I have that warm fuzzy feeling back! And the new Ade song!

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Well last night the second team beat the chavs 2 zip, a comfortable win that saw injury prone Joe Cole return to the side that last season beat our kids, we stuffed them and did it in style. If our kids are firing on all fours, it bodes well for the first team, because it means that we have players that can step up at last. Oh and we got to laugh out loud at Joe Cole, wanker.

The performance against fat Sam’s in bred hackers was a joy to watch, last season we struggled against the shit teams, this season is different, we do seem to be growing as a team, at last. Yes I still have my reservations about one or two people, but the forward playing players are simply unstoppable when they go towards the oppositions goal.

Even when we went down I wasn’t concerned, when Stoke went 1 up last term I though ‘blast, we’ll struggle now’ – not this time, with players like RVP, Rosicky, Arshavin, Cesc, Nikki B, Theo, Ramsey and even Diaby, we look so good.

And we still have Samir Nasri to return, boy I hope he plays Nasri and Cesc together, we’ll be unbeatable. Vermaelen has added that Keown ‘never say die’ spirit to the team, so full credit to Arsenals longest serving manager for seeing something that no one else in football saw.

And don’t say including me, because I liked him from the off, Tony Adams was the one who said he wasn’t tall enough.

Even Mannone is looking like he has been in the team for years, I wonder what he’ll do when the Spanish waiter returns, mmm, Arsene, it’s time to do a Lehmann.

I’m not even thinking about who he can bring in, in the window, but a big centre back like Sakho wouldn’t go amiss.

If the Paddy comes home rumours are true I would be delighted, he can add some bite and be a father figure to the DM’s we have coming through, though I wouldn’t mind playing a Ramsey, Merida or a Nasri in there and discarding the DM idea.

After watching our last 3 games I am beginning to beleive Arsene, so I hope I was wrong by giving you shit for not buying, I still think we need a couple of players because if something happens to Gallas or Vermaelen I think we will struggle, maybe it’s time to see what Song can do at the back, Liverpool would be a good opportunity to experiment, either that or see what Kyle Bartley can do, or even Ayling.

The whole footballing world has said we play the best football, even Souness, the sour faced Jocko said he would buy a season ticket to watch Arsenal, he forgot to add, that’s if he didn’t get into every EPL game for nothing, but never mind, at least he said it.

Liverpool have gone backwards, ManU and the chavs are treading water and the spuds will finish 12th, Everton are not good enough and last night you saw Adebayor back to his very best, ha, ha! Offside Ade! How long before the northern chavs hate him as well?

Ade-the-whore, Ade-the-whore, give him the ball and he get offside some more!

So that only leaves Villa and they are a pale shadow of last season.

So this season who knows, maybe Arsene does after all! I would be delighted to say I was wrong, but we still have a long way to go and November is on it’s way, anyway at last we can all feel a bit more positive and hope we get better and better, I think we will.

Have a great day Grovers, today I have lunch with 2 chavs, so I can crow a bit.

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  1. Maciek

    A- ok. Maybe I’m wrong but these 2 fu*ed up so many matches. You can bet, that Silvestre and Sendy will do the same.

  2. A

    Sendy is way better than cygan was imo Maciek, and he’s better than the likes of Evans too as back up!

    Those two were still in the squad for the invincibles, so having players like them as back up is proven to not ensure that you don’t win anything, and our current back up although not ideal is way better than that!

  3. Stu

    Yeah that article on arsenal analysis was way over the top. A few good wins and he things we are better than Barca.

    The comments were ridiculous too. Most calling him an idiot etc and someone said Barca are average without their front 3. Basically every team ever is average without their best players. Someone else said Nasri is better than Iniesta too. We are improving but better than Barca? Hardly.

  4. zeus

    Hi guys…..
    The most important purchase that Arsene could make next is for the backroom medical staff imo. I still think we have a problem with properly diagnosing and treating muscular problems effectively.

    This is of particular worry to me because as big as our squad seems now, we have this problem of not having everyone fit at the same time. Denilson is out, by the time he gets back, maybe Daiby will be b out and Nasri is gone, when he is back will Rosicky or Eduardo regress?(I hope not) Back room medic for me.

  5. tomstoned

    evening All..

    i just couldnt leave you all talking about barca like it was a real club….barca is no more than a common whore and should be treated like one…there is no honor, no pride,no respect..just an unbelivable hunger to fuck all other clubs….

    a whore on crack comes to mind..and anyone who means that messi is no where near as talented as Arshavin..well seek help..at once…

    no lets see what the whore does when FIFA install the new financial regulations..my tip…sitting on a street corner begging for a quick fuck just to get another fix..

    inglorious barcas….


  6. Mayank

    Player by player comparisons mean nothing… Last season i read a player by player comparison b/w Spurs and us where Spurs shaded us… For a team to win they need teamwork and individual brilliance… Where we lack in individual brilliance(just by a little) we can make up by teamwork…

  7. leon


    barc is top team no dought about that but if they were in prem they is no way they would have same amount of success infact i dought that they would win the prem they would find extremly difficult,the prem is best legue in the world for a reason its by far the most demanding. in prem teams defend alot better and alot more physycal.added the fact we have players like rvp,edwardo,risicky,aa,nasri.not only too arseanl have flair they have alot steel and grit that alot barc players dont have its difficult to compare but i know for a fact if arsenal were playing la lege with the way pass move they have field day with teams partcicualy when over there its you score we score

  8. tomstoned


    when youre trying to get in every mans bed…well to me; you are a Whore and instead of money you offer a big wet sloppy c…,doesnt matter really..:)

    and Stu ,Yes i was there..same name everywhere and to be totally honest..ive used about four hours today commenting on different blogs belonging to the *whore*…have taken some shit ..but the truth will prevail ๐Ÿ™‚

    ooh i might add one other thing ..what a truly great evening it has been ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. tomstoned

    and to act like my name stoned ๐Ÿ™‚

    im out with a film tip tonite…

    if you havent seen Pandorum and enjoyed Aliens..watch it..it is a great movie..

    me im gonna watch the 71’s double team again Misses out….im free as feckin willy so a beer and charlie george for me this evening..

    have a good one Stu and All Gooners and Grovers alike in Arsenal Paradise ๐Ÿ™‚


  10. tomstoned

    my mind works in mysterious ways Stu…i wouldnt try to follow….im just an old hippie who loves Arsenal ๐Ÿ™‚

    well off then


  11. leon

    in la liga you dont have go up against big phsycal teams like stoke,blackburn,fulham away from home who will put 11 men behind the ball plus the prem have to play alot more games, added to that its quite a bit slower.sorry but the prem is alot demanding not as technical but alot quicker and more direct,alomost all of players arsenal would be fine in la lega because they have huge amount technical ability but in prem you need alot more than thats why players like fran merida,winyshire,ramsey.and i afraid players like messi would an extremly tough time in prem he would success posibly but would need alot time

  12. A

    Maciek no of course I wouldn’t fancy Silvestre or Senderos against Drogba, but I wouldn’t fancy Gallas or even Vermaelen against Drogba, or Torres on fire. No centre back in the world can cope when the best forwards in the world are really on their game, all of them can be humiliated, and certainly no sub centre back at any club in the world would have any chance against them. It’s not the games against the big boys where the league is won or lost anyways, and Senderos is absolutely fine against the smaller teams, and better than Liverpool and Utd subs imo

  13. Pat

    Premier league had better defending? haha. Not a chance. You have more space in England and the gameplay suits forwards with all the crossing, overlaps, etc.

    Serie A is by far the hardest league for a forward. The defenders are much more physical(or dirty) if you ask me and don’t give you an inch of space. Too fucking tactical for my liking

  14. leon

    a,dragba is a beast no one can handle when his in that mood,pat there is no teams like stoke etc are going play you score i score not a chance no in prem teams tend close down alot more its just the lower teams dont have best strikers so its puts more presure on there defence and they dont have the best defenders but yes italy they also defend extremly well but they are alot negative could never there games its takes 30 min just pass a ball

  15. Stu

    nn, we have Song and Eboue going to the acn. Unfortunately both their countries are top african teams so they will probably go far.

    You should know this.

  16. zeus

    I used to say the same thing about la liga having better defenders. I remember during Toress’ first season when he scored 30 goals? he said that he couldn’t believed that defenders pusho far up field and left so much space behind them. It was a dream to him. Keep in mind that he never scored 20 goals in a season in all his time at Atletico.
    It was this reasoning I felt that CR7 would struggle, but he has been scoring at a rate in la liga similar to his in rate in the BPL. Maybe he is that good, never rated him but now that he is no longer in the BPL my feelings about his diving cuntiness has started to soften and an appreciation for his game and what he offers a side is developing.

  17. Mr B

    On any given day Arsenal can beat Barca but we have to play at our best and thats where consistency comes in.

    If Song, Clichy, Sanga, Diaby, Almunia have a below far game, it can fuck up the team.

  18. leon

    mr b

    the same goes for barc i feel with the likes aa,risicky,nasri,thoe,rvp thy would any defence alot problems and barc and madrid dont realy worry about defending to much

  19. reggie57

    Why are we comparing ourselves with Barca? they are head and shoulders above us? La liga champs Ecl winners its like the spuds saying they are on the same level as us,keep on taking the tablets ffs

  20. nn

    people forget how lucky barca were against chelski. 3 nailed on penalties. i hate chelski but they were robbed. a decent keeper and our 10 men would have beat them in 2006. , and the idiots still our keeper

  21. Stu

    Barca got very lucky against chelsea but over the two legs deserved to go through. Chelsea just defended for 170minutes and had about 10minutes of attacking play in which they scored an absolute screamer completely against the run of play.

    And as for the 2006 final. We should have won imo but that barca team and this one are almost completely different. This one if obviously way better.

  22. A

    To be fair imo Barca are head and shoulders above us, but they’re head and shoulders above any other club side on the planet. Apart from them I wouldn’t be scared of anyone else

  23. Stu

    Hahaha! Just heard that CRonaldos favourite ever song is ‘Living la vida loca’ or whatever it is…by ricky Martin. What a gay (no offence to any man who loves Martin tho)

  24. leon


    i dont agree with that at all,last season we had over 5 player injured,i feel with the amount of attacking players we have like aa,risicky,rvp,edwardo and cesc how can you say there are head and shoulders above arsenal the weak points this team has is that we dont have cd cover and dm is slightly weak

  25. A

    yeah leon we’ve got very good players too, but messi is the best player on the planet by a mile, ibrahimovic is absolutely class, alves is the best attacking full back in the world, xavi and iniesta likewise both the best in the world in their positions.

    We have top quality players, but arshavin<messi, vp<ibra, rosicky<iniesta and cesc<xavi, and also as a team and a unit barca are absolutely amazing, even with the best individual players they're still even better than the sum of those individuals because of the way they play together

  26. raynor73

    We are like the English Barca, expect we are not quite as good, and don’t win as many cups, and don’t have the same world class players, and can’t pay the wages they do, and can’t quite….you get the message. We play nice football like them though, but not quite as good…etc

  27. patthegooner

    Just looked at the Fantasy Football,

    Out of 180,470 mini Leagues, Le Grove is ranked at 95!!!!!!

    That is pretty impressive

  28. leon

    messi would have alot problems in prem mostly because of phsycal nature of prem i think you will find although messi tons od skill aa is alot tougher,its not just about technical ability because it was just about that we would have won the prem long time ago and its alo baout team work and having alot steel something barc realy dont need to have because its alot more open la lega in prem you want get that time and space teams will get in your face they put 11 men behind the ball and thats something teams in la lega will rearly have to nontent with do think if just about technical ability wenger so protevive over wintshire,fran merida,ramsey vela and you full well the ability those players have would have huge amout success in la lega and not so much over because its alot tougher and quicker in prem

  29. patthegooner

    Barca are one of the best teams I have ever had the privilege to see live,

    Honestly if you ever get the chance and are a fan of football in general, pop of to Barcelona for a weekend, do the stadium tour and catch a game.

    Awesome experience. And go corporate, it is quite cheap and adds to the occaision

    I wore an Old Skool Liam Brady shirt to the game and fair play, the locals knew exactly who wore that shirt and paid a lot of compliments to Arsenal as a whole. I got the impression that Arsenal tended to be the Barca fans fav PL Team (Buy maybe they tell everyone that)

  30. raynor73

    you can see why. of all the PL teams we are closet to Barca’s pure football than any other British team….we just aren’t quite as good. Yet.

  31. Stu

    Leon, Messi is still targeted in Spain. Its not like he just gets to play football and teams dont touch him. He gets clipped and busted up quite a lot but also gets away from the majority of tackles because of his speed on the ball. He just gets up and gets on with it and somehow manages to stay injury free.

  32. reggie57

    you can see why. of all the PL teams we are closet to Barcaโ€™s pure football than any other British teamโ€ฆ.we just arenโ€™t quite as good. Yet.

    raynor 77 agree 100%

  33. leon


    there is no way you can compare the teams in la lega to teams like stoke,fultham,blackburn,chelsea, ect big 6,2 and 6,4 who going to get your face close you down they they do.what i saying in prem its less about technical ability and more about team work defending well and being well organised,i am saying that barc are not top team but they will never have same success in prem because of teams in prem are alot organsed and defend alot better

  34. raynor73

    C’mon Leon. Give Barca some credit where due. They are not Celtic nor is La Liga the SPL…it has brilliant teams in it…

  35. Stu

    Thats a valid point leon but Barca made United look like a midtable team and United had the best defence ahead of any other prem team and won the league. Barca are by far the best and although the premiership wouldnt be easy for them i think they would be up there fighting for the title.

  36. raynor73

    I think Barca would win our league as they made our best Manure look, well pretty ordinary. Teams like Stoke would have at least 2 men sent off for professional fouls and would get their big fat brutal arses swiftly kicked…there!

  37. leon

    stu manu had realy crappy game that day but i feel if they played best they should won,i feel barc all round last season were better,they had flair and the steel and toughness,that what talking baout steel and toughness not flair in prem,the way played on sunday we cant play like that every week but i feel we hahve more team spirit and more steel and toughness and you know barc are not that tough

    raynor stoke may get a few players sent but barc players would be so sceard to put foot on the ball what do think would happen if they had deal with some one roy kean they peeing in panse you they would

  38. luke

    I like the idea of starting walcott if he can keep up good form and become clinical. His pace makes us so much more dangerous although, you cant really go wrong between him and rosicky down the right.

  39. raynor73

    yeah. If Barca EVER got Stoke in the ECL they poop themselves, I’m sure. Messi, Iniesta and the other best players in the world wouldn’t know what to do. They be like, er FUCK, Stoke, doubleFUCK. We are OUT, FUCK. Stoke are shit hot. We heard about those tough motherfuckers from oop north. Where the girls are tougher than southern softies.

    I dont think so really, so you?

  40. raynor73

    Baxter. Makes a change. We can resume normal business when anybody cares to actually post something about our beloved….

  41. leon

    i just feel these young are just mature dealing with phsycal side of prem dealing injuries that have had to mature i dont think fab would be player he is if he stayed in spain he tougher mentaly and physicaly you would believe he only 23 but prem has made tough,some that would havenever have happend in spain,barc may better indivual players but its team sport and i know we are tougher than them, this have deal more injuries than anyone and have to adapt and grow up

  42. luke


    Don Vito

    Subs- Rosicky, Eduardo, Denilson, Diaby, Eboue, New CB

  43. raynor73

    Walcott. He hasn’t showed us his best. I think he’s got it in him to be great. His poor decision making is his age and lack of experience. Once he deals with that he’ll be much better. He’s shown (and for Eng-ger-land) that he can be extremely clinical…

  44. luke

    his pace just gives our football one more dimension. I felt when he came on we looked much more dangerous. I do think I need to see him a few more times to really judge though. Hopefully he has grown up a bit this summer

  45. raynor73

    If we get Viera, I don’t think he’ll play that much. More likely brought in for his leadership and possibly a potential coaching role, (which I gotta say would be kinda cool)…

  46. luke

    agreed raynor and I think he could be used as a 65th minute sub in tight games just to keep us tight and organized. Would be a great addition. Think if Viera had come in against Manyoo before Rooneys PK.

  47. Stu

    Vieira shouldnt come in because it will ruin all the great memories we have of him imo. Watching a once great player struggling to keep up with the opposition would be awful.

  48. km

    i like how walcott played when he came on late as a sub. The opposition is already knackered trying to get the ball of us, and when Walcott comes on with his pace he creates mayhem. I’d like walcott to be come on again at the mid-way in the 2nd half.

  49. km

    w/salam – i’m just wasting time on net b4 i go to sleep ๐Ÿ™‚ hows u? thnx for the tip STU – i’l put it on for sale on EBAY as ‘sperm bank’ ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. raynor73

    I think we should bring him in just to scare our youngsters into toughening up a bit, so they can’t get blown off the ball anymore. He can just shout at them when they piss it all up. ยฃ70k a week to scare the sit out of them. If it works, money well spent IMO. Beers starting to kick in a bit now.

  51. gooner786

    Evening Stu, accordind to sky sports, Sol has discussed a possibility of training with us with Le Gaffer. What do you think about this? Do you think that Le Boss should offer Sol a pay as you play contract? I’d rather have him than fishface.

  52. Wiseman

    I love Arsenal like i love my wife. Barca is like a mistress though, i often find myself supporting them when they play, anyone then us obviously.

    When they made it to the final last year i went out and bought a Barcelona jersey because i knew they were going to win, and when they did i celebrated like i had supported them for years just to piss off all the bloody Man Utd supporters in the Bar I was watching in!

    We play very much alike, but since the beginning of the year we haven’t been pressing the opposition enough like they do, and thus our defense has paid the price.

  53. Stu

    I have hated Barcelona ever since they beat us in the final and of course also because of their courting of all our best players. Their board are bastards and thats why i dont like them.

    However they do play amazing football but no, im not a barcelona fan. I appreciate their ability and such but dont watch them on a regular basis….

    KM, yes i saw the Campbell story but would rather not have him. He left us and i dont think he should just be able to come back because he fucked up with Notts county. He should stay away..letting him train with our players cant be a good thing because he would offer nothing on the pitch. Keep him away and get rid of Silvestre would be the best thing imo.

  54. Arsenal the Great

    Can we get Sol Campbell and load off Sylvestre and will-never-be-good Senderos? Campbell is free and can play a sub role while teaching our young team one or two tricks.

  55. Baxter Wall

    Sol must be the single most selfish player ever. He screwed the spuds and us and notts county. No club ever gets a transfer fee from the big man.

  56. Stu

    Very interesting observation Baxter. I had never realised that before.

    AtG, Campbell relied on his pace and power to get out of trouble a lot of the time, hence why Toure learned fuck all off him when tey played together. At least Senderos has the chance of improving. Campbell is finished. He can fuck off as far as im concerned.

  57. leon

    i think silvest was bought to help the younger players like gibbs and troua in training not so much for playing he is last resort defender,he realy does not complain helps the young players in training and i think he has helped them alot and he can be used for carling cup games.when it comes to senderos it depends on how much ambition he has he 23-24 and if he is happy just playing carling cup games he will stay on but i think he will go he does not make bench often for prem games,its not as if he is active squad player like eboue he hardly ever plays at his age i dought he will settle for that,lets face the only reason he i sstill here is because he could not agree terms with everton

  58. leon

    what i realy dont understand is senderos is an important squad player for arsenal why does not evon make the bench in prem games

  59. nicdonati

    Put it this way in the barca v arsenal debate, i would rather be in wengers shoes with, cesc, nasri, rosicky, arshavin, rvp, walcott etc… than with xavi (30) inesta (?) Henry (31) Ibra (29) Messi (21) etc… They have a lot of their players at their peak so they shade it against us we have a lot of our players still many years form their peak and that is why i would prefer to be in Wengers shoes!

  60. A

    he made the bench for the second last game, wenger said after the league cup game he’d be involved, and he’ll probably rotate with silvestre now on as the defender sub on the bench.

  61. ethangunner

    good post ,

    a bit optimistic but given the last game V’s Blackburn its a return to the Arsenal of old for me …

    i still think we lack the presence of a clinical striker , but RVP has proven what i said earlier he needs the right players around him to bring out his best , very similar to cesc on that level .

    so team selections are very critical currently for wenger , to water down the squad on what could be persevered as an EASY GAME still could undo us ..

    keep playing the quality players like rosicky , AA , cesc , theo , nasri in the center , keep nik B on the bench as plan B or super sub, keep gallas and the verminator fit and we will win more than we lose ..

    and come ON vito ! dislodge the Spanish waiter !

  62. ethangunner

    cheers luke , and what i was getting at is you can see the difference quality brings to the table …

    its just like ‘wonderpoofboy’ said earlier ,
    how can you not be excited ..

    if you count this weekend yes im getting there !
    but i know this team better than that …
    and i think providing wenger keeps going on the right path ,team selection wise , we might have something to crow about ..

    but he really needs diaby eboue denilson song fish face ,senderos and big Al on the bench ,or turned into cash and bring in 3 or 4 new faces young talented faces .. ..


    bbk chats pure bollocks

    vermaelen is shit

    chamakh is shit

    every single comment is negative

    plastic gooner, probably never been to a game in his life

  64. Geoff

    Morning all! I have to say Wonderboy that is a very good question. And one that does need answering.

    Although this is a non racist website, we’re not big on left handers, sorry but there does have to be rules.