Tonight we face the Greeks, tonight we demand earth, water and 3 points!

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So this is it, the first group game at home and this team are dangerous, this team have Matt Derbyshire in it, yes, you heard, Matt Derbyshire.

I expect to see our best starting 11 out there, I expect us to make it 5 games on the trot since we lost to the Northern chavs, tonight I expect to see the real Arsenal, we won ugly on Saturday, but we won, that for me is real progress, tonight I expect to see Arshavin set the Grove alight, I hope he starts with Arshavin, Eduardo and Robin up top, I hope to see Cesc, Ramsey and Rosicky in the middle, I hope we don’t see Diaby but I expect we will and by the law of averages, he is due his good game so I won’t be too upset if he plays.

Maybe this is the sort of game to take a few chances and give Wilshere a start but I doubt it.

We need to start getting some goals because our build up play has been very sweet, I know we have a ton of money and yesterday’s accounts showed that, they also showed that Arsene has had the money all along but chose not to spend it, so tonight we need to get behind whoever he puts out, because no matter how much we want him to buy, he won’t, and he can’t, we have to wait until January so I suggest we talk about what we do have, and not what we want.

He’ll probably start Diaby, Song and Eboue, Eboue has played well, my problem with him is there is no end product, maybe there will be tonight, two players who won’t feature though are Nikki B and Denilson, Nikki B pranged his Aston, I’ve done that, so please, a bit of support for the boy, doing that does make you feel sick. Really sick, and a little silly, in my case it was a birds fault, in his, a tree.

I hear on the Grapevine that Denilson won’t be back until the end of the year, shame for the boy, but it does allow Ramsey to show what he has, good luck that man.

Theo’s injury is as much of a mystery as Nasri’s, Theo has been busy making commercials so perhaps he’s being rested, but Nasri’s injury wasn’t bad, he’ll be six weeks, that was in July, so either Wenger can’t count or the injury was worse, I broke my arm in 7 places on August the first but this weekend I’m playing golf again, so god knows how bad his break was.

The up side of all this, is the young kids are growing together, losing to the Mancs when we were the better team shows how much stronger we are as a unit, but we need to start converting promise into points, and tonight I expect us to do just that.

I’ll be there, so stewards, back off, I’ll be standing and singing and there may even be a little bad language thrown in, so I apologise in advance, but leave me alone.

One of my favourite films involved Greeks, ‘300’ but remember what happened to them? …they lost! – So 5 nil the Arsenal, and yes, that is a prediction.

I would have said 5-1 but Alminia has been dropped, go Vito, go!

Have a great night tonight Grovers, I have a funny feeling it could be one of our greatest ever European games, up there with Madrid and Milan.

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  1. Pedro

    Paulinho, that was a good shot… he hit the target… a goal is coming… I just hope it’s not a sucker punch!

    Great save Vito!

  2. Metal Gear

    Pedro why not just quote me and again you’ve put words in my mouth did I say Wenger should drop VP? if I did quote me please please please stop putting words in my mouth as 4 bitching is that not what we all do on here complain express frustraion if the if theres a diffrence between that and bitching then please tell me whats the diffrence you have over 150 blogger on everage at least 90% complain about something should u not enforce a no complaing or in you’re words ”bitching” policy or would that defeat the very purpose of this website 2 express yourself and 2 correct u I actually was having discussions with others not just mouthing off

  3. Pedro

    MG, I don’t need to quote you as it’s plain for all to see.

    I will though…

    ‘Ooby EXACTLY Fabregas will never perform as his game relies on others as much as his.’

    There is time and place for fantasising about other players and it’s not during a game we’re playing rather well in.

  4. Metal Gear

    Pedro did u not say I was ”bitching” about VP so why draw 1 where I wasnt like I said before whats the difference between that and what others do on here I’ll explain what that comment was about since you’ve classified this as ”bitching” during the Fulham game bloggers on here were critcizing Fab and me and a few other we’re explaing that Fab is only as good as the players around him if any1 on here complains or ”bitches” as u so interestinly put will u pull em up on it no u wont becuz?

  5. Metal Gear

    And Pedro please quote if it’s ”plain 4 all 2 see” why are u speaking 4 others how do u know what they would perceive how do u know they would interpret it the same way

  6. georgian1gunner

    do u c this?do u c this?do u c this?do u c this?do u c this?do u c this?do u c this?do u c this?do u c this?do u c this?do u c this?do u c this?do u c this?do u c this?do u c this?do u c this?do u c this?do u c this?do u c this?do u c this?do u c this?do u c this?do u c this?do u c this?do u c this?do u c this?do u c this?do u c this? yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

  7. Matt

    I really wanted to see Vela but not for Diaby but for a striker instead.
    4-2-4 what are the chances Song will contain Olympiakos alone in midfield?

  8. Pat

    Ahahahah love it. my manc friend called and was talking shite about it being 0-0 (although he’s not watching the game) and I just noticed we scored cause I turned my volume down! Brilliant!

  9. Metal Gear

    Pedro this is boring becuz you’ve confused yourself you’ve contridicted yourself once you’ve put words in my mouth not once not twice but three times you’ve also accused me of ”bitching”which is pretty odd as 90 or even 99% of bloggers on here do exactly that and all of a sudden thats supposed 2 be negative I called u up on that and now apperantly I’m getting boring you’ve put on a great show I enjoyed it but word of advise when having disscusions please refrain from contriadicting and putting words in other people mouths that way 1 can discuss the issue rather then have 2 address issues created within some1 else’s mind which is very boring.

  10. Metal Gear

    Pedro dont put words in my mouth and expect me not 2 defend myself dont accuse me of bitching just becuz you’ve confused yourself dont contridict yourself so blatantly and expect me not 2 point it out thats all I’m saying this is the longest discusion I’ve had on this blog and it has alot 2 do with u not sticking 2 the issue but rather making things up as we went along.