Tonight we face the Greeks, tonight we demand earth, water and 3 points!

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So this is it, the first group game at home and this team are dangerous, this team have Matt Derbyshire in it, yes, you heard, Matt Derbyshire.

I expect to see our best starting 11 out there, I expect us to make it 5 games on the trot since we lost to the Northern chavs, tonight I expect to see the real Arsenal, we won ugly on Saturday, but we won, that for me is real progress, tonight I expect to see Arshavin set the Grove alight, I hope he starts with Arshavin, Eduardo and Robin up top, I hope to see Cesc, Ramsey and Rosicky in the middle, I hope we don’t see Diaby but I expect we will and by the law of averages, he is due his good game so I won’t be too upset if he plays.

Maybe this is the sort of game to take a few chances and give Wilshere a start but I doubt it.

We need to start getting some goals because our build up play has been very sweet, I know we have a ton of money and yesterday’s accounts showed that, they also showed that Arsene has had the money all along but chose not to spend it, so tonight we need to get behind whoever he puts out, because no matter how much we want him to buy, he won’t, and he can’t, we have to wait until January so I suggest we talk about what we do have, and not what we want.

He’ll probably start Diaby, Song and Eboue, Eboue has played well, my problem with him is there is no end product, maybe there will be tonight, two players who won’t feature though are Nikki B and Denilson, Nikki B pranged his Aston, I’ve done that, so please, a bit of support for the boy, doing that does make you feel sick. Really sick, and a little silly, in my case it was a birds fault, in his, a tree.

I hear on the Grapevine that Denilson won’t be back until the end of the year, shame for the boy, but it does allow Ramsey to show what he has, good luck that man.

Theo’s injury is as much of a mystery as Nasri’s, Theo has been busy making commercials so perhaps he’s being rested, but Nasri’s injury wasn’t bad, he’ll be six weeks, that was in July, so either Wenger can’t count or the injury was worse, I broke my arm in 7 places on August the first but this weekend I’m playing golf again, so god knows how bad his break was.

The up side of all this, is the young kids are growing together, losing to the Mancs when we were the better team shows how much stronger we are as a unit, but we need to start converting promise into points, and tonight I expect us to do just that.

I’ll be there, so stewards, back off, I’ll be standing and singing and there may even be a little bad language thrown in, so I apologise in advance, but leave me alone.

One of my favourite films involved Greeks, ‘300’ but remember what happened to them? …they lost! – So 5 nil the Arsenal, and yes, that is a prediction.

I would have said 5-1 but Alminia has been dropped, go Vito, go!

Have a great night tonight Grovers, I have a funny feeling it could be one of our greatest ever European games, up there with Madrid and Milan.

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  1. Doublegooner

    Frank Mclintock on Talksport right now. He says what 90% on here say, in fact he could be a Grover !

    He says there are a few who will never say a word against Arsene,which he doesnt agree as good a job he’s done.

    He believes Wenger took on the fact that money in the past has been tight but can’t understand why he won’t invest but he really needs another couple of Vermaelens.

  2. Geoff

    Double he talks out of both sides of his mouth, he didn’t mind spending at Highbury, but then he wasn’t on a bonus I guess.

    This is all about project youth and he is just being pedantic.

    Iceman this team is rated I think.

  3. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    of course geoff…i read it..thats the reason i come here 🙂 to read and discuss.


    unfortunately i dont see us scoring 5…the greek team is a one of those which will just sit back and frustrate us,they are handful on setpieces only…

  4. Chiku

    First time im in tha top percent of the comments….beware no10…but to the post: the formation u have mentioned is what i would wwant but to be honest diaby has got a place until the other frnchman comes back…wenger needs to uncover himself from whatever cloud diaby has put on him…Poor season so far for any1 Arsenal’s standards

  5. AngeAusArsenal

    Go Geoff, that enthusiasm is infectious.You speak from the heart and from what we all want to see Arsenal as the greatest football team on Earth
    Can’t wait to call my cousins in Greece and rub it in.

  6. Geoff

    Oh you meant earth, water and fire, sorry mate, the Persian Kings asked for earth and water meaning they wanted the land from the people they asked it from, it was symbolic, fire didn’t come into it.

  7. B.B.K.

    we won ugly on Saturday, but we won, that for me is real progress,The real progress will be when they are able to do it more consistently

  8. B.B.K.

    geoff can you believe that wenger had the money and choose not to spend it’s beyond me how he feels this lot are good enough????

  9. wenger's boss

    i just wish diaby plays in midfield,but i doubt wenger will do so,he will put diaby upfront to gain some aerial advantage

  10. Arsenal Tom

    lol Geoff… as i expected mate!!

    olypmiakos shouldnt be too much trouble, the chavs beat em 3-0 in 07-08 and before that they havent played in the CL since 98-99 from what i can see…

  11. B.B.K.

    he had the money chose not to spend if he thinks the abuse he got at the last meeting was bad wait untill he fucks this season up again.Also he must be losing his touch at finding players because if he can’t find better players then the likes of almoonia,eboue,denilsong,bendtner he shouldn’t be at arsenal…

  12. Arsenal Tom

    we’ll sign a DM in jan (probably matuidi)… with denilson fucked and song of to ACN he’ll have to buy, even wenger will have to see that

  13. Arse&Nose

    we shouldnt take olympiakos too lightly, they play good football and stick in lots of crosses-which we have a bad record of defending against!

    They also have a young Brazlian kid called Diogo, we were linked to him last year, this kid is compared to Pato of Milan and Olympiakos pulled off a real coup to sign him. At the back they have the experienced Melberg, who I always regarded as a top class Defender in his Villa days.

  14. Arsenal Tom

    i know its only the greek league but they won it in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

    maybe we should relocate to greece

  15. kelsey

    Morning and very positive post Geoff,though there appears to be a doubt over eduardo’s fitness.

    Having seen the published accounts to May 09, turnover has gone up,your point about paying more and more, but having heard Wenger’s interview he has said quite plainly that the stability of the club is first and foremost to him, and has always been since he took up management.
    This concerns me because the top 4 will definitely be a harder achievement this season,though one is already seeing teams like Burnley beating United and Wigan beating Chelsea, so hopefully things will balance out.

    The greeks will try and kick lumps of shit out of us tonight as we undoubtedly have the skill to beat them and they always play that way.

    Going back to Wenger,the january transfer window to me is far off and it doesn’t make the slightest difference who goes to the ANC if we are not in the mix.

    You have to speculate in any business to accumulate and I think most on here would agree that we are at least three class players away from really having a compact title winning team,and of course endless injuries don’t help.

    Automatic choices when fit for me are :sagna,gallas,vermaelen,clichy,fabregas,rosicky arshavin nasri and rvp and within a month or two eduardo.

    The players not mentioned fall into two categories;
    Potential to suceed;walcott,ramsey,gibbs,merida,Wilshere,Vela and bedntner

    Those not good enough are eboue,song diaby(had enough chances)enough chances).

    So on balance that shows why I fear we will for the next number of years be also rans.

    Wenger might be right,and i wouldn’t want us to be a billion £ in debt,but a compromise has to reached if we are to be realistic. rant over.

  16. gambon

    I totally agree with not spending money if there is no need to….

    however with Almunia in goal, Song in CM, no world class striker & Silvestre in the team there is a clear need to spend money.

    If we had Given, Yaya, Villa & Zapata I would totally agree there is no need to spend money.

    Wenger says he thinks this squad can win the league, well he’s either no longer the manager he was or he’s lying to protect his babies / keep tickets selling.

  17. skandibird

    God I hope you’re right Geoff!, as I’m off to the Emirates tonight, first time this season (after broken elbow, and no, still can’t bend the bloody thing!!!) just back from Barcelona, came across a Pub called the Highlander managed by a Catalan Arsenal fanatic, he shows all AFC games live on his telly, I might ask for a job there and move over to Espana soon!!!

  18. ethangunner


    of course i included ade in the 1st team ..
    he was in there every week wasnt he ?

    taking someone else’s spot , stunting there development …

  19. Brightongooner


    fair play you were and are so cool about when you mashed up your aston. I was well gutted when i smashed up my fiat uno. I was 17 at the time though.

    Good blog mate, although 5 nil is a bit strong mate

  20. gnarleygeorge9


    I hope O’Neill prangs his Aston Villa, & soon. That’ll leave just spuds & manchester shitty to put back in their place.

  21. skandibird

    gambon; did Wenger really say that?, if he did, he is totally deluded!!!Unless…… he’s had some sort of physic vision…… but, I shall reserve my judgement until May’10. I just want to beat; Tottenham (twice and any cup game), Liverpool (twice plus Carling Cup), Chelsea (twice PL), ManUre (once PL), ManC (once PL) and I would be very very happy.

  22. Geoff

    Skandi be careful with that arm tonight, my arm will be in sympathy with yours!

    Kelsey good morning.

    BBK I’ve been bitching about him having the money for two years, he lies all the time.

    Brighton it’s the same feeling as scuffing your alloys mate!

  23. Pedro

    Morning Grovers!

    An American left a note on the site last night linking to the new American Arsenal site…

    ‘Be the first to know…’

    Poor bastard doesn’t realise quite how shit the Arsenal site is for news.

    Good post Geoff, I pranged my push bike last week and buckled the wheel… what a fucker… even more of a fucker… Leicester to Brigend for a 1430 meeting… followed by a 4 hours car ride home.

    I hate my life… I might take it like all those suicide pact kids did in Bridgend…

    I heard a nasty joke the other day, I’ll share it on Friday!

  24. Geoff

    BBK he’s like the bloke that gets all the butt kissers blowing smoke up his arse all day long.

    The emperor has no clothes…

  25. Nick

    the only weak spot in the squad now is dcm sort that and this squad could piss this league,maybe collinson and green from westham is what we need??

  26. Pedro

    Geoff, I’ve got a good mind to call this cunt up and tell him I’m not coming… fancy trying to fuck up Arsenal night?

    Who does this Welshman think he is?!

  27. B.B.K.

    here’s another joke wenger doesn’t need to spend big because we have such an array of talent it will be a shame to hold them back just incase wenger did bring in some real talent but hey ho i suppose bringing eboue on when you are struggling against fulham is a stroke of genius remember folks wenger nose

  28. gambon


    Yes he said the reason he isnt spending is cos the squad is fine as it is.

    It’s literally like the Lib Dems saying theyre gonna win the general election, everyone knows it cant happen.

  29. Nick

    gg9 your true fanatic sacrificing the amount of sleep you do in the name of arsenal 😀 i don’t think i could or would the only thing i love more then arsenal is sleep..

  30. Tricky

    If you want cheering up have a look at the work of a spurs fan who knows how to have a laugh at the expense of his own team, ’tis a work of genius’.

    Episode 1 – spurs team introductions & Episode 2 – swine flu (scroll down to the bottom of the page)

    Episode 3 – The North London Derby

    failing that be content that we beat olympiakos 3-0 pre season, so should be a walk in the park for your lot. Nothing for you to really be concerned with until the end of the month.

    If moderators allow then I will be back for a ‘bit of banter’.

  31. skandibird

    thanks Geoff; I shall listen out for you tonight, which Quadrant do you sit above?, I’m in the ‘Orange’ Quadrant, if anywhere near, maybe you could ‘hang’ over the bannister and sing even louder?

  32. B.B.K.

    Contrary to popular belief Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is not adverse to spending money, it’s just that he remains deeply satisfied with his current squad. Despite selling Kolo Toure and Emmanuel Adebayor to Manchester City for a combined £40 million plus, the Frenchman’s only major signing was Thomas Vermaelen who cost £10 million from Ajax.
    Wenger told the Daily Mirror: “Listen, there is money to spend but at the moment I am very happy with the squad I have.”
    “It’s not because I’m against spending money, I have nothing against spending money. But I do not spend money because out of tomorrow’s squad is [Samir] Nasri, [Theo] Walcott, [and Nicklas] Bendtner.”

    “And yet people want me to buy strikers, but where do I put them? I don’t know. I have to then lose players, who, for me, are world class.”
    “If by December we need to buy someone to add to the squad I will do it.”
    “Success on the pitch is the most important by far, but success on the pitch cannot be maintained if you are in financial trouble.”

    “It is true there is money and people reproach me for not losing money.”
    “It is not a personal thing, it is just that I have a squad that is strong enough to compete.”

    “Look at the two last players we bought – [Andrey] Arshavin and [Thomas] Vermaelen. We have spent money. When we bought Vermaelen was he a big name? Certainly not because nobody knew him.”

    “When I look back at everywhere I worked, when I left the club there was money in the bank.”

    “But when I see other clubs in the situation they are today I still think it is in some ways not responsible to think you walk away and the club is in deep financial trouble and there’s no future.”

  33. Geoff

    Skandi I’m above the North bank between the goal and the corner flag, you’re welcome to join us for a pre match peroni if you are around. I have no idea what colour quadrant I’m in!

  34. Nick

    The only position we need sorting now is dcm, if we got a quality player there it would set the balance right by freeing cesc and allowing us to play without the handbrake on.
    You cant pop wenger for the team we have now imo just his stupidity in not signing a dcm.
    Again we all liked the thought of canna and his playing for sunderland and is hardly making the headlines, so i think wenger wants matudu and is waiting for him.
    when he buys the players do the job so with out saying that bollocks quote i think he has some idea of what his doing in the big picture 🙂

  35. B.B.K.

    he’s going on like if he spends 50 mill arsenal will crash and burn,they seem to of forgot you do win prize money for winning a thing you call a trophy

  36. charybdis1966

    BBK – I fear Wenger sometimes believes “prizes” are for turning out the highest net profit per financial year.

  37. tomstoned

    mornin All fellow Americans..

    Thx for the post Geoff…and one thing the Nasri injury is a mistery ….but then again to cover up Bendtner’s drinking problem is over the top too..

    ooohh how i wish we could go back to what we do best….sell..sell..sell..and then add some sauce..lie..lie..lie..i feel like im in a bad movie directed by Mr Holly Woody and co..

    soo lets see if Wengers Alzheimer is not acting up too bedly this evening against a shitty greek team…though i feel we’re in for a this feeling…

    well have a great day all….remember we’re Gazidis fellow americans…burger Kings all of us…God save Us All….


  38. gazzap

    why wont wenger drop Diaby. Every other PL manager would drop a player playing badly. Wenger is different to them. He wants Diaby to learn and improve.
    By then the trophies are gone.
    In the past few years when we have had players who needed to learn, we have won no trophies. when we were good, we didn’t have too many crap players, so we won things. Its not rocket science.

  39. Jaguar

    I am astounded by the gaffer’s interview.Why does he want to take the mick out the fans again and again?There are no better players than Diabolical and Fishface?

    Come December,our injuries will mount up,and on 31st Jan,Wenger will bring in a quality player as a stop gap to seal our ‘coveted’ fourth place.We will endure a scramble for the fourth place.The same old shit will happen next season.I will save his nick ‘Le Hypocrite’ for then.

  40. Nick

    goal keeper is a possibility, full backs are quality and will improve with a bit of confidence with eboue and gibbs in reserve dont think any other team is as well stocked in that i concur. striker we have to many and he plays them out of position but the quality is there imo
    so i will give you the keeper for today but striker and full backs is over the top imo

  41. Jaguar

    Diaby’s presence on the pitch makes Denilson look like Gattuso.What a fucking joke,Wenger!FFS,drop that headless chicken and send him to our CC team/reserves.

  42. charybdis1966

    Tom, I feel your pain and am a little saddened by your disillusionment. I feel the negativity when I see the likes of Diaby,Denilson and (lately) Almunia turning out for my team when they are clearly not the requisite quality.
    I hope for all our sakes things improve – with the emergence of Vito and perhaps Ramsey to step up and take Denilson’s place while he’s injured. We live in hope Tom – keep your pecker up, things have to go our way sooner or later trophy wise !

  43. charybdis1966

    Well Sabeel – you are right; our biggest problem is if/when our centre back pairing is unavailable – then we are royally screwed. We really needed 2 Verminators woith one as a back up, cloning anyone ?

  44. tomstoned

    Chary mate..

    We’re good americans you should know …all americans have a direct connection to the Lord above..give Dr.Phil a call he’ll sort it out..

    and us going from being a football club(a damned fine one)to an american business company is turning out so well…i guess if asking for a clone dont help..lets send in the army…that usually answers all our demands…

    maybe just maybe we could clone Wenger too before he’s totally lost to alzheimers..??


  45. Geoff

    Tom FYI

    Arsenal announce their financial results for the period ending 31st May 2009
    ·Group turnover increased to £313.3 million (2008 – £223.0 million) reflecting income generated from cup competitions and property sales.

    ·Match day revenue was increased to £100.1 million (2008 – £94.6 million), mainly as a result of progress to the UEFA Champions League and FA Cup semi-finals.

    ·Operating profits (before depreciation and player trading) in the football business were £62.7 million (2008 – £59.6 million).

    ·The completion of sale of 208 (2007 – Nil) private apartments at Highbury Square contributed £88.0 million of revenue (2008 – £15.2 million) and boosted the operating profit from property activities to £7.8 million (2008 – Nil).

    ·Profit after tax of £35.2 million (2008 – £25.7 million) was a record for the Group.

    ·Since the end of the financial year there have been a number of further positive developments in relation to the Group’s Highbury Square project:

    -Of the 655 private apartments in the development, sales have now completed on 445 units with a cumulative sales revenue value of £172.4 million.

    -The balance on the bank loan used to fund the project has been substantially reduced to £47 million and agreement has been reached to refinance the loan and extend its term to December 2010.

    Commenting on the results for the year, Peter Hill-Wood, non-executive Chairman, said:

    “The Group’s profits have now risen in each of the three years in which Emirates Stadium has been our home. This is excellent news although I should perhaps stress that making and reporting profits is not in itself the primary objective for the directors. First and foremost we are supporters of this great football club and, as such, our main goal will always be the achievement of success for Arsenal on the field. The Group’s profitability is important because it is a by-product of running the Club as a solvent and successful business, which in turn allows us to maximise the level of investment in the playing staff and in the future development of the Club.”

    Ivan Gazidis, Chief Executive, said:

    “Clearly, the Club already has a first class stadium, an excellent world-wide reputation and outstanding core support. Football is a hugely competitive and fast moving business and we must ensure that Arsenal is not just keeping pace but setting the pace, both on and off the field. The Club is superbly positioned for the future and I am tremendously excited about the opportunities we have ahead of us.”

  46. tomstoned

    Thanx Geoff 😉

    well we’re doing better than coca cola then,what a grand result….and dont forget we could still sell Vela come january…and in the summer we’ll sell cesc and one more…my guess Arshavin..that would help…its a shame we have already sold *the library*

    and i wont back down from my mission before we start acting like a football club again…

    not trying to be some sort of a Big American Company…


  47. Gunner8

    Firstly Geoff getting a hummer while driving is very dangerous and should only be done on wide open yankee highways where the passing truckers can toot their horns.

    Seccondly, WTF is wrong with this club and injuries??? Arsene you fucking twunt we need three pros in each spot because the first two are always down and that leaves you with your Eboue’s playing as strikers instead of your Vela’s and Walcott’s. Now you say you don’t want to buy proven players to block the progess of the youths but you are well happy to play a right back who is a bit pants anywhere else to block their progress????

    You are a liar Arsene Wenger and I will not listen to your bullshit anymore, we are not all fucking sheep so just say the truth which is I have a vanity project and it involves me trying to make total footballers out of ordinary ones who have lots of pace and strength but no end product!


  48. tomstoned

    and Geoff mate..

    ive heard from a friend that we’re on Oprah this fall…thing are looking up …what an honor.!!

    me personally ive been watching american football and baseball just to be prepared for whats in store for us…and damned its great..we’ll have the Jacksons as entertainment during half time…the flag waving we already have ive heard…

    lets get rid of the beer’s and have free popcorn instead….i must say this is working out really great….soon very soon we’ll forget all about the points…no need to worry about that is there…

    and be aware tonite we’re headed for a real beating by Zico’s army…


  49. Gunner8

    As for tonight, Geoff if we start with this squad we would win 5-0 or 5-1


    yes that’s the one with a little re-velation coming on at half time for pudgy mcmidget.

    Come on you reds!

  50. zorr0


    Tom, weren’t you being very positive about our chances this season a few weeks back? What happened?

    This is not a criticism, just a question.

  51. Jon Kabira

    lol zorr0 it all happened this week.Maybe it’s the side effect of watching too much of Wenger’s lovechilds’ fuck ups.

  52. Jaguar

    Who would stay optimistic optimism if they see a headless chicken a.k.a Diaby,stealing the balls from Fabregas and Arshavin,week in week out?

  53. Flex Mauto

    Wenger made one mistake yesterday…he showed us which team will paly tomorrow..let me explain..the clips of the team training yesterday had players in yellow and blue…the players in yellow were

    vela,rvp, AA, diaby, rosicky, cesc, gibbs, silvestre, TV, sagna and ???? i didn’t see the keepers…

    blue was song, eduardo, eboue, ramsey, gallas, wilshere, walcott, traore…

    i think the yellow plus mannone is the team playing…..

  54. tomstoned

    Zorr0 mate

    im just trying my darnest to *fit* in,in these days of business…better keep up or be left behind..from now on..its the American way or the highway mate…its not about football anymore..its about turnovers,development and future investments…and of course making good dollars for Mr Holly Woody…

    just wish we could come up with a cure for Wenger’s alzheimers(not lying)maybe ill ask Dr.Phil ?