Arsenal closing in on the top 4 and the Carling Cup.

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Ok, so shame that the Mancs and chavs won but at least the spuds and Man shitty lost, so we are getting closer to the top 4.

Watching united play until they scored was really funny, Hughes has taken over from Maureen as the manager I hate most, so I did enjoy watching them lose, how the hell Eduardo gets singled out and Drogba doesn’t though is beyond me, perhaps diving is what they work on in the Ivory Coast, they are very good at it.

We played such pretty football against Wigan, let’s hope we see more of Ramsey and Rosicky this season, tomorrow we see the kids, given they won the youth cup last season they ought to win the Carling cup, I expect to see a much younger team than in previous years, so don’t be surprised if we win it, or conversely, if we go out to West Brom.

Let’s spend today deciding our Carling Cup team, I want to see Merida, Coquelin, Bartley and Watt feature because I think they are good enough to play in the first team, what do you think?

Sorry it’s a short post today, Pedro thought I was writing and I thought he was!

Silly billies! Have a great day Grovers and see you on the blog.

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  1. David

    Yea he got sent off…for that…there was one incident that he went free…i cant remember for the life of me…oh well…

    Song should be a back up DM….we really need a proper DM this January.

  2. A

    SUGA3 I really don’t think VP could play on the right in this system, he’s the only forward player in our squad who just doesn’t try and play one twos with people, he doesn’t give and go, so would never get in behind the full back off the ball, unless he got the ball to feet and skinned them. He’d be good on the ball drifting in centrally from the right, as he does for Holland but in terms of fitting into the system we play, he wouldn’t fit at all. He acts as the pivot man, not the man passing and running passing and running, and as such I see him as playing centrally in this system, or not at all.

  3. Pedro

    Evening Grovers!

    Sorry for the fuck up this morning… comms break down at Le Grove HQ!

    How are we all on this fine evening… work is getting right in the way of my Grove time lately… really irritating.

    So, Ade is a thieving cunt as well as being a cunt?

    Didn’t Andy Cole get accused of something similar way back when?

    It makes you laugh doesn’t it… all that dough and he’s still can’t help but thieve.

  4. SUGA3


    I have mixed feelings about Al in goal, but he is simply the most experienced and consistent keeper we have at the moment (when in form, of course)


    I know we need a stronger DM, but I’ve just outlined how we should be playing with what we’ve got right now – I still think we need a fire breathing monster there who would kick the shit out of a few ‘hardmen’ to set an example and get them to lay off our little men 😉


    sadly, RvP just has not enough physical presence to play in the middle, as he struggles to stay on his feet when surrounded by 2 CBs, he is not a CF, if he is to play in the middle, he should be playing SS, but then again we don’t really play SS, do we?

  5. A

    We kinda do SUGA3 – VP is there to be a SS really, it’s a strange system. It starts out as



    but when we have the ball VP drops deeper and the other two go further forwards and in, so it ends up as



    There are issues with VP not being that strong centrally, from goal kicks and such like, but he’s no less capable in terms of holding the ball up etc than the likes of Torres and Etoo, both of whom play(ed) the same role for Liverpool and Barca, but just not as physically strong as the likes of Ade and Bendtner

  6. SUGA3

    fair enough, A, but I still think he would be more effective on the right than B52…

    what you described is not a 4-3-3, it is 4-4-2 interchangeable with 4-5-1, IMO 😉

  7. A

    SUGA3 it’s impossible to categorise the current system we play, it could be called a variety of things!

    4-2-3-1 when we start off, or maybe 4-3-2-1, 4-5-1 when we defend, 4-1-3-2 when we attack etc, only purpose in categorising it is for the ease of referring to it when discussing!

  8. Mayank

    I think what A is trying to say (for about 2 months now) is that the LS and RS run the channels like traditional wingers but drift in during advanced build up play.. There not point debating it we’ve seen the system work, the LS and RS drift in centrally while RvP stays where he is until more players join in.. then he sorta has a free role.. The system is to give more cover to the wing-backs so that they don’t have to bomb forward as often… It’ll take a little more time but once we get the hang of it(and we’re 90% there) the system is going help us keep clean sheets..

  9. A

    For me Bendtner SUGA3, but neither are ideal there. However VP simply couldn’t play there because he doesn’t make the runs, his game isn’t suited to playing there in the system we play at all! He could beat the man when on the ball, and put in good in-swinging crosses, as the likes of Ashley Young and Milner do from the other side, but it would just be individual moments like that.

    Bendtner’s isn’t either really, but when he plays out there it means almunia or the defence can just hoof the ball out and he’ll win it against the full back 99 times out of 100, and either take it down or flick it on, so the ball retention is much better when he’s there. He also tries to make runs in behind the full back and passes and moves.

    Neither are ideal there, but in terms of the team, VP simply couldn’t play there without placing serious limitations on the system, whereas Bendtner’s game can play there, even if it’s far from perfectly suited to his attributes. I’d rather Eboue play wide right than VP though!

  10. A

    Cheers Mayank, that’s very succinctly put, much more so than me, but exactly what I try to say!

    SUGA3 – Also with VP, he doesn’t have the work rate or discipline to do the defensive work wide right.

  11. SUGA3

    Mayank, it will keep clean sheets, but won’t get us as many goals as we could have…

    remember string of 0:0 draws last season? that was pretty embarassing for a team renowned for lightning quick counter attacks and creating chances at will…

    I remember frustration caused by slowing down on the edge of the opposition box, as there was no one to play with…

  12. Mayank

    Suga you really think a team with Arsh RvP Edu Fab and Rosicky or Nasri won’t be good for 1 or 2 goals even on a bad day?
    Also we’ve got Verm who cares..

  13. SUGA3

    yes, Mayank, I get your point, but 4-5-1 is just boring, IMO…

    we don’t have an out and out physical striker who could play there on his own, so it would be really ineffective: OK, 5 man midfield would run rings around any opposition in the middle, but then we have RvP, Dudu or B52 on his own against 4 defenders – ideal formula for nervous breakdown for the supporters, IMO…

  14. Pat

    I’d like to see:

    Hoyte Bartley Senderos Gibbs

    A 4-5-1/4-3-3 interchanging. Our youth has an impressive work rate from what I’ve seen

  15. SUGA3


    hoof the ball and count on B52 winning 99 out of 100? sorry mate, but that’s just laughable – first, we don’t play like that, second, it’s just enough for the left CB to run and knock him off the ball and that is it…

  16. Mayank

    It’s not a 4-5-1 it’s not a 4-3-3 either (well not the Barca 4-3-3)… Think of it as Arsenal’s 4-6 formation.. think about this, the harder it is to put a tag on, the more confusion we create in the oppositions mind.. I don’t know if it’s true but i think we have more people who are able to get into the penalty area using a powerful run than anyone else.. Unluckily most haven’t been able to finish..

  17. choy

    Rvp could’ve had a hat trick easily on sunday if he had his shooting boots on!

    He needs to at least score free kicks.. too many wasted!

  18. SUGA3

    sorry Mayank, perhaps I shouldn’t have put it this way – I think players should know what their job is and yes, interchanging is good, but some discipline is required to go all the way…

    if you know where roughly to expect a teammate to be, you can pull out some spectacular passes out of nowhere…

    players should be played to their strengths, experiments are good in the training ground, during pre season or when playing weaker teams (and being 2:0 up) 😉

  19. Mayank

    Oh come on.. Arsenal players if anything know what they’re doing and where they’re doing it.. We’re plenty disciplined i think if you just give the formation a chance you’ll see it’s the best for us..
    Anyway i’m off..

    Night all

  20. SUGA3

    night, Mayank 🙂

    disciplined, my arse – 3 stupid goals from counter attacks against Citeh, completely exposed, here’s some discipline for you…

  21. Sion De Freitas

    Arsène Wenger admitted yesterday that he was guilty of overplaying Jack Wilshere last season and that the teenage prodigy’s form suffered as a result.

    The 17-year-old midfield player will make his first start of the season in tonight’s Carling Cup third-round tie with West Bromwich Albion after making substitute appearances in Arsenal’s Champions League wins over Celtic and Standard Liège.

    Wenger tipped Wilshere to win a call-up to Fabio Capello’s World Cup finals squad after his outstanding pre-season performances for Arsenal, but is aware of the need to handle him with care and ration his appearances.

    “I believe last year he paid a price physically for a very demanding start,” the manager said. “This year he is strong, more mature, and I’m sure that he will show that tomorrow.

    “It’s difficult to treat players completely the same because you want to speed up a little bit their progress, but physically I will still treat them like anybody else. Most people once they get to 19 years of age without injuries are over-used. A big injury can always happen because you get over-use of the players.”

    Wenger will send out a more experienced Carling Cup team than in previous years this evening because many of his most promising youngsters are out on loan, with Philippe Senderos, Aaron Ramsey, Kieran Gibbs and Mikaël Silvestre likely to feature. Senderos will make his first Arsenal appearance for 16 months after a loan spell at AC Milan, but Wenger insists that the Switzerland defender has a future at the club.

    “We have four centre backs and he is one of the four because [Johan] Djourou is out for nearly the season,” Wenger said. “We know how good he is, but it is a new start, let’s say. He is still very young for a centre back. He’s 24 and he has the future in front of him. The best ten years are now coming for him. Philippe is an intelligent boy with a very good attitude and you don’t ever question that.”


    LMFAO @ “overplaying” him.

  22. goonermichael

    I’ve just got home from working backstage on a fashion show. 14 beautiful girls wearing nothing but tiny little g strings. horrible work but someone has to do it I suppose. lol

  23. Pat

    Anyone see Palmer’s news about Vieira. A 750,000 deal was agreed, but money didn’t come in time before the deadline. Lining up move in january?

  24. ethangunner

    i dont expect to see many of the young guns tomorrow ..

    we have so many average ones in the 1st squad now who dont get game that id say we will see something like this …

    theo-merida-jack-rambo – vela ? or XXXXX youth

    nik B or simpson

    and have the bench filled with project youth ..
    throw in denilson or even diaby as they are low on minutes this season and i dont think wenger will show case off as much youth this season ..

    more like project rejects ..

  25. Pat

    What on earth are you talking about Ethan?

    Traore does plays on the left.
    Szczesny will play.
    Theo isn’t ready, i don’t think
    Simpson is on loan

  26. ethangunner

    pat i put traore on the right you FOOL !
    he can play on either flank you know !

    Szczesny will play , with 2 broken arms ?

    theo was supposed to be ready a week or 2 ago .
    but the point im making is we wont see tom cruise or watts or anyone like that when we have so many
    promoted 1st teamers who dont get a look in !


  27. A

    Ethan – szczesny will start, Wenger has already said that, as Pat says Traore plays left back or left wing, not right back, merida is on loan, theo is still injured.






    That’s what it would appear to be, though Watt isn’t 100% i believe, but Wenger has said that the other 8 will play.

    Gilbert probably filling the right back, or maybe Coquelin, if someone else (Randall??) plays in midfield, otherwise Gilbert right back, Coquelin DM, if Coquelin is fit that is.

  28. A

    ethan obviously traore can’t play right back, you don’t have left footed right backs, and he’s never played right back either for us, our reserves, nor pompey, obviously not.

    szczesny broke his arms in the middle of last season, he’s been on the bench the last couple of games, played for the reserves and first team in pre season.

  29. A

    Pat obviously Miles Palmer is a tool but if those rumours are true about Vieira i’d be happy enough, though obviously he’s just reporting rumours from the gossip columns and saying he reckons it could be true, but you never know. Would add a bit of depth and experience to the squad.

  30. A

    ethan no he didn’t, he played right mid a few times, never ever right back, johnson played there, or when he was injured pamarot played there.

    You can’t have left footed players in right sided defensive positions, it just doesn’t happen because it isn’t logical, it would mean the attackers constantly attacking the defender’s weak side.

    You can have left footed players in right sided attacking positions though, because in exactly the same way it means that the attackers strong side is the defender’s weak side.

  31. ethangunner

    i agree Coquelin can play there , but MY FUCKING POINT IS , we wont see too many RESERVE PLAYERS in the line up !

    We were supposed to discuss the line ups A , did you read the post ?!

    its not an opportunity to get CLINICAL on my line up or an opportunity to tear strips off it ..

    and if vela is back surely theo must be close ?!

    the reality is only wenger knows who he will start , but my general point is we will see alot more fringe 1st team players this season than a complete injection of the reserves !

  32. A

    apparently theo had another little set back ethan

    wenger has stated that those 8 players in the team i mentioned will start, szczesny, sendy, silvestre, gibbs, ramsey, wilshere, traore, vela,

    after that yeah it’ll be interesting, though i’d guess that if there were going to be any more first teamers in then he would have said, as he mentioned senderos and silvestre playing “to help the kids” otherwise i’d like eboue right back, bendtner up top, and coquelin dm to complete the line up

  33. A

    “You will see Wojciech Szczesny, Ramsey, Gibbs, Wilshere and certainly Vela,” said Wenger. “Traore will play.

    “Some experienced players will guide the team like Senderos and Silvestre. But overall it will be a very, very young team as usual.”

    there we go.

    It will be interesting who the other 3 players are, i’d REALLY like to see coquelin in there, i’d love murphy to be a shock inclusion too head of watt. Really don’t care who plays right back as Gilbert is the most likely if not eboue, and he’s nothing to get excited about.

  34. A

    “We will try to find a good balance between youth and experience – [Jack] Wilshere, [Aaron] Ramsey, Watt, Wojciech [Szczesny].”

    apparently he said that in a different interview, so watt in there, i’d guess it’ll be something like


    gilbert senderos silvestre gibbs

    ———ramsey randall

    wilshere ——watt —–traore


  35. A

    still wilshere, ramsey and vela should tear west brom apart, especially if they really go on the attack and leave us alot of space

  36. ethangunner

    well i haven’t read any arsenal news for over a week now A . cant be assed ! so its just my assessment of players gone missing or under used ..

    i based it all on common sense not what wenger has said , because frankly im not interested in what he’s got to say ..

    well you can bet your life if denilson hasnt been injured he will make the line up .
    as he didnt even feature in the game at the weekend ..

  37. Pat

    I’ve been reading Palmer’s blog for almost 2 years now and he gets it right more often than not.

    Merida isn’t on loan, he’s available.

    Szczesny has been back for ages Ethan!

  38. ethangunner

    Did £750,000 Vieira deal fail on deadline day?

    By Myles Palmer

    Gossip item circulating at the Emirates on Saturday :

    Arsenal had agreed a deal for Patrick Vieira but they didn’t get the money to Inter Milan by the deadline.

    The fee was £750,000.

    The source says : Vieira will re-join Wenger in January.

    hows that for a rumor .. ???

  39. ikon

    Wojciech Szczesny had his arms broken long ago and has recovered pretty fast. If i am not wrong he has even played games in the preseason. Imo he is the best of all the goalies we have.

    I would like to see our team murder theirs.
    Wilshere, Vela, Ramsey, Watt is a dream team.
    Also It will be good to see Sendy back , although alongside Sylvest he will have to be twice himself , that gives a lot away on how much I rate Sylvest.

  40. ethangunner

    Wonderboy Says:
    September 22, 2009 at 06:11

    That rumour is way more believable than your MENTAL Carling cup line up.
    yeah right fagboy , you might as well be the scarecrow in the wizard of Oz , if you only had a brain !

    As usual no opinion but criticize others ..
    go hump your grandma little fry …

  41. SUGA3

    morning y’all 😉

    I am not too impressed with the fact that the game is not live on TV…

    it will be a late(ish) night for me then, as I will have to watch it after the game on ATVO…

  42. ethangunner


    just get a live feed ..
    what other games are playing ?
    i suppose they are featuring the Manchester twats or the chev’s right ?