Clinicalish Arsenal ease past Wigan

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This is just a quick post until I can sit down and write a proper report this afternoon.

Overall, you can’t argue that we did a good job yesterday. Coming back from 2 premiership defeats was never going to be easy regardless of who we played. Confidence wasn’t on a high, so I have no major complaints.

We saw the best and worst of serial cheat Eboue, Diaby was up and down again but he still managed to produce chances and despite Rvp missing chances… I felt he did ok. The finishing will come… of this I’m sure.

I thought 4-3-3 started to produce yesterday… and I think calls for David Villa could have been avoided if we’d known what a finisher the Verminator was!

I’ll leave you guys to mull over the rest… I’ll be back later with a richer report!

Sunday league football in Canning Town… I love it*…


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  1. SUGA3


    RvP & Dudu would be much more effective if played where they normally play in the internationals – if AW stops this square pegs bullshit, we will look much better…

    but hey, this is AW we are talking about, right?


  2. raynor73

    I don’t think its wrong to make comments about your own team. Christ we all love and follow the Arsenal. That doesn’t mean you don’t criticise your own team. Booing is one thing, but making observations and constructive criticism is fair. I love Arsenal, I sure as hell is hell don’t love every player we got, some very far from that stage in fact.

    If we got too shy to even criticise our own team, then what would AW think reading all the blogs.

    We could even change the name to ‘blowing le smoke’

    I will criticise every player (who earns shit loads) if they keep giving me reasons to, as will a good percentage of other just as true fans…

  3. Zorr0

    You cannot get carried away by yesterday’s result for 2 reasons.

    Firstly, Wigan were shite!

    Secondly, we still didn’t play that well; passing was poor at times, Fab was awful and Diaby and Song gave the ball away too often, especially Diaby, who I thought was very poor. This says a lot when playing against crap oppo. He has the chance now to cement the 3rd midfield slot, but yet again I think he is failing to show that he is worth that place.

  4. Bostonian

    the shitty have been beaten

    by an old red nose trick

    2 minutes added by the ref(Mike Atkinson) on top of the alloted 4 minutes