Mannone may not be the one but he proves a point.

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And that point is? Well that point is, it proves unequivocally that Almunia clearly isn’t good enough. I thought Vito was magnificent, I have to admit I didn’t think he could step up, but he did, so well done Vito.

Vito himself said he had the game of his life, but why? That should be what a keeper does week in, week out, other top keepers do, Given does for one, I think this shows us that we really are lacking a top keeper, don’t forget we are the Arsenal, we should have a top keeper.

We can have the greatest outfield players in the world, but if the keeper is bad, it matters not.

You are only as good as your weakest link, and we have a few I’m afraid, but to have one between the sticks is asking for trouble.

When Lehmann went south, Wenger was ruthless, Almunia got the nod and we applauded, now Almunia is good for a clanger in every game and frankly he should be replaced, we have 3 young kids, if they could step up, great, we then have a goalie for 10 years, if they aren’t ready, then we need to buy a Given, yes I know he’s gone but we need to buy someone of that ilk, maybe Robert Green, I don’t know who, but I do know that we need to do something.

Arsenal have always had great keepers, Wilson, Rimmer, Jennings, Lukic, Seaman and Lehmann and I even liked Stuart Taylor but he went. We can get away with mediocrity outfield but we can’t between the sticks.

Arsene you need to be ruthless, Almunia and his performances so far this season have been unacceptable, bring on a kid or buy a new keeper, he isn’t good enough for us to win a title.

Great result against Fulham, there are no pictures on a scorecard, and high time we learned to win ugly, mission accomplished there boss, however, the cracks were beginning to appear, let’s hope we can put that right and put in an Arsenalesque performance against the bubbles on Tuesday.

Have a great day Grovers, tomorrow we are back on the big stage and we need three points.

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  1. ManGoonian

    This teram and formation have a shit load more to come. We aint seen the half of its potential yet. Sadly, thats a lot down to injuries. But in the next month or 2, we will see us whoopin teams good styleee…

  2. choy

    Jaguar, maybe its time for a change, imagine the players we would have kept.

    Bobby P still on the left flank.. can still do the business!

  3. ManGoonian


    Give it a bleedin rest with the names man.

    Thay aint gonna ctach on, no matter how many times you try…

    Le Hypocrite, Diabolical = rubbish!

    Must try harder!

  4. chozzer

    Jaguar’s squad for tomorrow.

    Al Moonatya
    Gallas the Phallus
    Alex Smong
    Cesc Fartygas
    Andrey Arseholin
    Nammy Spasri
    Robin van Pussy
    Dicky Bender

  5. ManGoonian

    Don’t worry mate. My cash is safe, I will email pedro in may and you can send the money to my off shore cayman islands account…

  6. Jaguar

    Choy mate,I’m not the only one,who use these names.I am not the worst Wenger hater either.But I feel he should be consistent with his policies
    1) I’ve mentioned this umpteen times.But what logical reason would you find for not starting our best player,in a semifinal,which was our only hope for silverware.
    2)I’ve nothing against Diaby.His case has been like Titus Bramble,being ordered to play like a young Maldini.
    3)Wenger offering a two year contract to a Mancunian outcast,who would be the worst player to have ever worn a red and white jersey,when he didnt extend the contract of one of our legends Gilby.
    4) I assert that I am not against Wenger,but he’s been behaving like a hypocrite for the past few years.I wish to see an Arsenal line up ,where Arshavin plays behind the striker,Bendtner/RVP/Eduardo upfront and Nasri,Rosicky,Fab supportingn them.But I know ,it wont ever happen.Mr Wenger has other ideas.

  7. raynor73

    I thought Senderos looked great for a while. then he got all girlie and lost his confidence. He just generally shits hiself when he has the ball. Like Eboue after he’s left a couple of defenders for dead, then realises he only has to beat the keeper with a reasonably simple hit the fucking target shot, before, hooooof. fucked it up, again.

    But I like Senderos, and I wouldn’t mind seeing him get his shit together as I quite like him. He’s harmless. Could be a decent enough player, though already Verma(nator) is a different class. Hell, best defender we now got, and muggin billy boy up and all with top scorer accolade.

  8. B.B.K.

    as soon as we can get rid of cunts like that the better off we will be,i think notts county should make a bid for him that’s about his level

  9. raynor73

    sight, when you seen him. I aint seen him. Not anywhere lately.

    Not as sick as seeing the usless suspects, in every game, where they predictably are pretty useless, week in, week out, again and again, same all over, yadda yadda

  10. ManGoonian

    Senderos will return like an ugly duckling, transformed into a beautiful butterfly…

    His tutoring under the masters of defence in Milan, will be brought to fruitfulness and Senderos will be a defensive colussus this sceptic isle has not seen since the greats….

    Woah, this shit is strong…

  11. raynor73

    You shouldnt call people that when you dont know them or unless you want to call it to their face. I don;t know you, but I reckon Senderos would do you. You drink too much beer to have a good go

  12. raynor73

    Also I dont recall saying seeing him at Arsenal. I said he’s harmless and wouldn’t mind seeing him get his shit together. Meaning getting first team action where he’s wanted…..duh!

  13. Stu

    Taking Vermaelen out of defence for midfield would be insane. Players out of position is arguably the biggest problem we have at the moment.

    The best we can hope for is that a capable DM will be bought in January…but im not expecting anything.

  14. ManGoonian

    Just some nice Thai BBK…

    Aas for Senderos, I didnt see any of the CC game, how’d he do?

    I have always liked him, as a player. I wish he was a bit quicker and has suffered a few high profile fuck ups, that seemed to effect him for longer than should.

    But if he comes in, he will do his best and stick his head in where it hurts.

  15. raynor73

    Yeah but managers fault for picking the team BBK. If they aint up to scratch, ship em out. Just like he’s doing. Ship out Diaby, Song, Eboue, Denilson. What you mean he’s given them all superstar contracts…NOOOOooooooooo its got to be a really bad fucking dream. I have to pay to watch these again, and again…all that money to watch crab style football….AAAAAaahhhHHHHHHHHHhhhhh!

  16. ManGoonian


    Thats such a freekin exageration man! Senderos has played great, with a few high profile cock ups too. Like most defenders.

  17. choy

    In his defence, he did get hammered by torres and drogba, any defender would get hammered by these two strikers on their day!

  18. Ja_Gunner

    Anthony Annan seems like a good player…but he is African so getting him January makes no sense……..

    but he is touted as the next Essien…in fact when both play in the Ghana midfield….Essien actually does more attacking while Annan does most of the cleaning up…however both are box to box midfeilders….

  19. ManGoonian


    I think Senderos had already gone by the time Torres did him. he was still fucked up over letting that clogger Hypia get in front of him, for the equaliser, when we were out playing the scouse feckers…

  20. raynor73

    MG – what’s thai?

    I’m on strong sherbert dips, the ones with liquorish sticks. Fucking me up a bit now.

    No I am just pissed that I have forked out again, after much deliberation and some weird fucking idea we’d buy Hazard or someone who mug Ronaldo, and I gotta watch Diaby and his unexplainable mis-firing fucking feet all season.

  21. Stu

    Saying Senderos always plays like shit is a massive over exaggeration. He used to be a solid defender when he was a starter with the very infrequent every defender.

  22. ManGoonian

    BBK; 😆


    Yeah, but, all things considered, we have played well. Diaby included. We have a new top CB, who, for all he did for us, is better than Kolo, I dont see any reason for moaning right now. maybe that will change, but until it does, I am feeling optimistic and positive (BBK, you might wanna get a dictionary for those 2 words man! 😀 )

    I have been to every game so far this season, and will be there again and again…

    Although I mush prefer the away games, the grove aint as bad as some try to paint it, atmosphere wise, although i guess it depends on where you are…

  23. ManGoonian

    ManGoonian Says:
    September 28, 2009 at 22:44

    Thats such a freekin exageration man! Senderos has played great, with a few high profile cock ups too. Like most defenders.
    Stu Says:
    September 28, 2009 at 22:51

    Saying Senderos always plays like shit is a massive over exaggeration. He used to be a solid defender when he was a starter with the very infrequent every defender.
    Oooh freaky!

  24. raynor73

    MG, I used to really like Diaby. But he’s just the most frustrating player we have. He can be so brilliant at times (like about 0.1759382%) of the time. and the rest he’s just stupid. Clueless. Bordering imbilcillic. I just can’t take that from him. He needs to get his shit together, even more than Senderos. He’s gonna get a chance now, he worked rather than played during the summer break, he needs to get to his level and consistent fast….

  25. Stu

    I think Diaby played a prank on us. He fooled us with the “summer training camp” story and he played well in the 1st or 2nd pre season match by keeping things simple and not dribbling with the ball.

    Then when the transfer window closed he immediately went back to his old ways and became shit again. Hope he gets sold to a thick french club in january and we get in a proper midfielder instead.

  26. B.B.K.

    there’s a whole list of players that don’t exactly fill me with confidence or to feel there’s anything to be positive about at this very moment at arsenal,untill i see an improvement i will continue to be this way sorry bout that…..

  27. raynor73

    good blogging guys. I’m going to neck a couple of g’s before the brasses get here.

    No, I’m actually really going to watch a fillum about Brian Clough..but almost a much fun(ish)

    Catch up soon…

    and out.

  28. ManGoonian

    Well, Diaby has been the one AW wanted to partner cesc for at least 3 seasons now and has not been able to play him there due to injuries.

    He has his chance now, it seems. If he can find some discipline and consistency then great, if not, there are others itching to take their chance.

  29. B.B.K.

    all wenger seems to care about and the board are making money fuck the trophy’s they don’t give a fuck about the fans.the team we got at the moment is shit,it’s beyond me how wenger can think this group can achieve anything

  30. ManGoonian


    Diaby played well at OT, the OG aside and vs Pompey.

    Fulham was a pretty poor performance, so at the moment, he is probably at his most consistent for us fella! 😉

  31. ManGoonian


    Woah there! There is definitely room for a few new faces, but to day the team is shit, just aint the case for me man.

    But thats you all over fella. And respect to you.

    Take it easy, Im off….

  32. Stu

    I havent a clue why Wener wants Diaby as a defensive midfielder. Clearly he cant defend for his fucking life and is a massive liabilty because of it. Injuries cant be blamed for him not taking his chance because after 3/4 years if he hasnt taken his chance then its his own fault.
    Time to sell the fucker.

  33. Pedro

    B.B.K. Says:
    September 28, 2009 at 22:49 edit

    you must be sniffing the sherbert then


    There is something hilarious about taking a childhood sweet and handing it to coke as a nick name!

    Like calling a rapist Scooby doo.

  34. ChocolateGooner

    AKB quote of the day by PHW given to the media prior to the Fulham game proving Wengers un-healthy autonomy on transfers “He doesn’t always tell you, i.e. the press, or even me exactly why he is selling them, he might not always give me the reason, but we always back his judgement.” Amazing!

  35. A

    Huh Chocolate, do you not understand how things are done in ANY business?!

    PHW employs Wenger as his manager to make those decisions, and he employs him because he trusts his judgement when it comes to footballing matters, what a ridiculous thing to claim is amazing!

    How is that unhealthy as well, that’s a laughable thing to say, he’s employed purely to make those decisions, and the board employ him because they believe he’s got the expertise to make them, it would be unhealthy and workable if he had to justify or get permission for decisions on players, that’s what happens when Chairmen pick teams and go through managers like nobody’s business.

  36. Jaguar

    Expertise indeed.You dont need to be paid £6m per year,to understand that Diabolical wouldnt claim a place in any of othe top four club.Its called favouritism,nepotism or stubbornness.

  37. A

    Yeah Jaguar, the football manager.

    It’s got nothing to do with what anyone thinks of Wenger.

    A football manager is employed to oversee the footballing side of things, which includes transfers. If the board demanded justifications before they agreed to a manager’s transfer decisions, then it shows a lack of trust in the manager, and the vast majority of managers would walk out, as many have when that sort of thing has happened.

  38. Jaguar

    I agree A.But I cant figure out his persistence with Diaby,who wouldnt make it into any other club having the stature of Arsenal.If he offers Gallas a two year contract,I would be really pissed off,not because of the length of the contract,because of the obvious hypocrisy which was the reason why the legends like Gilby and Bobby a 1 year contract,and waste of space like Shitvestre a two year contract.

  39. Stu

    Clubs buy and sell players in a lot of other leagues and they dont seem to suffer because of it. I agree players shouldnt be sold if Wenger wants them or kept if he doesnt but the board should have the power to make him buy. Thats if the money is available of course….which it was this summer.

  40. A

    I can understand it Jaguar, but don’t agree with it necessarily. It’s a tough one, I don’t expect Diaby to play much when Rosicky is fully fit and/or Nasri returns, but he’s just the only offensive midfielder with any physicality to him.

    Don’t have a problem with Gallas getting a 2 year contract, defender’s decline at a much slower rate than forward players. Silvestre was a piss take though, I don’t see any way he was bought for footballing reasons!

  41. Jaguar

    We wont find any more loyal players like Bergkamp,who would play their hearts out for their club,even after being offered a one year contract,Stu.Yeah,Maldini ofcourse.But the way,we have treated/been treating our legends have been pathetic.

    I wont blame TH14 for his transfer.But I am still pissed off with Wenger for not offering Flamini a new contract,while he offered the greatest cunt in the history of AFC(even Cashley hole is better),an improved contract.

  42. A

    Gotta disagree completely Stu, no board should have the power to make a manager buy, or do anything at all when it comes to the footballing side of things. They have the power to decide if they trust that he’s doing the right things, and replace him if they don’t think he is, but never to force decisions or players on him.

    Clubs buying and selling players over the manager’s head is very rare in England, and clubs that do usually have a very high manager turnover. Unless you’re a Madrid or City with stupid money and more of a circus than a football club, it would always be preferential in the long terms to have greater stability.

  43. A

    Jaguar Flamini was offered a new contract, and an improved contract – he rejected it….

    I genuinely don’t believe that Flamini left because of money anyways, his pride was hurt because he spent two year whining saying he could do a job in central midfield, being told that it wasn’t going to happen because Gilberto was better than him, then he got his chance because of injuries and said “i told you so” then fucked off

  44. Jaguar

    I accept your point of long term stability,A.But we could potentially miss out CL next season,and that would jeopardise the revenue,which Mr.Wenger had saved by not bringing in any more players.I am talking about our lack of depth in the defensive midfield.

  45. Stu

    Ok not make him buy a new player. But if 2 influential players are sold and the squad was obviously in need of improvements then the board shouldnt just stand by while the manager doesnt strengthen when everyone but him sees it needs it.

  46. Jaguar

    As far as I know,Arsene was walking a tight rope in Flamini’s contract.He had proved his worth,whenever he was in the team,as a left back,defensive midfield and many others.If Arsene had used the Diaby criteria in Flamini’s case,he would have had an offer before the begining of 2007-08 season,which he never had.Thats what I call hypocrisy.

  47. Stu

    Agreed Jaguar, Flamini hadnt been disappointing when he had filled in when needed in the past. Certainly had dont a better job when in and out of the team than what Diaby is doing now and even Theo to a degree.

    WHat made those players deserving of an extension and not Flamini (before his last season).

  48. Jaguar

    Absolutety Stu.I was embarassed by Mr.Gazidis’ quote that offering new contracts to our exisiting players is better than signing new players.What a ridiculous logic!
    If that was the case,why didnt they offer Senderos a new contract,instead of recruiting Vermaelen?

    I would be proud,if Mr.Wenger and Mrs.Gazidis come out and say,that we wont sign any more players.But one day,the manager promises the fans that he would sign one or two players,and signs none.That is cheating or hypocrisy whichever way you call it.

  49. A

    Yeah Jaguar we have serious problems in defensive midfield depth, if Song gets injured we’re pretty buggered now. Disagree completely about it jeopardising our chances of getting in the Champions League. IMO we’ve got so much going forward that we could even win the league without a DM if Song got injured, because we could score the goals to beat pretty much every little team, which other clubs will struggle against.

    I think the lack of depth, as well as the overall inexperience and naivety of the squad will make us pretty fragile in the big games, so I don’t hold out much hope for the champions league, we could fare badly against all the big teams though, and still win the league, and that’s what I think could well happen.

    Stu I don’t believe the squad needed or needs improvement though, so not everyone sees that it needs it!

    Kolo left and Vermaelen replaced him, and is far better imo.

    Ade left and Eduardo/Rosicky/Vela/Bendter replaced him.

    In terms of players leaving and needing to be replaced I don’t have any issues.

    My problem is that Gilberto still hasn’t been replaced, I felt that someone better was needed even with Flamini in there.

    Hleb too though he was pretty much irreplacable and Nasri was a good signing but not at his level imo. He’s the massive loss for me, though Rosicky’s return will hopefully fill that void.

    Still, the board have the power to decide upon who is appointed as manager, they employ a manager to try and get us footballing success, and that’s what they should judge Wenger on, not the way he goes about trying to achieve footballing success. If success doesn’t happen this year it could well be Wenger’s last, but i’m pretty optimistic. Depth wise we’re got more going forward than the invincibles, there are few clubs in Europe with whom i’d swap our offensive players.

  50. Jaguar

    Our offence(if fit) is the best in the world,A.I have no two ways about it.But,our defensive midfield,gives me scares.

    One day,I read that we had signed a 16 year old goal keeper for £1.2 million,and according to reports we couldnt cough up £750,000 to land Vieira on a pay-as you play basis.

  51. Stu

    A, in the first part of your last comment you agree with Jaguar that we could do with better DM depth and players to deal better against the top teams. And afterwards, to me, you said we dont need improvements even tho Gilberto hasnt been replaced and Hleb wasnt either (well not directly anyway because thats impossible).

    Which is it?

  52. A

    Yeah I agree Jaguar, I’m ok with Song there at the moment, and he’s still improving all the time, but if he was to get injured the thought of Diaby there is a really scary one! I’d actually prefer Senderos dropping into that position as he did in pre season, or Ramsey! Still the issue with the little teams is breaking them down when they play their anti-football, so a DM won’t affect that, and beating the little teams is what I expect to decide the league this year, rather than the games against the big boys.

    Both Stu, they aren’t mutually exclusive

    We could do with more DM depth, but we don’t NEED more DM depth to win the league, because we’ve got so many offensive options and so much quality in those areas.

    We didn’t replace Hleb, and we have noone who is involved as much and in the same way that he was, but we have the quality in other ways to compensate for his loss now.

  53. A

    DM is our weakest area depth wise, closely followed by central defence, but we don’t NEED to improve on them to compete for honours, though if we were to improve on any areas, or pinpoint our weakest areas, those would be them imo

  54. Stu

    With a totally fit and not error prone squad we would win any trophy we set out to win. Its just that we have a lot of injuries and error prone players so we never have a full team.

    Its just a shame that our players get shit needless injuries and that our defensive options are so limited (quality wise).

  55. Jaguar

    we don’t NEED more DM depth to win the league, because we’ve got so many offensive options and so much quality in those areas.

    Care to explain mate?How can our offensive options come to our rescue,when we run out of our defensive options..

    Your point about Hleb is right.We havent replaced Hleb,but we havent missed him.Nasri and recently Arshavin has been providing us with so many chances,albeit without those Hlebesque skills.But who cares,if we put those chances in the back of the net.

  56. Jaguar

    Why dont we not want to improve those areas mate?Our defence is close to calamity,if any of our current pair gets injured.I dont hate Senderos.I feel he was mistreated by Wenger.I hate the sight of that mancunian outcast Shitvestre,which gives me scares everytime,he is on the pitch.

  57. Pat

    We’ve actually created a lot less overall since Hleb left. Not even Arshavin is able to attract so many defenders. Hleb was more of a playmaker than Arshavin.

  58. A

    Yeah I agree Stu, the injuries we get are ridiculous, still I’ve never seen a squad with as many offensive options as ours now! If we get so many injuries it cripples us going forward then I really think something dodgy is going on, we’re cursed or something similar!

    As long as any two of Cesc, Arshavin, VP, Rosicky, Nasri are fit, along with two of Eduardo, Bendtner, Theo, Vela I think we should be ok, as an absolute minimum. Surely we won’t have 5 players out at the same time in similar positions??!

  59. Jaguar

    Accepted,Pat.But Arshavin is a more direct and no-nonsense player than Hleb.Hleb shared a telepathic understanding with Fab,and that was the main reason why he had one and half great seasons.But Arshavin,on his day,can be more influential than Fabregas.

  60. Pat

    Jaguar, Arshavin has too many off days. I said it before he joined cause my mate watches Russian league. he told me Arshavin was VERY inconsistent. I laughed in his face when he joined last season, but maybe he’s back to his old self now…

  61. Jaguar

    Scholes is not a complete AM.Anderson is a DM in the united system.Fletcher is a monster.And Rio/Vidic is a tough nut to crack.We dont have tough players in the centre of the park apart from Robin Van Persie.

  62. Stu

    I remember hearing a rumour that a spud was involved in the emirates being built and put a spud shirt under the pitch to curse the stadium. Not sure if its true tho….i seriously hope not.

  63. A

    I didn’t say we don’t want to Jaguar, I said we don’t NEED to. Against the little teams even if we concede a goal because of the lack of defensive quality, we’ll score 3-4, so it won’t matter. It’ll only really affect us against the big boys, and although those matches aren’t irrelevant obviously, they aren’t where the title is won and lost. The thing that I expect to decide the title this year is an ability to break down the teams who play anti-football, and we’re in a better position than anyone else to do that.

    Yeah I agree Pat, Hleb’s departure imo affected us more than anyone elses has in the last decade, more than Vieira, Henry, Pires, Bergkamp. He just made everything work, and without him the team just couldn’t function, and although it still has quality in abundance now, it’s different, it doesn’t work with quite the same togetherness, almost like one united organism, everyone on the same wavelength

  64. Jaguar

    Arshavin had Nasri/Fab alongside him last season,and hence his exploits.When he play along side a headless chicken like Diaby,no wonder if he is demotivated.

  65. A

    Of course they do Stu, if say Fulham wanted to have any chance of challenging for honours then they would NEED to strengthen basically every area of their team.

    Utd have a different system to us, they have midfielders who are actually midfielders, not attacking midfielders like us. It’s a different instinct, a different mindset, the midfield players we’ve got couldn’t be lifted and put into Utd’s system, we need a proper DM to balance it out.

  66. Stu

    Well Arshavin cant do it all on his own can he. He cant pass to Diaby because we will just lose the ball or the oppo will get into position and stop our attack.

    Arshavin has played counter attack football for the last few years (russia and zenit) and all of a sudden he has Diaby next to him taking ages to release the ball.

    I’d consider it a legitimate excuse.

  67. A

    Didn’t Arshavin say it was because he’d had a kid, so hadn’t been sleeping at night and had been forced out of his routine, put on weight, and therefore felt sluggish and unfit when playing, but he was going to try and get back to his former self??

    Or did I just make that up?!

  68. Jaguar

    Why Pat?Do you expect Arshavin to be motivated when he has a player along side him who tries to dribble players and lose possesssion everytime.Not to berate anyone.But Arshavin would never be the same old Arshavin,with Diaby playing alongside.

  69. Stu

    Yes A, Fulham would have to buy a new team to challenge for honours. But they dont have the resources that we supposedly have. We dont need to whole new team. We just need a few additions to be a major force.

  70. Pat

    Arshavin didn’t have Diaby in preseason or at the start of the season and he was still very average, almost nonexistent. He was labeled as an inconsistent player in Russia, so why is it wrong to say he is now?

  71. ethangunner

    A Says:
    September 29, 2009 at 01:53

    The thought of Arshavin on the left hand side of midfield with Rosicky supporting him is mouthwatering

    everything for you is mouth watering A !
    our strikers pre – season was mouthwatering .
    i suppose man U are still finishing out of the top 6 also !

  72. ethangunner

    soon your going to need anti – vomiting tablets .

    i hope throwing up from over mouth waterization
    and finishing 4th at best is enough for you …

  73. ethangunner

    i would rather swap any 2 ! of our strikers for torres , or drogba (even though i hate him )
    as they are class ..

    and man U have so much class even once ronaldo is gone , the class players left in giggs – rooney fletcher and berba can step it up and make it seem like he was never there ,

    where as, our team you can see craters where we need class , goal keeping – DM and a quality striker , which i might add a team of our stature should have without question ..

    mandatory ..

  74. Jaguar

    Arshavin with Rosicky would be a great combo,A.But considering Mr.Wenger,I wont be surprised if we ever see that happening because he would always go for his love child Diabolical instead of Rosicky.

  75. ethangunner

    i do think we have a GOOD team

    especially if the line up is

    AA,dudu,rvp,cesc,nasri and rosicky plus the back 4 with fab 2 in goals ..

    but what are the chances that they will all play together in 1 team at 1 time … for sustained periods ..

    NOT OFTEN ..

  76. ethangunner


    precisely , he waters down a good side , for fear of injuries .. for fear of over use !

    he has his love child’s and it will come back to bite us , many times over the course of this season ..

    just look at senderos .. he personifies arsene’s
    needs to make even the biggest failure a success .

    FOCUS ON TROPHIES gimpwad !

  77. Pat

    Foster is shit. United’s RB options are shit. Their midfield is weak. Giggs is not that good. a Simple pass and you’re heralding him all over the place. Giggs was shit against us and any other decent team he plays against now. Valencia and Nani aren’t that good.

    That team revolves around Rooney at the moment and if hge gets injured, they’re fucked

  78. ethangunner


    i agree foster is shit , but thats because VDS is injured .. our 1st team goal keeper is shit , thank FUCK he’s injured ..

    nani had a shit game also .. but look at the epl leader board ..
    a team like man U have the winning mentality
    and that pushes them to the top ..

    thats what we need and until we get a better class of player playing every week instead of wengers favorites who are very average things wont change …

  79. ethangunner

    Dear Supporter,

    The three points were the most important thing on Saturday because we played against a very good Fulham side.

    I believe we had problems in the first half, especially to find our game. They stopped us from playing, they played a very good game – committed, aggressive, well organised. You needed to be special to come out with three points at Craven Cottage.

    In the second half we had plenty of opportunities but we took one of them very well after a very good pass from Cesc Fabregas to Robin van Persie. After that we had many opportunities to score a second goal. We were more dominant in the second half but Fulham always looked dangerous on set pieces, on the counter attack and they did try down to the last second.

    I was asked afterward about ‘winning ugly’ and it is good for us to know that we can win that way. People always want us to play well and dominate but when we do not win they are not happy too. On Saturday I was happy even though we had a difficult first half and we only found our game in the second half. But I give a lot of credit to Fulham – they played very well.

    Fulham always play a fantastic game against us from first minute to last. You could not see one player who did not tackle and fight. They tried everything. We would not have gone away with three points if we had not shown attitude and spirit. That makes me very optimistic about the team. From what I have seen there is something about the team that shows we can go from strength to strength.

    We will give Vito Mannone 10 out of 10 because everything he did was right. For a goalkeeper that is most important. He stopped everything he had to stop, didn’t make any wrong decisions and overall he has shown he has the potential to be a very good goalkeeper.

    He is goalkeeper No 3 but goalkeeper No 4 is exceptional as well. I believe Wojciech Szczesny is quality and he has shown that against West Brom in the Carling Cup. I gave Mannone the chance against Fulham because he’s three or four years older and has more experience.

    Until the next game he is No 1. In this job you have to go from game to game. He played a fantastic game on Saturday and the consistency is the first sign of quality. He kept us in the game in some unbelievable situations. You say that keepers sometimes look unbeatable. On Saturday he looked like he could make the save needed every time.

    Vito comes from Italy and that means he is a lover of the game. He is a quiet boy but he has outstanding physical qualities and fantastic reflexes. You saw that on Saturday. He deeply wants to improve every day. He is passionate about the game.

    As for the other keepers, Manuel Almunia will not be fit for Tuesday and Lukasz Fabianski will not be fit until October 17 at the earliest.

    We have been drawn to face Liverpool in the Carling Cup but it doesn’t change my approach in terms of team selection. I always try and play a team which has a good chance of winning. We are happy to be playing at home, of course, but it is very difficult to predict who we will play because next week is an international break and the Carling Cup game is between two Champions League games. We will have to see who is available.

    Thanks for your continued support.
    Arsene Wenger’s signature

    Arsène Wenger

  80. gnarleygeorge9

    Arsenal v Olympiakos live 4.30AM ESPN Australian Eastern Standard Time. Fan bloody tastic and/or chamoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😆

    Weather is starting to warm up again 😎

  81. David

    Well Ethan,

    I tell you.

    We had better win some Fukin trophies this season.

    If i have to listen to how many times we’ve heard we are skint after Wenger, the board…the financial statements have told us we have money and Wenger refused to spend it…if i have to listen to all that garbage again and we still fail.

    There juss might be blood.

  82. ethangunner


    i hear ya …
    im sick of all the banter on here about
    how fuckin great we are ?!

    its like … NO i think we are just as shit as always ..

    currently if , IF we get 3 points from our game in hand we will be sitting in 4th spot ..

    just above the spuds , as ever , but fail to beat them , AS ever …

    and as far as team players are concerned yes we got the verminator but we lost ‘2’ 1st teamers ,

    ho hum , just another day in ground hog world ..

    live the dream for 5 years ..

  83. Geoff

    Ethan tonight we will see what we really have, It’s no good thinking what we could have got because we didn’t, so tonight is the night that Wenger has to face the critics, if on the other hand we blitz them, and I think we will, maybe we can begin to dream! The impossible dream!

  84. Geoff

    The weather is changing here, it was quite cold coming to work this morning.

    I hope it’s not to cold tonight, the bubbles don’t like the cold weather.