Henry and Bergkamp, the dream team? Or am I dreaming?

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I decided to write this piece as Thierry has once again been saying he wants to come back home, he said he didn’t know what capacity it would be in, but he would take waterboy, I have a dream people, a dream I want to share with you.

Thierry Henry, never mind your Ian Wright, Wright, Wrights of this world, Thierry is the real legend, well him, Dennis, Keown, Adams and Bould anyway, you could pick a mixture of those blokes and ask them to manage the Arsenal, now that would be something.

So who would be the dream team? Steve Bould would have to be right up there because he’s already doing it, he’s like the managment equivalent of a youth team player, indoctrinated in the Wenger philosophy, so he ticks all the right boxes and I would put Keown up there with him.

I love Tony Adams, and he was a one team all his life man and that makes him a true legend, but he is very morose and I’m not sure he has what it takes to manage a football team, he has had a few goes so far and not done too well, so Tony isn’t the one for me, he also said Vermaelen wasn’t tall enough, so his talent spotting isn’t so great either.

Thierry was our top goalscorer of all time and he hasn’t stopped telling us how much he loves the Arsenal since he left, so he gets all the marks I have available. Dennis also a true legend and some say the greatest player ever to grace the hallowed turf.

Add to that the greatest footballing brain the world has ever seen and he ticks all the right boxes, well all bar one, the flying box, it’s the one thing that holds him back and it’s precisely that, that will make him Thierry’s numero dos.

Dennis would only miss out on the away games in the Champions league and he did that as a player, I’m sure Thierry could cope.

Imagine the attacking team they would have, with Steve Bould and Keown in there managing the defensive side it would be fantasy football at its very best.

Players would flock to their banner, crowds would flock to the ground, broadcasters would flock to see our every game, much as they now do with Madrid and the football they would play would be wengerball with bells on. Okay I know I abused the ‘flock’ word but I like it and it’s my post today, so you’ll have to live with it.

I think the future would be in great hands, I just hope I live long enough to see it.

If any of you out there think ex players and first jobs would be a problem, look no further than Barcelona, and Pep Guardiola.

Maybe Wenger should pension our Pat off and bring in Dennis or Thierry to sit next to him and learn the ropes for a few years.

A mouth watering prospect and one I will leave you with, have a great day Grovers, mild mannered Clark Kent returns to the big screen tomorrow.

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  1. charybdis1966

    Does anyone remember the look on Alan Sugars face when Gross held that tube ticket up in his first press conference as the Spuds manager ?
    I reckon it was then that “Sir Alan” realised he’d got a right duffer.

  2. MoW

    Nice post. Agree Adams isn’t the answer. He has been discredited for good.

    But sadly the dream will most likely stay a dream.

    London – why does he buy a football club and not turn to easier forms of money?

    If making money the easiest was possible was genuinely easy for all then everyone would do it and it become more difficult for everyone to make money from it. So there isn’t really any easy way for all of us to make money. Only easy ways for some people who are good enough at something.

    Stan is as sports tycoon, right? So he feels he’s got what it takes to buy sports clubs, run them better and increase his wealth. That’s his party piece. If he had an easier way to make more money with less risk, based on his talents, I’m sure he would do that instead. Didn’t the yanks at Liverpool get an offer for their stake that was at least double what they paid on a few years ago? Not a bad yeild…

  3. nishanth

    Will Eduardo be back after international break?We face birmingham then.Not sure whether he would be really interested in facing them

  4. Micky Did It 89

    Strewth. Just got in front of pc. Reading today’s blog. 1st, I see the DB Iceman clips, then Redknapp fired. Can it be true. What a blinding start to the weekend. Sunday. 1-0 to the good guys. Blackburn spoilers but we march relentlessly on. Champions this season.

  5. London


    If you have a personal wealth 500 million, which I am guessing that Kroenke has, then making money is very easy. I don’t know about you but I don’t have that many millions so I do not put myself in the same category and therefore I am not sure your statement of “if making money were so easy we would all be doing it”, applies here.

  6. Pedro

    London, just because you have money… it doesn’t make the process of earning it any easier.

    Sure you can afford to take bigger risks… but £500million when you’re worth £1.5billion is a massive risk.

    I’m sure Mike Ashley wouldn’t be crowing about how easy it is to make money right now…

  7. London


    You have slightly misunderstood how Corporate Bonds work. In a booming economy, as you put it, Corporate Bonds yield less; in a recession they yield more. I hope this helps.

  8. Pedro

    I’m sure Stan is looking at Uniteds value of £800million and asking himself why Arsenal can’t be worth more… it has better training facilities, better stadium that is more profitable and a great brand in the markets we’re in.

  9. Micky Did It 89

    I quite like it here on my own. We don’t need to sign anyone. Neither Gall or Verm are ever going to be injured. Song is going to be better than Flamster. VP going on goal-a-game run. Walcott going to dislodge Diaby and just get better and better, and everyone is going to be fighting for their lives to keep Rambo, Jacky, Gibbs and Vela out of the team. Happy days ahead. Maybe 2-0 to the good guys.

  10. London


    I would bet that Mike Ashley is saying to himself there must have been easier ways to earn money than buy a football club.

  11. Micky Did It 89

    Ooops. Didnt realize you were all hiding. Dont care who owns the club so long as its not that Uzbec. bastard.

  12. Pedro

    Where else would he have made money in the last few years that could be classified as ‘easy’…

    Stock exchange? Property? Retail?

    I’d be looking at the bubble of the Premiership… and thinking this could work out quite nicely.

    Money doesn’t guarantee more money, regardless of who you are.

  13. Pedro

    Yeah, I was a bit gutted about that…

    Still, it’s good having a Spurs that can compete… it makes the games a bit spicier.

  14. gambon


    Yes but only in relation to the risk free rate. The yield spread will widen but youre never getting 8.5% on AAA or even junk bonds in this market.

    The rate can drop while the yield spread expands.

    As an example Arsenal refinanced with AAA that were downgraded, and they were 5.3%

  15. Micky Did It 89

    There are as many who have lost what they made as have kept what they made. Easy come, easy go and all that.

  16. MoW

    well i guess i was defining ease of money as the amount you can earn based on fixed units of time, money and risk.

    sure, u can put 500m into a deposit account and earn more in one year than can most people do in a lifetime. that’s not the point. you need to look at the yield not the absolute amount.

    at the end of the day, in the long run, unless you are a rock star, David Beckham or Lewis Hamilton the best to get rich is to be an entrepeneur and be successful in business.

    it shouldn’t be possible to earn more from corporate bonds than business over time. if directors didn’t think they could earn from their business they wouldn’t even issue corporates to raise the finance in the first place. successful businesses have to earn more than the yield on corporates otherwise they wouldn’t build new factories, they’d buy corporates! so in other words, eventually the best return is on being a damn clever businessman, in the real economy, contributing to real econominc growth. and Stan thinks he is. this is the easiest way he knows to make money.

    why arsenal? becuase he’s a sports tycoon and he thinks he can get a better return than is factored into the share price. simple. there can be no other reason. maybe it’s the 39th game. maybe it’s TV right. maybe he’s gonna raise the price pasties. maybe he’s gonna coach fucking Diaby how to pass. who knows. if i had 500m i’d feel safer with bonds because i don’t have his business acumen of appetite for risk.

  17. Doublegooner


    Don’t lose that excitement re: Harry.

    I’ve just been told from my Bookie contact that he’s aware of a Sunday Exclusive on him which will result in the sack.

  18. London


    That is a fine comment and I do not want to appear pedantic by trying to pick holes in it. But lets just spin this around a bit, why would Usmanov want to buy a football club when there are easier ways to earn money? Directors do not receive a divided on their shares and they only receive a nominal annual wage. If the answer is to increase the share price then profit from the sale who would you rather have running the club until that point? Kroenke, the man who works in the world of sport or Usmanov.

  19. MoW

    i assume that Usmanov’s and Stan’s objectives are broadly the same. to increase their wealth. the difference is that one is sports man, the other a fat creep who can pay for advice from sports men (Dein).

    in other words there’s not much difference, unless you get invovled in the intangible emotional or moral stuff. like that Usmanov is meant to be a crook. or that he looks like a slimey twat.

    on the face of it, if you want Dien back you’d back Usmanov over Stan. but you’d have to accept the uncertainty of murky owner vs a more “bona fide” yank one.

    so to be honest, i don’t know. my preference for having Dien back is offset by the murkiness factor.

    i’ll sit on the fence.

  20. Coadsi

    One spu*s fan comment……..
    Word is that Harry is under caution from the old bill and he is to be arrested for money laundering in transfer of Amdy Faye to pompey the police have new evidence to take him to the cleaners (excuse the punt) harry will be sacked tonight if not first thing in the morning…

  21. Zorr0

    Fuck me, didn’t realise no-one had posted for 3 hours! That must be some kind of LG record, unless you are now on a new post or something???

  22. Zorr0

    Bloody hell, well I have pretty thick skin, but I’m off to buy some new deodourant as this one is obviously not working!

  23. SFOGooner

    I heard it mentioned in some podcasts that the other arsenal players don’t get along with arshavin. They don’t pass the ball to him and won’t celebrate his goals with him ..

    Does anybody else who has seen the past two games feel the same way?

  24. Stu

    I dont see why they wouldnt like him SFO. He is a quality player and some other players have said so. I do find it odd that he doesnt get the ball an awful lot but i cant imagine why they wouldnt like him. Too opinionated maybe..?

  25. SFOGooner

    I heard cesc say rosicky is his best friend .. Maybe there is a Cesc/Rosicky camp and a arshavin/eboue camp ..

    Anything is possible. Clichy admitted that there were big problems in the dressing room last year …

  26. Stu

    There shouldnt be any cliqs in the team anyways. If there are problems within then its up to either Wenger or te senior players (which we have very few of) to sort it out.

    Friends is one thing but if it affects team moral then something should be done about it.

  27. Stu

    Jaguar, its probably because times are good at arsenal and there isnt anything anyone wants to complain about. Wenger celebrating his anniversary, a few wins on the bounce and players returning from injury.

    Nothing bad has happened recently so noone has anything to talk about. People love to complain…you of all people should know that. 😀

  28. Jaguar

    I think so,Stu.I agree with you.But some of the ‘fans’ out here think that fans dont even deserve to criticise our team in a constructive fashion.A,was complaining about how I was abusing Wenger,by repeatedly using the team ‘hypocrite’.

    I would still use that term,if we dont win anything this season.Not because I hate Arsene,but I love this club more than him.

  29. KM in WALES

    Good Morning 😉 Has the Arry Redknapp story hit the press yet? I’v also seen Arshavin not involved/stranded on the Left Wing,but the Olympiakos game was different,he hogged the ball,which is what u want ur best player to do. I also agree with what Wenger said 2day that Arshavin is as good as Messi & Ronaldo.

  30. Stu

    I understand why you use Hypocrite but it is a tad annoying. Oh well…

    If we dont win anything i going to expect wholesale changes. Whether thats in just the player department or manager too i dont know.

    And yes certain fans dont think we are allowed to criticise the team…luckily those “fans” dont generally come on here so we dont have to deal with them.

  31. KM in WALES

    Tbh i have no idea.I just read the comments above.However if he goes Spurs are fucked! On Henry,i didnt think he was the manager type, maybe a tv pundit/tv star 😉 However Steve Bould should be our nxt manager 100% he deserves it.I believe we should select future managers and put them in charge of the academy sides so therefore they learn & play the Arsenal style.

  32. A

    Jaguar I never complained that you called Wenger a hypocrite, I said that you referring to him as “le hypocrite” or something equally juvenile undermined any valid points you wanted to make, and just made you look silly. I never complained about you criticising at all

  33. Jaguar

    Bouldie should be next boss,no doubt.But I wish Arsene sheds his ego/stubbornness/hypocritical statements and continue to manage us for atleast 20 more years.

  34. Jaguar

    I know A.But you did make a comment that I was overboard involved in calling Wenger with a number of expletives.I dont complain about it.Everyone has their own perspectives,as in a half empty or full glass.I am not concerned by your comment nevertheless.

    As I mentioned before,I wouldnt mind Arsene trusting his team,and recruiting none.But I was really pissed off to see
    1)Shitvestre recruited on a two year contract,when Gilby wasnt offered the same.
    2)Arshavin not starting the FA cup semis,which were only hope of any silverware
    3)A 16 year old GK was bought at £1.2m,when we have embarassement of riches in that department.And according to reports,we couldnt cough up the £750,000 to bring in Vieira.If thats not hypocrisy/stubbornness or poor team management,what else is?

  35. A

    Yeah true Jaguar, because expletives achieve nothing!

    Those reports are from Miles Palmer regarding Vieira, and absolutely laughable, they’re one of his typical website not getting enough hits so lets come out with some “insider knowledge” to generate interest!

    We couldn’t get 750k to them in time?! Does he think football deals are done in cash then, the plane carrying the briefcases of used £50 notes didn’t make it in time?! Absolutely ridiculous, and I’m not sure the keeper is official either is it? Not that it would be at all related to the Vieira deal not happening even if it was!

  36. Jaguar

    I am resting my case for the time being,A.If we recruit Vieira in the Jan transfer window,I would be glad and furious at the same time.Gallas and Rosicky contracts would be interesting as well.Lets see how Arsene is gonna deal with their contracts.Gallas,in all probabilities wouldnt accept a 1 year contract.I have no clue about Rosicky.I assume he would repay us our faith,unlike a crock called Bitchoff.

  37. GoonerGod

    I haven’t read most of this, but surely if we were to bring ex players back, then Adams (the best centre back I have seen at Arsenal), Vieira (best midfielder I have seen at Arsenal) and Bergkamp (best forward I have seen at Arsenal) should be drafted in.
    I know people will contest this, but we are living in dream land. This will never happen, which is a shame. Surely we should be concentrating on improving the current squad. This is where we are short.
    We have lightweight players that are prone to injury. I would list them, but that would be our entire midfield and forwards. There is not one player in our attack that you would say is going to play the whole season.
    This is where Arsene fails… Does he think we’ll get through a season with no injuries?
    Anyway, rant over.. Congrats Arsene on your achievement, but lets look at the 60,000 fans that pay over the top prices for not a lot other than pretty football.
    Silverware would be nice no matter how small or insignificant.

  38. Chiku

    Alisher Usmanov 1- England u20 nougth….nd they sae arsenal spoils the english kids growth..nd luk at tha crap there selecting…they say that bigger teams ddnt let out their bigger named yungster…so what does that say about gavin hoytes futur at the club….LE-GROVE can you 1 day put up a post for Fran Meridas perfomances..we should all watch how the kid is making it look like kindergarden stuff out there…This Malawian is out———–>

  39. ethangunner

    when you look at it Goongod ,

    wenger has just randomly got a bunch of boys in ,
    with no clear leadership or mentors to look up too .. got rid of all the inspirational legends of the past and breed a republic of youth kids with no idea of the pride behind the badge ..

    my vote is if the verminator as captain ‘with his qualities he showed at Ajax/here ,it makes him our natural choice ‘ captain by default’ ..

    im sure i wont wait long for the day when wenger will see sense on that issue ..

    i also think cesc will be gone as he doesn’t look like he is enjoying himself AT ALL !

    said we should of sold him too ..
    50 mil in the sky rocket can buy you 2 gifted players who actually want to play for us !

    if wenger has been on the fence about spending that move would have seen 2 or 3 more players added …

    people say wenger is smart but being smart would have seen ade off last season for 35 mil , and cesc for 50 this season ..

    jack isnt far behind cesc all he needs is a season and some confidence , im sure he will make cesc look like an amateur once jack gets going …

  40. Jaguar

    I wont mind us ending up with this team,next season,


    Sagna Vermaelen Gallas/Zapata Clichy/Gibbs/Traore


    Nasri Fab Rosicky