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Pedro Says:
October 1, 2009 at 21:26 edit

Thierry coming back? If anyone of our ex players is going to return as a manager one day… I’d put money on it being him!

Henry and Bergkamp, the dream team? Or am I dreaming?

October 2, 2009

Thierry Henry, never mind your Ian Wright, Wright, Wrights of this world, Thierry is the real legend, well him, Dennis, Keown, Adams and Bould anyway, you could pick a mixture of those blokes and ask them to manage the Arsenal, now that would be something.

Arsene knows? Pfff… more like Geoff and Pedro know!

Yep, we both predicted it… me on Thursday night, Geoff yesterday. Now the coach reckons Thierry could one day grace the recaro seats of the Emirates!

“I can see that happening,” said Wenger. “I believe at some stage the legacy here has to go to some people who have had a big influence at this Club.

“One day they will want to work, maybe not necessarily with me but working because I will have to stop eventually. Maybe it will be me working with them!”

It’s all about Thierry coming back and lifting the treble in his first season. How amazing would that be? Double amazing I say.

In other news, Arsene professors his love for Arshavin. Did you see what I did there? It wasn’t funny was it…

Anyway, Wenger was positively gushing about his Russian playmaker,

“I love Arshavin because he has things that are just down to him.

“He is an intelligent player and he looks like he is a shrewd street player because he creates something always in unexpected situations.

“He has a big challenge in front of him. He made St Petersburg win and, if he makes Arsenal win, he’ll become an all-time great.

“That’s the real challenge he faces and I am convinced he has all the potential to do it. He’s a leader and a character.

“He has something specific to him that he uses well – a low centre of gravity, great pace and tricky dribble.

“He uses all that he has in the locker in an intelligent way – and don’t forget he is a winner as well.

I feel like I’ve just opened a shoe box in Arshavin’s house and uncovered his secret love letters! Still, it’s nice to see the coach dishing out deserved praise. I think he might have given Arsh a stern talking to after his dismal early season performances. He looked a different player last week, now he needs to show consistency and desire for the rest of the season!

We take on a filthy incarnation of Bolton tomorrow, so I expect loads of anti football, loads of bad challenges and an Arsenal win. I just want to once again thank the people at ESPN for runining my Sunday. I really love early kick offs. I can’t have a proper beer, I can’t really do anything with my day afterwards and I also love missing my Sunday league match. Many thanks…

Anyway, sorry for the brief post, I might do another one later! Happy Saturday!

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  1. ManGoonian

    reggie reg;

    Do I detect a hint of sarcasm in that there post old buddy?

    This has the makings of a very good weekend and I dont just mean coz I got a foxy chicks number last night!

    ManU and the spuds droppin points, us winning tomorrow, with a great cameo from Theo, chavs and scousers sluggin out a drab bore draw with a few injuries and Villa beating Chav City too!

  2. Mayank

    Also i didn’t see the match so can someone tell me if it was a case of Man U playing bad or a great performance by Sunderland… We have to play them in the not so distant future don’t we?

  3. ManGoonian

    I think we may well see Senderos come in for gallas for a game, here and there to rest him up for the big push!

  4. ManGoonian


    Sunderland played quite well, but united were shite. No ideas and running around pretty clueless. Bent is in form though. Another top bit of business by good ol Arry boy!

  5. Mayank

    If he comes in for easy home games it’s not a problem(tbh even fish face can do a job if he’s not under too much pressure and doesn’t have to run)
    And if you’re as bored as me you can go to a Man U forum, fucking hilarious…

  6. Mayank

    United have relied on Giggs and Schole for as long as i can remember with on and off good performances from a few others… More than CR7s absence i think their MF is shit no intelligent passers…

  7. ManGoonian

    Thats what I was thinking Mayank. Playing a few home bankers. You know? Against the chavs, mancs and liverpool!

  8. leon

    look everyone new than amnu were going be alot weaker without world class player like rinaldo,he carried them last season and too k alot presure of the there without him they are still good team but nowere as strong

  9. Master B

    Atleast Cana is bigger and prettier. I remember a commentator saying that about one of our keepers who got substituted, “Atleast hes better looking.” I think it was Poom getting substituted.

  10. gooner786

    ManG,Reggie and Ja, do you think dat our punani players have toughened up a bit, since we last played fat sams boys?

  11. reggie57

    I think mentally and physically the boys have toughened up (i sound like AW)dont wilt like they have in the past so fat sam take your chances you big fat slug!!

  12. ManGoonian


    Yeah, I like the original man, it’s a tune!


    What, no Arshy?

    Can’t wait to see Theo back and vela to start a game, but don’t think Theo will start tomorrow. Not yet anyways.

    I do think Vela and Walcott are really suited to the 4-3-3 / 4-2-3-1 formations.

  13. Zorr0

    You know, they might be an insignificant bunch of fuckwits, but they still manage to wind me up, slimy scum sucking spawn of satan!

  14. ManGoonian


    I dont think vela will start tomorrow, but when he is ready, him and Theo will terrorise teams soon enough and Hasri will be a huge player for us too. Can’t wait to see him back!

  15. leon


    i think its good to keep the players fresh so i would give him rest ,both vela and theo are playmakers they would link upwell and have tons of pace,but i dont think thats team wenger go with thats just my prefrence,i think wenger will go with

    diaby fab
    vela rvp nikki b

  16. Ja_Gunner

    Yea guys punani means pussy…..another variation is
    pum pum……

    Anyway…Arshy has said his knee is giving him trouble…..well he should play atleast 60 mins against Blackburn hopefully we will home and dry by then…..

    We can then bring on Vela for Arshy….and also give Walcott a run out….

    Also RVP should be staying home cuz his wife will be giving brith soon….and Holland will be playing a friendly so hopefully the coach has enough sense to leave RVP be

    I think the lineup maybe






    As I said hopefully both Vela and Theo will come on for Arshy and Bendy

  17. Samir

    My Squad for tomorrow:


    Walcott on at 60 mins. Also Vela or Eboue to come on at some point. Ramsey also on for 20mins or so.

    Eduardo is injured so…..

    I just hope we won’t see Diaby starting tomorrow!!!

  18. ManGoonian

    My team, and I am never wrong!

    Eboue – Gallas – Vermilli – Gibbs
    Cesc – Song – Rosicky
    Arshy – RvP – Bendy

  19. Zorr0

    JaG, liking the sound of that, let AA rip them a new arsehole and then Speedy Gonzales can stick his boot right up it!

  20. Ja_Gunner

    I think after the international break one of Gallas or Vermy should be rested…

    Gallas will be crucial world cup qulifying no rest for him…..and even though Belgium dont have much of a chance I am sure they will still give it 100%…

    Senderos might play for his country…and we Sylvest wont be……so maybe a home game against Birmingham is the perfect time to rest Gallas or Vermy….

    But more Gallas though cuz he’s older…

    So for Birmingham I would not mind seeing a Senderos/Vermy partnership….

  21. gooner786

    Fat bastard Allardyce will order his players to break our players legs to make Ferguson happy, just like Mcleish.(Eduardo)

  22. Zorr0

    reggie, you going down the frog, round the johnny horner to the battle for a quick pint of Forsythe and a large vera and phil, before coming home for a spot of Oedipus with the trouble?

  23. ManGoonian

    Ja G;

    Yeah, soon come rest time for Gallas. Senderos and vermilli will be good enough for brum and cant wait to let mcleish and his thug cunts know what we think of em!

  24. leon

    i realy risisck or ramsey partners fab both are better options to diaby,one thing i dont understand is senderos hardly ever makes the bench i dont understand that at all

  25. ManGoonian


    Probably coz Senderos isnt the best coming into a game thats already started! He needs to ease himself in…. Gradual like.

  26. goonermichael

    just woke up to a good re for the manc cunts. The bbc are saying they were below par. don`t they mean they are shit?

  27. GoonerGod

    Surely we should be concentrating on ourselves.
    Yes its good Man Utd drew, but I don’t want us to be the sort of team that are relying on other teams drawing/losing.
    We’ve been average this season. Blowing hot and cold.
    How long do we wait without silverware? We moved to a bigger stadium to compete with the big boys…. Cough!
    Anyway, roll on tomorrow and lets stuff that big headed toss Allardyce.

  28. ManGoonian

    We are relying on the likes of manu dropping points as they are out title rivals!

    I don’t think we have been average. We have played very well, but not got the results our performances deserved. Apart from a mad 15 minutes at shity city’s game, the team have done very well.

  29. Emperor gooner

    manure are indeed a poor poor team without help from refs and ronaldo..i wont be surprised if i find man utd written next to luck in a fukn thesaurus….we’re gonna capitalise today no doubt about that…i wanna see a full arsenal squad play this shitty manure..jan 30 is it?? we’re gonna bull-doze em