if he cant handle the itian legue were it is alot slower how would last in the prem,it could work if he used as a player coach type role and he is used spearingly as a sub

  46. insidealbania

    The difference between this Season and the last:

    Home game against Birmingham and I am excited and confident we will win, it may not be a goal fest but we will win.

    Last season I was not sure if we were going to turn up, and always having a bad feeling that we will be held to a draw.

    Well done team, keep it going

  47. tomstoned


    i hate to say this…about a person i promised never to mention again..but here i go…flamini doesnt cope with the italian league either…why…the italian league is like football in slow motion mate..if youre playstation was that slow you would throw it out the window…


  48. insidealbania

    Leon, I think if Viera came in Jan his role in the team will require him to sit in front of the defence and read the game. I dont think he has the legs to run around or make forward runs. He will also do a good job defending set-pieces and corners.

  49. KM in WALES

    I’d love to see us play & beat InterMilan/Juve – Madrid -ManU – Barca, in the champions league.that wud be amazing.

  50. tomstoned

    Geoff mate..

    how come ? ..one could expect that comment ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe

    somethings never change i guess…why arent you at the gym….??..


  51. Aussie Az

    evening gents, or more for u lot, i do think if paddy comes back might upset few players,, anyone not worried bout the backroom if he came in?
    Also no one really thinks that arsene will play nasri cesc and song as our mid three?

  52. Maciek

    If we are looking for a cd, aside from Sakho, there is Bruno Alves from Porto. Big, strong, tall. Good in the air.Roland Juhasz from Anderlecht as well. And Zapata fromm Udine of course.
    For me- Frey, Alves and Cissko from Toulouse as a cdm, and we are sorted for many years.

  53. leon

    geoff,thats your heart talking,when is last time you saw viera play i just dont know if he can perform at the highest level any more,a huge part of veria game was power his ability hold the ball up and run at people,he hardly plays for inter any more and he does not make the france team any more these are just plain facts,this about weather we like viera or not its about him puting top performamces and i jsut dont think he can do it any more

  54. nishanth

    A DM and a CB in Jan will do also.Any other signing will depend on our injury situaton

    How did coquelin play yesteday

  55. tomstoned


    i think our only chance of gettin some of the quality players you mention..is if we get rid of Senderos and i really hope we do get rid of that accident…great heart…but not much else…


  56. tomstoned

    Nishanth mate..

    didnt watch the game,but he seems like he was outstanding..according to jay sanderson frm young guns..


  57. Maciek

    Aussie and Tom. You are right. Still, I woulD LIKE TO SEE Sendeross ahead of Silvestre in the picking order.We have got the money to spend and one injury to Vermaelen or Galla and Song and we are in trouble.Still I can’t see us playing against Drogba or Torres and that shows You, we do need a Bruno Alves type of defender and a Patrick Vieira type of midfielder. Not that I want to see Pady coming to us. Great player but past his best. Best wishes.

  58. charybdis1966

    Does anyone else think that when Wenger said that TH14 and PV04 would be back at the Emirates he just meant, in the audience? I hope not.
    Also KM, weโ€™ve 3 out of those 5 so far; this time Barca and the Old Toilet mob, in the final and semiโ€™s respectively.

  59. gnarleygeorge9


    In a 2 horse race, & the ability to rig the series on home turf, we will add the ashes to our trophy cabinet next year. & The Arsenal have more English players than the English cricket team. Snap! Goodnight & God bless

  60. leon


  61. zorr0

    Morning(ish) all!

    “A review of the ProZone match data – the tool top players and officials use
    to analyse their displays – shows that Wiley, 48, ran a total of 6.86 miles
    during Saturday’s match, more than all but four of United’s players and
    three of Sunderland’s.”


  62. tomstoned

    is it only me who thinks Silvestre was a great buy…he’s helped turn things around both on the training pitch and in the locker room…and THAT was what he was bought for….and you may add as a last resort kind of player..

    Silvestre is one of the most professinals players ever..fergie when asked about him said it clearly enough…

    have anyone ever heard a bad word from him,have he ever complained..nope he just keeps going on,doing his job..accepting the fact that he isnt going to play very much…like..for me..a true footballer..

    Silvestre you have my respect…


  63. tomstoned

    and now im off to visit the weblogs of barca…i just have to shoot some bad heroin into the vains of that filthy whore called barcelona…


  64. Maciek

    Tom, he is a professional and probably a great human being but is he good enough as a 3rd cd? I don’t think so. Pool has Agger, Chelsea Alex and Ivanovic, Utd. have Evans and we have Silvestre.I think we deserve better.

  65. leon

    i dont there much dought silvest would have done better if he was playing with gallas rather toure,i have no dought a large part of the reason he bought was for the younger players on the training ground,i think he new when he signed he was going get alot first team football,i think alrge part of the reason he was bought was help young players not to play so mush,but in tersm cd cover he is whats needed but i put him in bought as ade or toure.the only thing wrong with him is that he no longer has the legs and pace

  66. Duke

    zorr0, I am trying to say this as nicely as possible without offending you, but what a load of crap ๐Ÿ˜€


    Geoff Says:
    October 6, 2009 at 11:40

    Half a Vieira is better than a whole Song or Denilson.


    I am on my feet in the office applauding you Geoff, true words at their best.

  67. charybdis1966

    Good for you Tom – it’s about time we said things like “Lionel has Arsenal DNA in him” amd such stuff.

    Don’t forget to mention that TH!4’s heart is at Arsenal, as shown by Sundays appearance by him at THOF.

  68. Faceman

    It’s all about the last day of this month.

    A glorious saturday lunchtime kick off against our pikey neighbours.

    By then, we should have wrapped up 6 more points in the league off brum and the hammers.

    And theo, vela and all the other injured over the summer should be in full flow.. meaning a full squad of talent and flair for le boss to pick from.

    Fucking love it.

  69. zorr0

    Duke, I guess your opinion differs from mine then.

    Half a Paddy? That’s ridiculous, how would he run with only one leg! I know Song is slow, but surely even he is faster than a one legged man!

  70. I AM GOONER (maqitlarge)

    Hang on. Didn’t Ade originally say the RVP stamp was accidental?

    Yet now he regrets it? Lie much?

    And he suddenly got angry about THAT song? Why didn’t he show the same fire when oppo fans were singing to him last season?

    And someone should show him the recently release accounts from Arsenal. We’re not skint Ade. We sold you cos we didn’t want you, not for the money.

    Arsenal rejected you. And that is going to grate on you forever. So live with THAT!

    As you may have guessed, I’m less that a fan!

  71. Keyser

    zorr0 – Don’t take it to heart, I doubt he stood up and applauded either, that’d be pretty silly.

    Vieira lead by example, he doesn’t have the physique to do that anymore, he’d be good for the experience and the morale of the team, other than that he’s still capable but not even close to th monstrous player he once was.

  72. Keyser

    How may people have watched Vieira play over the last season or two, he isn’t even close to what he used to be for us physically, he isn’t even what he was when he left, and Seria A is a much less stressful league than the premiership, at least on the body.

    He isn’t going to give what Song or Denilson do, and if we bring him in I doubt thats the main reason he would be here.

  73. Wiseman


    Just booked my ticket to London for 24th Decemeber!!

    Never been to the Europe, so i’m pretty excited about this!! But even more excited to see my beloved GUNNERS!!

    Now i need information:

    These are the games i might be able to see:

    1. Boxing Day Match against Villa
    2. Away match at Portsmouth
    3. FA Cup third round if it is at the Emirates or somewhere else near London.

    How will i go about getting tickets?

    Are away tickets easier to get?, (i.e the match at Portsmouth)

    Are FA cup matches easier to get tickets for.

    Thanks for help in advance!

  74. incesc

    have you got a red membership wiseman?

    Should be able to get villa or fa cup tickets fairly easily when they come out online…

  75. A

    Yeah Keyser, Vieira would add a bit of depth, and provide some cover whilst Song is away, but no way he’s physically capable of playing regularly for us now. Obviously he’d have to play a much less dynamic role than he used to, just sitting in front of the defence rather than box to box, but even then he’d still be far from as effective as he used to be, and below song when he returns, possibly below denilson too in the meantime, maybe a bit of rotation.

    I’m very much for his signing (though i do see it as unlikely with him saying he wants regular first team football) as he’d provide some more depth, as his experience would be very useful, but I hope fans don’t get silly and go over the top thinking he’d be first choice. It also would worry me with people getting on song or denilson’s back saying how can they play over vieira etc etc not understanding that vieira really is a shadow of his former self.

  76. Arsenal Tom

    viera wont be coming to sit on the bench tough lads despite who you think is in front of him!

    he’ll get songs job while he’s away, and add depth to DM and even CB if needed

  77. A

    Yeah I agree Tom, he’s been complaining in Italy about needing first team football to try and make the France squad for the world cup, so his coming to us is really pretty unlikely

  78. Keyser

    Arsenal Tom – Heh, we play 3 in the middle anyway now, if he comes and it seems a pretty big if I seriously doubt he’s there to re-live the glory days.

    I dunno about CB, can’t remember him playing there much.

  79. Keyser

    Hopefully if we’re still in both the demoestic cup competitions by January, we should have plenty of games for all our players.

  80. Wiseman

    incesc: hmmm… no i have not, so maybe i should look into that.

    My girlfriend’s brother-in-law is a Gooner and goes to some games, so he will probably help me get tickets, but i may want to go to more matches than he is prepared to go to.

    Are away tickets hard to get? I wouldn’t mind going to Portsmouth for a day as it doesn’t look like it’s too far away, and i’m pretty much guaranteed to see an Arsenal victory!

  81. Arsenal Tom

    wenger said when he was here before that he could be a CB as he got older… 6’4 and was pretty good in the air!!

    there seems to be too much talk about him coming for it to be nonsense for me.

    A… when song goes we need to bring someone in to play DM dont you agree?

  82. Faceman

    i think the vieria signing will be more towards getting his influence in the dressing room, and grooming him for a coaching role at the club.

    great idea.

  83. Arsenal Tom

    faceman… i agree, i think wenger must have looked at a few of the big results where we’ve gone in front and ended up loosing thinking that he needs an older experienced head like paddy as an option to calm things down in those games, going one up and somewhere like old trafford and bring him on for the last half hour i doubt we’d loose

  84. Wiseman

    How much is Red membership anyways.

    Arsenal should have an international membership option, which could offer easy ways for visitors to get tickets to games, maybe throw in some DVDs on thing like the Emirates Stadium, which some of us have never even seen.

    There are definitely more Arsenal supporters outside of the UK than their are inside i can tell you that!

  85. leon

    i just dont see the point in bringing viera in he no wear near the player he was i feel wenger be looking for someone someone much young and will be a more long term plus song and delinson have done that bad a job and song has very solid,the african nations is only 1-2 months and ramsey delinson and evon nasri can do job in that time.i see signing viera would be the same kind of signing silvest

  86. Faceman

    exactly arsenal tom, getting paddy in the jan window whilst song is away is about as near as perfect an idea as possible

    signing matuidi at the same time and getting schooled by vieira would be the cherry on top.