Guess whose back in red and white?

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Rumour has it that Patrick ‘Number 4‘ Vieira is making his long awaited return to the home of beautiful football this coming January. He’s being offered an 18month deal at £70k a week and as part of the deal, he’s promised to take over our troublesome centre midfield role for 6 months, bring some experiences and deliver us the silverware we so crave.

That make a hell of a lot of sense to me. I see it as an Edgar Davids type signing. Someone to come in, raise the bar with battling performances and hopefully give us that extra 5% or so Wenger thinks we need.

Apparently on the shares front it’s looking rosey for all those who believe Kroenke versus Usmanov is a straight up fight of good against evil. I’m still not too sure how that works, but having a cowboy in charge of the club certainly ticks a few of my boxes when it comes to a billionaire owner. I mean really, who else has a cowboy with a funny facial accessory making residence on their top lip?

Onto today’s game. Eduardo seems to be the only fresh injury doubt. Theo could make his long awaited return and Wenger is quite keen to stress he is no longer a kid. Well, until he hits a bad run of form… then he’ll be more than keen to tell us he is only young and we should show more patience.

I’m heading up to the ground today, I’m not really sure what to expect team wise. All I’m looking for is a devastating win. I want to see us at the races from the off and I want to see penetrative drive from us. Sometimes we start a little too lightly and allow teams the chance to build a bit of confidence. We need a performance like the Champions league game in midweek… we need to let our football do the talking and be patient. Cutting out the sloppy mistakes is paramount to our success today and I’m boldly going to predict a score of 2-0 to the men in red with Arshavin at the centre of all that is good.

Have a good on out there today kids and don’t let anyone tell you your not special.

You all are.

See you in the comments!.

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  1. paul

    Something i have noticed in the last two games that the Verm does.When most opposition keepers have the ball they aim it at there big lump at front who stands on Clichy.Verm reads it in mid air calls Clichy to switch, attacks the ball and usually wins it.Fucking class.

  2. ManGoonian


    If you cannot get all giddy and excited after watching your team stuff an opponent, especially one managed by that fat faced twat, then why bother?

  3. ManGoonian

    Was kinda thinkin Theo goin with England would be good for him to get match sharp, but stayin back at Arsenal is the best place for him. Rather there than with those chavvy twats…

  4. ManGoonian


    If the pundits on MotD2 make a big deal of the “penalty” that fuckwit Sam is whingin about, i will be soooooo mad, I might even spill my glass of sherry…

  5. el tel

    My points from todays game,

    Fat Cunt Sam says the penalty decision was a turning point in the game, maybe he thought it was won by the odd goal, that tosser can’t count but more to the point his comments were premeditated in stopping the runaway train that is The Arsenal. You see that while playing golf with his best buddy Ole 100% proof they were discussing The Arsenal and how to stop us and they decided to go with the good old tactic that we get decisions, by highlighting this they guess that all Referees will also see it and stop giving anything to The Arsenal, he and they truly are scum.

    How fucking unbelievable are these Northern nonces, they brag about giving us a kicking as we don’t like it up em and when we do them over they cry like babies. This tells me that the Northern cunts Fergie and Co. are shitting themselves.

    Can anyone get a stat on Paul fat cunt Robinson V The Arsenal. I said before the game to my pals that I would bet we average 4 per match against him, he gets beat from long range more often than Coco the Clown and is probably the worst Keeper in the Prem with Coco just slightly better.

    The Stewards won’t stop telling people to sit down wether its at the back or not and the reason is the Stadium has seats for every single supporter, the Government (not the Stewards) made football stadia all seated. Take it up with the MP’s.

    Fabrigas was the Star man today and it was difficult to pick a performance out of that lot. We have missed Tomas Sicky more than is imaginable the guy is true quality and his movement makes AA23 and Fab in fact everyone look the bollocks.

    Still unhappy with Diaby and I think we need to check out the fullbacks. Clichy is not good enough and Eboue is playing better than Sagna imo.

    Mannone could have done better with the first goal was a bit unlucky with the second and looks like he is growing in confidence, I guess the chest infection would have cleared up seeing that the lad let 2 in today.

    Other than this it was a good day.

  6. the dude abides

    ManGoonian – get a kitchen towel ready for yer sherry.
    You can garentee Mr Ugly and chums will take Fat Sams line on this, espcially if it’s Hansen or Lawerenson after thir teams defeat today.

  7. ManGoonian

    el tel;

    Hey mate. Fair points, I thought Eboue would keep his place, especially as Blackburn were always gonna try and stifle us, like Olymiakos.

    However, I think Clichy is a fantastic LB. This is only my opinion, but maybe he is just a bit fatigued. i dont mean physically as such, as its only the start of the season. But he has played a lot for us and up to a couple of seasons ago, he wasnt used to that, as he was an understudy and then had loads of long term injuries.

    He definitely IS good enough, but just hasnt played to the levels we know he is capable of.

    Although, i do think, today and vs Olympiakos, he was loads better.

    As for Diaby. i thought again, he did well today and on Tuesday too.


  8. Pedro

    Evening all!

    I’ve just kept myself entertained reading through the comments on the rail replacement on my way home.

    What a great game.

    Faceman, you’re on a yellow card this week and if I have to ban you, it won’t be for a couple of days. It’s a shame that you don’t seem to be able to get into the spirit of Le Grove… and a little embarrassing because I’m pretty sure you’re not a teenager.

    If you can’t blog without inciting people or acting like some sort of blog hard man… then you can’t blog here. I think it’s a testament to everyone else that they didn’t bite.

    Right… off to write a match report!

  9. ManGoonian


    Oi! You leave Faceman be. He gets a bit carried away man, nuffin meant by it, I’m sure.

    Anyway, how you doing? The farmers giles cleared up yet?

  10. ManGoonian

    Ooh, Ozzie Ardiles thinks Sevilla will challenge more than Real… Looks like Real need to spend a few more millions then…

  11. Pedro

    ManG, it’s not a one off… he does it all the time and it’s not fair on everyone else.

    Goading your own supporters about a win is childish in the extreme and the agressive tone isn’t acceptable.

    The pile are a nightmare, it’s a bit embarrassing carrying a rubber doughnut around…

    So, did everyone enjoy today as much as I did?

  12. ManGoonian


    BBC 2


    Well, as someone who has got into a fair few scrapes of the kind faceman seems to be (ahem, adopts a butter wouldnt melt, hoiler than thou angelic look) I can kinda understand his frustrations, although i know we all should get on…

  13. gnarleygeorge9

    Plenty of singing; great to see TH14 looking relaxed & happy to be “home”. Could have been 12 goals. Great stuff by the gooners. The only person who looked bewildered, apart from fat Sam, was Eboue as he scurried off to the sheds at the end.

    Top stuff by The Arsenal 😆

  14. ManGoonian

    ” Theres no question about that…” “Its a fact…”

    No walrus face, it syour skewed fucked up OPINION!

  15. ManGoonian

    Of course we couldve had a penalty against us, then again Dunn couldve been sent off for jumping intio mannone 1st half. he had no intention of trying to get te ball, just the man…

  16. ManGoonian


    Yeah, me too. He was being blamed for the 2nd goal, but as we just seen on MotD2, he was way upfield trying to close Diof down…,

  17. Pedro

    Oh, and I thought it was fucking hilarious to read David’s,

    ‘Bendtner is shit’

    Two seconds later he unleashes an amazing strike!

  18. Pedro

    Mang, I don’t know how anyone can apportion blame for a freak goal.

    Everyone got back… we had three behind the ball!

    You have to weigh it up… do you want total attacking football?


    Well you have to accept sometimes we’ll get caught out.

    We were sloppy at times in defence… and that needs to sort itself out for the big teams because we’ll get punished.

    I’m sure they’re working on that though!

  19. ManGoonian


    Stop it! I agree again, this is geting ridiculous now!

    Of course, would be nice to get the balance right and I think it will. Against better teams we will see a more disciplined display. I just think there was a laise faire attitude today, in honour of the boss and henry and his daughter!

  20. Pedro

    I had a lump in my throat when we sang,

    ‘You’ll always be a Gooner!’


    The goals were amazing today. It’s not often we do that to an Allardyce team!

    Rosicky has looked very sharp since coming back… he’s lost none of his pace or sharpness.

  21. Jaguar

    MG,London is better for me,if my boys continue to show the true ‘desire’ and ‘hunger’,the two words which my boss loves for some reason.

  22. nn

    after watchin arsenal wat a bore feast that pool chelki game was. .imagine paying a season ticket to watch that dross. we are expensive but fuk 10 ps to dear to watch that chelski shit every fukin week

  23. Pedro

    Madrid lost to Seville today! haha!

    Night all!

    I’ve written a long post tomorrow… who wouldn’t after today!

  24. Stu

    lol Yeah and Navas scored a towering header. Madrid need to sort their defence if they are to win something….much like us…but we are better 😉

    Looking forward to the positive post..

  25. luke

    walcott makes us so much more dangerous. If he can stay clinical, and once nasri is back in the eleven, and if we can work on really staying tight at the back…Im getting shivers

  26. leon

    i feel the new formation realy suits there style play,tons pace passing and movement,having only 1-2 top class strikers does not realy make difference because the team clearly has 5-6 players who score and creat goals,i still feel there is real chance senderos is going with world cup comming i cant realy see being content to play carling cup games does evon make the bench prem games just does not make any sense

  27. ethangunner

    well i think that was the best game to date ,
    typical Arsenal scoring more than the other team to win , and they did it in style ..

    other than diaby , i was pretty happy with the names the boss put out there , and we had a resounding victory due to it …

    i think this further proves diaby denilson and eboue plus song shouldnt be on the pitch at the same time ..

    Cesc was MoM for me , i dont know who got the real MOM , but RVP and Cesc had good games .. even the verminator and AA – rosicky all looked class …

    If they can lift there own games to the pinnacle of achievement and stay fit we might have a chance , but it will need luck also ..

    So far the best game of the year for me , as far as team work and attacking presence on the pitch . Against a team although they have lost 7 in a row away , looked like they were up for it yesterday ..

    Nik B looked far better coming in as the plan B at 70th minute ..

    and well done theo !

  28. ethangunner

    yeah i think he should of done stu , he was everywhere , if he plays well so do we …

    good to see a glimmer of a side that i remember,
    now any people who have a problem with what ive been on about for 2 years , look to last night to see what i used to expect every week …

    as for the 2 goals against us they were lucky .
    one wedged over the top that vito could do nothing about ..

    and the other off a deflection ..
    a few shaky moments in defense , but score that much more V’s any team & it wont matter !

    that is the team philosophy of success for years gone past , i think most fans have forgotten what this team needs to do to ensure silverware , yesterday goes a long way to restoring the recipe for success ..

    play run and stun football with a quality team selection and you will get 3 points on the board most weeks !

  29. David

    Pedro Says:
    October 4, 2009 at 22:47
    Oh, and I thought it was fucking hilarious to read David’s,

    ‘Bendtner is shit’

    Two seconds later he unleashes an amazing strike!


    Bendtner is shite.

    Adebayor goal against Villareal.

    Case closed.

  30. David

    1 lucky goal after playing like horse dung doesnt justify or prove anything and i think its funny that you think im funny for saying that…hahahaha

    I enjoy the win. But im not getting carried away till we are top of the league.

  31. David

    plus lets not act like the fucker didnt miss a 1-1 chance with the keeper when i made that comment for the 1millionth time in his career.

    Apparently he can score from outside the box but not from 3 yards out?


  32. Pat

    That one goal David. Remember that bolton player scored a wonder volley last season? He’s still shit.

    RVP won’t be playing with the Dutch!! His wifes due to give birth. Thats one less possible injury to worry about

  33. Pat

    Talk about or shit defense all you like. Barca proved last season that you don’t necessarily need a great defensive record. They let in quite a few.

  34. nishanth

    Bendtner was excellent after he came on.Even RVP missed an easy chance.Top goal by him.I don’t think he should be starting but a great option to have fdrom the bench

  35. ikon

    “Good to see a glimmer of a side that i remember”

    Exactly what came to my mind watching the game. Clearly Rosicky coming back has had some positive influence on Cesc.

    What a performance though. Class. The thing is with Rosicky and Arshavin playing in the mid, threat is now from everywhere on the field. Throw in there Eboue’s recent form, and we can still rest either without losing any of the threat.

    The only thing that remains to be seen is whether Theo can live up, and play for the team and produce goals. If he does that then fuck any defensive mid, we can even afford to rest Song and play some one attacking player there, like Nasri.

    Great to see Henry at the Emirates. He seems to belong to here. I am certain he will be at the club soon in some capacity. Vieira was at the Chav game, maybe some communication problem he could not make it to our game.

  36. Geoff

    Ikon I’ve been saying for ages we don’t need a defensive midfielder in there, it’s a waste.

    With the team we could field we’ll always score more than them.

    Allardyce’s side rarely concede 6, that was a better result that we are getting credit for.

  37. gnarleygeorge9

    My PC is that slow now, yet Telstra & other executives get paid bonus’ of millions of $ to fail.

    The world should be hunting them down & shooting them.

  38. Geoff

    Gnarley he did okay, but I don’t watch him and say wow, how lucky are we to have him, I do with everyone else though.

    That’s how you should judge a player, not on how much better he was when he was pants. And he did miss an open goal, but of course we scored 6, so people blank it from their minds.

    Ask yourself what we’d be like if we had an Essien type in there, and is he that good

  39. gnarleygeorge9

    Geoff, no doubt, an Essien type would be the cherry on top, & I take your point re Song. The Arsenal should get in such a high profile player to supercede Song. But he did do Ok & I would give credit when due. After all, he plays for The Gunners.

  40. Geoff

    And I hear you Gnarley, but having players in the squad that are not ‘cherry on the cakes’ will cost us in the long run.

    There is no room in a top side for mediocrity.

  41. Rohan

    I think we saw how much balance Rosicky gives to our team yesterday. After Cesc and Vermaelen, he was our best player imo.. 😀
    Bendtner’s goal was the goal of the week though.

  42. Rohan

    Song has been one of our better players this season imo. Most people would say that he has been better than Mascherano at ‘Pool. The less said about Cana the better.

  43. Micky Did It 89

    Micky’s Ratings System

    This is for when our football gets way too sexy.

    Pedro/Geoff numerical equivalent to the left:

    0-2 Dry
    2-4 Damp
    4-6 Moist
    6-8 Semi
    8-10 Hard-on

    So clearly yesterday Fab gave me a hard-on, while Arsh, VP, Ros and Verm left me nursing a semi. Pretty much everyone else left me feeling very moist indeed.
    Given that I had swine flu yesterday, which pissed off my wife as I couldn’t go to lunch party (between 1.00 and 3.00!), she was quite suprised that I came to bed (after MOTD), with no chance of the other, and yet still with a hard-on.

  44. Rohan

    Some of the football we’ve played this season has been scintillating. I think we’ll be challenging Chelsea for the title come May.
    Loserpool and City will fight it our for 4th place imo.

  45. ikon

    Song did okay. He is one of the strongest players in the premiership. One on one almost unbeatable, but very slow. Compare his tracking with someone like Palacios and you will see the difference. In matches where opp plays a lot of passes on ground, (not like yesterday), he will be tested, and most prolly fall short.

    Vermaelen = audacious left foot.

  46. Rohan

    Vermaelen has just created his own position – Attacking Center Half… I can’t think of another CB with an eye for goal like him. Maybe Wenger is planning to bring him in for DM during January when Song isnt here.,,