Tonight we face the Greeks, tonight we demand earth, water and 3 points!

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So this is it, the first group game at home and this team are dangerous, this team have Matt Derbyshire in it, yes, you heard, Matt Derbyshire.

I expect to see our best starting 11 out there, I expect us to make it 5 games on the trot since we lost to the Northern chavs, tonight I expect to see the real Arsenal, we won ugly on Saturday, but we won, that for me is real progress, tonight I expect to see Arshavin set the Grove alight, I hope he starts with Arshavin, Eduardo and Robin up top, I hope to see Cesc, Ramsey and Rosicky in the middle, I hope we don’t see Diaby but I expect we will and by the law of averages, he is due his good game so I won’t be too upset if he plays.

Maybe this is the sort of game to take a few chances and give Wilshere a start but I doubt it.

We need to start getting some goals because our build up play has been very sweet, I know we have a ton of money and yesterday’s accounts showed that, they also showed that Arsene has had the money all along but chose not to spend it, so tonight we need to get behind whoever he puts out, because no matter how much we want him to buy, he won’t, and he can’t, we have to wait until January so I suggest we talk about what we do have, and not what we want.

He’ll probably start Diaby, Song and Eboue, Eboue has played well, my problem with him is there is no end product, maybe there will be tonight, two players who won’t feature though are Nikki B and Denilson, Nikki B pranged his Aston, I’ve done that, so please, a bit of support for the boy, doing that does make you feel sick. Really sick, and a little silly, in my case it was a birds fault, in his, a tree.

I hear on the Grapevine that Denilson won’t be back until the end of the year, shame for the boy, but it does allow Ramsey to show what he has, good luck that man.

Theo’s injury is as much of a mystery as Nasri’s, Theo has been busy making commercials so perhaps he’s being rested, but Nasri’s injury wasn’t bad, he’ll be six weeks, that was in July, so either Wenger can’t count or the injury was worse, I broke my arm in 7 places on August the first but this weekend I’m playing golf again, so god knows how bad his break was.

The up side of all this, is the young kids are growing together, losing to the Mancs when we were the better team shows how much stronger we are as a unit, but we need to start converting promise into points, and tonight I expect us to do just that.

I’ll be there, so stewards, back off, I’ll be standing and singing and there may even be a little bad language thrown in, so I apologise in advance, but leave me alone.

One of my favourite films involved Greeks, ‘300’ but remember what happened to them? …they lost! – So 5 nil the Arsenal, and yes, that is a prediction.

I would have said 5-1 but Alminia has been dropped, go Vito, go!

Have a great night tonight Grovers, I have a funny feeling it could be one of our greatest ever European games, up there with Madrid and Milan.

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  1. Pedro

    MG, you bitched all the first half. I don’t need to sit there and collate the evidence… you just need to scroll up to re-read your comments.

    The only thing that is confusing me is why you are still going on about it 45 minutes later?

    It’s boring… move on.

    Final whistle!

    Get in you gunners!

  2. M4rk

    I would think that Song, Mannone, Arshavin, Cesc and Eboue were very good tonight. Rosicky good before he got tired.
    Diaby was slightly better than he used to be, but still not in tune with the rest of the team.

    Good night all,
    I am now in a fucking far place and it is almost 1AM and got to work at 7.

  3. Ooby

    Metal Gear i thought you had a bit of a point earlier. Only insofar as you should be allowed to comment on any player as you see fit even if you’re wrong. People bitching about Diaby all game (rightly) but nothing said (because majority agree).

    However you really really are whining now. Please stop. Please dont even respond to this. Chill man and enjoy the fact that RVP and DUDU played part in goal..

  4. Matt

    Great game tonight. A little bit more application in the finishing and it would have been perfect.
    Strike that, Liverpool lost 2-0 to Fiorentina and have two games against group leader Lyon, it was a perfect evening after all!

  5. nishanth

    Can’t call this an ugly win.Good performance.Diaby has had enough chances.He didn’t have a bad game but average stuff again.Ramsey in

  6. Metal Gear

    Pedro u know why u pathetically attempted childish jibes and I pulled u up on it and you’ve cleverly avoided exposing yourself so u make up new issues like you’re doing now you’re tryna make me look like a rambling lunatic but in reality you’re covering you’re poor and quite frankly feeble attempt 2 make any sense of what you’ve been saying which is worrying since you also write the Articles on this website I’m finding it amusing watching u dodge your own shit u shat and besides if I’m going on and on would that not apply 2 u also does it not take 2 to tango?

  7. Rob


    We should of had 5

    If Eduardo and Vela were fit enough to start they both would have scored.

    Vela should have been up front though
    On the LEFT he is wasted, as although he plays alright, he is such a talented striker.


    Jesus, going forward that is well…orgasmic

  8. incesc

    great game for our confidence and to get our movement and passing back

    shame theres an international break after blackburn.

    Hopefully Wenger can see rosicky is better in there next to fabregas and walcott is back soon to go on the wing, so no more diaby.

    Olympiacos were shit, song was pulling out the tricks.

  9. Samir

    When Diaby went off we scored like straight away….
    Ramsey should have started instead of him… He did more when he came on than Diaby did all day…
    All he seems to do is slow down and break up our attacks by shit passing.
    Vela was also V.good!

  10. Metal Gear

    Ooby if some1 contradicts themselves would u not point it out? If some1 puts words in you’re mouth would u not defend yourself by correcting them? If you’re gonna tell me 2 let it go should it not be something like this ‘’Pedro and Metal Gear both of u drop it’’?

  11. Matt

    Vela is classy, VP is surely becoming Mr 1 goal per game and all the others were a joy to watch. What a lovely silky game of wengerball!

    But MOTM is without a doubt Alex Song. He’s barely 22, how far can he progress?

  12. Pedro

    MG, you are doing an amazing job of making yourself look like a rambling lunatic without me having to intervene.

    It looks like other people have realised this as well…

  13. nishanth

    MG-Everything depends on the team selected.They can be all be super fit but if they are played out of position it won’t be of much use.

  14. kenny smith

    sorry guys i dont think song had a great game tonight. he held onto the ball too long, gave away some stupid fouls, and passing was really poor at times…. he did make some crackin tackles though but he seems to play really well for 10 mins and then plays badly for the next 10 etc etc. Eduardo showed with his assist that he should be starting. I really dunno what Diaby contributes to the team??? Clichy had a good game i thought which is good to see cause he hasnt been great recently. Eboue did well also at RB…. Cesc is getting better and he was involved in both goals as usual… lots of positives tonight

  15. A

    That was a nice performance, pity we didn’t score more goals. VP, Rosicky, Arshavin and Cesc could tear teams to shreds this season, really annoying there’s an international break after Blackburn.

  16. SUGA3

    great game, great win – their goalkeeper was immense and I thought we’re gonna get hit on the break for this scrappy win on Sat 😆

    the very moment Diaby went off we had our tails up – coincidence? I think RvP, AA and Cesc salivated when another exciting world class player in the shape of Vela entered the pitch…

    Diaby not getting a full 90 minutes – sign of monolith cracking or just a slap on the wrists?

  17. Metal Gear

    Pedro just becuz 1 person has told me 2 drop it does not make that other people first and foremost why did u not just say ooby I’ll tell u why becuz by saying other people if gives what you’re saying more credibility just face it throughout this discussion you’ve made yourself look foolish becuz you’ve exaggerated, contradicted, mouth fed me, and accused and you’re doing it again is it me or is you’re ego 2 big 2 just admit you dug your own hole?

  18. Pedro

    MG, I couldn’t actually decipher your last comment.

    I think only one person is making themselves look foolish here.

    Drop it, it’s getting boring… stop your whining.

  19. nishanth

    I just hope once ramsey starts.I am fucking sure he will impress.He will work his socks off to cement a place in the first team.You can see that hunger in him.This is why i am not a diaby fan.This is a golden oppurtunity for diaby and he hasn’t taken it.Not even shown enough desire at times

  20. A

    No idea Nisanth, hadn’t thought of that, he must be close by then I’d guess, at least close to full training if not completely returning to first team reckoning.

    One plus must be that Theo should be 100% ready for involvement by the time we return after the break, either have 90 mins playing in the reserves or maybe he’ll be named in the u21 squad.

  21. Matt

    Their goalkeeper had a Mannone-like day, it’s unfortunate but it was a joy to watch and it’s a good result. And considering the injuries we have the team can only progress from there.

    And Vela is definitively our top prospect.

    Diaby again made some mistakes but he is really active on the pitch. Rambo was more transparent today but it’s good for him.

  22. KM

    HI guyz. Aweome game – it was beautiful,sublime. i was watching the infobar at the bottom and when Barca scored 2 i thought that we are best footballing side alongside Barca and i hope we meet them in the final and beat them – Arshavin was scintillating 2nite – however i still think he’s going to get better – SCARY? i know!!!!! Fabregas looked up for it 2nite, he was full of passion. Rosicky was immense, RVP well he was good but i’d rather a Torres type striker in there – a finisher! i was impressed by Diaby, he managed to ride all the rough challenges and still drive fwd. Clichy was v.good 2night, as was the whole defence actually. Song was also gr8, but needs more support off the other 2 – CESC & DiABY – Arshavin was coming to help him!!!! the man is amazing!!!! i must sound over-excited but its been a long time since we have played so well/Wengerball that i cant hold back.
    Overall we were 9/10, just missing a few goals. I thought Vela,Ramsey were v.good. We were getting a bit frustrated at 65th minute because they were defending in their own box and i was wondering whether Walcott should’v come on for Rosicky but in the end all is well. I think from what i can see from todays game, we lack a Fast striker & another DM who could’v come on to help Song – that’l b needed to defended a lead against a better side. Overall veryyyyyyyyyyy happy with the game and result. Arshavin’s goal was class! Another goal for the youtube clip 🙂

  23. SUGA3

    was he now, A?

    if you consider not being the usual crap self ‘good’, then yes…

    can’t be bothered to discuss it any further – just watch him play, as one footed as it gets…

  24. A

    I didn’t say good SUGA3, i said he wasn’t bad. I was worried before the start that he’d get in the way of Arshavin, Rosicky, Cesc, and VP’s sexy football, but he kept it simple and generally did a decent enough job, didn’t do anything great but didn’t do anything horrible either.

  25. SUGA3

    still they were more slick when Vela came on – they know there is another rapid fire thinking cog in that machine – Diaby takes ages to do anything even when he needs to keep it simple…

  26. David

    ermmm yes he did…over passed the ball….cocked up some free headers from corners as well as a few proper shots on goal.

    He wasnt his usual shite self today but he was still very much shite.

    And to think just last night i was defending Diaby.

    Still it was just a typical sexy arsenal win.

  27. Stu

    Diaby wasnt good…he was bad because even surrounded by all those other quality attacking players he still did nothing well. We had a chance to move forward quickly at one point. Diaby took 8 touches running forward only to stop, turn and pass backwards. Thats why he doesnt fit into this team because he takes too long to do something.

  28. A

    Yeah I agree SUGA3, Diaby does take a long time to do everything, he certainly isn’t going to be capable of playing our quick pass and move as well as the others, though that isn’t why he’s in the team.

    Can’t believe Vela is gonna be fucking off to South America again so won’t be available home to Birmingham which would be a perfect game to give him a start! So irritating, he should just retire from international football!!

  29. A

    Maybe that league cup game will be a good time to blood nasri, depending on theo’s match fitness perhaps he’ll get a run out as well?

  30. Metal Gear

    Stu agreed Diaby is 2 slow I noticed it in the game is well dude just looks out of his depth 4 some reason he feels the need 2 keep it complicated just past and move god damit there is nothing I find more frustrating then a player who does not know what 2 do with the ball before he gets it.

  31. Stu

    Speaking of Eboue, it was refreshing to see him not in midfield or attack. Thsi was the perfect game for him. Right back with little defensive responsibility.

    Its so strange but he seems to attack better from defence than when he is actually playing in attack.

  32. David

    8 out of 10 times he still makes the wrong decision in the final 3rd tho.

    And im honestly tired…very tired of seeing him fack it up.

    If we can get a left back who can beat his man…we’d be unstoppable imo.

  33. A

    I dunno Stu, when was the last time Liverpool beat us at home? I’m quietly confident about the league cup game, Vela, Wilshere, Ramsey, Merida will tear them apart, and Coquelin will dominate the midfield

  34. Stu

    On Diabys dribbling and such. I would much rather a player who always passes short than Diaby who dribbles 20 pointless yards. If Diaby could keep it simple he would be a much better player for it.

  35. Metal Gear

    Stu David was talking about if we had a left back who could beat his man we would be awesome which I agree with but clichy can beat his man but if had a bit more strength he would be a beast

  36. A

    IMO clichy doesn’t have the brain or technique to ever be a really effective attacking full back, I expect gibbs or traore to take over from him eventually

  37. Metal Gear

    Stu it’s not just about Diaby keeping it simple from what I’ve seen he does not have the intelligence 2 know what 2 do with the ball in certain situations he’s a great finisher though but……

  38. Stu

    Yeah Metal…i saw that part…that was the random comment that started the topic i thought.

    And apparently Clichy is the strongest player at the club (pound for pound obviously).

  39. A

    They’ll play half a team David, as they did when they lost last year, the year before, and when we beat them 6-3.

    Our talented kids will beat the mix of a couple of first teamers, average squad players, and average youngsters.

  40. Pedro

    Well, the match report is complete… I’m signing off for a couple of days… Paris is calling!

    Have a good one and enjoy tomorrow write up!

  41. David

    Yea I was thinking bout Eboue and Clichy as our top two attacking full backs….

    Eboue is great. Sometimes.

    With Clichy its like flipping a coin.

    Imo…Geal should really be racking up assists with his pace down that left…but with Diaby playing infront of him….

  42. Ja_Gunner

    I think our kids will beat Liverpool…here’s the thing I doubt Benitez will risk Gerrard and Torres….

    Liverpool play Manure on Oct 25th……….the league cup game is on the 27th……plus they will have another league game against Fulham at Craven Cottage at the weekend…

    surely Benitez is not crazy enough to risk his big guns so soon after a big match up with Manure…

  43. Matt

    Clichy had an excellent game tonight, not much more he could have done.

    As for Diaby his offensive game should be crispier but defensively he is definitively going there. He got the ball back almost as many times as Song today. Too bad he lost it more too. If any of his headers would have been in his contribution would have been more than decent though.

  44. SUGA3

    Diaby is a good dribbler and has some shot on him, but apart from that he can do fuck all – he is lazy, does not track back and his positioning is woeful…

    he can’t keep it simple, as there are some players who are much better at this, he has to dazzle, problem is he is not quick enough to dazzle in the Prem…

  45. Metal Gear

    Gibbs I like him that period last season where he got a crack of the first team he was immense 4 some1 that young 2 cope that well shows we’ve got that position pretty muched covered as long as he keeps working of course.

  46. David

    choy more like Arshavin’s side.

    It was great not seeing bendy in the team today.

    At least the attacking came from the Russian and not through Pink boots.

  47. Ja_Gunner

    Sun. 25 14:00 UK Liverpool v ManchesterUnited…Anfield
    Tue. 27 19:45 UK Arsenal v Liverpool……….Emirates
    Sat. 31 15:00 UK Fulham v Liverpool…..Craven Cottage

    Do u guys think Benitez is crazy enough to play Gerrard and Torres and some other first teamers against us….based on that scehdule?

  48. Metal Gear

    This team attack wise has the potential 2 match Barcelona of last season and exaggerating is something I’m tryna avoid so bare with me

    DM Song

    CM Fabregas AM/RosickyArshavin/Nasri

    RWF RVP/Walcott CF Bendtner/Eduardo LWF Arhsavin/Vela

    Breathtaking attack but knowing Wenger this will probaly happen

    DM Song

    CM Fabregas AM Diaby

    RWF Bendtner CF VP LWF Arshavin

    It’s a bit strange feeling excited and not excited at the exact same time.

  49. Matt

    Given their schedule (Lyon & United home, us, Fulham, Lyon away) it’s pretty sure Benitez will not play his best team against our kids. And with the state of their finances Liverpool can barely afford not to qualify for the next stage of the CL. The kids can make it, no doubt.

    Diaby: He’s not among my favorites but I can see the potential in him. I have doubts that he can step up but if he can he could be a hell of a player. If he can’t let’s make sure before we sell him. We will know by the end of the season.

    I love Ramsey but realistically he’s not starting material yet. He will come good, no doubt about it. But he should not start unless we have to.

    I enjoyed seeing Wenger have the right players come in for substitutions. A little bit earlier would have been better but still good choices.

  50. David


    I wont go that far…Rosicky needs to up his work rate big time.

    Song isnt Yaya Toure.

    And Diaby doesnt neccesarily have the ball retention skills of Iniesta.

  51. patthegooner

    Great Result

    I think the problem with Diaby is he is not a youth product anymore

    He has no excuse, either he plays well or he gets dropped.

    Problem is he is playing like shite and still starts nigh on every game!!!!!!


  52. Matt

    If we want to win against top teams like Barca we will need more steel in midfield and more sharpness in attack.

    Not there yet but it’s coming.

  53. Stu

    Cesc and Rosicky in midfield. Arshavin and Eduardo up front (with VP probably) and we have 4/5 players good enough to crack any defence. And with Nasri coming back and Theos pace we have plenty of options.

    Shame about the defensive options tho….

  54. Metal Gear

    David I know I would rather have a better DM but I was talking about the attack more then anything else and as 4 Diaby I mentioned him in the context of what Wenger would do and Rosicky’s work rate is awesome it’s the first thing I noticed about him when he first arrived of course he is not yet 100% so I dont expect him 2 bust his lungs just yet.

  55. patthegooner

    It is almost like Diaby is the new Eboue

    A player that will play no matter when where. If there is a gap, if someone is injured, despite having quality like Wilshire, Ramsey, Vela on the bench, fuck it lets play Diaby.

  56. Stu

    One of Wengers problems is that he doesnt drop off form players. He keeps playing them until they get out of their slump. Not the right approach im sure ye will agree.

  57. Matt

    Diaby is certainly behind Denilson and probably Nasri too. He gets his chance now because of:
    1) injuries
    2) other midfielders not helping enough with defending

  58. A

    Pat until Rosicky is fully fit there isn’t anyone else who could play imo, Ramsey isn’t ready yet, though he could play in some games. When he’s fully fit though, or when Nasri is back Diaby won’t be a regular starter I don’t think

  59. patthegooner

    It is fucking shocking David, Diaby was poor at the weekend, poor tonight, in fact he has been fucking poor pretty much 95% of the time he has played yet gets to start every game.

    Fucking Bullshit. Well happy we have won tonight, but play Ramsey/Wilshire/Vela from the start and they will contribute more than Diaby.

    Oh and well played Arshavin tonight, got a bit of stick from the weekend, but thought he played really well tonight.

  60. Stu

    Eduardo, Arshavin and Rosicky were competing for the wide roles tonight. Thats what A means, Eduardo didnt start because there was nowhere for him to play.

    We should just have started Eduardo instead of Diaby imo. Would have solved all the problems.

  61. David

    yea pat

    its a formality now. We just have to get through these dissapiontments like we get through the Transfer windows. WE move on.

    I expect him to pick diaby until Arsenal fans boo him off then he has to use him as a sub. And then sub him after using him as a sub.

    Maybe either Wenger or Diaby will have a change of heart.

  62. A

    Eduardo isn’t a central striker in this system imo, he’s someone who should be going at goal, bringing others into play isn’t his strongest attribute, so he’ll play wide in this system where he’ll be able to be more direct. Arshavin is more of a forward than a midfielder, Rosicky is an attacking mid though.

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens with a fully fit squad, the creativity in a front 5 of




    is scary

  63. patthegooner

    A, if Diaby was putting in at least 1 7/10 performance every now and again, I would agree with you, but at the weekend it was like playing with 10 men.

    I would rather see the likes of Ramsey/Vela/Wilshire put in the odd awesome performance (as they are all capable of it) than let Diaby put in poor 5/10 performances in week in week out.

    At least the 3 aforementioned players would learn and development. With Diaby it is Groundhog day.

  64. Matt

    Stu: yes I agree, his loyalty to players is going too far at times. I doubt this is the case for Diaby though. I’m pretty sure Wenger prefers both Denilson and Nasri.

    patthegooner: Vela when fit is the only one deserving to start. Rambo should make appearances more and more often as a sub and Wilshere is a kid who we should make sure will progress without injuries. He does not have the body/frame to play when the opposition is determined to scrape a draw.

  65. Stu

    I’d rather see

    Cesc Song
    Eduardo VP Arshavin

    I have conceded that VP is gonna always play in the middle. Even tho i fucking hate it. Should be Dudu in the middle with AA and VP either side imo.

  66. choy

    A… how can someone playing on the wings be more direct than playing in the center?

    Rvp brings everyone into play but he needs to be more clinical!

  67. Matt

    4-2-4 is not an option. We would be totally crushed against any half-decent team with only Song and Cesc in the middle (Arshavin does not count).

    We need Diaby. For now. And if today is the kind of performance we can count on when he deputizes for either Denilson or Diaby, that’s perfectly fine with me.

  68. A

    because VP plays with his back to goal much more choy and the wide men run past him, or when they have the goal are always going forwards, they’re much more direct than the central man who has to wait for support to arrive

  69. patthegooner


    I know what you mean, I just feel that despite his frame, Diaby is being carried most games.

    He is well out of his depth………Unfortunately.

    The most frustrating thing is that on his day Diaby is brilliant, but he is so horribly inconsistent that his day is about every one in six games.

  70. Stu

    Matt, you are perfectly fine with Diaby taking ages to release the ball and generally disrupting our fast flowing football. Well good for you.

  71. patthegooner

    And the reason I say Wilshire/Ramsey/Vela even though we are talking about RW, CM, LW is that Diaby seems to be thrown into all 3 positions!!!!!!!

    I just dont get the logic.

    It did not work with Eboue and it is not working with Diaby.

  72. Stu

    I wouldnt go as far as saying Diaby is brilliant or unplayable on his day. More that on his day he has a moment or two or brilliance. Even in his good games he doesnt play the whole game consistently well.

  73. Matt

    Sorry I meant “deputizes for Denilson or Nasri”.

    Actually I like Eboue the same way I like Diaby. If he’s happy to deputize mostly for Sagna and get a start once in a while when needed, I’d be very happy too.

    As for Song he is well ahead of the curve. I confess to being impressed. I’m ready to bet he will contribute more than Flamini before the end of the season. Same attitude, better technique and much stronger. At 22.

  74. Jaguar

    WTF?I dont understand the logic behind playing Diabolical in the team.We were looking lethal once that headless chicken was subsitiuted.

  75. Stu

    Agreed Choy, the widemen arent scoring. Bendtners only goal was when he played CF. Arshavins was a tap in tonight and against Celtic (also from the middle).
    And Eduardo has a tap in, a penalty and a goal off his knee.

  76. patthegooner


    And I agree with that, I love having Eboue as cover for Sagna. In certain games I would actually start Eboue in front of Sagna.

    But with Diaby, I am not sure who I would like him to cover for. Sorry I just dont rate him.

    Which is strange, as before his nasty injury at Sunderland, he looked like he was developing into a bloody good player, but he since coming back, he has looked poor to average with the odd day of being brilliant.

    If he can convert the odd day to consistent days, then fantastic, but at this level you should be given so many opportunities to prove it.

  77. Matt

    We have to on/off guys in the team:
    – Arshavin for full games
    – Diaby in 10-minutes spells

    Stu: yes he’s both slower and clumsier. But he intercepts and tackles much more than the (currently fit) alternatives. I wish he was better, certainly for a first-starter, but as a sub it’s ok. It’s not like he was terrible in the game either. Just not as good as Song defensively and the rest offensively. Kind of like Eboue in midfield.
    But we need this kind of players to win trophies. If he was playing week-in week-out with Denilson and Nasri on the bench that would be infuriating. But he won’t.

  78. Stu

    Eboue would be perfect if he was happy to just deputise for Sagna but remember in the summer him saying he wasnt happy at the lack of first team opportunities, and this despite laying about 40 games. He wont just sit onj the bench waiting for Sagna to need a rest.

    And as for Diaby, that man or whatever he is, is a waste of a number, waste of a shirt, waste of wages and generally just a waste of a spot at arsenal.

    He doesnt make the most us his size, doesnt make the most of his chances in the team and is just too stupid to make it at this club imo. I;ve said it before and shall say it again : just sell him.

  79. Matt

    Pat: 100% agreed. The injury at Sunderland did him in. It happened too soon in his career and he never recovered. I remember he was really fast with light feet before. Now he is laboring. What a shame.

  80. Stu

    Well Matt, if he isnt better than anyone at anything then why the fuck is he here. Surely you should always have a player with something that noone else has. He is useless…

    We dont need players like Diaby to win a trophy. We need to get rid of players like him to win a trophy.

  81. Matt

    Stu: yes Eboue whined. He still can be helpful until he leaves for a good fee. Having to pimp himself to land in a good club will force him to give his best. And once gone that’s one spot for Merida/Rambo in midfield.

    I’m afraid Gavin Hoyte will not make it though. Did he really not make it or is it just because he is behind Sagna and Eboue?

  82. Matt

    Stu: there are no better alternatives than Diaby ATM. That’s the only reason.

    And we won many trophies with Cygan in the team compared to whom Diaby is a star.

  83. Angelos

    I’m sorry but the same people dismissing Diaby are probably the same people who were claiming that Song should be booted out.
    I can appreciate you analysing his performance and claiming he hasn’t been playing well recently but don’t act up as if you know how he’s going to pan out. He’s inconsistent and needs to improve but it doesn’t mean he can’t. So relax, take deep breaths and just analyze the situation for what it is.

  84. Stu

    And Cygan didnt play in a position where he infkuenced our game. Cygan defended (which at arsenal he didnt have much to do).

    Diaby plays in midfield and winning the midfield battle usually means the team wins the match. So when Diaby plays like shit it affects our ability to control the game and makes it harder to win.