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It’s funny how as each season passes, the more patterns you can pick out… My scouser chum who reads the blog keeps telling me to post an article from last year, because he reckons our seasons go the same way year on year…

So here’s how it goes… minus a few other traits I’m sure you’ll share with me in the comments:

  • Season finishes trophyless –>
  • Coach says we’ll sign some super class players –>
  • Season tickets sell out –>
  • Coach says he believes in squad –>
  • Window closes –>
  • Injuries start mounting to show how small squad is –>
  • Rosicky comes back from injury –>
  • Rosicky states how he is up for season and injuries are behind him –>
  • <insert 6 week injury here that turns into a season>

I do hope that doesn’t happen this year… but you know the drill.

I read on another site that the reason Arsenal suffer more injuries is because of the athleticism of our players etc… take it from me – I’m in contact with a pro who works with a major sports club all, that is utter rubbish… the reason Arsenal suffer more injuries than any other club is because in the main, they don’t manage fitness as well as other teams. Leg breaks and impact injuries aside… it’s an internal issue. Saying Arsenal players technical ability adds to the strain on their bodies is an example of people making statements with no scientific evidence to support it… you wouldn’t take me seriously if I told you blonde people ran faster would you? Would the argument hold weight if Arsenal had and abundance of blonde players? No…

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a good season from Rosicky… however, as much as I dislike pissing on peoples chips… Rosicky has turned into something of a demi-god during his absence. He is a top player, but I seem to remember him flattering to deceive. He has never really hit the heights for us and he didn’t ever demonstrate he was the Bobby type replacement we’d hoped for… Arsenal fans don’t see a player for 3 months and all of a sudden they turn into Pele… as perfectly demonstrated by the love for Big Phil since he took a year out…

‘With the right breaks he could be as good as Tony Adams’

True, with the right break throughs in science… we could enter his brain and reengineer his football ability and turn him into a decent defender… sorry to break it to you people, that’s not happening any time soon. Rosicky is a good player, just like Eduardo is… but their impact to the first team shouldn’t be inflated like I think it is. We’ll need a big jump in performances from both of them if we are to compete this year.

On the Adebayor stories… I do wish people would stop talking about him. I was recently out at a fancy do in a top London bar… loads of dancers and actress types were there and this one girl, who was a bit mentally unstable was doing her best to upset everyone… no one could understand her behaviour… or why she wasn’t embarrassed about humiliating herself in front of everyone… apart from me.

Like Adebayor… any attention is good attention… the more text and angst we dedicate to him, the bigger his ego hard-on gets. Lets ignore the over-paid Togan twat and wait for the guaranteed demise of his performances…

Another point I’d like to broach is the message bleated by many people on the blog as some sort of counter argument to criticising the team…

‘This negativity is why we’re regarded as the most fickle fans in the country.’

Hold the press… fickle fans? Fans who coined a phrase, ‘Arsene Knows’ in homage to a manager who has won 3 league titles… fans who still sing about David Rocastle, give warm welcomes to most of our ex-players and fill the ground week in week out?

Sorry… who is holding the Zogby polls to quantify bullshit statements like that? If any fans like a moan up, it’s the Mancs and the Chav fans… and lets not stop at them… how about the Liverpool fans who booed Rafa last year, or the Newcastle fans who moaned a manager out of the club, or the Tottenham fans who hussled their most successful manager of the last 10 years out the club because 5th wasn’t good enough?

For the people peddling the above argument, get some perspective and stop making things up to suit your agenda.

Wigan are up tomorrow, I expect us to deliver a stellar performance and I fully expect a storming game from Diaby. I gave him a bit of a ribbing yesterday, but that’s because I know how talented he is… he just needs to apply himself a little more… if he does, we could have a hell of a player on our hands. Arshavin is still out and the only changes I expect are Sagna for Eboue.

Happy Friday Grovers, Geoff will be back tomorrow with a rip roaring pre-match post.

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  1. Stu

    Not always pissed is right Wonderboy…but we do know hw to make the most of it.

    I remember my first (official) time as if it was yesterday. My grads night, also the CL final night (which i missed btw). About 8 pints in the space of a few hours. I remember the whole thing…i was pissed off my tits. Couldnt even hold my head up properly….i think i ran home that night..who needs a taxi when you have legs right πŸ˜‰

  2. Ojaimo

    Pedro you said Geoff ‘con’ you into sending today’s post late. If that is the case, then Geoff should be handed two ‘match’ (posting and blogging) ban. Afterall, Uefa banned Eddy for alledgedly ‘conning’ a referee.

  3. charybdis1966

    OK guys, I’m off and I’ll see some of you at the S + B tomorrow. C’mon you rip-roaring gunners, let’s paste those northern monkeys!

  4. incesc

    right I am going to get drunk…

    have a good one boys and girls

    I shall return on sunday hopefully after the annihilation of Wigan

  5. Maciek

    Dave, we all know Diaby, but Theo has had 3 years and he hasn’t improved. He is wasted on the wing and he can’t start enough games as a striker.

  6. David

    And btw for someone who keeps criticizing the January Window he does a fair bit of business in it doesnt he? Most of them Stellar performers in our squad, Arshavin, Sagna etc?

    Dont see what the point is in getting them when they are obviously cup tied.

  7. Pedro

    David, I don’t think it matters if you play someone central out wide if they have the pace and ability.

    Bendtner and Diaby are not suited to the wing… it’s not natural for either of them.

    However, it should work for Theo and Vela… and I don’t see why it couldn’t work for a player like RvP… he used to do extremely well there for Holland.

  8. Pedro

    Agreed Franchise… people were talking about our great fitness as we score lots of late goals… Jonathan Pierce highlighted how we concede loads of second half goals!

    Good article… Geoff will love the Song bit. Dixon and Keown made the same point months ago.

    Arsenal fans use different bench marks for Song because he was soooo bad before. I’m guilty.

    I find myself clapping a ten yard pass sometimes! haha!

  9. Keith

    David re the transfer window issue I reckon Wenger perceives it to be less expensive especially if they are cup tied to buy in January although that doesn’t really help us in football terms and only helps the bank balance!

    Re Chamakh if Bordeaux really wanted Β£10M+ then he probably is right to wait til his value drops.

    Having said that if it was only a matter (and I say “only” advisedly) of paying Β£1M or Β£2M more than he felt he was worth, and he thought he would help with winning a trophy, then he should have paid the money; especially now that Juve etc are after him.

  10. David

    Before the game I advocated for Bendy to play CF and Diaby to play right behind him as a SS.

    The only time that happnd in the game was when they scored.

    Vela and Theo’s pace up and down the wings will be something to look forward to.

    Theo is and will be something special…Remember the Birmingham catastrophe 2-2 with that clichy fack up. I believe Theo was electric in that game.

    But Theo is not a winger.

  11. David

    Kieth…its a question of penny wise pound foolish if you ask me…we need a DM this time last year and in January Wenger opts to by Arshavin.

    What would it take to get him to take our defense seriously…I mean look at the shambles that is our keeping position.

  12. Keith


    I agree the keeping situation is worrying: we have had previously in Wengers reign Seaman then Lehmann both top quality keepers and now we have Aluminia who is not in their league. When I first started to watch Arsenal we had Pat Jennings so have seen some excellent keepers over the years.

    Whilst Aluminia does on occasions play well you do get the feeling he is only a moment away from dropping a clanger.

    Whether Fabianski or one of the others can step up is a moot point because in Goalkeeping terms they are infants and need several more years experience.

  13. shambogunner

    if i was chamakh and juve came in for me id go there and tel wenger if hed really wanted me hed hav payed the askin price instead of being his usual tightarse cleverer-than-you self…thats what nearly cost us the arsha deal and hes always doin it and arsenal are the worlds worst in the transfer market for making sagas of deals whereas utd,chavs and scouse dogs just go out and do business and get their men.wenger obviously felt he cud go without chamakh til jan and get him on the cheap…how wrong was he….cuda had ribery for 15m 4years ago aswel but wouldnt pay….given for 5m…oh yeah that man can spot a bargain, itd be a 9 year old for 1m

  14. David

    Yes we have been blessed with good keepers…which is why Id have gone for David James imo…hed be cheap and would be a good stud up Almunia’s arse…

    There no heart no desire….some players are undroppable…so they play complacently.

    I have to feel for Mannone. The very first shot on target was a goal and what was worse was it was a centre back that scored. Incredible.

    No sense moaning about it when he wouldnt do anything about it even if tommorow was Jan 1.

  15. Stu

    David James has been making lots of mistakes recently and towards the end of last season. Individual mistakes were rife in the pompey defence when Adams was in charge.

    And even now you cant blame having a shit defence in front of you for individual mistakes can you.

  16. Stu

    I would also rather someone a little younger that James. Preferably someone about 35 with lots of top quality experience (ie CL/international). Like Lehmann when we got him…kind of. A better stop gap than almunia.

  17. leon

    from what i have seen of diaby he is played out of position playing him in deeper role does not suit him simply because he does not have the passing,he looks alot better playing as supporting striker or just behind striker were can go past players,ramsey much better suited to central role playing along side cesc and song playing just in front of the defence.

  18. Pedro

    David, whilst I understand your sentiments about undroppable players… I think James would have been a bad buy… he suits Pompey because his mistakes get buried under the guise of a bad team.

    Ideally, Fabianski would have taken over from Almunia… and had a blinder. He is pure raw talent and it doesn’t take long to adapt when you a blessed with quality.

    I’m just gutted Almunia will get the chance to return to the team, get some form and block his entrance to the starting 11 until he fucks up again.

  19. qku

    BalΓ‘zs DzsudzsΓ‘k PSV winger has told a Hungarian website, that Arsenal made an offer for him in the last days of the tranferwindow, but was turned down because PSV wanted more money.

    He is a talented out-and-out left winger with a very good left foot. Great crosser and free-kick taker, also can shoot from distance. I don’t know if he would fit in though, because he needs a quality striker in the middle, who can finish from his crosses.

  20. kingsley

    do you guys rate robert green? at the end of this season he will have 1 year left on his contract and west ham may have to sell.

  21. David

    James will get his act together imo…its a world cup year and even with an utter shite defense he still manages to keep the scoreline’s respectable.

  22. David

    Yeah id go for James till Fabianski is ready to make the jump…no doubt the kid has outrageous talent…and id have gone for Marcus Senna again till Song is able to fit the bill. But o yea my mistake no players above 30 unless you are retarted, have a fish face and go by the name Silvestre

  23. Pedro

    Kingsley, the thing with keepers at shite clubs is there is no pressure… when you play for a great club it’s all about max concentration because you may only have one thing to do in 90mins…

    I think Fabianski is going to be world class… I really do. His reactions are unbelievably and his never say die work ethic when protecting his box is superb. Almunia makes a mistake and curls up and dies… Fabianski plugs away. Thats a great site.

  24. Pedro

    qku, top track… I saw them last week… I’ve got more charisma in my left toe… massively disappointing.

    The winger looks pretty tasty though!

  25. David

    Id rather have that Elia bloke Ja Gunner keeps raving about….he was impressive for holland and his finish was comfortable.

  26. patthegooner

    Arsenal have made an offer for PSV Eindhoven winger Balazs Dzsudzsak, according to the player himself.

    The 22-year-old Hungarian had made more than 50 league appearances for the Eredivisie since joining from Debreceni VSC in 2008, scoring 17 times.

    And the left-sided starlet, who has been capped 19 times by his country, is now supposedly the subject of a bid from the Gunners, after scouts are believed to have watched Dzsudzsak in action during PSV’s thrilling 4-3 win against Ajax last weekend.

    β€œI have just received the news that Arsenal has formally made an approach for me,” he told Hungarian website

    β€œNow, what can I make of this? Of course, I do not want to get ahead of myself.

    β€œBut if such a club is interested in you, there is nothing wrong with being proud of such a thing.”

    However, the player’s agent has been quick to play down talk of the highly-rated youngster moving to the Emirates Stadium before the end of the month.

    “I’ve also heard about rumours of the supposed interest of Arsenal but I can’t confirm or deny this news,” Jozsef Baranyai told

    “All I know is from the newspapers, the only difference is that I’m in touch with other player agents and news is spreading among us too.

    “But I can’t talk about any concrete things. Balazs feels great at PSV, he had a superb game against Ajax and he’d like to repeat it as much as possible.

    “And of course he’s preparing for Hungary’s World Cup qualifiers which may be an important turning point of his career. Fortunately he knows well what he has to do as a footballer.”

  27. kingsley

    fabianski costs us goals, in my opinion thats a bad trait. Its impossible to say how good a player ‘will’ be. When i see him play he is far too erratic for my liking.

  28. Stu

    Elia joined Hamburg in the summer. With a host of other players…specifically Berg. I doubt they would let him go after 1 season, especially to us.

  29. Stu

    How many goals has Fabianski cost us? All that springs to mind is the FA cup semi and that was as much of the defences (silvestre) fault as his.

  30. David

    Filipe Melo Joined Fiorentin a for 10-12million and left for 20. In one season.

    If the price is right…and if he wants to join his dutch team-mate playing for a bigger club? Its smart business because when they do well in the World Cup theyre going to be massively expensive.

    So much for finding a bargain.

    Fabianski cost us a couple goals in the FA cup semi’s.

    And i think his reaction was a bit slow to Anelka’s goal at THOF.

  31. Stu

    Thats my point David. It would take a crazy bid for a club to let a players leave after just one season. Do you think we would ever bid crazy money for a winger when we already have so many attacking players.

    And to blame Fabianski for the Anelka goal is weak imo. A cracker from 20 yards right in the bottom corner. Awful defending for that goal and all their goals on the day.

    A header off the cross bar and in, an og, a cracker from 20 yards and an offside goal. Yeah Fabianski is shit.

  32. David

    Were talking bout the FA cup semi final that near post goal wasnt exactly from 20 yards was it?

    I didnt say he was shite. I said he has outrageous talent….but isnt ready.

    And if you watch the anelka goal it was savable imo…its not like keepers havent saved 20 yarders before.

  33. Stu

    You said Anelka..anelka didnt score in the fa cup against us. Malouda did but that was also Eboues fault for giving him space to take the ball down and get a shot off. Should have saved it but not a huge mistake.

  34. goonermichael

    Fabianski is young. Young keepers wil make mistakes. He’ll be Polands number 1. Almunia is ok as a back up.

    Pedro I love Asahi super dry. I’ve been on a tour of one of thier breweries in Japan.

  35. Pedro

    Kinglsley, all young keepers do that at the start. Cassilas has dropped some clangers in his time… but the raw talent was always there.

    GM, my mate did a deal with them to stock it in his bar and they gave him a GQ spread… I love dry beer.

    Did you go to Japan?

    I had my barnet chopped in pimps and pin ups (Spital fields) the other day… the guy had tourettes… but what a cut! He did it in 20 mins compared to the normal hour and a half!

  36. Mayank

    Hey it tastes great and i love the crown..
    Also most international beers are too weak, you should have indian beer it has 8% alcohol..

  37. SUGA3

    Mayank, it’s not about strength – good lager normally has something like 5.2 – 5.5%…

    if you need a kick, try a U-Boat: double vodka in a shot glass sunk in the pint glass – now that knocks the lights outta you…

    dunno if anyone ever tried Polish lagers – Lech, Tyskie or Zywiec – these are really nice πŸ˜‰

  38. Mayank

    Nah i know it’s not about strength, that’s why i like Tuborg(besides the fact its cheap)…
    But i’ll definitely try that…
    I’m not a very heavy drinker but light beer requires at least 8 trips to the gents room to get a decent buzz..

  39. thaatarsenalguy

    now we’re talking! I tune in to see an hour of beer talk..
    I’ll throw whisky into the convo any drinkers what’s your fave ? I’m currently drinking laphroaig but not a big fan of it so far

  40. SUGA3

    Jameson any day – it is actually tasty…

    I will also recommend some vodkas: Soplica, Zoladkowa Gorzka (good straight and for slammers with Sprite) or Zubrowka (slightly yellowish with a piece of special straw inside for taste)…

    and a great idea for drinking white vodka: Rabid Dog – some thick raspberry syrup (one for use with water, kinda thick, sugary squash) on the bottom, pour vodka slowly, so it does not mix, then just a few drops of Tabasco – facking awesome…

  41. thaatarsenalguy

    i would maybe settle for jw red but black is disgusting to me. and I will never call jd a whisky lol. I drank nearly a bottle of it a few years ago when living in halls of residence and hated it since.

    glenmorangie is nice and very smooth though

  42. thaatarsenalguy

    suga3 i’ll try that i reallty cant drink chepa vodka anymore (due to previous binges) but i like to savour my boooze these days and my Latvian mates always bring over nice vodka

  43. Ja_Gunner

    Guys I really rate Elia….

    Could you imagine if we bought him…and played 4-3-3 in the future……look at this lineup

    …………..Back 5…………..




  44. Alex



    THE LITTLE MOZART IS BACK!! World class, notice how many tackles and 50/50s he wins!

  45. ethangunner

    good post pedro ,

    im a bit late on this one πŸ™‚

    thats been my point the whole time ,
    1 or 2 months off doesnt turn all our players
    into the 6 million dollar men , oh …
    maybe wage wise they are πŸ™‚ but none definitely
    got any bionic legs, and to add to your rosicky is not as good as we remember him , dudu was always a bit like that too !

    dont get me wrong he’s good for the odd strike
    ( 8 goals that year prior to being struck down)
    but thats hardly prolific when he was in jan / feb .

    Its also not like we are facing relegation either , but every year ive watched this small crack in the team now turn into the Thames . If wenger was so good he would have
    stopped this breach of mediocrity and put us well back on track by now , and by that i mean
    No. 1 in england .. like the early 2000’s .

    and the only fickle fans are the ones who have this burning optimism for no apparent reason !

    Arsenal is like global warming !
    80 % know the problem exists !
    and 70 % of them dont understand its probably going to get worse prior to it getting any better .. and if you listen to the politicians (wenger ) we are already fine !

    buy it all you want but wenger’s lust to make average players good ( song-denilson-eboue-big al – nik b to a lesser degree) will ruin this season .. AGAIN

    he can turn it around by using ramsey – jack – vela when fit .. but you know he will always send in the clowns ..

    it will always be flawed until wenger improves the roster ..

    dont hold your breathe there either as the board are tight ass-ed businessmen 1st – football 2nd !

  46. jamie

    Fickle fans,are you serious some clubs can’t go 6 months without booing a coach out of his job. We are getting a bad rap because of the few prawn sandwich eating clowns who booed eboue last season and shame on them !

  47. patthegooner

    I said it back then, and I say it now. I dont think the fans were booing Eboue although he faced the barage.

    It was the culmination of some dodgy team selections in games, that ended up in that one where Eboue came on as a LW sub!!!!!!

    I think the fans were booing generally at Arsene making those calls. It was the only way to say it was unnaceptable and not good enough. I can understand why there were boos.

    Not that I agree with it. I can accept booing at Half Time and Full time, but i can’t accept it during the game itself.

  48. ethangunner

    football is about consistency over 38 games .
    but its a long test to fail each season .
    before we find out we are not good enough then we
    start the praying sequence all over again ..

    the truth is in football players dont change all that much , only team unity ..

    we can beat anyone on the day , but so can burnley , not sure what that point really makes πŸ™‚

    but CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR , is something we might have to get used too ..

    or we can replace those 4 – 5 players ..
    song- denilson- eboue- Big Al – diaby .

    With real players !

    because lets face it in the fans minds they are back up players for the injured , but if our great players remain injured Consistently , then surely these players BECOME our main players !?

  49. ethangunner

    and i put these injuries down to not bulking up enough in the gym , put an 8 stone weakling who can run fast in a ring with a body builder , see who falls 1st … (and yes you will get caught eventually )

    thats all i got to say on the matter ..

  50. Ja_Gunner

    This would be my Wigan team based on the options available…






    I would bring RVP on for the last 30 mins…….I would also sub Fabregas and get Ramsey in…….

  51. bk

    It’s a self-perpetuating problem, as the more often weaker teams cause us some embarrassment, the more future opponents fancy their chances against us and attempt to take us on with their increased expectation levels and they continue to erode any perceived aura of superiority. And while we suffer the cumulative consequences, until such time as we are able to re-establish our air of authority, the likes of Chelsea continue to enjoy the benefits of the opposite side of this coin, as teams turn up against them expecting nothing, often being beaten (psychologicslly) before a ball has been kicked in ange

  52. ethangunner

    it think if you ask any fan what is more important to them , either WINNING and staying at highbury , or the current scenario and moving to the emirates i think you will get the answer ..

    all this crap is caused by the current owners wanting to fleece the fans of more cash at the sake of the footballing quality . and like suckers half of us are buying it !

  53. Ja_Gunner

    Well since no one is talking about the team….

    My starting lineup






    Cesc subbed off at 65m mins for RAMSEY
    RVP & Eddy for Wilshere at Watt respectively….on 70 mins

    Depending on the game situation of course

  54. ethangunner

    the club doesn’t , or isn’t respecting the fans , and after all we pay the wages, and fund them with money to do there real estate business ..
    buy there pies and beer and god knows else what and they repay us by selling ade and not re-investing in players .. and then they give us the privilege of watching diaby – almunia and eboue etc every week !

    fucking shameful

  55. Ja_Gunner

    For the CC Cup






  56. gnarleygeorge9

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger admits he may ”reconsider” a move for Bordeaux striker Marouane Chamakh when the transfer window re-opens in January.

    The Gunners were strongly linked with a Β£10 million swoop for the Morocco international before the September 1 deadline.

    Chamakh’s agent claims Wenger sees the 25-year-old as a potential replacement for Emmanuel Adebayor, who was sold to Manchester City during the summer.

    The Arsenal manager said: ”He is a player we were close to signing, but at the moment we have lost a little bit of touch with him because there is no transfer period now. We might reconsider the position if it is needed in January.”

    Wenger has already admitted his disappointment at the reaction of Adebayor – a player he plucked from relative obscurity at Monaco three years ago, and helped mould into one of Europe’s most sought-after strikers.

    However, when pressed on the latest developments ahead of the Premier League clash against Wigan at the Emirates Stadium, the Arsenal manager refused to be drawn on the issue any more.

    ”We have to put that behind us now and focus on what is in front of us,” said Wenger. ”Personally I believe what is very important for us is to focus on tomorrow’s game and forget all that happened last weekend.

    ”Adebayor plays for Man City, he does not play for Arsenal anymore and I am here to speak about the players who play for our club and not those who do not anymore.

    ”I believe that what is important is what is good for the club: what is good for Arsenal is that we win football games so let us focus on that.”

  57. gnarleygeorge9

    Please Le Gaffer can you sign a world class goalkeeper as well, & a 195cm central defender.

    But, this news so far is promising, a new sharp shooter will be nice πŸ˜€

  58. ethangunner


    Since no one is talking about the team ?
    and then you give us the same identical lineup
    which played on wednesday minus eboue for sagna .

    HO fucking hum … your point ?

  59. kelsey

    Taken from the above telegraph article.

    Arsenal have stressed that the two sides of the business are financed independently of each other and, amid high hopes of considerable profits, they now regard the worse-case scenario as breaking even.

    Moral of the story stick to what you know best a high profile football club, not land developers and estate agents.

  60. SUGA3

    loan renegotiated – fine, but will it change anything? will it fuck…

    The Board R bragging about 90% of the flats being sold (deposits only) – PHW stated that completions are not going according to plans, no figures (surprise, surprise)…

  61. raynor73

    Well, looks like in not so sunny SE London its going to rain cats and dogs very soon. Let’s hope whichever team AW picks (and I’m not even going to try and guess) produces a little ray of sunshine today, cos if I go up there, get soaked and its pathetic again, I shall not be happy…

  62. raynor73

    90% could be sold. Lets see how many buyers can’t complete as their lender no longer offers more than 65% on a new build flat (which is becoming popular even with the high street lenders, and almost pre-requisite with Buy to let lenders). I expect lots will default on there completion. Money in the bag, but not lots, and then you have to sell them at current value or re-neg the deal to try and ssave it. 22% drop in value would sound about right.

    Maybe they ought to just let them all out (which would probably be quite easy as demand would be high) and sell them in a couple of years when the Olympics should kick start the property markets?

  63. raynor73

    WE did need the move to a bigger stadium though. It was always going to have a impact on the team. If PHW had of sold as I’m sure some of his advisers had said to, they wouldnt be in a situation now. But once we do finally eat into the debt, we should be a very cash rich club, when the likes of Pool have to go through what we did as their ground is already too small. Its shit right now, but it will eventually come. The atmosphere is crap, but again should come when we get a proper team and not all these sub-standard can’t finish for shit players we have throughout the team at the moment…

  64. bnsb

    I do not know how tough tough English law is for a foreigner buying house in England. If it is easy that flats will be sold in no time. Far too many people with lots of money (and little sense) live outside England. Having an expensive flat in London is still a bragging point.

    For an opinion I am very positive πŸ™‚

  65. SUGA3

    would, would not – whatever…

    if my gradma had a cock, she would be my grandpa πŸ˜†

    basically, PHW’s advisers were cack, as I knew the property market would slump a few years before it did – should I apply?

  66. SUGA3

    bnsb, it’s all about the money, no restrictions…

    therefore I am finding this theory a tad flawed – IF people were to buy, they would have bought them already…

  67. bnsb


    Money is still there in plenty. Artificial restrictions about “residence in a country” block the way IMHO.

    Speaking of anecdotes,

    If all had intelligence, there would be no idiots in this world, right? πŸ™‚

  68. SUGA3

    true, mate πŸ˜‰

    like you said, these are artificial restrictions, no problem if you can fork out a few hundred thou for a condo, eh?

    and what is the point in sitting on piles of cash if you don’t spend it to obvious detriment of primary side of this business venture?